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You emerge from the shadows
With a glimmer in your smile.
Your fingertips are soothing
But your demeanor is hostile.

I feel safe in your embrace
But I’m shaking like a child.
Build me up with your seduction,
Leave my innocence defiled.

I hear whispers tempting.
I see my journey ending.
My heartbeat’s not resting.
Kiss slow while *******…
I hear echoes of my past,
They warn me this will never last,
“Remember me.”
They’re warning me.

They tell me what I will become
But what we’ve started can’t be undone.
Kush 1d
They say there's pleasure in pain,
For me it isn't the same.
I find the pain in the pleasure,
Go too far without a tether.

From a dark place,
To this heavenly space,
Then back again,
Lapping in this hellish race.

I break free but it doesn't last long,
Soon I fall in love,
Try write another song,
But I no longer get surprised when it all goes wrong.
to like self

that's not how you work
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
Rain beats against the window pane bringing a sound of rhythm into the room. Light from the lavender scented candle resting upon the wooden dresser flickers in the blanket of darkness that’s cascading the bedroom.
Observing his technique as he massages my feet that’s resting on his lap.
Laid out on the bed with my back pressed against the wooden headboard.
I watch as he applies pressure to the bottom of my feet in circular motion.
After a long day of work, this is all I wanted.
To eat a savory home-cooked meal rich in flavor.
Soak in a lavender scented bubble bath, as he sat on the edge of our white ceramic tub and read a book of poetry.
Now as we unwind for the night as God creates change outside through rain and thunder, I find comfort in the peace I receive as I watch the man I love applying pressure not only to my feet but to my heart.
Her view
His hands trace the curvature of my body as I wrap my legs around his waist, quivering as his tongue explores places that motivates my body to react through a swift shift in movement of arching my back.
Gasps softly emerge from my mouth as I feel an entrance of rhythmic motion allowing the depths of my love to emerge as I mirror his passion that’s exhibited through the twists, turns, and motions causing me to get lost in pleasure, pushing me to realize that I’m finding myself in the reflection of his dark brown eyes.
Her view
How do we define a peace land?
And where is the home, craving to return?
Listen, what did the birds and trees say?

The true pleasures lie beneath the mountain
A single bound will take us there
It is our first homeland where we were born free.

Seagull migrates well,
Pine tree wouldn't move
Look, they reunion in one home garden

They imagine that all their 
Woes, hurts and indignities
Would not exist
in their imagined homeland.

Where we learnt justice at our mother's knee
return is easy, we just have to dare
The true pleasures lie beneath the mountain

In their minds, homeland
is in stasis.
The life they left is lingering
waiting for them to return.
Dedicate to a double festival in China 2020-- Chinese national holiday as well as Mid-Autumn Festival
I remember your words
flowing from your lips
like liquid fire
warming my tired bones.

Oh, what is sober
to swaying hips
that swirl like jack
in a clear glass?

Drink my soul dry
like numbing whiskey
teasing the tongue
the way you tease my thoughts.

I take in every drop
of you
like the addict
I am.
I would drink the bottle dry a thousand times over if the world promised me you waited for me at the bottom.
We were a photograph.
Trapped in a beautiful memory,
blinded by the flash
that imprisoned us within the moment.
I still have our photograph.
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