And tell me how do I sleep.

Knowing you are someone else’s and not mine

Knowing that I will forever be yours

Knowing that this house that I build

This house with dusts sitting on the other set of china

The one i build after tearing down the walls in this rib cage

House full of echoes. Spitting regrets on the lawn

empty rooms of memories.

This house that you didn't come home to

Tell me how to shut these eyes when I didn't  see you when I should

That my heart was too blind to feel yours

My hesitance caused ache in this chest

The what ifs rings agony,  breed chaos on this sanity

Tell me how can I dream

even there you didn't choose me

Even in my dreams you walked past me

Even in my dreams you didn't love me back.

That I was too late .

Tell me oh please tell me

How do I stay awake knowing I am never yours and you're never mine.
You ain't ever gonna know what it's like

Watching painfully from a distance

Your story as a romance film

Where I am both the writer and the viewer

But someone has taken away my pen

And put your film on rerun

Not knowing how painful it is to watch.

Oh Father, if this is hell then show me the way so I may absolve my sins and wash away this punishment.

Yet again. More pain for someone who'll never know how I feel.
I was not your cup of tea

you said, as I begged you just to take one sip.
Reminding myself she'll never feel the same.
Juno Jul 11
and no matter how hard i try

how i turn a blind eye

how i block you out

how i lie in doubt

how strongly i feel

how i toss and  i turn

i can't let whats not real

affect how i learn

no matter how much i know

in my head, i am smart

in life i lie low

but i lie through my heart.
Freddie Ruiz Jun 26
Though I’m standing across the room from you,
everything else is blurry and the only thing that stands out is you.
The only thing I can describe what I’m seeing is with an ocean view,
so beautiful, that no matter where I go, if you’re there, my only focus is you.

I’ve written many poems about you,
Maybe one day, you’ll get to read them, or I can read them to you.
For some reason I think you know the feelings I’m hiding from you.
I’d ask you to dance, but the closer I get the closer you make him pull you.

Funny how I only got eyes for you when there’s a million people around.
Will changing the rules or breaking them help me out somehow?
Although there’s no ring on your finger I know it’s wrong to desire another man’s woman,
but my heart keeps telling me that besides you, for me there’s no other woman.
Written on September 19, 2006
Composition number: 250
Juno Jul 3
Pink purple blue and
have nothing to say but
It's become reckless and
Don't understand the fear
the fear isn't the only thing
hate, I can't stand the feeling
Mention your opinion
Your facts, the what's and
You sleep at night only
Wake up again
Me again why
kicked me out of your life.
Emily Jul 1
Bittersweet butterscotch summers
Beachside with you
Seasalt caramel evenings with beer
So saccharine sweet

Baby, please break my heart
Chocolate mint biscuits
Break easier than my heart
I’m a lolly shop of love
And I thought I had the flavour
You would take upon your mouth
But I was wrong

Take my feelings
Snap them like honeycomb shards
I know you can do it
Nothing tastes sweet for me anymore
Please, I’m sick of stirring batter
That I cannot bake

I’m choking on bitter almonds
But I would never feed you
Cinnamon cyanide cupcakes
Take a drink from my angel cake cup
Honey lemon tea from me
Or drop the tea cup on the floor

Burn my dulcet agony
Or listen to the tick-tock timer
Because I want to close up shop
Break my candy heart
Between your teeth,
My bubblegum boy, and burst your bubble
Or kiss me with your laffy-taffy lips

Sweet temptation
And sweeter bliss
With this power over me
The choice is yours
But please, break my heart,
My sweet heart
Aly Jul 1
I want that concrete high,
bites of bytes and LED colors,
and a mind numbing,
sound that eats my eyes:

Enter the arcade/
Fingertip oblivion,
I like you.
I don’t know your face though—
I eat candy, sweet like,
It’s sour, bitter, soap on my lips.
PH value adjacent average

    to the right,
I’m in fits. (numb again, clean and greasy)
touch my hand.
Please look at me!
don’t See
C anything.

I wade into
The sea again
thumbs in the sand
just me just then
about failing at communication
Lily Jun 23
What is important to you in this life?
Who would you go to the ends of the earth for,
Never say no to,
Always be willing to help them in any struggle?
Are they able to be helped?
Are they willing to accept your advice and
Assistance, or are they stubborn and prideful?
Do they simply not want your help because
Someone else has a better offer?
If they are like this, why do you still persist
In your attempts to understand them,
Encourage them, and lead them to where
You think is best for them?
If this is your case, I believe you have the answer
To the most challenging question of all;
What is love?
Find me a place to hide.

When he comes back tonight,

Let him see an empty place,

Void of all the emotions  

that I had let him feel.

Let him look through all the crevices,

I will be long gone before he comes.

And when he leaves,

Burn this house down.

Let the fire consume all the stories with itself.

Srabanti Chakrabarty
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