And tomorrow
when you wake up
do not be afraid
to embrace the
empty side of your bed
and tell your heart
there are greater wars
to be won.
Samantha Apr 14
I smell of your cologne
And marijuana
Our mouths dry and intertwined
Lying in your cozy bed
I get lost in your touch
Falling into a universe of lust
No strings attached
Let’s forget about our past
Only for the night
Then I’ll have to leave
While the moon is shining bright
I've never been so afraid
Hidden beneath bed sheets
and no one to comfort me

I do not understand
How to let people see me cry
I just feel I need to hide

Not because of pride
but I feel I must always be okay
But usually, I am not okay

I get lost in my head
As I lay still in my bed
And alone, I always feel

No one to help me heal.
No one asks me if I'm okay.
I fell asleep to an episode of u
Where everything went wrong
It was all losses
Failures to endure
And in the end I was alone
Just as when I wake...I'll be alone
And maybe it wasn't a dream at all
It wasn't a fairytale
Made up in pink fleshy nerves
It wasn't a fable
Of grey sluggish electron matter
But it was real
So now waking up is pointless
There's no solution
No pinching the skin to see if I'm imagining
All the heartbreak
All the horror
And the guts ripped out
And hearts torn to shreds
It's in my head
And there is no bed that I can rest upon
Terry Collett Apr 17
We were lying on her bed
listening to Gustav Mahler.

It was a small bed
so we were pretty much
thrown together after the event
of making love.

Both of us were hot
and lay there letting the air
from a slightly opened window
cool us down.

“I prefer his Second”
she said
“it has a more
religious overtone.”

Percy had been reduced
to a kind of cigar stub
and lay there
pathetically sleeping.

“I like his First
it has that power
and excitement
that he only tries to redo
in later symphonies”
I said.

She had small soft fruits
sleeping stiff there.

Nearby a cow mooed
and in the distance
a tractor moaned
across a field.

“I thought you preferred
his Fifth you said?”
she said turning
towards me.  

“I did but I prefer
the First now”
I replied.

A dog barked
over the way
and a car sped past
on the lane outside.

“Thank you
for the Solzhenitsyn book”
she said
“it looks quite deep.”

I noticed how well formed
she was and how her small thatch
was a different shade
to that of her hair on top.

“It is deep
and rather depressing”
I said.

Another cow mooed
and the dog barked again.

A car drew up slowly
in the drive.

“The parents”
she said
and leapt from bed.

I leapt off too
and scrambled
for my clothes
as did she
like a scene
from a film.

The car's engine
was still running.

She looked out
of the window

“It's not them
someone has drawn in
by mistake
and are going out again”
she said
sounding annoyed.

I stood half dressed
half nude.

She mouthed expletives
which sounded quite rude.
Peter Balkus Apr 12
before going to bed,
I was listening to Bach
and I thought to myself:
Enjoy this moment,
maybe it's the last time ever
you are going to sleep
listening to Bach.
Mystic Ink Apr 12
Later that night
I find the magic of sleep
Reproduced alike
In similar way
In most of us

If have to,
Sense the happiness till the blink
If need to,
save the memory
If wish to,
Erase the memory

Think less, Sleep more
Now close your eyes,
Once again

Let the magic begin.
Genre: eXperimental
Please never go away
From our little paradise
Where you and I can stay
I don't want to be cold
Laying here all alone
Our story will go untold
So, come back and hold me
So I can melt away my struggle
In our little paradise where we can be
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