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Yesterday I sat

between the arms of

my loving mother,

the tree ! O tree !

Fail to realise I sat

unaltered untarnished

And do you know

What I saw!

The sun was trying to

lug the waters of the tarn

amidst which

was I and you together.
Amidst you all
If you’re a good person
It radiates. People know
If you’re a bad person
It radiates even more
Zack Ripley Feb 25
I don't know where I began.
I don't know where I'll end.
But I don't need to.
I know where I am right now.
I'm with friends. I'm with you.
And to me, that's a pretty
great place to be.
Nought Feb 23
And I wonder,
Did you do it because,
You thought I was actually good?
Or just because you knew me?
- Astro
David Hilburn Feb 23
Order to chaos, at a glance?
As a wholesome venture, of what we pronounce
Is adding the white of the eyes, an all of influence?
Has come to the fore, and shown the doldrum it haunts...

Peace and a real thirst, for a clue in the wry...
Sated with the coming hours, of decency we meant, will
The provision of seldom, toured and biased in courteous, shyness
An angel with passion to earn and each, insists dread, still...?

A place in the heart of civility...
A face asking the table of conscience, to look for the irony
Oft tutelage and their solaces, a penny to spend on originality...
A faith in the unknown, we reveal is fright's epiphany?

Voices we have heard, that made the point of a lifetime
With range and devotion to verify, the elucidation of meagerness?
And its boding history, the total of enumeration in the face of trying?
And the fertile now, and subtle distance to weighing the opuses we elect

Alcohol and judgments character?
Instinct is a shrewd contender, for what was a world of significance
And alarmed firsts, to the longest visit of intuition, or its faring?
A method of uniqueness, to show a calm of whimsy that is a seasons chance...

Meted reasons with a clash of simplicity for you...
Tales of reproach or in defense of totals, the schemes of things
Looking the part and petition of suppose, the tear we reveal is, due
The hands of antipathy in vice and demeanor, the identity we saw, become a meaning...
Brumous Feb 18
My love for you is inchoate.
No, not chocolate.
I may not be as sweet
but I'll be something worth craving for.

And, good enough to be loved back.

Clear water without a hint of discoloring
Free from anything however small floating inside
What is the purity of your kindness
Can goodness be tainted?
Although the outcome is wholesome
Do motivations lessen the good of goodness?

Selfish "Good"

How good is goodness
If goodness is conditional?
If all the good I ever do
Is to get something back
If I neglect those with nothing to offer
And bargain with those who'll do anything for help?
A desperate cry to my ears sounds the same
As coins clinking while they form a pile
As the shuffling of bills
With every "good" deed
My heart races as the weight of debts owed to me grows

Obligatory Goodness

When the pure water of a good act
Is used to put out eternal fire
Done not because I love you
But to appease my angry master
Under threat of hell, how can my motivation remain pure?
If good people is what the master wants
Why even muddy the waters with goodness under threat?
Unless it's not about good people
But about having people that can be controlled
Monopolizing on man's fear of the unknown
To create slaves that will shackle themselves
For the illusion of safety
And to be free of the burden of thinking

The Good Face

How good are good acts
Done merely to preserve an image?
To stay in people's good favors?
To be praised for your selflessness?
Like the good that asks for something in return
And the one that comes from fear
If being good was not rewarded
Would you still seek it out?
You can't help if people praise you
For doing what anyone should
But you can help if that's what drives you
If you save all your goodness for the spotlight

For Goodness Sake

I saw you hurting
Your face was not that of a stranger's
Because although I've never met you
I know you.
You're me, if all our circumstances switched
I'm just as human as you
There are no main characters here
It only feels that way because ours are the only thoughts we hear
But you're no different than me.
We're all only people
But I have the ability to help
And so I will.
I don't need to be seen
I don't need you to repay me
I'm not afraid of any religion's hells
I just have compassion for you, fellow human.
Unconditional love is the heart of pure goodness
The heart of goodness for goodness sake.
74 lines, 324 days left.
Ntando Ndlela Feb 10
I was good I swear,
He was mistaken,
Why was my life taken,
I didn't look anything like that man he was ordered to take in,
Black male wasnt my only description,

I did everything by the book,
Not a sinner, not a crook,
I settled for less than I should,
I prayed like twice to be saved,
In that book it said He paid the price for our ways,
Was the price too high for slaves,
I practiced obedience so I could avoid that plague,
I prayed every day and stayed out of troubles way,

why did I die praying for mercy,
Was my skin too dark in this dark world for you to see me from up there,
There are so many of us who die this way,
I hope you still have room to spare,
Because  I know I was good,
I was good I swear...
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I write poetry
to express
my joyful and happy feelings,
and so I can feel joy and happiness
when I read my poem,
and so others can feel joy and happiness
when they read my poem.
sadnspicy0 Feb 8
We rarely think the nicest people
are able to commit a crime,
but be aware:

the purest kind of evil
lurks in the kindest soul alive.
I woke up several times this night, I don't know why.
Then, this came to my mind
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