Laura Jun 29
Symmetry deficits call for chiaroscuro.
Highlight the summits,
and diffuse shadows at the vertex
of cheekbone and mandible.
Colour the apples, rubescent as newborn flesh,
and soften edges for a gentle definition.

If you paint claret from bow to corner
it can create something fuller; induce desire-
Valencia can bleach the blemishes.
Liquid or matte lies in pesky furrows
and rots like carrion in warm weather:
remember to blot excess sebum prior.

Are you pneumatic? Applications can support you-
with enough you can acquire
something ample for a decade.
Look to the lens. It winks;
raise brow in a clean cut, diagonal
from nostril edge: the playful frame apertures admire.


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and sigh at affirmations.
Jenn Jun 26
Confidence is tricky.
Because there’s something weird about loving the way you look at the one minute,
But then you stare too long
And then you regret it.
Then you wipe off your makeup, rip off that dress, kick off your heels.
Suddenly you are in your bed, and you say are “sick”.
I guess you can say you’re sick of yourself and of the way you look.
And you will question the reality of it:
Do I really look like that? Is it just the mirror? Just the camera?
Or maybe it is just you.
Confidence tells you that you look beautiful,
but when your anxiety stems from your want to be confident, it’s tricky.
You can’t control it and you can’t just stop.
Maybe confidence is staring, maybe it’s just owning, and accepting.
Is confidence telling me I am beautiful or that this is the best it will get?
Why is confidence so tricky I ask as I put my shoes and dress back on, and restart my makeup.
Lily Jun 14
I'm more than my perfectly curled hair,
My flawless skin, my beautiful nails and
Model-perfect outfits.
I'm more than my big chest, my skinny waistline,
My perfectly toned legs and my adorable feet.
I'm more than someone's pet, a pawn in someone's
Twisted game of chess,
A prize to be won, or a piece of garbage to be disposed of.
I'm more than my body, does anyone realize that?
That I'm smart and kind and funny and independent,
And that I have more talents than simply putting on makeup?
Is society that messed up to think that
You must either be smart or beautiful, kind or pretty?
I'm asking you, pleading you, to think of me as
More than something to stare at.
Because I know
I'm more.
You used to not wear lipstick just so that you could kiss me,
and it hit my chest like bricks when I noticed
you were wearing it
Amanda Jun 5
I let you in, you let me go,
Guess you're better off alone,
You have no reason to text me,
No reason to come home.

Heard you say you're doing well,
I'm sure youre happy, I can tell,
Want to act like I'm okay,
We both know I'm going through hell.

I want to skip to the part,
You say you're sorry and fix my broken heart,
How long do I have to wait,
Til you wake up, realize you made a big mistake?
I don't understand how you are so strong,
Ready to kiss and make-up -but you're gone.

I've been a mess, falling apart,
Trying to repair my broken heart,
Sleep is the only relief from sorrow,
Wish we could go back to the start.

I would run away with you, or fly,
Just us and the open blue sky,
We'd be happy like we always hoped,
That wasn't destined for you and I.


I wish I was kissing you now, hands on your chest,
Out of all the love I've seen, ours is the best,
How is it so easy for you to let me go?
This hurts me more than you will ever know.
This was written 2-8-13
Faa Jun 4
Face painted with shades
Makeup various in tones and hues
Your face themed in diversity
Often like warm sunsets of gold
Or with the shades of midnight
I saw you, concealed with glamour

Your figure dressed sumptuous for guise
In tux-suits, silk cuffs and dress shoes
Tresses fashioned simply to envy
Not a single imperfection on display
In dressing, makeup and looks
I saw you, concealed with glamour

Your dainty and painted self suddenly
Was purely wiped clean of colours
The blends of sunset or midnight blues
Now, with constellations of acne across your jaw
Dressed in simplicity, cotton cheap clothes
Hair matted with sweat on your temples
Your face now completely bare in form
Lacking glamour, all imperfections on display
I saw you, now exposed of your true-self
that I adore, more than any side of you
you are all the most beautiful without glamour and makeup <3
Meera May 20
Behind the courage
We hide our fears
Below the laughter
Are hidden tears

