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He wept for her bleeding heart
when she had no more tears to shed.
She fought with all her might
to save him from his demons.
He waived his morals for her freedom.
She waived hers for his.
The ransom was their lives.
The bet was their love.
Until they didn't have anything left
but memories of what once was,
what could have been, what it should be.
He held out his hand for her to hold
when she was afraid and unsure.
He comforted her worried heart
with the strength of his smile.
He saved the last of her will
with the warmth of his words.
And then with all the things he did for her,
he became the love she knew.
Once upon a time,

He loved me.
Mary Frances Nov 5
He lived a perfect life.
He was good, unselfish, affluent.
And they thought he was happy.
He smiled, laughed.
But inside, he always knew.
His life was a lie.
He lived a life good for two.
Yet, he loved truly.
That's the only truth he knew.
And all they had was a note after.
Written were his woe, his joy, his wish, himself.
He was then beside the Moon feeling her warmth,
embracing her beam.
His empty sorrows ended.
He was finally liberated.
I would like to dedicate this entry to our LGBT brothers and sisters who are still persecuted by society because of their preferences. And are still living a life that's expected of them because of these persecutions. I was inspired in writing this after reading a book where the main character's father committed suicide after his daughter discovered who he really was. He didn't want to live a life of lie anymore and wanted to be true to himself but he also didn't want to destroy the family he built. He was torn between his family and himself. He couldn't take it anymore so he decided to end it forever and just left a note for her daughter saying he'd always love her.
He is
What she wishes
She is
What he believes

She hesitate initiation
He slys facing
Days passing
Without chating

He makes
The first move
She starts
The endless trip

Her broken soul
He perfectly joined
His empty heart  
She completely filled
White Light Oct 29
... We were surrounded by the blue sky,
by the mountains and the white lights.
... I was looking at you like no one else has ever done,
and that was good enough,
to make me forget were I came from.
... I felt something strange in my heart,
like if someone had pressed the button "Re-Start".
That made me feel different,
as if my ****** had been commited.
I have seen him only once and he is blocked in my mind.
Heera Oct 28
'Don't talk to me ever again'
She gushes out after the usual fights

'ttm' the text pops up on her phone


'talk to me'

'you just said the opposite'

'no, you said you don't want me to talk to you
But i mean, you can talk to me' he winks
There used to be someone who not exactly, but would know how to calm me down....
Talk to *** but he never listens
So I talk to man who keeps the truth hidden
Life’s true meaning now stings
Birth of infidelity from deceit
Death of loyalty from loss of identity
There’s pain in secrets
Aches in words if we listen
Depth from days of thinking
Could the soul be empty
Lingering and searching
She spoke of my pain
She said she witnessed it for years
My bruised heart that craved for love
The very same one that caught me off guard
Should there be a reason for an act
Or a season to react
What would have been left without the pills
A damaged soul with nothing left to feel
halsey Oct 25
He knows it's enough
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