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Miranda 1h
Don't listen to what someone says in the early morning hours when the moon is out.

The loneliest hearts are always up at 2 am.
Going to edit and work on this more!
A dark room and sharp blades,
where the light of hope always fades.
And when it is the pain I need to feed;
the more I cut, the more it bleeds.

A lonely room and no ears,
where no one ever hears.
And when someone I need by my side;
emptiness seek and everyone hides.

A long way and no right roads,
where my heart always explodes.
And when my secrets echo through time;
I remember when you used to be mine.

—Poetry by Paras
driving alone at 2 a.m. again
   there’s no more you in the passenger seat

the rain and i are alone at 2 a.m. again
    there’s no more you to dance to thunder with

i’m staring at the ocean at 2 a.m. again
    there’s no more you to tell me about the moon

i’m terrified of being alone at 2 a.m. again
      there’s no more you to save me from myself
Euphie 6d
Midnight rains are nostalgic.
They make me realize
that I am not the only one
who is crying in the dark.

The gods are too.
Paras Bajaj Jan 13
It's 3 am, when you try to seek for help.
It's 3 am, when you've tears in your eyes.
It's 3 am, when all the memories hit you.
It's 3 am, when you regret the goodbyes.

It's 3 am, when the darkness scares you.
It's 3 am, when you've noises in your head.
It's 3 am, when you miss everyone at once.
It's 3 am, when you wish you were dead.

It's 3 am, when you can't save yourself.
It's 3 am, when you get hurt a little more.
It's 3 am, when you just hate yourself.
It's 3 am, when you only feel insecure.

It's 3 am, when you love lyrics more, not song.
It's 3 am, when you only know what's wrong.
It's 3 am, when you are alone, no one to care.  
It's 3 am, when you ask if you belong somewhere?

---Poetry by Paras.
Fern Jan 13
Two halves of soul twining under moon's wane,
Out to seek freedom from pain,
Becomes one who the stars reach to;
A stable sense of self anew.
One who gazes in the hours of witch,
A shadow in the midnight pitch;
Chaos that found peace in the calm of night,
A void that has finally been filled with light.
sometimes i'll just walk outside at midnight
Ejike Pius Jan 12
Do not disturb me tonight
'Cause I want to travel
Around the world
In my bed of pillows..
And my blanket
Which is my muse

For when in rue
I look at the stars for clue
Sometimes under the moon
In my gloom,
I try to paint the air
With my pen so far and near.

The night is my gear
My thoughts I rear
Like a Shepherd to sheep
So I cling to them like clip
And when the breeze comes
In me
My pen dance in glee.

Perhaps I reap off the par
And the scars I see
As tides on sea .

In the dead of the night.
I remember posterity

For when history pages in
School be open,
Shall I find a name
Greater than gold
+234 8122245919
What did that ***** say? She got your stamina off-guarded,
Compliment on the next day: Hey! Did I love you well?
Honestly, your warm roadside body, cold inside made me shiver; well portrayed.
Midnight! The clock striked, lying on a bed; scratched chest; long nail.
How many clients to satisfy? That body of yours: beautiful, tasteless clove
How can I classify? She was a love of mine; came low; I know.
High hopes, great dreams, you might succeed with those!
But again, who knows? Five minutes passed midnight, get on me; Let your soul flow.
The crescent moon, the smoke, your face; all that fades; one last time, I'll swear, ‘Never go out of my sight even if this nature to grow’.
That long hair, blank cheek & honey-coloured lips; complete,
Elvis hair, rough chin, grown beard & rusted lips; incomplete.
The night of judgment ‘tis, I must leave, that doorbell sound,
Perplexed husband & a daring lover;
Just another man, night-long pleasurement; trefoil clove ground,
Unsatisfied wife & a broken-hearted ***** ya’r.
Love's a word reference - Relative, but don't you think, for you it was bred in captive?
Veil, unveiled. Midnights & darkness; you were much clever at the teenage, What happened? Is it the husband? Or simple loneliness?
The morning light unveiling the city like it's newly married wife,
Only unaware of the fact, that the wife was a cheat last night; knowingly ruining groom’s life.
Maggi Jan 6
I am lying in my bed unable to sleep. My head is spinning like every night. Why should I continue living?
I finally fall asleep, dreaming of the sweet, red blood running down my veins, dripping on my bathroom floor… drip, drip, drip. Soon there is a dark red lake which drowns me ...
I travel far away to an unknown land. Different from everything I have known before. Slowly everything around me gets silent and dark.
My mind is finally able to rest. I have waited so long for this moment.
Sweet dreams.
Heather Jan 4
The midnight
It brings out something amazing from within
It's either when you feel your most pain or your most love
But that night
We felt our most love
There was no need for words cause we both felt it
Just a touch from you
Made my heart... you know
When you held my waist I wished we could have stayed like that forever
But that ended
We went our separate ways
But still remained in that moment
Arguing about the night and day while the sun slowly rose in the east
Both fighting sleep just so we can keep talking to each other
But all good things must come to an end
It all felt like a dream but thank goodness it wasn't
Thank you Midnight
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