nara 3d

i sure do hope
you will reach upon the day which
you will sit back
and start reminiscing your past
and remember those moments
which you have gone through
and laugh over your miseries
because my, oh my
you have already come this far

just hang in there

Eiram N 4d

I love the sun, but the moon I love more.
I know After Dark, softly weaving and settling
down on things that in daylight aren’t quite so pretty,
the comfort of 2 am, the blanket blackness of anonymity.
Through the city it is the rustle of lone voices
that against the silence shouts,
Saying it’s okay to be broken
with the candid closure that’s all about.

And with the humdrum rise and fall of every being’s chest
the pulsating heart in each human soul
there lies those who sleep in the contentment that
the nighttime knows it all.

                                  By Eiram N

My studies have shown me the value
Of the perseverance & dedication
Nice in life is really very high

Although you are upset with me now
My love is not so weak as you think
Our future I dreamed & planned
Under a beautiful sky we will live
Rob me of love even yourself can not

Kindly open the doors for me
Ring your door bell when I do
Indeed I'm a mad egoistic man
Past has that old night of love
I miss your kiss on my lips...

I am that stubborn, hard-willed and persistent lover.

My HP Poem #1593
©Atul Kaushal

The tapping of the boots and the creaking of the wood
Walking in a darkly sheet on a midnight creep,
The singing of the cicadas,
The soft passing of cars,
Start to hum me to sleep.

The blinding street lamp
Lights a night sky still blue,
The trees gently sleep
with their leaves scattered but not rustled,
Hanging low on a summer night’s cool air,
I watch on top of the balcony
Down by the road, no one is there

A summer night’s sky which should be so lovely and so fair
This one, like me, its hue is so lonely and blue

The scenery so still begins to darken
And so softly still the cicadas sing
From the balcony, alone, I harken
And as softly, peace, it brings.

Simply made to relax while reading.

shining star in sky
you appear in evening light
braving this sad world

sometimes the world can be a sad place x

The tolling of the midnight bell,
the fireflies; they cast a spell.
The birds calling, quietly
calling, calling.
The water full of small lights,
the soaring of the midnight kites.
The lighthouse warning, quietly
warning, warning.

I find myself becoming like you
but I don't like you
A Jun 15

"I love you,"

I said.

He replied,

"Good night."

That night

I knew

what love was for me

was a dream to him


The moon lit upon us
As if there was a spotlight
I looked into your eyes and it felt like cluster-like

The stars were there residing
As if there was a galaxy
I held your hand and it felt like ecstasy

The sky was dim
As if there was nobody else but us
I shoot for a kiss too bad I missed

And you,
I gazed at you
You were wonderful

Julie C Smith Jun 12

I wish I could relive
This one special moment
Turn back the time
To that one second around midnight that slipped through my fingers

When you promised me
Something I wasn't sure of
Dangerous and immoral but now I know
It would be a dream better than life could ever be

I promise you to keep it secret
I'm in too deep down this dead-end street
Whatever you do, just don't leave me
And please don't kill this dream of a life

Don't do it
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