In the name and ways of God there is so much hidden treasure,
Who by the loving remembrance of, is bestowed at His pleasure.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's

I searched for love
and found it after many years.
But she didn't fufill me. Alas,
more tears

I looked for work
and got it after a few weeks.
But it didn't fufill me. And all my
hope leaks

I decided to pay for pleasure
and it worked for a few nights.
But it didn't fufill me. How life's
pain bites.

I turn to substance
and I live from day to day.
But it doesn't fufill me. My sanity
drifts away

I long for some feeling
and all the clocks fall.
I can't grasp anything and
I am; and that is all

Life is a game,
Made for all.
We all at different levels,
Dealing with same wrongs.
Passing pain & pleasure,
Sunshine and rain.
There will be loss & gain.
But we must smile
Again & Again. !!..

Who cares for gone past and still unborn future when today is all what I have to build a legacy. Me must choose to smile looking bravely in the eyes of adversity.


we make death
we eat breadths
lay in beds
bray and fret

we make death
sticks which twitch up the legs
passing through like a wish
it’s an inside your one-two tease
i stare at your shell
i want to ring your bell
just plant your hell on me
give yourself what you need
please baby please
give yourself what you need

we make death
we acquiesce
feint of logic
till quite obnoxious
eat flesh in keys quixotic
lubricious sycophant rhapsodic

Enjoy your cuppa tea and coffee.
Sit back and relax.
The world is full of strife and corruption:
Untold Evil.
Yet it’s Paradise Earth.

We take for granted
Our timeless oceans,
Mountains and plains
Teeming with Life:
Forests and savannahs
Herds of Wildebeest
And prides of Lions.

Quaff that beer and lager,
Let your Whisky burn your breast.
See those panoramic views
On your television.
Get your mobile out
And check what’s going on
In Social Media Land.

Wallow in a bar of chocolate
And dream of stroking dogs and cats.
Indulge in Romantic Fantasy,
If you know what I mean,
And be mindful of everything
That gives you joy.

Make Life a Celebration:
Party Time,
Full of sporting
Laps of Honour
And harmonious choirs.

Smell that cooking:
Roasts, fries, breads and cakes.
Taste it in your mind.
To the sound of birdsong
And Eric Clapton.

After all,
You only live once.

Paul Butters

© PB 14\1\2018.

Let's brighten things up a bit.
Daytra Jan 13

Energy between us so intense that when we kiss
the sparks that we create makes
Zeus lose control of his lightning bolt
the heat between my legs gives testament to one simple truth
The rise of your rod makes Poseidon envy you
The release you deliver through
pain and pleasure
is like the
silky caress of the abyss beyond fear

Andrea Olmos Jan 12

Pain was confused with Pleasure as Pleasure was confused for Pain.
Pleasure was related to Pain and praised for being painfully pleasurable.
Sweet, old Pain was remembered for being pleasurably painful.
Pain kissed Pleasure whenever and wherever he could.
Pleasure beautifully made love to Pain whenever and however she should, that way whenever Pain and Pleasure touched, ever so briefly, they would always keep a piece of each other, while never forgetting how close they are and will ever be.
Pain and Pleasure danced away their original definitions to come up with something more creative as intricate as their relationship.
Pain would smile and kiss away Pleasure’s tears and Pleasure would warmly bite away Pain’s infinite bruises.
Pleasure was agonizingly painful when she would attempt to show her love for Pain with her masochistic kisses and hugs.
Pain would lick Pleasure’s wounds in such a burning way, she would scream with delicious delight.
Pleasure told him: “I only let you kiss me and touch me if your lips and hands are full of intention.”
Pain told her: “I want every nibble to feel as though you are intimately writing the story of our lives on me.”
They naively thought the warm vibration between them was love: their bond that would eventually kill them both.

richard Jan 9

It started so simple with just a gentle stare
Then I pulled her close to me as i ran my fingers thru her hair
Gently kissing her with my hand caressing the back of her neck
Pulling her closer, kissing passionately, as your body my hands inspect
Grabbing her by the hips as I suck on her bottom lip
Moving to her neck as we start to strip
Caressing gently as I start to nibble
Lay her on the bed, my head moving to her chest
Slowly licking and sucking on the nipples
The moaning starts as the juices start to trickle
Moving down while my hands gently glide down her side
Spreading her legs but not yet going inside
Down one leg kissing past the knees
To the toes as i lick giving pleasure, and tease
Now to the other foot as i suck the other toes
Back towards the knees my head goes
As i go up further headed to the prize
With just one flick of the tongue her back arches and she closes her eyes
Round and round with the tongue as fingers slide inside
Massaging that sweet spot as i gently lick and suck on the pearl
Arching her back grabbing my hair screaming for more
Screams out loud "I've never felt like this before...
what are you doing to me"
Then "it feels like my should has left my body"
I peek up but don't stop her body is aglow
I keep going and going until i feel her explode
Then she says "I need a break,baby come here, give me a kiss, i need you next to me"
"OMG never in my life have i felt such Ecstasy!"

Only sleeping and orgasms let us die for a little while.
So, right now, as i'm lonely, and the day is just getting started... Let me grab my drink, let me smoke my weed, for i have no one to give me a taste of that little death, and... I just woke up.

Cné Jan 10

sits in an arm chair
slouched and relaxed,
watching her
with a glass of whiskey
in his hand

lays on the bed
naked, long legs spread
watching him
watching her.
asks her to do
what he had
been dreaming of
even before seeing her naked.
Beautiful scenery

strokes light and feathery, at first
delicate fingers tracing
up and down
while the other hand
on her breast
tipping her nip
mesmerized by the show
he takes a sip of whiskey
the burn does not compare to
the burn growing in his pants

dips a finger inside,
spreading the glistening liquid
found across her inner lips
increasing the pressure
and moving from side to side
doesn’t know where to look
as she concentrates
on her nipple,
pulling at the tip
she gnaws her bottom lip
he settles on her eyes

picks up speed,
the circles of her fingers
smaller and smaller,
focusing on her pearl
shallow breaths growing rapid
as she nears her peak
slips out of his shirt
he starts to sweat
unbuckling his pants
to release
the growing pressure

tilts her hips
finding the optimal position
to intensify her pleasure
holds his breath
to hear the
gasping of her breath

eyes on him, longingly,
back arches,
head falls back
and lips part
“Oh God”
in heavy breath
whispers unsure he said it aloud


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