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I am a wine glass in your palm
I know you'll let me shatter
Breaking into a million glass fractures
Doesn't seem to matter

"Oh darling," I hear you call out
From the inexplicable black void
Over which I delicately balance
Despite my attempts to avoid

In my heart I know the choice I've made
And I know that choice is you
All the realisation in the world
Wouldn't make me say we're through

White sheets, blissfully innocent
Stained with your sickly pale glow
I've got to have you, I know I shouldn't
What happens next, you already know
I do not love him anymore
My feelings are nonexistent
My heart is no longer torn
Its stubbornness cease to exist
Whatever happened in the past
Let me leave it there
I am no longer sad
I no longer care
Two halves of my heart
Have again become one
Neither of them are yours
For my love for you is done
Keep the piece I've given you
If there is space in your heart
For I have no fragment left for you
And for that I can finally part
On New Year’s Eve I looked at you
And my heart blew up in my chest
It wasn’t love at first sight
You had always been a constant in my life
But that night you laughed
And it was like seeing you for the first time

I haven’t found a way to stop finding you beautiful
It’s been months but you’re still the only thing that I can think of
Everything reminds me of you

I find pieces of you in everyone that I meet
My barista has your hair
A stranger on the street has your smile
Your brother has your eyes
I couldn’t escape you if I wanted to

But while I was lost in you
You found a girl whose voice is honey
A girl that probably fell in love with you the moment she saw you
She makes you radiate sunshine
How can I compete with perfection?

It may not have been love at first sight
But it’s been you ever since
And maybe that’s as close as I’ll get to loving you
Spending nights listening to music in your car
Laughing until we cry as the sun comes up
I wouldn’t trade it for anything
You made my world stop
But without you I don’t know how to make it go again
My feelings for you now
Is like the tide
It comes and it goes
Sometimes the sea is calm
And it doesn't come at all
Sometimes my emotions stir
Like a whirlpool in the sea
Or they become chaotic
Hitting me like a tsunami
My love for you now
Seems to come in waves
Like a gentle tide
That still rushes to you
With feelings not quite the same
Taylor 3d
What is it like to hear their voice in your ear?
What is it like to have them far or near?
What is it like having those late night calls?
What is it like to finally fall?

All I see are red and pink hearts around me
So-called couples kissing up on the TV
Dates and soulmates, cheesy lines that I hate
‘Cause I know I’ll never, ever relate

What is it like having them butterflies?
What is it like to have them kiss you goodbye?
Is it like the love songs you hear on the radio?
What is it like to actually know?

Do you really get chills when they touch you there?
Having them hold you with so much care
Y’all talking fondly about each other for days
And I will never, ever relate

I try not to let these thoughts get to me
But I can’t stand seeing all these things I see
‘Cause deep down it’s something I envy
It honestly drives me ******* crazy

I almost want someone to take advantage of me
Don’t care ‘bout the consequences, just fill up my senses
Want nothing but their body heat, tell me that I’m pretty
Feeding off anything they say to make these tears go away

I wanna breathe the air they breathe if it means they’ll never leave
I wanna hold ‘em so tight, talk nonsense all through the night
I’m down for any lies if it’ll stop my cries
Don on a whole masquerade, I just want to relate

‘Cause all I want is happiness
Surrounded by sparks and hearts, meanwhile I’m loveless
I yearn for the feeling
I yearn for the feeling

Been waiting patiently, but I’m not getting any younger
If I wait any longer, I may lose my mind
What is it like? I need to know so badly

…I think I’m selfish.
Wrote this three months ago and it's very personal to me.
I keep giving away pieces of me
In hearts filled with someone else
As if giving away puzzle pieces
To puzzles already built
Like a moth to a flame
I'm attracted to his light
Darkness surrounds me
As night continuously falls
It makes me gravitate to his light even more
Like a moth to a lantern
I persistently fly around it
Trying to find a way
Through the transparent walls
That separates me from him
I try to find a way in
I try fight my way in
I want to be closer to his light
I feel the warmth through the glass
But I cannot touch it
I yearn for him through the glass
But I cannot have him
An unseen wall between us
And I cannot break it
There is no more painful love
than unrequited love
A heart that is open
pouring out to another
but an empty space
like a vacuum
with nothing in return

