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Though today may be not sunny
I feel sunshine in my heart
I feel the sun and her warmth
As if only the sun gods could reach my heart today
Sending me many blessings though through small tokens and gestures from dawn of day
These clouds bear witness to how their mighty tricks and plots to scheme irony
Blocking though they may be my blessed sun from me
I see her shining freely lighting her way through the mighty fog of dismal days
©Jessica Stull
When I miss the sun, I try to remember she’s still there
Donna 4d
your a bright star that
shines so bright , spread your wings
and enjoy your flight
For my youngest daughter who works as a carer for the elderly , not a easy job very sad at times but  I’m so proud of her ***
She wore her heart
On her sleeves,
But do not underestimate
Her power
For weakness.

The fumes
Of the fire
Burn through
Her eyes and flares
Through her blade.

She forged her way
With a crown
On her head
And wearing her scars
Like badges of honor.

She was born
To be a goddess,
Made to be strong,
As the stars will suffused
Within her shine.
Daksh Dec 7
She once told that sometimes
The wolves are silent
And the night howls

Once a night fall
And those flickering dots so emerge
Waiting to be seen,
Their visions travel trillions

And as the sun comes
One by one
They say their goodbyes
And they go
Like they're giving a sign of
That tomorrow,  they'll be back
For another billion years
Alex Thiede Dec 6
Sunflowers and roses
A unique pair indeed
And they’ll blossom for you
Whenever you may need
You deserve more than these
A garden of wonder
And a symphony that plays
Like a soothing storm thunder
You’ll shine brighter than these
I know this to be true
And the reason that I say this
Is because I love you

Love from a place of fufillment
never love to quench a lonely thirst
let your seams seep Self-alignment
from filling up your soul-needs first

externally so much noise can exist
but you have the power to quiet it
by making space for self-awareness
its expansion is your assignment

don’t let this world distract you
from the Worth that You Shine with
all that you ever seek for isn’t lost but
deep down inside—always it thrives
and like gravity, it keeps tugging
at your Soul to Arrive
Vanessa Dec 3
We are born afraid
Of the shattered pieces that come
Maybe we are supposed to break
For the gold cracks of light
to shine through us.
I stay up
Late at night
My head keeps spinning
Let me hear the rain
It’s the season
Sweaters exist for good reason

Islands in the clouds
Calm waters all around me
And if I’m gone
You should know
I’ve searched for something better

I dig into my brain
I forget all of my pain
Even if its just for a second
Call me by my name
And I’ll run out to you
No matter the situation

Tell me that you’re alright
Let that flower bloom
That’s its purpose to the world
Too many variations
Of the same kryptonite
Keep me from traveling
At the speed of light

I keep my loyalty
Walk me to the city
Lights shine so bright
I guess it’s alright
I can hardly see at night
So I guess I’ll kick it here
Til the sun shines so bright
Fọlá Nov 24
Step into the light.
With that smile,
You have no reason to shy;
Away. Sway,
With the tide.
Beam with pride.
Put your fears aside.
Soar to new heights.
Set fire, burn bright.
Show the world its your time,
To shine. . .
Crystal Freda Nov 24
quartz so divine
and shimmering bright
and it will always be fine
like a magical light
with a structure so pure
and brilliant allure.
A rock of great might
and it will always outshine.
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