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riri Oct 2022
there are two types of love i've experienced, but none were everlasting

there is the love that is electric, the chemistry is undeniable
you can spend hours talking to them and not one moment will ever be dull
your mind becomes addicted to this person, they become your drug
you saw forever in that person's eyes the first time you ever looked in

then there is the love that is calm, the chemistry isn't really there though
you love them and would do anything for them, yet that electricity is missing
it's a calm type of love, the kind where you can be your 100% self
you found a best friend, yet it's not the "i see forever with you" type of love

the day i find my soulmate is the day i find both of these things in one person.
but most importantly, you need to fall in love with yourself first before you give your heart out to anyone else
The best place
I ever lived
was in your heart,
I am no longer cold.
Indonesia, 9th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
A M Ryder Aug 2021
Why are you here?
Things can change
Tomorrow could
Be different
You have your thing
That's not unattainable

Maybe your
Version is
The person you feel
You can open up to
Maybe it's a place
You know
You can be safe

But it's out there
And it's not
That far away
aspen wilde Jul 2021
we learn to navigate the darkness
learn to let it seep through our souls
that way it's no longer unnerving
it's comfortable and beautiful
the beauty of being nocturnal is one i wouldn't trade for anything
LC Apr 2021
is something I wish someone would have said when I was falling through the depths of hell and my spirit was being burned over and over again and my voice was eroding while they cast my pain aside and took my power away so they could feel comfortable. they forced me to stuff the feelings deep within my heart and look perfect for the pictures so they could feel comfortable. they kept pushing me more and more, even though every cell in my body was joining forces to keep me from falling apart, so they could be comfortable. my body and mind were wrung out and tattered, and I thought the only way out was to do it myself. i would have given anything for them to say "I'm worried about her" and actually DO something about it. but they wouldn't have been comfortable with that, would they?
#escapril day 10!
GQ James Nov 2020
Took the risk of branching on my own,
It has been far from easy,
I held down my own,
Being grown is being able to survive on your own,
I stay in my zone,
I can be around many but still feel alone.

Ain't nothing like being at home,
Being in a house isn't being at home,
Home is where you're comfortable,
Not every place and every person is comfortable,
The ones we can trust make us comfortable.

Clothes still in the suitcase,
Everything still where it was,
My body is here but my heart is elsewhere,
You can't help where you feel comfortable,
Can't help who you feel comfortable with,
The heart knows what the heart wants,
The heart knows where the heart belongs.
The chaotic street;
And rushing crowd,
Processing in the midst of the chaos.
The chaotic mind;
And thundering veins,
Artistry in the midst of the chaos.
The chaotic skin;
And gleaming bones,
The stupor in the midst of the chaos.
The chaotic tongue;
And communicating fingers,
The fire in the midst of the chaos.
The chaotic heart;
And vibrating lips,
Pervading in the midst of the chaos.
The chaotic soul;
And sparkling eyes,
Authenticity in the midst of the chaos.
shifting or steady,
seasonal or structured,
The chaos has to be intriguing.
How beautiful the chaos is!
How peaceful the chaos feels!
Verses hold relevance like a broken crayon,
The magic in the poetry; the comfort in the chaos.
- Aishwarya Kulkarni
Riju Gupta Sep 2020
I remember
Cool brezze at night
Shinning stars in sky
Birds chirping at dawn
Sun rising in east
People walking to their farm

I see
Polluting brezze at night
Darkness in sky
drunkard shouting at dawn
Sleeping as sun rise
People walking to their hallow life

I remember
Kids in street
Families in house
Love in lives
Health became wealth

I see
Kids with tab
People in house
Greed in life
Wealth became health

I remember
The joy
The love
The care
The bond
The happiness
All shared

I see
The pride
The envy
The greed
The jealousy
The loneliness
All given

I remember
The days of past left
To became what
I see
Remembering the past when everything was simple
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