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Meet me at our special place
past the parks of suburbia
beyond the lights of the city
where the oceans go to play

Meet me at our special time
before the dew settles
on the morning horizon
before the bird's song has faded

Meet me where lovers roam
where a heartbeat keeps time,
and passion sets the pace
in the world of you and I
Inspired the last line by In the World of You and I by Stryper
Kushal Nov 22
Love it when I'm singing this song,
But if I'm really honest
I don't think it'll last long.

I sound crazy, even when I hear myself think,
Clinging onto the past like I'm hanging of the brink--
I'm lost, and I think I found a new me.
Now torn between my past and a new faced reality.

Slowly come to know myself,
I show myself,
The things I really want from myself.
I think I know how I can help,

Now with a new beat.
Life came and challenged me
To be a better me,
Stepping to a different melody,
A path that feels like destiny.
If I don't trip over my feet,
Clinging to a memory.
as you gracefully swing
in the breeze, with a chill
that simply brings us
closer to the way we want
to be.

The rivers can wait
til you choose the time
and let your hair down
to glimmer and flow in
the sun.

The birds can hush
and sleep soundly
tonight in the warmth of
your song that makes
young ones dream.

The bees have only
the second best sweets
compared to the scent
of your hugs on
my arm.

The stars won’t do
on an evening like this
when your eyes hold
the shine of a dozen
lives lived.

My heart can stop
and gasp in awe
as your love tickles
mine like a nuzzle
or sneeze.

And I can rest lightly
in blissful glee with
the thought of your
lips pressed up next to
my cheek.
for my person.
Robert Ippaso Nov 18
There once was a little snail,
That wondered why It didn't have a proper tail,
She asked all those that passed her by
If there might be a rather simple reason why.
None proved to be that kind,
Which put her in an awful bind,
Until one fateful sunny day
She met a hare along the way.
My friend he said, looking awfully smug,
A tail Is something others often tug,
That's why I run faster than near most,
Never resting coast to coast.
You instead are blessed indeed,
As you I know can get good sleep.
With a house over your head,
You're never far from that great bed.
So even when you dont feel well,
Isn’t it better than my hell?
Mackongo Nov 15
a sense of shame brought upon by old social media profiles
a glimpse, a gaze, a window to my past,
and the cringe and depression comes flooding back.

a quick purge to the page shall do,
but im not sure thats good enough,
but it helps to know im in a better place,
the one that "she" was searching for.

lonely and confused i was,
but now that i'm mature,
i can love myself more.
i go by they/them now and i am a much happier person. its a learning experience. fill yourselves with love, and to find something to love, whether it is a person, a pet, or a hobby.
Nyx Nov 4
They say that the only way to heal a broken heart is with time

That always sounded stupid to me

The only cure for a painfilled heart and mind

Is with time.

The will sun continues to rise, it still shines as bright

The moon and stars still align and glisten in the night

The Season still change, and we too will change

As father time waits for no man

Its all part of Gods plan

Today I woke up.

