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Gabrielle May 13
When I’m in the dark
All I want is him,

Blurred silhouette warm to the touch,
Skin to skin in the dim.

When the contours in the corners loom,
Hold me without sight.

In the dark, and nothing else,
We are one shadow, slight.

When the lights come on,
Unfortunate details grow.

Like a **** from a crack,
A blemish in the snow.

In the savage of the day,
The barriers of our skin discrete,

We just can’t make sense,
When light and eyes meet.
This poem is about wanting to be with someone who isn't right for you.
Zack Ripley Apr 14
If you've ever wondered
what it'd be like
to be touched by an angel,
you need only touch yourself
el Mar 20
I just want somebody to love  
I think everybody does
But it’s not just any somebody
Surely you understand
el Mar 20
stars falling
to a person looking from below
it’s beautiful
it’s hope
a shower of light
a chance to touch
something rare
keep it in your heart
but how does it look
from above?
like all of that hope
that love
burning up
in one final cry
to say i was here.
Mark Wanless Mar 11
i play rufly for
a minute gently as you
wish touch me softly
Psych-o-rangE Jan 15
A song
A birthday
A book
A person
A love
A trust
A future
A memory
A minute

The point to this-

I numbed pain, but these thoughts were in vain,
Just the fading sunset on my face.

Fingers of death reach to cover my eyes, touch my cold face, and envelope the memory of all that slipped away.

All I can feel is hands.
How I feel when I forget the next song I want to play
Mrs Timetable Jan 14
You can know
If a heart is tender
If you touch it
Be the kind one
Ken Pepiton Jan 9
Call all the lost, lost.

know the worth of holding thoughts true.

For the present, for the moment,
for one breath, be true
from the past, to the future,

regret nothing done today.

practical self rule, become a sphere
of all you know the use of,
the future perfect tense,
I shall be ready for death, fearlessly
careful where I step… following Wisdom,
abhoring the good for nothing.

Push off, the clinging past, become
the being now knowing others exist, out be
yonder where no messengers return the same.
Experience recollection, mind sweeping fractured fantasies.
There's warmth in our love
And smile in our touch
These colours
Are you and me

With hearts in full flight
The moon, the stars deep in the night
These colours
Are you and me.

(c) Debra Lea Ryan
3rd Poem/Words of 1st Concept Album Project
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