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Blessed with a sky of waterfall
I let my thoughts run amok the greedy raindrops
The beats, the trickle and the gush
  Resting on concrete sand
With nothing but thin fabrics that clung to my skin
It's a silence of pleasure
Being caressed by the cold
Surprisingly peaceful
To let the wind slowly, at a leisurely pace
Invade your body's temperature
Humming in your ear
A songful of promises
That faith never fails
And patience rewards
Tempting you to stay seated
Wait out the storm
The clash of waves a raw entertainment
And a rumble of applause
Somewhere beyond those thick clouds of uncertainties
Words unspoken
I let myself listen instead
Letting the mysteries solve themselves
Unanswered questions
Offering crystal answers
And found it rather enjoyable
Open hearts with folded cards, broken into.
A lap dance is the last chance, following through.
Your make up gets ****** up, slightly improved.
The door is shut so the world is cut, holding onto.

You put my hands up on your waist
And I like the way you taste,
I've got a mind to recreate,
A scene from silver screen mistakes

Though we're not Romeo and Juliet
Though we're not star crossed lovers 'till the end.
I love our ***.
That magical moment
the first time making
love, the excitement
of taking each others
Cloths off
The first time seeing
this girl you love
Stood completly *****
before you, heart
pounding excited below
you can longer hide
the first time you place
your hands on her
beautiful body and
draw her In close bodies
together ***** kissing
You lay there afterwards
can  feel your self-smiling
Inside the first time you
really feel alive, this girl
you love has turned you
from boy to man In that
Magical love making
Experience nothing to
making love for the first time nothing
Compare bare flesh touching hand exploring each other
Arcassin B Oct 31
By Arcassin burnham

All you could do is laugh,
Do is laugh when they throw ****** ****  your way, it feels so right,
I swear it only takes one bad day just to
make a mans old memories just die,
The bat was the cause , he better not lie,
I'll have the pleasure of encountering this ***** again,
It doesn't even have to be so serious, why?
Or does this good guy routine make up for former sins,
I'll watch the world the burn for amusement , it's not
a serious thing when it's apparent to say,
But you have to come to this biblical conclusion,
Won't the world end in fire anyway,
I got missions to do, people I gotta save (****),
I would have loved to put a smile on that face,
In fact don't worry, cause when these *******
go to hating,
I'll be sitting with a big smile to the taste,
All I do is laugh.


When I start my voyage, I'm entitled to, whatever I do
And that's law,
Descend into madness on the streets of gotham , after
All the things that I saw,
I see the world in flames , there's no better picture that
I would paint for this moment,
To have a plan of attack , while fighting back the bat,
A drastic measure was chosen,
I'm in my Prime , this is my true form, I'm in on a joke that
you're not,
Separated from reality , balanced actually, all praise to
the onslaught,
I'ma put a smile on that face,
**** everyone in this place,
Bomb the whole thing , my guy I do not choke,
But you'll never get my joke.

You'll never get the joke.
You'll never get the joke.
My guy I do not choke.

I'm always kissing
my pillow.
Trying to figure out
how to kiss.

I don't want to be ******
when I get married.

I'm pretty sure romance
is real.
Part of which is dancing

I'm always kissing my
You know how guys like
me are.

Always wanting to please
Stephanie Oct 28
I let you take me
Every inch of my body excited
Every inch of my soul terrified
Every touch another shock
My skin is electrified
My mind on fire
I hated being forced
But this, this isnt the same
This pain it is as real
But in a different way
My mind cant except it
Yet my body craves it
They hurt me and i was scarred
You hurt me and I fligh
On waves of ******
Trembling at your breath
Jumping at your touch
I hated being forced
How can I love to submit
As a **** survivor and victim of childhood prostitution exploring my sexuality can very difficult and scarey at times and this poem reflects on recent experiences
Steve Page Oct 27
The shorts I wear to bed
have a back pocket.
When I chose to buy them
in a twin pack with a tee shirt,
the pocket was not
a deciding feature.
However, I acknowledged
that it was there by design.

For months I gave it no further thought.
For months it was as redundant
as a breast pocket in pyjamas.

Then one morning,
as I was juggling
with a cereal bowl
and clothes from the dryer,
I slipped my phone,
still playing a pod cast,
into my back pocket.

And for a moment,
as the conversation followed me upstairs back to the bedroom,
I smiled at the foresight of M&S.
I should have realised:
they know their stuff.
Simple things make life easier.
Opo Tobus Oct 27
my pleasures rather painful
for those,

who dose not know my name,

who havn't taste the same poison,

or havn't been kissed by the same snake.
mckenzie Oct 25
The pleasure in…
waking up sweetly
living in bliss
settled comfortably while reading
a simple kiss
petting a cat
enjoying every song that plays
taking a nap
reflecting on your good days
enjoying a snack
giving love
human connection
being warmed by what you see above
receiving affection
Living in productivity
The ecstacy in feeling excitement
the weather you enjoy
edible arrangements
an ode to joy
feeling healthy inside and out
staying long in the  shower
kissing your lover on the mouth
sleeping for an extra hour
breathing fresh air
putting moisturizer on your skin
Going shopping with your aunt
fingers running through your hair
Lighting candles when your room is dim
Being ***** where you want
Nyssa Oct 21
Long legs, dark eyes,
You clenched your face it made me cry.

At your hands my body weeps,
How long did you make me scream?

Was it pleasure or did you hurt me?
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