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Ylzm 6h
every breathe a praise
every sight an insight
every utterance, life
and every act, faith
of those who gather not
nor reap but live
as in every beast
who dwells on this earth
lua Apr 13
breathe in
the ice cold waters fill my chest
as delicate strings strum in my head

"careful, you'll crack your head open"

careless, my thoughts come pouring out

jump in
unwind and relax
droplets ebb and flow
with a mind of its own

reach out
extend a helping hand
these shallow waters
soak my shoes

unstrained and wet with tears
living in a daydream
has never felt this real.
Parker Feb 28
movement makes it hurt less
take some deep breaths
you'll get through this
it's not the first wave you've hit
Escape Feb 19
Letters, possessions
Word from the core
Banks of hope
Butterflies, smiles
Want for more
Hold the world together
Care, a gentle stroke
Reminders, heights
Gold, truth
Love, elude
A life
Deep under the sea
Resist gravity.
Skipped a beat
Three in row
fray narte Feb 12
how can i constantly forget something as innate, as natural as breathing — how do i stop holding it intimately and finally see self-transgression?
YReem619 Jan 30
All I craved was peace for once,
A sky full of stars,
A gentle breeze that strokes
And a deep conversation with you.

I have this sort of fire in my heart
It burns to the thought about how
I wasn't sure what is it you wanted,
I thought maybe a spark.

Maybe just a drink though or
Maybe a night out.
Middle of the night you rest your head on
My shoulder and all I can feel is you living.

Your fragile breath against my neck,
Your scent penetrating my attention,
You look and we whisper.
You are confused and it is confusing me.

I breathe then I wonder about what will happen
If the sky fell on us tonight.
I look into your eyes and what I can see
Is stars that are nearer than you are.

But imagine this baby,
Beyond breathing,
Breath stuck in your mouth for so long,
Before you know it your jaw starts to ache.

Just breathe,
Isabella Jan 28
air bubbles float with ocean foam
each time my breath escapes

my lungs deflate
my vision shakes

body sinking

i try to survive off of air bubbles
because it's all i have left
your heart will not fail in space
it will be an object of its own mass
and gravity
no longer will there be a throttle in its vessels
and asynchronicity in its rhythms—
the beats, oh, the beats
your heart, when it is in space, will only wait
for an entity
to be jettisoned from a shuttle

my oxygen is running low
i love you to your heart and never back
Erin Jan 15
Close your eyes
inhale the space
embrace the moment
in the dark
we fade
blue roof
empty sky
Onion eyes
music's embrace
it's okay

(Dans le noir by Charmine D'Avis)
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