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Uta May 26
Blue eyes always realize real lies.

Blue eyes only had hatred towards the world, emotionless and stone cold.

But one day, the blue eyes met the green.

For the Green eyes, they had early rainy forest grass with a mixture of the deep color green like the pine within them.

While the Blue eyes had stormy ocean waves and white foam flying in every direction.

The Green eyes saw the world differently, for they saw kindness in the world, happiness, and success.

The two different colored eyes were a no match, for they cannot be together because sadness and happiness were impossible to combine.

But since the Green eyes were an optimist they believed that it is possible to combine two emotions together.

The Blue eyes thought otherwise, as a pessimist they believed that it is impossible.

The Green eyes knew that they can calm down the Blue eyes, for they together finally combine, sadness with happiness, an optimist with a pessimist, hatred with success.

They together made an emerald-turquoise color.

Finally, at last, the ocean blue stormy eyes became calmer and as it became comfortable even more it became a steady ocean with no stormy waves, no black clouds hovering over and no flying foam, for it all disappeared and only that appeared was peace and quiet.
My first ever poem, if you liked it please tell me your thoughts.
You laugh at my jokes and blush as I tease
You drive me insane and I swear you’re flirting with me

Please reply

I’ve thought this for a while
So I decided to say
I like you a lot, but I know you don’t feel the same way

Please reply 

You’re straight and I know I can’t change that.
Am I just telling myself what I want to hear,
Is it true that those intertwined hand holds were anything but *****

Please reply

They fit like puzzle pieces and I swear when we pull away..
Its like they don’t want to let go, they just want to stay

And oh how I wish they could. 

Please reply 

They depart slowly and I can still feel the heat
Sadly not the warmth from your rosy red cheeks

Please reply 

Is it true that when we locked eyes, blushed and chuckled,
It was nothing, simply a friend, your bright eyes rebuttal

Please reply  

Is it true that my heart beat shouldn’t have increased and my face shouldn’t have turned red
Is it true I shouldn’t be lying here writing about you alone in my bed
Or at all

Please reply

please reply



your eyes don't glisten like they used to
just saying it's not something usual for you
so I guess you're heavily imbued
with this crestfallen attitude?

yea I know,
I've changed in the same way
my own little reverse-breakthrough
Risque foreplay with ultramarine Bombay
before stepping in to emcee the Devil's soiree

And no, you really don't --and honestly never did-- know me;
you only knew one of many façades I brazed
on my face
in the midst of a cliche
New Year's day typa haze

During the phase of
my infamously tempestuous craze
I was precipitously (ignited
quite possibly by my own
flaring sparks)

set ablaze with praise
but my mores seem to be misplaced
probably somewhere in the frenzy and hysteria

So I guess I'm left to embrace my untraced boundaries
*And get my viridian eyes back to glistening
on their own viridescent terms
Not codependent on the hollowed adulation
and sweet-talk from bamboccioni
Dj Jan 8
He's always been just this boy; watching the world, threw bright green hopefull eyes... He's always been just this boy; witnessing heartbreak and tragedy, threwout deceitful lies.... He's always been just this boy; struggling to make deep, meaningful human ties... He's always been just this boy; But one day he woke up and realized, He's always had what he needed. To sucessfully and happily, live and die....
mrc Dec 2017
oh, hera
look upon me with your
piercing green eyes and
tell me of your woes,
of the fallacies you spin
around your ringed fingers;
tell me so i can learn how
to make the men drop to
their knees too
this poem was loosely based off of the life of hera, goddess of marriage and family
دema Nov 2017
Grey sky,
black branches cracking through,
wet grass,
broken bench,
green in your eyes
and sparks in my heart.
Cataggart Jun 2017
Pitch black
Sinking, alone
In my own quicksand
But she didn't know

Her eyes
Shining and pure
The path through the fog
A happy allure

My pain
Quietly goes
I didn't notice
And she didn't know

Green eyes
Lamps to her smile
Her soul shines through them
And dances for miles
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
Ah! how the memory of

those pretty green eyes

enlighten my senses

making them parallel to

round ***** of safety.

Ah! how those eyes

regurgitate and bounce

pupils widening whenever

my eyes meet their gaze

wavering and moving from

person to person in an intimate crowded group setting.

Ah! how those eyes

which resemble soft moss

or the slick flesh of kiwis

stare at mine catching like how

flypaper catches mosquitoes

accidentally but intentionally

awkwardly but inventively

and ultimately intentionally.

Ah! how the memory of

those pretty green eyes

throw me off balance

when they lock into mine

and for a good ten seconds

merging a little too long

unnoticed by the crowd.

Ah! how those eyes

are like ghosts in my

memories so valid and

plausible they seem to

drift yet knowing they

will be seen tonight

creates a fidgety hope

splintered and shaking

within this hubris heart.

Ah! how those eyes

are framed by the

curliest of lashes

so cute they bloom

ripe smiles within this

here empty chest cavity

which seems to be defeated

at the moment but somehow

waiting to witness

orbs of stegosaurus skin

shelled and shellacked and unbuckled am i

at just a smack.

Ah! how those eyes

are like a slap

to my psyche.

Every part a swirling mass

of unabridged uncertainty.

And no matter how it seems

those irises of gold and green

will always be downright dainty.
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