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I S A A C Apr 25
sink into routines
ego dissolved in the complex steps
regret left half baked
in my mother’s arms i have wept
time and time again
my shine always comes back again
Coleen Mzarriz Dec 2022
The slit between the roof and the abandoned house gets me—the moon drowns in his own mystical clouds, wavering and so full of light.

I squint my eyes as the moon hides his presence from me. Almost knowing I had captured it with my own eyes and the grey clouds scattered like waves, consuming my breath and taking it away.

He knows it still haunts me from time to time and he gave his best to give me an embrace—even when my very own existence is running cold and dry and my breath thickens with the mist of unwavering thoughts coming from the night and the stars twinkle at the sight of people looking at them—like a mirrorball entertaining strangers from the club and they shine in their spot. Even when I close my eyes, the moon peaks in its stillness. All the poets used him as their muse, radiating this mellow one could think of when the sun sleeps in her slumber. The poets had perfectly described him in thousands of words and painted him over the mural where I can see him directly and the strangeness of him calms the raging waters in me.

Even when peace is quite chaotic and chaos is peaceful, a trap between the slit on the roof and the abandoned house, squinting my eyes as the moon hides his presence from me. And she haunts me as the sun begins to show herself in ways I am blinded by her light.

In some ways, she shines even when it is night.
In a way, she looks over the moon when he wakes up from his slumber.
In a way, the stars and clouds enveloped her with the warmness of their breath.
In some ways, I couldn’t look at her for too long.
In some ways, I am silenced by her beauty.
Wrote this around October and as I’m scrolling through my notes, I found this. Glad I still have this poem.
Zack Ripley Oct 2022
You don't have to be a baby
for it to be okay if you want to cry.
You don't have to be a pilot if you want to fly. You don't have to be a star if you want to shine. Just have the courage to be yourself, and all these things and more will come to you in time.
Jim Davis Oct 2022
A chance… finally
to hide… from the moon’s bright eye
to glow… on my own

© 2022 Jim Davis
Playing with one of Basho’s haikus

Clouds -
a chance to dodge

Matsuo Basho
Alexis D Cruz Aug 2022
before finding solace in the meadow that lies in your eyes,
I found peace in the way silken lavender would melt into an orange & pink sorbet;
but as I lie here now, cradled in the comfort of your arms, I find that I dread sunrise  

most find the dark unsettling — shutting themselves off when midnight strikes;
but in the moonlight, is when we shine the brightest — when we thrive, when we are the most alive
tabitha asiana Apr 2022
she used to breathe poetry
out of sadness, out of heartache,
out of everything that hurts.
but now she speaks words
that give light and life,
words that encourage,
words that fills someone's
soul with gladness.
she is you.
Deep Feb 2022
stars went
where you are
now, in that darkness
where Sun does not shine.
Strying Jan 2022
like my guitar
and your eyes
and the way you looked that night
and the stars in June
in the big Vermont sky
and the way my heart
always shined around yours.
Look in the mirror and see what I do
A beautiful woman, and that woman is you

Conquering the obstacles life puts in your way
You pick yourself up when the worlds in disarray

The first few days are the hardest days
I've learned this fact in a number of ways

But I see you walking with such great pride
So why are you worried, put those concerns aside

And one day, again, you'll be riding high
So ignore all the bad things that keep passing by

‪Just stay level headed, focus on your dream‬
Things will come around, they ain’t as crazy as they seem

And you will find in a moments time
That you will be stronger and that you will shine

A note to her
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