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Jessica 3h
She is the girl who will never let you forget she loves you. The girl who will hang up the phone, and call back to apologize. She is the girl who has eyes you could get lost in. The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is the girl who will say “I am okay.” with tears streaming down her face. The girl who needs someone to tell her it was just a dream, when she wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. She is the girl who won’t sleep a wink without her favorite stuffed animal, no matter how old. The girl who would never give up on who she loves. She is the girl who you will never forget. The girl that you only meet once in a lifetime. She is the girl who believes that loving someone means forever.
That’s me, i’m that girl.
Life offers
Unexpected moments
Raw and Untouched
I found them
The face of a new friend
Surprises and
Silence and
2 am tears
Hugs and
prince 6h
Aphrodite, oh sweet Aphrodite.
Cast your gaze on me, cast a spell on me.
Give your warm embrace, kiss me under the soft moonlight.
Oh sweet Aphrodite, Oh sweet Aphrodite.

Oh, I wish I could see you everyday.
Even if the clouds choke out the sunlight.
Even when the rain anchors me to the earth.
Just stay with me, even just only for tonight.

I'm so infatuated, I would do anything for you.
Just to see if you're okay.
Even for a second, for a glimpse of your face.
I just wish I could see you everyday.

Things are stressful, sometimes I feel like I could drown.
And sink into the sand, to disappear.
But when I gaze into your teals, the strain collapses.
Sinks away like the ground beneath my feet.
Sweet Aphrodite, I just wish you were here.
Forever more, just to love you my dear.
Sylph 10h
It funny
The weird positions that your bad choices
put you in

Im dead
at the same time
Im slightly more alive

Almost found
yet still completely lost

no one can save me from the depths of darkness
that eat me alive
And it will
until im reunited with the life
I wanted
and I made
Life *****.
i had found what i wanted
i was finally happy
life finally felt right
and yet
the world says its wrong
CC 22h
To the moments that push me back when I could have gone full-******
To the times when I refrained from spending the only money I had on something as frivolous as seeing you say hi
Somewhat the best antidote to stupidity is shaking my head no and waving a polite goodbye
So if I seem like I'm thinking about you alot
You may say I'm yes-ing and no-ing to you alone
Because I'm already broke
And you make me feel, like buying more time with you by saying yes
Since yes may mean an Amen to You
Even I know, No is much more exciting
No is harder
No is rougher
No is sexier
No has repercussions
No I am not interested in this superficial interaction because your space smells so much like you and I want to dig my face into your hair
So I'm sorry

I mean, Yes please.

Yes, I would like some coffee, please.
Yes, I would like to have a conversation, please.
Yes, I would like to fight my dad so I can borrow money to spend around your space, please.

It's not infinitely cool that wins anyone, though.
It's the finitely present, that gets their attention.

Let me think about how much I haven't said anything really thoughtful to myself
But I have said more thoughtful things to you than the one fixing my bed.
I have seen myself kinder because there are people who have a nurturing way to them that makes us want to be them.
And I know I am spicy and not sweet
If I could be that type of person.
I would make sure I had it easier for me to say
I am doing so much better without you by my side
And that breaks my heart.
Jules 1d
I wonder whether to be ignorant
Than aware
Would be worse
At least I'd be somewhat happy
On this perfect sunny earth
But I was never fond of summer to begin with
So I guess it doesn't matter if I'm here or nonexistent

Another part of me is kinda happy living free
To catch up with all the people and faces I used to be
Reminds me of home
from when I was younger
Who knew I'd miss the love and laughter
Like a brother
You can change your life, if you want to;
Gather all those broken pieces,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Glue them together, make something new,
Rise like a phoenix, shed like a snake,
You can change your life, if you want to,

Turn over a new leaf, buy a horseshoe,
Smile at the rain and reconcile your pain,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Go learn a language or get a new hairdo,
Learn how to sew or start Kung Fu!
You can change your life, if you want to,

You deserve a second chance, we all do,
From mistakes we learn and grow,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Take a new class, ride in a canoe,
Go wherever life takes, trust me,
You can change your life, if you want to,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue.
Sunshine and Rainbows x
Jules 1d
You're happy
And hey
It looks good on you
prince 1d
I'm still waiting.

i'm waiting as i lose myself in the translucent clouds that billow through the skies.
the music is a gentle lullaby, words dancing off my finger tips as i think of you.
how did i end up so lucky, one in a million, a lucky roll of the dice.
i smile, i don't really know what to say anymore.

i cant believe i thought the past was my destiny.
when i couldn't see through the foggy lenses over my eyes.
i didn't understand love until i found you.
but now i would give anything to call you mine.

it has been a while and will continue to be. but one day the wait will be over.
i can't stand the thought of no longer gazing into your soft teals.
everyday i think of you and the music that sweeps me around gently.
i still can't believe all of this is real.

sometimes i have a fleeting thought about the future.
will we be eternal or will be say our goodbyes tomorrow?
will i still be able to take you out for meals
or will it cease to be real?

I'm still waiting.
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