Death has released her
           from the chains of
For it knew that without
balance to weigh the scales,
that they would be relased
      from this eternal silence.

        At least in hell they
could have felt, but here
was the reminder of their

Death lingered on her outline,
                 neither could harm the
other, where his touch grasped
petals fell and within his cloak
did for a moment a deep silence
              sang for a finite eternity.

A debt was repaid, but there were
           many that both owed each other.
She kissed him on the cheek and flesh
was woven momentarily and a smile
                                        ventured forth
before lips turned to ash petals and
tombstone gazes looked onward.
Kwamé 3d
If I ever see you again, 
I'll close my eyes forever
And keep your image cemented to my eyelids
If I ever hear your voice again, 
I'll record it and lock myself in an amphitheater
Play it on repeat till the end of time
If I ever touch you again
I'll offer myself to the covenant,
Your sweet embrace will be the last thing I feel
If I ever love you again, 
I'll dance with the devil,
For no woman can be this sweet,
A succubus in disguise
Asiah 6d
The words that paint us.
The loss of words and the loss of feeling between each other is unreal.
Maybe we're not meant to be,
Maybe we're pushing for something that isn't real.
The lack of connection between our lives and our bodies.
Why can't we connect?
Both of our bodies decompressing to the sound of us.
Are we not real?
Are we something unimaginable?
The harder I push and the harder my body tries to be everything
We loose Everything...
Our souls are distant partners whose fates weren't meant to touch.
You're my imagination and I'm your lustful dream.
Take me to the place where our mind and bodies
Touch, Caress, and Embrace one another.
Sad to say Us is my wildest imagination.
The cicada revealed itself to me.
Gray to the touch,
Streamlining itself into oval curves,
To cooperate with the summer storms.
I listened to the tangy air.
Watched as they organized their flight
And as they disappeared
With their flowery baggage
All while lightning struck the air.
I think I was reading a book that talked about cicadas and I had an urge to look them up. Somehow that lead to this poem on a topic that I would never have chosen to do myself.
Eddyn 6d
i felt your presense again last night
i felt it in the dim light

our hands were carved for eachothers fit
like two stars colliding, meant to be

universes came to being with the touch of our lips
and the way you held my hips

your celestial smile and deep green eyes
hold a place in my heart
under this dim, lifeless light
hold me one last time, my love
my heart aches for you
I can wash off
the dirt stuck on me
on the way home.
I can wash off
the sweat
caused by the fear
and I can make
all the memories

But fingerprints can't
be washed away.
And your scent
I'm sure it could leave
but I've been making
it stay.
A place where the earth is still...
Where the sin shines and the moon glistens
Where the tides wave and the wind takes flight
I want to see the animals relaxing by the stream
I want to hear the rain drops
I want to get away....
Actually scratch that.

I miss the things we planned to do,
The drives
The lunch dates
The lazy mornings watching movies
And how our just woken up tongues would taste.

I miss the memories I hoped to have,
But I guess you didn't think the same

I'm not quite sure what I said,
Why it all turned out this way
Or what caused you to leave me sitting alone in that park.

Maybe it was the alcohol,
Or maybe you were afraid of what might happen.

Either way.
When I looked down at you
That one lazy morning,
Right before you gave up on me,
I wanted you
With all my heart

But in your eyes I saw how apprehensive you were.
I saw the barbed wire around your tongue
And the metal fences behind your eyes I'm not strong enough to climb.

It doesn't help you kept building it higher.

So to make it simple.
When people ask me what's wrong
Because they see the bags you left under my eyes
Or the flesh you took that used to pad my ribs.
I remember how I came home smelling like you
Because we hadn't stopped touching each other for hours.

And I'll tell them,
I had a few late nights
Waiting for a friend to get home
So I knew they were safe.

If we are being honest
I know you will come home,
But I am not your home.
I tried,
I would have done close to anything to be

But I was too weak to climb your fenses
And I cut myself too many times on your sharp edges

If you hadn't left I would have let myself be cut to ribbons.
Elizabeth Jun 8
Your touch is untraceable,
your love is unforgettable.

The traces you left,
the perfectly placed hickey,
a mark of your love.

Your hand no longer perfectly placed,
my hips missing yours,
my lips longing the gentle bite.

The sensation,
one hand on my hip
the other cupped my cheek soothingly,
You found my secret.
this is the
we raised

you are
in the middle of
another country


I don't know
where my
fingertips end
and where yours
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