Like fire,
she needs oxygen to breathe.
Like the sun,
she needs fuel to burn.
Like the moon,
she needs light to glow.
Like the stars,
she needs to be herself to shine.

Pepper Dove Nov 11

I have lost myself. At some point I’ve forgotten who I was becoming, letting my Self slip through my finger tips where my essence once did reside. My childlike curiosity seems to have faded away with the castle-like clouds… it has changed its shape, again and again. Morphing from one creature to another, unconsciously, without my permission. This has been me for some time - a chameleon; changing with the backdrops strolling across this stage we call life. Folding my slices of thoughts into clichés of paper mache … fly away little crane, fly away… I have been the bystander of myself. All along, standing beside my Self. I am there though, just blind.. maybe even deaf and mute sometimes, but I am there.. I am here.. I simply just am. Though, as complex as I may make it, it is simple: to just be. This is what I have forgotten. This is what most of us have forgotten. I am realizing this more, as more Suns rise and more Moons fall, that nothing else really matters. These shadows casted upon us all, they do not exist. They cannot exist. Dark cannot exist when there is light.. and light is what we are. Unless there is a brick wall blocking our light, forcing its shadowing umbrella onto our hopes and dreams. But light is what I am, and dim I will no longer be. So today I start by opening a window for my shine, so tomorrow I can open the door, letting more of my light to leak. So soon I can walk through that doorway, one step at a time, further and further away from this dark shadowy wall until it disappears behind the horizon forever. Until finally, I am my true Self shinning vibrantly as the Sun does, becoming who we’re all meant to be - found and free.

A little journaling from my innards haha.. really just writing honestly and vulnerably without looking back.
Ophelia O Nov 9

give me skin dried like leather

a tan burned into well-used bones

who creak predictions of bad weather

deep laughter lines hide groans

and a smile that never sours

give me a back that aches

as I bend down to pick flowers

give me crinkled eyes that shine

when I look at your face

old age treat me with grace

do not forget
the cosmic creatures we befit
our choice to get what we emit
as magic Souls in full orbit
a kaleidoscope of sun and hope
we shine a special kind of glow
we light the world all on our own
we rise with every fall we home
if You feel lost, you’re not alone
these troubles are your way to roam
to higher peaks with your moonlit
attire to conspire in
this human-like acquired trip
where, lucidly, desire drips
You flow in ways the Sun has missed
your hopes & dreams are our sky’s kiss
for every ounce of Love and loss
You feel the world and its chaos
although it hurts at times, I know
your tale here is not one of woe
arrived divine to shine your glow
this chance at life to learn and grow
gives strength to You, it’s your escrow
so don't defy when walls do crack
you’re never lost; You are the path
the holes expose old hidden tracks
for You to see your Light shine back

Artistic Muse Oct 30

You make my heart swoon
With eyes like the crescent moon
Shining in the night


i'm loving those beautiful smiling eyes of yours ♡
Adrian Oct 27

People wonder
who killed
his lights

Saying he used to shine
brighter than the sun
and there were sparks
like those of the stars'

People wonder
who killed
his lights

But no one does

He turned it off

Lure Pot Oct 19

The moon rises up to your face
And shine falls when you smile
Your silences like conversations
When you’re unfold with emotions,
You are happy with your dreams
Though they're many miles away.

The ocean slows down for you
And waves play with your mind
The spring gives you green days
Cause maybe you are loveable,
The moon rises up to your face
Your shine falls when you smile.

The flowers smell pretty in your courtyards
To make you sleep at night
The birdsongs wake you up happily
Every day in the morning,
The moon rises up to your face
Your shine falls when you smile.

The morning takes away your sleepiness
To make you ready for the day
The evening shadows make you blue
To give you a good night sleep,
The moon rises up to your face
And you shine when you smile.

Sid Oct 17

Just maybe the stars used this navy blanket as their catharsis;
did you think that your uncaring hands on my face
my arms
my torso
was the same?
Because the stars had a
and the night sky was more soundproof than these walls-
though you didn't seem too concerned;
lashing words out like slaps
or was it the other way around?
(connecting the dots
with unscarred patches of skin left is easier said than done;
you made me hate the colour violet anyways.)
Fast forward to a few light years
where the same swings I'd enjoyed during my childhood
repurposed itself
as the rope I'd temporarily worn like a necklace;
(they weren't supposed to be that tight anyways
and silly me hadn't kicked the chair away far enough.)
Dazed eyes and mind all muddled up taking in my new surroundings-
unmarred white with my hands secured to the small bed;
hadn't I been so disoriented
I might've noticed that familiar shadow hurriedly slip from my room
just as the monitor
The night I died
the stars shone on;
I'd like to believe their way of release
was easier than mine.
// there has to be more than this //

Not like the heart

Red with eternity
Ever slowing
Dying slowly
Like the sun
Is the knowingness
Of the dead leaves

Be near to me
Be evergreen
Thinking of these

How The Sunlight Curls

Break those rusty shackles of mine,
Lets drift to the darkness, yet we shine.
Wrapping you around me, spilled scent of yours in air,
Driving me crazy your messy hair.
All set to be on a ride,
Burrying me in you, baby let me hide.
What I want is let the ignition be fire,
Let me burn you and me to be a single soul and desire.


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