Beneath the skin
we hide our souls
Behind the faces
we are acting roles

Inside every gentleman
there lies a beast
Behind the calmness
there is passion unleashed

Behind the robes
priests hide their desires
Beneath the smiles
We hide our fires

Behind the makeup
Women hide the man inside
Underneath the beard
Men hide what's feminine

Underneath our love
There is envy hidden
Beyond the showcase
There are things forbidden
All of us are hiding one thing or the other.
Skylar Turner May 20
i wear my religion like i wear my makeup.

i put it on when i’m suppose to.

my face shines with the highlight
of the Holy Spirit on my cheekbones.

lipstick stains a bible verse which
i use for every circumstance
“God” throws at me.

i line my eyes with the blackness
of my heart and i let “God” flick it
out into a wing at the end.

after awhile though my skin
grows weary and itchy.

i can feel every pound of makeup
that cakes my face.

a single wet wipe no longer
works to dislodge the
in my pores.

i bathe in rose-scented oils
and steam my face

everything is off.
my flaws are showing.

makeup use to be fun
when i wasn’t wearing it
for other people.

now social media lets me know
that i must contour my cheeks
with a prayer that starts with,
“dear lord,” and ends
with, “amen.”

in order to be in my family’s good
graces i must have faith in
myself but
mustn’t be prideful.

you must not use a mirror to put your makeup on.

your eyebrows should be
arched and ready to
not yourself,
but “God”
if questioned.

when you find a boy
who says he likes makeup
you must not pursue him.

he is not worthy of your highlighted face.

love yourself but
also put your
makeup first.

sculpt the nose
define the face
overline the lips.

do all that you can
to hide your real face.

make your skin scream
to be let free.

and when you take
your makeup off,
make sure to
because your skin
has to look great when
it is drowning in

take care of your skin
but it also doesn’t matter
so paint your face once more.

bat your eyes.
pout your lips.

but don’t be lustful.

because your religion is like your makeup...

so cake it on like a fake facade.
religion is dumb.
Oscar C May 16
Congratulations! It’s a girl.
The third girl of three,
To be baptized, to sit at pew surrounded by the congregation,
Who would deem my existence as unworthy.
My entire life a sin, even though my first prayer was to rid this sin of me.
But God did not answer me.
Or I was just too foolish to not listen to him.
My mother promised me something,
When I grow up I can be anything I want.
I decided to be a boy.
Naturally I did not come out of the closet,
The kids in school pulled me out.
Calling by words I did not recognize, “Dyke, Faggot, Lesbian”
But I was more boy than girl, more Men’s Magazine than Maybelline.
I forcefully swallowed the phrases along with the slurs.
Uncles at reunions eyeing my scraped up knees,
Supposed to be covered by a flowery dress.
A short ponytail in the place of golden locks.
“I didn’t know I had a nephew.”
Aunts picking a my blushing cheeks,
And my female cousins begging to paint my face.
But my whole body’s already painted on.
My genetic makeup contributing the question of my anatomy.
My mother feared for my safety,
Afraid my name would become another hashtag within a second.
Another name whispered in hushed conversations.
Another goddamn name of transgender homicide.
I am walking grave with a name painted on to which I do not recognize.
My life dependent on the mercy of hateful strangers,
The minute I walk out the door,
I become a feast for the eyes of strangers.
Confused at my gender expression,
They feast on my queer with hateful slurs.
Maybe someday God will answer my prayers.
Latina1813 May 8
My summer palette
If it were perfect
Would consist of...

47 gum drop
45 tangerine twist
53 sour blast
36 thin mint
24 tranquility
97 frosted
21 cotton candy
22 not-aye girl
38 alien
18 powerline
11 black cherry
66 kool-aid
49 calabria
71 mochi
02 mocha
01 solar beam
52 stellar
41 rusty
13 always October
17 honeycrisp
55 sun-kist
99 starburst

And I would wear this palette
For it is me
A little always October in me
And in love with a sunset
Hopeless romantic
Who hasn't reached love yet
So I reach for stars
And solar eclipse
And run miles up and down
Thin lanes of traffic
Chasing dreams
All while wearing my palette
I'm crazy with my makeup. A lot of people complement me on my use of colors. It inspired this.
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