scrubs and brooms
a life of the low
serving strangers masked as family
turned away from a party

fairy godmother granted her a dream
transformed her into a princess
magic filling her seams
at the party...
...she met her prince

the clock ticked
it's 11:55PM
it's almost midnight
her magic is about to end

...and it ended

but one day
it will find her again
and it will stay

Luvanna Sep 10

One body
One mind
Feelings stretched as if an old loose rubber band
At night, I would toss and turn
Toss and turn feeling the weight of the universe
In my shoulders
In the morning, I would feel less shitty
As if the moonlight has sucked out my feelings completely
Left me only with the aftermath of my own war
An empty feeling

Alienpoet Sep 10

Desperation for your touch
your kiss
I can never truly deserve this
in midnight moonlit bliss
we collide together in bedroom hysteria.

In fever pitched heat
tangled legs and arms in devotion
you sing like songstresses wailing
causing a commotion
love is song sung better with two
but longing is my heart for you...

I have been reading   Pablo Neruda 's twenty love poems and song of despair.
Wejdan Sep 3

I still remember when you told me to stay away, because your way is full of thorns.
I kept playing your words in my head, like a holy-verses.
I refused to ratify it, now I believed.
you are in your grave and the way to you is full of thorns; But that is nothing comparing to my road, stinging thorns, my body tearing blood painfully.
I miss you!
and the road to you isn't long,
Dig my grave next to you, in the midnight, I am jogging my way to you.

nadia yahya Apr 30

One man down
And two
And three
Keep counting

It's like a routine for him
Every night he'll be your company
While you keep your eyes open wide
you'll think about the little talk you had
He smirks while judging the thoughts in your head
If you let him in, you'll fall
If you stand still, you'll win it all.

Sleep tight,
That's what he wants
And he knows your plan

That tonight
You'll stay awake to figure this out
That tonight
This mess you'll keep thinking about.


Sweet dreams, don't let the bedbugs bite.
nadia yahya May 1

I see myself there in a year or two
But will I ever make it through?

I wonder

Will I still be here or somewhere between the space?
Am I still chasing my dream or stopping in the middle of race?

I am not sure

But for now I noticed
How I started to lose
some companies
some rides
some eyes
And my tears are free

It hurts

Maybe somewhere beneath this

Talking to myself

It's not the end yet
Not until the time
When I'm completely losing myself.


For today's story.
Poetria Aug 29

The world
stays black and white
until we feed it with our colours,               and we each use our own
kaleidoscope of thoughts
  to paint our different paths,
and we each use our own
coloured pencils
to sketch our different eyes,
but I stopped trying to sketch at 12,
and I haven't painted
across my small pavement
in the longest while.

I want out.
Isna Maulidya Aug 20

i don't know what
the future looks like
is it blue as the ocean
with treasures in it
or is it blue
as what i always feel

(it makes me afraid sometimes)
Adya Jha Aug 6

It's after midnight
And I'm listening to The Doors
And I think in Jim Morrison's symphony -
I'm a Rider On The Storm
With People who Are Strange
But I say, "Hello, I Love You, can you tell me your name?"
I beg them to Light My Fire
But they don't even try...
How long will I try to Break On Through To The Other Side?
Love Me Two Times, before I say I'm goin' away

But maybe I don't have to feel lonely
As long as there is good music out there

Ivo Aug 6

Moon at peace
I'd like to reach
your song
that has no words

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