To the boy who feels he has to fill big shoes
With the regret of seeing another girl hurt but knowing he has daddy's approval too

To the girl in black & blue
taking pleasure in filling her mothers shoes
but regretting her boyfriend taking her fathers too

To the woman in black & blue
masked in makeup & the finest of shoes
Covering up regrets for the pleasure of knowing her children will wake up to a hope to pursue

To the man with hands of black & blue
slick hair & the finest suit
With the regret of seeing another mother hurt but the pleasure of knowing his father proud too

Life's moments that catch our breathe
To the pleasures we indulge in
& the regrets taken to the coffin
Here's to all of life's twisted pleasures and regrets
              ­                       -G

Of    r a i n
O’  if  you seek
C o m e within
My eyes and
P e a k

Whiteness  t h e r e  is
D a r k n e s s  t h e r e   is
Evening  t w i l i g h t  there is
O' cloud of rain there is

Of    r a i n
O’  if  you seek
C o m e within
My eyes and
P e a k

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Your skin
felt so warm
against mine,

every inch of me
dissolved into
nothing but
coursing through
my molten veins

Your being
was the key to
the unleashing of my spirit,
the tear of my innocence,
the flame

to an ice cold soul

Angharad Jul 14

I want you to undress me
so I can savour the electric
that sparks when your hands brush my skin.
Feel your hands slide up my body to free me from my bra. Fingertips so eager, my nipples so hard and aware.

When your hands find my waist I will be undone.
Thirsty lips fall down my neck
Trace my collar bone as my fingers crawl up your spine.
Pearls of sweat clinging to the hairs stood on end
I will not wait any longer,
my body screams for you.

Fire rises as my body aches and arches.
feelings so overwhelming the world blurs out of vision.
Skin grows damp and heart beats free
Fast hands
Hot skin
Lips quick to steal sweet nectar
Your need growing so much
I can feel it now

together we move
Our bodies rolling
Deep ocean waves
Pleasure washing over me
A tide building
to a crescendo that echoes your moans
My screams
Bursting at the seams
Reality dissolved
As we both erupt in ecstasy
Legs shaking
Nails scratching
Body trembling
Lip biting
Palms sweating
Hearts singing
As we melt
into each other
Hand in hand
and only just begun

I anoint you
with the cruelest of kisses

yes the sweet elusive taste
that of which you desire

whispers of unremitting hunger
spoken from lips
colored in winter currant

eyes full of mischievous intent

and I shall paint my sins
upon your willing chest
so that you may know me in the shadows

not for the frail of heart
I am born of the witching hour
possessing insatiable longings
the darkest of appetites

I beg you
to look upon the one who has fallen from grace
and know that in the end
I will be the one you sell your soul to
as you surrender to my offerings

I will sink my teeth deep
drowning my mouth in the warmth
as my venom sears the very marrow
of your trembling thigh

the bitter madness of my death
dwells within your weakened veins now


I have begun carving my name upon your dark side
be warned I am nothing short of purgatory
a bottomless pit of tortured pleasure
I am your worst nightmare and your wildest dream

I ask only one thing in return

love me as my demons do

Brent Fisher Jun 30

hills and valleys in white,
silk contours and tendrils
flowing like rivers despite
order that resided before,
scattered clothes on the floor,
pleading moans for more,
silk sanctuary of skin exposed,
questions posed on delights
and sights of supple flesh, biting,
giggles, shrieks and play-fighting,
a song composed on the fly,
for him and I, us, bars and notes,
as the bed almost flies and floats,
a performance with no audience
other than the chorus in our souls.

Mariah Cuch Jun 29

Melt me to puddles...

Not masses of chocolate dripping with lust not steaming sweat....

Dirty filthy puddles that leave me crusted with earth, crumble and peal from you...

Loved and thrown with cheers and craved on hot summer days...

A violent need
Living inside my heart,
My spine,
Draws me to you,
Drags me to you.
Minds lost
To dangerous thoughts,
Eyes dark
With evil desire.
Rhyming bodies
Quick as lightning,
Alliteration with tongues,
With closed eyes.
Hot and cold shifts
To black and white,
Turning me
Into your prey,
Eating me alive.
Your teeth
Sink into my lip
And the taste
Of blood,
Stains my mouth,
Making me beg
And beg
And beg
For more.

~~ Perfection. ~~
ana Jun 11

Surely enough we're going to hell
sin after sin, we learn not to dwell
for this feeling brings us pure delight
we touch and devour each other on sight

Forgive me lord, i'm truly ashamed
we can't contain it
we do it so well, how could we refrain from it?

R Miller Jun 11

I stretch myself out
on the alter of our bed
Offering my body up
to the pleasure of “oh god”
as need possesses me
I hum out a raspy hymn
of moans for more
As you kneel before my open legs
in hungry worship
My eyes close and a prayer
begging you not to stop whispers
from my lips
My orgasm exorcised by your holy tongue
releases from me in an exquisite flood
And I swear the blinding light
that sparks behind my eyelids
must be heaven

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