soft words
falling from your mouth like rose petals
surrounding me with a sweet fragrance
you make me believe in love
Hair whips wild,
fingers hang out the window
and mimic the curves of
these country roads
Sunbeams on the leather seats.
Sometimes prayers come in the form
of favorite songs belted unashamed;
the radio, our savior.
And in this moment
you’ve never felt more alive;
it’s nice to be in control for once.
Downhill doesn’t always
have to be a bad thing.
sometimes it’s a place
where the load
doesn’t feel as heavy --
momentum to get back up
and keep going.
To [insert name here]
I love being in your company
Without you a day feels like a week
A week like a year
Yet only after minutes it feels like an eternity
Though the sun shines outside
We stay inside because
Why enjoy the sun when I can enjoy you?
I’ve got a new found love
for the electric shock that goes through my body when you;
Drag your finger down my spine or
When you draw little circles on my inner thigh
I mean we mess around
But goddamn when we do
I feel like it can cure every year of depression I’ve dealt
Since I met you there’s a new light in the end of the tunnel
And this time its not the train
I actually wrote this for my girlfriend >.<
i wish to find
more of my kind
a group of humans
in which i confide
From the sweetness in your laugh
To the thunder in your step
From the beauty of your eyes
To the cuteness of your pep

From your hair that flows like rivers
To the sincerity of your eyes
From our love that thrives so purely
To a love that never dies

From the gentleness of your smile
To the orange stars on your face
These features are some reasons
Why you are my happy place.
Tiffany 1d
Sitting in the sand, sun on my body
Feeling free and alive
The smell of outdoors is like no other
This is my happy place
There's nowhere else i'd rather spend my days
Alone with my thoughts, forever peaceful
Breathe easy
Golden soul
worth tons of gold,
cristaled eyes
filled with hope.

The love you brought,
has fullfilled this home
of pure innocence,
and unforgettable joy.
something about a hot shower
steaming droplets running down your skin
so firey
like a big warm hug
after a long day
but she's not all that she seems
oh no
she is much more
she belongs to the stars
magic unknown
a spectacular being
you just haven't looked into her eyes
they hold star dust secrets
she is a dream
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