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Desire 1d
[Be] the sun that [still] shines on rainy days.
Like batteries of phone
We ought to recharge
The universe isn’t a tiny mould
It’s infinitely large

Like bulbs of light
We ought to shine bright
Dimmers are everywhere
They’ll always try to dim your light.

Like a music speaker
We ought to spread our bittersweet tunes
In the midst of races and chaos
We ought to taste the cool breezy afternoons
The magic that your eyes behold,                                                      
When you talk about the stars at night,
It gives me a sudden joy
When I see the whole universe in your eyes.

The magic that your voice manifests
Is best heard when you laugh,
At all the clumsy little things I do,
At all the lame talks,
Neither am I clumsy darling nor have I no humor,
I do it all to hear you laugh again.

The magic that your smile bears,
Is the most powerful, I know,
All my universe pauses; my eyes lost in yours.
The spell you cast, that lovely curve,
Is unbreakable, I swear is unbreakable.
I am greeting you with one wish
A wish that all your wishes may come true
Happy B’day

On the day
When you were born
Imagine how happily
Parents welcomed
You, as the first hope
A desired child
An angel on earth
Blessed with grace
With the sympathetic heart
A beautiful soul

Think a while
You are born to shine
Believe those
What we believe in you
You are a peace of mind.
Happy B’day

Stay Blessed
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Day to celebrate
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Every day that shines
down the sun
I wonder what has it to hide.
In the end, it only dips
down into the deep night.

I've been looking around
counting day after day.
Now years went by
countless things I see
pretty much all things.
But what’s in the hide?

Tell me where?
If you know the way.
I am been skipped
I see me not
looking with my eyes!
On moonlight night whilst laid In bed with my sweetheart there at my side wide awake watching
her so pretty she look totally unaware I was watching

when a beam of light through a gap In our curtain passed over her beautiful body almost
like halo she bathed In this glorious light

Just at that moments I said to myself my girl looks just like an Angel and laid there watching her breathing then I
snuggled Into her and finally went to
Moonlight passed through a gap In our bedroom curtain
to shine a light like a halo on my Angel laid beside me
WordsHelp Feb 4
My love,
Don’t dismiss yourself
Because you haven’t found
Your light yet.
Do we minimize
The Moon’s beauty
Because it needs to
The Sun’s light to show it?
My dear star,
They just see you shine,
They don't realise you burn too.
Christian Feb 1
When she saw you,
the moon turned to shine
through you
instead of the sun;
misfortune to those
who live where the moon
can't see you,
where the moon
is forced to be
content with the sun.
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