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Kitten Yvad Oct 17
need to be small
             need to be held
  my chest screams sobs and rebels

Its hardly real;
of it I won't make more.
i love and startle myself...
well ..I try to ignore...

you know, i startle and
          try to outrun
            all the things I adore!
Arabella B Sep 21
Sitting here alone
in my dorm room
listening to music
as those around me laugh and go on adventures
has made me realize
that it's ok to be alone

School comes first
yes that may be true
but so does my health
Here at school
I sit in my room
sealed up
brick by brick
constantly doing school work
I can go out

Sometimes I miss my house
I miss the hugs
I miss the cuddles
I miss the warmth of my home
Sure school can never replace a home
But for some reason I thought it would
I wanted the experience like everyone else
I want to laugh and go out
Be a real teen

The leaves are starting to change here
It's starting to get cold
I am in the fall of my teenage years
Next year I turn into a real adult
I just want to live my life and not think
Instead I sit here and analyze everything in my life
Bottles scattered across my desk
Along with a clutter also sits an unmade bed
A bed that shows worn but also eerily neat
This poem is not for pity
Life is not everything we imagine it to be when we're young
our tiny little feet grow up and our strides widen
Life goes on whether we like it or not
It all depends on how ready we are for it
Marmaelady Sep 21
The next time we meet again will probably awkward as frick
Like if Jupiter and Uranus collided
In which they'd probably pass by each other because they're gas giants
(Or fuse into one big gas giant planet, but I'm too tired to explain)
And being in one room we'd might as well
Be two unmoving pieces of stone each waiting
For the other to make a move
After all the years without touch
(Cause a pandemic had to happen)
I guess we'd be stiff like that.

I mean, can't you see the stiffness in the way my hands
Wave at you wishing yours could just come through
The pesky screens holding us back
Just wishing they could make a crack at all the ice
My hands have been gathering throughout these years?

Cause it seems holding you will take ages
And I'm now left to read hundreds of pages of young adult couples
Huddling beside bonfires
Making it look so easy to move closer and closer
While realistically, we're stuck here miles and miles apart
Only huddling beside this hurt we call distance

By the gods, I pray to be a gas giant so I can permeate
Through all these physical walls
And give you the one long hug I've been saving since fall
Cause I badly need the body warmth right now.
Do I sound too hypothermic? I hope not.


But anyway, still and awkward hugs will do
I've noticed it's a bit cold here --
Is it cold there too?

I know you might've grown accustomed to it, you might even like it, but for just one night
Let me imagine what it's like
To warm you.
I am in need of body warmth. Brr. Help XD Also, inspired by Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero. Piper and Jason's scene.

Spoken word for the nth time. All my poems are becoming spoken word.

; - ;

Well, I'll see and listen what my hearts says.
Khoi Sep 13
Hugs are slowly on
it's way back
a welcome return
of a living legend
Susanna Aug 9
i received a hug from an invisible force
it felt amazing
until i realized i couldn't move
C Jul 20
When I see you I'll hold you like never before,
Good luck peeling me off, I'll just squeeze you more.
Like a lid that won't budge, I'll embrace tighter still
Close my eyes, take you in, feel every feel.

Just like a fine wine, you've had time to breathe;
Let me bathe in your flavour, the taste of relief.
Daydream-filled moments, leading to now
What once was prosecco is now vintage Crystal.

Effervescence of contact, scared I may burst
Drinking you in, attempt to quench thirst.
Skin on skin warms me, senses alive
To love is to touch, to touch is to thrive.

So please do indulge me, play with my hair?
Enfold me entirely, leave no space for air.
My darling, I've missed you, do you understand?
What I really want, is to hold your hand.
“choose your hugs wisely...(the hug has to spark joy.)”

the pandemical advice columns arrive
mostly repetitive, causing/repairing minor league
but stumbled on the advice above, dumbstruck,
and yes, by god, even that poet’s favorite,

thinking wow, great advice,

for the entirety of our remaining days!

victoria May 27
The love effect

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug
And tell them you appreciate them
Even if they don't reciprocate
Weaken the cement in your self made wall
Breakdown your stubborn barriers

Love breads love
That person somehow, somewhere deep down
Will feel a little joy from your gesture
They might manifest this joy
And give that same gesture to someone else
And thus it continues
Love spreads love

Your love may not be returned
from the one to which you gave
But the giving of unconditional love
will attract love back to you in ways
you won't believe
Overcome the awkwardness
Overcome the fear of rejection
And give out love

So go ahead
Tell that person that you love them or appreciate them
or you're grateful for them,
or all three
and more......
And wait as the ripple effect takes place
And waves of love will eventually be returned to you.

Love is magic
It breaks down barriers
It heals scars and wounds
It can end all feuds
You can be a part of this today

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug.....
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