She smiled, and the sun came up
ten minutes earlier, today
She laughed and the world stood still
it happened, just that way

Her eyes flashed, and the moon went full
oceans and seas, feeling her tides and pull
Her hand touched, and held me still
as she took from me, my will

It happened, just that way :D
Short, sweet, and powerful.

your hands still burn on my waist
your fingers would pat
and your hand would move

up and down against my waist
almost touching my ribs
our height feeling miles apart

your thumbs would run across my bone
i could feel your hands burn through the fabric
of the cheap red dress

you hummed along to a humdrum song
a song I’d heard a million times
a song I never get sick of

your fingers caressed my back
and moved like they did on a piano
and reminded me what caring touch felt like

your hands still burn on my waist
barely touching my ribs
leaving me empty

I want to reach down your skirt and bring
                             The souvenir of the gods

I want to murder your voice
                                With a silent kiss
Let me bring you joy and slip my hands through
                                Your bleeding fingers of working too much.

I will run my fingertips down your back
And feed you my touching love,
                      I want to touch your sweaty soul again.

I like your smiles
I like your beads
I like your look
I like your mood
I like your cook
I like your food
I like your case
I like your mind
I like your eyes
I like your kind
I like your friends
So I want you always.

I miss the moment
That was so decent
I miss your touch
I miss you so much.

You are happy and glad
You are cool never sad.
Your eyes brows and noes
Like so lovely red roes
I miss your sweets look
See your pics that took.
Hey, pretty queen sweeting
I'm still here and waiting!

Stay in bed ma'u'ven,
Let me hold you in these sheets.
Allow your mind to drift away.
My arms will keep the morning at bay
and offer a small peace to the toils
occurring in your chest,
A hum, a touch, a second of bliss
will mark my attempt to fill a void
residing in the pocket of your lungs,
and in the buzz of our tongues.

went a bit nerd, ma'u'ven is Elvhen for "My star"
Anne Molony Jun 13

I kissed his lips and let him touch me
Imagining they were
your lips
And that his hands were
your hands  

He flinched when I whispered
your name
I played it off
As if  I was too drunk to realise what I'd said  

Perhaps this was the moment  I realised I loved you

To my first love

I want you to walk with me to somewhere
better than this, where the sky
won't be black as pain or tortured and blue.
You are adopting my heart
as you take it beyond the furthest reaches
of joy, to that place where your beauty
comes from. A land of music and freedom lives
within you and now I can see it.
I need you to hold me with those peaceful arms
cradling my weakened bones as you drape
your soul over mine to thaw it,
heal it, let its bruises fade. Keep me safe
when the blood stops flowing
and the tears stop burning
and all that is left is your fingers
brushing the tears from my cheek,
your concerned eyes on mine,
your tan skin glowing umber in the candlelight.
When your eyebrows fall
under the weight of my burden,
your sealed lips will trail
your dizzy thoughts across my mind,
words of beauty unspoken, heard.

~~ Sing me to sleep. ~~
TanyaAhmed Jun 9

I still remember your last touch. That set my body on fire, and still felt like everything in me was at peace.

Bianca Reyes Jun 9

I am a forest fire waiting for your love
You are the bridge collapsing under my touch
We burn and destroy for our own pleasure

Copyright under Bianca Reyes 2017
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah

KC Jun 8

If you follow me
I can teach you to keep up with my pace

You'll be the tone
I'll be the tempo

Follow me
and you will learn you never knew good mornings
until the sun rise was replaced by me

I will be your caffeine
your whiskey in a tea cup

I can show you the world that I know
like the back of my hand
as you eat out of the palm

You will learn to bite the hand that feeds you
and the lips

And you will believe the dead eyes that tell you
"You’re the best I ever had"

I will be on my knees
but it will be you doing the begging

I will consume you
until you can’t even close your eyes
without being reminded of the nights
I refused and used to spend with you

I will let you kiss my neck
and teach you to read the goose bumps
you create on my skin
like braille

Until the day comes
when my body speaks a language
you no longer understand

And that day you will say
I am the girl your mother warned you about

But silly boy,
your mother’s never met a girl like me

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