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Daniel 1d
For every breath you take
A flower blooms

In the day it opens its petals
At night it's blessed by the moon

Each flower
Trapped by its stem
Longs for a bee

True beauty comes not in the color of a flower
But its desire to be seen
Haven't written a poem like this before.
A 2d
An exhale
Followed by the deepest inhale
So deep that i thought
For a second
That this might be the time my ribcage
Finally collapses in on itself
this ain't it
sara 3d
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes

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Lumi 4d
i'm afraid to breathe
even when it's all i need
as if my air is a waste
a waste of perfect, useful space.

i'll hold my lips closed
until my breathing will cease
other people need the air
they deserve the right to breathe.

so i will suffocate
so you can keep breathing
Like a forest breath
Breathe out with me
With a gentle hiss

As you cup your hands
Hear the hallow hall  
And the hushing kiss

Breathe out with me
Into wooded abyss
This breathy mist

Breathe out with me
Breathe out with me
This breathing Mist
Breathe out with me
Pretty pink petals
Scatter a path
Through the trees.

Branches reach up,
Grasping at the sky,
Trying to pull themselves up.

The leaves are beginning to turn,
A single leaf dances,
Fighting its fate to fall.

A painter’s brush leaves a trail
Across the dimming sky.
Each colour blending into the next.

A bird chirps,
A river trickles.
Wind rustles,

The chill is biting
But not unwelcome.
It breathes life.

In a calm like this it’s easy to remember  
To breathe in
And out.

And nothing else matters.
Jann Flach Dec 4
its hard to see
when the streetlights are out
its hard to breathe
when your not here

i found a long lost feeling
deep inside of my inner me
as i am sitting on the roof top
in the middle of the night
watching the lonely souls flying free

a beautiful night
full of stars and souls
trying to connect to each other
but thats never easy, you know that

i am thankful for you
The pain is suffocating,
It's getting harder and harder to breathe.

My lungs is filling with unknown gas.
My heart is sinking in pain.
My eyes are drowning in tears.
My mind is getting tangled with thoughts.

Let me go please...

My heart is getting heavier and heavier with this package, package that I don't want to receive.

Just a few more deep breaths, just a few more... and i'll take my last gasp of air.
this is the poem that i submitted here, and yep.. i got in.
*** it's hard to breathe
i've felt this for a few days
what is happening?

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