She told him

Her love is from
The Moon to back

He told her

His Love is from
The Heart to the Soul

He in She
She in He
Their Journey continues
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Journey towards infinity
I’m not beautiful in the ways the world wants me to be
A creation far from what you’ve seen before.
Wide nose with full lips,
brown skin and wide hips.
Internal scars from being beaten and torn,
external scars from changing through seasons.
With a gap in my teeth and confidence in my walk
I defy what has been described as the epitome of beauty.
he was the one

he had the cosmics in his eyes
and magic in his touch
he smiled when he sighed
and his hands were a little rough
he was beautiful in a way
that it was a secret to those who knew him
and it was a privelege to say
that I know everything

he was the one
who had me running and hoping and praying to my phone
nervous and axious that he'd laugh at my stupid jokes

he was the one who saw me with no makeup on
and stayed up sleepy talkin' bout crazy things til' dawn

he was the one
who ripped me sore with betrayal of a different shade of lipstick on his stained white collar

he was the one who stitched me back with fake apologies
and since it wasn't quite genuine
I had splitted at the seams

he was the one
who made me understand
the heart of the silly, pathetic girls
I used to scoff at

he was the one
who taught me greed
that sometimes people want more than they need

he was the one
he was.
yellow soul Jul 2
He was so insecure, never got noticed,
He always stayed out of the picture,
But then one day he got really drunk
It was his only way to overcome
All his anxiety, and fear He went to this party
And saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen
He knew he didn’t have a living chance with her
But he just couldn’t stop thinking about this perfect girl
One night he got a message, it was from her
The most perfect girl ever,
They started talking and he knew he was in love with her
But everything they got close she would push him away
He was broken because he really loved her
That’s when he found out his mom was sick
He was so filled with life he couldn’t take it anymore
He found some pills and swallowed them
He waited,
But then he got thinking, he didn’t want to die,
He ran to his sister’s room asking for help,
He survived,
The perfect girl almost killed him
But he was so in love he fell right back into her arms
He really struggled to rib her walls down,
But when he finally got them down
He realized she was just as messed up as he was
She kept letting him close and then pushing him away
He got even more depressed,
He started drinking to forget about her
and his mom who got even sicker
she asked him if they could be just friends
and all he wanted was for her to be happy
so, he agreed
but he couldn’t stand the thought of her with another man
in the middle of his deepest depression, his mom passes away
she wanted to be there for him,
but she heard that he had found a new girl
so, she stayed away
until she came to a party drunk and insecure
she knew she didn’t have a chance
but then it all happened again
they discovered, depression gets easier when you are together.
Audra Jul 2
He is back in the business
And I’ve seen it for myself,
But then why do I feel it’s not over?
Like this is the beginning
Of something with potential
To be good or bad.

I should feel like
Flowers, sunshine, and happiness;
I’m really not complaining
(You would know if I was).
But I’m still not convinced
By the smile on his face.
If the boy is back in my life, why can’t I just take it as it is on the surface?
J Fizzle Jun 25
Armor and mud
Sword shield and blood
Drum beats and fire,
March on the Shire.
Fiddle and Fife,
Spittle and knife.
The piglet squeals,
Fat crackles and peels.
If you want more, let me know.
Moeshfiekah Jun 23
We fought but that voice over the phone convinced me that you'd be better off. So we fell out of love and years went by as our song faded .
Others convinced me we were not a match and I drowned trying to save you.
Moeshfiekah Jun 23
How can a single spirit wrap me in a silk cloth of sentimental affection  and without notice drown me in love and desired passion . How can I ... fall at such mercy for my own emotions and admit to myself that he/she is the one.

And I'll walk past and never say a thing
And hold my structured face strong. As society willed us to.
Two faced mind
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