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Bee 4d
sometimes it feels like
i haven’t really woken up
until the sun has begun
its descent into the background
where i’m afraid that i’ve faded
in and out for most of my time
never quite getting the focus right

because i am filled with clouds
and rain and fog and god
they are beautiful but i am so
sick from how they fill me up
and droop heavily over my eyes
until the gray drapes over everyday
i’m sure i’ve never known how
it feels for the summer to stay

so i will rise with the sun and run
and drink tea in the morning and
use its light to illuminate the things
i never had the chance to find
the clouds loom overhead because
they always do
but i want to see what’s on the other side
and walk away with my head held high
while i fall in love with the sun
I'm caught in a forest
My glass frame is jagged and shattered
I give in to a distant call to rest
And I search for somewhere to lay my head
The forest is quiet
A whisp broke me and left
And I'm alone to care for a grove
I am broken, I am scared, I am upset
Something ahead of me
Trapped in the overgrowth
It can't be!
My armor, my friend, my beautiful cog!
Oh! What have I done to you?
I check it's inner workings
Gears clogged with vines and branches
Iron rusted through
Until I wander deep enough
And I find the source of my distant whisper
My hearth
Once a great and burning flame
To move my cog so powerfully
So patiently
I climb in
And flames long dead begin to burn once more
It melts my glass
And smooths me out
And I lay my head to rest
I close my eyes
When I open them again
I see through the juggernaut's eyes
And I burn so hot from my pain
The overgrowth burns away
Rusted parts shatter away
A plume of smoke billows from me
I am a cog once more
I feel so heavy
So tired
But oh so powerful
A great machine finds me in this grove
And offers me a place in it's inner workings
Other cogs inside, made of shining steel greet me
We grind and toil away
And I feel so at home
After harming and being harmed by a beautiful whisp
Who I now understand never truly understood me
Nor did I understand them
They fled from me
Left me so alone
But I am strong once more
I am so tired
I feel safe and complacent
So I will rest and let my body fall into routine
I will sleep
I will obey my new machine
I will dream
New experiences aren't for everyone. I hurt people and was myself hurt by my confusion, fear, and ignorance. I was then abandoned and now I do nothing but work and rest and while I'm not happy, I do feel steady. I feel safe.
Kara Shirlene Feb 18
Mother Earth
No sacrifice She makes
Is small
At the hands of many
Who do not honor
Her at all.

And yet each Spring
New life is born
Flowers bloom
And the animals play
Hope made new
From Winter's gloom.

But the hands of men
Need to understand
Her resilience
Will not last.
And that all humans
Have a responsibility
To preserve Her brilliance-

Mother Earth
Her weight on our shoulders now
Yet She continues to give.
From Her roots & soils; harvest is plenty
Into our bellies
So that all may live.

May we set aside
Our pride and ego
And all our selfish industrial waste
Get back to nature; honoring Her lands
Great care we need to take
Of Mother Earth for all our days.

©KSS 2/18/2021
Written in honor of #UULENT day 2. Word of reflection: Earth
Steve Page Feb 13
Within the long Selah,
deep in the chasm of the pause,
His words sink,
down into the cracks,
into the gaps
and salves where bitter words
were once rooted
and grew to sprout a harvest
of self recriminations
to the third and fourth generation.

Within the long Selah,
in that cleft
his seed begins
a fresh sowing
and leaves new promise
of a fresh crop
of sweeter fruit.
The Psalms include the use of the word, Selah - thought by some to be a musical term, denoting a pause.  This years been a long pause.
Alicia Moore Feb 10
Her healing smile shines bright,
yet my wound reopens in this light.
I begin to bleed,
a flow so heavy I feel my head spin...
I cannot be freed if her faux grin is not exiled.
Tea Feb 8
We learn out of hurt.
Saying I don't want to hurt
again, is not wise.

pain is not a bad thing if
you can heal again.

Healing is simple.
We can forget the pain once
we decide on it.

Sometimes it takes time
it is not always easy
since we overthink.

We think we are the
special case and sink into
self pitty again.

We accept our bad
parts and fail to see that we
can improve instead.

Special cases are
rare and the chance that you are
one is very slim.

So don't think the hurt
is too big for you to take
since you are stronger.
Allesha Eman Jan 31
How does your desire to heal foreign wounds
translate into open skies
of flaming reds and solemn blues
ready to soak up all the rain
that drizzles on the frontlines
you’ve carved along the horizon
of pain still unspoken for

and you do everything to make it yours
Lost Property Jan 26
Mum says “light a candle, burn some incense”
but mum my inner sense is the only thing stopping me from burning myself to the ground because I can’t stand the light anymore.

Nan says “your'e too bright to be depressed”
but the bright sparks that flicker of a memory that is dark, and the flame only reminds me that everybody I love is someday gonna die.
But mum..... nan...... i’m not afraid of the dark, that’s the problem.

It’s hard to have fun when i don't feel like having fun.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not that i don’t want to go to the party,
I WANT to go to the party,
but i’m stuck in an abusive relationship with depression and anxiety and they talk me out of going.
Cancel plans last minute, making up a physical illness,
because "sorry I'm too depressed to see u" sounds utterly ridiculous.
Jay M Jan 21
Their song
Tells of ages great and long
Warriors found and forged
Along the beaten path
Souls deeply bound
Great foes emerged
Faced with mighty wrath

Drinks all shared
Stories of deeds dared
Battles to the very brinks
Of what sanity each knows
Upon steeds of white they rode
Bringing but death and remaining humanity
No matter how ill the journey may indeed bode

Not every battle
Was fought riding in the saddle
With sharpest sword or strongest ax
Nor concealed dagger or fearsome fist
But in walls of roaring metal
With sharpest words and strongest facts
Concealed stagger and fearsome twist
Leaving wounds to bleed
Perhaps more than a visible ****
Fuel to deed great or foul
Perhaps to lash and scowl
To yearn and to feel
To learn and to heal

- Jay M
January 21st, 2021
Like battles of fantasy, but not quite.
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