Brendan Owens Dec 2017

I’ve fallen face-first
And hit the cement
My lips puckered upward,
My Cupid’s bow bent.
The puddle that tripped me
Was slightly filled,
But as I rushed toward it,
Full speed ahead,
I plummeted,
Like the ground was my bed.
Blood and saliva
Have mixed to form
A horrible brew.
Tasteless and void,
No feelings or few.
I sip it,
I live it,
It’s alcohol, it’s new.
But I live it, yes
And memorize it, yet
Just like I’ve done with you.

Asami Jan 9

It was clear as daylight
My mind knew it , insisted " this love isn't right"
But my heart put up a good fight

Unrequited and from the beginning was doomed
How can the bright fall for the gloom
But there was nothing I can do
Upon seeing him love couldn't help but bloom

He never knew I existed and I kept my love hidden
He's living happily , and in loneliness I'm living
Wouldn't rejection be easier than regretting

Deemz Jan 7

how do I make you jealous
when jealousy is a hostage
in the basement of my being?

how do I let go of jealousy
when sometimes I look at it and it actually is unrequited love
and other times it is just bad timing..

It is true that those are
my hands on the steering wheel
at all times,
but what direction is never, meant and to be?

Noble Stone Jan 4

lesbian best friend
I'd sell water to a fish
can’t sell her this dick

Gergana Jan 2

I was looking at you.
You were looking at her.

I was waiting for you.
You were waiting for her.

I was thinking about you.
You were thinking about her.

You never even noticed me.
She never even noticed you.

I cried for you.
You cried for her.

I loved you and you knew.
I loved you but you loved her.

Laura Dec 2017

I am walking on ice
Towards you
You taunt me
I catch a glimpse of you
A gleam of color
Through a whirlwind of snow
And I am oh so eager
To catch up to you
So I run forward
Though my fingers are blue
And my legs are oh
So tired
I can feel the ice cracking under my feet
I know I should stop
Quit chasing
After an elusive figure
In the snow
Even if you might be all I want
All I think I want
But I can't stop now
The ice behind me
Begins to break off
Drifting into the endless dark sea
That I am so afraid will consume me
So I keep walking on ice
Hoping you're my igloo
Though you might just be
The frigid water below

zh Dec 2017

Get away from me
I can feel every bond in my body
Fall apart
so get away from me
get as fucking far as possible
because apparently 2916 miles isn't enough
maybe a distance like that doesn't exist -
the one where I don't want you to get away
I can still feel your presence
as I relive all of our memories
day and night
even the ones where we don't speak
something that was never compulsory to us
I feel you are attracted to me
in a way that I could never want
in a way that I could never want
in a way that only gives me heartbreak and anything that could break me
feeling nothing at all, not crying for months
Did four years of that not give you your fucking satisfaction?
You would never dream of this, but stop asking why we don't talk and just get away from me
because there's no way I can get away from you.

Fox Friend Dec 2017

"Pouring everything into someone who doesn't have room to receive it
will only be wasteful."
- my brain
"Whatever it takes to be what he needs."
- my heart

Myka Jabagat Dec 2017

To the rythm she danced.
Memories came through
Of the song she loved,
In every color and hue.

And she finally stopped
Playing their song.
When she realized,
She was dancing alone.

Learn when to move forward and let go. Xx
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