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still here
these stars
what might they look like
in places where i used to be
old homes and destinations
i always needed to depart
their shimmer
is it that much brighter?
without enough of me
to recognize
myself at night
when i look at the clouds to find
that stars are callous
about me or the yous i lost
no future now worth speaking of
just little lamps
and bland emotions
the usual, you might say

if solitude were virtue
would this for once not make me
a somebody to reckon with
Sitting in a tub
Full of red water and tears
Waiting to see stars
Tside 15h
The stars don’t define my life,
But the specs of mould on the ceiling,
I study them carefully at night,
Reading them in true light,
A sickly soul they’re revealing.

A wondering eye sees all,
And repulsion overwhelms it so
Much that one gives out a hopeless sigh.
The ceiling is too high,
To wipe Aries and Leo.
Grace 21h
The crickets and the train
How one sound can take you somewhere
But two sounds takes you fast
The summer air begins to shed its heavy skin
The crickets cry to the cold stars,
Harsh and brilliant
Are they beautiful, or just far away?
The train cries too
But at least the crickets
And the stars have each other
My love sleeps by my side
Deep breaths rise and fall
Another sound, but this one brings
Me back and keeps me from following
That train
Those crickets
Those stars
That sounds wraps me up in its arms
And whispers don’t go
There’s nothing for you there at the
End of summer
You're so down to Earth

And I'm up in the stars

So show me the sea

And I'll take you to Mars
When the night eats your clothes
and the dust settles down
there is a map of beautiful scars,
the etchings of souls that vibrate and hum
where everything waiting is born.
And you won't be forgotten or broken,
they are singing you home on those scars,
all is attended,
everything mended,
as you find your way back thru the stars.
pluto 1d
We were dying stars, 
broken with all our scars,
seeking serenity in the past
with light that could no longer last. 

We were fading stars,
lost and dead ***** with cores of carbon
then nitrogen to silicon to iron, 
perishing as we conquered what we thought was ours.
"You lied" he pointed out.  

"I never did" she replied slowly. "You were too blind to see"
Amanda 1d
I am a ghost in flight, across a starstruck sky
Taking a bite from the moon as I pass
Heading out into the forever ending
Of the universe, as it swirls with burning suns

Watch as I fly on borrowed wings
Feeling the love and joy fill my soul
And as I ignite into a dazzling light
The stars welcome me home
Cece 1d
i've talked you all off ledges,
balancing on my own,
but honestly,
i don't care.
i rather like the feeling of uncertainty,
the butterflies that can
quite literally fly me off the edge.
i rather like the sweetness of the wind,
the cool air,
head in the clouds.
i rather like the view of the stars,
beautiful constellations
distracting me from my thoughts.
i rather like that my legs can swing
back and forth and back again
almost like a kid again.
i rather like seeing the city from above,
people milling about aimlessly,
a little adrenaline to spice up the view.
i rather like being on the ledge
nowhere to go but down,
sure, it's a little cramped,
but it's okay, I suppose.
hecc me up
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