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Simon May 14
"The Swindle", is a possible escape plan in order to divert attention completely away from the VAST majority of preying eyes!
"Why!?" And..."why now question it...?" Whatever the situation, you need to be wary of totally undivided attention...,since you are not alone...of an obvious disguise (upon an even more obvious "swindling" act).
"The Swindle", is a countermeasure towards shameful results (for oneself). That is...if your simply caught in the act...
Andrew Rueter Mar 31
Desperate and lonely
you need someone for holding
but that's not how you know me
so you just call me homie
when looking for comforting company
to give aid to your conforming country
then you just start hatefully hunting
to prove you are... something.

You say get in the whip
like you're cool and you're hip
you sound like a **** that is dip
but I need your script in my wrist
so I hop in your motor vehicle
hoping for a hopeless miracle
that you'll stop acting satirical
and break out that bag that is spherical.

That shot must've not sat right
you've been looking for a fight
all narcotic night
your sardonic sight
has been on pointed humor to get me annoyed
but I don't feel like Robert Downey Jr. or Pink Floyd
when you interrupt my ****** stupor to argue like boys
I just want to be a user drama devoid.

You spit and stunt
telling me if I don't roll the blunt
I can get the **** out of your car
I ask why you're acting hard
is it emotional scars?
Or Xanax bars?
This planet's marred
with cancer hearts
you play your part
by trying to act cool
thus making the world colder
you look like a piece of stool
but think you're a soldier.

My shoulders shrug high
saying I don't want to be Drug Guy
so there's no need to be unkind
we can talk about this sometime
once you're unblind
but until then
see not me
with your peacocking
you seem cocky
but scream softly.

You call me a *****
I say try me and you'll see
it'll only be fueling
an endless cycle of dueling
but you want to be the crazy one
so your choices are hazy ones
and your ideas lazy ones
like playing nun
for gaming funds
then regarding yourself as a mature man
everyone can smell your manure ****.
Mathieu Jan 29
“In a world that profits off your self-doubt, to love yourself is a rebellious act”
Credit: - Bliss n Eso, Lighthouse
Jasmin jazz Jan 24
Never pretend all the girls as cat
There is a lion who roars when it is hurt
Don't think all girls are cute
We know how to react when you overact.
And not all girls love pink..
Because I love black.
Being silent doesn't means that she is shy
She is just waiting to tear you apart.
Girl is meant not to cook food and do laundry
She's same as you; a human
She's not a toy to PLAY  with..
There is feelings inside her
One day she'll burst out like a volcano
Then you can't control; she'll
Destroy everything around her
So beware ; be careful think twice before you act
Women have lots of wishes in their heart which they don't reveal if you are reading this just let their dreams come true...❤️ Plz like and follow🥰
aslı Dec 2020
i want to perform. in front of hundreds.
yes. but its not like **** as people watch on
something more ritualistic
MORE primal like a divine act.
feminine and masculine integrating with an honest envelope.
sign sealed delivered by the ultimate act of universe.
it is soulful with lust but pure as a dust.
lust for the very first time.
you are tasting it for the first time and you realize that you have a magnificent power that never stops to rhyme.
that you can keep on and on.
then all of sudden it will be like nobody is there.
the audience dissapeared.
and there you go. we are adam and eve. there for the first time.
there goes the prakriti and purusha
like rebellion to the addicted and hedonist world of amnesia.
well. these days I am not using punctuations appropriately as the world says. I am not going low when they say go low or when they say go capital. "you cant write small."
it's like my very own rebellious ****.
Fraser Wiseman Nov 2020
i could replace every lie
with the fact
but then you’d cry
and **** this act
ro Nov 2020
if you say you don't want to lose me,
then act like it.
Yana Kim Oct 2020
When people say depression
What they imagine is someone forlorn
But you will never see me frown
They could never tell I am down

Am I good in acting?
Or is it on lying?
My smiles and responses are automatic
You can never tell I am a lunatic

Will someone discover
The truth down under
No time to discover
Till I am six feet under
When will they know?
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