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Lily Jan 28
~I love how when we talked today, there were no awkward pauses. There was just comfortable silence; can it please be like that everyday?~
I love talking with you
Maddie M Jan 24
scars on her body.
skin isn't clear,
stretch marks,
roaming eyes, they peer,
it's not perfect.
still, she covers up,
layers of clothes,
to hide away the imperfections
that many other girls
show off in mid-sections.

black veils
black everything,
so they won't know.
years of years of self inflicted damage
don't worry sweetie cover it up with a bow.
As a women, learning to value, care, and love yourself, is a must!
"To fit in" used to be the definition of comfortable to me.
"To fit in" meant that people won't judge you.
"To fit in" means being accepted.
Why not blend in with the crowd?
Following the rules is relaxation to the mind.
Your choices are already made for you.
But yet I had to find myself in order to be happy.
I had to stop living up to people's expectations.
I had to stop being something I'm not.
I had to be Creative.
I have to be Different for the sake of my Happiness.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Every night
When am in bed
All i think about is
Holding me
I don't think
I'll ever let someone this close
I don't know
Maybe i hoped
Something would change
My mistake
But still
You will always
Be that someone for me
That someone
I will always need
When am alone at night
When i want someone to hold me
Without saying a word
Just letting me
Sink into
Someone i would hold hands with
Without hating it
Someone i will feel comfortable with
But only
At night
Cause that's what i will always be to you
That's how it will always be
Just you
Just me
Never us
My mistake
Gira Dec 2018
There is a fine line between comfortable and safe
Because being comfortable is the reverse of being safe
When you’re uncomfortable you have all of your walls up
Nobody gets in
If you hadn’t been comfortable maybe he wouldn’t have left you in the dust
Picking up the broken pieces of your heart
But like a jigsaw puzzle lost to time
You couldn’t find all the pieces
You’re broken and it’s because you were comfortable with him
There’s a stutter in your throat when you say
“I- I l-lo-love y-ou”
Because “I love you” means comfortable and comfortable means being hurt again
And he can’t understand why it comes out so broken
He can’t understand why you try to keep yourself uncomfortable around him
Because the last time you were comfortable
You were harassed until the only option you could see to get out was a thread and a tree
And a goodbye
Because comfortable sounds like hugs and kisses and warm nights cuddled in bed
But the reality of comfortable is
Pain and vulnerability and never being able to trust again
Maybe you’d have been safer being uncomfortable
Is this a rant? Am I good at poetry?
Probably not
Madison Greene Nov 2018
my body is my home
I have let many people come and go for the hope that they would find it comfortable enough to stay
the truth is each time I thought they would
but I'm beginning to think I am better off being admired from afar
spend a little time in me
you'll find the girl I wish I wasn't behind closed doors
my windows are all broken
and there's dirt on all my floors
Anya Sep 2018
Largely white
except splotches
of color
of personality
paper weights
the chair
The screens
of the electronic appliances
for a more professional feel
with touches of beige
the carpet
the outlets
Florescent lights
shockingly white
shockingly bright
Is my teacher's desk
NC Aug 2018
She is not thriving in the fancy place
but she grow up with the fertile mind
Other people think like she is in prison
But she feels like in mansion

She grow up and feel comfy
Stuck in her own routine
Doesn't makes her feel unlucky

No one can judge her, she doesn't care
She will prove it someday
What she's been prepare.
©anecstatic 2018
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