Sanny 12m

There we were.

Standing by the lake,
me with your jacket on my shoulders shaking from the cold.

Holding the rose you made out of a napkin in my hand.

You were laughing in embarrassment when you handed it to me.

And I knew in that moment.
You had me.

You put a spell on me.

You released the butterflies.

The start of my love story <3
Jose H 5h

What is the point of a game?
Ask yourself
To win? To have fun? No point at all?

We all play the game
Simply for different choices
Without a choice, we must play.

Press start
Take 18 to 21 minutes to learn how to play
Maybe less
You might give up before 18
Sad right? It happens.

Tutorial ends, time to play

Take the next 60 minutes to actually play
Maybe less
Again, some may give up before the end
Maybe the power cuts off
Forced to stop playing

Game ends, how'd you play?
Did you try to earn the most money?
Did you play and just have fun?
Did you spend it teaching other people how to play?

I just finished learning how to play,
I choose to have fun and enjoy the game.
How do you want to play the game we call life?

I've always lived life thinking I had to go to school, get a degree and work a 9 to 5. The idea never made me happy. In my life I want, happy memories, minimal regrets, and a thousand stories. Regardless of how short its cut. Now im making a career in MMA which makes me happy.

It's quite tragic actually
because after time and time
of feeling
and being torn apart piece by piece
my brain was finally done.
Like all of my feelings have been endured and experienced
and what's even more heartbreaking is that It's like I cannot
even feel anymore.
An eternal trench in my stomach
that continuously spews and extracts an addicting
  senseless toxin
  bitter venom
my heart becomes cold
and no more tears can be shed because
Game over.

Jay Lewis 10h

We're in perfect symmetry.
We're shadows of what could be.

And you, you did me wrong.
For far to, for far to long.

And what was the most fearful part? You questioned.
The most fearful part is not the perception of desolation
or the iniquity that consumes you.
Regardless of the emerging discomfort
of vacancy.
The most frightening part is
that you have entirely
forgotten yourself.
As you lay awake and conscious
Slowly deteriorating at beginning of night,
because you have lost the capability to sleep
and you cannot even cry

It was 1 a.m.
I was at a bar,
you were probably
at your house,
having people come over.
I texted you
and the first thing you
said to me was "come over"
but you and I
both know that wasn't
going to happen anymore.
I had to tell you I didn't
hate you.
Because the last time
I talked to you the words
poured out of my
mouth like lava
and I was sure you
would never talk to
me again.
But sure enough,
without even hesitating
the second my name popped
up on your screen
you told me to come see you.
And that's what drove
me crazy.
Despite everything
you still always wanted
to see me.
And that's what made me wonder,
despite us being so against
being together,
we can never leave each other
I could only think
you wanted me
as much as i want you,
but we both know
we will never
admit it.
Maybe two people
are meant to meet,
but can never be together.

Cuando buscamos el amor
nos cortamos al correr,
nos matamos a besos
o morimos por celos.

Cuando buscamos el amor
en las cajas de cereal,
subimos felices al cielo,
caemos juntos,
nos levantamos juntos,
nos lanzamos a lo desconocido,
nos perdemos en el mar de gente.

Cuando el amor por fin aparece
viene de adentro
y lo seguimos buscando
que el amor
siempre estuvo
con uno mismo.

I find the love in my old notebook
Styles 15h

Touched you in many ways
The feelings last for many days
Left you shaking like a page
The thoughts still amaze
Momeries come in waves
My stomach churns
as my body graves

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