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I flew into the sun once and it was beautiful.
He filled me with a warmth like I've never known before.
So great was this warmth, I only wanted to draw closer.

Wherever he went, his light shone and lit up every crevice and place eventually freeing my heart from its dark tomb.

I can say that I truly loved the sun and would dread each night he went away.

You see, the sun was so captivating, he caught the eye of many and they, too, fell in love with the sun.
He was aware of his beauty so he used it to his advantage.
During the day, he'd stay, frolic and play until the dark would make herself known.
This is when he'd leave to be with the one he loved, the one he couldn't live without.

And so is the lesson I learned the hard way…
Never fly too close to the sun for you will get burned.
I know I will escape you.
I know I'll be alright.

With time.
copykitten Sep 27
I let my eyes speak
I smiled and tilted my head
I captured you with my gaze
And invited you to dance

I let my feet stride
I found you when you hide
I walked beside you together
And brought us even closer

I let my hands charm
I protected you from harm
I embraced you when you're lonely
And held your hand in the alley

All this time I shut my mouth
For if I talk, I'll only say three words
Which in turn would erase everything
'Cause I can see you're still not ready
There is a boy at work with laughter that feels like October. Kind eyes hidden behind shy smiles and butterfly wings for eyelashes. He makes early mornings feel like Christmas, I can’t be sad when I’m around him. When he’s beside me I forget everything that has ever hurt me. But there’s a girl with blonde hair and green eyes, a girl that radiates positivity and beauty. We’re almost the same but she’s so much better. I didn’t know it was possible to be a knockoff of yourself before I met her. She holds his heart and it stings to know that I’ll never be the one to see him smile in moonlight or hear him sing in the shower. Autumn boy you make me feel alive again, but your beautiful girl makes you feel immortal and I could never compete.
Hunter Green Sep 22
You make me feel unwanted.
I wonder if maybe it’s my fault::
          Did my silence make you leave?
          Did I bore you with my wrongly
          timed lack of energy?
I question my value.
Am I just not good enough for you?
You send signals I perceived as mixed.
You’re too kind to be a random passerby
Your blueberry eyes lock with mine for too long to be a courteous habit of life.
You don’t really compliment that often do you?
The hardest to dismiss is the week we met.
The proximity for prolonged time,
The warmth from how close our bodies were set.
Maybe I’m just mad of cabin fever,
Too long to distinguish hopefully wishing from an interested soul.
Amarys Dejai Sep 17
What I mean to say is that I heard the angels weep when I first saw you smile. I imagined that there was an invisible string wrapped around my heart and tied to the corners of your mouth.
        When you smirked, my heart skipped a beat.
Before that, your lips were parted, your mouth was open ever so slightly, and I have never ached so badly to kiss someone.
        I thought about how they would feel under the touch of my
Your eyes--the color of the soil of the earth.
        I've dreamt of being buried in both.

So it goes--God created everything, and everything he created was good.
        And you are the firmament; you are the most heavenly,
        wondrous thing.
Something about him made me want to believe.
MsCobain Sep 16
I know you don't
feel the same
as do
you never have
and you
even wan't
friends anymore but
it still
me when
you've moved
that you're
A story of unrequited with my now ex friend.
sitting alone with you on those front steps
waiting to get our rides home.
but i didn’t want to go home.
i wanted to stay there with you.
we sat in lingering silence,
too scared to speak to each other.
we never know what to say.
but we didn’t have to talk.
i just wanted to be next to you.
that’s enough for me.

- her front porch

// k.q.h.
June 17, 2019
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