Lilac 5d

children's park
two swings
one broken

childhood memories
a desire to time travel
i know i can do it

barely any trace of humanity
cold and clear sky

feet take me to the swing

only now
as an adult
do i feel
the infinite poetry in swinging

swinging alone
in the dark,
head up to the sky,
eyes asking for salvation from the hidden stars

give me your blue peace
take me up forever
breathe your infinite void into my soul

heart keeps hoping for a flight
eyes keep looking at the sky
soul's afraid to miss a second of the infinite silence

even the screech of the old iron swing
can't break the harmony
it's the harmony itself
it's the universal sadness

mind awakens the feet
fears return -
strangers passing by
spreading more fear
with their cold eyes-

the swing stops
the illusion of reality returns-

get me home,
i feel belonging in those four walls
only when sleep aggravates on my eyes-

other times it's all about incessant estrangement...


You took nothing
And yet everything from me
I asked for naught but you gave me life
And bleeding wounds scabbed
Scars on my soul with years past healed
I laughed
And lived
Like I hadn't been alive before
The stars lit for you and me

Everything is raw
There is no better word
Three minutes or three years
Could pass between thoughts of you
And I still regret everything

I did something wrong?
I turned you away?
Was the health of my mind scary
Did it make you run
From this burning inferno of my forested soul

I miss everything
And yet nothing
For you took me
And returned my broken pieces
But left the image of you

Gia Garcia Jan 10

He was the sun, and I was the moon.
Without him, I couldn't illume the night.
I took all the darkness, he had morning and noon,
Without each other, the world wasn't right.
He was the fire, and I was the ice.
He'd bring the chaos without thinking twice.
Whatever flesh he burns, I come to aid.
I touch him without ever being afraid.
He was the ground, and I was the sky.
Aware of each other, but turn a blind eye.
He gave me vapor, I gave him the weather;
It was our only way of being together.
He was the mass, and I was the space.
And without hesitation, in my life, he took place.
I let him consume me, I didn't mind, you see,
I was just happy that somebody needed me.
He was he, and I was me.
What a fool I've been to trust and believe
That we need each other, when the sad truth is,
All there has been for us, was to coexist.

For bub
Shradha Rai Jan 2

If all he has to talk,
is about how creamy your thighs are,
but seldom has a word or two
dedicated to your smile -

is he even writing for you?


Merlina M Dec 2017

to be honest
everything happened too slow
and too fast at the same time
i didn't understand what
did or did not happen

what did you wanted
to fall in love or brake me
to kiss or argue
to know me or know yourself

you said that you're selfish
i think you said so many things
at the same fucking time
so don't say i didn't understand you
because at the beginning you didn't let me speak
and in the end
i understood that the beginning
already was the end

but still i'm so sorry
for everything
I did or did not do
and for everything
what did or did not happen...

i'm in love with him, but he probably doesn't know and i't fine with me.
Machel Yvan Dec 2017

He was positive.
He brought out the best in me.
He made me realize things with wisdom and clarity.
He erased all insecurities.
He made me see the other side of the world with glee.

He was negative.
He brought out the worst in me.
He made me angry and mad with so much ingenuity.
He wounded my pride and distorted my complexity.
He burnt my patience until it was gone entirely.

He was neutral.
He never put blame on anyone or anything.
He stayed silent during the times my mind was on chaos.
He never took any sides though it was obvious I was at fault.
He remained to be a listener and gave judgment by default.

But in everything he was,
in everything he is,
he would still remain to be my "once twisted dream".

GreyEyedSunshine Dec 2017

Who am I
If She is I
Her loves Him
But She loves Her
I am not real
She has no heart
Her is Our life
Our minds are at war
Her is Our savior
Her is Our hope
Her wants free
Him wants free
She wants free
I want free
We are trapped

Ashley C Dec 2017

The darkest of nights
The perfect time for the lights
But he couldn't see his light
Amongst the rest
All he could see was a heavy

Alex Dec 2017

he had always wanted to be an artist
except he practiced it
with his wrist as the canvas
his blood as the paint
and scissors, knives, and pencils
as the paintbrushes

Machel Yvan Dec 2017

I know a girl for so long
whose affections can never go wrong
Love made her heart happy and weary
And this is her story

She was so innocent and pure
She fell in love and thought it was sure
She risked her heart with eyes blind  
And he entered her life with a cunning mind

She made an effort with the hope that she's wanted
When in reality, he just took her for granted
She reached out to him with gentle hands
While he buried her heart in the sands

She gave him roses. He caused her the thorns.
She's an angel with the bright halo who loved a man with horns
She cried in silence for her heart to mend
While he laughed and smiled with his friends

She decided to save herself and walk away
For he never gave her the reason to stay
She packed up after being broken
She left for he just made her one of his tokens

She almost gave up hope in love
But someone was sent for her from above
He sings joyfully with songs of praise
That sets her heart ablaze

She then started to genuinely smile
A smile that was not seen for a while
He makes her heart abnormally flutters
And she misses him as if it's all that matters

You can again see the twinkle in her eyes
When someone mentions his name where her happiness lies
She's been enjoying every moment
As he sings songs together with his instrument

I knew all these coz I was there
From the moment she fell until the time she was spared
She's been through a lot to end up in nothingness
That's why I've always been praying for her happiness

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