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Ash May 29
Have you felt lonely when you have that one person in your life , yet you start crying suddenly?
The perpetual want of being held
by someone who recognises
just how touchstarved I am
frog Nov 2021
Your hand
On my knee,
My hand
On your hand,
Your arms
Wrapped around me,
And mine
Around you.
catching feelings man
Ant Sep 2021
the thing between you and me.
where i think of you most.
my favorite thing to spend on you.
where i get lost in you most.
the thing you bring to me.
where i embrace you most.
one of many things i see in you.
where i melt for you most.
the things currently above my head.
coffee girl Sep 2021
Sana sa mga oras na ako’y ubos na,
Andyan ka sana para bigyan ako ng pag-asa.
Sa mga pagkakataong ayaw ko na,
Yakapin mo sana ako at ‘di na pakawalan pa.

Mga yakap na siyang nagbibigay lakas,
Na wari’y isang lakas na nagsisilbing lunas,
Lunas sa mga sakit na hindi maipaliwanag,
Sa pagsasamang tila nauubusan na ng liwanag.

Mahal, isang mahipit na yakap,
Pantakip sa katotohanang hindi natin matanggap
you feel the sadness???? lol
Leah Carr May 2021
We love you so much
I hate it that you're hurting
Please come back for hugs
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just upon a dream---magical things come to burn to gleam:}

I don't know you
I danced with you once upon a magical dream

I don't know you
that look in your blues is so malefic an appeal

and I don't know you
if it's true that visions are all imaginary

but if I don't know you
I'll wait to see you

you'll love me at an infinite once
the way you did once upon a dream

but if I don't know you
I'll die to see you

you'll hold me in hugs
the way you did tons upon a dream


a fantasy a miraculous gleam
to my heart forever a favorite scene

                                                         ­                        ------ravenfeels
Ash Mar 2021
In the era of Mobile and Internet connectivity ,
Meeting in person is a different set of feel.
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