It was the darkest hour of night
With deadly silence and full of fright
My body was hurting
And in pain, my soul was writhing
Under the bare sky I was lying
Knowing that I'm dying
Was getting echoes of flashbacks
Was hearing horrific and dreadful clacks
Sensing seizer of souls howling around
Ways to escape I knew I wouldn't found
Was thinking about the days, I used to spend
How I forgot, everything 'll be questioned at the end
I begged, O God, please one more chance
My life, my deeds, I'll enhance
But it was too late to pray
I must had to pay

Mims 3d

This is anxiety
breathe with me, baby

You shudder

don't take this the wrong way

I grab you hand
And kiss bruised finger tips
I put my other on your chest
just breathe
You're not always steady
But on the days you are not
I shall be your rock
Because with me

You breathe easy

And one day
You will not need me
But today
That's okay


Don't punch anything else, okay? For me?
Viany Oct 10

You are my rib...
therefore causing
you to fracture,
is not an option..
tightly confined
in me..
you help me breathe

Splattering droplets
Calm the skin
As each molecule
Fissures under the magnificent rays

Oh why have these bruises failed to heal
To exist as pastel
Smeared upon my canvas
Traversing along my veins
As roaring rapids
Claimed the cracks of the earth

Forgive my unforgiving tendencies
Latching onto your heavy soul
Dug so deep within yourself
My roots excavated your pain
And brought nothing but beauty
To this calm yet frightening world


Just breathe

Let us synchronize our hearts
As one
And our minds will forever follow

Skylar Oct 7

The smoke rises
Inside this cage of glass
Is it snow or paper
You will never know

Your breath fogs up the glass as you stare out
As you stare at me

I can't see you
Tilting my head I smile
How pretty it is
My thoughts

I shake the globe
Watching it snow down
As I cry

Are you crying?
We can cry together
As the snow falls

You're just a figure of my imagination
Yet I cry
As I stare through the glass
Snow globes

That's what they're called
My thoughts
As my breath fogs up the glass
I stare outside
As we watch the snow fall

Written while listening to "Breathe" by Lee Hi
Vale Luna Oct 3

        Hear the dissonance between my words
        And question if I meant to pause
        Or if it was just the natural fluctuation of my voice
        I’m screaming for attention when I don’t speak
        In the way my eyes widen
        And my head lowers

        Slowly now
        So that the air moving through your lungs
        Isn’t so much as a whisper

        It’s the pauses we take when we talk on the phone
        No voices exchanged
        But the smiles are content
        Resting on the absence of noise between us

        I’m deaf to the world
        And you’re the only one I seem to be able to hear
        Despite the void of sound
        God, you sound beautiful
        My ear drums don’t vibrate
        But my heart does
        So I understand everything you’re saying before your mouth moves

        Watch the way my chest falls
        Tell me with you hands if I’m not letting go slow enough

        They say a picture’s worth a thousand words
        But the vacancy of audio is worth your attention

        It’s golden
        Even when we erase it with straining vocal cords
        Understand that speech is a waste of oxygen
        Every moment we spend speaking
        Is a moment closer to our last breath

        Hear the world on mute
        Hear the dissonance in the emptiness
        Hear what I have to say
        When my lips don’t open.

Donielle Oct 3

He dropped his bombs
and where your shores exploded,
lie memories of my own split rock.
I have healed, my flow returned to normal
as the sea smoothed his sins
and cleared his scent from my home.
I have drowned and been revived
and drowned again before I could see
the sun above the water but believe me, when I say it was a hard road,
I damn near had my feet cut off
before I finally learned which way was up and when I saw it -
God was it beautiful as I broke through
and took that first breath of air
free and clear of his aid.
I could breathe without him
and darling,
when you realize you
can breathe without him too,
you'll be amazed how far you can swim.

Luca C Sep 27

The Inability of me not being able
to breathe
without your presence surrounding me,
does not change the fact
that you are holding
her tonight.

Even when it should be me.

Shane Riemer Sep 21

Sleepy willows,
Fall on down
In the forest air.

There they lay,
There they lie,
A stagnant existence
Full of unspoken sighs.

Once up high,
Servant to the season’s shifts,
Even they must die.

In dying bring life
In life more death,
Respiration receiving,
Their last relieving breath.

This theme and motif
Have been done
And done before.

So you get a kind of an encore,
The day's labeled lazy,
My mind's hampered, hazy,
But I'll pick these dead leaves up,
Off this sun-patched floor.
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