Across the floor he stands a tad taller than I
Cut blonde hair and alert blue eyes

I like his smile when I tell jokes it reminds me of what a good friend would be
He doesn't care too much for understanding
But I don't need him to understand me

His friendship is of great value and he'll never know how much he helps
If he knows I'm sad, I'm afraid I cannot tell

He's always open to laugh or tell a story to make me light
Though I do wish he would feel the same way as I

No, I'm not in love with this friend nor am I in lust
I do not want him in my arms or in my bed
I just want him to know he is worth his weight in gold in my head
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A M Ryder 30m
I just wanted you to be happy, truly. I'm just sorry it wasn't with me.
I hope you find someone who makes you feel all those lovely things you've heard on the radio and, I hope you never have to know what it's like to have to try and live without them.
You deserve something you don't have to question.
You deserve to be with someone who is sure about you.
Someone who looks at you everyday with the realization that you are everything they need.
Yes yearning
That’s what I feel to be
To catch every one of those butterflies
You set free inside of me
So beautiful
Like a raindrop on the sun
Imagery to fill your blissful mind
But these butterflies
They’ve overrun
The insides of my being
Scratching the surface
Just to flee
Yet still I hold them captive
Keeping them safe inside of me
For the feeling they’ve given
Is something I never want to lose
Not only just for comfort
It was shared from me to you
But the second I let them go
I know they’ll never return to stay
For I’m the type of being
That doesn’t allow feelings to stray
So if I choose to let them fly
Out of the hollows of my depths
I’m aware it will be accompanied by
That grueling passion
Deep regret

                           Alysia Marie 2018 ©
Atop my horse
I look around
Looking for the source
Of that melodious sound

I walk into a clearing
And see a sight
Of animals cheering
As the birds rise in flight

I call them back to sing
And motion to resume
The birds come and bring
Music that makes me bloom
I love how the nightingale sings decided to make a poem of it.
Kellin 5h
I've been chasing freedom
   like I'm running out of youth
Asking myself what makes me happy?
    I can't seem to find the truth
Is it crazy to put faith in make believe?
  I just want to fly far far away from
                   these places
dilated black pupil
i watch take shape
grin of pink with form so clean
ambushes grey soul

touch like feather
fist of gold
bold strikes, put to rest
by feather of gold

she pilots soul
i pilot soul
never fly so low
always take high to zones unknown to globe
havent felt this way in yrz.

finally warm
finally free
finally home

she's gone
One look and you stole my attention
One message and my mind is on you
One smile and I'm falling for you so hard
One hug and I'm head over heels
One kiss and my heart is yours
I love you more each moment
I promise you I will always love you

Time can't stop me
No one can come between us
Even if the whole world stands between us
I will make my way to you my love
You were my dream
And now you are my reality
No one knows about the I love you's
No one knows about our promises
No one knows about our time
Only we know
I promise to cherish you every day

We aren't like the others
We are different
We love each other passionately
We hurt each other like no other
We make each other cry
We reveal our darkest secrets to each other
We sure fight a lot
But when the day ends we love each other like crazy
We care for each other
We understand each other
We hug each other
We kiss when words cannot express much
We cuddle when things go wrong
We pray and stay strong
We trust each other
We believe in each other
We listen to each other
We touch each other like no other
We fight for each other
We make love deeply
And most of all love like no other

When you smile the whole universe stops
Your smile puts a smile on my face
Your smile keeps me calm
Your smile is worth more than a billion words
Let me take your hand
With you, by my side, you have nothing to fear my love
With you, by my side, even the oceans would bow down
With you, by my side, the whole world would be looking at us
But our world is worth more than everything
When you hug me
I can sense a thousand emotions passing through me
Each emotion strikes my body and destroys my pain
Each emotion is linked to a nerve
And when combined love dominates all
A hug is all I need from you my love
Warmth comfort and happiness is what I feel when you hug me
I don't need any medicines, drugs or tablets
You are my rehab
You are my saviour and love and your hug comforts me

