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Michael A Duff Nov 2017
please let me lay by your side for hours that stretch into years, we can talk about thousands of nothings that make us comfortable so we can have a lifetime of somethings with meaning.
The goal of true love is deep and broad
Jeff Lewis Sep 21
I like Honey.

Honey likes sugar in her coffee.

And, I love Honey at my side,

Sipping dark heaven’s roast.

Hers, a bit sweeter than mine.
Dominique Aug 28
Sadness is a cotton t-shirt
Homely with food stains from stay-inside days
Creased by wringing hands that clawed to be held
Softened by the nails which balled into themselves
While you bawled your way past another attempt at productive action

Sadness is life with no mirrors and hair that's not-quite-greasy
But could easily survive a warm tangle with the shower
With nobody watching there's no body that needs washing
Not even your own eyes follow you around your moulding little corner

The fabric envelops you, swallows you whole, it's aromatic
Takes on the perfume of your ex-girlfriends, a sighing august breeze
Then returns to catch your tears like loose pearls in a world-wide fishing net
Water you shouldn't dare lose, won't bother to replace, watch the headaches

Sadness is not an appealing article of clothing
You couldn't sell it on e-bay or depop for anything above a pound
But you can sleep in it, hide in it, wear it out onto the street
To buy milk, grab the paper, greet the neighbours

Meet your friends

They might scratch at a crumb with the nail of their pinkie
But your fashion choices are not what drew them here
You'd get away with ******, the way they let you parade around
In sadness quite soft, sadness quite comfortable, sweet

Because sadness is a cotton t-shirt,
Baggy enough to muffle a pounding heartbeat.
"unless I live forever, I have to keep writing this ****"
I'm not even sad at the moment so who knows what hole this came out of :)
Bhill Aug 22
What, me Normal?

I hear this and wonder

I want my normal back

Have your heard it

Normal is personal
I want it back
Normal is comfortable
I want it back
Normal is safe, at least my normal is
I want it back
Normal is filled with my energy
I want it back

I don’t want your normal
I want mine...!

Brian Hill - 2019 #
Just wondering what is your normal.
Zoe Grace Aug 15
Absolute bliss
Sinking deep into the blankets
Sighing into the pillows
After a long, stressful day.
Finally, now i can sleep!
I've lived in the outskirts all my life
I've met in the outskirts my friends and my wife
I've built in the outskirts a comfortable hive
I'll make in the outskirts my kids, four or five
I've been here in outskirts both night and day
I went to school, college, work in the same place
I've never been made aware of any other way
Than the one I've been using in outsirkts again and again
The outskirts are comfortable, the outskirts are safe
Nothing's ever going down there, neither good nor bad
There is no grand ambition behind its bland face
No life goals or life to love behind its made bed
In outskirts I've lived, loved, ate, ******, slept, dreamt, hated, berated, been bored and amused, adored and abused, depleted, exhausted, destroyed and rebuilt, encouraged and spewed, all encompassing comfort of life's dullest views
The outskirts are comfortable, they are always secure
In outskirts I've lived my whole life and more
All outskirts look the same, but mine is the best
For my outskirts is where my humble home stands
I'm an outskirts lad, born and raised. It's a comfortable life, but oh so boring.
thesa Aug 5
i'm paralyzed
my eyes hurt and i can't stop
the voices inside my head

tell me
which sense does the cure have
when i was comfortable
in my insanity
keksich Jul 21
maybe at the age of 42 i can understand humans. just maybe i actually accepted endless reasons for certain human trauma we all engage in. it had no logic that behaviour should be steered from behind the cloud of the doubt, but still, it was. for so long trapping attention to do useless automated actions was the dominion of some kind. nobody gets to be comfortable with it. they all learn to lean on tricks and within the trickery importance leaves. forget about endless efforts and ride - they have said. i couldn't. intention is my ride. or, was. i have lost some of it, so now i understand difficulties better. it feels so alone, but peaceful once i got through the fear. i can understand how and why they achieve the goals, and it is not on the bright side. on the sunny side, not being comfortable is manageable by being certain in just one thing, time is everything and it is always now.
Pagan Paul Jul 17
My love and I went out a'walking,
that is when we both ceased talking.
Loving, being free and alone together
despite the rain and inclement weather.
Yes the rain fair soaked us through
but it felt just like a shower for two.
All of this along with chirping birds
the moment we stopped using words.

© Pagan Paul (17/07/19)
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