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while sometimes staying at home *****
it's nice to have a snow day
every once in a while
where i can sit at home
and watch movies all day
so far on the list of movies is National Treasure and all the Hunger Games movies
Zee 4h
Sometimes youre pale
Sometimes you're high
What you don't realize
Is you're passionate inside
Look for the advantage
Look for the fines
Falls matter less
When you're building a hive
Follow the impulses
Follow all your dreams
Happiness must conquer
The sorrow till eve
It's important to never give up. Happiness shall come to you, only you have to try harder.
Betty 7h
Sing like a bird in a tree
Without the rage
Of a bird in a cage
i love when you notice something
you don't expect to
like the little gold flecks
in someone's dark blue eyes
or the way someone's eyes
light up when they see someone they love
or hear their favorite song
those are the things
that make me happy that i'm alive
I've been feeling anxious but woozily joyful
My chest aches heavily
But my heart beats fast
I can't help but embrace this strange sensation
I can't really explain this odd feeling..
what if
i took one step
and closed the gap
between me and you
and you pulled me close
and whispered
i love you
...and now i'm writing about something that would never happen this is fun

let's play a game called how out of it is karly today

to sum it up i haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours

so basically 1 hour of sleep every day that's fun
Chris 1d
A normal day waking up

I fetch me a quick dose of a nation's situation

The television on as briefly as possible

Down my hallway, a shower, steeling myself

Applying my image to shield vulnerabilities

Briskly walking back through the hallway

Raising a ******* to a blank tv screen

So much pain..

Coffee or an energy drink?
Maybe ***** but I need to be able to think

Reaching like a tired Monster for a Redbull

I still can't escape by flying away..

Counter drawers, withdrawing a dose..

An antidepressant placebo

This land's status always makes it both though


Light of the new day looms
I'd love to just witness compassion

Yeah.. Its.. A normal day..

With a heart screaming silently
With a mind trained to suppress

Appearing as my best..

This stress..

When will it end..?

Lately I'm on autopilot

The stress feels like I'm a mess at best

Knowing I'm not alone in this.. 

It brings a slight comfort and a wave of hurt..

Times are changing and..
Its.. Heartbreaking..
MB 1d
They say that relationships don't work endless you love yourself-
that you can't love someone if your not happy alone.  

That may be a problem-
but then why do I love my hands when your hands hold them?
or my legs when they are entangled in yours?
or my cheeks when you kiss them?
or my smile when you laugh?

is that close enough?
to love myself with you...
or are we doomed?
lets hope that they are lying
isn't it funny
how one thing
can help you find
who you were
before you lost yourself
well... i'm getting there i guess...

side note (that is completely irrelevant) --> collage and scrapbooking is really fun
Jackson 2d
lightness whispers hello in my ear, wisps of gentle nothings threading through my hair. her cold fingertips brush my collarbone. and i'm breathless. confounded.

and though my lungs are still, my heart beats blood through my veins and hot crimson streams from the bullet wounds in my neck and clavicle.

from inky blackness covering blood and bone, from graceless light bursting through cracks in the ceiling, i am reborn. stumbling through rock and smoke, the sun hot on my neck.

where do i go from here?

if i've risen from a chasm and there are so many more before me hand in hand with something that breathes some kind of life in me, what's left?
justine is one of my few positive characters. we likey.
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