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Hollie 3d
Gentle soft uncoordinated lips
Through all seasons
You call upon me
To be kind sweet and mean
When I am gone
Will you still call for me
Or will you share all of you
To someone new
And call on her
S R Mats May 16
A heightening of senses

Bristling beneath it

Sweeping up bodies -

From the Latin, horrere pilus,
"to bristle" + "hair" -

The most delicious
Can be the most poisonous

Exploding with each

Anticipation erupts

At the very thought
Of such delicious fruit

Contemplating the sensation of goosebumps.
xavier thomas Dec 2022
In bed I look at you
Wonder how you’re mine
Unrivaled magnificence
Support you always provide

I always feel at home cause
You’re soft like winter when the snow falls down
Gentle like the warmth, your
touch excites me it electrify, the
love gives me life.
Press upon my skin, your
cuddles brings me hope, love
you from the outside-in

Dear love you have
always been gracious
addictive bad habit of my love
fire and desire  
in every way you are.
And all night I want to show you
and all night I’ll give you more
fire & desire
in every way you are.
caity Mar 6
I wish I hadn't wasted
the moments I ached for his hands around me
or the tickle of laughter
clawing at my throat
oh what I would have done
if his fingers
weren't riddled with ink
stamping my skin
till it was trademarked
and no longer mine
Angelica Jan 29
He knew
he could melt me
with a touch
Dipped his fingers
into my darkness
Burnt his hand
with the pieces still on fire
With a tarred finger
in his mouth
He declared me
neth jones Dec 2022
eyes are
quite gelatine
mending bubbly detail
mocking  up  fact   to suit user
/the ears ?  crinkled dishes of pinkened veins
robbing blood to probe the gossip
/digits  bud on the feed
in polyp growth
and ****** a
pepper mill from off the
coffee table/tongue  leeches lips
retaining massaged notes from food oils past
/spatting nostrils   puncture the air
punching out breath purling
inhale a stressed
Maggie Georgia Nov 2022
I can feel
Her presence
From across
The room
Her quick glances
And drunken desires
Her hand
Into mine
The blanket uncovering
Our tender feelings

They know
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Those who touched
The skin
Are forgotten

Those who touched
The heart
The fingerprints
Are immortal

And with
A touch of love
Poetic soul is born

Simply like this
And here, I'm
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: And so much more
Author's Note:
I love the way
You reach for me
In the early morning pray
Charles Leonard Aug 2022
We are two times, yours and mine.
We touch to make our times the same.
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