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HeyitsAngel Sep 2022
Green eyes
I thought the color of eyes was just the color
Until I laid eyes on his
His green eyes
Became ordinary and beautiful
Oh his green eyes
The eyes that make me feel safe
The eyes that makes my heart feel warm
His eyes are not just eyes
His eyes are the most powerful
His eyes became my home
From thousands of miles away
His eyes as he looks at me through a screen
Manage to make me feel so special even with the distance
Oh the man with green eyes
The one that made my brown eyes become so much more
Since he looks into mine like I am the prettiest girl in the world
The man with green eyes that saved a brown-eyed girl like me
sparklysnowflake Dec 2021
You and I would stand in front of my bathroom mirror and
just hold each other, naked, acquainting ourselves
with the strange, biblical union of joints and hair
and skin and crevices and curves that we make

Fingerpainting reverently on your chest,
I'd kiss your freckled shoulder, eyeing your reflection as it melted,
falling for me again-- and you'd
tell me in return
that my eyes are beautiful, and that they are green,
just like yours.
They are brown, I'd say, and
laugh and
you to
confront only yourself
in my mirror.

Every day that I stand again
in front of my mirror alone--
a similar but emptier amalgamation of joints and curves--
I could swear that my eyes
look a little bit paler...
like if I
point my nose up to the high hat on my ceiling,
with the fluorescent light spilling into them
the color could certainly pass
as the same green in your eyes and
I wonder,
and I hope

that being wrong all this time
doesn't mean I was wrong about you, too.
she has these hazel-coloured eyes
with a tip of hope,
it‘s like visiting another universe,
dreaming through a telescope.

she carries mother earth in her iris,
but her element is fire

she stands strong through her roots
and is grounded in nature
oh dear, what a beautiful creature

she feels home
between palm trees and sunsets,
where the skies of the world align,
where they shine
in a warm orange light.
and trust me,
these green-coloured eyes
will set all your worries aside.

- gio
lost Oct 2020
the urge to reach out,
to gaze into your eyes

overcoming barriers, only you and i fought.
just to be in one another's soothing embrace,

the emerald green capturing me,

stay by my side, as i stand by yours,
in love, once more.
yikes its been a while so this is not good
Mrs Anybody Feb 2020
i tried to
memorize everything
about you
not knowing when
i would see you


the only thing
i remember
is the look
in your green eyes
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Mandi Wolfe Nov 2019
I sit watching brown eyes
probe affectionately through the haze
at the mirrors created by close family.
I think the intimacy that is made possible
by the sharing of wine, **** and space
in a dim room full of sad love and smoke
will never ceased to amaze me.
The men see themselves in each other
and are both heartened in their own ways
I am drunk now in my way
and The Mirror is ****** in his
and Brown (Green) Eyes is both at once
Appalachian mouths move in turns
to take a hit or a drink or a shot at wisdom
Suddenly the truth of our three souls is laid bare
on the tiny table there between us.
My heart tightens around the words
as they echo through each chamber
growing louder with each reverberation.
“Happiness is being able to breathe”

Love you, Frank.
v Jan 2019
A second hit,
I’m clean
I’ll say I’m clean.
Uta May 2018
Blue eyes always realize real lies.

Blue eyes only had hatred towards the world, emotionless and stone cold.

But one day, the blue eyes met the green.

For the Green eyes, they had early rainy forest grass with a mixture of the deep color green like the pine within them.

While the Blue eyes had stormy ocean waves and white foam flying in every direction.

The Green eyes saw the world differently, for they saw kindness in the world, happiness, and success.

The two different colored eyes were a no match, for they cannot be together because sadness and happiness were impossible to combine.

But since the Green eyes were an optimist they believed that it is possible to combine two emotions together.

The Blue eyes thought otherwise, as a pessimist they believed that it is impossible.

The Green eyes knew that they can calm down the Blue eyes, for they together finally combine, sadness with happiness, an optimist with a pessimist, hatred with success.

They together made an emerald-turquoise color.

Finally, at last, the ocean blue stormy eyes became calmer and as it became comfortable even more it became a steady ocean with no stormy waves, no black clouds hovering over and no flying foam, for it all disappeared and only that appeared was peace and quiet.
My first ever poem, if you liked it please tell me your thoughts.
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