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lib Feb 12
beneath the pale stars
your strong arms holding me tight
the clock strikes midnight
carriage returns to pumpkin
dress of silk and gold to rags
another tanka poem
Ander Stone Jan 13
you share with me such hurtful words
that are a balm to
my kindred soul.

they hurt as they leave your summer wine lips
and drip like molten wax
upon my chest,
and heart,
and mind,
and touch my soul...

verse after verse.

you entwine my eroded coil
within you moonlight glow,
and tell me all the things
I so hungrily needed to know.

you wrap my broken hands
within your silken ones.

I crave to part your lips,
and share in such a melody.
that starlight hum.
that midnight medley.
that dark and ever-glowing sonnet
that brought you to my desolation.

I yearn to kiss them with my ones,
those lips as warm as starlight flame,
as perfect as the heart of night,
as young as time itself.

but mine are blistered
by frigid winds,
and bloodied from some fist
I've recently had to stomach...
I have known a pair of crimson lips that made the world sing with more words than it had before
Coleen Mzarriz Dec 2023
Soft saccharine kisses and the way you held my hand—the gleam of the sun were clenched by the wistful glamour of your lips; and I stare at you, my dawn in the midnight sky.
Your countless palaver I can hear, forever lost in the starry eyes of yours—a nest of novice thoughts—I smile at you, my rather gauche. You were a dreamy night, and I was an afternoon tea—flat-out boring and tasteless. But I am also a poet, and you were my muse.
I was a copper, and you were jet black with charming brown eyes—and so I thought, “He’s so pretty, I could cry. He’s so dreamy, I could call him mine.”
If only I could give you these angelic kisses and let you feel these unearthly lips, lulling you with reverie and the dizzying glow of mid-December. The moon looks over us, and all he can sense is my longing, longing, longing.
I wish I could give you anything you want, the life you prefer, even the dying stars and the bright moon.

I wish you kind and beautiful days, my dear friend. My orange cat.

Song inspired me to write this: Midnight Sky - Unique Salonga
Ritz Writes Oct 2023
Sweet and supple golden nectar
Caress my lips, gentle as a kiss.
There is no step that I would not venture;
Nor no succulent sip that I would miss.
A touch of lips
In a state of bliss,
Unable to resist.
Closely rhymed with a kiss; and the tongue in between makes a hiss.
The world around is set ablaze
Stuck together in this sweltering maze.
To wish upon the stars to stay a little longer
And hope for the moon to hold in a little more fonder.
~RitzWrites 🍁
"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." ~Anaïs Nin
ky Jul 2023
Breathe in the fresh air.
Soak up the sunlight.
Travel everywhere.
Stay up till midnight.

Wear your hair down.
Play your favorite songs.
Put on a flower crown.
Bring your friends along.

Then turn off the music,
and listen to the roar of the waves.
Bury your feet in the sand.

Let all your worries float away.
Mark Wanless Jun 2023
i see you in the
midnight of mind we are here
together again
Poetic Eagle May 2023
Would l be a poet, if you weren't the poem
There is always You behind every word

My thoughts and feelings are getting used to the idea of having you,
Stand before me dressed  in rhythm and sound
To the person that existed in the abstract
German Rodriguez May 2023
With the pendulum's sweep, my heart did weep
A soul engulfed in darkness keep
Depression's weight, a heavy plight
Concealed the stars, veiled the night

But from the depths, a spark arose
A flame of hope, my spirit chose
With weary steps, I ventured on
To find the dawn where peace was drawn

Alone I stayed, as midnight's guest
Embracing solitude, unrest
The moon, my guide, whispered in light
"There's strength in darkness, just hold tight."

Each lonely night, a battle fought
A testament to strength, I sought
With every breath, I rose anew
Conquering darkness, spirits grew

So let the night befriend your soul
Embrace the hours that make you whole
In solitude, find strength untold
As stars align, let light unfold
I've spent countless Midnight hours alone. It's one of my favorite times for me to create my rhymes.
lua Mar 2023
at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with the earth
that my skin grew roots
buried myself deep into the soil
mingling with the wriggling of the worms
that each time i would breathe,
sprouts of my favourite flowers would bloom
emerging from the ground in thousands
of where i am buried

at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with the sea
swimming into the depths with the whales
dragging myself across the seafloor
kicking up sand
that my bones became coral,
my hair swaying with the anemones
my eyes lighting up in bioluminescence
like bright blue stars in an empty galaxy of water

at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with space
crumbling into stardust and space debris,
i would orbit the moon like saturn's rings
and fling myself across the milky way
becoming one with the stars,
just as i was
many, many years ago.
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