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Our bond molded
New courses of pleasure emerge
I take control of my own intimate
Using you to grasp ****** pleasure as if you are battery operated
Wallowing Your flesh so warm.
  Gripping your ***** gently, placing it on my *******
heat bubbles me inside
we gently motion each other into position
Pulling me in closer you confess
"I'm addicted to feeling you in pleasure"
Triggering a spontaneous impulse in me
Grab harder
my muscles tighten
you've pulled me in jerking me on your ****
flowing confessions in your whisper
Your manhood heated.
Listening to you groan you tuck your face under my neck kissing me with a slight roll in your hips
Confession of self LOVE
uv Apr 27
If a pen could relay all my thoughts
All those tiny speckles and threads that get often lost
My eye would like to describe the tinest details
And my hand would want to draw all its artistic tales

If my heart could realy what it thinks
All those flutters, its strongest strings
My beats would tell those feelings,to share
And my touch would make the world watch and stare.
Kassan Jahmal Mar 31
as the skins
of solid ice,
her cold shivers; to a loving
A whisper of beauty;
only heard by
the eyes
gazing on her.
Zywa Mar 30
I'm out of the bath,

the night wind dries me, somewhere --

a laughing squirrel.
"bewegingslijnen" - 9 ("motion lines" - 9, 2017, Rozalie Hirs)

Collection "Skin-contact"
Ils Mar 2
When you do an action enough
Your body naturally remembers it

My hands still remember the trace of your face
Moving to your lips, a soft outline

My eyes remember the way it felt to divert the attention you had so pleasantly given me

My mouth remembers the way I spoke your name
The laughs we shared together

And in a way, my tongue remembers yours
Learned ways on how to pleasure and love

My body remembers the way you touch it
Innocent touches brought to my face
Passionate touches went to a different place

Muscle memory shows us the past
Things we might’ve forgotten had it not caught after us
Your lasting touch still burns on me
It singes my memory

Until now my muscle memory bugs me about you
Oh how I would love to be touched again by you
The thing is, I saw you recently and we held each other. First of many or last of us?
Anais Vionet Jan 26
I think of you often.
In the morning, late at night,
but those thoughts go unvoiced,
the mortal touch goes unfelt.

It’s easier to keep to myself,
to avert my gaze deliberately.
It’s safer to keep ravenous.
It’s simpler to bamboozle with silence.
BLT word of the day challenge: bamboozle: "to deceive, trick, or confuse."
JKirin Jan 25
Thick smoke and wild fire
my heart only knows.
I’m lost in desire,
consumed by this lust.
I hear no reason,
just the roaring blaze.
Guide me through this maze…
Your sure touch, your groans—
for you, my heart burns.
about passion
Phantom hands on my earth
Exploring crevices deep within
Phantom eyes on my lanes
Phantom fingers creeping in.

Phantom kisses and phantom breath
On my neck, on my breast
Phantom bite marks on my fields
Planting weeds on my chest.

Phantom laughters, phantom curses
I open my mouth, phantom screams
My earth slumbers in a phantom home
With true nightmares, phantom dreams.
This one goes out to the tortured souls out there. I know it's not easy to forget unwanted touch. Stay strong. 💪
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