Pax 2d
Your sincerity
becomes a
menial job.
There are too few good doctors now a days. This is just how i feel in my country.
Wyatt 2d
Forge more lines for
the next grand tour,
introduce the noose
hanging in the balance.
Good moods and bad facts
are married into my past.
Every day all my levels
go on back and forth,
but some days I go haywire.
Duck out of the way,
I keep cool in stride
with a mind of fire.
If you think deeply enough about it,
Even words with good intentions,
Are kind of terrifying.
You could say something so sympathetic,
Aiming to try and help,
But instead you load thoughts into their head.

"It's okay that you feel like that,
They misused your trust,"
But it's only then they realise,
Exactly what it sounds like,
So instead of being completely comforted or consoled,
They end up thinking:
Well if it's like that then I should feel like 'this'.

The truth is when other people phrase what's happened to you,
Often it hits you a different way
Than you have been looking at it.
Sometimes you start to form schemas,
Of how you should feel,
Or you just prove the evidence shows that it's right to feel this way,
And not just right, but that it's the only method to deal with it.
Someone speaks about how you've been hurt,
And how you should try not to let it impact your trust,
So instead you realise what happened means,
In your head now, that you should always let it influence you.
It's a bit messed up,
But that's how it can be.
This sucks but I thought I'd post it anyway.
Amanda 2d
I swirled coffee with a red straw
Thinking what I should do today
Feeling a little useless
Wishing I was able to travel far away

Think this is a hopeless dream
I yearn for all the time
But I still have not reached my goal
Mountain only grows harder to climb

It was someone I loved who once told me
"Good things come to those who wait"
But I badly want to see the world
I know one day it will be too late
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page
Khaniek 3d
Life is funny and amazing and scary and confusing.
Sometimes I love it and most times I hate it.

In life love comes unnoticed, it creeps in and before you know it you are under its spell.
Why is it that the forbidden fruit tastes so sweet.?
Even after Eve we still feast on what we shouldn’t.
Consequences be damned we all say.
Driven by lust still.
Life is forever bittersweet is it not?
I envy those who walk perfectly in the light.
I feel sorry for them too..

It could be that they understand better than I
do the rewards of the straight and narrow. While I wrestle with the devils, fueling my own demise.
Still it is intriguing..
The forbidden fruit.
Calm and cool came the Lord along with the rising sun.
Invigorated and refreshed fought along with me life's battles.
Feeling His touch forgot all my wounds and hurts.
Mind never felt tired and dejected as Lord was the commander.
Saw Him in the stars and moon and moved in the infinite sky.
Hopes and dreams were perfectly planned by the Lord.
Well developed plans,ideas and methodologies were given by Him for the next day's battles.
Breathed along with the universe and took rest inside the night's slumber waiting for a new dawn.
Lord comes everyday along with the sun and helps me in all my life's battles. Feeling His touch I forget all my wounds and hurts and mind never becomes tired and dejected and fulfilling my dreams and hopes move in the infinite sky along with the Lord and wait for a new dawn.
I wanna wake up
to a view –
Opening my eyes up
before you.
Mornings will be good indeed,
My sunshine.
Kylie 4d
Grey lead bullets and pure white snow,
One side a swan on the other a crow,
They say one is evil the other is not,
But when committing a sin they shall both rot.
how The world fixes wrongs by still doing wrongs.
Mornings are hard
When all I could think about is you
I would spend all day just to put myself together
Just to fall a part again at night
I just can't seem to break the tether
How do I let go when you're already embedded in my head
I can't even listen to my name
Cause the only voice I could hear saying it is you
Talking to you every day was more than a routine
Now that you're gone, I really have no clue on what to do
All I could do now is hope that you'll come through
To say I'm missing you is an understatement
I miss every piece of you
Your eyes, nose, and lips,
I miss the sound of your voice,
to the breaths that you take in between
I miss the effect you had on me
You became the drug that I need
I can't get rid of your nicotine
I hope to wake up to a morning
Where I could just think of nothing
And start the day fresh, oh God this is crushing
I guess for now, I get to indulge
waking up to days reminiscing you
You were an angel by wings, not by halo.
You keep falling, not flying.
You always cry, you never grow.
Always broken
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