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Quinn Adaire Apr 27
I’ve waited
I’ve waited so long
Since the day
I asked you to stay
And I looked for you
Do you know how long?
I looked for you
All these years
But you never
Looked for me once
Did you?

I’ve waited in this Wonderland
So long that the lush flowers and plants
Rotted, so I was left here alone
With yellow grass and sharp thorns
I’ve been waiting for my knight in shining armor
For so long, but he never came
Where are you now?
You said you’d come back for me
But you never did.
Original poem:
Meet me where
The moonbeams grow
And the sun likes to stop and chat.

Meet me where
The smiles prance
Through lush fields of poppies and grass.

If you never come to see me
If you never come to see,
I’ll meet you wherever you are
Wherever, whenever, you are.
Toska Apr 26
He painted his face each morning
In the most eccentric colors.
To make her forget the dullness
Of the world around her.

Hi I'm new to this. Still figuring out how it all works haha. Hope you'll enjoy my poems, can't wait to read yours ! x
crybaby Apr 17
entwined in the altogether
he calls me baby

we soul kiss as he caresses my complexion
he embraces me, I discern I am his
during the passion, he is mine

sundered, endearment is bygone
our romance is maybe
disoriented and forsaken, my days are now rainy
Soni Apr 13
Today I am lost

Not the lost where you don’t know the way

yet you know the destination,

But the scarier one,

The one where you don’t know the destination... period

So what happens to the journey?

Where does she go without him?
today I am lost and so is she

Today I ask and so does she:

When in the world is he?
The beauty of the eyes is priceless,
For it is He that I saw and still see.
Mind if I interrogate this being?
Never did I saw such raunchiness!
Are you a model?
I mumbled at the far right corner with my mouth dripping.
Jocular mind he possessed,
I glimpsed at he every second
For my myocardium throbs too swift to be focused.
Isn't it a surprise?
How could one ever be so dexterous?
As a being astonished by all his deeds
I ought for more of him
For he is too mischievous to be lone.
The poem talks of a young lady who fell head over hills in love with a very handsome and attractive man as she first saw him. She questioned herself about his sexiness and how wise he was & became curious to know more about him.
You said a lot that I heard,
Yes I heard, I heard and I heard!!!
From the tandalum to the pendulum
Means of communication!
That's how it spread.

In denial like always
Change is a rare gem with man of your cabiler
How your canard reduce your knowledge
I thought meliorism would make some impact
Never knew you're a colubrine
Now nothing is obfuscate on your side!
"Dija Jr"
jacquelyn Feb 17
now i'm just a ghost in your bed
can you feel me where i used to lay my head
do you miss me
i hope you miss me
Mae Feb 3
He feeds my soul
Sings my song
Dances my rhythm
Paints my smile
From within
He sees me
Hears me
Plays my strings
He feeds my soul
maria Jan 31
He told me once
he doesn't like short hair
I cut my hair short

Still losing the breaking heart game tho
trying to move on
and change things
still hurts you
in the beginning

Written on January 22, 2020
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