Rosie 14h

I used to think you had to be sad to write good poetry.

It always seemed to be true for me.
But it wasn't a problem,
I had plenty of material.

I mean, the best movies are the ones that make you cry right?
It's only the really good books that you throw across the room.

But yesterday I felt the need to write a poem.

So I tried to think of all my hardships.
I couldn't really think of any.
I realized that the most poignant moments in my life right now
Are happy ones

And maybe contentment doesn't make readers turn the pages.
Maybe my life isn't as interesting as it used to be.
But I think it's my new favorite story.

I know what’s come over me
Yes, I know it’s true
I know what’s come over me
Yes, it is you
You, who changed my life
You, my living dream
You’re really the bomb
You always make the scene
I could go on and on

Life is very simple when sliced to the core
We all just need a love
That is how success you score
There’s really nothing more
It’s love and kindness
That’s what we have
What living is for

So, dear one, we shall carry on
Dance our days away
Entwined in each other’s arms
Always shall we say
How happy we are
How lucky every day
For that is what has come over me
Ever since you came my way

CJ Turk 1d

You are  an unexpected smile on a rainy afternoon
You are the sun after a monsoon
You are a flower in a field of thorns
You are the light In a world of scorn
You are peace in a relentless noise
You are the embodiment of poise
You are the porridge that is just right
You are the shade in unrelenting light
You are my equilibrium
You are brighter than the sun
You are the water to quench a thirst
You are a heart with kindness enough to burst
You are the candle in a dark room
You are the twilight moon

Mary 1d

I found a home
in rough arms
and delicate touches.
In the smell of cologne
and bright roses.
I found a home
in wide shoulders
and tiny hands
both my asylum
keeping me safe
during the darkest nights.
In sharp stubbles
and blood red lips
marking my skin
as if it was a canvas
painting it in the best work of art
the world has ever seen.
I found a home
in the long locks of an awesome boy
in the short curls of a beautiful girl
tangled between my fingers
as we intertwine our souls.
I found a home
in the intergalactic being
of a lost soul
who heard the call
of my empty one
and decided to make it its own
in the purest, most natural love
that has ever been.

Evie 1d

this is a reminder that
even if every time he leaves is equivalent to having somber, misty eyes
even if my stupid quivering heart won't stop nagging at me
even if it makes my hands sweaty and the creak of the door louder than the ringing in my ears
even if i dissociate from my body but also feel this
even if..
there comes the sound of my life
a door opening and then a smile
bright eyes

Happy smiles
Busy souls
Hundreds of lifestyles
Achieving goals

Taking time
To readjust
Writing rhymes
Of love and lust

Holding each other
Kisses that never miss a beat
Our hearts always flutter
The taste of you, so sweet

Dancing around the living room
Together, we will bloom

Do you ever have one of those smiles...
you know, the kind only someone special can cause.
The kind where your heart doesn't exactly drop,
but it's a similar feeling just way slowed down.
Maybe this sensation I'm trying to describe is called melt?
That kind of smile.
Where your heart just melts as the corners of your lips turn up and create the opposite of a frown.
That kind of smile where you receive chills,
not necessarily anywhere special
just scattered chills that make the whole thing feel even better.
A smile that you're excited to show,
a truly amazing smile.

I can't sleep and wanted to write about something so I started thinking about the other day, when I was on the phone with my favorite person and all I could do was smile throughout the whole call and so I thought I'd try to describe how it felt to smile so much and this is what I came up with. Excuse my huge run on sentence in here...

I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you.

I don't write about my boyfriend enough but I think it's because I really can't put words to how strongly I feel about him and how happy he makes me. I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime.
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