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You make me
So sad
And you don't even
Know that
For a fact

It frustrates me
To keep on waiting
For something
That isn't going
To come

It's like waiting
For stars
To come brightly
When it's clearly
Going to rain

I know that this
Will just get me
Disappointed in the end
Still, I ache for your light
To even close my eyes

But I know
That this longing
And aching
Will soon come
To an end

So just let me
Hold on tight
Until I no longer
Feel like I'd die
Without you in my arms
Bella Isaacs May 20
Pray, seek not glory for thyself for love.
Learn from the master: ‘Tis a waste in shame
To think the earth and sky and wills to move,
To think to make Heaven thunder thy name,
To think that falling stars are thine to keep,
To think that one converse with merfolk can,
To think thou know’st the place where fairies sleep,
Believe thou canst turn stone into a man.
If such, thy sweetest idol, asks for blood,
Wouldst thou grant it him, to appease his wrath?
And even if he asked thee to do good,
Look to his brow, if he a conscience hath;
If such are the demands that thou hast done,
Believe, he is no better than a stone.
Salvador Kent May 19
Go away
Infuriating half intrigue,
Old friend, go away.
*******. There's nothing left here.

Nothing. You took it all
When you took old soul,
Old heart, old friendship
Why come back for more?

What more do you want
Infuriating half Frenchie? They were
Different days where I was drawn
To the way you smiled.

*******. Please.
Leave me alone.
Things are not the same.
They never will be.

And it's a shame...
Because there's something there...
Old friend, there was love there once.
Now there's just a scar.

Old scars left by
The inexplicable
Feeling you had.
The old fire of love...

You're so blue, she once said...
She didn't know the alternative
Was burning red.
Put out the old flame dear,
It's only hurting you now.
Put it out. Love is unbearable,
Blood, fire and roses that's what
It is. Never ending blood fire and
Roses. Old frenchie. Go now.
Leave me alone. It's over now.
Alone. Alone. Alone.
Please. Go. Kiss on a cheek,
Romantic bliss. Dance. France.
Pale moonlight. Old stars.
Blue recently always so blue.
Thought of her eyes. ****. Weep. Days.
You loved her like you loved the birdsong
In the woods. Hours. Days. Months.
Red was the colour of love...
Blood, rose, fire, scar.
Old Frenchie. Old blue eyes.
Old leave me alone I want to be alone
Like I said a year ago. Go to sleep.
Sleep. Please. God is dead. I should be
Dead. To you at least. Inexplicable
Feeling. Old love. Old red. Why can
I never wake up...? Plenty more fish in the sea they say.
I've been half asleep
For days...  leave. *******. *******.
Never ending *******. *******. ****...
It's like a spiritual sequel to blue.
SerenaDuru May 19
My Heart is a rose.
When I share my love with you,
I am showering you with the petals of my Heart.
If you do not appreciate my petals,
my rose may die of sadness at the inadequacy of it’s essence.
do you ever notice,
how i won’t stop making jokes,
just to make you open the curtains,
let your teeth open the blinds,
as they peel apart, crescent moon shaped
letting your natural light flood over us,
even in the dark of mid-morning bleariness.

creating brown eyes glazed in honey,
my morning coffee).

but then somewhere above,
a cloud overcasts the rays.
minor eclipses, everyday
stealing the moment from me.

the sky has a way of telling you to look away,
i think.
but i’ve never been a fan of reality checks,
i don’t think.

as always, it’s bittersweet,
to see you in grey one more time.
a sepia photograph reminding me,
that sometimes what’s for you,
does goes by you, with the wind
never to be had or held again.

but instead of dwelling on it,
i weave these dulled threads into a blanket,
cotton, familiar, protecting,
to put over my heart.
because every time you look at me,
as the light comes in,
i can see exactly what she’s falling,
drowsily, wholeheartedly
in love with.

and i won’t tell a lie, old boy
it hurts.
J Apr 29
The truth is...
we don’t love
the person
we love
because they
love us back.

We just love them.
No reasons.
And quite frankly,
that’s what makes
it so liberating.
Love freely. No reasons.
Pamela Apr 28
What happens to love unrequited?
Does it go back to the lover?
Or does it find another target?
Does it dissolve in the pool of tears shed?
Or does it stay in the heart and weigh it down?

What happens to love untold?
Does it stay in the silence of its own being?
Or in the many little gestures?
Does it find peace in the saddest of melodies..

What happens to love denied?
What happens to love destroyed?
Does it stay in the injustice of it?

Is love all-knowing?
Or is it an ignorant fool?
Is it a product of vulnerability, or maybe the cause itself?
Is it the stairwell to heaven or hell?
Is love overdosed, like *******?
Does it overshadow real pain?
Does love even exist?
Or is it a phantom of your dreams?
Is falling in love the vertigo 'dizzy' ?
Or the comfort 'fuzzy'?
Is the promise of love an eternal lie?
Maybe love is just that - a million unanswered questions, a thousand gazes unmet....
This poem is a result of my musings and curiosity about what love is, when it is one-sided. This poem is a conclusion.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
My biggest fear
is that he marries her
After having spent an entire lifetime
detesting the very idea of it.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
I remember naps with you
God, your arm
         my arm
         your leg
         my leg.
Can we go back there?
Even if just for one day?

You see
my heart was bursting then
and I can still feel it now,
in the same way that I can still smell the salt
on your skin.
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
Everything I've ever loved
I've gripped by the neck,
feeling the air escape

And when they go to eventually leave
I've held on, kicking and screaming
to their pant leg
Demanding an answer to the question of "Why?"
That I really never want to truthfully hear.

It is always: "I don't feel the same."
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