Once more
Came to see the light of the night
then just to
melt in the shadow of the dayshine.
The summer moves on
and so do you
leaving behind nothing
but the event horizon.
No light can escape from here
remaining captured,
like a caged skylark,
being lingering frozen
like the vacuity of space;

incarcerated by the radiation of dying stars
out of the lightning source of my true glare.
cel 11h
gleaming star above, i gaze through my window til dawn to catch a glimpse of you. your incandescent light outshines the rest in sight. til the end of time itself, i'll seek you out among the rest. for even as long as you paint the skies with silken silhouettes, my heart is yours to posses.
Aly 1d
Antares placidly fades
from the deep and high blanket,
He absconds from being one
of the many faces in the crowd.
He will be the brightest one,
But not on this sky, langga.
Not this one.

Dark and deep blanket embraces
flush-tainted, vast spread;
the transition is both breath-taking
and dangerous.
Inevitable change has come to him
but he's not afraid.
If anything, he's excited.

Your overwhelming orange smile
rises from the east.
Whooping, screaming,
greeting delight and passion;
waking up what's sleeping within
and fueling my dim ignition of hope.
Standing beneath a starry sky,
Seeing the outline of your Soul,
Lost in memories,

The shinning blackness, of your hair,
The twinkling and sparkle in your beautiful brown eyes,
Feeling a breeze brushing against my lips; is that you my love?

My love who touches my Soul each night in dreams,
Who holds me tight with memories each day,
Each night, my love lost among the stars,

Always watching the skies,
Looking for beautiful dreams,
And happy memories, flying across the heavens,

Seeing you, always with your arms open,

You are always my last dream at dawn,
And first memory in the daylight,

You are still, my first dream at dusk,
And first memory under the lonely starlight.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
SoundCloud text to speech poetry recitation
i wish the moon was a man
and the stars were his children
their faces shine bright in my dark room

the stars the innocents,
listening to my happiness
shinning brighter as i smile

the moon the lover,
listening to my pain
shinning softly as i cry

i wish i was with the moon
and the stars around me,
they would always be with me

even when its not dark
The feeling you have
When you win the lottery
without buying a ticket

a smile in your heart
for no reason
or a reason so small
yet a feeling so sweet
Like rainbows dancing
On a snowy night
Amidst sparkling stars

Gratitude is here
Feel her gentle touch

Smile into the sweetness
live in the openness
bloom in the ray
of simple happiness
Cross my heart hope to die
As I watch stars cry
Your the first thing on my mind
Idk anymore
Can someone tell me the best way to end a poem?,
because for the past year
I’ve been thinking I’m leaving them incomplete
Writing out of pure desire
Memories that bounds us
And the night together

I know you can’t forget
The way our shadows moved
To the song the light bent,
But like everything,
It always ends

Poem after poems of irritable pain
How much emotions they hold
How much of you they show

If you want to learn more about yourself

Just read a poem I’ve written
You’ll be bitten by bitter honesty
At the fact they are not finished

They always talk about how amazing you are
About how much I care

Please don’t stare too much
The words will get shy
And like everyone in my life

They’ll run away
Showing me another way to write

Tell me how to finish my poems love,

Show me a new way to live

Tell me that the stars glow because us

Show me which way the river flows

Because, I’m so lost tonight

Without the moon and the stars,

Blinking from a far

Like the nebula in the sky,
Your eyes follow the twinkling of the stars,

I Don’t understand why is the night cold,
But I do know you keep me warm,

I give you words to remember me by,
And you blind me from the dark,

I know your touch is art ,
But I wanna keep looking at the stars,

This high ceiling,
Keeps our minds at bay,

I see your shadow struggling
To see

How the stars shine,
So it can be

The stars look beautiful tonight,
They look better when I look at them with you

the moon shares his glare with us,
Giving us permission to look,

I don’t feel jealous of the star,
Just a little sad they aren’t closer

I don’t feel jealous of the moon,
Just sad i can’t walk down her back

I don’t feel jealous of them in any way,
They aren’t me and you

Under the nebula ,
And the twinkling of your eyes,

The moon reminds me of my faith ,
The sun of your glair,

We can’t really run away from death,
But we can show him how to care,

Life ain’t really life
Without them lights,

That light up when I look at your eyes,
I caress your hair and look at the sky

Waiting for the sunset to rise.
How peculiar is it for me
To have a weakness like thee
Your eyes in which you use to stare
Oh it's a thing I will never bear

Whenever you look into my eyes
I can't help but to 'sigh'
For your face is so lovely
And your eyes, oh they're so pretty

While you talk and stare
I wish I could memorize that glare
For everytime our eyes connect
I can only say: "Darling, you're so perfect."

I believe that your eyes stole the stars
For the stare of your eyes overpowers my scars
How I wish this would never end
That staring of your eyes so gemmed

That's why look into my eyes
So that I can see the stars in the sky
Never leave me and please don't leave my sight
For you are my world and my ever source of light
Believe me or not, when you look at me, I always feel butterflies in my stomach.
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