Rianna 41m

tell me, boy,
when did you begin to notice
the Stars falling from my eyes?
you always told me how bright I was...
surely, you must've seen the light going out.

was it the night
I sobbed into your chest,
and told you that some nights
I feel so cold and alone
even while someone I love
sleeps soundly beside me?
the night I told you
that I am not a good person
and you would be better off without me?
you never believed me
because I buried my secrets so deep,
but damn, if you knew...
boy, you would have ran
before I had the chance to convince you to stay.

or maybe it was the night
I told you that maybe,
just maybe,
there is no forever in our future?
I bared my soul and was met with
resentment and resistance.
we both cried that night.
you told me
there was no one else,
and that you couldn't picture a life without me in it.
snd I cried because
I could not say the same,
and I did not know why.
slowly, you faded from my future -
I could no longer see you
in the life I envisioned for myself.

no, but surely it had to be the night
I left in tears,
in search of answers
to questions I couldn't quite understand.
I almost found them
six feet underground...
I was saved, but not by you.
once again, I saved myself
because I learned my lesson before...
you can't expect the answers you seek
on the journey toward your Self
to roll off the tongue of another.

Wrote this a little less than a year ago, but I've been thinking about posting it for while now so.
Doodle v 1h

What you know love is
Love is this what i do
I dont cheat you
I come forward and fight for what is right and what i feel
I dont have any intention to steal

I give, you take
I play to the heartbeat once which was lost in memories of you and me sitting in corner of our broken fate

Love has power which makes us believe
It never listens to other voices which only want you to fail

Devil can catch you and evil can blind you
But there is some light which finds you even if you are at end of a tunnel no can reach you

But darkness will try you and test you to the limit where even light cant escape
but will travel with you till it reaches the end
and when the journey ends there is a new a galaxy and a new world where our stars wont fade...

So i love and make everything right..
And i create with heart of broken peices which this broken world has forgotten to fight..

So lets bring our emotions and mix it with colors of space which are born every day with a reason to give a view of ideas and thoughts which make us who we are in this ever so enigmatic view of time and space ..

TG 15h

beneath her lipstick
a cluster of stars gather
and explodes on him

Crimsyy 15h

I know that everything has changed;
apart from my name,
nothing much is the same.
Now I wonder if awareness
is equal to happiness,
because somehow
moments stayed longer in my mind
when they were an inhale
I didn't bother to memorize.
Now I'm a museum
filled with stains
from all the different kinds
of pain,
now I'm dipped in paint,
dipped in so many colours,
aiming to complete
a thousand pictures,
not content with just one.
Now I'm confusing
hunger for love,
and my heart has lost
its gravity;
my ribs are its cage,
one my wild heart won't escape.
And now that I've walked
a road filled with scars,
instead of tears,
I'd like to swallow the stars.

Don't let anyone shake the dream stars from your eyes.
For every one that falls a dream dies.
Let the stars shine on,
keep that twinkle in your eyes and
Each day remember to reach for the skies!

A redo from an old fave
Lilly 23h

The birds are singing in their sleep
And my brain paints its fevered dreams
Amidst the stars; and my heart starts
And asks if ships, seen from above,
With their lights on, form constellations;
Did someone ever tell the moon
Her light is merely a reflection?

Sun 1d

Can you remember the Shepard boy with the brown blue eyes?
He no longer waits for the country girl on the river bank so passionately
No longer draws pictures of her dark deep eyes on his torn paper-book
No longer gets his feet wet or drenched in rain to see her smiling face
No longer brings daisy for her

The time passed by
They left the county
Lost in the crowds

Their heartbeats were echoing in the same rhythm on an unknown voyage and they drifted apart unknowingly.....

May be now they live in the same street, six yards after in the buzzing town
Do they still wait to meet again, want to share thousands of stories what left unsaid?

Life always happens to change with small events, insignificant moments
What if they could say where the next journey begins
What if they would look at the stars under the open sky to whisper their wishes, to share the dreams together..... forever!?

Maybe this summer?
Maybe these stars?
Will be the distant midnight fires
Which will look down upon this tired old heart
And rejoice as it falls
Stumbling upon the greatest love of all

Maybe this summer? Maybe these stars?

The slow autumn presses
at the window,
as geese give a melancholy voice
to leaving
their dark v-shape
splitting a cloudless sky

the sun spreads
a quiet space
of tangerine orange
and rosy pink
as it slips below the horizon

when darkness closes in,
stars shiver
in the distance
ghosts perhaps since
some have died

the moon’s shimmer follows
the river’s winding path
complacent river in lament
mingles with powerful sea

ending and beginning
combined in poignant

Just a bit out of season! :-)
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