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Robert Rittel May 24
Take madness to good use
dawn of abilities tasty juice
threads of sympathies intension
possessions and its self-assertion
to reach the beloved in vain
and love itself as gain

loading the heart of another
subtle pain and dust cover
love that is a exacting pled
self-assertive reasons dead
living means to hope survive
hoping means to live
Leone Lamp May 10
I had my happy coloured marbles,
All in a drawstring bag
I even had my wits about me
When they all said I was mad

I've since lost my marbles,
My wit's been licked it seems
I'm still searching for them
While you analyze my dreams

Now they call me mellow yellow
Since that slick spark has dimmed
No longer a manic madman
Calmed by my tonic and gin

Why does there always seem to be
An exchange, creativity for conformity
A need for insanity to be confined to brevity
And quickly quelled by righteous authority?
Just another lost psychonaut reminiscing about brief departures into madness...

A glitch, changing certainty into turmoil.
Myriad of thoughts that unhinge doors.
The lines of sanity are blurred,
Bridges are falling, stranding me.
The ice is thinning,
And I'm alone,
Pretending to skate.
Omar Apr 14
i miss my sanity
i thought to myself
as i walked   past
  your picture still on my wall
I miss reality
each of my taste buds,       missing
the sweet taste        of your voice,
the faint light of our room
and it shining     on your lips.
Man Mar 30
we love
but why do we?

how much easier it would be
only to satiate the needs
forgetting the foolish notions
of something more
the drug induced states
merely staring into your eyes
brings on
brings me
to the brink of sanity
because this tired duet
cries to die
but i can't bring myself to do it
knowing if i cut out your heart
they'll be no beat beneath my breast
you'll have come with one
but you'll be taking two
when you take your scalpel
to my chest
Strying Mar 22
is destined to fade
like a heart
is destined to break,
and every line I write brings me
closer to sanity
but every sentence you take from my lungs,
brings me closer to vanity.

Dear God,
when will I find my humanity?
ah im kinda losing my motivation everywhere and my grades are starting to slip but i cant seem to focus or learn or even care.
Sharon Thomas Mar 21
You were my first love;
The love my heart ached for,
The love that I was ready to wait for.

You were the kind of love
That taught me forgiveness;
The one you never deserved.

You left me heartsore;
The things I liked to do,
Never intrested me anymore.

I died a little everyday;
Until I could take it no more.
It was time to breakaway.

The years went by,
Time healed my pain;
And my sanity,

Like a phoenix,
I arose;
Ever so strong,
Who no one would oppose.
"Why do you laugh?
Do you not see
How useless is it?
Are you delusional?
Or have you gone mad?"
You questioned me.
I stared, and laughed.
I am not blind, and
I certainly feel helpless.
But, still I laugh,
For I have already cried.

In laughter, I find unity
With others who laugh too
In laughter, there is power
Against clowns and idiots
With delusions of grandeur
As I laugh, I show sanity
While exposing stupidity

To laugh is to cope
A means of catharsis
It is as valid as crying
And often, I do both
I laugh, because I am unfortunately still human
Based on a prompt - LAUGH
Jamesb Feb 5
I miss the sound of water
Keening past the hull,
I miss the soughing of wind in sail
And the dull thrum of the shrouds
Like oversized guitar strings
Plucked from my heart,
By fingers felt
Yet never seen,

I miss the heel of the hull as a gust
Catches the sails,
The feel of the gunwhale
Below my buttocks as I hike out,
The restored sense of balance
As my weight matches
The turning moment
Of sail over keel,

I miss that simple shared moment
Of unity and rightness
With a crew who understands,
Or sometimes while solo
I share that instant with
The great good God that made
Me and others fit
To experience His creation

I miss the water,
I miss the wind,
I miss the feel of a taut sheet
And a tiller in my hands,
The surging sense of motion
As the shore retreats
And the horizon beckons
Me forward

I miss all these things and yet
Even as I type this verse,
At the end of another day,
Another week and with another
Boatless weekend ahead,
Like all good fish heads,
In my head and in my heart
I am - still - sailing
dailythoughts Jan 25
last night we were more than fine
i drank an entire bottle of wine
thinking about the crime
on the offence of having today without you by my side

baby don’t just turn your face away from me
now that you are my source of sanity
i need you even more than last night
give us a chance to be
an almost
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