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AditiKo 1d
The ornate rosewood clock
Chimed 12 midnight;
Tick tock tick tock...
Echoed back lavish papered walls.

Only the soft candlelight
Bore witness to the scarlet stained walls;

The anguished muffled cry
Drowned by the midnight chime.

It knew when to strike.

At midnight.
The moon shines over some blood every night.

I'm usually not this creepy kay.
It's blur and it's dark!
The halo long gone,
All shadows around me.

Smiling now,
Crying like a mad person then.
Next thing I know
I Scratched myself.

All in all
It's me fading away.
The shadows of past,
The crime of actions,
Deafening silence,
Defining my violent acts.

Looking at the world
I could tell,
I want to fly.
Ready to take the leap of faith,
Scared of the end it could give.

Lights blinking afar,
Looking like diamonds and star,
Getting blurred second by second,
The disablement of my vision,
Clouding my mind.
Left that beautiful creation behind,
And Killed my kind.

Observing the detailed lines of my curves, eyes and lips; he touched my soul in all its tainted glory.
Passion is like the rhythm we tune in as we danced away to an ****** beat;
Burned with flame, seeking home and romance in each other's company.
Lost in an ecstasy
Shunned away from reality.
Hi there
It’s 1:17 and i’m trying to sleep
But all of a sudden you come across my mind
It’s wonderful isn’t it
We were once strangers
Never once i thought it’d be miserable if we don’t talk
Never crossed my mind that it’d be you the one i’m looking for when nightmares come
I thank god and i thank the universe that we met
The first time i laid my eyes on you,
didn’t know they would be the one i’m looking for after a rough day
The first time those laughs came out of that mouth,
didn’t know it’d be the one i missed in the middle of the night starring at the ceiling
I’m so grateful that you happen to be the one
I once stopped wishing people to stay
But never once i stopped wishing on you
I love you
Modra Galica May 20
That night I bloomed at midnight.
My whole short existence I open my petals when the Sun wakes me, but that night the Moon was shining so bright he fooled me, and when i opened my eyes, it was too late; I was enchanted.
It was love at first sight. In the first second my blushing face got shined upon by his white light, that gentle brother of the Sun, the mirror of the Sun's burning soul, the guardian of the night sky, he has sung with the hushed song of crickets and owls. My roots trembled in the ground, my thin body shivered from the thrill in the cool breeze, my two tiny leaves stretched out in his direction. At that moment I realized that all my life I've been devotedly stretching out my fragile neck to the Sun, and only now, when he slept, I was able to see the thousands of small Suns, twinkling in the far away vastness high up in the sky. I breathed in the night air and realized how much sweeter and softer it was from the daytime air, and I felt the dew forming between my petals. You could almost hear the call of my brothers and sisters somewhere in the unreachable fields of the universe....
And now, as the whole forest sleeps, I watch the never ending fields of the shining sky flowers with my small, green soul, and they are so far that they become nothing but specks of glittering star dust, I can see the buds of the galaxies curiously blooming thousands of light years away, as the others wither away. And so it goes on forever, without end, the universe growing into the nothingness of space.
And it all began with a small flower who, the first amongst the brave ones, dared to bloom alone.
Dancing in the moonlights shadows
A beaming light, O so narrow

Following the glimpse of light
Hearing laughter of the utmost delight

A glance through the little door
Two  youngins lying on the floor

Chatting about the brightest things
On I go as midnight rings

Now excited about what tomorrow brings

Time to step out of my dark room
Now I dance in the light of the moon
Feeling strong for a bright future.
Ikvaran kaur May 14
Those midnight memories still haunts me today,
I still remember what we were that beautous day.

With silence spread all over the valley,
You came to my house without a dally.

I felt my heart beating out my chest,
But hugging you after entrant brought it to rest.

Everything was going so perfect just like a dream,
And you started to come really close with such a glee.

My mind got numb as i was scared from this all,
But you said you will always be mine after this all.

With kisses so right and fingers crossed tight,
I exposed you all that glooming night.

Your fingers running all over me exploring my waves,
I gave you my soul before you craved.

In between all we said i love you again and again,
And you said if i forgot you, you would regain.

All the promises you made told me that you'll stay,
But little did i know it was a ****** play!

I thought i was only girl who was supposed  to be your life,
But their was another girl whom you called her your wife.

You broke me all and vanished with a glare,
And i complained to god because that was not so fair.

Throwing your feelings on me you completed your sake of desire,
But what do i do with my feeling now that got so despair.

I screamed, i cried why you did this to me,
You said nothing and left all alone by me.

After such a long time you realised your mistake but we didn't patched up again,
Because you loved that girl and i hope so not if you do that again.
Marina May 10
Your eyes are calling me,
Don't say, just stay.
There's nothing to do,
A midnight will be soon.

But one thing you should know,
I don't fit almost nowhere.
I wanna know so hard,
Is there anyone with pure heart.

It's up to you, but
Don't be scared, just stay.
So wonder with me,
Is there original human being.

With me, you're safe.
You can be all what you are.
My eyes won't be closed,
My heart will be warm.
Lyinix May 8
Midnight has come again with the moon stretched out on the sky
With fear subsiding into sleep on their beds they peacefully lie

But people like me with insomnia are lying down sleepless
With all the demons uncovering all seems meaningless

At this time we think of death and what it might feel like
We think of a fight calculating the wining strike

Fear swallows us whole as we think of our families
Tears brim in to our eyes, knowing there are no remedies

So we wait hoping to be sane
Hoping we feel something other than disdain
Hoping we forget hoping we become numb to all the pain

So it's that time we fear, its midnight again.

Arsyad May 8
Darling, I miss you.
I miss that sweet smile.
I miss those curious eyes.
I miss your soul.
I miss all of you.

But, darling.
But I was hurt by the pain.
The pain when I held my tears down.
The pain when I tried to smile and it killed me inside.
The pain that when I was in my room alone and screaming.
"You were my one and only! but you just made me an option".

Darling, I didn't hate you and I never.
I really fall in love with you, darling.
Even if you stabbed my heart so deep, then you came back as if there was nothing happened.
I still love and miss you so much.
This is my first english poem and written for a beautiful girl ever in my life whom I couldn't be with
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