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Sea 4d
You wanna heal,
Don’t you
But breaking the ingrained patterns of generations
Is hard
But you’ve grasped the idea
And now you just can’t let it go,
This notion that you could be stronger, healthier, more joyful— inviting all of life in through your senses
And just letting go
Of all the heavy burdens that have weighed you down for so long
You’ve spoken your burdens for years
But speaking never beget change
The change you ached for, the transformation you only theorized about
But what you didn’t know
Is that this idea of healing
Was a seed that was planted into your heart
And this kind of seed
Takes a long time to gestate
So even if you haven’t seen visible changes in yourself and in your life
Just know that the seed has cracked open
And is spreading deep roots,
Replacing the roots of your traumas
Your healing, when it is born and continues to grow in its visible manifestation
Will appear differently than how you imagined it
Yet you will be more overjoyed by its reality than by your limited fantasy of it
Your healing
Will be a revolution to yourself and to all those you have ties with
Some won’t understand your changes, neither will you at times
But just continue to listen to your heart, it’s simple, inviting song
And rest in all the beauty that is unfolding before you and within you.
Your scars
Tells the story that your lips could never utter,
Safe in the basement of your heart.
Bloodstains and tear drops have brought us to this moment.
I won’t abandon you now.

They’ll surround us, didn’t think they’d ever find us.
We’re so close to sanctuary and peace.
They’ll have to **** me before I ever surrender.
We can’t hide anymore.

I’ll scream.
You roar.
The wounds you thought would never heal.
The loss of love you never knew.
I’ll love you til the end of time.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
It’s time they know who you really are.
Joanna 7d
As the quiet overtakes and the day moves into the night, my spirit longs for something that's right.

Something that gives me the way out of being continually torn.

And as the light pierces the darkness in the early morn, there is release for my broken heart, to take a new form.

Healing the breach and creating a bridge to living in an hour when everything seems to drive one to the edge.

Giving me the strength to walk without fear, knowing there is a purpose, and it's time to draw near.
Faith we are told is line upon line...sometimes the lines get blurred and sometimes they seem very disconnected. Faith of a mustard seed is all one needs.
Tanya Oct 5
My hand will forget
how to hold onto Yours
and You will slowly fall
into the unknown
forgotten land
of a broken heart’s

and I will remain
but You won’t.
Alya Adzkia Oct 4
there is
no escape
what we had
wasn't real,
was it?
you broke me
Annie Oct 4
The weight of your head,
like the whole globe on your shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.

I’m tired, like all of the stress simply sits on my dreams

while I’m trying to sleep it away,
but I don’t get a break-
not even one day.

At least the bowl isn’t red anymore,
at least the sun is alight.
But I’ve ached for a year now, and it’s still so unclear how
I will heal, or if ever I will.

Keep sunny, keep yellow,
like the lilies in bloom
which sit on the drawers
at the end of my room.

The weight of my head,
like the whole globe on my shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.
The Taste
The Desire
The Sexuality
    Am I amusing you?

The Craving
The Lusting
   Am I the woman you visualized?

Did you come to me
To fulfill your Foolish Trickeries,
your Fantasies,
To be performed before your eyes?

Did you ever think
That I'm going to be
exactly what you want me to be ---
   A Burning Heat
   A Soulless Lustful Treat

Tell me ---
    Does your heart really beat?

And if that heart reveals your truth
Like a mirror that reveals the truth
Will you ever wonder ---
Do you really have a heart?

I wished you came to see
My Truth,
My Purity,
That's here inside my heart

But it's just not what you seek from me..

                                                  - Ella Salvador
(c) September 2019
No. Writing poem is not my hobby
it is how I heal myself

No. Writing poem won't let me be sadder
it is my coping mechanism.

No. writing poem is not my talent
It shows how strong my misery is.
B D Caissie Sep 20
I know hurt, I’ve experienced that pain
Burns of betrayal like tears of acid rain

Scars compared to rings on trunks of trees
Denotes all the years but not all the fees

Quell those wounds with lyrical outlets
Dropping words like a proverbial gauntlet

Don't water those planted seeds of doubt
Let's plow them over and throw them out

Above each day, conquering all one's  fears
Let hope be our tour guide, a new frontier

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