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Soft light and fresh sense,
cooling air descends.
Lungs expand more gently at ease,
apprehension slides with death.
Breathe in to converse with greenery
as the day now dips and sets.
Though the clucks and clicks continue on,
colours no longer reflect to bounce
the burning image of a molten head.
Nevertheless we're not done yet,
tomorrow's bound to come along
with new problems until we're laid to rest.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Just breathe ...

Breathe ...
get it ...
so deeply ...
with the most beautiful sniffle ...
and let all your parts beats ...
crazy ...
With a shiver of love...
within your heart deep ...
the heart which it created ...
just to beat ...
to be the vivid ...
For the happy life...
and from it ...
all the best wishes ...
to dance crazy in love ...

sweetheart ...
breathe love ...
flame up with rage ...
with every morning ...
be as your heart ...
be the rebel ...
the fighter for love...
on the path to victory...
for the heart...
As it beats ...
as your heart feels ...

hazem al ...
I don't understand.
How can you be depressed?
But you are always so bubbly?
But you do so much?

I don't know.
I feel okay, just okay.
Truly, I am fine.
I remind myself that I have survived much worse.

But, how does one explain that they feel hollow inside?
How does one explain that they aren't exhausted from the lack of sleep but rather they are exhausted from having to pretend to be okay?
How does one explain that they are waiting for their inevitable doom, and they feel like they have reached a secret level in their life?

I want to feel normal.
But what is normal.
Normal is not numb.
And it sure isn't the doctors term "throw the kitchen sink at them."

I want to feel.
I want to remember.
But without entirely being consumed by my own darkness.
So, tell me what can I do to make you understand what I don't understand?
Strying Jun 3
im numb
but still sad
what is this life
something straight out of hell
its hard to breathe
and i wish i could be happy
but everything is just
so grey
~im still doing finals ah~
Sixty-seven children have been slaughtered.
Sixty-seven dreams have been shattered.
Sixty-seven beautiful faces have now vanished.
Sixty-seven vibrant smiles have faded.
Sixty-seven beds are left empty.

Palestinian children, like all children, love to play.
Palestinian children are longing for peace.
The children of Gaza dream to be teachers, nurses, artists, engineers, and doctors.
Palestinian children want to breathe.
Palestinian children's lives matter!

(Palestinian children killed by Israel in Gaza in May, 2021)

Hussein Dekmak
Kassan Jahmal May 27
Love is easy as breathing,
but around you I can't exhale
Is that why my chest hurts,
holding onto my every breath when we inhale?
Love has it moments of hurt.
Zack Ripley May 17
There's room to live.
There's room to love.
There's room to hate.
There's room to forgive.
There's room to change.
There's room to grow.
There's room to breathe.
There's room to grieve.
There's room to run.
There's room to have fun.
There's room for everything
And everyone.
You just have to make it.
I awaken suddenly,
Shifting instantaneously between two states,
As quickly as one breath succeeds the other.
Taking note of the missing hours of my existence,
With no dreams to fill them -
As if I had ceased to exist in that space.

I wonder, what life have I lived
In the REM of my being, in the realm of my mind?
And does it affect me so?
I feel a potent emptiness in the aftermath,
The disconnect of slumber and waking world
Leaves me shaken, attempting to ground myself,
To seal sleeping spirit into physical body,
Once more.

It is in these moments that I feel out of place,
The darkness of unknown memories calling -
Tempting me to delve into the deep again,
To escape to a place I won't remember,
To find the peace I can't forget.

Have you felt longing like this?  
An aching with no absolute source of satiation,
No known, or guaranteed fulfillment,
Like a puzzle with countless pieces,
And nothing before you fits.
It is evident then, that there is a lack,
Still, you struggle fruitlessly to reassemble the parts.

Along the hours between midnight and dawn,
I drift in this alternative universe,
Sinking into a dimension beyond my own,
Living countless lives in unfathomable time,
Only to return to mine, to mind, to life -  
With nothing but longing, to reminisce about,
And remember them by.
Celestial May 7
Taking that stance.
Encountering the stillness,
just before the dance.
Holding on for its caress.

Feeling nothing but tension.
Always up for the suspension,
gathering what's necessary.
Hoping it's not the contrary.

Your next step is near.
So, in this safe space,
gather everything but fear.
There's no room in this case.

Begin again.
With more to gain,
see the paths worth choosing.
There is more than losing.
To the reader a message of renewal.
Close your eyes,
Breathe calmly,
For some time

You've looked down to yourself for so long that you forgot what it was to be alive.
Break the walls that you've built around you to protect from the agony, the pain, the apathy, that trapped you into them.
Our lives are not supposed to be talked about in a piece of poetry. They are too complex, unique. Our reality cannot be determined simply by words, rhythm, rhymes, music.
Chemical signals. Physical laws. Duties, Emotions. Joy. Wellbeing. Despair. Depression.
The possibility of crying out loud all of the sadness that had built in for ages, and to absorb all of the splendor of a hug with someone you love in a minute that lasts forever. Enjoy your journey. Do not waste these precious moments, even the darker ones. We are to be living wonderful and sorrowful times, but life is not about wonderfully sorrowful times.
To wish you were someone else would ruin and waste your precious uniqueness. It is all about the journey, just live it all, experience all of the thousand sides in a diamond where life beatifully scattered its light. Experience the shadows, thrive in the dawn. Just do not forbid yourself from living. Do not anticipate.  Be wonderful and find your way.

Long breathe.
Embrace yourself,
and open your eyes.
Sometimes things don't go your way. It's part of the game. Has to be, would be a pity if it weren't. I hope this is appreciated by the few readers.
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