And you know,
I think I'm starting to believe them

You know I always thought it was a stupid thing that the only way to heal from a broken heart was with time, but as crazy as it sounds you do wake up one day and everything is just better. So don't give up! everything that you feel will pass, and everything will get better. All in good time :)
Vallery Nov 4
Lovers beating heart,
now together forever...
Let death do us part
Jeremy Betts May 2022
What would actually happen if I silenced the negativity and overcame my crippling anxiety?
Afraid I'll find that it's genetically built into my DNA or could only be removed surgically, it could get messy
It would be a ****** end cause it's not like I do the professionally, I live recklessly
Every day I wake up angry and progressively get to the point where it's to heavy to advance any, it's shackled me
You think I chose this way of life to be what defines me? Hell no, it came about organically, in spite of me
Now it's just a part of my anatomy staking claim to the entire piece of property
I look in the mirror and notice my biggest fear, I don't see me in the reflection aggressively starring back at me
The face I see is dramatically distorted photography of who I use to be mixed with something far more ugly
A sloppy photo copy, I barely recognize this beastly imagery, it could be that maybe I'm just not seeing clearly
Clear my thoughts and rinse my eyes quickly then open again but this time slowly
Seriously?! Still no shred of beauty and its worse if I look inwardly which I refuse do cause I'm far to cowardly
It's scary like a fairy tale before its picked up by Disney, originally a horror story that's been pasted down generationaly
I try saying I'm sorry to myself but the words don't come easy, at times all together escaping me
Then a thought hit me squarely knocking me down a peg or three
Who am I without this dark energy? Could I pick myself out of a crowd if the hurt and pain left permanently?
Would I, could I recognize me through the tricky shrubbery surrounding me completely
It's literally a fixture rooted in my history, it's overtaken not just my psyche but is now plain to see physically
Could I realistically live with hope and decency if they took up long term residency?
What would I do with happy if it moved onto my private property and claimed the territory?
Would I properly embrace the new me or hate the empty inside, the vacancy neon flickering annoyingly
I shouldn't be use to sorrow being at max capacity, I wanted change so badly but it's slippery
What would I do with the time I once spent waiting for the next tragedy to come and challenge my grip on reality
Every catastrophe seamlessly falls into place naturally like it was meant to be, designed specifically for me
I used to use comedy to hide the tragedy, at the time it seemed like a decent strategy
Let it live in my head rent free, the tenant had a tendency to use my thoughts against me while ignoring every desperate plea
I don't want to live in my history, not even temporarily but my mind doesn't work correctly, doesn't give a **** about me personally
Turned over the key to a better me then was torn apart strategically with a savagery not seen in this century
Eventually it caught up and changed my trajectory, placed on a one way street not labeled properly
So I may not come back on the scene, may not have that kind of longevity, I guess I'll have to wait and see
But I'm obviously past the point of no return, the objects in my rearview are closer than they appear to be
And the windshield is to ***** to see the road directly in front of me complicating my journey
I can't guarantee I won't crash and burn on reentry but I will say there definitely...probably...most likely won't be a search party
Is it Stockholm or gluttony, like it or not the recipe for what not to do will be my legacy
The distinction is tricky when I hold no empathy for myself so I throw up my hands hopelessly, never in victory
This isn't the way it was supposed to be but I never had a say in my destiny, I didn't even know that was a possibility
Honestly, if I had any dignity it would significantly alter my whole reason to be
But my will has been ripped from me brutally, I don't want to go on but I would like to stay, a twisted duality
An unnatural complexity, hypocrisy just another personality disorder, a horder of the impossibility unlucky
Adding to the pile that's already a burden to my humanity, no happily ever after, this is reality
Animosity aimed directly at my entirety, to tired to be wrestling with the same old ****, pushing 40
If I don't have this figured out by now what's the likelihood I'll learn new tricks? There isn't any
That should be all I need but ultimately I know it won't be cause I'm the embodiment of misery
To change that would mean I'd be a stranger in my own body, an anomaly
And that frightens me to my very core so here I sit in purgatory for all eternity
Hold your pity, I'm okay with it cause no matter how gory it's gonna get, at least it's a bit of familiar territory
Comfort found within the familiarity I have with the words in the retelling of a not so family friendly ghost story
the hidden staircase fascinated me,
the wooden steps, oak panels on the wall,
behind an unexpected door you couldn’t see,
a narrow entrance in the spacious hall.
who ever would have thought to find it here,
a masterpiece of silent secrecy,
whose trepidation full of pounding fear
climbed up those stairs in frightened urgency?
while candles drip hot wax from chandeliers
they gallop in the night, the carriage wheel
leaves furrows in the mud, whose trembling ears
await the sweeping toll-bells heavy peel?
and as the night drifts ever closer in,
who bolts the windows, deafens out the din?
Phia Oct 27
One day
Driving in the car
Her hand in his
She started to cry
“What happened?” He asked.
With happinesses in her eyes
She smiled and said
“You did”
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