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Alayna Mae Jul 27
Tired winded soul passing through,
Feeling safe, feeling content, even when head was at brew
Percussions get judged, no matter the sentiment
Feeling different, feeling lost, even when heart feels at tenement

Music bleeding from one voice to another
Being brave for things you cannot control, what you can smother
Seeing the change, seeing the destruction never feels tamed
But every single second of negativity was just you being framed

Walking around like you are full of mystery
Clenching down of the lust for courage that time has made blistery
Fighting the temptation of going fully dark
But waking up everyday just to breathe, just was not a special spark
Once she chased happiness
and now she chases broken pieces.
She fell in love with pain,
it drove her insane.
For who would want to hurt themselves?

Who would choose to
love to be heartbroken,
run back to the ones who would hurt,
reminisces painful memories to be hurt,
indulge in negativity, to drown in its depths
be comforted by demons than people.

But no one saw,
for there were no scars,
for it was mental self harm.

Pain it craved,
fear, rejection and sadness it ate.

She cried, because it was self harm
she screamed, and shouted
asking herself did she not love herself
to be hurt by her own self?
Annika J Jun 19
People need space to
Express negativity
But I have none left

Those who are louder
Spread their anger far and wide
I'm left crowded out

Self-made apathy
Is not a healthy method
But it's all I have
Donna May 29
A dark cloud floats by
And that is all it does do
Just like negativity
I was inspired this morn by a few dark grey clouds in sky floating by and above was lovely fluffy clouds just waiting for the warm sun to break through , anyway hope u like this one as postivity certainaly rules a much better frame of mind , keep thinking positive it really helps in negative times xxxxxx happy day to u all xxxxx
YH May 26
life is beautiful
but it is also sad
of all the good things
there is also the bad
and it feels as though the bad is always embracing the good
that there is more bad than there is good in this world

and when the mind is overloaded with the negative
sometimes the drowning can't be stopped

the world starts to understand
that the happiest people may just be the saddest
and it fills me with grief
as it is anything but untrue
true to the point it hurts me

my secret was being revealed

it strips me off my feigned confidence
and leaves me with an empty shell
empty of love
of all the good things in life

i am sad for myself
who have turned out this way

and in the end i only have myself to hold
but i do not like me
not now
not ever

so tell me

how shall i live?

— Y.H.

my own personal epiphany,
gentle fervor.
i'm asking
how do i appreciate the good
if the bad never goes away

it is my mind that i have no control over
it is just me all along

(c) Y.H.
Keiya Tasire May 21
If we continue to think, speak, or act with negatively
Pain moves in to stay.

If we acknowledge our pain with Unconditional Love
It sighs relief because it is embraced.

Expressing & Acting with Pure Positive Intention
Attention is given to Happiness & Joy
As pain ebbs and flows into understanding.
Sometimes a simple reminder of a simple shift is all we need. Other times life is more complicated and requires more focused inner work.
Yenson May 18
A dense fog
hangs overhead in clammy sooty mass
turgid polluted disparaging, insipid cloudy irrelevance
harbinger of hails and storms and those muck seeps in drains

A diamond peers from its granite home
from it emits dazzling rays of pristine brightness
multifaceted hues of amazing colors in lustrous splendor
in quiet dominance its radiates the wonders of a creator divine

Look, says the dense fog hung in languid bleak recess
there's a diamond high on that mountain pinnacle peering through
Diamond, says dense fog, you don't look so well, I can see from here
you are burning, you're ablaze, you have a very high temperature
you look so pale and appear to be changing colours by the seconds
you must be jaundiced as I can now see you turning yellow and green
My, my, you must be in the most awful pain, you really are blazing
you really must go seek help immediately, you are dying!

" I am fine " says the Diamond quietly.............
A foggy dense cloud is always a foggy dense cloud, thank God for the sun and beautiful blue clouds. Some never quite know how to handle reality or confront what is real under their noses.  A polluted brain never sees the light. What a pitiful way to be...
Negativity is a bane
Don’t feed it your pain
It will grow manifold
And leave not a trace
******* you into its vile vines

The goodness in you, a boon
Revitalise the seeds
Nurture well, and see them flourish
To be cherished on a sunny day
Or a chilly winter’s night
Just some thoughts
Chloe James Apr 21
Frustration like knots in a perfect string of thread.
Only i know what it's like to feel that dread.
The vicious creature will deprive you of the truth.
Now the audience will only see me as aloof.
It seems I'm the only one that is sincere.
But none of them listen as they all adhere.
I now fabricate the knots on my perfect string of thread.
As now all the hope in my heart has been left dead.
Sometimes being alone is a good thing.
With just a few words
you crush me to smithereens
taking and taking without giving
anything in return
Even as something in my chest
Even as I feel my walls crumble
nothing can halt the sting of hurt
that follows you
You handle words like a double-edged
a prodigy in the art of inflicting
Spitting acid into the air between
it collects beneath my flesh and
eats away at me from within
So I summon shields of wintery smiles
and icy eyes
in the futile hope it will ensconce
bandaged bruises
I make myself stand tall before you
and unexpecting.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Dad, you can be so hurtful.
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