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Daniel 1d
Another Lil Peep song to take away the pain
And a downpour of rain to help me feel again
This is all I need to make me think i'm sane
Music is so great, its better than any drug.

Falling into despair
My happiness doesn't matter it seems
Losing myself in the darkness has never been so calming.

Between despots and manipulators
My heart bursts each time
Arteries being devoured by deceit, leaking crimson liquid splattering across my chest cavity.

Without trust we radiate hopelessness
Hopelessness leads to depression
Depression becomes it's own monster.

In a world so consumed by chaos
We can trust so few
It's no wonder my sanity has taken a turn.
Shifting into differently sane
It's no wonder some can watch their lives burn...
And still have a smile on their face.

I'm slowly getting to that point
Starting to feel like I'm J.
"Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever."
Allie Dotson Jan 6
How can you be so infatuated on a single substance
A single thing that can ruin any connection that may try to sprout
To make what is already grown
fragile enough untill they all have been shattered

As it is a wall blocking those who choose it
from the real world
and yet you choose the foreign substance
but do you consider how dangerous that something is
That you can loose your own body
your own mind
your own life

People talk about aliens
or if mind control really exists
but the undeniable is already reeping the nation  
with the acceptance age being 21

you have given over your mind and body
The contract signed
A signature with your name finished in a lithal red
It might as well of been your will
For the only life you will live
won't even be lived as as you

you choose to be isolated
accompanied by something you've only know for a couple of years
and leave behind the people whom you have known all your life
or worse all of theirs

The life where you have choices
to not be bounded
To be in control
Is gone with a simple existence
a baneful prison
A fate which you solidified
with setting a reminder in the back of your head
A nag that is eating away any sanity  
Deteriorating each sip that goes by

The mind so weak
though so always frail
easy to be controlled by a simple substance

yet It is only though that
when your body looses way
and the pain from with in seeps through
with the physical limitations having been met
For then you finally say
I shouldn't of started
Yet how come you still won't stop?
brOKen Jan 6
Sometimes they're many
Sometimes they're few
Unpractically pretty
But they will do

Flowers in my garden
The only things certain
The only faces I know
Who'd remain true as they grow

They may blossom like my growing fear
The may wither like my sanity
They are stifled by the thorns
Like the skin I'm in, well-worn
They are suppressed by the weeds
Like the guilt in me

Flowers in my garden
I am quite certain
We're the same
But I'm embodied in flesh

Flowers in my garden
I beg your pardon?
What do you mean that you don't exist?

If you leave, what'll happen to me?
Tried to write a positive poem, but I'm not one to lie in my poems.
Dark Days

I've had days where my sanity became a thing of fiction.

I've experienced hallucinations haunting my every move. Distorting reality in between fantasy.

I've seen demons of huge proportions, I've yet to have seen winged angels blessing the day.

I've lived insanity, emotions screaming crying out for something real to break the chains of illusion.

As it sits currently I lost myself, I'm rebuilding from where he left me.

A new me rebuilding a broken heart from past experiences caused by dark days.
Daniel Dec 2018
Life isn't beautiful
Its insufferable
Tedious and dull
Each moment resembles ****
Through constant anguish and pain
We construct an ideal of what we think is sane
And pretend that everything will be okay

Death is true beauty
Its the ultimate escape
When the final light is turned off
Your mind falls into an abyss
You can sleep eternally
And be forgotten like the rest
We long for freedom that transcends the confines of our mind
s Willow Dec 2018
With every step,
my mental sanity dwindles.
Pulling me from the reality.
Shadows move,
Life drains,
time stops.
The world ends
Amanda Dec 2018
I do not know where the last five years went
Cannot explain how time disappeared
I'm not really sure how we got from there
All the way across the atlas to here

Just know I could never forget
How it felt when you would hold me tight
I am so glad we gave it a shot
Found comfort in night after night

I might not know what day of the week
It was when our spirits first met
But I am sure the happy moments you bestowed
Are the best I've encountered yet

I hope we are still made for eachother
Don't think that bond can change
Been a long time since we've been together
I still love you but it somehow feels strange

I wrote a letter explaining my thoughts
Five pages long front AND back
Still haven't mustered strength to hand it to you
Even after a year has nearly passed

Never figured emotions out
Steadily losing sense and sanity
Think of the past and ask myself "If I let go of hope,
Why can't I do the same with memory?"
A year ago things we're so much different between us
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