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Leah Carr May 17
We love you so much
I hate it that you're hurting
Please come back for hugs
Raven Feels May 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just upon a dream---magical things come to burn to gleam:}

I don't know you
I danced with you once upon a magical dream

I don't know you
that look in your blues is so malefic an appeal

and I don't know you
if it's true that visions are all imaginary

but if I don't know you
I'll wait to see you

you'll love me at an infinite once
the way you did once upon a dream

but if I don't know you
I'll die to see you

you'll hold me in hugs
the way you did tons upon a dream


a fantasy a miraculous gleam
to my heart forever a favorite scene

                                                         ­                        ------ravenfeels
Ash Mar 22
In the era of Mobile and Internet connectivity ,
Meeting in person is a different set of feel.
Ash Mar 1
Few years and I don't have to look at your last seen but to gaze at you instead.
Marmaelady Dec 2020
I’m not alone
I never have been
You were always there waiting
To hold me in your arms
As if they were made for just this moment
And my heart is now in pieces
We let it shatter
For a new beginning
The lifetime we’re spending together
For months
For weeks
For days
For hours
For minutes
For seconds
Just for this
Just for... you
Cause you’re not alone
I was right here waiting for you too
I’ve never desired to be this patient until I met you, my love.

Thank you for everything.

See you, tomorrow, okay?
Estelline Dec 2020
Your fine hair glistens in the rays of the evening sun
Your eyes shine like the sea
Sparkling like diamonds
I could never hide from them
Nor would I want to
Staring into my darkest places
Nothing left unturned
But loving every bit of it

Along comes your beaming smile
The brightest of them all
Your happiness, joy, and friendliness
Spreading from ear to ear
A contagious act imprinted on my heart
Soon my lips part showing my shining teeth
May your smile never fade
Even on the grayest of days

Your arms move swiftly from behind you
Enwrapping me in a warm bear hug
A circle of love, appreciation, and affection
All sadness is defeated
Worries leave for another day
Enjoying the silent moment of peace and understanding
Two hearts become one
Knowing you’ll always be there for me
And I for you.
karly codr Dec 2020
I just want someone to hug me
while i cry
for a while
Jaxey Dec 2020
you gave me hugs
when you could have
given me kisses
you gave me comfort
when you could have
given me oxygen
now I'm here
gasping your name
while you ponder
on why I can't breathe
Sarah Synk Dec 2020
I wanna hug you one last time.
I want your warmth to seep throughout my body.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I wanna see that beautiful smile shine the whole room.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I wanna let you know how loved you are.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I never wanted to see how much pain you were in.
I wanna ask you a question:
When you were around, why did you feel so numb?
I wanna ask: Why did you feel so unworthy?
You knew I loved you from the start, you were all my heart.
I wanna hug you one last time.
~I just like the feelings of hugs. I hope you loved one can have a good hug aft the Pandemic.~
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