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Steve Page Feb 19
Some of my heroes wear
a cowl or a cape,
they might wield a shield,
swing from a web
or swing a big hammer.

Some of my heroes wear
a smile in the face
of foaming anger
and throw a mean hug
that will make you stagger.

I know who I'd rather
be my first responder.
Thinking about folk I admire
ZACK GRAM Dec 2023
Forget a degree
Its just you an me
I get 100 views without you
If i had a temp mines 101
Senetence 10 billion an belief
Top the page living legend
You read my write
Thats a law diploma
Forget a degree
I got 3
100 views channel 101
Me an you together forever
Sing to me
tumbledry Aug 2023
One where my mind shuts down
I sink into the warmth and feeling
Of your heartbeat against my chest
My arms resting softly under yours
There’s no rush no counting of the seconds
Afraid to overstep or come across desperate.  
Just a hug where the feelings are equivalent.
tumbledry Jun 2023
I know this ache in my heart
Can only be soothed by your arms.
It’s as if I need to destroy myself completely
To forget all this pain you’ve caused.
Reshnia crimson Jun 2023
My sister has curly hair
From day one
She has cut and burned it at every chance

Her hair is dark and thick
Like our fathers
I wish I had his hair instead

I wish the follicles on my head
Wernt thin and brittle
And quick to fall

Would that make me a man?

My sister has a flat chest,
My ******* have been called the best
My family and friends alike

She calls her own chest, childlike
If we traded, and my breath was unstressed
If they fell from my body

Would that make me a man?

What an unjust God
Who would give us bodies
That did not fit our souls

What cruel diety
Would leave us feeling
So cramped
tumbledry Jun 2023
One glance at your outstretched arms
Had my legs trembling to stay put
I saw versions of myself leaping into your lap
Tucking my head against your neck
Inhaling the familiar scent of oranges and
a day of hard work.
Those hugs aren’t mine anymore
All I could do was run.
Run away from the longing.
Ash May 2022
Have you felt lonely when you have that one person in your life , yet you start crying suddenly?
Joshleen Kumar Feb 2022
The perpetual want of being held
by someone who recognises
just how touchstarved I am
frog Nov 2021
Your hand
On my knee,
My hand
On your hand,
Your arms
Wrapped around me,
And mine
Around you.
catching feelings man
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