right hand - cack hand
an inebriant
a heat of intoxicants
'Recover Your Presence Of Mind'
i don't even have my mattress raised
from upon the floor
spilled drinks
and pages soaked to the boarding
snoring in spores
infested with messages
in nest with it all
best to withdraw
the artist
the 'madder than'
the inebriant
right ?
can one practice as a sober ?
I've never wanted to create more or been this capable before...or are the results missing something ?
something splayed
hellish even ?
is it the reader ?
will we not be pleased with the results without some evidence of a soul in suffering
and numbing isolation?
Amanda 2d
Lately I have not been able to sleep
Instead ride a dangerous wave
Thoughts careen around and back
Crashing into a rocky cave

Lie awake in bed and stare
At the ceiling or the wall
Thinking until I am almost numb
Until I cannot think at all
Relentless thoughts
Billy 3d
between the sweat
on the sick bed, i circle stray satellites
clustered on the ceiling. i let bliss speak

and leave me weak.

     my sun
slow licks my lips:
a fire spit. hot tongue. bony hipped.
i strum his back. his skin
and soul.

i reach fever pitch
     and burn up 'til i hit
the floor.
healing is hard
Another girl
Different emotions than the night before.
Where are you?
Are you back home?
Is it alright if I called you tonight?
I’ve filled this room with things to forget you.
But it wouldn’t let me.
It’s still empty in here.

The time drags by.
Memories of you echo off the walls.
Am I too late?
Are you back home?
Is it alright to hear your voice tonight?
This ceiling fan always stares down at me.
Like the world is spinning
But I’m just lying still.

Maybe it’s nothing.
Maybe it’s everything.
Why should I even get up?
I know I'm meaningless.
I know life is a pointless endeavor.
I know I'm unlikable, unloveable, and pathetic.
So why do I get out of bed?
There is no reason.
I should just stay right here and never leave.
Left with the only person who can hurt me now.
But even I don't want to stay here completely.
I'm still telling myself,

"elizabeth, you need to get up."
at war with limes, I am a lemon head
at war with limes, I want lemons instead
strange thoughts of fruits are spinning in my head
I cannot sleep, I cannot go to bed
tomorrow will be bitter, filled with dread
lemons vs limes in iambic pentameter
NA Jul 4
You need not visit right now.
For I wish to stay wide awake
In the arms of my loved one.
And if you were to exhaust me,
I would have to retreat to my own bed.
So please, let me enjoy this.
I couldn’t stay at my significant other’s house tonight, my exhaustion forced me to leave
Aa Harvey Jul 2

I am still not good to go,
I am still way too weak.
I need to rest my broken bones,
It’s been one Hell of a week.

If I find myself inside a picture box,
I will be lost to the stars and I will look so far gone.
Coyote with an Acme anvil to the head;
I’m feeling dazed and confused and I am in need of my bed.

There is not long now until this day is done,
So fix me up with caffeine and a soak in the tub.
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders,
It is dragging me down.
Depression seeks my name;
Rainfall beneath a black cloud.

When I need a change, I just can’t catch a break.
I’m starting to feel my age as every part of me aches.
I hear the crack of my joints as I fall to lie down.
I raise an arm with a remote attached;
My legs have given up on me now.

I can’t go any further, but I am home at last,
So I wish you well with your adventures,
But now it is time I took a nap.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda Jun 30
I swear I will spend my whole life trying
To figure out which turn we took wrong
Because I cannot let go of you
I'm sure I'll never be that strong

Can't forget the way it feels
To have your skin pushed close to mine
To hear you whisper you love me
While hands meet and intertwine

Miss the sound of your heartbeat
Can't survive without your touch
I've been falling apart since you left me
I love you too damn much

I wonder if you are happy now
With peace of mind, an empty bed
If you grow tired of being alone
You can come sleep with me instead
Written 11-3-12
Laura Jun 28
It's always his smile that makes me melt.
His smile that tickles my soul, even when it's dark in the room.
I try to cast a cold facade,
But his warm eyes and easy going laugh turn me into a puddle.
His sweet words roll off his tongue and straight into my heart.
His big, muscular hands match up with mine.
He pokes fun at my little baby hands,
But kisses each finger with his plump brown lips.
Those decadent lips.
We giggle sweet nothings back and forth,
But those moments,
Those words,
They mean everything.
I sit up and stretch my arms.
He traces my body and kisses my back.
The three words I've longed to hear,
Finally escaping his breath.
I smile and melt back into him
As he pulls the covers over us.
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