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to feel alone when in ones arms
should make you question
who it is thats’s holding you
torn to know if this person is the one you should be with
Carlo C Gomez May 20
The eyeshadows
Of her favorite color palette
Were every bit as neoteric
As they were triturated
--broken to pieces
Inside a mailer
Without bubble wrap
Based on a true story.

BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, neoteric.
Mark Wilson May 4
Pressed-foil bowls or bakelite cowls
Sitting still and open-mouthed
Ready to eat her dog-eared ash
Burnished or scarred as she burns-up her brass
Incensed as at a Virginia Mass
The tobacco weaves yellow shrouds

Coarse saffron fingers tap-tap at your rims
And dapple sweet drags on your lips
You could tell us some tales of long-drunken sins
Where the day-**** leave off and the night-**** begin
Of the filters with flares or the Park Drives with fins
With red lipstick, split lips and rouge films

Long nights without sleep extinguished in you
Harsh mornings begun in your bed
Some twisted, some stabbed as they poke them in you
The product of nicotine-jumpy sinews
Your pile overflows, now over to you,
Please tell: what goes out in your head?
Meysa Apr 29
I feel
less volatile
less awake.
I've been biting my lip
Wearing my own blood as lipstick,
tears as mascara.
Whilst solidarity whispers dark words into my ears.
the crowds
they tell tales
of how pretty
I look.
- please see the definition of toska, as no single word in the English dictionary has the ability to encompass the depth of the word
Zack Ripley Apr 2019
Just because it's called makeup
doesn't mean it has to make up who you are.
Just because someone is bullying you
doesn't mean they're not being bullied too.
Just because someone tells you you're stupid or ugly
doesn't mean it's true.
Now, it's true that just because you read something
it doesn't make it true.
But it's important to know that just because you're feeling blue,
it doesn't mean it's the end of happiness for you
Mrs Timetable Jan 18
"What do you look like without your makeup?"

Like a grown child.


What do you look like without your mask?
Sometimes it’s ok to hide. Cover me.
Mrs Timetable Feb 16
Contoured cheeks
Sculptured resurfaced shapes
Concealed to show everything
Pinched nose thin
Caterpillar lash tops flying away
Plump overdrawn lips
Shimmered cheeks
Highbrows your eyebrows
No pores or face fuzz allowed!
Packed on fake skin layers
Glass reflections
Perfect cat eyeliner
              Cats don’t wear eyeliner!
Who are you fake doll face?
Like stormtroopers
You look all the same
I used to know you
I think a version I saw once
But your craft makes you sell
Forces you to be someone else
You look so sad like a pretty
Doll with a fake smile
I love makeup just as much as the next crazy makeup collector. It’s just gone too far on social media. It’s hard to look at anymore so I just don’t.
Poetic T Feb 15
If I'm  the drag would you be

                                          my queen?

Yes I maybe a bit of a drama queen,

    but we know

who sits on the throne..

I took more time on my hair,
         than you did on your make up.

But you know that all my time is  yours.

I may be a drag,
but we know who hold the title of beauty.

    I'm just the ***** and your the lady,

              be my woman and ill always love you.

And I'll never drag you down,

                                           but lift you higher up.
Varsha K Jan 29
I wear makeup,

For the eyes
That witnessed a sleepless night.

For the face
Turned blue from your venomous bite.
I'll remember each word you uttered.
Mrs Timetable Jan 11
She looks good without it too,
but she's like 25, so...

She doesn't work at Target anymore:
She goes thru jobs like hairdos.

Her kids are trying to find her a husband.
I caught myself making a 'why?' face
and I had to auto correct it
because I was actually talking to her.

She said the only men her age who want marriage
really only want a cook or caregiver.

Now we know why you're single.
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