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Anya 2h
He called me dense
It still sticks to me
Not because
I'm hurt
or anything

But because,
I find it funny
I don't think I am
I do notice things around me

Honestly though,
half the time
it's a real pain to be
aware of everything

I know what I need to
I focus on what I deem important

Yet...maybe my lack of societal awareness
has dubbed me dense?

I certainly do sport a happy go lucky attitude
Often childish
Book smart,
but often confused
And I certainly do have
the annoying habit of people pleasing
while being shy
and diffident
at times

It's funny
I almost feel smarter with myself
When I'm with others
social anxiety
naturally takes hold

It sometimes places me
in the role of under dog
Or is it dark horse?
The one,
who surprisingly pulls through
has abilities

I'm a little bit like a wave I suppose
On a stormy night
Lashing this way and that
as I please
Sometimes broken down
other times mowing my way through

So, maybe I am dense
Maybe I'm not
I don't know

can be described by many adjectives
But, let me keep mowing through
On my own merry way
Chugging like,
as my little brother would say,
A chu chu train
Don't give up,
God is watching you.
Don't look back,
God is moving you.

He knows your pain,
He'll give you strength.
He knows your name,
He knows your face.

He knows your life,
and all your mistakes.
Don't give up, He's watching over you.

Don't say no,
God is calling you.
He feels your pain,
He'll give you strenght.

He hears your cry,
He'll make you smile.
You're beautiful the way you are.
God loves your name,
He wants to be your friend.
stay strong
Radi 2d
I tried. He tried.
We were oil and vinegar.
We weren’t meant to be together but
the gold words on the wedding ring said “ a true love is a promise forever”
He knows I'm not perfect.
He knows all my flaws too well.
He knows there's a void in me no one could fill.
And yet he chose to love me still.
"I don't think you've felt real pain" he said.  She thought …

Its like every scar
has a cry of its own.
It aches with a scream when
you let it tear again.
And you can't sew them back
with any thread of works.

"No, I haven't " She replied.
Only a real heart can understand
The boiling, bubbling, fizzling rage
That has learned to hold me tight
My face tingles with embarrassment.
I’m embarrassed I’m still attached to you.
From person to person you can’t look away.
Your eyes wander astray.
And as I catch you forgetting, my hands begin to shake.  
If you missed me you wouldn’t forget me.
I’d know because of the way the grass blows, howling in horror.
Yearning for you,
to love me.
But you can’t teach a rabbit to be loyal, that is just what you are.
From girl to girl shifting personalities.
Becoming what they want the most, but little do you know.
Little do you know.
I want
you to
love me
"He's gone.
You need to get over him, dear.
I know."
I mumble to myself
I’m crazy
But you are beautiful

I’m wired
But you are beautiful

I’m reserved
But you are beautiful

I’m selfish
But you are beautiful

I don’t love you
But you are beautiful

I hate you
But you are gorgeous

You are too much
You too, JUST LIKE ME.
Genre: Observational
Author Note: It's conversation.
First line, her voice. Second line, his voice.
When she dreams
She’s always running
There’s a malevolent monster chasing
That’s always ravenous  

When I dream
I’m always running
After my pulchritudinous Daphne
I’m always ravenous

When she dreams
She’s always falling
From the cloud penetrating building
Screaming all the way down

When I dream
I’m always pushing
People over their boundaries
Laughing as they fall down
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