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I’ve felt the stir of resolution
to throw off careless greed.

I’ve heard the soothing voice of reason,
long thought to be extinct.

So pound your plowshares into words,
turn your anger into votes.

Let’s march together towards sanity,
reclaiming fragile future’s hope.
it's now or maybe never - where's Elvis when we need him?
Anna 5d
Quarantine has been here for too long,
And losing our minds ain't what we're afraid no more,
We lay in bed and feel grey every night,
Dreaming of the end of it all,
Praying for the normal days to come back,
Sanity is just not a thing no more.

It's confusing, all that used to be amusing
It's now gone, and we dance
Upon the highest of the hopes,
Losing our minds ain't what we're afraid no more,
Quarantine has been here for too long.
William Jul 2
Seeping,weeping,ever creeping
tears roll down his face.
Nothing more is there for him
from those who took his base.
From which he stands.
From which he gets his strength.
Whats left? A shell, a hollow man,standing in his place.
On knifes edge he dances freely.
The direction known is naught-
Which way to fall or how to climb.
All knowledge he forgot.  
Will he falter? Lay down and die?
Or find the truer path?
To succeed,  to survive, he must abide.
He must do what they ask.
Do not wallow, do not cry, nor to chant in fear.
These things he knows,
but so distant they appear.
On an island, off the shore,
found through telescope.
Locked within a tower leering,
There remains his hope.
Nylee Oct 17
I am so restricted to me
That I don't see the world around me
The universal sea
I am caccooned to a well
My well-being at that

I don't see the obvious
It does concern us
It is all dubious
Too hard to understand the truth
Till it is too late

Wait, I should do that
Hey, I can't help that
Well there is no end to my rant
Wait it is happening fast
Isn't it just great!

You know, you know
I know but I don't
It just doesn't show
Too caught up in me
I lose moments of my sanity
Losing on my vanity.
Singata Oct 8
Maybe if I think about where I last saw it

Where I could've lost it

Retraced my steps

I could find my...uh

...My sanity??
*heavy sigh*
Ces Sep 1
I force a smile to
Regain a sense of normality
Curled lips that
Mask the rawness
Of this aching

No longer am I enamored
With lovely, naive fantasies:
This blank stare into the abyss
Born out of revolt
Against the lie
That happiness is everyone's
Lot in life.

Fortune is a whimsical god
And living is an unpredictable
Farce between birth and death
Such randomness,  brutality
Victimizes those born
Of sound body
But with a fragile mind
And a crumbling sanity.

Reflections of gloom
Are all that keeps me company
This unbearable pessimism
In this tiny room
Yet I cannot stop my inquiries:
My explorations of truth
No matter how wretched it might be
At its very root.
Ken Pepiton Aug 24
Did you ever,
Nail the sun to the wall then
Keep your mind's eye open, because,
you can.
It won't go blind,
your mind's eye, focused on the sun
nailed to the sky wall

As you curve away at the pace of
A Roman hoplite clone running
A million miles an hour
2000 years away from here

Very thin light now
To the east while watching,
Focusing, on the sun in the west
While you stand your

Suppose this,
That came to be a rite of
Passage into the thin light
Of night
Many generations after
First father showed his third son.

Never has any deed done in light
Been banished by the night.
Light expands thinner ever
Thinner nacring light limning
Even thin light from the shadow
side of things
Thins more, harmoniously
Mingling through ancient
Pearl layers billions upon
Billions of stars-light.

First father knew that
he talked with God,
Who does nothing without
Showing someone
Like me or you.

"make not your thoughts your prisons"
"go not, gently" into that thinning light
"be gone"
Photons stretched 2000 light years wide
1 photon deep
Colliding with some tomorrows,
Some yesterdays, some almost right now,
So thin yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Are the same as the same and
As thick as galaxies.

Did you nail the sun to the wall?
From January 17, one year before therapuetic denial of Dunning Krueger was thought likely. You are as smart as you think you are, not as you think you were.
A  piece of wishes
is  vanishing slowly   
Her dreams are falling,
taking off out of her soul
She feels nothing but pain 
You  feel too nothing but pain!
Pain is unifying
A double Negation  
We can be;
Ungrammatical but meaningful Feelings are monstrous;
They are killing us !
They are killing our  vanity !
Releasing  our  disturbed  sanity
The story
We share feelings , happiness, sadness, pain etc
feelings are universal
Half part of me
All that I see
To my heart she holds the key
Together we will be
Without her I'm afraid I'd be lost. My baby girl is my everything.
For she holds me together.
She is my strength when I am weak.
I feel deep in my brain
I feel I'm insane  
I feel the pain digging my brain
I feel inside my brain
I feel I'm insane
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