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Özcan Sh 18h
It was midnight
Saw her lying next to me
Was that a beautiful dream?

A slow breath gently touched me
Tender hands slowly branched out with mine
Our hearts began to race
And made the cold night warmer

Her smile shone like the moon
Her eyes sparked like the stars
She brought me up to the sky

I woke up
The sun hid behind the window
She was not a dream
She was the beautiful reality
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
The truth isn’t hidden forever
The sun is behind the Moon
it’ll find the bottom of the night
will pick it up upon the rose.

See whose shining
streaming down into a dew?
On the way though maybe
some storms one or two!
Josh G 5d
Your eyes hold a mysterious power
They can fill me with joy
Or they can break me down
They can express your love
Or they can imprint your disdain
But these eyes I love dearly
As they fill me with peace
For they can lift me up
When I've hit my lowest
I hope to God I'll never go blind
For your eyes are my light
And in my darkness they shine
when you smile
the world is new
for all the magic
you see is you
those days
as dark

the way
you do
HTR Stevens Sep 13
When the starry host shine on high
Like silver glist’ning in the sky,
How exhilaration does flow
Thro’ my veins like chilly snow!
These soldiers that guard the darkness,
That steal from thieves their happiness,
That spy on lovers’ secrecy
And drift them more to ecstasy,
Will dim away when dawn draws nigh
Without a breath, nor moan, nor sigh.
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough

i hope you know
you are so much more
than what you have lost
so much more
than those who have
walked the other way
specific to the reason why
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
how you decide to picture your life to be
won’t always end up being what you need
so surrender to what you now see
and let your highest self take lead
this life is a gift
so let it be

if you can just focus on the love
that is within you and around you
and trust that you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
that your falls are where you find insight
sit in this understanding
breathe it in
feel your magic come to life
see the world shifting in your eyes
hear your laughter in the sun’s shine
all of reality begins in your mind

and as you continue to align
don’t get caught up in all the “why’s?”
confusion is the doorway to new sight
it shows you where your greatness shines
and the less you fear peeking inside
the more you can see
that deep in your being
is where all your answers
will ever hide
Krizhe Ming Sep 9
You were a shining star
Times passed,
Memories forgotten,
Hopes gone...
Why did you fade away
Can you sparkle once more?
My friend paint with shining stars before and asked me to make a poem that fits it. Her work is full of hope but all I have that time were words of doubts and aches likes this one.
Like stars at night, you just shine
I am morning light stealing night time
No matter how hard I try killing the light
Still you you come back blazing like fire

Will you be my forever light?
Not only at night but until daylight
Would that be possible in my skies?
Or am I wasting time dreaming for the light

Will you fade?
For I am hurting
Will you shine?
For I am waiting
Shofi Ahmed Sep 7
The silent moon
over the old pond
looks lost for words.
Yet shining cool and embalms
a mirror of ancient calm!
Shimmering hair
Without a care
Skin pale
A smile that outshines
A million desert suns
You speak
The world slows
To a sudden stop
Without Warning
Feeling the ground shake
For shakings sake
Bending at your whim
The dam breaks
Our only hope is to swim
Beyond the river of your words
To think
That you have
This much power
Over everyone you meet
Is absurd
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