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Your eyes are black, tinged with blushes of hazel when the sun falls on your face. I’ve never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them. Your hair is a mess like you got up on the wrong side of the bed but you still manage to pull off adorable every **** time. Your dimple makes special appearances when you laugh on random things I say. Your jawline I know you’re proud of; something I would trace with kisses and warm fingertips, sharp and smooth, so alluring. You’re the perfect kinda tall; our lips collide effortlessly and anyway I would go any limit for you. Our hands intertwine perfectly, you can see we were made for each other. I confess I don’t remember telling your mom in kindergarten you were so cute but I’m glad I did; truer words have never been said. Falling for you was beautiful; you were the stars at the end of my tunnel. You light up my world with fairy lights and gentle kisses and dreams of a future together.  I never knew I could blush before you. You wink like a ******* Prince Charming if there ever was one. ‘I love you’ has never felt inadequate before.
I love you .exam season is the hardest but it will end eventually. I miss being held so delicately ,yet you respect me like Im stronger than they all know. maybe youre right .
I'm constantly checking Snapchat and Instagram, and instantly decoding your posts like a cryptogram. In a millisecond my brain goes from using a gig of ram, to oozing out ten petabytes, like *******.
It won't slow down and I'm trying to stay chill, so I gotta down another bottle of pills. This also helps with the hunger that I'm trying to fill, going from starved, to full, to just feeling ill.
Nauseating dizzying feeling and I'm flustered, populating my stomach with crackers dipped in mustard, I don't like food, but I've started to wonder why my ribs hurt, might be the undying hunger.
I can't pull my eyes away from it as I slit upon my thighs and think of a beautiful ***** I'll never get, so I get lost in distractions to forget her. I've come to accept that this is the truth as I accept the cold and give her my sweater. Attempted controlled suicide at a park plus the letter. If she goes in for anything then I guess I will let her. But every time she touches me it lights a fuse that only activates when she's not around, only clutches me closely when there's nobody else in the vicinity inbound making me feel deader.
Poetry = Greatest Outlet
PMc 7d
Kiss me
and you’ll remember just how beautiful it can be
when our lips touched
it’s almost as though it were some oral obligation
that our lips should meet
our tongues, the tongues of dragons
should touch so delicately.

Hold me
and I’ll you recall just how wonderful it is
when our arms locked
I feel the power of ten hundred Herculean lovers
supporting the temple of passion
our fingers, the fingers of surgeons
should entwine so gently.

Teach me
and recount the magic we have found this weekend
when our lives exploded
your words are the knowledge of  one ‘chronologically advantaged'
and the years, years of study
your words, words of uncertainty
should engage my perception

Love me
and reveal to yourself the years of ******* oppression
when our hearts meet
we will know what it is to be as one
as two can become
while in the deep of the deepest of all raptures
our bodies, our bodies of sensitivity
should meet so gently.

Kiss me…
  Hold me…
    Teach me…
      Love me ….
         Kiss me….
Ahh when love was new and each kiss a **** good reason for another.  The exploration of what might be and what could become.  The reality of the moment with promise of future.
Abril Oct 26
your kisses make me feel at home,
make me wanna stay at that moment,
pause my life in that instant
our lips touch with love
and not separate them never again

Your arms are the warmest thing that hold  me ever
I can feel our hearts meet and start beating at the same time every time you hold me
And I smile
there I feel safe and small
like nothing matters beside us

Mornings are better if I wake up by your side
in your arms, nothing can hurt me
your love surrounds me
and your kisses are the cure of everything

But your eyes
I can’t translate into any idiom what they make me feel
because instead of butterflies I can feel all kinds of insects rebounding in my stomach every time you look at me with those brown eyes
Mister J Nov 29
Its been a long time since then
When my hands held someone elses
Its been a long time when I last
Felt my heart yearn for someone

Awkward smiles flashing at each other
Flirting eyes staring towards one another
Hugs exchanged like there's no tomorrow
My kisses marking your cheeks and forehead

