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Sometimes we meet some good hearts
No reason we can’t be amicable
We lost all the thoughts
Might it be reasonable?

A good heart is kind
A kind heart is fine
A fine heart is nice
A nice heart is wise

A wise heart has wisdom
The wisdom never be visible
Search it to preach
Always having been friendly.

Get the good will from them
very difficult to reach them
Very easy to get them
wait, let them speak

Less word makes you wisdom
Pious to their words
To become wise
Do it no missing credit.
                 -Leishgn Raj
words form the wise male us wise. Heard melodies are sweet than those are unheard. wait let them speak.
They say that the good things in life are worth waiting for,” she says.
“Are they?”

“Definitely. The wait *****, but when the good things finally come, you appreciate them way more. So when life gets rough, just remember that. Remember that it’ll get better soon.“
Atlas 12h
My world is black and white; colorless
Eyes skimming over monochrome flags
Achromatic is the color of the press
Black words on white paper covered in ads

OUR world is black and white. The press certainley writes it that way
Muslims evil, **** evil, Rich people good
When will the discriminated finally have a say
Our protests go up in flames like firewood
Achromatic: Relating to, employing, or denoting lenses that transmit light without separating it into constituent colors; without color.
In this world,
good becomes bad,
bad becomes good,
religions just a word.
life is what you make it.
How strange life can be sometimes you blinded by
what changes you see an ever-changing world to where we
Sadly I don't see all changes as being good there Is a lot of bad In this world but dig deep and there Is well hidden beneath the
Really kind people always ready to help advise just be there In times if needed It seems once people gain power that's when they change
It to there the greed for riches creeps In
and corrupts I suppose that's just way It Is and always will be I just think It's so sad ordinary people
they are the ones who suffer every
So much bad In this world but If you dig deep below the surface there's a lot of good
people who will help be there for the needy
Saying Yes, I'm evil,
Is like saying
*****, conscience, *******
Why do things
always have to change
like the weather?
One minute
it's cold
and then it's hot.
Just like
one minute things are good
then another
their not.
I re all-ized,
steps still count

You run, when you can.

It is the thought, reason being,

you remember running when you could, but

if you never

run like a river,
or the wind,

you can only imagine, and that
is just
and fair.

imagine you knew a persona or
knew an I de ift to the point

of being famous for being so
about in or un fine it or ite in or e volving

valves, like
vacuum tubes, an
cient sparks tamed in qualesecs to the parsecteth

spec of time/space minus friction

non sense.

sophia her self speaks from shadows in riddles,

and every man, wombed, wounded, or un
every one kisses the sun
with that first

"this is the end of what began forever ago"
then "nope"
and only common sense is left the child

see smell touch taste test hear test touch test

bad good, good was first, but we never notice

we newborn bearers of light's burden.

Who, pray tell, who im magied, mal-praxiologically,
lucifer a name for the accuser?

the shining thing and the bearer of the light that may light
all lamps touched by it,

candles on a cake? means nada, right?

little light, of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
Ain't agonna let no lie put it out,

I'm gonna let it shine, y'know?
Taste, see, good. Prove me. Try. Same as doing,
if you did it in your heart,
if you imagined, did you
do or try?

Do or die, the old warrior who mocks the liar,
whispers, look'em in the eye. He winks.
I am hap ified if one word makes sense common enough to be seen, noticed, maybe being read as the color even blind imagine good. Signal stop. look and listen, go - don't wait for green. Go, I dare you.
Hunter 6d
Why do you frown?
Why not be like a clown?
Turn that frown upside down
There is so much to know
Just go with the flow
There is so much to do
Just smile all the way through
And you'll be happy too
do we always
have to say goodbye?
Why do
great things
also have to
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