A face no one remembers
touched by the winter breeze,
dejected, walking with no rush
through streets that scream
You don't belong in here!
Looking for a hole in the ground
to lie down and sleep,
even when it's too cold
to decompose and disappear.
Red nose, watery eyes,
quietly humming a song
that no one seems to hear.
Stepping up the pace,
wishing to be headed somewhere else
than the pale yellow cracked paint house.
Cars passing by,
not a single friendly face
behind the steering wheel.
The cold pierces to the bone,
keep on walking, almost "home",
ease the coldness with a hot coffee.
And you travel through that state of mind,
never cured, never improved,
but you hope for it to change over a night of sleep.
Laura 4d
I threw up all over the floor at Planned Parenthood
Waiting for this goddamn mammogram
This routine procedure
That could tell me whether or not I have cancer
Whether or not I have to cut off my cleavage
And find another source of sexuality
This routine procedure
That could casually change my life
And royally fuck me over
This routine procedure
That kept me up through the night
Tossing and turning and bawling my eyes out
This fucking routine procedure
That I've been waiting 20 minutes for
Surrounded by other women
Who are probably getting the exact same thing done
And they're totally fucking fine
Nobody else is retching like a retard
Because this is a routine procedure
And I have nothing to be worried about
Ailene Lee Aug 3
I will always be this passionate about people, of sunlight, of a warm cup of coffee, the little things that often go unnoticed. the overwhelm of life will always come for me, the overwhelm of feeling will always stop me dead in my tracks.
grief is a natural disaster, joy belongs on cloud nine, anger takes form in violent hysteria, love feels like skydiving with a faulty parachute. it never mattered to me if the glass was half empty or half full, all I could ever take into account was a glass worth of emotions that never stopped spilling over.
I swing between the pendulum of it being too empty, and often too full. my heart sets off fireworks, I’m accustomed to have to feel in order to feel alive. so it I suppose it makes sense if having nothing happening out of an adamant routine would so easily convince me why I am having such a hard time staying alive.
that’s it, when you feel like I feel — you need emotion to remind yourself why you’re a human being. I was stuck in such a remote and isolated void that I forgot what being alive felt like.
I rose, from where I lay.
The slumber then being done with me,
To follow upon what's necessary––
A routine sung out to me.

Then on this particular day,
Trees on the outside
Waved with the wind—inside.
No thought was then wasted

In entering a paradise
Where the clouds charioted across
the sky—to diffuse the harshness of light
So that I could glance at the source of life.
when trump meets with putin
the one shows his routine
the other goes bump
when he bows over his rump
just to fail with his gross highfalutin'
Make the most of life they cry -
The years are simply flashing by!
You must live it to the full, they say,
Do not settle for a bland halfway.

Don’t worry too much what you eat
Or if your house is always neat
Nor if your hair’s not is at its best
And you aren’t always smartly dressed.

Fret not in the face of others’ wealth,
Be thankful if you’re in good health.
Take the high road if you dare -
For you will find adventures there.

Be honest, joyful, never judge,
Always forget to hold a grudge
Avoid tales of woe and bitter gloom
Embrace the promise of hope’s perfume.

Enjoy simple pleasures, shun dismay,
Keep anger and impatience well at bay.
Do not feel you must conform
With the prevailing, accepted social norm.

Don’t be afraid to waste some time -
Relaxation is not a crime.
And it may be considered immeasurably wise
To enjoy the odd, unplanned surprise.

Spend time with friends; family too
Without letting them dictate your point of view.
Ward off long arguments and altercations,
Consider lowering your expectations.

Exercise willpower without being too tough,
Reasonable self-discipline is quite enough
Incorporate enjoyment into your routine
You’re not just a work-eat-sleep machine.

For this short life, so full of care,
You can live it anywhere.
Rich or poor, old or young
Make it resonate with joy and fun.

Follow the advice of a wise old man;
“Laugh out loud as oft you can,
Aspire to go out on a high
For it won’t be long before you die!”
Wisdom to muddle through on this journey…
habits are a different form of story telling

tell a good story.
When one reaches a certain point of life,
One tends to run out of original ideas.
Whether one worships God
Or worships the Devil,
One tends to fall back
On rituals.
Johan Nel Jul 8
I cook my oats each morning, I drink my black coffee.
Preparing every detail of my day as I go, tidying up and clearing my head.

I then take in the numerous discussions, held by the great minds of our time.
Through audio, through text and thoughts about each item.
I am thirsty for vitality.

Meditation, exercise and eating what is good for my heart and mind.
I love preparing for tomorrow with a short itinerary.

How we do things matter.
© Johan Nel 2018.07.18
Ana Sophia Jun 20
you wake up at 6
take a deep breath
and find in the depth of you
the strenght to deal with another day,
in that awful job,
in which you're not valued or happy.
and you keep on going
holding up the tears
various times a day.
you manage to stand
all those boring small talks,
with people that don't actually care.
you stand the noise from the machines
but the loudest one is from the cracks breaking
inside you,
and from your soul being suffocated.
becaming a robot.
that's what they wanted, right?

and when it's late
and you're tired,
you go home
and spend the last hours of your day
watching other people's lifes
on TV or instagram,
just so you don't think about
how meaningless is your own life.
just so you don't have to deal
or think about anything at all.
just until you fall asleep
to wake up to another pathetic day.
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