My ceiling stares back at me as I yawn
My eyelids feel heavy yet I can't sleep
Yet here I am, wide awake

01:00 - The usual time
02:00 - The new normal
03:00 - I might miss my alarm if I don't sleep

I stare at my ceiling as I think
My thoughts are jumbled
Messed up, unclear

04:00 - Is there a point in sleeping at all
05:00 - Barely any sleep time left now
06:00 - An hour until I hear the song

Now there's no point at all
I rub my eyes and I yawn
Yet another sleepless night

The usual nights at this point

Everything is imperfect-
The space
Between your eyes.
The crooked white
Inside your half-smile.
The choppy,
Paper-cutting scissor bangs
That frame your face.

You chopped them late
In a dim lit bathroom.
Flickering neon against the blade.

Tucking tounge under breath,
Chunks of midnight strands
Refracting grey-silver dreams
Fell to the floor like splinters
Hurled from breaking wood.

With crescent moons
Formed on each cheek,
The mirror smiled.

it's six a.m.
and the tip of my tongue is brimming with the urge to moan out your name
once again
for no reason at all
there's jazz music filling up the vacant space
of my apartment and not your warm voice
slightly off-key in an attempt to sing candidly
oh baby, when did you stop coming back to me?
when did you start to realize that i was a pain
and not the ache that lit your bones
but a diseases you wanted to run away from
it's six a.m.
i'm waiting for you, sweet love
right here
on my bed dressed just like you'd left me in
come soon
i'm getting cold

The blizzard howls in the night time sky,
Yet a lone snowflake falls that winter,
The sounds of the strong winds chimes,
Yet, the oh so lonely snowflake, falls from the sky.

The calming fireplace looking upon the midnight sky,
The first one to fall in the pure midnight sky,
Is the lone snowflake.

There the lonely snowflake sits,
As it melts into the sorrowful ground,
And withers away like a paper being set a light.

Where did it go?
Where will it go?
I guess we'll never know.

A Christmas/winter related poem for you all :D

Never desire a sexy times.
God, death!
I am dying with regret for you
I miss your big truck and big eyelashes.
My beautiful one
I can’t find someone as sweet as you.
Come back, baby
I will spend all my midnights searching for you.

love is pain
please leeve me feed back below!
alex 7d

the imaginary leftover confetti is still in my hair.
it’s been two days and i still feel
the brush of your hand on my fingers
in the elevator as i held tightly
onto what had become my entire life
over the course of three months.

and i’m brought back to the night
when you just barely stopped being a stranger
gliding down the steps
you asking me what i think of
this thing that would turn out to be life changing.
god back then i had no idea
that i’d be breathing underwater
taking shots of victory and mellow yellow
as you stared right at me
and never have i ever wanted you so bad.

lounging in hotel rooms and
turning around to look at me in the backseat
midnight flying down the interstate
i remember thinking you kept revealing
more of yourself than i thought i’d get to know
i remember thinking i could fall asleep right there
and trust you to wake me up if the city
came back into view

i want to send you the song i’m listening to right now
but i know you wouldn’t answer
and i know i wouldn’t blame you
i have a whisper confession to make
baby i think you might have changed me
more than my actual life did.

k. listening to taylor swift's "new year's day" and thinking about you. i don't know what this poem is about because i can't read it without getting caught up in your daydream.

Half an orange
to help me sleep
to help me not think of you
to help me shut down my brain
like a laptop that's been left on
for two weeks straight

I break an orange pill in half
tonight I hope it's all I need
to help me sleep
I toss it back
I hope it doesn't get caught
in the corners of my throat
like all the words
I cannot say out loud

I take pills
because there's not enough wine
to drown out my thinking
not enough meditation
to quiet the constant hum

I long for a day
when sleep did not escape me
the night before

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lily Nov 6

The darkness nearly succumbs your whole being
But that etching of light displays
The collarbones.
Not brawn but
Narrow twiggy body
That i've come to lust

Demy Molentor Oct 30

Get under the blanket.
I’m starting to row.
Destination our is moon.
But wait for it to grow.

Don’t fall asleep just yet.
Try counting stars again.
For the winter is returnes soon.
And skies are brown then.

But the stream where we row,
He shines with the moon.
Can’t you the trees and flowers.
Some of roses still bloom.

As I row our boat gently,
You still stare at the skies.
With some immortalles in your hands.
Come on, now close your eyes.

EmpressMi Oct 25

Talking until dawn,
But no abnormal atmosphere.
Revealing the secrets;
There's a sudden high tempreture.
It becomes midnight,
We think 'too early'.
It becomes cold.
We soon get cosy
Under the blankets filled with warmth,
As we are too shy for a midnight call.
Sleep comes to us so we say goodnight
While longing for one's cherished sight.

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