So, all these fancy paints of nights,
Where do they end up at I wonder?
Down the sink and away from lights,
Leaving the paint and painter lonely.
Sitting in the florescent glow of my desk mirror,
wondering how I can paint myself into your arms again.
3/4/18 Unless you know makeup, you probably don't know that the title is a pun on makeup terminology, but even you don't, it still makes sense, right?
Devan Ducasse Feb 28
We were play arguing in your car one night, debating about girls vs guys insecurities and how they’re confusing. I was telling you how I don’t understand why guys hate their dicks and you told me you don’t get it why girls cake their face. We went on and on, trying to defend each our points until I blurted out “but I love your dick!” And you said to me “well you’re beautiful!” And I went quiet. I scared you actually, you didn’t understand my sudden silence but I think thats the first time I’ve ever been called beautiful with that sort of passion. I’m the type of girl who fishes for compliments, I act slutty and start a little drama because I know it’ll get a reaction. Busting out my cleavage and showing my ass will get me comments from "you’re sexy” and “you’re pretty” and I believe them. I love it when you see me naked after sex and call me hot or when I fish for compliments and you say I’m beautiful but this time was all different. I didn’t lead this on. I didn’t expect for that to be your comeback. I didn’t know how to react. Those 3 words echoed in my head for the rest of the night. And I will never forget the way you looked at me with some sort of sorrow or plead or anger when you said it. You wanted me to believe it for once. You wanted me to understand that the way I feel about my beauty is the way you feel about your dick but all that I could care about is the way you looked at me and not the road and told me that I was beautiful. I still can’t figure out what emotion was in your eyes and tone of voice. You were loader than usual which usually indicates anger but there was plead in your eyes. As if you really needed me to know this. And even though, calling myself beautiful is something I don’t know I can ever do, I now know that you really mean it. You saw my naked my body and nothing sexual happened and at the end of the day, you called me beautiful. My beauty isn’t a temporary thing you only every often see and I only now realized that. I love you (and your dick).
Sorry that it's just one long paragraph, it's sort of story like and I don't think it would have the same effect if it was split up and put into stanza's.
Katie Parsons Feb 21
Good morning beautiful girl
Are you ready to put me on?
Hurry now we are at the break of dawn
So wash your face
And pick up the pace
Let's finish this beauty race.

These are the words we love to hear.

Little lady, pounce in your foundation
We dont want to see any indiscretions.
Buff out your contour we dont want to look to sharp
Oh c'mon honey,  this is only the start. 
Wet your brush its time to shine
Apply that highlight so we can blind.
 Now its time to grab that golden shadow
The one that reminds you of your mama. 
As she would tell you "blend baby girl".

Finally, pick out the maroon lipstick she loved on you
We all know she wouldn't want to see you blue.
Braid your long dark locks of auburn hair
Because she is with you everywhere.
Just go look in the mirror.
You'll see her face smiling back at you.
Tallie Feb 20
And so I paint my toes
And powder my nose
Coat my lashes
And the camera flashes
Curl my hair
Time for nair
All very necessary  
As well as shoes and accessories
Skia A Feb 14
For an already beautiful canvas.
We are not picture perfect, but we are still worth the picture in the end. <3

You are beautiful.
In being human, in being you.
Makeup Makeup
You cake it on
So you can look pretty
And your acne gone
Your dark circles
Cuz you can't sleep at night
Foundation can cover it
So don't fright
Your insecurities shielded
So the world can't see
Through all the cake
How pretty you could be
This is about people who wear makeup because they are scared of what others think.  You are all beautiful, don't let anyone make you think that you are anything less than perfection.  <3 <3 <3
Lightheart Jan 19
Some days I wear makeup
just to be sure I won’t cry
If your eyes are covered in glitter you won’t mess it up with feelings
Lex Jan 13
Cheap eye shadow smells
and chick fil a dates
scuffed sneakers
and climbing rusty gates

clumped mascara
and bright blue eyes
red and white sirens
tear stains from late night cries

yelling at you
you yelling at me
we're too tired to feel
anything but free.
Hear ye hear ye
May your valentines day be anything but dreary
may this collection of words usher roses to ignite in your cheeks that explode into a smile on your face stunning enough to make the birds sing like its spring
Your soul is black like coal because deep down theirs nothing but diamonds matched with a heart of gold
may your day be filled with the blissful melody of your laugh and your smile that melts even the coldest of hearts
throughout your day I know you'll continue to slay any test, quiz, or lab attempting to stump you on this valentines day
Like fine wine you've only grown sweeter with time
Your an amazing woman I couldn't be more genuine
Yes I know it's a month early but the inspiration was nipping at my heels
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