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Renee Danes Sep 27
For some reason
Every hug I get,
Every smile I see,
Every fist bump,
High five,

Makes the world seem

Just a little

Brighter :)
In my school they had this thing called challenge day that made me feel like i wasn't alone , and there are people I can talk to about my struggles in life. Yesterday I gave 20 hugs, received 4, and two fist bumps. I have never felt happier in my entire life, 3 hugs can make your day, 12 is ideal and anything over that... I have been all smiles!!!!! Hug people, you'll feel better, I know I sure do :)
The Vault Sep 21
I'm depressed
And need a hug
Kai Sep 17
hug all your friends
and keep them close by
cause when times are hard
on them you will rely
River Sep 16
although cuddling with someone is nice
there is nothing quite like
hugging that stuffed animal really tight

to carry away all your childhood fears
to wipe away all your tears
to never leave when you need the most comfort

there is nothing like hugging a stuffed animal
to feel the softness engulf you
to enjoy the nostalgia all around you

that stuffed animal may seem so lifeless
but if you give it a life it will come alive
and seems to hug you back all the time

to those days you're all alone
and you just simply need a hug
remember who is always there

cuddling with someone is nice
but still there is nothing like
hugging that stuffed animal tight
Lilly F Aug 13
one of the only places I feel safe
and your hugs,
as healing to the bones as honeycomb

from a series of poems I've been writing: what I love about you
moon Jul 28
there's something about crying with someone.
both parties alone together sharing tears of pain or joy,
sharing the crusted and bottled emotions inside us.

thank you for being there when i couldn't hold it in anymore.
thank you for letting me hold you when your heart wasn't in good condition.
moon Jul 26
i just wanted you to hold me.
i just wanted to be held,
always be held.
there was nothing more important or on my mind when i was in someone's arms.
my head resting on the gape of their neck,
or buried in their warm chest.
there was something special about slowing my rapid breathing and matching it with someone elses.
Amyrah Jul 11
The happiest I was,
Was in your arms,
samara lael Jul 10
there’s something about familia
that makes me sigh.
the warm glow of a hug;
the cheeky wink of an eye.

there’s something about familia
that makes me cry.
the pain of passing;
the tests set for us to try.

but with the unexpected & emotion
whether biological or chosen,
familia is familiarity; home; connection
& this i cherish with the deepest of affection.
Airan Jul 5
I miss you, dear, a little,
a little but too much.
I miss your eyes, your shining smile,
I miss your tender touch.
When I think of your laugh at night,
and everything you do,
I realise, I miss your hugs
and every part of you.
For someone I lost
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