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Aidan Feb 9
It’s amazing, it is
How people can go about life without a care
How people can say one thing then the next
It’s amazing, it is
You think that you know someone
And then they turn around
Saying the opposite of what they told you
Why does it happen you think?
Why does this confusion happen?
Why does anything happen?
It’s amazing, it is
How can someone hold so much inside?
How can someone be so bottled up?
Bottled to the point where they may burst
Bottled to where they may blow any time
How can someone be so isolated?
Maybe it’s by choice
Maybe it’s because they feel it’s the only way
Maybe because they haven’t found someone
Someone to confide to
Someone to trust whole heartedly
Someone they know will be there
Someone they know will support anything
It’s amazing, it is
How some people find it so easily
How some people can be a group
And then be so close with a few
It’s amazing, it is
How someone can feel so alone
When they have people around them
When they have ears willing to listen
But the only ear they want
Is someone pushed away long ago
Someone that offered but the way panicked
It’s amazing, it is
How an opportunity can go by so fast
How an opportunity may not come again
How small the time limit is
But you know what’s really amazing?
How we can contemplate this in our heads
But never verbally
Because of this is ever put into words
Then something has become real
Something has been put into the world
Something that one may regret in the future
Now that’s amazing
preston Jan 3

She's gone

And all the years
of holding in
Of denying  my truth
in order to protect her

     the truth ..

Of the horrors that she has done
Of the horrors
they both have done.

They are both gone now
No longer inhabitants
of this earth
No longer here
to bring the risk
of making little
what it was
that was not so very little

Even if they owned it
who could find the words?
There are not words
to describe the horrors

Are there left  enough years
to make up for the ones
the locusts have eaten?

    There  are no words
    to ever be able  to describe

    just  how  much  
    the locusts have eaten

🖕 ❤xo
David Cunha Sep 2017
Could never fall for you,
Could never fall while the summer smiling,
Could never fade into your shadow sighing,
But I did.

Leaving sane,
Was never something I suspected,
Antecipated or intended, yet how I wish
Your word wasn't blue,
And your heart true
To someone else's beating.

Could never fall for you,
Could never fall while the summer smiling,
Could never fade into you recklessly trying,
But I did.

Now in trance,
Leaving traces of my senses,
Interpretating all my phases, of regret
And what I set,
Foolishly in dread
By letting you in me.

Could never fall,
Never at all,
Leaving sane...
somewhere in September of 2017
Dani Just Dani Aug 2023
How boring it must be
To be able to wake up in
The morning and do
What you need to do.

I will dance around
My kitchen table
As dishes pile up.

I will lay on my bedroom
Floor as the laundry
Screams that it needs
To be done,

I would go into the bathroom
If it wasn’t for the person
In the mirror that despises
Me so much.

Oh but when I get that spark,
That little moment of clarity,
time stops,

I become a fraud and can’t write
Poems anymore,
But the way my hands move
Around the dishes,
How fast the laundry walks itself.

It must be perfect to live
Like this forever,
But oh, how boring.

Arms outstretched ,

her awakening spirit--
within the celestials..
These pirouettes,  bourne
on nothing but air--
   ((free air..))

She is beginning;;
and as she does
her spirit stretches back
to a time  before creation; she Unfolds
as she  maintains
underneath  this blanket   of Love
   she  now  feels.

And like  a hen
that gathers her chicks;
her newfound  wings
pull all the  pieces  of her  own heart
back to her self..

Back to her-self

       (( back  to  herself. ))
..and against all odds, she sings.

"People see me
I'm a challenge, to your balance..
I'm over your heads,
how I confound you  and astound you
To know I must be one of the wonders,
God's own creation

And as far as you see,
you can offer me no explanation

  Ooh,  I believe

Fate smiled..  and destiny--
laughed as she came to my cradle
Know this child will be able

Laughed as my body, she lifted
Know this child will be gifted..

With love, with patience,
and with faith,
She'll make her way.."

She'll make her way  <3
Unpolished Ink Oct 2022
does it ever feel
like sanity is dripping
slowly slipping
like an eel
gushing from the tap
of the world
and you can't get a grip
on the handle of the bucket
to pour it back in
M Vogel Oct 2022

I am left  only to wish..

that there were realms..   universes--
heaven-sent places,  immersed

     within the warmth
     of peaceful habitation..

Where there perpetually  exists
a beautiful series  of at least

     one ..
    ..   or two  
more steps  in the process:

.. therefore forever leaving
    the beautiful beads

  of our deepest of hopes, intact.

       I love coming back
to your beautiful world  here

   and finding again,  gems

               I hide also.
                  :( xox
My Dear Poet Oct 2022
To all my untitled poems
you have kept me sane
I’d like to say thank you
but I don’t know your name
GaryFairy Jul 2022
My sanity is gone
tired of being the pawn
it's only bones on the lawn
with spite in each bone
it's alter ego is all alone
my insanity is grown
Nina McNally Jun 2022
My heart belongs to
You and you are my person! My

Sanity feels normal when I’m
Around you and
No matter the days
I will always love you
Tomorrow and forever
You are my love! <3
Written in May 2022
Song title from Thriii
Inspired by a new love
It’s nice how someone you love can make your sanity feel great :)
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