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slay 8h
Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

I have more heart than I’m willing to show
I’ll talk a game but then I gotta go
Take what you want or I reap what you sow
I don’t care, I don’t care, all my roses say “no”

Are you talking to me? Nah, I don’t think so
Are you asking me if I am mad at the world?
Well I’ll have to think, I guess, maybe? I know!
But I really can’t hear you, I have in headphones
Can we take a break? Cause I gotta smoke
Yes, and each one, it is killing me slow
Well technically fast,
E-R the better
I’d love to be deader than how I already feel in my guts on the inside
Black tar suffocating the fluids inside of my spine —
Bitch, you are a dime
And you should hit me up we should chill once or twice before I gotta bounce, spread my wings, and take flight

Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

“Why you so guarded?” Can’t get this enough
Please shut the fuck up, my feelings are stuck
I can’t get enough of the dick from the plug
To put me in a coma from smoking too much
Every time I come thru, I water his buds
He got that good good
that fefe
that neek neek
that Tiffany’s caking
Iced out in my pudding
One stroke peanut buttering
Lights out with the hard chocolate molding

Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane
i just wrote this omg imstill working on it
Furhaan 5d
Why am I feeling this way?
Do I really like this person or are they going to lead me astray.
Am I making the right decision?
Because all I ever see is you in my vision.
The ups, the downs, the smiles, the frowns
Is it normal to be feeling this way?
Who would have ever thought I’d meet someone like you.
The way you speak, the way you smile, it’s the little things you do.
They say time heals all wounds.
But spending anytime without you, makes my life feel doomed.
Maybe it’s normal to feel this way.
I remember us staying up together late at night.
Driving around exploring all the wonderful sights.
Talking to you is always such a blessing.
However living life now without you just seems so depressing.
I make mistakes but you always forgive me.
You always stay by my side, help me through tough times and now because of you I’m going to achieve my degree.
Why does it feel like I’m regretting this decision.
If only I could make this pain disappear like a magician.
Taking all these mini breaks just helps me realise how much you mean to me.
Me and you, in my mind its just meant to be.
There’s nothing else much to say
Other than,
I just wish you felt the same way.
Poem written to describe my relationship with my best friend.
Renhui 7d
You fed me moon cakes
With your delicate fingers
In the moonlight
Tens of them
Pieces of endless pleasure
Styles Sep 5
My mouth drooling;    
   I am feigning for her deliciousness;
    her fleshy fruit -- blooming in my mouth,
    spewing her milky nectar -- all over my tongue.
    I kneel before lapping at her hole;
thin pink lips
     parted by my fingers,
      praying on her weakness.
        feeding my desire;
                 as her body quivers beneath me
                   her swells flooded with satisfaction
It's said we fall in love
that great institution
of emotional turbulence
but falling for someone
is not a great start
stumbling and bumbling
into the heart of another

Why can't we rise in love
like Icarus soaring to realms
of pure, unadulterated pleasure
a joyful delightful meeting
of shared empathy
with a fellow human
a soul mate
a bed mate
a forever rising love mate

so fall not ye of great faith
in the strength of love
rise upslope in huge hope
with your partner in amour
climb the hill of desire
and skip every trip wire
as falling out of love
is a long way down
love is not all we need
but it is important
Blank Sep 2
I'm on a diet
Yet you manifested like a Cheat Day
Is indulging worse than abstaining?
Swim was my pleasure.
Now the floods took the low lands;
Fish swim in houses!
I once saw this rom-com
movie, it showed the
beautiful reality of
couples, from strangers
to sharing your most embarrassing
story in grade school and
listening to new songs,
bands you've never heard of
before but you find yourself
smiling and jamming to it,
from "You have the most
beautiful eyes" to
"I cannot wait to marry you"

At first, I thought it was
all cute and lovely,
How he would always
tell her "I love you so much"
and "you're so beautiful"
and of course, the
"I'll never leave you" line,
my favorite

And she smiles so
sweetly, she couldn't contain
all the butterflies in her tummy,
And she'd always answer back,
"I really love you so much, do you know that?"
She never thought she'd
feel such happiness in
her entire life,
it was like a dream come true,
an answered prayer

And the best part is
knowing you're in the
same page, talking
about getting married?
Building a home?
Buying a house and
even naming your
future babies?

Life's not always rainbows
and butterflies so
let's jump on
the part where he was
on his weakest moments,
she loves him dearly,
she always looked at him with so
much passion and admiration,
would always try to brighten
up his day, even if she was on her
weakest, too

Then he was back on his
strongest moments,
he was truly amazing and she
was so proud of him,
together they celebrated,
it was full of love and
bliss, it was so beautiful
but all of a sudden,
just like any other movies,
something comes up

There was a complete silence,
it was utterly cold just
like how the fire dies
the moment you need it most
cause its winter and
you can't really stand the cold

He just started ignoring
her messages,
won't return her calls,
didn't even bother to check
on her, he just changed,
he didn't care anymore
Just like that..

She kept asking where'd she
go wrong or was my joke too lame?
Was I too much? What's going on?
was on repeat in her mind like a
busted cassette

Though one of the most
heartbreaking things you could
ever ask yourself is,
and this goes out for every one,
what's wrong with me? Or am I
not good enough?

And you can just imagine
how emotionally and
mentally damaging
that is for someone,
to be left out,
just like that,
like you didn't mean
anything to someone
who means the
world to you

And then one day, she gathered up
all her courage and talked to
him, she asked him,

"Did you ever love me? Was it
not real for you so you took
me as a joke? My mom's
I love yous, how my old man would tell you how much he missed you,
hell my baby brother's
cute drawings and letters for you?

And he just stayed silent,
so she begged him,
"Please, say something..

She promised herself she wouldn't cry,
but could you truly help it?
Still, not a single word,
before she hang up,
she told him something that
completely and truly hit me,

"Maybe, you loved me.
Because you wouldn't hurt
someone you don't love. Right?
You wouldn't hurt a stranger.
So, I guess you did.. Thank you."

hang up sound

The longest one I wrote, so far. I just felt every emotion, every feeling and I started writing. A summary of a very beautiful love story. Although, my heart still aches, I wish it didn't end that way.
Disa Pradwika Aug 31
i am a rotten daisy in a garden full of Juliet roses
yet my lips can feed your ego more than she and her whole body can

i am a half-broken soul
but whole when meets your hand behind my hair
and alive when you choke me while getting in all me

how can i not love you
while our nights are mostly good
and tired
and satisfied
but think of the one who doesn't even know my presence matters

i am wanted and desired by you

but to him; i am just regular flakes passing his molecules by
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