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Amy 6d
You say that you love me
but you act like you don't
-The neighbourhood
Poetic T Sep 18
      Worth nothing.

But pays with
        Just one act.

Go on make someone

         Smile today.
Ivy Leigh Sep 11
I have never
written about love
in a way
that is full of hope
because although
I have felt it,
it is not something
that lasts long
enough to make
me want to write
a poem about
the beauty of
someone looking at their phone
or eating some chips and their
shoelaces on their chucks tied
around their ankles, so maybe
they wont trip
or drag intentions;
they act and react
and feel what's real.
Without mutual communication
Concerning an act,
How do I know if
What I'm doing is right?
Or how do I know
Others are thinking
Of my same internal interpretation?
Also it is for the benefit of learning
To say a reflection aloud
Of a deed done
To better understand the done deed.

Without action,
What good are words
Or any language?
If words make things happen,
But if action speaks louder than words,
Get demonstration's megaphone
And put it at full blast!
I learn by doing,
I normally stare and pretend
I'm taking every word in,
Unless I catch someone's
Oral flaws.
I like to listen to people though,
But there are times where what we learn
And practice
Needs movement
And emotion
And exertion.

Just like with every action
I eventually need some level of a break,
And with every still-based working
Moving becomes a break from stillness.

But stare off in homework and assignments
And grow weary of your fitness regimen.
If there's no temporary escape,
Who can keep their act to words
Or their word to act?
There are days when I prefer to study or do mental work over physical work (even though physical work still needs to be done anyhow), but all the same there are reinforcements for a reason in life.
There is always a choice.
Any problem have solution.
There is an exit and door.
You choose what to think, what to say, how act, how react of any situation.
You choose your way.
If you don't like something, if you unsatisfying.
Be brave and change a path.
It's not my fault you acting like you act.
You made your choice in fact.
Steve Page Jul 30
Each day I pray for an ear that will hear
above all the noise clearly His voice.
For while sometimes it's best to be serving with zest,
sometimes it's better to sit for a breather
and wait in his presence and enjoy this true essence
of sitting and being before going and doing.
So while sometimes I'll Martha I know that I'd rather
spend time being Mary, in less of a hurry,
for there at his feet I'll be more complete
and hear his clear voice above all the noise.
Serving at New Day 2019.
Luke 10. 41 & 42
41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things,
42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Steve Page Jul 30
Joseph is a bit of a dreamer,
you might say a wayward thinker,
but that's not the lot
of all that's he's got: -
He's the son of the great Creator.

So dreams wake up as passions,
passions bear fruit in actions
and soon you see
what only he dreamed:
God-made-man creations.
Bumped into / hugged Joseph Landreth-Smith at New Day 2019.  An offspring of the great Creator.
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
Is a ‘reaction’
an initial impulse to act
after an experience?
Do reactions
get us into trouble
when we act out the impulse
without first self-introspecting,
becoming aware of emotions and thoughts,
self-evaluating emotions and thoughts,
and self-correcting emotions and thoughts?
For example:

A toddler cries
then her mother slaps her hard
then regrets the slap
when her toddler cries more miserably.

A youth insults a man at a bar
then the man punches the youth hard
knocking him to the floor unconscious
struggling to breathe,
then the man regrets the punch
and regrets getting arrested even more.
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