Like giving a gift
‘Tis better to give than receive
And the heart offers freely
all of its wonderful presents

Free of expectations
when truly filled with love
It blindly releases itself to another
With a simple creed
‘I am for you’

Like the wall of a dam
suddenly letting go
A deluge of emotions
Thoughtful, interest, caring, warmth, love
A flowing waterfall
of Niagara proportions

However, without intention

which goes without saying
since the truer the love
the blinder it be

The vacated space
creates a sudden vacuum
A sharp, deep pit left
where once all of itself was housed

For a brief time
the heart is unaware
still glowing in the warmth
from the happiness and joy
of the love it gives

But slowly the glow fades
And the presence of the empty space
becomes more obvious
and apparent

A coldness sets in
An addict looking for a fix
The heart desperately seeks
in return what it has given

Never intending to give with strings
but so it finds itself
now tied to another
with the strongest of bonds

The intense fulfilling feeling
once experienced
Replaced with anguish,
longing, loneliness and pain

The mind and heart begin
an epic civil war
Feeling the torment
and seeing the destruction
the mind invokes all its resources
to break the bonds
the heart has created

But with hope that is
almost sad and pitiful
the heart refuses to let go
So sure of the ties it made
And fighting back with all
of its might to defeat
any attempt
the mind has
to remove the bonds of love

A man at war with himself
will find himself at war with others
And so, the inner conflict
resonates outwardly
displayed aptly with defiance
and destruction

Like a pebble in a pond
each action creates ripples
Slowly at first
but then with exponential speed
a life is destroyed
leaving only a broken
and beaten shell

And after all the destruction
and loss
All of the pain and suffering
The tears and sorrow
At this moment
standing on a pile
of nothing but debris
The mind,
with a sense of arrogance
and certainty,
confronts the heart
and pointedly asks,
“Do you see now?!
Do you see the
error of your ways??
Look what it has cost us!
Do you see the
mistake you’ve made?!”

Without hesitation or waiver
the heart responds
with a steady certainty
that is calm and cool in nature,
“No. Love is a risky venture.
One always, ‘takes a chance at love’.
But I will not admit
fault for trying.
When I love
I love freely and openly
I offer all of myself
without expectations
It’s only when you get involved
and create conflict within
that we have problems
To love is to love
It brings joy and happiness within itself
If it is not returned
then it is not returned
but an open and loving heart
can not feel emptiness and pain for it is filled with love
And there is no greater reward
than finding that love in another
and having another
find that love
in you
Life *****, Because there is to much Unrequited love
I told myself long time ago
I wouldn't wait for you anymore
Though here I am, still patient
Still in love, conflicted and torn
How many closures do I need
Until I am fully satisfied
Each ending feels uncompleted
Like our souls are still somewhat tied
I tell myself I've given up on you
Then I don't but I still try
Each time I say it, it feels closer
Progressing to our final goodbye
It's hard to distance myself
When our friendship has gotten so close
It is so hard to give up on you
Even if she is the one you chose
I thought it would be easier
Now that you are no longer alone
And yet, persistently I continue
To indulge in the love I had always hoped
I want to hug you back when you hug me
Still, I can't bring myself to cross the line
I love you, you're special to me
But overall, you were never mine
Words cannot describe the feelings I harbor for you.

But this might put it into perspective.

I love you, I guess.

I love you so much; I could pluck out all of the stars in the sky but they would still be nothing compared to your eyes.

I love you so much; I could give you the entire universe but it wouldn’t matter — I’d just be giving you yourself.

I love you so much; my feelings will never fade, even when every last star in the galaxy fades — my love for you will remain.

The only thing is, no matter how grand and beautiful of a galaxy you are in my eyes — I’m nothing more than a single star in yours.

I still love you though, how could I not?

The whole **** universe conspired to help me find you, and I refuse to lose you.
for the one i love, again.
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