Izlecan 10h
Sweet tangibility(!)
How faux thou are,
For 'tis and for 'twas mine.
Oh mighty(!) The foggy twine,
For 'twas a fool, 'tis now a clown
She looked at him like he was colorful fireworks,

But then, he was fireworks,

She could only look at him in awe from a distance,

She could never touch him,

Because if she did,

Then she would burn,

But then, she wanted to burn in his fire.
Your Love

Your love is like a pure released white dove,
So honest in its flight.
The warmth I feel with your arms wrapped around me,
Is like walking into Heavens bright light.

Happiness I find in your smile,
A kiss of tenderness.
The lightest stroke of the softest feather,
Is the feeling of your lips.

So gentle to the touch, against such rough rubies.
My love for you shall never end; it’s truly, madly, deeply.
It’s yours and yours alone to cherish;
It’s yours and yours alone to have.
It’s yours and yours alone I promise
And I shall never take it back.

For loving you is like a pure sunlit mornings glory.
Loving you is so very easy.
Loving you is all I ever wished for.
Loving you is amazing mi amor.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kayla 3d
He touched her ever so softly
The moans escaping
Through parted lips
Only he ever knew how
to touch her so right
My thoughts were touching
the warmth of the shore under the pristine sky
There was no hatred in love, only mistakes there;
the very same way no bright Sun without the Midnight darkness
can be whole

There was no unchanged depth of your love
unlike the ocean's surface: the waves changed the direction
with the wind you feel from the Avon Bridge
whilst I was waiting with each passing dawn
with the vague dreaming
not knowing I was missing out something
called compassionate interpretation

I was not misunderstood
but waited too much endlessly
trying to build a little paradise on sands
when my inner well-being was like illusory contours

I waved my heart into pieces
across the sea for you
to the fleeting Monsoon cloud
that was only mist .....
Listening to : Sigur Ros - The Nothing Song
       Loving : Jonas Blue - "Perfect Strangers" ft. JP Cooper
:Kygo - "This Town" ft. Sasha Sloan
Familiarity echoed golden through her mind
Just a light touch here
A flash of a light, and eyes stared knowingly.
A lovely little gasp of breath
As everything was awash in a setting sun.
I'm always amazed sometimes that something I've written years ago will just take on an entirely new meaning and understanding. This poem is one of them.
Oh, how would it be...
to have a body
you never touched?

Would my skin not flake away?
Would my eyes stop pacing...
Only to avoid you?

Soft skin is always missed
But the throbbing between my thighs
Will forever stay; unforgotten

I wish to feel pleasure
Where there was pain
As he touches my curves...

Six months with someone new
And my my mind still disappears
In the blue sheets.

Oh, how would it be
To have a body
You never touched...
And Instead he did.
Amanda Apr 16
You do not love me
It's obvious you love her
You cannot live without her touch
It's her kiss you would prefer

You lie to me still
Say you love me
You don't. Stop pretending.
I know her face is all you see
This is another old one from my early high school years. This is about my camp boyfriend haha. We lived 150 miles apart and he had a girlfriend so we didnt get the chance to be together for like a year after this was written.
Emma Cheung Apr 16
Bleak when I'm gone            from your embrace
Grey is the sense                   without your taste
Mistiness                                instead of blood
And when it bleeds              it's like the sun

Those aimless roads             they end with you
A moment's touch                to fill me through
Drowsy eyes                          and still I gaze
Reach to your chest              perhaps too late
Daydreaming Apr 14
millions of electrons stunned these piece of white stacks.
odd isn't it?
white stacks,
harder than wood weaker than steel,
underneath the layers between the running blood and stretching skin,
miles of miles of skin,
barely feel anything at all unless it got broken by a terrible accident,
or a tragedy,
suddenly tingles,
as if it was ringing a bell,
only when those fingertips brushed against mine.
have you ever imagine someone's hand pressed against your hand?
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