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I bow in reverence

To a life that speaks

To me…

I listen and I act

I do not

Pretend not to hear

I may not always

Know why

But I trust

That I am called

To walk a path

Of love and light

And for this

I am grateful

Kim Essary Nov 28
Blame is merely a person's way of.  placing fault of their own amongst someone else to keep them from admitting any wrong.
Fault, a widely described word in which is a cause and or effect of a purpose.
Putting blame upon another is telling them they are at fault of making the wrong decision or choice of action.
Not much intellect goes into either word as I see it.
An action , so to speak, is bound to get a reaction.
So mind boggling these words, maybe it is that your actions caused another to make a decision you may Invision to be wrong when in respect it was only a reaction to your action, so whom shall be to blame or at fault now?
When in the act of pointing the finger or making such accusations of blame or fault ask yourself , was it an act you did that caused them to react in such a manner that it could be wrong?
Just a jumble of thoughts crossing my mind .
Anya Nov 23
I just fake it
It’s easier

The test was hard
Even though,
I got a 98%

He has a bad personality
Even though,
He’s been nothing less
Than polite
To me

She’s so amazing at it
Even though,
I’m not too far behind

Their relationship is going to fail
Even though,
I think it’s rude
To gossip
Behind their

These things...
And more,
It doesn’t
Even if I explain
Will people even listen?

I let it be
It’s             Easier
I mean,
Not when it directly hurts
I do have a bottom line

But otherwise...
With shades of gray
To differentiate


I guess...
I’ll let it be

After all,

Sometimes in life it’s really hard to know when to step in and ne when to mind your own business. And there are times when others naturally believe you agree with them but you’re to tired to explain your specific circumstances to them and just go along with what they say.
Shadow Dragon Nov 17
Slam the door upon my face.
Don't look,
or act.
Just stand behind the door
and anxious.
Wait for me to make a move.
Let me do
what you should have done.
Thats the easiest way
I can think of you
to live a life
where the sun doesn't rotate.
Because sometimes
doing nothing
is easier than doing everything.
And trust me
I will do everything for you.
Emily Nov 15
Just a pretty thought,
I don’t want to act a fool for anyone anymore.
If I have to be a fool for you then it just won’t be me and you.
Let me do something

And tell you important thing

That words I have remind

And repeat them every moment

In my heart, in my mind

That I love you from my heart

I love you and do as you act

My heart goes, when you go

My heart stand when you stop

My eyes open wide to see all your smart

They can't bear your bright

This shines from your face

That means the life that I demand

The words that I'll say in fast

"I love you" that I want

I discovered i foget

Or it can't be told
the man can be good if he found true love
Has democracy irretrievably gone to the dogs?
Every beast congregates here; coyotes to  hogs!
Supposedly most selfless of acts
Cover up the worst and the inept.
Crocodile tears apart, they hanker only for populist tag!
Josh Overson Oct 27
I don’t want to die, Anymore out cold
The death of a life, The rest of our hold
There is no balance to crippled knives
But crippled knives are meant to bleed.
And from a drop I’ve sown seed.

If I say to much I cannot act
And if act to fast I’ve said to alittle
But beg and beg til we’re endorsed
The last time, last I’ll be ignored...
What do I fear
From out her lips.
Here comes the winter
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