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Isaac 2h
Good days come with bad ones.
Time carries many different moments.
What matters is that each person runs
With Jesus. It's what makes the most sense.
Written 14 November 2018
to say I am lost would be to imply that, at one point, I was present.
My presence was ignored from the time I crawled the floors,
feelings inside developed into sores
boring onto my soul scars.
My father, my guide, idolised in mind.
They say love is blind but
when eyes open and you find monsters, sponsors of crime
doing time for an easy dime,
can you carry that love on
or does that one idol burn?
I am lost or
rather never found, no guide by my side,
just going with the tide and building walls, to keep these feelings back,
that torment my mind.
The foundries of feeling’s forges have gone cold, Shut away and barricaded
by un-shaken walls.
So I wander, in search of myself,
I wonder
if I’ll be found or
if I’m bound for a battery of life:
I don’t want you to learn what I am trying to learn to be an untruth:
That enduring through pain is somehow worth it at the chance of reciprocated love.

Please remember:
You are always enough.
how are you?

i'm a little tired
and it doesn't hurt
too much anymore

that's good
that's really good

the pain has subsided
but only a little

that's good
that's really good

is that all
you're going to say?

yeah it is
only because
it is good

but i'm still in pain
yeah but it's better

not too much
but still better?
it's better

that's good
that's really good

it is

(if only it were the truth)

idk what this is exactly
it just kinda happened
dancing to alternative music
my favorite
eyes closed
spinning around the room
a pint of ice cream in my hand
feeling myself
what a good moment

cause heart will never lie
but lips can lie to hide good or bad things inside the heart
Tara 7d
Where does the fine line lie
between right and wrong,
good and bad,
weak and strong,

it’s not as simple,
just building brick walls,
that no one can break,

standing on your two feet,
in an empty space,
just to avoid the guilt,
of hurting someone else.
Seanathon Nov 5
In the clutches of envy, or judgement, or denial
With eyes turned outward at another life
Don’t hide when the inkwell turns up dry
But accept the death which comes to life
And lets you pass by this windowed world

Fly into the perfectly natural
You should look up E.E. Cummings on how Dying Is Fine
i've noticed that my past relationships brought out the bad side of me. but you, you bring out the good in me.
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