When you vote upon a canyon
Makes no difference who you ram in Gravity will be the weapon that
Cleans up ur swampy companions

The moment when you can tell your children that good can conquer evil!
Mims 1d

When inspiration strikes!
And cravings of satisfaction bites!

I know you through and through,
Its to the end with you!

I growl out of my fingers!
Onto keyboards!

Its strange I know,
But your just so damn inspirational

Inspiring  me in good ways or bad, I get a lot of art from you
AD Says 1d

He was sad,
When she left him.

He didn't trust anyone,
He didn't love anyone,

And thought
"Why she left me?
She's behaving too bad
Is it good to be bad?

I am
A strange and bizarre

But so are

The Dybbuk Mar 2

My compass is broken,
It’s needle is aimless.
Where there should be directions,
Lurk the evil and nameless.
When I wish to go north,
It takes me to hell,
I once wanted a heaven,
But that man is a shell.
When I need to go west,
It takes me to void,
Where my feelings are deadened,
My soul is destroyed.
When I wish to go east,
Yet know that I can’t,
It takes me to nature,
And I am an ant.
When I must go south,
Or suffer pains,
It takes me to myself,
Where it rains and rains.

Wonder fuels my desire for experience
Both good and bad
Never content
Living my way to death

I’ve been in every angle of love.

Love is not good.
It doesn’t matter which viewer you are,
It’s just not good.
I’ve been the one who gives,
I’ve been the one who receives,
I’ve been the the one who gives and receives,
I’ve even been the outsider.
And none of them feel good.

Now I’m with someone that,
For the first time,
Embraces more than I do.
And it’s funny, because I don’t love him.
I like him,
But I don’t love him.
And I don’t know why.

Whenever he searches for my hand to hold,
I smirk,
Or when looks at me, asking for a kiss with his eyes,
I melt.
And when we sleep together
It’s never for sex,
It’ll never be for sex,
We only go to bed when we want to go to sleep.
And when he puts his arms around me,
And lies his head on the back of my neck,
I grab his hand, and fall asleep.
Now I’m a huge snorter,
I snore in my sleep,
Pretty badly by the way.
But I never snorted when I slept with him.
And it’s funny how my soul doesn’t burn when he comes to my mind,
Instead it reboots and buffers around,
searching for something that’s missing.

The love and passion that I have for another man.

They hope you do good,
But not better than them.
You have magical technique
That causes them to be weak.
You have what they want,
Don't be too arrogant, but flaunt.
It's not your situation
So don't lose concentration
Use them as a motivation.

Ksjpari 6d

Never behaved in the school porcine;
Had wise words for everyone to opine;
Full of wise thoughts and memories refine;
Rachana Sharma is ready without any supine.
Progress she made in the school is an eyesore
Even the trustees could no longer ignore
Her help for others whom she was a saviour.
For 8 years she was ever my dear mentor
From whom I learnt how to continuously grin
In adverse situations and start from begin
So that new fight and efforts lead you to win.
Earlier she was looking like a pumpkin
But now she managed her past score
Looking beautiful and smart with ore
Which she always gets from her boudoir
And her body and mind gets contour.
She is my inspiration she is my adoration
She is the best lady as a friend in isolation.
A good mentor and nice for nation
Is none other than Rachana - a sensation.

I am developing a new style of writing poetry where all ending words rhyme with one another. I named it “Pari”.  This is a unique style which is being recognized by many critics through some sites. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style.

It's like every negativity against me is turned into the want of being even more understanding and loving towards You, to be good for You

Maybe I wasn't good enough...
Inspired by a song.
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