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Yuki Jan 6
When you’ve got
your trust broken
by someone who
you counted on
there is no glue
in the universe
sticky enough
to put the pieces
back together.
alex Dec 2018
i am stuck in a glass box.
No I'm not a mime
and no I'm not Houdini
Though my legs are tied with chains I cannot seem to find the key to
Pulling me down behind metal doors and locks snapped shut
By my own doing, I am my own victim
The walls I’ve built above myself are now a sarcophagus I find comfort in
My grave dug deeper than the 6 feet recommendation,
The breathing space I have seems only to fill with water
The more I push away the help I crave,
The more I doubt I will get it.
With grave robbers visiting my tomb often
I am now use to the feeling of losing parts of myself I will not see again
Always being told from a young age to not give my whole heart away
But never fully listening
The iron gates I’ve built around myself
, impenetrable to those wanting to see in.
After the numerous moments I’ve wished id kept them shut
For those only wanting to take,
only give more reason to keep them locked.
Hailey Oct 2018
The only person I thought
Would get it
The only person I thought
Would trust me
The only person I thought
Would believe me

My mother
The person I've grown up with
"What did you even do yesterday"
She says
"I had to handle some things"
"Yeah, like what?"
She says

Little does she know
I had lost a friendship yesterday
She tells her boyfriend what i said
In a sarcastic tone
When I start to yell

Now she cares
Now she actually cares
I won't respond to her questions
Because she didn't
Believe me at first
Trust me
So, I can trust you.
Kate Oct 2018
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
It’s damaged, but none the less optimistic
But that’s the problem, my heart sees the best in everything and everyone
And in result, gets hurt
My heart is trying it’s best to piece itself back together and bandadge all its wounds
But this time it’s a little diffrent
This time it’s having trouble fitting every piece into the right spot
Like a puzzle piece where it does not belong
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
It is sitting in my rib cage in a state of blank confusion
“ Why can’t i fix myself this time ?”
“ Why does it hurt so bad?”
“ What do i do now ?”
My heart asked
They say there is no wound time cannot heal
That things can only go up from here now that i have hit rock bottom
But this time, my heart has no motivation left
It is tired of the same disappointing routine of building itself back up just to break again
So instead, my heart decided to put up walls
Walls that would guarantee no one could be let in
Because when you depend your happiness on someone else
They have complete control of your emotions
Do not give someone that kind of power like I did
I can feel my heart throbbing right now
Maria Sep 2018
What I don’t know, is how to unconditionally love,
For a fear that it will never be returned
What I don’t know, is how to really move on
When my heart has been broken again

I don’t know how to stay strong for someone,
When I can’t stay strong for me
I don’t know how to kiss and hug
Because I’ve never gotten the same thing

I don’t know how to love someone, because I still don’t love me
And I can’t always accept people’s flaws
Because I still don’t accept me

I can talk and I can write, but it can never be described
The feeling of love that is always left behind
I can crush, I can adore, but I can never repair
The hurt in my eyes after a broken stare

And the years go by, and my soul turns old
A true love story, is a story not being told
And I grow out of people, like I grow out of clothes
And I change the names of the ones I held close

Because, you see with me it’s like a game
And I can tell you a million stories of boys that left and came
There’s no one waiting for me, so at the end of the day
I pack up my broken pieces, and I make my separate way
R Aug 2018
these barriers offer isolation
these boundaries provide protection
these walls put everything in chain
because attachments often lead to pain
Because what if Rapunzel wasn't locked up by a witch in a tower but she chose to isolate and protect herself from everyone.
دema Aug 2018
it's so hard for me
to open up,
but once i do,
i can't stop,
and people don't mind
to step all over me,
so i build yet another wall
around me,
and opening up becomes
a mission not even Tom Cruise can make possible.
George Anthony Jun 2018
it really *****
that the ones i loved the most
have become the people i feel the worst around

i can't settle, so it's just stomach aches
and biting my tongue

i hope you notice the change

and i hope it burns you as much as it wounded me
​​​​​​​when you realise you lost the trust i put in you
mindmatter Jun 2018
don’t let me leave
don’t let me walk away
because I want to stay
my heart belongs to you

my mouth will shut
my mind will try to forget
I feel they want me dead
with you I have life to live

I tie myself away
I lock the door behind me
I throw away the key
only where you can find it

I only trust your love
I wonder if you will follow
this dark cloud of sorrow
to hold me tight again

the demons will fight
they won’t let go of my hand
they believe me as ******
until your light blinds the room

no one would face them
no one cared to sacrifice
showing me a paradise
that grows behind the clouds

now there’s your silhouette
that I witness in my dreams
that quiets my screams
singing my spirit to rest

when my eyes flutter open
now there’s your smile
inviting me to stay awhile
reminding me my paradise
is one I shall create
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