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Riju Gupta Sep 2
I remember
Cool brezze at night
Shinning stars in sky
Birds chirping at dawn
Sun rising in east
People walking to their farm

I see
Polluting brezze at night
Darkness in sky
drunkard shouting at dawn
Sleeping as sun rise
People walking to their hallow life

I remember
Kids in street
Families in house
Love in lives
Health became wealth

I see
Kids with tab
People in house
Greed in life
Wealth became health

I remember
The joy
The love
The care
The bond
The happiness
All shared

I see
The pride
The envy
The greed
The jealousy
The loneliness
All given

I remember
The days of past left
To became what
I see
Remembering the past when everything was simple
Myrrdin Aug 21
A world of chaos fell into silence
The stillness slowly sank into her
Warmth crept into chilled bones
As the dust settled, she wondered
"Is it wrong of me to be this safe,
And be lonely for my old fears?"
When I finally embrace death,
I want him to tell me
I am warm and comfortable.
Butterfly Jul 26
After that night I've never felt comfortable again.
Could've stayed because you had no reason to leave.

You were to selfish to give me a part of your happiness
Dyed my hair black, cut bangs and now I look like Edna from the Incredibles. No regrete
Zack Ripley Jul 16
it's time to let myself go.
It's time to give up.
It's time to let everyone know
That I finally believe
That I'm worthy of love. Praise.
That I'm finally comfortable
in my own skin.
And if I can feel that way about myself
I have faith you can too.
It all starts by looking within.
Connor May 23
A house is not a home until it becomes comfortable
A home is something you build
A home is something that when people it they breathe it in and say that is absolutely....
that it's everything that encompasses you
everything that could ever mean
and that's what I want to be for
I want everyone to look at us and say wow you are perfect for each other
all the little nooks and crannies are filled with all the right things
love and dreams
any cracks in the walls accentuated perfectly
Flaws becoming perfection
everything I see in my home is perfection
because I see in you everything
I want to be comfortable with
I am most comfortable with
I want you to be my home
The home that my heart yearns to go to every night
the home that I miss every second that I am away
The home that I can always call my own and never be afraid to be true to myself and to you
Angela Rose Apr 8
And maybe home isn’t a brick house and a wrap around porch and a foundation built on a plot of land after all

Maybe home is two arms, and two bright eyes and and a mouth saying “I’m so proud of you. I know you’re trying”
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