I swear I used to be different
I used to be something closer to good
I used to be kind and soft and sweet
I swear

I know I’m not that anymore
I’m harsh edges and well-defined lines
I take too much from others and
I give too little in return

I can’t say what happened back then
I know why I changed but
I can’t admit it
I don’t know how

I know that you are changing me again
I’m becoming better than
I used to be and it’s all because
I have you
For my significant other - someone who's more than I deserve
JoshuaX 16h
Sometimes I wanna thank God he let the devil be with me
So I'd be aware on whoever loves me
Why didn't I notice
I Should've known this
I should've seen this I am turnin like her
I'd take the risk
Everyday it's her that I miss.
There's something wrong with my smile
I don't know if anyone else sees it
But i have been going through my pictures
And for the longest while
There has been something wrong with my smile

I remember the pictures of colgate ad worthy
And i see now pictures of nothing happy worthy
There's something wrong with my smile
That good jest of good riddance
That warm comfort, that warm trans
What is wrong with my smile?

-to be continued-

I'll continue when i find answers
Hopefully i will find answers.




Charging through your heart
Ringing from your mouth










In a single
Of a


A constant moving backdrop
Of time

Do you remember
Can you remember

The last time

That it

Rushing out

Faster than hot steam

And everything stopped

For a moment

Your moment

And the
Xaha 2d
Doom myself to mediocrity,
Doom myself for good.
Raise myself to excellence,
Sacrifice my good.
Try to make a difference,
Gladly - if I could.
Is all that’s left to settle?
I won’t accept it though I should.
Even in the deepest darkness His light can penetrate
There is no place we can run or hide that He won't find us
Even the darkness is light to Him
The night is as bright as the day
The light of love can dispel all our darkness and fear
It can chase away the dark clouds
Or hold us close until they pass
Even in the shadows there must be light
We appreciate the darkness because of the light
And appreciate light because we have darkness
We find ourselves whole when we embrace
The goodness and badness in ourselves
When we accept our divinity and humanity
It is in the shadow of the cross
That we find His saving light

May we be a light in the darkness
Shining bright for all humanity
Let us be a beacon of hope to show the way
Let us radiate the love and peace of Christ
In a world that seems wrapped in despair and hate
And when we feel the touch
Of darkness in our lives
Lord, send someone to lift us out of darkness
And bring us back into light
I’m stoned in a California basement. The hot, stale, air circulates through a table fan. The world melts away.

I’m left with just my thoughts.
Usually I’d be freaking out right about now,
But the fly on my guacamole is whispering the secrets to the universe. I listen to him hum, he says that I’m doing fine. That just because I faced this blunt to myself doesn’t mean I have to have a bad time.

He’s right. Usually I’d ruin it by getting existential.

As I draw deeper into my own self I understand Plato’s perfect forms theory and collective consciousness. Or whatever.

I giggle at my small hands.
“Was I always this small?”
“Yeah. Since day one. A premature baby who’s lungs could have given out any moment.”
“Huh. Wild.”
“It takes a lot to be alive, I guess.”
“Oh hey,

That’s kind of deep.”
Bret 4d
i bought beer
for the first time today.
ive never been drunk before.
that's not hyperbole
or some kind of metaphor.
ive literally never been drunk before.

never been me.
i just know what it does
and what it would do to me.
but here we are
the end of whatever is left.

i cut my hand on the cap
when i put it in my bag.

i slide down a mud hill
to get to the bus

the bus driver
wouldn't let me back on the bus.
it was the same fucking bus driver
that handed me the transfer
to take the fucking bus home.

i dont think god wants me to buy beer
Have you ever questioned conventionality?
Or you just live on as long as it doesn't bother you?
Do you just live on without questioning the world's savagery?
Or you just live on as long as it doesn't bother you?

Not me

Life injure the unprepared immensely
Life impacts people differently
Life changes people
Life kills


With light there's dark
With good there's evil
Two sides of the coin with a slim inbetween

Sometimes that middle is strong enough to keep the polars separated
Sometimes that middle is delicate enough to crumble with the wind
Sometimes that middle is nonexistent and conflicts arise everyday
Sometimes that middle is those who are apathetic for the issue

That middle is most of us

I invite you all to think about what's normal
to challenge the small things
to help those in need
to not be ignorant and think
to shed conventionality
to think outside the box
to look at the world from both sides
to be patient despite triggering thoughts
to not harm, not judge
to start small and change yourself and others around you
I invite you all to be kind and tolerant and smart and helpful
Take action to change, take the initiative to turn words to actions

With light there's dark
With good there's evil
Two sides of the coin with t slim inbetween
Break conventionality and change.
This was a little thought that popped into my head today. After hearing all the different things happening in the world, there is no way for us to survive unless we join hands.
It's time to say goodbye
to the girl I used to be
so look me in the eye
and promise you won't wait for me

I'm sorry to break your heart
but I just ain't coming back
I'm done playing my part
it's been turning my heart black

I'm sorry to break your heart
but I just can't force myself to stay
it's better when we're apart
so I will stay away

... somewhere I have no part to play.

P.S. we wouldn't work anyway
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