You are my escape
I go into a different zone when I'm with you
Take me to your heart
There is no part of me without you
My heart aches when you are not here with me
Each moment is like someone shooting a gun at me
But I would rather take all the shots for you my dear
Hold me tightly in your arms and love me
When we have our first kiss
I know it's going to be magical cause your the one I have been waiting my whole life for
They say true love doesn't exist
It only exists in fairy tales and stories
But I say screw them
You are a live example of true love
When we kiss it's going to change my life
Your lips are so kissable
Your body is so lovable
Your natural radiance and beauty is what I daydream about
In the air, our love spreads
It's like a virus which cant be stopped
You can't hold me back
You are stronger than a thousand armies combined
I'm not talking about physical strength
But mentally emotionally and spiritually
I want to hold you like no other
I want to lay you down and keep you safe
I want to grow old with you
I want to touch your bare back and run my fingers through your hair
I want to feel your body against me
I want to love your body so intensely
That no pain takes over you
When we love only pleasure and love is what I'm offering you
Your body is a temple
A goddess in disguise
I love every curve you have
I love you like no other
I love everything you do
Be it your sarcastic talks
Or boring ideas
Or adorable giggles
Or your obsession with pizzas
You are truly sweeter than dark chocolate
Cause when I relate sweetness now I think of you
You rock every dress and look absolutely drop dead gorgeous
I could play with your hair for years and I still wouldn't be satisfied
It's as beautiful as a rainbow
Strong smart and full of kindness and compassion
Like a warrior without any fear
Your like no other girl I have ever met
You are truly graceful
You are the most beautiful to me
Perfection doesn't exist
I'm not perfect
She is not perfect
He is not perfect
No one is perfect
But my darling, I love you cause your amazing with all your flaws and to me your perfect

Wisdom in you unlike no other
Kindness and sweetness overloaded
You are like a badass princess warrior
I will lay down my life for you even if needed
Our kids will always cherish that they have a mother like you
Cause I know your love is infinite
Infinity is undefined
But only love can define it
You are the reason I'm living
You are the reason for everything I am today
I pray to God to not only comfort you
Not only to take care of you
Not only to keep you happy
Not only to bless you abundantly
Not only to remove all your pain and sufferings
Not only to give you wisdom and understanding
But most of all to love you like no other
I thank God for you being in my life
We can't define love surely cause it ain't love otherwise
But when I look at you love is defined
And you are love itself
Tears roll down my cheeks every night when I lay next to you
I want to be with you in all your ups and downs
In all your sad and happy moments
In all your sorrows
In all your tensions about life
Cause when we grow old we will have this all to cherish
I wouldn't mind dying in your arms
You are my soulmate
Our connection cannot be explained
Its like as if we were meant for each other before we were born
Hold me and let's build our home together
No matter what let's face everything in love
No matter what I say at the end you know

Thanking you is not enough my darling
I never can stop loving you
And never will and will never leave you even if the whole world is against me
If you are with me I will fight for you and protect me
All of my love is only for you till eternity
In heaven may our love continue
Cause I found my heaven in you
You are my paradise darling
That's a promise

-By Robert
This poem is the most special poem to me cause I wrote it with all my love and heart and emotions <3 Hope you like it<3:)
I woke this morning, feeling lazy,

Slowly slipping from my dreams

Of you and me and us together,

Happiness surrounding me;

Enveloping and comforting, a

Duvet hug of epic scale,

Of arms and legs entwined together

Never ending, ever safe

And warm and patient, always loving;

Then you wake and smile at me.
Jordan 20h
I can feel her as she drifts into the sweetness of sleep
angels lay with her protecting her aura
polishing her up for the next sunrise
she is safe she's cleansed she is able and willing
angels play her sweet music for her ear lobes
fairies play with her hair as she nods off
her lips crackle with passion fruit
her feet smooth in the sheets
her legs well rested to keep her standing tall
I have my finest workers with you my love
at all times until we reach our destination
from here all we know is elevation elevation
I send my dearest for my dearest
You want me to smile.
I do.
You want me to laugh.
I do.
You want me to be happy.
I do.

I fake it all.
I’m dead inside.
Even therapy can’t help.

                           With love,
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