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just like
gold flakes,

filled with
an iridescent

so sweet,
honey-glazed donut
instead of a heart,

even a glimpse
of your sunshine

is enough
to keep souls
warm for an entire winter season.
honey-glazed donut instead of a heart
Russ Heeschen Sep 2016
When Rudolph became post-pubescent
His nose became non-luminescent.
The ladies, elated, said "Look, it's migrated,
And see what is now iridescent!
photovoltaic Dec 2020
you were
like a diamond
your lustre,
the fire inside you
in every aspect, facet

i thought so too,
and believed i was nothing
compared to you
no spark or shine
just endless night
inside the depths
of a black coloured gem

an onyx to a diamond,
which is worth more?
your life or mine?
in the end, it was yours
i d e k  l o l
Kashish Jul 2020
I desire to soar high
In an iridescent sky
That coruscates variant gleams of light
When looked through different angles
Making me feel,
The same way you do.
Coleen Mzarriz Jul 2020
The stillness
of your calm mind
as you sit down
in front of me — where the Tower
stand before us.

Silence dealt with us.

Your burning palms
faced the Sunny
time in the afternoon
of August's lively scene.

No curiosities, your suffering remained
without feelings — you were an oppressed piece
made from littered paintings.

Silence remained veiled.

The iridescent eyes
of yours
attracted me to a hall
full of covered specks of dust
like dawn without Light.

I shelved my next destination
for me to stride inside
your brown eyes — its color embraced me to another
painting — from where your field exists.

Scattered blossoms as you lay there.

I listened to you humming
the simple chorus
swung me into the Invisible Station.
The train caught me, then
in Metro — the Tower
sets against us.

No surprises, I did nothing.
The song finished his words.

You stood — left me
but your iridescent eyes
will remain.

“Silent, this is my final fit.”
I accidentally clicked, 'No Surprises' by Radiohead and I wrote this, as someone in the Comment Section saw a guy listening to this song in Metro, Paris.

I wrote this for them.
Amy Perry Jul 2020
Right in the center
Between my brows
The third ajna eye
Calls out to the crowd
Consciously choosing
Who to meet
Consciously moving
The world ‘neath my feet
Consistently bruising
Ego’s covering,
Shell so battered
It’s nearly shattered.
Hovering like those
Sacred birds
Iridescent wings
In my dreams
Answering to nature’s
Haunting calls
Answering to future
And destiny’s pulls.
Aŧül May 2020
You shine on my horizon,
Like a nascent rainbow,
After the shower of invisible tears.

To your wrist, I want to hold on,
May I never see you go,
Now that my love towers.

Mares & studs run amok,
In my mind, they so do,
And they sprint around in circles.

Enthused by the falling droplets,
Even peacocks dance,
In my mind, I am all smiles.

The beautiful aura of yours,
I see it with inner eyes,
That of a Đévī it closely resembles.

In your eyes, I see a infantile glint,
Not many get it, Mitali,
You are my first baby girl.

All the beauty in my world,
Now shines 'cause of you, and
I try to summate it in written word.
My HP Poem #1851
©Atul Kaushal
You were mine,
                           A Wildflower.

Sprout up in the most unlikely of places,
Peaking yellow and green through the copper chipped bricks,
You spread out, wrapped around my hand,
we grew together.

Iridescent - reflecting each other.

Until - your grip loosened,
Once effervescent,
I watched your colour fade -
Now waned, wilted, worn.

I tried to love you back to life -
Though I don't know you anymore.
all colours fade when exposed to direct sunlight
Words' Worth Apr 2020
As the dry wind sweeps my hair
The capricious prediction of bystander anticipates heavy rain
The life I had once is now a suitcase
That will stay with me for the next journey, maybe
Part 11
taylormeadowe Aug 2019
she is
never stable
forever shifting
iridescent light
burning fire
molded by
foreign hands
foreign trauma
infecting body
it still hurts
as if it were
her own
at first this was about me but it turned into someone i know
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