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Bella Isaacs Feb 18
Came I hither with all the gold possess'd,
Came I hither with all the wisdom gain'd,
Came I hither with all the truth and jest,
Beauty, health, kindness, luck, thou'd'st have complain'd
That I came hither with an underhand
Desire of something greater thus exchang'd,
Unable to conceive or understand
How one who offers free is not derang'd.

Came I hither with all the gold possess'd,
And came I bearing rubies and pearls, too,
Came I hither bearing all the rest
To thine own mortal self, still erring true;
Came I hither, and ask'd nothing, giving
All that I have, and more, and still I err,
For the Lord ask'd nothing of the living,
But sacrifice is matter of a cur.

Mistrusting as you do, with sense, I see,
Love's made not for this world, nor I for thee.
Jamesb Nov 2023
I am the invisible man,
You do not see me,
I am the invisible man,
The things I have done for you, are unseen,
I am the invisible man,
The heart that aches for thee aches unseen,
I am the invisible man,
The worth I lost in you is out of sight and mind,
I am the invisible man,
The miles I drive are unnoted and unremarked,
I am the invisible man,
The love I feel is uncomprehended,
I am the invisible man,
My hurt is of no import,
I am the invisible man

However those sins of mine,
My fallibility and humanity,
My faults
My misunderstandings,
My occasional rant,
My anger,
My self centredness,
My frustration,
My expectations,
My misdemeanours,
My poor behaviour,
That I do wrong,
Those things and only those,
ARE seen!
I think this speaks for itself. I am
Nickols Oct 2023
Tell me what you want me to say? Tell me what you want me to be. I'll play pretend. If it gets you looking at me again.
stillhuman Sep 2023
There's a tightness
in my throat
when I look to you.

I wanted to keep you special,
tied  you up in that tiny space,
all your memories kept like treasure,
but you became mundane,
engraved with gold in my days and life,
a part of the morning sky.

You painted my days in a lilac shade,
throwing red and blue my way
so that I could feel close to you
and find distance all the same.

There are storm clouds in this purple sky
ready to fall heavy with rain
as it drips from my eyes
that feel this indifference in disguise,
tries to hide this part of me
that cries from the inside
to be seen and be freed from these lies.

There's no peace in this demise
'cause the clock is ticking with time
moving quickly to divide
what is ours into what is mine.

You're a purple lover
always been on my mind
and still only a stranger
that I felt was too kind
but your presence is like wine,
gets me drunk, makes it sublime.
You'll still be my purple lover, even when it's no longer our time
Wayward Sep 2023
You're not mine and I don't want you to be.
But I want to claim your attention like a trophy.

It's not love, but it's something new.
Not many would understand what's between me and you.

Your kisses caress my skin softly,
And leave a trail of burning desire as I moan breathlessly.
I crave your touch and to feel you against me.
What is this forbidden dance of passion and fantasy?

Yet I do not dare to question this mystery.
I let myself enjoy our bodies moving in harmony.

No, you're not mine, and I don't want you to be.
Yet what is this gnawing feeling that grows inside me?

I tell myself not to think too much.
But you always know how to make me blush.

I let a tear drop fall at the thought of the fate of of us.
Not daring to question what we are or make a fuss.
Situationships in pretty words I guess.
Phia Sep 2023
You reached into my ribcage
And pulled out my heart
And the second it rested in your hands
It started to fall apart.
Everyone who’s ever held it
Broke it a little more
Leaving it more fragile
Than it ever was before.
My heart is way too delicate
And it has too many cracks
And the pieces didn’t fit quite right
When they were put back.
You took one look and made a face
And put it back into my chest
And said, “I’m sorry this will never work
But I wish you all the best”.
I wasn’t mad, I didn’t cry,
I was almost fine,
After all who could love
Such an ugly heart like mine.
I **** at titles
Anam Jul 2023
I can feel,
your heart racing, crying for his touch
Your eyes chase him constantly
while mine chase you just as much

A soft pink color brushes your face
I realize,
he probably looked your way
As I watch you sink deeper in love
I write words
I wish I could say

Love me now or love me later
trust me, doesn't matter
I just hope you love me once
before I drift somewhere farther
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2023
When I started my MBA
I was looking forward to making new friends
And of course, excelling in academics
And thus redeeming myself
After my Engineering debacle
However, it never occurred to me
That I would fall in love
For the first time in my life
You changed everything
Right from our second meeting
I was drawn towards you
You were very shy
But in a good way
And of course, extremely sweet-natured
The kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly
Though you didn't know much Tamil
In spite of being a Tamilian
Your English more than made up for that
You didn't speak a lot
However, when you did speak
You were able to articulate your thoughts exceedingly well
And though we never had a detailed conversation
Apart from our debate on the movie "Ra One"
It was always a pleasure to interact with you
And of course, listen to your captivating voice
Last but not the least
Your handwriting was so exquisite
That it had the capability
To transform the dullest subject
Into an extremely fascinating one
Anyway, I truly loved you
But I couldn't muster the courage
To ask you out
However, I don't have any regrets whatsoever
And regardless of where you are currently
I hope you are having the time of your life
Just one last thing
I am utterly gobsmacked
That you knew all along
Something that I could never guess
From the way you spoke to me
Or behaved with me in general
You are indeed an incredible lady
And I hope you remain the way you are
Because the world needs more people like you
Dedicated to a girl with whom I fell in love with, during my MBA
stillhuman Jul 2023
There's this empty void
when I look to you

It's all those things I don't know
about you

All the times you got your heart broken
and the ones you spinned that too.

I remember your laughter
when it was real and it was not
and your eyes after disaster
when they would be downcast
and filled with plaster.

So hard to reach you at times,
it made it all the worse
when all I wanted was for you to look
and see me whole.

There's not enough words
to explain what we would receive
if I could be honest with you
and you with me.

Either way,
I wish you only the best
while I have you
in my dreams.
Only so much i can say to you like this
ky Jul 2023
I broke your heart.

You came crawling back to me,
saying it was all your fault
(even though you thought it was mine),
just so you could speak to me again.

So, I let you back in my life.
But then you said you couldn't handle it,
couldn't handle thinking about
what had happened between us,
about how badly it hurt you,
because you still loved me
and knew I didn't love you back.

So you said goodbye,
that you might be back

You had given me a second chance
when I broke your heart.
But I don't think
I'll ever be able to give you one
after you broke mine.

So when you did come back,
I had to say goodbye.
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