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Monica Mourad Feb 20
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
That’s how it starts

You’re eyes smile scent fade
As the months come and go so does you’re memory
Places that once held pieces of you and me
History has rewritten for a brighter more promising future

Forgive and forget becomes the next step

Forgetting you was easy- you were never really all there… you couldn’t decide right?

Bread crumb after bread crumb filled with false hopes you fed me for 3 long weeks.
I kept trying to get off the rollercoaster - you wouldn’t let me.
Selfishly you kept me tossing and turning in your storm
Leaving me open to the anxiety doubt and insecurities

The culprit in the end-  “****** chemistry”
Seeing me wasn’t your priority yet wouldn’t we need to see each to gage the chemistry???
What do I know I am the naive ****** after all.

You chose to gaslight my innocence rather than acknowledge your lack of  thoughtfulness , actions,  and confidence.  

What if I was just not attractive enough for you …? Maybe I did something wrong ?

You were still a boy in a man’s body
A coward scared of your own shadow
Wanting to keep me in your orbit but never close enough to be yours.

What if I had done more ? Would that have made you claim me as yours?

Darling you thought dulling my shine
Keeping me small would make me need you.
Would make me want you more ….
You didn’t expect me too refuse to bend or break for you.

Mending, healing, rebuilding ME
I found my way to forgiveness- it hasn’t been easy
Yet forgiving you I have

With every passing season
The version of me after you
Is rooted back on solid ground
I am enough !
Breathing more steady
Everything is okay …
Smiling again wider than before
I am worthy of unfailing love
Laughing deep belly laughs
That echo louder than ever within my soul
I am not anyone’s second choice
Love for life, the simple things , and peace flows through my veins like sunshine.
Life is beautiful and you were never the source of that beauty or joy.

You did not break me
You awakened me
Reminding me that I deserve better
Because I am better
You were never good enough
Thanks for the rude awakening
never forget your worth .... you are the prize not a place holder
don't settle
Ilonka Oct 2023
A perfect picture in the frame of life
And much more, that what you are
A perfect glimpse in the ocean of sound
A musical note in an effortless bound,

You are designed to create, always in motion
A blooming flower in this epic evolution
Wired to dream the path you create
Braded with the source that writes your fate
Painted in colors that you still can't see
But the universe speaks them you just be,

Fly like a dark swan over the snowy hills
Graceful and different, never fearful of any ills
Shine like the sweetness of a honey bee
Rise like the vapors from a cherry tree,

The speed of love is going to catch you
A wave of my heart will soon reach you
The organic human time-line I choose
You should too if you don't want to loose,

All tribulation will come to a fair end
Truth is a soldier that can never bend
Love is the language we should all speaks
And bring down all evil with a minor tweak.
A poem I love, maybe my favorite that I wrote this year.
Bianca Petersen Jul 2023
I ran to you
To see you shine
The way you do
Every night
Tonight was special
A lunar eclipse
So full of benevolence
I couldn’t resist
I sat by the water
Waiting for the clouds to pass
So I could get a glimpse
Of your magnificence
So full of color and light
You still shine in the darkness of the night
Thank you for your presence
Thank you for your height
For I can see you wherever I may be
Each and every night
leeaaun Jul 2023
one day
your warmth will find you
to let you see
your sun had the ability to shine

it was not a failure
it was waiting for the right time
to shine for itself
instead of others
I S A A C Apr 2023
sink into routines
ego dissolved in the complex steps
regret left half baked
in my mother’s arms i have wept
time and time again
my shine always comes back again
Coleen Mzarriz Dec 2022
The slit between the roof and the abandoned house gets me—the moon drowns in his own mystical clouds, wavering and so full of light.

I squint my eyes as the moon hides his presence from me. Almost knowing I had captured it with my own eyes and the grey clouds scattered like waves, consuming my breath and taking it away.

He knows it still haunts me from time to time and he gave his best to give me an embrace—even when my very own existence is running cold and dry and my breath thickens with the mist of unwavering thoughts coming from the night and the stars twinkle at the sight of people looking at them—like a mirrorball entertaining strangers from the club and they shine in their spot. Even when I close my eyes, the moon peaks in its stillness. All the poets used him as their muse, radiating this mellow one could think of when the sun sleeps in her slumber. The poets had perfectly described him in thousands of words and painted him over the mural where I can see him directly and the strangeness of him calms the raging waters in me.

Even when peace is quite chaotic and chaos is peaceful, a trap between the slit on the roof and the abandoned house, squinting my eyes as the moon hides his presence from me. And she haunts me as the sun begins to show herself in ways I am blinded by her light.

In some ways, she shines even when it is night.
In a way, she looks over the moon when he wakes up from his slumber.
In a way, the stars and clouds enveloped her with the warmness of their breath.
In some ways, I couldn’t look at her for too long.
In some ways, I am silenced by her beauty.
Wrote this around October and as I’m scrolling through my notes, I found this. Glad I still have this poem.
Zack Ripley Oct 2022
You don't have to be a baby
for it to be okay if you want to cry.
You don't have to be a pilot if you want to fly. You don't have to be a star if you want to shine. Just have the courage to be yourself, and all these things and more will come to you in time.
Jim Davis Oct 2022
A chance… finally
to hide… from the moon’s bright eye
to glow… on my own

© 2022 Jim Davis
Playing with one of Basho’s haikus

Clouds -
a chance to dodge

Matsuo Basho
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