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Y Rada 5d
Killed there
Invisible here
Heart beats no more
Yet still feels pain.
You kindled in me a gleaming beacon
Lit by the timber of flaming affection
This fire guided my clouded reason
Away from the icy paths of dejection

Together we conquered the gloom of night
In consent with the distant sun’s reluctance
Our ardent hearts burst into burning light,
Causing clarity in ample abundance

You taught me how love’s simple equation
Solves the variables of the lonely heart
You caressed my chest on one occasion,
And saw my lingering loneliness depart

One fateful night you put out the fire,
And concluded our most secretive affair
Now I’m mourning how unquenched desire
Turned into a wound of festering despair

When you took a stinging knife and harrowed
The marrow of my bones, so dearly achieved,
It struck the wound of anguish that followed
From the painful rejection that I received

Your love was like a wind that swept on high,
But you left me low in its stormy closure
I regret that our hearts became so nigh,
And that I burned myself in love’s exposure

And now that regret runs its slaying course,
I’m stricken with a mortal man’s remorse
Youth is a case of trial and error,
But love is a game of loss and terror
AditiBoo Sep 10
Don't promise her anything
Instead, show her everything...

From the crooked teeth in your smile
To the most tainted page in your file
Show her your passport and your valid visa
Where you've been and are willing to take her

She looks up to you with big trusting eyes
And yet she chooses not to understand your lies
She smiles quietly, listening, not calling you out
You only get more cocky...until you want out

So you promise an everlasting love
And she lets herself fall into that love
Then you take it all away
You take the sun out of her day

She was as stupid as you were lucid
She was as dumb as you were numb
The difference remains that you knew and lied
Whilst she believed and cried

So, don't try and shift around the blame
Remember, you threw in the dice to start the game
You called out the shots and dictated the rules
She unfortunately put in her chips in that game of fools
When I asked someone I had been seeing for a while : "So, are we  actually a couple or what?"
And the answer I got back was: "We're together...but we're not together"
Tonight I’ll dream of lavender
Of fields filled with flowers
And a boy with ocean blue eyes
Who keeps his promise when he says he’ll never hurt me

It’s only at night that I allow myself to think of you
You are my filthiest thoughts
Of nights filled with laughter
Stolen kisses and sideways glances
I think about how badly I want you to touch me

Touch my hand in a dark room
Squeeze my knee in the car
Brush your fingers against my spine when we’re shopping
I don’t care what you do as long as you mean it

Tonight you’ll tell me that you love me
I’ll wake up before I get to answer
The sun shining through my blinds,
a reminder of what will never be

In my dreams you ask to kiss me
Your voice thick like honey
I say yes, sweet as sugar
I wake up and still feel the ghost of your lips on mine

Tonight I’ll beg for a nightmare
Anything to keep you off of my mind
I can’t keep loving you deeply
Breaking my own heart is a daily occurrence
I don’t have enough in me to keep from falling apart
You're at it again
You once again carving patterns into  stones
You don't leave non Unturned
You toss them through the water creating beautiful ripples that sinks to the bottom of the lake.
And you say you don't ever regret any of those mistakes.

But I regret you
I regret letting you grab onto my body
I regret letting you toss me about
I regret letting you dust the dirt off me
I regret letting you cut into me carving pain into my skin
I regret every  inch.
Eve Sep 5
Oh my love, tell me why
things didn’t feel right to you
you look at me its like
you’re looking right through
Theres a look in your eyes
I can’t place anymore
it’s like you don’t love me
like you did before
Darling the sun is setting
on you and I
my heart is broken
by your solemn goodbye
shadows are settling
on the place you left
all that remains of me
is just a silhouette
my soul is empty
I am hollow
for I know
you will be gone tomorrow
s v e n Sep 3
These intense emotions
Kept on hitting
And cutting me
From the inside out
Leaving tiny but open
Scars and cuts
That spilled out these
Unnecessary feelings
That didn't mean anything to anyone
Or to her..

I tried to stitch up the cuts
As much as I could
But there was one hole
That kept on rushing out
These pointless feelings of mine.
I figured if I ignored it
It would go away.
But as I feared
It didn't.
It grew so much
To the point
That I couldn't even bare
To not notice it.
But I just couldn't do anything about it
I just didn't want to bother her with it.
So I pretended it wasn't there.

Soon it all went away.


She just never knew
About my feelings

for her.

- s v e n
Ya...its okay hope you guys can relate?
You are my pink skies with candy floss clouds

My open fields flooded far and wide with cherry blossoms

and green feathered sparrows singing tunes of your favourite songs that sound kinda-something-sorta like your voice,

The walls in my castle populated perfectly with portraits of you

and you already know portraits are my favourite.

Somehow my imagination bound beautifully with my reality such that I could tell no difference.

You are my Utopia.

But utopia is subject to interpretation.

You like candy floss occasionally, pink is not your favourite colour and I do not even know what your favourite flower is

Without forgetting to mention, you prefer beaches.

You like puns, peaches, foxes and fairies but my world has none of that, I want to accept those but you will not have it any other way.

I want our worlds to collide but in a more subtle way, but when that kinda thing happens it is almost always apocalyptic

So, what is yours will never be mine and what is mine you do not even want at all.

My utopia sounds like it belongs in a book, but we all know how long that lasts.
Rainingstuff Sep 1
When the notification light blinks
There's a little hope that it's you missing me
When I'm down with cold
There's a little hope you'd wonder what happen to me
When you smile so brightly
There's a little hope it's for me
When you stop and stare
There's a little hope that I'm in your frame
When we practice together
I either do bad on purpose with a little hope i can held your hand longer
or really good with hope that you'll praise me
When we talk just a random things
There's a tiny hope that you'll know what i feel
But what can a little hope do
When i know I'm not the one for you
At nineteen I allowed myself
To break my own heart
How silly I was to believe little girls could fall in love
But then you were there

When you tried to talk to me I couldn’t speak
Anytime I tried daisies bloomed out of my mouth

On New Year’s Day you became a gardener
You plucked away the green vines that grew from my tongue
Soon after there was a flower patch inside of my ribs

But charity love only lasts for so long
Eventually you’ll grow tired of grooming someone else’s garden
I mistook friendship for love
The look in your eyes was never longing
Now my flowers are wilting

When flowers die they decompose
Becoming the foundation for new life
By sacrificing themselves to winter
They pave the path to growth

You made me a flower garden
This winter I will let myself die
and when spring comes I will bloom again
I’ve never been so thankful to be broken
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