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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, put old lines from different pieces and call it a poem:>

when fantasy is an exile from reality
our souls glide not exist
when the insensible is reasoned insensibly
our feelings become the blood flow itself on vessels knit

when we our found in a breathless surrounding somehow
our breathes are meaningful and we are blessed in
love on earth is some of what we imagined now
if we didn't find it on it we would have invented it

for the happiness is a factor
and the hope is hopeless without a smell of grace
so surreal of how the other's presence excludes the sad chapter
words on red cheeks become to faint in pace

the place empty on a canvas is painted
and the dark finds the light it never knew
after tongue pauses the say acquainted
to speak in stares that fill up the silence's hue

but fair is not fair for a reason
thoughts muffled like an invisible bottle of wine
the heart wins to a self mind treason
and the pearl burdens the ago better than a dime

The time is so different when you are in love
They might be silent and you never told them what happened
You had met strangers before and got a relationship with them
They are in love with you, and yeah, you are also in love with them
You were going on a date
Kissing them
Hugging them
Spending your time as long as you could do to yourself
Loving them as far as you could give to them a love itself
You had so many beautiful days all the time when you were in love
You were happy, and you deserved to be happy
One week you did
One month you did
One year you did
And after, and after
But in one moment both of you felt bad and it was going to be mad
You broke your heart by trying to forget what you loved before
You tried, then you would say to yourself
“I hate growing up”
“I just want to be a kid all the time”
“I won’t be falling in love again, it hurts”
That’s statement might be unspoken
But yeah, maybe everyone thinks about it at once
Indonesia, 17th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Love will lift her skirts,
Dancing across
The deepest lines in the sand
Bounding over
The highest walls we've built
Holding her hands outstretched
To those in need of compassion,
Carrying those too weak
To learn the moves on their own
She watches the sands of time fall
With an understanding
That she is transcendent,
And so through it all,
Love will lift her skirts and dance
Love is the greatest conqueror.
Hey Mom,

I just wanted to tell you about the amazing day I am having. First, I woke up to water dripping on me, as if the leaky roof were trying to improve the lumpy bed by giving it a good soak- when the brochure said I “would feel closer to nature more than ever,” I didn't think it meant so literal. After salvaging some semi-dry clothes, I went outside to realize my car window had been broken into. It was dumb of me for leaving my laptop bag in the car when I got in last night, I was just so exhausted from the drive. Well, you know how I get when I get upset, so I chunked my phone, as if it was the one causing my great morning. It landed in some bushes, and after wrestling with the branches for a bit, I finally saw him. Not even ten feet away from my phone did I see the most beautiful pelican. Something about his simple eyes, looking at me with some mixture of boredom and apathy, made me realize where I was. The cool air filled my lungs, leaving smell of salt in my nose. The sand I was sitting in was warm from the sun, feeling like that cozy quilt grandma made for me years ago.
So yeah, today was an amazing day.

With Love,

Part 2 of 4 of four works I did for an emulation portfolio. This poem is an emulation of the style from Rachel Knudsen’s “How to Enter the Ocean.” This is an example of a postcard poem. The link to the image can be found at I do not own this image and it is being used under free use law.
Ellie Sutton Sep 12
Waking tired, but not sedated
And feeling calm, not agitated
Alarm's a gentle wake up call
And not a galling mental brawl

No regrets from the night before
No blackout I need to explore
Safe and sound and in control
The contents of my bag still whole

Hearing the birds, but not cursing
No pounding head in need of nursing
Seeing the sun, not trying to hide
But flinging the curtains open wide

Washing my hair without spacing
A steady heart, not one that's racing
Brushing my teeth without gagging
Getting ready, my feet not dragging

Pouring cereal into a bowl
Feeding my body and my soul
Fruit and juice pass through my lips
No cold pizza and leftover chips

Getting out the house with ease
Not scrambling round to find my keys
Leaving early, not running late
My brain able to operate
27 days sober and woke up feeling super positive. Had to write about it, to remind myself on the days I might feel less so :)
Hope brought me
to life, you brought me
to the sea.

When all is lost,
Your prayers
bring me to my knees.

I follow the drumming
of a distant untethered beat,
wild & erratic, Dancing languid,moving

Hope brought me to life,
you brought me to the beach,

and a moment in time
is all I can see,

For now I move
languid and free.
Guiding light shines
within me,
on vast roads ahead,
like glittering gods.

Like headlights
when the
clear road
eludes me, like
winds in spring,
in my time of need.

For there are paths
yet to be paved
& mountains
yet to be trekked
& All the stars
can't shine at once.

Guiding light, you lie
within me, even when you
are blocked by a tall palm tree,
even when you are dim
on my midnight drives, & it's hard
for me to see,

Guiding light, you lie
within me.
Persephone Sep 8
She sat high up in an oak tree
Surrounded by a forest filled with mossy greens,
busy birds, and meandering creeks
But at the moment that world was of little importance
For in another she was battling thieves, sailing the nineteen seas, and becoming a queen
letha fay Sep 6
i had never felt love,
until you held me
love so great,
i could not write enough of
everything you see,
you still accept
no need for me to cover
not a secret unkept
you are forever my lover

- letha
you played my song and made it ours
by dancing with me hand-in-hand
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