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Words' Worth May 11
When you laugh
I laugh gladly
If you cry
I cry quite a bit
When you left me
I didn't know whether to
Laugh or cry
I am trying some simpler poems. For people struggling in complex times.
I’m the unfinished poem
And you’re the deadline closing in way too soon.
This is not shaping up to be anyone’s best work.

You’re the chair with a faulty seat
And I’m the *** falling through.
Is it my fault for not checking first?

I’m the ambulance sirens wailing outside on your street,
But you’re the silence I need to concentrate.
How are you going to work with this?

You’re the hands typing away
And I’m the keyboard with a missing key.
Or maybe you’re missing a finger?

What about the deadline?
How is this going to work if you’re missing a finger?
Is this what’s making me the ***?

I might be the biggest obstacle you have,
And baby you’re not one for track and field.

Bring your best revision to the table,
I don’t think you’re saving this piece.

Whether this is a creative block or not,
You’re dealing with a failure to write.
saw you online again
wish it could be plain

I tried to escape the society we live in, promise
tried to show you I like you, be honest

I could send you a message
but don‘t won‘t to seem obsessive

I‘m afraid of being rejected
it’s so sad we disconnected

these days we have to be as cold as ice
semms like we don‘t even try to be nice

you have to keep yourself busy
to stay attractive
*******. how can I be interactive?

to show that you care means you’re weak
if you do, you’re going to be antique

nowadays true feelings are overrated
or maybe they’ve even been confiscated

- gio, 03.04.2020
Niamh Collins Mar 30
your eyes trace my skin
count my freckles
reel me in

my breathing is heavy
the space between us is thin
kiss me already
either way, you win

i've tried to change my mind
practice what i preach
go back in time

when you think of me at night
wrapped up in your thoughts
hunt for me, lover
tell me what you find.
sara Oct 2019
I thought you'd fix the pain inside.
Your eyes left me nowhere to hide.
Naked, vulnerable, on top,
I sat there, sensitive to touch.

It didn't fix the emptiness,
I think it made it worse somehow.
The rifts inside my soul grew wide
as all the love we had poured out.
paige shiffer Mar 23
making love to the sound of the rain
i am trying to mask this deep pain
this affliction only comes to light when i am
naked in the dim of the night
i do not know why
he makes me feel safe, he makes me cave
but when we **** i can’t tell if i’m sane
i try to stay in the moment but it’s done in vain
when won’t this give me a migraine
when you have complicated trauma
Mrs Timetable Mar 23
My jigsaw puzzle
Just added a thousand pieces
Of all the same color
My crossword puzzle
Just added a thousand clues
No erasers allowed
My word puzzle
Just added the whole dictionary
Can’t spell it? Look it up
My inquisitive puzzled face
Just challenged you
Take it and solve me
There’s bonus points
his heart seemed to be made of steel
and to cracking it, was not the deal.

feelings were forbidden
so I kept mine hidden

he had a cute smile and a good taste in music
but his attitude was confusing

I wonder about the temperature of his heart
to get to feel it, must be art

I knew it couldn’t be this cold
„everyone has emotions“ I once was told

sometimes he was gentle
and it made me believe that I will find him sentimental

so I kept trying to find the key
tried to sneak into his heart and teach him how to be free

I even got to experience a glimpse of his warm heart
but then life took us apart

and the day he had lost me, he would have finally found something that set his heart on fire

- gio, 27.12.2019
Es Mar 14
"why won't you talk to me?"

"if i do, i'll fall for you,
i'll want to hold you close
and kiss you, that's what you
make me want to do.
But i can't, you're with him
and he's my friend, i can't
talk to you, i'll fall for you."

I lost my best friend, he lost his first love, me.
-es's poetry
Samael Jan 20
We are complication
Dancing in the night without a care in our heads
Loving each other like we’d someday share beds
But still merely holding on by a thread

We are denial
Blaming ourselves for mistakes that never could’ve been avoided
Feeling that one another would be better off without the other
And missing the big picture hidden within the darkness of our cover

We are the night
Talking until we fall asleep and loving every minute of it
Yet feeling that we went wrong somewhere down the line
Yet continuously loving each other just the same

We are beautifully broken
We’ve been broken down by our pasts
We’ve never known what it’s like to truly be loved by anyone
Yet we love as if we’ve known how to for thousands of millennia
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