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arCamm Apr 21
You are complicated…
but you’re also simple…

which makes you complicated.

— a.r. Camm
mariella Apr 9
we were too caught up
with a lot of things that
we both ended
hurting each other.

in the end,
we've both lost
ourselves in the process.
Nicx Mar 4
Ice burns my chest
As I scramble to find a heartbeat
Frozen bones against cold skin
I feel my pulse echo into me
I know I'm still alive
But inside it's only emptiness
Fires raged within me once
Leaving behind nothing but ash
My heart, my soul
Blown away in the wind
I am lost and alone
Free, but still the same
My body aches at the memory
Of shackles holding me down
I never knew my escape
Could cause this much pain
Simply trapped in new binds
I don't know what freedom is
Life is a sick and twisted game
Where I get to choose my path
But what good is a decision
When it all leads to death
I cannot picture my future
But my past is loud and clear
How can I keep moving forward
When I'm barely a part of the present
I know I have to build my own life
But all of the tools are breaking
What a privilege it is
To pick my own poison
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
The all-gender bathroom
Is where I feel safest

I sneak around to get there

Just for some separation from what gender wants me to be
I don’t get to do this for free

They have a sign about ****** harassment
Some people came in and tore it down
Way to make sure we’re feeling safe
They were arrogant

Trying to **** our confidence.

Although a meaningful gesture
A hate crime
They let their anger sit and fester
Why do you think I’m done with this semester?

My college claims equality and I guess they’re right
But I believe in equity
The peoples rights fulfilled
True liberty

Stop telling
Start listening
Lend a hand to those who don’t have one
I’m doing it and I’m glistening

I may be an advocate
But that doesn’t make it tireless

I feel it too,
behind my eyes is a child
Wishing to make the world
Better for her younger self

Does that make me wild?

Maybe I am.

I’m Max
The king of the wild things
The leader of the misfit toys
Kinda like Lord of the rings?
A metaphor based on the book The Starless Sea
If only a few poems could make you fall in love,
I would make them for you
all the feelings I put together;
just to tell you.
If only words were easier for us
to understand the feelings we experience,
If only love made everything less complicated,
And I don't have to reveal it.
Indonesia, 4th November 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
abi hayes Jul 2021
Dear Dad,
I no longer
Have to sit
Silently as
The words
You say spit
at me like fire.

- It still burns
maria Feb 2021
If you care just tell me
I'm tired
and confused
Tired of games

Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
fireheart Feb 2021
I want to be loved like the sea,
When I'm a tropical blue, and respected
For my tumultuous depths.

Love me like the sea.
Come, bathe in me when I am warm and
Gaze down into me when I am crystal.

Love me still when I am murky.
Come, find beauty in my roaring waves and
Keep your bow forward when I am stormy.

Love me like the sea.
Watch, see how I can kiss the shore or
See how I can beat my fist against it.

Yes, I want to be loved like the sea.
For the sun shines on my surface,
Yet darkness lurks within.
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