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Mariella Oden Feb 21
I am happy,
to see you happy.
Even if,
the reason of your smiles isn't even me.

I'm always here
for you,
I'm always here
by your side,
I'm always here
every time you need me.

Even if you don't love me.
I'd let you tear my heart out
step on it and toss it away
and light the remains on fire
if it means you'd be there to ignite me with a kiss
and use your touch to cut my heart out in the first place
I told her
Just say "goodbye" to most useless person in your Life

And next moment her reply came
The felling When your are ignored by your favourite person
The heart swells and swells,

a bit threatening. The heart hardens

and hardens, frightfully...

I am afraid for my heart.

I feel its mound beneath

the flesh of my breast, thudding

when it is tender, feeling absent when

it hardens...

The heart tries to soften when it becomes

hard, to keep thudding and rising, afraid

of the silence.

When the heart feels love,

it swells, enlarged with

blood and promise, anxious

for the sound of its own drum.
As I lie here, half awake
my brain juices stewing
your memory makes me quake
with absolute longing

You come in quietly
sit on my mind’s edge
soft pads silent as Cait Sith
perched on a dream ledge

Your face is never the same
it’s what is within that I recall
I don’t even know your name
still for you each time I fall

We walk the dream land
your hand light on my wrist
our sweet union unplanned
a reaching through mist

It seems I arrive as you’re
on your way to leave
your foot through the door
offer me your bed for reprieve

It’s so hard to let you go
let go of essence effervescence
for your return I don’t know
beyond reminiscence

of those golden hours
when being with you’s my bliss,
O shape heart’s mind scours
from depths so often remiss

during the hours I am awake
so at night my heart will play
make my essence quake
wish never to go back to day
Cal Meyers Dec 2020
Why is it that one moment I can be just fine
Then I start to cry about all that's not mine
Its been getting worse as the days go by
All because I can't let go of this one guy

He loved me once, so very long ago
Until I messed up, and brought us so low
He hated my existence for a year or two
Then gave me a chance to show I knew
that what I had done was wrong
But the list of things to forgive was long

My mistake of sharing just that one thing
Left you a sad and lonely king
Today we're friends, at least I think
But I still can't shake the overflowing brink
Of all the feelings I have for you
There's nothing that I would not do
If it would mean you'd love me once more
Then I might once again be able to soar
There is this guy I can't forget no matter how hard I try and the little affection he has shown towards me is *** only and its actually really painful in those moments being sexzoned knowing he will never love me the same way
T Dec 2020
He awakened my eyes to an unrivalled love,
Insomnia grips me,
I stare at him,
Intoxicated by his very being.
In that moment,
I never thought I'd ever have to watch him,
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