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B Bonnete Feb 8
Will you do something great today

Will you do something grand

Will you stand up and prance and sing with life holding your hand

Will you tell all who seem to doubt

Your grace and extraordinaire

That nothing, simply nothing will

Knock your lungs of this fresh air

For everyday is a journey I belt

From rooftops to misty screens

All who despise me I hold so dear,

I’ve made friends of cowardly fiends

The world is mine to conquer, and every battle with lessons taught

So if you try to dull this greatness my dear

You shall be left distraught
It's absolutely crushing
The weight of this boulder

It grinds me down
To a gritless powder

Like an old grain mill
Down by the creek
past that yonder hill

Is this even worth it
Is this the way Cohen would say it?

Cohen was great
And there have been others
Worth reading until late
When the eyes strain
And blood bursts the vein

But is this that?
Or am I just average
Only that?

And no, it is not
The way he would have thought

But it's how I did
It came from under my lid

And why isn't that enough
Its how I ******* said it
And isn't that enough?
You gotta be you, even when you love what others do
Ry Dec 2020
Greatness is within, within a concept of a world where greatness exists.
Amanda Sant'Anna Dec 2020
A wild woman hereby lies,
Her precious life was rich with meaning

So in this stone, we carve the feeling
Of the dephts of a soul that never dies:

"Once, love and freedom came together, in perfect communion; so wide and powerful

It dared Greatness."
What phrase will come to define your life?

Time is the
to any

destination if handled properly. It's the quickest means to greatness.
Iyallo Nov 2020
A day I will understand you,
the power between what I share with you,
and the greatness of our relationship,
a day I will understand what it is more than friendship.

You are strong and present as the sun in the sky,
Thy are stronger than a musky
rock, and a tiger in her territory,
Thy words are everlasting and confirmatory
of a love that never fades,
a smile that evades
each critic.

You are my dolomitic girl.
Kyle Nov 2020
Snails walk too slow;
And everyone thinks they are low.
But beyond that weakness,
They work hard to make some greatness.
They walk through every road;
Fighting the obstacles on their own.
Greatness isn't for those,
Who gets satisfied merely by seeing their old work
And think 'This is it!'
But instead for those who observe their own work,
And think 'I wonder how I can top this'.
Being a born genius would have been great, life would have been somewhat simpler - maybe, who knows?

But since it is not, we might as well learn and improve ourselves on this journey - the payoff would be much better. Maybe, who knows?
Jason Theodoroff Sep 2020
It’s getting colder as the months go by
Figuring where I’m going is quite a surprise
The days are shorter and long nights only incise
That the end of the year is coming so we need to arise
And move forward with purpose so we don’t chastise
Any sorrows of our past can’t prevent the apprise
Greatness is coming so we can’t afford to downsize
Our beliefs about our achievement are already authorized
Changing weather and times are here to lionize
That we are survivors as my poem helps symbolize
Maunas Mehta Sep 2020
We are careless and reckless
We don't deserve your forgiveness


You show us your greatness
Through your kindness
And showed us our purpose

We will try to be flawless
Beacuse Your happiness is priceless......
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