JR Rhine 15h

Sometimes, before bed,
I try on the outfit
I have laid out
for the next day
in front of the mirror.

It’s like
peeking through the
wrapping paper
before Christmas Day.

that outfit neatly tucked
in the corner of my room
by the closet
is the only thing
that will get me out of bed.

After already hitting snooze
for three hours,
first class skipped,
lunch date cancelled,
self-loathing amassing
at an alarming rate—

those neatly folded clothes
look like a savior atop a
carpeted Sea of Galilee.

To mistake it for vanity
is to be the one who
has never feared
once their feet left the bed
they would drown.

If you can tell me whether it's "have laid" or "have lain" I'll dedicate my life's work to you.
Amy 17h

You wrapped me up in crazy
And  stayed for quite a while
You tucked me into bedlam
And I slept on your beguile

The comfort was in knowing that
Your thoughts they made no sense
And I could not tell if we were present
or past tense

It was a sleepy fantasy
where it really didn't matter
If your thoughts transmitted energy
Or your brainwaves were ashatter

The chemistry I felt for you
Was such a mad desire
We could have burned out together
In an everlasting fire

As I curled around your sanity
And flirted with your brain  
For a while I was so happy
In the nightmare called insane

And, when you wake up
you shall only see
an imprint in the pillow and covers.
long gone i will be,
from this mess, and the loose
webs that reveal your other lovers.

Megan H 4d

I found myself
Getting lost in your eyes
The same way
I've looked at the stars
Since I was 7

And every second
Feeling like a million years
Heavy with time
I sink deeper and deeper
While you raise me up

I found myself
In your eyes
Through your darkening gaze
This must be love-
This intoxicating feeling.

I'm a casket of memories, drunk on your shortfalls
lying in my bed incarcerated by your laughter
a reverie, pink elephants in echo of your sublime
my bare bane
this abyss of remembrance that I have become
will drown my alive leaving my corpse barren
in aches with a craving no longer tasteful
with arms no longer holding you
with a long lost heart, you exhumed a while ago,
       two little love birds
       sitting on a wall
       one wished forever    the other took a fall,
you took a fall.

VC, impersonating.
Rebel Heart Oct 9

One wall is full of magnificent posters
Of a little girl's future dreams.
The other painted over with vibrant art.
One wall is a diary oozing with words
Of every unwritten song and unsaid thought
The other a painted map of all the adventures
That await her if she follows her heart.
Yet these posters cover up gaping holes
The paint covers up the scars
The words cover up the pain
The map her deep flaws
The room was never meant to be seen
By anyone else but the girl
Who lived in fear of the demons
Before realizing she
Was the only monster
Living under her own bed.
And no matter what she did
To cover up her empty walls,
The suffering
  Would forever
    Be locked
     Within them
Her room forever emptier
Than her heart

Excerpts from a long published poem by the same name...
Mims Oct 6

A boy from my past life
Viewed my Instagram story

I feel bad for forgetting you existed
We were close enough to be siblings
About 2 years ago

I lived at your house for months
And your mother took me out to lunch
And took over my life
More or less

It reminds me when I lived anywhere but home
And came back to nothing
But disapproving older brothers
And stressed out mothers

You belong to the part of my life i don't mention in conversation
The part I try to forget

The girl that I was
That I try
To forget

We had a falling out
When your mother verbally abused my sister

And you remained close minded
And now
I miss your dog
More then I miss you.

Go ahead stalk my instagram. I'll never talk to you again

In this cucoon
My world though smaller
Isn't much better
But at least I'm king

Yes, my bed is a favourite place of mine
Mikaela Oct 3

My cheek pressed against your chest
Inhaling the cologne across your collarbone
My fingers running through your velvet hair
Your arm wrapped around me just below my ribcage
Pulling me in close
Our breathes in sync
As we fall asleep

- best sleep

Leah Hodgkiss Sep 27

absence makes the heart grow fonder but we've been apart for two days and I'm ever surprised that there's any room for growth. this may not sound healthy and I don't know how to convince you past saying that it is, but this is healthy and this is waking me up in the middle of the night to kiss my forehead because you had a bad dream and bringing me closer was the only way to soothe your nervous soul. this is bad dreams consistently and every night, they're more vivid than before and you're okay convincing me of what's real every morning. I love waking up next to you only to fall asleep three more times in between kisses and back scratches and intentional avoidances of the sunlight creeping in through the shades. I could spend a lifetime between these sheets with you. I could spend a lifetime finding every spot on your body that's ticklish if you run your fingers over it with the right amount of pressure. I love feeling goosebumps at my touch. I have always loved mornings and you never have but I've never enjoyed coffee the way I do when it's with you and it's half past noon. you're telling me what you wanted to be when you were nine (a pilot) and I'm falling in love with the way you always pay a little more attention to my left eye than my right. we lay down what we want our lives to be on this kitchen table and walk through it step by step over two cups, taken black. no feat is too large when I remember these moments are promised in my future.

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