what good is there in worrying?
it won't change the future
or take any pain away
if something bad happens.
it won't make you feel better
to be able to say
"i knew this would happen"
what good is there in worrying?
it doesn't do anything.
except take away the happiness
that you could be enjoying

right now.

{a short blurb related to my last poem.}

The morning dew condenses
on the honeydew leaves.
The blackbirds chirp
to the crisp morning air.
The first hints of light
forces its way through the darkness.
Hues of yellow and orange
slowly carpet the horizon.
A whole new day
has just begun.

And since the day
I fell in love with you
I lived in fear
someone better
will love you too.

Good Morning ...

you are the most beautiful creature ...
the most lovely one that i love ...
loved and will do however i'm breathing ...
love you my beautiful creature ...
my sweetheart ...
whom gave me another lovely life ...
gave me a sweet dreams ...
and a joyfully hope ...
and a great love ...
sweetheart ...
never stop dreaming,so life will never ends ...
never stop believing,so hope will never ends ...
never stop caring,so love will never ends ...
so please my beautiful creature ...
dream,hope and love ...
to make my life more beautiful ...
and to create our great love ...
with every new morning ...
good morning sweet girl ...

sweet angel mine ...
i will take your love ...
with me wherever i go ..
wherever i be ...
however i'm a live ...
will love you forever ...
however i breathe ...
i swear sweetheart ...
never ever to stop your love ...
love you ...

Good Morning ...

hazem al ...

Paul Jones May 4

We moved to and fro,     felt the pulse of life,
free with the rhythm     and commune of dance.

21:00 - 04/05/17
(May the forth be with you).
Ryan Holden May 17

There's everything beautiful within you,
Not a single flaw,
Begging for love,
but shutting it down,
There's truly everything lonely within you,
But it's such tragic irony.

As soon as I can hold you,
Once again,
I won't let go I swear,
We can't leave us behind,
We've watched clocks turn,
Glared as days burn,
Trying to catch the ashes,
Between my elusive fingertips.

The hardest of catch,
Wanting competition but scared,
Of not matching expectation,
As I'm battered and bruised,
Broken in two,
And who the hell am I?

Not feeling like you're good enough for anyone.
Sheena Samuel May 16

When your head is in the clouds,

┈┈┈┈▉  ▋┈┈┈┈┈▔▔╲┈
your not alone. Keep thinking, it means your alive!

STAY HAPPYish. it's okay to be sad, just now it's not the end. there's always a reason to see tomorrow.

*DISCLAIMER* Art is not my own. IDK who it is so... :)

He vivido entre fronteras
entre personas de distintos acentos
entre discusiones de quien es mejor
entre inmigrante y emigrante.

¿Entre quien es el malo?
¿quien es el ladrón?
¿quien es buen?
¿quien discrimina a quien?

cuando cruzo la frontera
veo lo mismo.
La misma gente.

Shofi Ahmed May 15

The rosy one is in the hall
But took a seat far off
the shining column of the day.

Now the beast is on the loose
O brothers then why complain?
The thorn pricks is not sweet!

Ryan Holden May 15

As the blossoms bloom,
On this starry filled night,
Oil lamps flicker through streets,
For shambles lay bare scenic,
Streets fill in euphoric chaos
as this used to be the capital
Of a much more wonderful time.

Frolicking in streets,
Silhouettes follow in sync,
Linking arms and spinning,
Strong ale, bitter sweet cocktails,
Not a singular frown in sight.

Drunken ghost hunting,
Finding only the bottom,
Of an empty glass,
Ambience of undescribable wonders.

Even now on starry nights,
As I walk through the streets,
I still see silhouettes,
Of what once was,
Is a magical place to be.

Every time I visit York I love it! I'll be moving soon, right in the centre!
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