I want moon,
and patience in my soul,
it's been a while since
they were last together in me!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

being broken is the only way to heal
let the light get in instead of creating a seal

I am sewing a dress
with the thread of strength,
And knots of ambitions,
And when it’s ready,
Then will iron it
with the remission,
I am sewing my broken soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

Deep in slumber
these days
cannot open my eyes
dreaming sometimes
of what I do not recall
But slumber heals me
from within
I do not forget when awake
but helps me to smile again
with a new sign of freshness.

Slumber gives a rest to the weary soul

Our office building
Is in the maintenance procedure
Lot of cracks and paints are out
So those are being fixed


Cracks are made
to be more cracked
To fill up the whole
crack from beneath.
A thought sparked -
our hearts too cracks
or breaks sometimes.
Let’s break it more
to heal it from beneath
and to be whole
filling up with love.

– 17th May, 2017

healing from within
Ellie Geneve May 17

"I hope you heal all the wounds you want to heal"

You might not want to heal all wounds
Sun Smriti May 8

Nothing heals to die inside again
It gives birth of strength
Hold that till you breathe

You can evolve each day like the sun does
Rise again as dusts rise with the air

If the sunset glows don't make you smile
Be sad, be the caged bird
as if your wings are clipped
Thoughts are tired, feet are tied for awhile
But you sing the songs of your freedom

Have you seen the birds who flew thousand of miles together
But before reaching home.... one was lost?
Can you imagine ~
Is there anything sadder than the bird who lost its beloved, searching here and there
Drenching in the rain and screaming like a whistle of the standing train?

You will cry your soulful cry
You'll heal. You'll love yourself.

You can see yourself through all the glasses of life
Beautiful. Broken. Stained. Grey.
Transparent. Reluctant.
Soul-guarded on your own

You live. You learn.
You fall. You rise

To compose the lyrics of your freedom
To complete the journey with meanings
To sing the songs of your life.....

Elioinai May 5

I work with hands of glass
Such tiny victories!
to see the little fractures heal
in rest and quietness and joy
Such tiny victories!
after toil takes a heavy toll
and breaks me open once more
Such tiny victories!
breathe and laugh as the heavy moments pass
remember peace will come at last
Even if my hands are always glass

I'm currently dealing with morning depression, caused by my hormone imbalance. My life is good, I have wonderful friends and family, and I have Jesus, but it's very difficult. I often think I'm in a better place, and do too much, or get excited, or I worry and get anxious just a little, and it has a snowball effect on my mind and health.

Once upon a time,
there was a princess
named Luna, she
ruled the kingdom
of the moon, until
the queen, the former,
now elderly, ruler had
passed away, so the
kingdom disappeared
and the princess was
left to wander the
stars, her heart
was a void of
sadness after the
queen died and the
kingdom dissolved
with the mist, she
roamed the shadows
of space, until
she found a
peculiar light,
upon floating
closer, she found
the prince of the sun,
he was also sad, as
his planet was
engulfed by a
larger star, the
princess said
to him, "we are
both very sad,
so we will heal
each other"
they held hands,
feeling the power
of their hearts
glowing the
light of love,
and together,
they birthed the
new kingdom of
Luna and Sol

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