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Night is a cavern,
For pains retreated from war,
To heal and march back!
All waves

turn to smooth waters

Time can and will heal everything
Jo Swan 1d
In my dreams,
I see a Prince,
His eyes gently glint.
Has his Holiness come?
I cry to him not all is well.
In my loneliness,
passion for life has languish.
Spirit tainted by sinful spell,
I’ve drank the cup of anguish?
Will the heart heal?
His calm silhouette-
caress me with warm zeal.
Heaven and Earth embrace as one.
In pain, I can survive.
Like the radiance of the Sun,
I feel my spirit revive.

With the wind,
the Prince disappears
like pollinated petals.
I implore him to reappear.
I’m a vulnerable child;
afraid to be back in the wild.
His voice whispers
that it is time to awake.
He will not forsake me.
One day when I’ve blossom,
I’m destine to meet him again.
With his holy army,
slanderous shadows will flee.
With the Prince of Peace,
Life’s lamenting will one day cease!

(c) Jo Swan
Jo Swan 3d
Born in Dusk,
the daughter of shadows
inherit parent’s pain
for which she does not know.
Past sins have left a stain.

Born to the world of lies,
Her life- a dark drama.
Her blood infected by
the virus of trauma.

Secrets shroud in shadows
from the time before birth.
Cursed by forgotten woes,
Will the truth be unearth?

She’ll one day see the Light
That will melt the shadows
As it burns blazing bright.
Stars written in her fate
To be awake from dark
And release all past hate!

(c) Jo Swan
Sometimes we inherit our parent's pain.
SB Oct 2017
When I looked into the sky,
The wave of blue that is the same shade of
Your eyes crashed over me.

My heart ached when saw that color.
It was like having to kiss you
All over again.

There was not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees.
Our first date was at night.
I have not felt this warm in months.

I reached my arms out in front of me,
Palms toward the sky,
Basking in the heat that refilled me.
I was consuming the sun.
You were my strength
But you've left me so weak
I think that I lied
I've missed your warmth on my cheek
**** it there I go
I've told you how I truly feel
**** me there you go
Forgetting me, and I won't heal
In need of more strength this holiday season. Stop hiding from me.
ronli Nov 9
don't bring yesterday's regrets
into today's opportunities
ronli Nov 7
How much I could do
With no fear
Sarah Grace Nov 6
I passed by your home everyday of my childhood,
knowing what transpired there,
knowing all you did and said.

When your hands touched my body
I was a child
I did not even know there was a name for what you did
I did not even know you silenced me again and again
I did not even know everyone around us kept your secret
I did not even know everyone I told had a duty to protect me.

If they would have done their job,
I would not have had to
walk past your home everyday of my childhood,
knowing that you were behind that green door.
I would not have had to fear you would walk out
and take another piece of my childhood away.

You put the darkness of the world
on the shoulders of a child.

You forced people who loved me into impossible positions and caused mistakes to be made.

You forced me to forgive not only you but everyone who knew and still did nothing.

You caused mistrust to run rampant in my mind
but I lend you my pity
because I can only imagine
what is running rampant in yours.
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