What a pleasure;
a woodland drive on the edge
of a cliff
with James Dean,
glamour by the sea
A star at work,
fawning over me
We will be
in the gossip magazines,
you and me
and evening chatter
about how things
are supposed to be.

Shiny stars and clouds of dust.
Sexual tension, full of lust.
A simple touch ignites a fire
deep within my body's desire.
"Ignore the heart!" my body cries,
and set your worries to the side.
Nature does as nature calls
so slam my body against the wall,
and navigate my body-say.
Oh, please, fulfill my pleasures way.

Some lack the intelligence to question.
Successfully saturated in meaningless pleasure.
Content with the everyday.
Is the answer found in ignorance?
In Bliss?
No, it is only constant escape.
A blindfold of euphoria.
The alpha enjoys life but never feels the need to understand fully.

In this new age there are those.
Those who bestow false titles on themselves.
Titles to distract for what they deem is personal happiness.

Happiness is a chemical distraction.
The avoidance of happiness lays bare the foundations of life.
Depression broadens the mind but overwhelms the individual.
Substance expands the mind.
New thoughts, new processes.
The key is not found in fungi.
Through it, the introduction to the question is bestowed.

Something simple written about the observations of an individual.

Though she treated men
In such a horrible manner,
They found her adorable.
They derived pleasure
From the pain
She caused them

We'll be well cabbaged
before we're spring greened,
snowed on, blowed on,
Christmas glowed on.

Out of our walnut shells we'll come,
cycling for pleasure, recycling
for good measure, joining
the cycling chains of life.

In another world once
The pen hits the paper
Everyone and everything
Becomes a blur much
To occur now that imagination
And the drive to succeed
Fuel a new need within
Myself to never give up
Gratitude to be passed on
To all of you reading this..

Dark Delusion Apr 14

From the aesthetic paint on her face,
To the long black dress taunting all her flaws.
From the start of her dangerous locks,
To the sharp high heels.

Her expression shows her interest in you,
Before hunting down another prey.
Her voice like an angel sent from hell,
Her existence is flaming hot and not as innocent as it seems.

She locked eyes with you,
With a smirk so playful.
She tore her gaze away just to look at your lips,
you licked your lips provocating her urge to kiss you.

She stood up and smoothed her deep black dress,
Before making her way to the empty seat besides you.
She licks her lips in a lustful manner,
As she stares teasingly into your warm brown eyes.

You leaned in for a quick kiss,
Before smiling with an I-want-more expression.
Your smile turned into a frown,
And you noticed what you've done.

The pleasure to you,
Turned into a disgusting displeasure.
You abruptly stood up,
And fastened your gaze onto her evil smirk.

You made your way away from her,
As she saw you fell to the ground like dead weight.
She smirked at your stupid body,
As she laughed loudly.

You just made a deal with the devil,
By kissing her poisonous lips.

ju Apr 8

pop bumper
steel balls
(skill shot)

Neureaux Apr 5

Sugarcoated satisfaction
Could have it at every meal
Hearty hills of brown
Glistening sticky
Milky confection
Slipping from the cup
I'm locked in a
gluttonous daze
Sweating and greedy
Suspended in peace
It gives flavor to the days
And composure to my life

When there's none
I settle for the bottle
Destructive intoxication
Prompted savagery
When I drink
I pour
Deep cherry guides me
Urges the body
Not long before the sirens are singing
and the shotguns barking
Red velvet climax
Messy ground messy feet
I'm left
And wanting dessert

Styles Mar 25

I am the pleasure that hides behind your walls,
seeping deep into your mind
like that of a woven fabric,
I am more comfort than habit,
your instinct is to need me,
like  the bite of something rabid,
you have to have it.
I am the light do your darkest
fantasies run rampant
like pigs in blanket
you want but you
won't have it
I am that desire
pressed firmly against the walls
of your empress of hotter than fire
holding back your wildfire
until your will, is a satire
and you melt into me
like molten matter
that rain drops
we weather
the peaks
of our

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