Trish 2d
Will you look up to the sky?
I know you would not
Those stars are so tiny
Just like the possibilities
I long for happiness—
And fantasy of “us”
Got hit by the reality
It does not really exist
Even in the parallel universe
That we deeply believe
That red string, we held on
Hoping you would grab onto—
The hand or the pinky finger
You used to make promises
For us to meet someday
Hug me one last time
So, I can check one off my list
In this sad fantasy of “me”
As I move on with reality of “you”
I could not sleep and had deep thoughts that inspires me to make this poem
Its all about night
when only we find, peace of mind.
With our heart pure,
but wounded never to be cured
We wish at 12 to love and to be loved.
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Poetry is the rhythm of her soul
flows through her veins
dances in her mind
swirls throughout her days

She stands strong on the ground
never thinks of falling
She speaks stories of solitude
with her shining dark eyes

She meets life at the edge of wonders
Unspoken stories
Unravelling yet to ponder
She looks upon to the stars
forgetting darkness behind it
She seeks solace in rapt of silence
Poetry becomes her
bluebird days in Moonstruck
(April 2017-April 2018) : Me, Solitude, Coffees, Sunset, Rain, Books scattered in the living space, Solace Grace in Poetry ...nothing changed much except I have lost my last faith in love .....  

"Lost among a million changing faces
Every day our eyes keep trading places
We've got our wild love raging, raging"

..... Love the life I have ....Home is there where love is ....

Listening to : Frank Sinatra "Fly Me To The Moon"
You light up my dark nights
My heart begins to beat
And the feeling is euphoric
Spend more time with me
I want more time with you
Blois 3d
I would like to be home by midnight.

She paused, no longer so sure about the fit
of that crystal slipper on my hairy foot.

Not to worry, my dear. Just make sure to close
the closet door when you leave.
When midnight comes along
I’m your midnight text
The dirty things running through your mind
When you’re lonely
And attempting to forget
love is sickening
obsessive thinking
voices in my head
immorally speaking
nobody but you
generously kissing

until midnight
Yule Apr 7
clouded thoughts
and twisted mind
am I gonna
*make out alive?
I'm slowly losing mine | 1:57 am
Bel B Apr 6
It has past midnight and I'm wide awake.
My thoughts are wandering around,
When all they had to do is to shut the hell down.

This feeling.. I hate this feeling.
It's like, a part of me just want to sleep the pain away,
And the other side of me wants to keep me down in the dumps.
There's a reason why I don't like being alone through night time.
It's dark. I'm afraid.
Fears will eventually enclose and surround me
They'll take me to places where I shouldn't be.
It'll let my guards down.


I wish I was someone else.
oliver Apr 5
how long until midnight comes?

how long until i can take off
this cloak of lies
and secrets
and fear
and become my true self,

naked and vulnerable below the stars
that judge me
and love me.

that tempt me
and guide me.

that accept me
and lift the stifling cloak off my back
and let me float away.
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