Dori 1d

You always got so annoyed when I didn’t let you run your fingers through my hair. It was very rare that I’d ever have my hair down in plain sight around you because I knew you’d tell me how beautiful my hair was naturally and then you’d want to kiss me and then I know I’d let you. That’s the problem. I let you. I let you touch my hair even though I know my hair is too close to my skull which is close to my brain, which is my mind and honestly I just didn’t want you running your fingers through the knots and tangles that grow so close to my brain because my mind is not a natural or beautiful place.

So why the fuck did I let you touch me?

she dreams of him at night
touching herself
under the covers

silent beautiful moans
escape her parted lips
as her dainty fingers
linger to the most
precious part of her

slowly moving in and out
imagining it's him
touching her all over

she closes her eyes
picturing his rough
large hands roaming
all over her petite body

her breath hitches
her toes curl
her stomach knots

it's coming
she's coming

all because of him

- wet dreams

when u have a wet dream ab the boy u like so u write ab it???

I'd rather die
In your arms
Than fall apart
Your whispers touch my
Deepest heart,
Your eyes look just like

I'd rather face
The darkest hour
Than stand in the light
By myself
When you hold my hand
My Love
I clearly see

Shaima 2d

You say silence,
the most beautiful kind.
You touch fiction,
soft as a lover's mind.
You hear hiatus,
strong and clear everytime.
I feel you,
and it's like all of it combined.

I lose all that I hold most dear
So I dare not even touch you

C531 5d

Put your lips close to mine...
Hold yourself right there.. Making sure our lips don't touch, just yet...

We're out of focus, eye to eye.
Let the intensity build..
Till the gravity's too much..
What is this magic hold you have on me.
I'll do anything you say.
Just be sure you say it with your hands.
I'd be smart to walk away,
But you're like quicksand and I'm simply sinking into you.

This path is dangerous.
This journey with you is tottaly reckless.
But I like it, and I love you.

I can't decide if it's a choice..
Getting swept away in everything that is you.
I hear the sound of my own voice
Telling me to flee, but we're like magnets you and me.
We're just skin and bone...
Trained to get along...
Perfect unison...

But you're friction...

Forget everything and let the bad fade away.
Trace my lips with your finger tips and give in, give in to me.
Don't fight this current, let yourself get swept away with me.
Let yourself get swept up in me.


There's this liquid straight from the bottle,
That honestly makes me feel awful,

But it takes away my flowing conscious,
without it everything is nonsense,

It's a strange liquid that makes my feelings stronger,
And in doing so it makes me warm like my skin is fur,

Soothing, right down to the touch!
Although everything turns black when I've drank too much!

My mind is an ever-flowing mountain of idea's in the shape of streams,
From all these things I see day to day, and  past to past I can still feel you're still inside of my dreams,

Go and and go away,
Please God, I cannot stray

I breathed you in,
your addictive tasteful sin,

My darling was the medication I needed,
To stop the hallucinations that I once succeeded,

To the touch it feels me and I- hurt,
When I'm drinking and I'm feeling, everyone compares me to the dirt.

This piece was different, and I enjoyed writing it. Tell me what you think
Maxine 6d

Candy melting through my veins.
I'd do anything to see you again.

Euphoria with just one touch.
Silly me, just my like.

Your cotton candy and I'm fairy floss.
But I'd do anything to feel our sugar rush.

Is it even mine

When you have touched it
Torn it to a thousand shreds
Broken each bone
Turned it inside and out
Stained its pale skin
Penetrated it
Left it for dead
In fœtal position
In these sweaty sheets
That I don't recognize


Kaels Sep 10

the stroke of your fingers
the scent of you lingers
my mind running wild
the thoughts of your smile
the way you give me a kiss
just your presence gives me bliss

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