the pain is real;
and these
are scars
that won't heal.

Effect it has
Makes me strong
A better human
Ally Ann Jan 10
The moment I realized I could be more than my past
I found the key that unlocked the door
that was holding back my potential,
wings made of sunshine
and a halo that burned just as bright
my soul finding the light that almost forgot its existence
old fingers turned new
and years of sorrow transformed into
something that felt more real
more alive than my own heart had felt
in 10 years
there was a change
that broke open my veins
cracking my ribcage as it
took flight towards something different
than the ash and dark it was trapped in
and a longing crawled out
past my teeth
that were no longer fangs
and that longing was for life
something that I forgot that I had
and never expected to feel again
Ayushi Gupta Jan 9
i told him
he can cry
like for a million times
that it's okay
if he feels
to pour out some of his deeds
or to sound like 'un-man'
for a fraction of second
or for hours or weeks .

but he stood fake smiling
swallowing the moist feels
he cared
he thought
both too much I could see.

'i do not like crying'
he repeats
for a million times
in my defeat.
to the boys or people who consider crying as synonymous to weakness.
She Writes Jan 9
I love the way you hold
All the pieces of my dying heart
Determined to heal me
From pain caused by those before you
gabrielle Jan 9
if he needed me in that instance
and i am nowhere to be found.
could i be back at that exact time
to be with him ?

if he had left me and i am hurt,
i am wounded.
would it heal ?

if he died at that sudden time and
i can't breathe anymore too.
can i live again ?

you answered,
" Time heals all wounds,
no matter how deep it is. "

i do not believe you,
the emptiness in mine wouldn't
be filled again.

not without him.
not these wounds.
not these bruises and slashes.
i'll just accept that from now on,
i am scarred.
Deb Jones Jan 2018
We all have battle scars.
We can heal the wounds on our bodies, but we can’t heal the wounds of the soul. The scars they leave are there forever. We have to learn to live with them. We have to choose to live beyond them.
Meeting you was an accident,
You are the scar
I never want to heal from.
Sophia Jan 5
if you feel insecure
let me hold you tight
i will love you
when you can't love yourself.

if you start to fall
let me be your wings
i won't let you hit the ground
or at least let me hit it first

when you're in pain
i can try and be your medicine
but i know i can't cure you
unless you let yourself be

don't destroy yourself
i can't keep putting you back together
eventually i'll run out of thread
and my needle is wearing thin

please don't leave because i stayed
don't break me when i'm already so
stop blaming me for hurting you
when i'm the one with the bandaid
and you're the one with the blade.
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