Umi 2d
Wash it off!
The marks of a past as dim as a solar eclipse cast on your gaze.
Useless, it is already written in the depths of your face,
As black as ink, there lingers a truth within it, hidden behind feelings.
The endless pain is brushing with the wind through your hair,
Oh life what is the reason for you to always lead towards an inenvitable death, leaving what you once were proud of, behind ?
Since you seem not to understand it fully, I want to teach it to you in the realm of the dead, in the loitering darkness one day when it is already far too late to turn your back to the fate you are running from,
So please seek the answers now, don't ever turn away!
Even if you should continue this lonesome path wretchedly,
As long as you are living, you can still shine and illuminate anothers spirit, just like the moon does in the darkest of all nights,
Even still if your past has left your tortured, frightened soul...
As black as ink.

~ Umi
Geanna 4d
Losing control of my own mind
It's all darkness, nothing shines
They yell and scream, they feed me lies
The pain it hurts so much inside
You think it's time I finally die?
~ G.P.O
through your pain
be glad the sun is still shining
the birds are still whistling
you are still going
you will prosper
H J St Jun 13
Today,... I was struck by a radiant spark
As if the universe gifted me new sight
She shared her quiet smile and affections
A view free and bright
A laugh sweet and smart
From 6700 virtual kilometers away.
She is a delicacy of energy and passion
An old soul of many lives
Illuminating life through kind acts
She shared with me so that I might
Get to know her gentle way.

Fennie is uniquely above.
Like her name, her loyalty is rare.
Like her art, she deeply cares.
As you share your selfless acts
She’ll gift you hers through selfless love.

As she wanders about in her beautiful mind.
She is like a true Leo
Moving fast and free
Caring, open and honest
Endearing others to sweetly see.
She is like true Impressionist Art
Creating sensations to move you close
Brushing thin and bold strokes with her touch.
She wanders among the world, cities, and now mine
All in an order to share her enduring shine.

I like her. I feel her flow.
She holds my attention
At 5 am or in her afternoon sun.
I wish to know her more.
If she grants me that wish.
I’ll behold it close.
For it is quite a gift
Just to feel her glow.
Lunisolar views are rare, gentle, bold and quiet.
Treat them with a loving kiss
You'll be gifted forever with bliss.
I'm a mix of sunshine and rain
and a storm that rolls in once in awhile,
A hurricane that never comes,
But threatens the night,
I drink from the sky
and the tears of heaven
fall in my eyes,
But mostly I shine like the sun
and the shadows
I cast are beautiful
little flints of light.
Shadow Dragon Jun 11
If you want to define love
you are not worth of such beauty.
Because love is not to be defined
just like you can’t describe
the golden thoughts of a crazy lady.

Her shine will forever remian
unspoken amongst the cruel men
who no longer know what to strive for
or what to do with the the puddle of shine.
AllAtOnce Jun 7
i want to touch the stars
in the skies
like you touched me—
with all kinds of
steady hands and
breathing confidently.

i wish i could brush stardust
off of my fingertips
like your thigh brushed against mine—
with all kinds of
painful knowing and
just trying to get by.

i would love to watch
you disappear like stars in the
smog-city sky,
but the stars somehow shine
even brighter
in your ocean-colored eyes

so maybe i should start
wishing on stars to
and drown,
and die.
Nuna Jun 2
I could never love another,
I could hold his hand and make love to his lips
drown in his arms and talk about his eyes
tell him about my fears and favourite books
explain the scar on my knee, call him when I can't sleep
but I will never love him
I will never write about him and how he makes my heart beat when he walks into the room, I'd be lying if I said I dreamt of him
your scent is still all over my bed
I will never take him to places we went or show him my secret spot
when he touches my bare skin I will breathe, and think of you

I could never love another
Samruddhi May 31
Let the fire within you speak
And show the world that you are no more weak
Let your colours do the talking
While you prove them that you are not just walking
Let your powers shine
Until you reach that final line
Let your destiny be the outcome of your dream
While humbleness and love is what you deem
Let your script guide others perfectly for their part
As they keep you forever in their heart!
Lyn-Purcell May 31
You shouldn't feel the need to apologise
for burning so brightly.
When you get your success, don't apologise.
There will ALWAYS be people who will make you feel guilty or expect you to do things for them.
They would want to ride on your coattails and have a piece of the action.
It's cool to do things for them, just don't overdo it.
And most importantly, relish the ride!
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