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Dante Rocío Sep 10
Anyone who carries out
lives through
depths, complex
peculiarities in own
in their acts and affiliation
No matter if you’re plumber, cleaner, calligraphist, writer, sailor or any other deemer,
you won’t ever refrain from Poetry,
you want it or not,
if you exude tailored and ownly born
ways and wisdom understandings
only your steps in it have
Ken Pepiton Sep 9
faith fills the empty place fear forms from nothing.
believe it or not.
Per form
Per forming
Putting yourself into a form, forming
Putting your intangible, expansive, nebulous, spiraling, luminous being
Into a format
Expressing yourself in a way that transmits
A form that transmits
Per forming
Per form
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Nolan Willett Jul 28
Magic is real,
It is not what most expect-
A two-bit card trick, vanishing act-
But everything we feel,
Everything that has an effect.
You don’t need prayer
Or spells to cope,
Just an unbowed mind,
A little flair,
And the illusion of hope
You are smart and funny to others,
Walk through a nice lovely family
And now you are sad about where it's going to end.
You rechased old fool

You made some good and bad decisions that
Walk him out of the challenges of life without MR'.
You rechased of Old fool.

Ran your race quite well,
That makes others see your death request Note,
You make huge difference with fame
And you are still considering the future at your age
You rechased old fool

You walk on after some fame
Playing some games with your Aim;
Gain honor with money and power.
Now , you are back on my feets
You rechased old fool
Life of a father is extremely important And protective no matter how son or daughter choose to ignore them
Traveler Jul 7
In the moment we thrive
On the edge of being alive
Don’t be afraid
We’re all going to die
You see this is a reminder
From the wizard in the sky
From the witness behind
We’re all in this together
And this world
Isn’t getting any better
Traveler Tim
Everytime I ask her, why all the act?
She just flips her hair and moves back
Only to come back and put up
Just another show of hers

She was not entirely a bad person
Just someone in a bad story
There was no good light in it,
Nor the music backed the scenes

Sometimes she tries to dance
To the songs with her swaying fingers
And occasionally,
Struggles to act up the scenes
To Bring some sense to it

And the play always fails
But she was a good actor

Because the act was so good,
So good,
That the audience thought that's who she is,
There a hopeless romantic
Here a woman with no feelings
There a trustworthy friend
Here a total wreck of a person
And on it goes

Once the show ends,
No one knows where she goes,
No one knows who's there at her home,
Or if she even has a home
No one tries
And no one did
what is sorry
a word?
an act?
it's just a blur to me right now
no meaning
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