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maria Feb 13
If you care just tell me
I'm tired
and confused
Tired of games

Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
fireheart Feb 7
I want to be loved like the sea,
When I'm a tropical blue, and respected
For my tumultuous depths.

Love me like the sea.
Come, bathe in me when I am warm and
Gaze down into me when I am crystal.

Love me still when I am murky.
Come, find beauty in my roaring waves and
Keep your bow forward when I am stormy.

Love me like the sea.
Watch, see how I can kiss the shore or
See how I can beat my fist against it.

Yes, I want to be loved like the sea.
For the sun shines on my surface,
Yet darkness lurks within.
Jaxey Feb 2
I don't care
if you don't know
how to read between the

If my thoughts
were that simple
I wouldn't be writing
Zack Ripley Jan 26
People are complicated.
Relationships are complicated.
Life is complicated.
They're complicated because you
Can't define them; they mean different things to different people.
But that's also what makes them so special
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
I may be thick skinned but this situation is hard for me
Wanna be on the defensive but you raided my armory
Want you out of my heart but you’re in my arteries
Want the melody but you have me stuck on harmony
Trying to help being a personal pharmacy
But with you I seem to have hit the lottery
I just want this **** to all be easy
Leah Carr Nov 2020
                           Power dynamic
                           Therapeutic relationship
                           Systematic desensitisation
                           Psychogenic or psychosomatic
                           Risk assessment
                           Control levels
Corey Taylor Nov 2020
I liked capturing the perfect moments. For example: When leaves fall, but
sway left or right and pause for that perfect moment. Where
the shade compliments the dark spots of a dying tree, yet the caterpillars become
humored in the fact that knowing that that tree is full of new leaves and
all the old half bitten tampered leaves are dead. "What a beautiful meal".
They think to themself, yet we as humans see it as just, a tree.
And for that reason. If being just that reason. I chose photography.
Nature has its ups and downs, but with photography even the worst
moments taken as a picture can be beautiful. From tornadoes rambling fields to cracked
roads from an earthquake. Photography puts me in an imagination. It gives me a
different life. And for that reason, I love capturing moments.
Human lives can be complicated. And I hate it, but then there are those moments.
Those moments that you remember and you laugh or smile at the thought of them. Reminiscing on
that specific day or time. Wishing you can go back there or just relive that moment, but I can't.
And it saddens me. So, I take pictures and call them life.
Leah Carr Nov 2020
On Monday the 16th
At 5pm
Eight months ago
My friend and I walked into an empty classroom.
At 5:25pm
Less than half an hour later
We walked out again
She was the same
But I walked out of that room a different person.

On Monday the 16th
At 5pm
Eight months ago
I thought I was going to have a normal conversation
At 5:25pm
Less than half an hour later
We ended the conversation and left
She was untroubled
But I was pale and shaking with shock

On Monday the 16th
At 5pm
Eight months ago
I had complete trust in the girl who sat opposite me
At 5:25pm
Less than half an hour later
She walked me to up to my mum's car
She didn't think differently of me
But I was terrified of her

On Monday the 16th
At 5pm
Eight months ago
I walked into a room with anxiety and depression
At 5:25pm
Less than half an hour later
I walked out with anxiety, depression and PTSD
My friend didn't realise it
But I wouldn't ever forget that day

Trauma doesn't have to be huge road accidents or witnessing death
Trauma doesn't have to be in all the newspapers
Trauma doesn't have to be public or obvious

Because on Monday the 16th
Between 5 and 5:25pm
Eight months ago
In a small classroom
At the back of our school music block
I experienced trauma
By someone who I considered then
and consider now
To be my friend
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