Emotions are in overdrive
As you look at me with your playful eyes
My heartbeats are skipping erroneously
As my lungs are gasping for breath

Your hands felt soft and sweet
As you happily laced them around mine
Your fingers touching each of my own
Each ****** sending jolts down my spine

Whenever you stare at me I want to melt
Ten seconds in your eyes feels like an eternity
It makes me want to pray for Time
to freeze
Whenever I surround you with my embrace

My words can't express how much you mean to me
My body can't endure such sweet emotions anymore
My time that froze when love was taken away
Moves again when you suddenly came
to my life

I love you Babe
No matter what they say
People will always have doubts
Even you may not believe me
But when I say that I'm in love
It is rare that I say it
With full and conscious conviction
Just like this one
So please
If you may grant me
Just one wish
No matter how long it will take
For you to reach a decision
Even if you make me wait long
Just please consider this
Please choose to stay
Here with me
Stay in my heart
Hold my hands tight
Embrace me fiercely
And never leave me alone
I love you
Hello Potato.. Err. Hello Poetry!

I am having difficulties in writing, I can't think straight.

Is this the effect of being in love, and that love being slowly reciprocated?

I dunno about you guys, but this has been the happiest I've ever been in a long time.

To my dearest Babe/Potato
I love these feelings
I love your company
I love the way you smell
All your good traits
All your bad traits
Even if I haven't seen them all
What's not to love?
I love how you stare into my soul
With those piercing eyes of yours
I love how you hug me tight
And how you hold my hands sweetly
I love every single moment with you
Everything we're having right now
I love you. :)

Thanks for reading Everyone!

Sehar Bajwa Nov 6
the kind of guy who will hold your bags but never go keep your plate
the kind of guy who will tell you he loves you at random moments because thats when it matters most
the kind of guy who will listen to you read storybooks aloud just so he can stare a little longer
the kind of guy who can make every novel funny and every day magical
the kind of guy who can stand up to his best friend and side with the bullied
the kind of guy who never forgets but nearly always forgives
the kind of guy with hair a different perfect mess every day
the kind of guy who knows when everyone's looking and still doesnt care
the kind of guy who will removes every single pea because he knows you cant stand them
the kind of guy who kisses you like your lips are oxygen masks
who hugs you like hes afraid to let go
the kind of guy who will miss you every second you're away and will remember to tell you so.
thats my kind of guy.
And it's moments like this
I'd wrap my arms around you.
You'd disappear, head against my chest.
A thousand pieces coming together.
Our eyes closed, curled together in each other's arms.
Each moment prolonged.
Held tight.
Your body against mine.
An eternity in my arms.
Total control of our philosophies.
Suddenly you'd disappear.
Not an ounce of weight could be felt.
Sometimes opening my eyes.
Finding you nice and nestled
Between the width of my shoulders
Ammar Abraham Nov 13
I’m mostly sad through the day
Then it happens, for a moment or two
I feel happy, for no reason at all.

I try to hold onto that moment
don’t want it to slip away
“Don’t push me back to my torment”
I beg and plead for it to stay.

It’s like when you know you’re dreaming
Your mind wakes you up
Feeling sadness in me teeming
And the moment is up.

Left broken in my darkness again
Felt everything will be okay for a bit
It’s gone, now it’s all about the pain
Pain, that rules me and owns me
Mocks me and trolls me
Pretends to be the light as it fools me
it’s everywhere, It’s more me than me.

It used to be balanced
Now it’s just me, alone
Without an umbrella
Walking under an endless rain.
Marianne Cruz Oct 20
Darkness envelops the whole room
Calmness, nowhere to be found;
Neither did silence speak for itself
Nor noise whispered mutely
Wash, bam, it's 2 am.

Waiting for drowsiness to take over
On a tiny bed, I turned and shifted;
Longing for your warmth
To ease my anxious soul
With tight hugs and forehead kisses.

Rain pours wholeheartedly,
Furiously the wind blows;
When lightning struck I was terrified
Of reminiscing a memory of you here with me
Or of learning that you no longer are by my side.

It was both.
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