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What a wonderful day to breathe upon the earth,
We're now aware there is a moment for death and birth.
The time is not ticking if you notice this,
But our very precious kicking life is.

Every second life is ticking passing away,
Is it sensible to be happy each and every day?
Don't forget when you wake up if you wake up just smile,
Life is ticking for all of us, make your life worthwhile.

We're here today and maybe gone tomorrow,
Is it time to be joyful and forget about the sorrow?
Everybody is just passing by if you notice this;
Within you, there is a hidden bliss release it, don't resist.

Happiness is a choice so please don't frown;
Despite the circumstance create positivity around.
We all have ups and down if you notice this,
Kindly face it gracefully it's just the way it is.

How treacherous is death when he comes;
He will **** all the air in our lungs.
Sooner or later he will arrive;
Thrive to spend time when we are alive.

Gone in the wind see you no more;
Death had come knocking at your door.
Can't escape even how fast you run;
Your day is done death hunts everyone.

Yet though we've forgotten where we come from,
The closer we get, the happier we become.
Remember when we were born we have none;
There is enough for everyone but have we become numb?

Some say our time is up when our candles melt;
Then lonely to whom is left is what they felt.
Candles melt but it shines so bright;
Death comes like a thief in the night.

Can't fight, can't fight death always win;
Unseen but stays under our skin.
It seems we could never cheat death;
He holds the key to every breath.

Hey, death! Hey, death! Why do you come?
From time to time you steal from some.
You are the one we want to overcome;
But in the end, you always won.

None not even one escapes from you;
We run we hide but you always knew.
So few, so few want to be with you;
You leave no clue when our time is due.

True so true you are only there;
As the wind blew you flew in the air.
Unfair for us that always care;
You share the burden we couldn't bear.

Unaware where we will meet;
Bittersweet the way you greet.
Beat heartbeat it pumps so fast;
If it ceases! Dust to dust we wouldn't last.

We trust, We trust to you mankind;
take care of our land if you wouldn't mind.
It's time to be sensible that would kind;
Negativity could blind you drop it behind.

If there is nothing  best when you say;
Kindly not destroy everyone's whole new day.
Could we not waste the You and I;
Can we respect each other as we try?

There are greater things in life in plain view but still unknown;
But sometimes when it hits you, you tremble on your bone.
There are things in life our hearts could understand but the mind and mouth can't say;
Beyond any words can express the happiness that stays
forever and a day.

Make us humble when we are so proud;
Take away our grumble when we're so loud.
As we face the cold cloudy storm;
Embrace us hold us tight and warm.

Yes, we’re lost in confusion, all the illusion, delusion,
our life in transfusion, but where's the conversion?
It's like a cosmic explosion, and we're in seclusion,
is death our conclusion? have a positive emotion.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem;
In what so ever circumstance just try to solve them.
Complaining will do nothing if you notice this;
Even the world is fixing itself, it's just the way it is.

I reminisce as I write you this;
A simple letter sealed with a kiss.
Sincere regards I'm just no one;
I fear my words are already done.
Mansi Patel Mar 14
Dear brain,
Can you stop telling me
All the things I've done wrong?
I know I'm not perfect

Can you instead
Tell me all the things
I've done right?
I could use some positivity

Thank you,
Nishi Jan 23
I moved on
It was not easy
I wonder,why i had to feel gloomy,
When i did nothing wrong

I was always worthy
I was always honest
I was always loving
I was always caring

I did so much for us
in return i got hoaxed
But whenever i think of me
I wonder why i have to be brood

I was flawless till end
I was astonishing and profound
So when i think of myself
I see,there is no reason to despair
Just realized life is full of blessings and shouldn't be unhappy for the things we couldn't achieve in life..because god never give us something which is not matching to our lives..nature gives us the best things which we deserve at the right time
White Shadow Jan 12
I am lost
Don't know what I'm up to
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Don't know what's gonna come next
Yeah life's now been like a test

Every morning I wake up recharged
But at the end I become fully discharged

I feel like my life's empty
There's no aim
I feel like I'm alone
No-one to depend
Still everyone pretend

I feel empty inside
No energy
No emotions
No excitement
Just lonliness and negativity

I feel like I'm dead
But then I realise I'm breathing
The reality slaps me in the face
And laughs seeing me like this

I feel like I'm just the body
Whose soul left
Everything's changing so fast
But I'm left behind
This seems to be one of the
Biggest problem of mine.
This is what I actually feel
Alek Mielnikow Dec 2019
I keep hearing the question, 
“would you speak to a friend like that?” 
No, I would not. 


friend? What friend? Were we supposed 
to be friends? I would never befriend 
someone like this. Who suffocates me. 

Who’s so toxic I’ve caught ***** in my 
throat, eroding my will to breathe. Who 
wields a heavy fist and punishes with 
violence. Who lights silences with flames. 

No, you are not my friend.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
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Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
There was time, I was too gone
Only negativity I pronounced
So deep in my misery
Forgot about the people
I can count on
Wounded from the unseen battles
No voice to protect my crown
No solitude to lie down
Judgemental eyes, feeding from your cries
Blazing flames,
Burning your sage
Ashamed to carry
The scars you attained
Forbidden yourself from, mingling game
There was time, I was to gone
To call myself sane
melli7 Dec 2019
If my life were a number
line—for example—

My life starts: 0
I laugh for the first time: +2
I yell at my mom: -3
I win in school: +10
I lose a job: -11

Am I really the sum of these
the absent space of
my negative numbers
in opposition to the positives


Am I more of an absolute value kind of girl?
ame Nov 2019
there is a war
that has made its home in my heart
coiled around rattling ribcages
shaking in its constant uproar

there is strife that runs in my blood,
and whistling bombs that fill
the recesses of my mind -
pure, white noise, searing and unkind

and in the hollows of my bones,
wanders something cruel, seething,
hidden in the cracks of my skin,
a restlessness no longer willing to be contained
ares continues to exist, and it is in the shatterlights of my pitiful soul, an abyssal of heartbreak and exhaustion and a thirst for revenge
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2019
I don't need more negativity in life
I have enough in me already
I am cutting you off
Avoiding till cannot
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