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For hours and days
Besides the darkness , and the breeze upholding the chaos
When it annealing em eyes, to heal the smear  
you roar from inside, till it gets quite again
Meeting yourself
I waited patiently
for them to heal
but, forgot
wounds are
meant to bleed
God's Oracle Aug 12
As I navigate thru the hurls of Life my mind gravitates towards the seductive temptations that linger in the subconscious mindset that I have attained via constant repetitive behaviors that scar me beyond my control and understanding. I hold onto my faith and my sublime thought patterns that perturb my inner soul. Unknowingly recollections of subjected torture and sorrow that I am involuntarily accustomed to...I recite a prayer to my Holy Lord that he remove this impending feeling of agitation and aggravation towards how my mind works and self sabotages it's sober state of being. Maladapted and a Degenerate ******* I am because I do NOT have the strength nor courage to remain in constant contact with my inner self to be able to control my impulses to use Narcotics. Truly, I have finally realized am powerless and deathly spiritually sick with endless intrusive thoughts of ******* on a suicide mission alleviating the symptoms by succumbing to escaping reality thru the Narcotic Amplification slowly self destructing by the utilization of this ******* substances that keep me trapped chained and imprisoned within my body's constantly nagging me to continue to use the drugs to escape my feelings, thoughts and left exhausted and incompetent to deal with Life's struggles and circumstances. Without doubt I know I need to learn to retain my sobriety NO MATTER THE COST. I cannot allow myself to continue to indulge in this illegal substances to temporarily make me feel better make me feel special make me feel extremely desensitized from my current problems I cannot afford to keep running like a ******* coward I must learn to face Life on Life terms...maintain my impulses under control retain my spiritual growth and keep grinding towards keeping my commitment to myself to NOT use anymore because it's slowly making me evil more devilish more violent more sinful and in the end it's just killing me to know I am not practicing self care nor loving myself enough to NOT practice this erroneous behavior that it's making me hate myself more and more daily because it's total insanity to continue to contribute to slowly **** myself due to the fact am literally paying for death every time I use drugs to deal with Life. A decade of this **** **** am so done with it... please Holy God take this punishment away from your Son who without fail believes in you loves you and has unfailing faith that does NOT shake because I rely on Christ to keep me alive and well. Enough of this madness I have walked thru enough darkness to know that am literally losing my willpower to maintain my health, happiness, comfort, belief, faith and livelihood. God I pray thee you relieve my destructive addiction and relieve my painful past allow me to LET IT GO...I know I will continue to fight this enormous disease with a strong composure and continue to sanctify my temple slowly but surely...God May You Walk With Me Thru This Journey Now & Till My Death. Amen!!!
A decade of addiction.
Jammit Janet Aug 7
I wish I could heal your pain
With a touch of my verse
Melt in your mouth
As your substitute painkiller
Your naughty nurse
Shruti Atri Jul 26
Slowly open yourself
To that blinding pain...

You're scared
Of removing the bandage;
That quick fix of dissociation-
A welcome escape
From your crashed reality.

It terrifies you
That you might bleed out,
Or find something worse;
A festered wound
Incapable of healing...

You've closed your eyes
But the world hasn't fallen away;
The clock still ticks
And you need to heal and move on,
To the next chapter waiting to be read...

Overcome the pain you fear,
Find yourself in your darkness
And breathe--

Open yourself,
To the balm of healing...
Take the time and space you need to heal
Jammit Janet Jul 12
Poetry in motion
Hair in the wind
One with my emotions
Dedicated to the present
Full of presence
As I roll around
Words and wheels
Healing the world's essence.
I dreamt that I was in a cathedral I had never seen before
It was empty and serene
It was daytime, yet the candles were lit
The stained glass windows did not allow for too much light
I was wearing formal attire
It was then that I observed a child standing in the left isle
He seemed overcome by sadness and desperately lonely
The young boy came closer
At once he grasped me around my waist
He held me in a tight embrace
His little hands would not let me go
We were caught in a timespace
No words were spoken
Until the distraught boy broke the silence
Please, can I come home with you he pleaded
Though I recognised him from somewhere, I did not know him
Within a blink of an eye we were at home
The boy seemed happy to have found a safe dwelling
And I experienced a sensation of wholeness
Suddenly I woke from my dream within a daze
Trying to gather my thoughts
Trying to make sense of it all
Was it real or just a dream I wondered
Who was that child, and why did he look so incredibly familiar?
But the day had begun and the sun was bursting through the clouds
I stumbled to the bathroom, splashed my face with cold water ... looked in the mirror
At once I realised who the young boy was
It was me … Yes, me ...
I was the child who needed time and space to heal and grow
At an appointed time we met and merged
The pieces of a broken puzzle had come together
The inner child had finally come home
Written by Sean Achilleos
15 July 2021
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Inhale through your nostrils πŸ‘ƒβœ¨
Feel it fill your lungs 🫁✨
Feel it connect you πŸ’†β€β™€οΈβœ¨
To your special place πŸ’–βœ¨
The place where you are love ❀️✨
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Bigger that Xucha πŸš€βœ¨
Jojo Siwa πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€βœ¨
Tatiana, and Mr. Rogers 🎢✨
She creates her own legend πŸ““βœ¨

Building children up πŸ‘Άβœ¨
Educating 🍎✨
People of all kinds of genres πŸ“šβœ¨

Turning all their pages πŸ“–βœ¨
Until she finds the current plot ⏰✨
Ready with her pen ✍️✨
To help them connect the dots \/\/\|\πŸ–Š
To view the bigger and smaller picture πŸ–Ό
With lots of love πŸ’–βœ¨
And pleasant thoughts 🌈✨
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