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now the only thing in my bed pressing into the curve of my back is the corner of a fucking book and the only thing outlining the sheets next to my head is fucking wine stains

Get these fucking books out of my bed where did you go
an overdue goodbye to a man i thought i loved
Anya 4d
Such a simple thing
All should do it
All do not
As much as they should

In elementary school
The thought of sleeping
Past 9
Seemed sacrilegious

Sleeping before

11:00 bedtimes
Sometimes just because
I can’t afford to put my electronic down

It’s essential
A period for us to rest

So why keep changing it?
Why keep pushing it

The only
One being harmed
Did you see my ex
she looks like a mess
thrown back hair
and sweatpants
reminds me of the days
we spent in bed
longing to stay there
but knowing we'd eventually
fall apart
I want to keep
the version
of you
with the
moon & the stars
Louisa Coller Sep 11
Tender crimson leaves,
shade the tiny, tired fairy,
masking her flowerbed.
Aa Harvey Sep 10
Viva la morning sun

Midnight, dark night, no light, can’t go.
So dark, so quiet, so I guess the neighbours are not home.
Waiting for sleep to arrive, but it never does on time.
Still waiting to permanently close my eyes;
But match sticks under baggy eye lids,
Will not show me the peaceful dreams I need to find.

Brain storms while outside it is silent.
Not a raindrop in the air.
Sun will rise shortly, as will the neighbours;
They all arise without a care.
I will hear their alarms and the beeping of their cars
And each and every door they all slam, God damn!

Muffled music drives away and I am left with clinking milk bottles.
How I hate to hear the milk man moving in full throttle.
The bin men arrive flashing their ‘vehicle is reversing’ lights.
I close my eyes, but they peek around the curtain…sigh.
People are busy nattering and I am left sinking;
There is no calling for the postman singing.
The birds have not even got their song books out yet,
Because there is too much noise, for all their rehearsing.

Now I arise from the deep pit in which I dwell.
The zombie arisen, the power button pressed, another day of Hell.
In a state of half-dress the violins begin,
Quietly at first, but soon a full orchestra of noise;
A cup of tea is soon ready to drink.
This symphony would wake the whole neighbourhood,
If it wasn’t for all the toys and work, which mean they are already up.

The din would be said to be deafening, ironic,
If I cared to hear those muggles out there, but today is supersonic
And the strings are rising up to the top of the planet,
And I am drifting within the music’s magic.

I am taken away to a classical age,
Where maidens play while in-waiting in castles.
The beer is served in tankards,
Meat ripped with fists and soldiers prepare for battle.
This warrior mind has no strength for a Queen,
The zenith passed, the air up here is so clean
And now the end of the song approaches
And with a whimper, I remember, the line of forgotten roaches…

I raise to my height, now at full length, a citizen.
Viva la revolution!  I am at one with creation.
Hello Earth and morning sun!
Let me feel your warmth…my morning divine, my elation.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
cayden Sep 10
i'm on my bed, uncovered.
the fan is on,
it's pleasantly cool.
and my eyelids are heavy,
i'd love to sleep right about now.

hang on, what will happen tomorrow?
let's see, this could happen, or that could happen.
don't those sound fun?

i can't really stop these thoughts,
they're like mosquitos.
there's one buzzing around your head,
trying to suck the life out of you.
then pops in another thought, another mosquito.
and another. and another.
they seemingly never stop multiplying,
attacking you.
they drain the energy out of you,
and you just sit there and let it happen.

i'd love to sleep right about now.
future events.

i'd love it if you can give me some constructive criticism ♡
Freddie Ruiz Sep 9
With her red wine lips she can get me in trouble.
She makes me hot, though she fronts like she’s cold.
If I give her my heart, will she heal my broken soul?
Her presence is delightful and I can’t get enough.

I’m alone in the night wishing she would knock on my door,
so we can roll around from the bed to the floor.
Can something that feels so right end up being wrong?
If I give her my heart, will she heal my broken soul?

So, I take a step forward only to find myself in chains.
She knows how I feel but won’t admit her body’s in flames.
I can hold her treasure in my chest not just between my legs.
Though it’s hard to explain, I can hear her begging in silence.

You got me chained down to the desire of you.
You got me chained down to the thought of holding you.
You got me chained down to a naked you I wake up to.
You got me chained down to spend my life with you.
You got me chained down to a dream that might come true.
I try to break the chains, but I can’t let myself loose.
Written on October 11, 2014
Composition number: 491
Lady Ace Sep 6
Sober too long
A thousand pictures fill my head
Nothing I want
All I deserve
A failure encrusted shoe
And a dangerously deep hole
A yearning
A yearning fit to burst through the confinement of narrow walls
Or the confinement of a narrow mind
The genie took two of my wishes
So I’ll leave you with this;
If I ever sleep again
Please don't wake me up
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