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Psychosa Oct 14
Lonely are the men I seek
Beneath the seams I make them weak.
They hear me sing from far away,
but I come close
to my dismay.
Water rages all round me
But on the surface is a beautiful sea.
My hair falls upon my naked breast
And the wind is blown to the west.
I trap them in my gaze,
with eyes that send them into a hazy daze.
They begin their descent into my void,
I will become what they need,
an escape from their pathetic realities.
Intoxicated from my facade,
they lean from the ship, hoping to taste  ecstasy.
Their eyes meet mine,
and I have fully hypnotized.
One last breath,
And suddenly they see
No longer the reflection of who this seductress could be,
But the siren that drags them to the bottom of the sea.
Every person I meet I thought was the one,
But that soon all changed when they no longer were concerned.
So I say this to myself,
I am beautiful and strong,
I am cared for and loved
And before anyone else I will always make myself the one.
I deserve what my heart is worth, which is worth a thousand words.
I will always love me first until someone shows me I can trust.
TyeniWrites Jun 20
She doesn't keep to herself
She has trusted alot of people in the past
And so many of them switched up
So stop knocking
Her walls are up
All her doors are locked
She's not letting anyone in
Everytime she loves , her heartbreaks ,her soul bleeds,the more scars she has ,the more her heart turns black and the flowers in the forest in her garden die, her wings turn black so dark , she begins to not believe in love , she begins to fade away so does her love,her wings turn black and so does her eyes, she flys to her castle and hides away from the sun and never comes out until the sun is gone , no bright colors and her dark black eyes ,her soul bleeding out every time she cries ,this is what happens when she begins to break,everything begans to fade away until All her pain Is gone and everything comes back to life , the flowers start to bloom and her eyes aren't dark but blue like the sky and she begans to stop crying and her heart drys up ,the scars heel but forever there ,her heart turns red and the garden comes back to life, but her belief in love isn't so easy to spark up, her wings aren't dark and either are her eyes , shes at peace and happy again until the end of time .
sometimes love can be evil
but don't get discouraged don't blame all us people
deceitful to trust and be mad when it's lost
you are the giver taker and receiver
you make your losses
and you chance your tosses
until you are dead you are your own believer
your own lovely keeper
no maids for your mess you are the only sweeper
use swiffer be swifter don't sniffle don't fall
don't let the dust get in your cracks on the wall
hang up some paintings a picture or four
each of your memories stick them in drawers
no room for bad company kick out remorse
open their door
vacuum the floor
clear out your vents
and make way for what's more
spring cleaning is fun
isnt clutter a bore?
not knowing what's here, and never getting much more
Kanishka May 6
Every road seems unfamiliar,
Every turn is different from the last,
Towards north I see despair,
And the south has evil in the air,
East and west look ready to ensnare,
Since you left me here unprepared,
Tell me who am I to trust amongst this mass?
Why did you break me to my soul?
Isabine Apr 8
What could I do to push you away?
What would you do, if I hurt you?
How could I shock you—with me?
How would it feel to be thrown away?
How could I melt your smile?
How could I make you hate me?
Why do these thoughts keep blooming?
How come I can't believe anything lasts?
At all
innerThought Mar 28
All I want to do is hear your smile, All I want to do is smell your presence, all I want to do is see your silhouette, all I want to do is tell you I love you.
All I want
You're all I want
Yet you feel we better apart
I think we make a good team
You loved me then I love you now,  so much that my keyboard brings your name up when talking about love. I know I'm not perfect and neither are you. I now have love in abundance I already have love for two, whether a son or a daughter and you say I do,  I hope it's to me that you give these things to.
In case you are happier without me I hope it's for the best, I see our past and present as God putting my love to the test. I always do pray to be more alike so he makes me more like him, therefore even he knows I won't give up on my love for you no matter the sin. As he would do the same.
Fight for it and never give up.
GOD has our back
Pranya Mar 5
Before every pistanthrophobic,
There is an unbearable betrayed.
Maybe just a gift,
For which i will be always thankful for...
The scars you gave me,
Made way for my tears to seep.
Right through my heart,
In the underwater treasures of an hidden darkside.

Maybe trust is the most fragile thing,
Handle it with close attentions.
You never know who is the one,
Whom to trust,
Whom to void,
Though this is the game of life.

People change,
Love hurts,
Friends leave,
Things go wrong,
But life goes on.

Maybe you will never know,
Cause i will never show...
Life will be the way it is...
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