Crimsyy 3h

When the weight of
a thousand moments
wasted overthinking
makes its home on my skin
and drip, drip, drips
down my cheeks,
I doubt everything.
I doubt ability,
your credibility.
I doubt capacity,
I doubt significance.
I question why
everything I touch
eventually shatters,
and why in my heart,
you still matter.
But maybe it's time
to stop doubting myself,
cause maybe this time,
I could feel good enough.

i have learned so much of myself
i have learned of my mistakes
my failures
& faults.
i've been reacquainted with myself
i have learned of my greatness
my kindness
& love.
i still have much of myself left to give
but i need to give those wonders
to myself
only i can appreciate my full self
only i can love my full self
until otherwise

I will not wear what everyone else thinks I should
no, I will wear whatever makes me feel good
and if that's ripped jeans and an oversized tee shirt,
if that's what makes me feel good, then that is who I'll be
and there is nothing anyone can do about it,
for I'm just being me

written 2014
edited 2017

No matter
how long
I try
to win
your heart;

No matter
how hard
I try
to be
good enough;

I'm simply

originally written 2/13/16
JAC 7d

Laughter won't come so easy
Hands will stop being soft
Conversation will empty
The same jokes will tire
Lips will taste of past
Messages will slow
Desire will falter
But for now
Things are
So good.

Comes the hour
The hour where I walk down the triumphs of my solitary imaginations
Where I mourn overdone love
And overrated betrayals
Comes the hour
Where I dare to accept the flaws of my wrong doings
And the perfection of my good deeds,
Comes the hour
Where the devil in me screams the laughter of mercy
Sarcastically signaling the failures of the good
Comes the hour
Where I am forced to give up
On my virtues and values
The value which broke me; embarrassed me
Comes the hour
Where I walk towards what I had feared the most
What my dear mother had asked me to avoid since my very birth
Comes the hour
Where I choose the rather attractive path
Of evil!

Sandoval Apr 21

Keep the words I gave you.  The book I wrote for you,

these thoughts that linger in my head. Keep my soul,

I don't want it anymore. Keep my love, without you

it wont do me any good.  Your green hearts, my daydreams.

All these stupid love songs. Keep them, keep it all but please,

never take these memories from me.



Answer me this:
Do good people do bad things?
What makes a good person?
What makes a bad one?


Don't say a word.

I wasn't really asking.
Let me tell you.

A good person is characterized by irrefutable morals
And in the case that you have the same morals
Then a good person is characterized by their ability to follow their morals as well
Why they do bad things?
Well I suppose it would just be a mistake
Their ability to follow their morals…
Let's say this good person isn't so… skilled at being good
I feel as though
You're not a good person
It’s obvious you can't follow your morals

If you have them

So what if you’re a bad person
What makes a person bad?
What makes a bad person?
Having no sense of right or wrong
Or ignoring their sense of criminal
Well then
Yeah yeah I'm sure
You’re a bad person

A sequel.

Their is a massive (hug) for
Bring your pain to the cross
Jesus took all of this
Be (healed)

It's not a story it is the truth. .
It about a personal relationship with God...
Easter time was a sacred
Jesus was sinless
Taking our place ..
This Easter  reflect on this .
It will change your life for good ..
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