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Healer 2d
Why does it feels like I am the villian?
When all I do is choose myself over the burning world.
Jay Sep 20
Today is a day that I want to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

Tomorrow is a day I hope to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

And when I feel I am ready

to feel happy and love

for the rest our crazy existence

you will be the reason

I do.
I do.
I think I’m falling in love
Cant stop this feeling
Its like I’m in heaven above
Healer Sep 20
Reality is tearing through the pages of my life, smearing the ink of my dreams.
I'm not Anne Sep 20
Would it be ok
if I forget your face,
or your body
or your voice?

'cause when I see you,
when I touch you,
when I hear you,
I fall in love again.
Mark Wanless Sep 17
both legs are weak this
back is sore these arms are soft
i go to bed happy tired
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