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slr Sep 28
for everything you said to me
all the dreams you told me
all the lies you fed me
disguised as caring
i knew from the beginning who you were
but i refused to see it
i refused to see the flashing red lights and the blaring sirens
now the only lights i see are the ones on the ambulance
the sires pulsing in my ears
the medics screaming for me to hold on
i am slipping in and out of consciousness
and you don't even care
I let myself trust a guy that seemed perfect. But he ended up leaving. He said I drank too much and didn't care about school. Then he said I wasn't spiritual enough for him. The sad thing is, I drink on the weekends with my friends. That's it. And as a Christian to another Christian, you should want to grow with me, not want me at a certain level. That isn't Christianity.
zrskii Sep 7
don't trust anyone
they never know how to keep the secrets
exposing in silence
make us feel like a loser
ᏦᏗᏖ Jul 21
I don’t trust myself with you.
I’ve built myself a lonely cage.
I use my fear as my protector.
But sometimes, I open the cage.
Step-out to breathe in the fresh air of what could be,
then get terrified with the first breath I inhale,
and I go back in.
Because I’ve learned that the more people you let into your life,
the more vulnerable you get.
The easier it is for them to walk out.
And so I will suffer in silence.
Because I'd rather be lonely.
Than happy then broken.
Millie Jul 20
The closer I get to you
The more I see you slipping through my fingers
Dam* my paranoid mind
Paras Bajaj May 18
you have turned my life upside down
and made me change myself.
you have made me cold from inside out
and made me hate myself.
I will not be able to trust now
only because you happened.
I will not be able to love now,
only because we never happened.
Instagram: @mr.parasbajaj
The letter I never sent,
I write my valentine on your beating heart,
And send a perennial prayer,
That you could know without knowing.

Petals on your doorstep,
But no signature,
Pink Rosehip on your bedsheets,
Spying through your window blinds,
At someone unreal .

A label that travels as my desperations move it,
How I value the sick,
The unnatural,
The corpse and the consent.

The tenacious nature of a train,
With a hundred destinations,
None finite,
Moving and passing every station,
Leaving like it never stopped,

The will to pull me off it,
The weight of every expectation,
The ommitance after the deprication,
And the incommodious silence after the exposè.

I lust for that iced libation,
The roseate water of ivy and redemption,
A clay to fit inside my insatiable skin hunger,
A welcomed error of continuity in my own beliefs.

The rain of rapture will flood the streets to the chorus of weeping,
The composition of the crestfallen,
And my perennial prayer,
For an ardent antiphon.

-Unabaitingly, The Romantically Inept
Desire Apr 28
I wonder what you think about when you lay down next to me... When I sleep, do you sleep, or internally question me?

How quick do you jump when Im up and you see the phone was right next to me? You scroll and search, hope to find dirt, and continue second guessing me...

Sweatin me, when you taking certain things out of context, stressin me, when I tell you how Im tryna be honest, selling me, tellin me how you respecting my process, only to continue to do the same thing again and again like you obsessed...

Its not a sport, nor is it fun, when it feels like there's a gun, behind my back and at my head, wishing what we had was dead...

But you still not using words to talk to me or ask me first, to let me know what thoughts still linger, what doubts you have or your distrust...
You tell me all is fine; that you have nothing to say, then we go to bed at the end of the day

But still, I wonder what you think about when you lay down next to me...
sian Mar 28
It’s difficult, the thing we call trust,
It’s hard when it’s broken,
The worries it brings,
It follows you around,
Abruptly approaches you, when you don’t expect, when you’re not prepared,
But it’s always there to remind you,
Of that putrid feeling,
On an empty stomach,
That shock,
The sadness
Brandon Mar 20
Set I
You don't really call on me like you should
Dial my line and I'll roll through your neighborhood
We all have problems under this hemisphere
But you persevere and smile so fierce
I know your circle doesn't want smoke with me
Because they trust we can go all the way
He broke your trust, trust me, is all I say
It's okay you need someone that's calm and patient
Someone who's never okay being complacent
Who's honest enough to check you in the wrong
Does the armor on your skin belong?
Won't you be my plug?
You could be the one
Like Summer Walker, start with a handshake
And eventually, I'll need more than a hug
Let's vent late at night with Pink Moscato wine
Open up to me about these emotional crimes
All that you're missing; this late night attention
The best combination
To feel empathy is ultimate satisfaction
Communication is not meant for one side
So, do what's best for your mind
I think girls need a little something for everything. A genuine person for starters. Cheers to finding that special someone!
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