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The stars are my oxygen
What actually keep me here
What make me actually feel
And Real
Such feeling are so precious to me
So so precious
What would a life be
without That certain oxygen that I  NEED

I would be trapped
Me, A little bird
Trapped in my cage
Watching the world go by without me
Slowly fading
To dust
As my cage closes in
Nothing left to breath
But what little this world can spare
Im ever so grateful for the diamonds in the sky
The twinkle it gives to my eyes
The light it gives to my short human life
    Compared to the Immortal diamonds in the sky
Listen to the cries of your soul
It may be what we need to find peace.
Airla 6d
we all have only 3 minutes
3 minutes until we die
3 minutes until the world will burn
3 minutes until our mothers starts to cry
3 minutes, 180 seconds
so don’t you waste it
breathe in
breathe out
the clock will reset [it]
Madison 7d
I can breathe again
I can see again
But now someone can could look in
They might slightly see through my walls
Part 4 of my poem
Zandrew Oct 10
She reminds me of winter frost on the morning grass
With a voice like snow powder in the breeze and ice crystals for eyes
That first morning inhale of sweet cool air, that wakes your lungs
That first deep breath when  your senses flood you in the morning
Maybe loves not flowers, rainbows and sunshines
But snow angels, ice crystals and frosty mornings
Fatima Oct 9
Drowning deep
In my own thoughts
I can’t breathe
The water’s swallowing me
I’m choking
On memories.
The world is thinking about you today.
How you're doing,
where you are.
Are you happy?
Are you far?
The world is thinking about you today.

The world is thinking about you today.
Did you dream?
Did you crawl?
Through the muck and the mire?
Do you have it all?
The world is thinking about you today.

The world is thinking about you today.
Breathe it in, breathe it out.
Let the warm air fill your lungs,
let the fire burn like a thousand suns.

The world is thinking about you today.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Marina Oct 8
I feel a storm against my chest
I feel almost alone
I feel like the world is ending
why is it the reason I feel this, i can't breathe?
tell me things to calm me down
help me feel air in my lungs,
because I beg for some oxygen

I love it when you make me laugh
sweet love, can i lay with you?
we can breathe fresh air
but I'll crave your air more than anything else

I'm living, im seeing for you
} Ily.
Oct 7, 2018 Panic attack
Bragi Oct 7
My breath does breathe.
A breath of fresh air makes me see
All the little things that could be
Breathing heavily at the thought of
possibility and I choke.
Forgetting the sentence I wrote;
Cutting you out of my life
Like oxygen from my windpipe,
Removing all evidence with precision,
A decision I was forced to make
Else we’d both break
So I took what little of my heart I had left
And I left.

I thought it for the best
But now I can’t breathe breath
As thoughts of you have yet
To leave my head.
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