The buzz of the fan

soothes my conscious,

as I drift in and out of thought.

I imagine the night sky

as I stare into the darkness of my room.

The stars are sparkles

and the moon the crown jewel,

joining in unison to create a beautiful masterpiece.

I reminisce the memories last summer.

The nights we laid on the beach,

Listening to the ocean's rhythm.

The waves colliding with land,

Swoosh, swish, and a gentle crash.

The wave dissolves as another takes its place.
– 9/17/2017
Goodnight, Mister Sun.
Goodnight, Long Day.
Gone, bye.
I wish that I could try that hard.
Good morning, Night.
Good morning, Midnight Cry.
I wish that I could salve my scars.

God day, Morning Haze.
Good day, Familiar
Fog Bank.
I wish that I could someday fight.
Good morning, Light.
Good morning, Daylight’s Shine.
I wish that I could try.
Goodnight Long Day. Gone, bye...
jay 6d
back then,
i used to be afraid
of the darkness
and what lurked
within it
it isn't the darkness
that alarms me
but the mere thoughts
that come stray
behind it
midnight isn't the best time to ponder
is it?
I had a dream last night it was peaceful
Eternal and redeeming, I hope I am able to revisit it night after night after night

It was a simple one, it was just me and you, being togeather, Its hard to get you out of my head but why would I want to

Your right where you belong
With me and I wouldn't have it any other way
jamie Jun 11
It's midnight and it's silent,
Just the roar of passing vehicles
Every ten minutes or so.
And a shouting man
Perhaps of being too drunk.
And it would've been pitch black,
If it wasn't for the light from the window.
Now I hear the drops of rain as it touches the roof,
Have you ever wondered
If these raindrops were the tears of our loved ones
in heaven?
or the souls who couldn't enter heaven?
Funnily, it could also be pee,
Of a larger being on top of Earth.

But in reality,

It's midnight and it's not silent.
It's the time when you hear more of what surrounds you,
Even what's inside you.
Your heartbeat,
Your growling stomach,
The voices in your head.
It's the sadness and pain behind that man's scream.
The rush of the vehicles passing,
Their desire to go home,
The rush of holding their beloved in their arms.
Say, close your eyes,
Now you see pitch black,
And some memories
You wish you could relive.

— j.n.
Leaping so gently
Eyes glowing they see what you can't
The Midnight Cat stalks
Cece Jun 5
A midnight poet,
she calls herself.
Because the cascading words,
come to her
wrapped up in shiny moonlight,
served on blankets of darkness,
stars dusted lightly on top.
Her inspiration
rides the midnight breeze
swiftly and gently
to her window,
waiting patiently for her
to lift the glass up
and greet them warmly.
So there she sits,
next to the open window
waiting for the perfect moment
to say hello.
To invite her loyal inspiration in
for some midnight tea,
and although she says
she’s not fond of midnight snacks
She pours herself
a steaming mug of metaphors
and serves couplets
with the drink.
After a comfortable chat,
Inspiration takes its leave
out the window
on the breeze in which it came.
And so the girl
is left lonely once more,
but not truly alone.
She has her words,
her rhymes,
her metaphors,
and her couplets
to keep her company
as she forms it all
into beautiful verses
that capture the heart.
As she sits by her window,
the midnight poet
notices how soft the sky looks,
dark and freckled with stars.
The sweet sky comforts her
as she mourns her bitter loneliness into verses,
or envelops her in maddening, exciting emptiness
as she writes
or simply sleeps
by her window.
The midnight poet
sighs gently
catching the wily night’s attention
And draws poetry from its
yet sly,
The girl catches falling stars
made of verses
from her pretty window seat.
She finds lines tucked behind faraway planets,
makes metaphors from the moonlight,
comfortable in the darkness’s embrace.
The midnight poet
coaxes poetry from the freckled night sky
And tucks it into her pocket
For safekeeping.
To keep
as an ever loyal
A reminder
of her home.
A poem of the night.
All I could hear was silence
And then everything went transparent
Your eyes got me stranded
They're in pain, i can't stand it
You said you were being haunted
By the memories you never wanted
Every word you bled was perfect
Your imperfections has always been worth it

To me

I wish you could understand it
I'm here for you even if I'm unwanted
You doubted
You regretted
You were distracted
I get it
I'm always the least expected
I was never wanted

By you
Just a quick write. Just removing words from my head
Kyte May 31
I miss the depth of your ancient sun.
This infamous rage erodes my soul.
I wish I were someone else, someone yours.

Mortiferous anxiety
of missing your smile in my eyes,
Who is to say whether this is love?


I love you. Desperately and senselessly.
Fear and despair,
those spongy redoubts of a sprained mind.

I love you. And it terrifies me to die
without ever having hugged your existence.
I sleep. I will dream of your eyes, again.
A desperate poem for a luminous girl written on a dark midnight.

Relatively poor translation of the Spanish original:
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