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riri Jun 4
pouring all the water in the glass, till the glass starts spilling out everywhere
this happens every time she drinks from it
she's fully aware of it, but allows it to keep spilling
wetting her shirt, the floor, and the table
drops on her skin racing to the floor, trying to beat gravity

meanwhile they were in front, watching all of it
wondering why she isn't doing anything to stop it
second-hand embarrassment is what they felt
for the fact that she can't simply drink a glass of water without spilling it all
"what a mess" they thought

nobody wanted to be around that girl
"stupid" and "strange" are words that were used to describe her
because at such an older age, how can she not drink a glass of water?
how can she not control herself?
how does she not think about how uncomfortable it is for others to watch?

she knew what was happening, but continued to let it happen
she watched as everyone judged her, but still kept on going
is it inconsideration or self sabotage?
she wanted to see if they would see past that
but in the end, she realized that was what she was defined as
extra contents that are spilled out can be used against you, even by those you love the most when you least expect it
It's Funny
That how much we were curious to know each other, just to become strangers at the end.
Hope it'll make everyone laugh
and it does
~Aliza Jennifer~
June Apr 6
Some days before christmas
I gave you my trust like an early gift

warm hands counteracting the clouds
placed in front of my sun

lulled by your attention
fingers intertwined

your body against mine
gifting me warmth

minutes later being blown away
on dark clouds controlled by trust issues

weeping above us like a cold storm
Mom, Dad
Why can't you see the pain I'm in
I know I don't tell you anything
Or let you in to see
But you should know me

I know you don't believe in psychology
But still you should see
That my mental health is crumbling
You can't deny
That you aren't doing anything to save my life

You can't save me from anything
Not the undiagnosed ADHD
Not the undiagnosed Anorexia Nervosa
Not the undiagnosed Anxiety
I'm breaking but you aren't trying to save me

Not from the undiagnosed depression
Or the undiagnosed body dysmorphia
Or the anger issues you gave me
Why do you have to run from the truth
That psychology is true

You never tried to protect me from the ones who broke my heart
The the man who tried to touch me
When you where just a floor above me
You may believe its just a phase
But the broken has set in and its here to stay

If you would just open your eyes
To the truth
Then maybe
Just maybe
I'd let my walls down for you

But until you come to your senses
I'll wait here in  pain
For you to come and push it away
Hug me till you arms ache
And wipe the tears from my face

I know that one day
You will open your eyes
And I know that I'm a pain
But for right now my only complaint
Is that you let me go undiagnosed
Mel Gadd Mar 31
my trust in you
fell faster
than leaves off a tree
you hypocrite
you *******
I cannot believe you
you've done it again
you've taken my trust
and gave it a spin
and now its broken
because of you
telling me this
but then doing that
when will this cycle end?
i just wish I could depend on you
the way your child
should be able to
veronica Feb 9
in the end
people are really disappointing
aren't they?
it's like they make a few loose statements
just to make theirselves comfortable
but once we trust
they have no intention
to follow their promises
with action
Oh!, no honey!

It was all my fault!
You said forever, and I took it seriously......
Im so stupid!.....
AF Dec 2020
I had a feeling you would do this
but you said I was different
I was naive and believed you
told myself if I treated you right
the way you deserved to be treated
than we would work
so I did, I treated you great and you,
you played me
you got what you wanted
and than threw it away
threw me away
I should've listened to everyone
I should've listened to myself

why didn't I?
Psychosa Oct 2020
Lonely are the men I seek
Beneath the seams I make them weak.
They hear me sing from far away,
but I come close
to my dismay.
Water rages all round me
But on the surface is a beautiful sea.
My hair falls upon my naked breast
And the wind is blown to the west.
I trap them in my gaze,
with eyes that send them into a hazy daze.
They begin their descent into my void,
I will become what they need,
an escape from their pathetic realities.
Intoxicated from my facade,
they lean from the ship, hoping to taste  ecstasy.
Their eyes meet mine,
and I have fully hypnotized.
One last breath,
And suddenly they see
No longer the reflection of who this seductress could be,
But the siren that drags them to the bottom of the sea.
Every person I meet I thought was the one,
But that soon all changed when they no longer were concerned.
So I say this to myself,
I am beautiful and strong,
I am cared for and loved
And before anyone else I will always make myself the one.
I deserve what my heart is worth, which is worth a thousand words.
I will always love me first until someone shows me I can trust.
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