LizO 3d
Too shiny  for your darkness
Too happy for your pain
Too joyful for your anguish
You don’t see I’m the same

I fight hard for my shiny
I fight hard; time and again
So put some bloody effort in,
You’re driving me insane.
Reshape your insecurity
Over and over again, make it
You. Make it art.
Give your negativity a purpose,
Before moving ahead.
I have tried, I survived
Vividly horrifying nights, writing,
playing music, drawing, escaping
and freeing myself to draw in
my lungs to pump another sunrise--
I take everything I feel sad, or mad about and make it into art.
All feedback is welcome.
This poem is kinda inspired by a saying I read once by Tyler Joseph:)
Polka Jan 21
you tell me i'm lying
when i say i want to be alive
but that isn't true
i really do

when i say i want to be alive
theres a reason i say it
its me calling out
because being alive isnt what im doing right now

what im doing
is slumping around
afraid of real change
afraid things will stay the same

i do not have a ball and chain
i am a ball and chain
to do the bidding of certain people
at the expense of others
i am a ball and chain
when i am pulled
instead of going along
the best i can give you
is a slow roll

things seem so far away from you
far away from my face
is it real if i cant see why?
i cant see why i want to die
hhhhha that was dark whoopsie daisy :D
cosmicii Jan 8
I bared my whole soul,
And you know how much it hurt,
you tell me I bring you down,
well, there's a problem too
I am not a burden.

I told you everything,
I've been vulnerable,
you know what makes me tick,
what makes me happy and what makes me sick,
I bring you down though;
but I am not a burden.

You know my perspective,
You know how it's been,
I try and try to make things better,
and I've lived and seen negativity,
I don't mean to drag you down,
but I am not a burden.

I am not a burden.
I am not a burden.
I am not a burden.
I am not a burden.
Polka Jan 4
where you see a desert
i see an ocean
where you see a death
i see a happiness
where you see a life
i see an opportunity

but this isn't always the case, my friend
one day,
if i convince you of the good,
when i've convinced myself it isn't there
will you promise to see an ocean?
just for me?
Gemini Dec 2017
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why
society chose to ignore our cries.

Rather than saying we would be alright
they told us to look in the mirror,
and find a reason to survive.

You’d think it’d be easy to find a reason why,
to continue down the hall with a smile oh so wide.

But in reality, our demons never really die.

No matter the circumstance,
Negativity plays a role in every life.
Quadruple Oof
Brianna Love Nov 2017
Ever know a person
who can’t      let go of the past
    in their head it eats away
what they think      they should have.
How deeply
              words can hurt
when hardened by jealous tone
words stemmed from
       can cut deep to the bone.
The past is the past       for a reason
let it stay
where it’s meant to stay
move on
from what you think       is yours
     make way for better days.
Show happiness
for others  
even       when it’s hard to do
believe it or not
it helps you      become a better you.
You can’t change
what was never         meant to be
but you can embrace
what you have in life        but
only if you set your thoughts
       of entitlements free.
                Don’t let yourself get caught up
      in the negativity      brewing in your head
  move on and enjoy     what you have in life
                         let others do the same
focus on what tomorrow will bring instead.
There is power         in words
     and when used in kind
     can comfort and sooth
a tortured     heart, soul and mind.
   So watch     what you say
       and just how you do
for some other sharp tongue
      might just attack you.
Just a storm that’s been brewing in my heart, I often wonder if we realize that words can hurt just as much as a connecting blow…
Learn to be happy with what you have in life, not what you think you’re entitled to for thoughts of entitlement brings strife. Let it go, move on, make life better for someone else.
R Nov 2017
More than twenty years ago...
Your parents
who foolishly believed after several months of false courtship
of skirting the law in a way that could make anyone's jaw
drop down to the worst possible city
to live their lives in unholy matrimony.
The greatest mistake two people in hate could make
is to have someone be born from their hatred and take
everything they've ever felt.
Slowly, through their mistakes, you would rack up
so many defects, which then cause the effects
to never be visible.
Every bad trait was inherited. Every flaw absorbed. Every error
they ever made in their lives
recalculated and saved to be avoided in the worst possible way.
People hated you for you, and people hated them for getting in the way.
People hated them for you, and people hated you for not getting in their way.
People stopped hating you eventually, so you hated them instead.
And right at the very last second
when you felt you could be loved
when you felt the world could actually embrace
someone as broken, and desolate, and worthless as you
someone who has failed so many times
someone who has thrown away so many opportunities
someone who has balked and hid in cowardice
someone who has fought and defended themselves in inopportune times
someone who truly felt, thought, believed, and expressed nothing
you screwed it up.
At least, you think you did.
The truth is others did it for you.
But you know deep down it was you.

Every facet of you is one unending mistake, and the only reason
you still stand
is because even God looked upon you and said,
"Well, if he can't serve as an example,
he'd be better put to use as a warning unto others."

You'll die alone and you're fine with that.
Debbie Stevens Nov 2017
My life isn't always filled with sadness and grief.
I just have this bad habit of only writing when I'm hit with mental illness and misbelief.
When I inhabit this place of mind, the only way to escape is writing until I’m able to leave this behind.
Everything gets intertwined, I get the feeling of hatred towards humankind.
But all of this does not last, it goes away and then it comes back.
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