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Further, further we bend
Into an abyss of separation
Were we all meet at the end
Fighting against all kinds of demons
Against, against, exausted

Like toddlers, we play
Heroes and villains
But like grown ups, we ****

Their hatred, so sad
Our eyes, oh, so mad
Convictions turn to questions
Questions only you can answer

It's a chest game
And [they] want us to fight
But I refuse to make another enemy
I refuse to live another lie
When you feel my skin so close to yours,
Do you want to place your fingertips where your eyes so often go?
And do I make your heart flutter and your mind go numb?
And am I that girl who just might turn your world around?
Nicole 3d
They call it 'lust'
I call it "intimacy"
Felt your warmth only in my dreams
and yet i crave your touch so much,
the pain is almost physical.

Jace Joesph May 23
I'll cut off my own hands
For everything I touch shatters
Tiana May 23
I was filled with sunshine
Like I've never experienced summer before
Everyplace you touch on my body felt like it was bursting with light
My checks hurt from the smiles
The giggles as you spin me around
My toes curling in the grass
A flower hand-picked from the ground
Loving the nature sounds
Warm in your arms
I can do this all day around
Sage May 21
Whatever it is what I've been searching for, I found it in your soul.
Through your eyes I can see the entire world breathe.
Universe is what I see when I kiss your mind.
I'm gracefully carried through life with the feeling of your touch.

I don't want to let you go of my hand.
Love, synonym of poetry.
Erian Rose May 21
frosty crystals clung to
light shows on windowsills
they ran faster than their hands
could touch
on the run from racing time
streams of comfort left
rainy roads bare
to them,
nothing on earth compared
Novera May 20
there's a storm raging
outside and one on the inside.
the worst seen
in seven years, they say.
but all i can think about
is you're 151 kilometers away
and i hope i hope i hope
the wind that touches me
has touched you first
on its way here.
Amanda May 16
Senses enchanted
You make dreams reality
Inspiring friction
Bow chicks wow wow
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