Amanda 13h
I do not want to get too attached
Latched onto this idea that you won't go
It seems my heart you've already patched
We're a perfect match, don't you think so?

You've emptied out the grief in my heart
I found a lost part of my soul
I'm embracing this brand new start
If you leave I'm afraid I won't be whole.

It's your companionship I crave
This relationship is what I need
Your kiss is the only one that can save
My lips from crying out with greed.

I want everything, the good and bad
And the grey area in between
I would try my hardest not to be sad
If for once you'd just say what you mean.

I'm in the process of being repaired
Filtering out what was once broken
I don't want my anxiety bared
Or my messed up past awoken.

Sleeping dogs are better off dreaming
There's no need to open their eyes
Since you've arrived my heads been teeming
With thoughts that buzz like wounded flies.

My only anchor is your voice
Tying me to the universe
With you it seems i have no choice
But to succumb to this wicked curse.

This fear withers my state of mind
Leaves me paralyzed with wonder
Until I'm left with no hope to find
And all my dreams are torn asunder.

I love the way your touch makes me tremble
Excites the atoms under my skin
I'm shattered, but you reassemble
The pieces of me that I'm living in.

You're my armor, my stability
The guard that keeps my demons at bay
Only you have the ability
To make every problem go away.
Written 2/6/12

I do like how this flows, and how I can still relate to it but for a different person.
i can only take
so much.

oh, how it makes me ache,
your touch.
this is the shortest poem i have probably ever written, and one that can be interpreted in so many different ways. i'll leave this here, so perceive it as you will.
I live for your touch and kisses
It's the whole you that I've missed
You are the every part of me
Please don't seek to flee
you didn't open your eyes once.
you didn't want to see how much i was in love with you.
we sat there in the back of your car
kissing like there was no tomorrow.
but you never once opened your eyes to look at me.
you did smile..
with those perfect teeth...
your lips parting just enough
where i could feel them against my lips.
your eyes never opened.
i pushed your hair back...
maybe you were blinded by the coarse strands of golden brown hair?
i pushed and pushed but your eyes never opened.
maybe those eyes  didn't want to see who they were touching.
they just wanted the sensation of the touch.
your eyes never opened that night
and i never once got to see
those glazed brown eyes staring back at me.
SeaChel 3d
Goosebumps dance
on a pale stage,
following after
where your fingertips traced.

Your hot breath pours
across the nape of my neck,
sending a tsunami of shivers
my spine
and through my limbs.

I open my eyes
needing to look into your own,
but am met with
the damned ceiling.
I was dreaming
and yet I wasn't...

I dream that you're out there,
my dear,
living your own life
and maybe dreaming of me too.
The feeling of not being able to see a person in your dream is so frustrating.  I've had a reoccurring stranger in my dreams for the past couple years - blank faced, but I always know it's him - which makes me wonder if he's real and I meet him, will I know then too?
sar 4d
i am so alone
in this lustful state of mind
thinking just of you.
when the shiver stopped
you were never here at all
there i lay, breathing.
you know what happens to them. or maybe you don’t. maybe you’re still caught in the flood. that’s okay. it’s better to drown than to burn. don’t you think? don’t you think? don’t you think?

it comes to me in two distinct shapes. (distinct. are they distinct? to me, yes, but i suppose to you they are just as shapeless as i am to you.)

him. my beautiful idiot. though his hair and eyes are dark as night, i know there are sparks that lie there, dormant. waiting to be ignited. but he makes me smile, makes me laugh so hard my stomach begins to hurt. i haven’t felt a good hurt in such a long time. the lips of his ghost leave an afterimage on my neck. he likes to watch the color rise to my cheeks, likes to watch me squirm. he thinks i’m worth something.

her. my ethereal starry girl trapped in a rotting sack of flesh. she wants out. she wants out. i know she will supernova anytime. it will be just as beautiful and terrible as she is, but i don’t want her to go. she keeps me from floating away, even if i am so unbearably heavy as a result. she protects me, loves me. she always tells me so. i can still feel her hands on mine. they’re warm. she thinks i’m worth everything.

but it doesn’t matter which form it takes. it always ends the same. they kiss me (hold me protect me embrace me touch me touch me touch me touch) and they burn. they always burn. it’s because of me, i know it’s because of me. this can’t be my skin then, it can’t be. it must be gasoline or gunpowder or nitroglycerin or god i don’t know but don’t touch me don’t touch me don’t touch me don’t touch
who am i supposed to choose?
ML 6d
Why did you touch me like that?
your hands soft, your hands with mine
touched me like you meant it
touched me like you knew

Why did you look at me like that?
your eyes never leaving mine
looked at me like you meant it
looked at me like you knew

Why did you smile at me like that?
your lips so plump, your smile so soft
smiled at me like you meant it
smiled ate me like you knew

Why are you braking my heart like that?
your laughter, so loud, my whimper, like a whisper
broke my heat like you meant it
broke my heart like you knew

touched me
looked at me
smiled at me
broke me

all so bad
yet so good
I'm back with a series of 11:00s
She was mine then she was not. And now all those men look at her hungry. And all I can do is just stand here and watch as she slowly slips away
She is a trophy to them all
v 7d
I search for: your smile across the room, the furrow in your brows when you concentrate, your reassuring words of wisdom.
Is it wrong that I want to tell you all my deepest darkest secrets?

I long for: you touch below the table, your hands on mine in secret, your head on my shoulder.
Is it wrong that I want it to be something more?

I dream of: your eyes looking into mine, the way you run your hands through your hair, your chuckle in between jokes.
Is it wrong that all I want to do is feel your lips on mine?

I love: the way you drink your tea, how you are so incredibly kind to everyone, and you, you, you.
Is it wrong that I love you?
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