I wish it was easy to let go of the past
To start a new life; to live with a pure heart
Where no one could remind me of what I've lost,
Where no one remembers who I was
Letting me live and embrace new things
Where no one compares me with anyone,
And all that matters would be what is yet to come
I wish I get to live with a hope that stays in the darkest of the days
And do not let me lose my faith
I hope I get to love the ones in my life
And erase all the hatred left, before they all bade me goodbye.

Stars are
fireballs of death.
Being alone in the dark is
a quiet spot to think.
A girl smiles to
hide her deceitful lies.
A storm is
a chance to listen to the calming rain.

Climb a mountain then
die on the way back down.
Divorce prepares
children for life.
don’t last.
Wars can
stop nation-wide racism.

sting and bite like hawk moths.
let people go to heaven faster.
has to end.
brings us peace.

Darkness and lightness

Got this idea from a friend.

We've been warned of bad people
ever since we were little.
We've all learned that we shouldn't trust
a creepy man who offers candy if you'll only get into his truck.

But nobody's ever warned us of

The boys with dangerously glittering eyes,
who will pepper you with affection only to
put a bullet in your heart.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The girls wearing mean smirks like armour,
who will laugh at you when you walk by and
make you feel so insecure.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The wounds that were bound to open in our chests,
which won't disappear in an instant
if at all.

Nobody's ever warned us of


- there are some things people will never tell you -
Mars 4d

Born to think,
but I know no more
than I used to, I just must
love to waste my time.

Born to dream,
but I ain't no closer to
making it real.
No, making it real is hard.

What is this adding up to?
How do you
Keep from living wrong?

Born to see the good,
even when others
don't see it in us.
We love to waste our time

So what is this adding up to?
How do you
Keep from living wrong?

I want to know better
What this life is teaching
I've known it all along
How to keep from living wrong.

A rediscovered  song I wrote years ago that I never brought to completion.

Everything is good
The sun is shinning
But the wind breaks the heat

I walk and shiver
I see the grass is greening
Except for one yellow blade

Looking out past
The people walk calmy, but quick
Right past a homeless mans feet

Giving him my shoes
I walked along looking back
To see him trade them for a hat

Barefoot now
I walked along an even surface
Even though it was graveled

Walking quick and light
With two young fresh legs
I splashed through a puddle

Bathing in the warmth
I let it soak into my skin
However quickly it became cold

Then I spotted her
My friend from across the field
Just a friend...

Its good... just good
Luca C 6d

there is
in this world,
i swear it's in you.

life is plain to see
you can't have good without bad
use love for balance

a haiku from me to you my poetic friends

Let me explain this phenomenon
They seem to strike like a bolt of lightning
They shake the ground and the clap of thunder follows
It's so loud that it reverberates
and sends waves through the air
1204, 1234, 333
To me, safety. Comfort. Warmth. a "Hello" from someone I can't see
Are they just numbers? Or are they more
To me, a good omen. a Hug from above. a "Keep it up"
But, what if they aren't?
If so, I don't want to know.
I'll keep these numbers to myself,
for if they are merely that...numbers
I don't want to know.

Arlene Corwin Sep 10

I woke up thinking about this.

         A Thought About Loyalty

I’ve been thinking about loyalty:
A many-sided world of nuances,
The subtle differences.
We all know it means faithfulness,
A sticking-to devotedly.
Unfurled it shows its nasty sides,
The negatives that worry me:
Allegiance and adherence -
-Ism’s steel prepared to go to war
Against all criticizers,
-Isms’ others
Carving up the brotherhood
Of man.
Not for nothing
That a missile system drawn
To sense and intercept an enemy:
Is named the Patriot:
A system to annihilate.

I worry ‘bout obedience,
Compliance and submissiveness.
I like reliability, dependability,
Dedication if it’s not perverted
Duty, if it leads to thought,
A moral sense,
An ethic that agrees with life;
Loyalty without the strife.
Loyalty to think about.

A Thought About Loyalty 9.10.2017
Nature In & Of Reality; Out Times, Out Culture II;
Arlene Corwin

Loyalty . what is it?  Good and bad, as always
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