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She had a love in her heart
And never let it go
Even when it led her astray
And every night, she lay alone and pondered
Asking questions to the midnight sky, and receiving moonbeams for answers.
Her nightgown fluttered in the dark room like the wings of a butterfly or moth
Her eyes gleamed in the night, like moonbeams of Heavenly design
Her hair is strands of silver silk woven by a goddesses loom
Her face as pale as the face of the moon
Her feet are bare and she treads with an airy float
And she dances
A magnificent flowing whirl
Entrancing all those who see her, a Heavenly girl,
The woman in the moon
The inquirer of the gods
And her wings flutter softly in the spotlight the moon's rays have created for her
And she flutters back home.

The people below watch the iridescent butterfly take flight, and they think to themselves "What a lovely night it is!"
Kit Scott Nov 2018
I saw you, surrounded by swirling
Iridescent in the light like
Gossamer threads spun dizzyingly 'round and
'Round like the buzzing wings of a dragonfly perched, lightly, upon your outstretched fingers

In that pre-dawn the air was dancing and heavy with something
I could not name
Laden with energy that picked me up and tossed me over and
over as I stood still, watching

Something that evokes you


And it came to mind then as I saw you swaying in the trees over the lake with your dancing feet that they call you
Witch in the Candlelight
And I was bewitched

And there, rooted in place while you became the clearing
I understood the being that you are
Fleeting and forever, enchanter of dappled light and the scent of morning dew
All as it bends to please you
You are something more
Something beautiful beyond what I can tell
To me, ephemeral

Something of light and shadow and colour
In between the rest of everything

Something I cannot reach
I can still watch though, please just let me have that.
abs Oct 2018
iridescent (adj.) - producing a display of rainbow like colours.

we were walking
hand in hand
it was raining
you could see
the puddles forming
we stopped in front
of the biggest puddle
on the street
we peered into it
the beauty i saw
was insurmountable
your eyes shone
Sam Jul 2018
Clouds become dark,
air becomes cold.
Water starts to drop
and took me away by flood.
I tried to hold a branch
but my feet was stuck in ground.
It's getting hard to breathe
when my life starts to drown.
Pitch-black is what I see
and a flash of memories
that makes me want to survive
as I lost my consiousness.
I don't know what happened next.
We're always down everytime there's a problem. We thought everything was dark. But in every storm that pass, there's always a colorful rainbow that gives hope. It's the one that's keeping us stronger and stronger for every trials we face.
And one of those that makes us strong is the iridescent life we had in the past, our memories and the waiting rainbows from the future.
Arnauld Jarvis Jun 2017
Life seems to be a divergent efflorescence of orchids
Orchestrated and resembling a defiant symphony's iridescent who
Ignites incognito a mood, a mood which perscrutates for a delinquent doom
Vivid monotony, so ******...
M Harris Mar 2017
Iridescent Charms & Atomic Raves,
Raptured Revelations In Her Bulletproof Grave,
Impassive Frequencies Of Her Reflections Engraved.

Ionic Ribbons Of Her Artistic Trance,
Neon Contrasts In Her Stellar Stance,
Starry-Eyed Rhapsody In Her Censored Glance,

Vaporized Fractals Draped In Her Past,
Crystallized Specters Sterilized To Last,
Perpetual Panic Triggering A Blast,

Sedated Phantasms In Her Paralyzed Voice,
Isolated Collisions & Distressed Noise,
Overrated Memoirs Of Her Tainted Reprise,

Liquid Shadows In Her Moonlit Dreams,
Theatrical Schemes To Her Grand Regime,
Enigmatic Queen Of Turbulent Screams,

Shipwrecked Effigy Resonating Duality,
Overtuned Spirits Illuminating Reality,
Metaphysical Anniversary Of Her Romantic Fatality.

- 04:28AM -
Marina Drab Dec 2016
You were iridescent; there were moments
where I found myself breathless, speechless,
dumbfounded by your presence.
And now I have come to a point
where your absence leaves me feeling the same way.
Inspiration for true love, you always remain,
With your ineffable look and idyllic thoughts,
Your dulcet expressions are very iridescent,
When two lovers are kissing in garden.

Joyful love making in the dark deep forest,
You will never jilt our love, my heart sings,
My feelings jostle to get into your heart,
When rain drops are dancing with bubbles.

***** style you have with your frizzy hair,
Ebullient and effervescent flavor of your spirit,
Entice my lips to kiss you all over your body,
By the end of today, when the sun is setting.

Lullaby your heart croons sonorously for me,
You are light, love and life a lover always seeks,
My heart is fond of your rosy and lustful lips,
When rainbow is spreading its colorful emotions,

Mesmerize me by your marvelous appearance,
Your great reverence for love enrapture me,
And naughty actions of your lips stare at me,
When hailstorms are falling on the poor lovers.

Nurturing the love seeds, you sowed yesterday,
You shower your warmness on those seeds,
Are eager to dance with their kind partner,
When love season is reaching its adolescence.

One and only partner, this is you only darling,
Whom I so deeply and outrageously love,
And my baby heart always beats for you,
When snowy mountains stretch in *******.

Passionate and pretty playmate you are,
The Most romantic words I can say to you,
My pride, joy and precious partner for ever,
And peep from the swarm of smitten blue sky.
Very beautiful written by poet for his dream love and making all efforts to find it one day
Meg Howell Jul 2015
I've liked,
but have I truly loved?
Love is iridescent
It shows with magnificent colors,
but changes swiftly with every passerby

I don't want to be iridescent
Love is ever changing.
adshimabuko May 2014
I love you,
no, she did
and the saddest thing is,
that you will never now
how perfect you were to her

You stepped in as an iridescent being
One impossible to compare
the one to whom she would have gave it all
even the things you're not supposed to give

because you touched parts of her
that didn't belong to her body
and she loved you
and she did it with madness
and she wanted to be happy
even though she knew you weren't completely real

because you wanted her
even more that how she wanted you
and these days
even when you do not speak anymore
she wonders how you are
and where you are

Because she remembers clearly
the last time you both spoke
it all was as flawless
as the golden number

and she didn't understand
until now
the reason why
when she told you "goodnight"
you repplied "goodbye"

and she looked for the photographs
of the old you
and she wept while she saw them
and since she still loved you
she was paralyzed by your memories

later she recalled
in the midst of her laugh
that she wanted to tell you all of these
and she was sad again

and even when the sun was up for you
she hoped you would remember her
she hoped that you would remember that you once wanted to stay
that you learned how to love her
and that you desired her

and she used to miss you so bad
so bad it hurted her

but she never felt that you missed her back
and after a while
she stopped missing you too

But I sincerely loved you
Sorry, she did.
This was the poem I wrote when I felt like I was starting to forget.
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