When I am down, you make my darkness light
You melt my frozen heart with your burning fire
You greet me when I wake like the morning sun
When I am lost at sea you are my Northern Star
Guiding me home again, waiting like a candle
Brighter than any diamond you shine

You blind me and astound me how bright you shine
I gaze upon your beauty as you radiate light
You glow as though you are a soft candle
I am consumed by your wild fire
Your hair is like the sun and your eyes sparkle like a star
You warm my bones with your life-giving sun

I thrive in the constancy of the sun
With you at my side I can go through rain or shine
Ever constant ever true my ever fix-ed star
You bathe me in your soft warm light
I am cleansed in your purifying fire
You honor my memory with a memorial candle

Nothing lasts forever: a sacrificial candle
One day death will come even for the sun
The evening sky ablaze with celestial fire
The sun sets and the moon comes out to shine
There is balance: good and evil, darkness and light
I know all of you like I know every star

In your arms, we dance across the sea of stars
The millions of twinkling lights couldn't hold a candle
Shadows run away at the brilliance of your light
Against you, my dear, your light dims the sun
My love for you will always shine
You will burn strong and steady, an eternal fire

Here we sit side by side at the fire
A canopy of sky and a blanket of stars
Even in this darkness, still you shine
Bound together in the light of a single candle
Staying up just to greet the morning sun
To see a new day born to pure and glorious light
In the form of a Villanelle minus the last three lines that are supposed to be at the end. Written by Dallas and A.B.
Andrew Ewen Feb 12
Sometimes mountains can be put up to make our lives harder.
Sometimes it may feel like you only have a pick-axe to get through.
Some mountains though, are made to be conquered.
You have the heart of a warrior and can't be stopped.
There is a light so great in you, that however strong the darkness gets, you will always shine in the dark like the moonlight.
That fire in you will never burn out.
You've made it this far and keep getting stronger.
There will only ever be one person like you.
Don't ever be afraid to be yourself.
The road to happiness, starts with being happy in yourself.
We are stars wrapped in skin
A universe in ecstatic motion
Having a heart pulsating like a supernova
and eyes made of stardust
that shines bright in the darkness.
Thoughts like candlelights
Flickering on and off.
So protect your light
Protect your flame from the ice of others
Let it burn, let it burn brighter
Let it burn from within till it’s out
Let your light shine, whatever form it may be.
Nightwolf Feb 7
It is only a rock
floating around the earth;
hard and cold,
desolate and bare.

Yet, with no fire of its own,
it outshines every star.
Paul Kgaje Feb 6
Every night I look at you,
Every night you look at me.
Its funny you only see me at night and not at day.
I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.
You look at us and confess your crimes.
Your lonely nights, your happy nights.
I've waited for some time for you to be the light.
Shine, my lovely one.

The world spins so eerie, your eyes bleary.
Your skin burns as he stares with light from a darkfilled valley.
Now they see you clearly.
We stand so firm as a family
And I know you're happy.
Shine, my lovely one.

Years have passed and there's more to come.
They exist to be like one of us.
Yes, we are paintings on the sky.
God made us shine.
Shine, my lovely one.
Mike D Feb 2
When flames of red fire and burnt sienna fill the sky
Starts the Devil’s clock with which I must die
To other’s most a new beginning
But from dreams afloat I start sinking

Instead of optimism and what lies ahead
I cower and hide ‘Neath the sheets in my bed
If only I could be like the hordes of rest
And lift this weight that smothers my chest
Antithesis is how I “live”
And in this ironic hypocrisy am here to suffer
Not die
Not yet

All of His miraculous gifts that make me feel alive
Shan’t the lamb take lest he lose time
In this quandary of conundrums I exist
Torn apart in limbo to satisfy both Satan’s and God’s jest

When that bell tolls and those gates are open
And the ocular tools you’ve been granted affix again
Remember as you “rise and shine”
A fresh clock also for my slogan, “Another day to die.”
Written: May 23, 2017

All rights reserved.
kinda like the full moon
we ride on memories
she has me

as moonshine burns
her love for me

thinking on
her laughter

her unique shine
her smile
her all

we are drunk on her

another petal
her words
Erin Asuncion Jan 25
I'm watching the sky to where the clouds fly,
hoping to see you one last time,
everyday you hide and seek,
giving me a moment to peek,

You are my star, the biggest from the night,
a ball of white you shine so bright,
you asked for my hand with delight,
a moment to dance with you tonight.
Bethie Jan 24
Most people forget the night
It is the time we go to sleep
They forget the stars above
And the beauty that they keep

The stars and planets dance
In their celestial homes above
And those who merely watch
Can learn, then, how to love

On cloudless nights they shine
With splendor and with light
But no one here below
Regards them with a might

What would our lives be like
If above us we would look
And give out all the shining love
That we ourselves just took
Banan Jan 23
I feel it all, i feel it to the core
Every bit and every ounce
Its under my skin
Rushing through the jugular
harboring every part
every corner
Of my soul

I close my eyes
and picture the light
behind your eyes
And its radiating warmth
that melted the icicles
within me
Into bottomless oceans
shoreless seas
Of devotion
Of love
Where i immerse into life

I close my eyes
and think of your lips
touching mine
And ascending into the sky
of a moonlit night
where the stars
shine only for me
lighting my way
and guiding me

I close my eyes
and think of breathing you in
Breathing your scent
and how the air has never been clear

I close my eyes
and i could feel
That i found the compass
That leads me home
When my little fingers
Fill the gaps
Between yours
And my heart racing its beats
Leaking love, leaking you

I close my eyes
and picture your features
and i see the rest of my life
Safe and sound
Latching on to you
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