No medication

No more medication, no more sedatives.
No more manufactured state of bliss,
Is needed here for I have found my peace.

If all you bring is negativity,
Then keep your thoughts away from me;
For your negativity can no longer hurt me.

For I feel nothing for you anymore,
Whilst feeling everything for her, the next girl.
She is naturally kind when she goes au naturel;
All I want from you is that you go to Hell.

There is nothing like TV to kick you in the teeth
And bring you down to your knees, down to reality.
Watching romantic comedy movies,
Is no longer possible for me.

Life is a roller-coaster with its ups and downs,
But you enjoy the ride sometimes, when love is in the air.

It all happens in an instant,
Blink and you will miss it.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
When your mind plays up
Take a deep breathe and stand up
Be a summer tree
I had 3 glasses of wine yesterday I shouldn't have had none as not great on hang overs I even put lemonade and ice in my wine to water it down  , anyway was finally inspired :))
And England won so i shouldn't grumble xxxxx
Aa Harvey Jun 30

Who’s to say what’s meant to be, when everything is wrong?
Who’s to tell me what to do and how to write a song?
Who are you to think you know me?  You are so far gone!
Drink your drink and fail to think and I will stand as one.

You want to fight, because I am right and you will never be.
You think you can convince me to think like you do,
But that ain’t happening.
Put me down with stolen words;
An intelligent thought without the feel.
Keep on talking, I am still walking,
Away from all the negativity, you wish you could force me to think.

I have no feeling towards you, because we are on different plains;
You are so far beneath anything I could ever fall down to,
So in a hole I will leave you and below you will remain.
You shout at me, because I will not talk any louder,
Because you just cannot understand me and you have nothing to say.

You cannot hear the words that I speak,
Because you are so cool and I am just a geek;
But still I see through that hollow thing you call a soul
And I have already been there
And done all the things, that you wish and say that you did.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
O Jun 4
I feel it in my nerves,
A jolt that goes through me when I see them with others,
A fear that picks the strings of my heart,
Why am I not the one?
I open my heart,
Lay out all of my feelings and hurts,
Just to be swept under the rug again,
Why didn't you choose me?
I get headaches and lie down,
Somehow trying to drown,
I am not this which holds me,
It's not one of my best writes, but I have to get it out somewhere, and what better place than here. I don't mean to sound like the whole world revolves around me, but it does feel that way when the negativity starts seeping through the cracks. I'm sorry.
Suicidal thoughts and feelings
Seep out of my blood and onto the ceiling.
As they stay up there, I look up and stare.
And I realize once again that I don't really care.

Life is unfair.
It is what you make it.
And maybe one day you'll want
To get out of bed and take it.
I am not defined by darkness,
I am not supposed to keep on crying,
I am not destined to be the child of an endless night.

The negativity does not define me.
Nor my moods, thoughts, and emotions.
For the only thing that defines me are my words.

My words are a valley,
A landscape of ups and downs,
Through which I must keep walking.

Rainstorms and thunder are here in abundance.
Sunshine and soft breezes are a scarce currency,
So I treasure it all and keep on remembering.

I want to turn around.
But all I can do,
Is keep moving.

I want to turn around.
But there is so much more to do,
So much more to see,
And so much more to write.
It's been a wild ride full of emotions and sleepless nights, and they'll undoubtedly be there again in the future. But nonetheless I'm incredibly excited to keep on walking and be creative again.
I'm not good enough I can't do this I have no talent They won't care
  a                                                           ­                                                   I       
m                                    I'm locked inside a cage                                 m 
a                                         that I built myself                                        p   f                                         But I can't get out                                         a  
a                                             I can't escape                                             t
i                                         from my own mind                                      h
l                                                              ­                                                    e
u                                                 Help me                                                 t
r                                                I'm trapped                                             i
e          ­                                                                                                       c
I would never make the diference I'm dumb I can't write I'm done
-Im suffocating here
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A fragile mind

A fragile mind slips down a slippery slide;
The abyss is calling us to come on inside.
The darkness needs you; it needs to feed on you.
Still we are falling, we pass straight through.

No comfort blanket rescue, no saving grace;
The fear is calling, come into this place.
Deeper we sink down into the abyss;
Deeper and deeper we are sinking within.

A fragile mind keeps us locked inside;
No way out of your own head,
Now your mind is out of time and on the line.

No more stepping forward, life at a stand-still;
No warning and no rise, just the constant fall without the thrill.
No work at all from the engineers inside your mind.
They have all gone on strike, or gone home;
You are blind to all kind and alone in your own zone.

Negativity breathes into me, like the dusk it creeps into existence.
Now darkness is all I can see; what truth is there to find
Inside a head without regular maintenance?

Broken pieces form memories;
All the things we wished to do, we never did.
No hope left to guide us through the darkness;
We are trapped inside a fragile mind, so we sink down into the abyss.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Haiku Donna Apr 9
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
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