You said you weren't one to do feelings often
Said they were a rare occurrence
Like Venus transiting between Earth and the Sun
Or an even rarer total solar eclipse
I got the feeling you meant it as a warning for me
"Do Not Attempt  To Transit Between My Earth And My Sun,
No Passage Shall Be Granted"
And I assured you that neither did I
...but I lied

                                  -I've already initiated takeoff

M•(e). Díaz

C'est la vie
Carm Cerdan Jul 15

your eyes weren't my first

but then it's the deepest
one yet.

maybe i was only destined
to marvel,

and all along destined to hurt

Damn your ocean eyes.

I'm a knickerlicker, I mean, my tongue's in a twist
when it's Miss Tiffany Apple I do address.
She smokes furiously, drives 100mph,
& Tiffapple's poison is Angel Sours
- tho' later I met her ex's ex, who labrished
Tiff had sunk more bottlesofvino than tide
at Waxham beach post-examresults.
But I had inkling quidnunc was green-eyed,
by what a wuxom bench Tiff does present
in her favorite
jumper dress.  

So she whooped me at pool, I wasn't flush
w/ success at fuze-
ball either, Tiff wasn't impressed.
She's one of the lads & I am just a wuss.
Prollysplains why her blackcardied arm
in rebuffing imitation
of Bela Lugosi's dunt stouble
neckerchiefed her lips
when I went into smooch
that beautiful hard face.  

Silver ivy ink
on her alabaster wrists
(ivy as in '& the holly', not intravenous).
Bent over the table, she's snookilicious.
It's a tricky shot, but Tiff's a beast on the baize.
& a butcher at badminton, or so she says:
we never played.
Betja never heard
of Betjeman or Joan Hunter Dunn,
Tiff, furnished but unburnished by
Attleborough sun.  At school,
she was goth gal adorned w/
Jack Skellingtons,
& she still has a goth gal's snowwhite complexion.
Intimations of eleckissity
like that 1st frenchie at school,
but there's no fool like a 35yr old fool.

She's just a kid who thinks it's cool to be a bitch,
but, baby, it's so not, not really.
Don't add to life's bitch tapestry.
She's still just a kid, just with a killer bod
- aren't they all when they're barely 20?
Well, can't say mine was,
but you catch my drift.
Still a kid who's gutted Busted split,
tho' I guess I'm still gutted Kurt had a gun
- he swore he dint!
But any kid would have a beautiful hard face
if Daddy was in denial
Mummy's mission
was drinking her remission
into submission, pissing cells back
into malignant fission.

O I am just a jessie,
but she's one of the boys
- in one sitting Tiff destroyed 7 saveloys!
& I am not Matt Willis, alas, what malice
is this? Just the usual:
she's giving me a miss.

But when the last in a lifetime
of crestfallen sighs jilts my body,
& classic rock stations of the future  
give Busted a miss
when Tiff is crabby & wrinkly
-  visage uglier, softer -
she will still be the hardfaced
Venus of Attleborough
in this immortal doggerel.
Form of emotional graymail,
my longrunning answer to imaginary RSVP
that another Dear John over the dog & the bone
sends to that ghoul for my selfdisgust,
who is my real muse:
sorry, Tiffany - it's me.

Tho' were Miss Tiffapple to reperuse
my rejectionprocessing paean
to her flet beauty in an aeon
- when she's crabby & wrinkly, uglier, softer,
it'd be more poignant
if Kindlescreens went crinkly
& chronologised coffeerings like jotters.

For Squadling, 2013
jasmin Jul 8

She felt like nothing but a vast empty land
with cracks on every part of its soil,
wished for some drizzles,
yet the clouds let a downpour—
the spaces, the gaps, were filled
by the huge and rapid drops of rain.
It was overwhelming to see,
it happened so suddenly.
With enough courage, bravery,
she let out the emotions, slowly, achingly.

The clouds rained on the wrong person; it was not for me.
Kgomotso RCS Jul 3

As above so below / below I go..  as my soul feels unformidable / uncomfortable, distraught & destroyed / like lapoliths dissolving into soil/
coiled and coined /

.. sold and bought by the same buyers every weekend / do you think the tree gives a fuck about what side you need shade in?  / blatently impatient / unsteady and steadily waiting on the same old things that kept you incomplacent / belligerently praying , on the day when space and time no longer define how long you'll stay here / keep me awake and far away ../ Far from the illusion of me being this major mistake / "it's all in your head" you say / lying next to my shoulder awaiting day break,  / for Pete's sake will the sun ever rise today /

Screaming and shouting,..

as I start kicking your knees and you stand there proudly / watching me pouting / silence worth a thousand..  

"Don't make a sound,  we're not alike but I can tell you'll end up liking me somehow. "

Haley Jul 1

My rose, my love
You are a blooming flower
Beautiful and unique
You spread hope everywhere you go

But I am a weed
Choking the frail rose
Blocking you from the sun
Preventing you from growing
From reaching your full potential
I'm making your pedals wilt
And slowly killing your beauty

My rose, my love
Don't you see what I'm doing?
I'm suffocating you
I'm stopping you from growing

You are a blooming flower
I am a cruel weed
Draining your energy
Blocking you from the sun

My rose, my love
This weed is not good for you
It is killing you slowly
My rose, my love
Please understand
You will die with me here

So I will leave
Leave the rose to bloom
To spread happiness once again
I will return you to the sun
And bring back your beauty once more

My rose, my love
This wasn't meant to me
You are much more beautiful
Much more beautiful without me

Ill miss you, but it's for the best
Raindrop Jun 25

When the day comes I get tired of dreaming about a stranger, maybe by then I can finally let go of my love and free myself from the love that consumed me.

Maybe by then, I can finally look at you without shedding any tears. And maybe I'll just laugh at the things I wrote about you; even this.

But right now, I can’t let you go―not today, not tomorrow or in the next few years―but someday, I will. And when that day comes and I remember you, maybe I’ll realize that I am far too young and naive now to know something about love, and that I only got swayed by the smaller traps of life. Just like how I found myself getting trapped by the love I have for you.

Someday, I will...

RippedJeans Jun 12

I wish you were,
Still just a human to me.

I don't want to look at you,
And see poetry.

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