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"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
Faizel Farzee Sep 28
Weeping like a weeping willow
My saddened tears on the night stand
singed and evergreen

Your intoxicating essence
Far more than just beautiful to me
Your unmasked aura
Equivalent to that of a angelic queen

Unequivocally Beauty captured in timeless  moments
When even Portraits turns to stare
For just a glimpse of that smile again
I'll gladly give my pining soul as the coined fare.

A fleeting glimpse outside my window pain
Is daily all that I see
One day courage will lend me it's wings
And by ironic fate we will meet

Until then my love
I will silently love from the shadows
One day our union will be horrifically famed
Like that of a beautiful rose inside of a open grave.
When your mind has been token over,
Your puppet master
Fighting the monsters
Against their nature you have to warrant.
Carmen Jane Sep 27
Too late to apologize
It's past midnight
Too late now to agonize
On what could have happened or might

Sorrows are tears without salt
They don't work to wipe off mistakes
You can't just go back to default
Can't pick forgivenesses like they're grapes

You left the time to pass,
Thinking why should you care that much?
You just left me in foggy impasse
Too late you offer, your pleading touch

It ain't soft, your touch is rough
It scratches my soul, your plea is to no avail
I think, I already wasted my time enough
My mercy is locked away, without bail.

But then again, life is too short
Let's get over it and not mention it
I won't carry near you the same comfort
We won't be the same - and you know it.
Anna Sep 9
In the loss of so much pain
In deliverance from agony
I found you, empty beauty
In the silence of the sea
I saw you as a point of joy
At the end of a random tunnel
Shining tears like your brown strands
On the tip of my tongue
The words I would like to recite
As your taste
A salty mix of confusion and freedom
Angel of the midnight
I couldn't take my eyes off you for a second
Look at you hurted me
Burned in the depths of my heart
And ripped my soul from top to bottom
But touching the flame was tempting
The heat under my fingers was grand
As it would be for any living creature
But I had you inside me after that
Your smell was dancing in my nostrils
As your fingertips ran every inch of my skin
Burning and soft skin, as the look you had over me.
I look upon the starry sky,
Broken hearts represents these stars
All the sorrow of past lives captured within this burning inferno,
Burning with the fueled tears of saddened lovers.
Yearning for the return of their adorned soulmate
Lost in a endless war,
For the greed of sinister men
Paying their toll with broken spirits and torn memories
Paid in full,
With the blood of the innocent
Their stories,
Forever alight
on this darkened canvas
....Eternally captured......
Looking at objects with a subjective view.
Grace Haak Sep 2
Head of a silver spoon hanging in the sky
Reaching down into the midnight cloud bowl
Scooping up spiced stars scattered in a soup
Grace Haak Sep 2
It's almost one AM
And I'm still thinking of you
And how your hands touched me
Like my body was a land to explore
Cliché dreams gone to waste
But I still endlessly loved you.
It's almost two AM
And I'm still thinking of you
And how your lips tasted
Like the leftover cheap whiskey
Cliché dreams dwindled to dust
But I still carelessly loved you.
It's almost three AM
And I'm still thinking of you
And how your eyes sparkled
Like icy oceans meeting deep seas
Cliché dreams faded to grey
But I still senselessly loved you.
It's almost four AM
And I'm still thinking of you
And how your voice sounded
Like rasp and rough melodies
Cliché dreams turned to nothing
But I still mindlessly loved you.
It's almost five AM
And I'm still thinking of you
And how your body smelled
Like stale ***** and strawberry wine
Cliché disappeared to air
But I still hopelessly loved you.
It's not six AM
And I'm tired of thinking of you
And how you made me feel
Like a powerless, punch-drunk fool
Cliché dreams I won't hold on to anymore
Since I've learned to stop loving you.
sand drifts down deserted beach

leaves float off once vibrant trees

lashes left untouched on cheek

curtains shut the bright sun bleak

endless hours of midnight sound

bruised knuckles on dark wood pound

sound of sheets sigh on mattress

second-hands strike drum and miss

misspelled words, soft spoken steps

lonely rose, the last one left

no air in two burning lungs

dead garland on mantle hung

dust dances for aimless wind

sunflowers to ashes bend

salt vacates a brackish sea

empty woods hold silent plea

never-ending days to come

deeper nights, but brighter sun
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