As I stare into your alluring eyes,
You gaze back at mine,
Nibbling on her lower lips,
Enticing me into her soul.

She grabs my hand,
A thousand white feathers shimmering,
I Grab her hourglass waist,
And whisper "Kiss me"

The nervous feeling you get when you start to like someone.

Quiet your hands.
Lay still for a moment.
Right now, just the scent of you,
Just your touch
Is overwhelming.

Birdy 4d

Don’t be scared
I’ll ever forget you
Believe me:

I remember every


and every


as if it happened


Believe me, I wouldn't forget you if I wanted to.

Your body shows the path that leads to insanity
Your smile tells why my heart belongs to you
Every single kiss
Every single touch
On your body
Awakens a volcano in me
Your boobs on my chest
My hands holding your butt cheek and thigh
“Go a little bit faster”
You whisper
I surrender to your voice
You control me with that voice
I follow your command
I’m a slave to your body
It speaks a language I can understand

Gabriel Burns Apr 15

she wants the world to know
she wants to show
she wants to know the world
she wants that world to want
to know her
she kissed his mind
with lips of words
she wants the world
to know her

This piece of text is a couple of months old.
komal aggarwal Apr 13

Behold your beloved in your arms in such a way that she never wanted to get apart .
Love her like a way that she cannot betray .
Praise her gently , please her properly, Make her feel extra ordinary .
Sing it for her and charm her by all your efforts, cz all she needs is love from you the rest is dried like a glue ..

blue Apr 9

your love is flower petal soft,
and i hold it here between my
index finger and thumb.
there is something in our touch
that electrifies.

i would split my bones
to give you strength,
and when you reach out
to hold my hand,
i know you would do
the same.

i want to touch my lips
to yours,
because they seem so alone,
and i want to rain over you
like a sky so blue,
but i don't want to reach
too far.

i'm bathing in your light,
and i've somehow emitted
my own.
when you give to me
a glow i've never held,
my hands don't know
what to do.

and yet i still learn
how it feels to

elowen morey Apr 6

I need to get the feeling of you
off my skin
it’s been so long
but yours is the only touch
I’m familiar with

TanyaAhmed Apr 5

Forever is when,
I want to have the touch of your palm on mine.
Forever is when,
I want to have your fingers interlocked with mine.

Forever is when,
i want to place my head on your chest, and listen to your beats.
Forever is when,
I want to hold onto you and feel you breathe.

Forever is when,
i want to look at you and praise my blessings.
Forever is when,
i want to kiss your cheeks and hide my blushings.

Forever is when,
I want to kiss your lips when you get that smile,
Forever is when,
I want to have a moment with you,  and only you, to make it worthwhile.

Forever is when,
I want your love.
Forever is when,
I want you to be mine.

Lets go with this Forever ,and never come back. I want to feel your love for every split second i breathe.
TanyaAhmed Apr 4

Let me look at you for once and forever,
As you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

Let me touch you for once and forever,
As i could sense my heart skipping beats.

Let me hug you for once and forever,
As it warms me in a way, you couldn't understand.

Let me kiss you for once and forver,
As i want to feel high without drugs.

Let me love you for once and forver,
As i want to feel love ln every special way one can.

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