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There are still clothes I cannot bring myself to sort,
Still papers lying, crumbling, crumpling their worth -
My life is a mess since you hit me out of kilter
And I can't pick myself up, let alone my belongings;
I can't pick up, get up, grow up, let alone filter
What I need and what I don't, as in my longings
I asked for you - I should have asked to long for breath;
Perhaps I'm just enduring cramp now, in this little death
Of mine - Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with a fresh head,
Maybe I'll remember my worth, and not with dread
That I am worth so little to you
Who was just one of a few
One of a few you passed by and left a wake,
Awake. How could you know, sweet rake?
How could I know? Disease can often touch us longer
Than we think; its hold, though weakened, is still stronger.
Second poem in the FortnightForFatigue challenge.
Kara Michelle Jan 26
In sleepless streets, in hotel rooms, we sang the hymns
I'd learned in my childhood. In this way, I felt I'd known you
for a lifetime, or from a dream. I wanted to tell you, then,
but my courage was spent. You were brave
so that I didn't have to be.

How do you tame the wild bird? I would do it for you.
Late at night, I'm practicing my sweet talk. Soon, we'll go to tea
and you'll explain everything: the impossible, the mundane,
and that perfect middle, which is love.
That's what I believe in.

I found relief when you loosened your stranglehold,
and elation when you tightened your grip. Catch and release,
breathe and repeat. I'm cutting my hair to feel new again –
it falls like petals, and he-loves-me-not.
No one can live like that.

I don't hate her, if that's what you're thinking.
I am learning to let you go. In the wood, the wild bird
steals my pen, drinks the ink from it, and takes flight.
In this way, we're just alike:
I have loved you best by leaving.
so long i guess
lua Aug 15
my heart hurts
it squeezes
and bursts in my chest
as i cough up petals
she talks to me in flowers
and the sweetest of curves
but not about me
not about me at all
not me and her
and im left to yearn
yet to smile for her
bring the balloons
answer her questions
and watch them together
this is how it always ends
and ill never tell her
how often i explode for her
i never will
stillhuman Jul 17
I dreamt of you
letting go
and because
that had never happened before
I woke up
I've kept you in my hands for so long I had no other space to grasp new things.
I let you go now in the box of my memories
MysteryBear Jun 9
“I love you” is so often not meant. To enjoy time with a person doesn’t equate to that. Those words change everything, and you didn’t understand the weight of it. What it truly meant. I did though….and you left
Just as expected
I didn’t return his feelings so he said **** the friendship and we went our separate ways painfully
Love is not wondering constantly
Or worrying who you could be with at the moment
Over analyzing.
Every conversation we ever had
Does he feel the same?
Could that touch have meant something to him?
I felt like you could save me
Tear me away from my wretched life
You made me feel safe
I wanted you all to myself
Spending time with just you and only you
I did everything I could to make you happy
Tried to be what you wanted
Still not what you want
I tried to change you and I shouldn't have
You are perfect just the way you are
I'm sorry...
I now know what I feel these days is love
I no longer want you to save me
I can save myself.
stillhuman May 22
I find that I can't
just erase nor scratch off
all my feelings
for You
You're engraved in my head
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