The last of the wine
goes down fine
as you start slumber in the room above;
the end of vino
raised to your love.
Far away from the ocean bay
After having your midnight drink
Far away from the next day
The moon smiles, with a wink
we slept all
bundled up in
beds too tiny
meant for

limbed and
twiny under
breathy blanket
quilted by
your mom

in pokey dorm rooms
loud and

we slept all
upside down
in princess bed
of brass ornate
and painted
ceramic of
flowers pink
and dainty

pulled and
rubbled out
from rummage
sale in
front yard

enclosed by walls
of wood
a-seep with
rugged deep
grotesque koala

we slept all
pulled out long
on foamy

slats a-stick
in ribs and
jutting out

to wailing
siren sounds
and tv screams
and chopper
and others'
lovers' fights

a-pound and
hot and grimy

we slept all
lofted up
and alcoved
high in castle


circled round
by clouds
and crows and

wings a-soar
wings a-flap
dizzying up our
weathered dreams

cat a-curled and
purring at
our tender feet

and farback
swirling sweet

of bygone nights

of bygone plights

of sleeps
slept other

© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
The bed on which you sleep is full of memories. The sounds that swirl around, the light that filters in, the lumpiness or firmness of its cradling round your body, and the scent of the person with whom you share it becomes inextricably linked to that bed itself.

A couple in love graduates from bed to bed as they progress through ever-changing life circumstances. And the memories of those beds contain the memories of all the happy, miserable, beautiful, and strugglesome times that befell them in between all those sleeps.
Eno Feb 15
It’s winter now
And I wish I could take off my emotions
As I do my clothing
Then I would have unwrapped my scarf
Of sadness
As I walked in

.... And heard you

I would have taken
A cold icy breath out
Whilst peeling my mittens
Of jealousy
From my frozen empty hands

.... And heard her too

I would have pinched
The hat from off my head
And thrown it at the radiator
Hard enough
That it would capture
My hatred

... of listening to the bed creak

With the lights still on.
m Feb 14
warmth in cotton
bedsheets, comfort
in rough hands
the rain fell hard
and so did i
on those cold december nights
filled with electric humming
of something
or everything
content in
my heart is yours

there are treasures in your laugh, there are daisies in your soul, there are angels in your eyes, there are oceans in your heart,
there is me, in your memories,
there is you, in my dreams

i can't wait to come home to you
for sof
Amanda Feb 14
It is hard to dream of you at night
Yet not see your face at all in the day
I desperately need to hear your voice
But when we talk I don't know what to say

I'm tired of living life like this
I hate waking up knowing you're not there
I'm still madly in love with you
But you're too happy to notice or care

I just want to call you again
And tell you how everything is wrong
I wish I could let my feelings pour out
I miss you and it's so hard to be strong

It doesn't matter what I do
Or where I go, you're always on my mind
I'm stuck in the past, I can't move on
I'm not ready to leave this behind

I don't want to be with anyone else
I forgive you but I can't forget
I had the best year of my life with you
And I'm not angry, just upset

I ask questions that have no answers
Why did this have to happen to me?
What did I do to do to deserve this?
Who is it you want me to be?

I've tried to be enough for you
But people can't change overnight
And I'm starting to realize
That with you I'll never win the fight.

One moment I think I'm still special
And the next you prove that I'm not
You used to text me all the time
Now I'm just an afterthought

You're not afraid of losing me
In fact it seems like you're doing just fine
It's clear you don't need me to hold or kiss
I wonder who will be your Valentine

I'm alone this year and memories
Twist tightly around my bitter heart
The empty space beside me is just
a reminder that I'm still torn apart

I know that this sounds pathetic
But I cry whenever I can't sleep
I count the days we spent together
Instead of numbers or jumping sheep

It's embarrassing but sometimes
I talk to myself in the mirror
I tell my reflection all of the words
I want to stammer that you'll never hear

I'm longing to feel your arms around me
No one has ever mattered this much
I love how you light my skin on fire
I hate that I'm sick without your touch

I despise the girl I've become
Begging for your warm affection
I fear that despite my best efforts
I wont ever achieve perfection

I wouldn't ask you to be different
I accept you for who you are
In my eyes your flaws are beautiful
I love and appreciate every scar

You're not the person I fell for
You've changed but I still feel the same
Even now you have the power
To drive me crazy just by saying my name

I'm holding onto what we had
Although everyone agrees I should let go
Friends ask me why I can't move on
I just shrug and say "I don't really know"

My bed is too big and cold these days
My head is bursting at the seams
It hurts to sleep alone at night
But at least I have you in my dreams
This is one of my personal favorites. Very raw and real and emotional. Hopefully someone out there will find relief knowing that they are not alone in their pain. Thanks for reading!
Silverflame Feb 11
em>come forward, you sweet whimsical dream.
fill my mind up with all sorts of beauties.
leave my bed empty, but my smile frozen.
these euphoric senses dance on my duvet,
to later sleep on my pillow.
I wish I could stay here forever.
for this one feeling.
the feeling of something.
something like the very feeling of feelings;
feels peculiar.
here I have forgotten you.
here I am free of the idea of a
silhouette, that used to be mine.
but; there is always a but.
when the sun's lazy hot
rays tickle my eyes open.
and the birds, now mournful,
chirping trespass my ears.
there falls the heavy brick down,
and with a sudden
I see the raven black silhouette,
crystallized in the corner of my eye.

Jedda Feb 9
Some days, my bedroom ceiling saw more of me than the floor cause I never left my bed.
Amanda Feb 5
My bed is a boat,
My tears a salty ocean,
Keeping me afloat.
I am impressed with myself I'm not going to lie. Critique anyone?
python Feb 5
I stay awake; long into the night
I do not wish to end the day alone
I stay in bed; long into the day
I do not wish to start the day alone
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