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She lays down
in bed-sheets red and retreats into her mind
agonizing over answers to questions,
answers she will never find.
This isn’t the first time.

The sun and the moon waltz through the skies
watched through clouded eyes
the pair reminds her how alone she feels inside,
the disconnect that’s in her mind.
It won’t be the last time.

The wind batters her with rain
she is tired, broken… ashamed.
She doesn’t know your name and you don’t know hers,
it’s time for that to change. Loneliness is the bastion of the mind,
don’t look for answers you will never find.
Though the world is grey,
it always will come down to
either black or white
Small haiku! ^^
Lyn xxx

the joys
of being lost
are the beauty
and the mystery
you chance upon

rob kistner © 2018
Brief contemplation.
Celest 1d
i sit in this chair a million times.
i sit in this chair and i do the same thing every time.
i eat only to lose my appetite.
i smile only to vomit out all my happiness after.
i look at those who have hurt me.
yet i feel nothing.
i let out the choked sobs no one ever gets to hear.
and i will forget it all even happened.

i don't know. what happens. inside.

inside me is a place even i don't understand.
inside me are demons who eat every inch of my sanity.
my sanity— or better, what's left of my sanity is carved to form a wooden mask.
my sanity only cripples from here, and there is inevitability that death comes.
death comes and then the demons crawl out my used skin.
death comes and then there is no coming back.
back to when all was quiet and i listened again and again.
back to the times where i could only see me.
but now everyone can see me.
but now everyone can see the real me.

i am not the Good Little Girl.

not anymore.
nor was i ever the Good Little Girl.
for it was the wooden mask, docile and glorified.
and now it is smoke and ashes.
and now so am i.

i am the Good Little Girl.

i will glue up all the ashes if i must.
if it means maintaining my image— if it means tearing my own soul apart,
i will become the Good Little Girl.

for it is the only way of living i know.
and the Good Little Girl is a habit i will never break out of.
this is for a challenge i did with my friend Zersrol. it's a bit more personal than my usual poems. enjoy :)
Smile like a calm breeze
With the heart of flowers
Whoever you are

That is enough
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Blending beautiful smile with soulful heart
duncan 2d
take my words now
and forget them later.
this is your scripture
turn to these words
if you lose me.

i will love you in
pink or blue.
like a sunset
or a crashing wave.
i might take the long way
on occasion
but i am headed home.

it is light to
be in your company.
it is an honour
to have
watched you
pick the stone
you slayed the
giant with.

i dont want to intrude,
or place myself in
your world. or cast my
own role in
your story.

you have my sword
my bow
and my axe.
the glowing of the
hot embers from
what was left of the
bonfire reminded
me that maybe
some good can come
out of this darkness.
Anya 3d
The first and last time I ever
bragged was in fifth grade
We’d been on a unit related to the
Ancient Egyptians
I was the only one in our class to have
gotten a good score
On the reading comprehension
Our teacher even
Announced it to the whole class

I was ecstatic
So, I tapped the shoulder of the girl next to me
Whose face clearly showed that
her result wasn’t as joyous
and I told her
The glee practically bursting out of me

“I KNOW!” She screamed
Red faced
A cascade of tears water falling down
Her face

That stayed with me
Even now I ask myself,
Such a pointless thing
It’s only purpose
To hurt
Such a useless thing
Why did I ever do it?

And that is why
I never brag
Even to this day
you broke me
beyond repair
it sometimes feel
but this time i
don't want to be that girl
who runs to the next man's
available set of arms
the one who still lives
inside of the sadness
you left behind for me
the one
you no longer feel
i want to heal
to wait
to believe
that something far better than you
is meant for me
alexis 5d
To be as free as a cloud
having no where to be and nothing to see
to float free with nothing bringing you down
to be a cloud

To be as helpless as a tree
to be planted wherever without a choice
to be stuck unable to move or leave and then stripped of your dignity
for people to tear you down for better things even though they really need you
to be a tree

Though both things are a part of nature and both are needed
they live drastically different lives  
but we wouldn't know what bad is without clouds and we wouldn't know what good is without trees
-Comparison and Balance
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