We talk with certainty like
the sun rising every morning
And we look to the stars
to guide us
and to match us
We trust the beings we know nothing about
But we lock our doors at night
And it's okay;
It's a habit to leave during sunset
I don't wonder anymore
Just listen to what Orion has to say

Toy with me like a fucking puppet keep pulling the strings until I'm under the mindset that I'm yours completely.
Read me like the novel that just sits gathering dust on your shelf because you don't read enough. As you tear out pages and pages for your cigarette butts, that coincidentally you got me back into.
My life's a pattern of endless cycles.
I'm happy one day and the next I'm lost because maybe I don't exactly know what to do.
I was just getting used to you.
And it honestly feels like burning for me, how you and others keep burning me on these streets in which we used to skate all night on.
We would stay up late at night waiting for the stars so we could sing our favorite rap songs in my car. Blasting music faster and faster we'd go singing and all.
Driving around because no destination for us was too far. You pushed me away and left me with a scar.
Making little stops on the way to the lonely field where you cut me deep to my gills.
Sometimes good people deal with too much that it becomes draining, was hoping to see the rainbow with us after it stopped raining.
For once I had thought I had someone to get along with, but you ended up becoming mischievous.
You called me a goon and for me that nickname just stuck and unfortunately you became bad luck.
We'd get to your place where we'd stay.
Smoking out of your little bong, then we would lay talking as night quickly turned to day.
By morning we'd rush to work knowing we couldn't sleep away our days. I was hoping for a Summer romance And we'd go out and dance, but you just never gave me the chance.
For me that was enough. Getting to know you and slowly falling harder and harder, but I couldn't take it much longer. As I started to get to know your family and friends, I just thought that would never end. Maybe just maybe if you could just see that I was happy for once and how I wished we could be.
You had me captivated with not just your looks, but your personality so rich and ever so engaging.
I cared for you and trusted you too which I normally don't often do.
It was nice going on dates and sometimes to the bars, I couldn't wait to stay up all night to see the stars.
You'd have me stay the night because we'd drink too much, you even turned out to be my crush.
It mattered that you cared even the  gentlest touch it was nice knowing someone made me feel like I mattered that much.
But then things crumpled and I felt fucked but it turned out I didn't have the luck.
After a nice movie out with my friend I saw you had hit me up I wished I wouldn't have opened up.
Do you even care or give a single fuck? Maybe or maybe not.
We went from talking to nothing in a quick blink you ripped me to shreds and I had to clear my head and think. To me it seems like we did rush into this but you turned out to be mischievous.
It hurts because I care sometimes a little too much. And all I wanted to do was feel your touch. My friends say well you did it to yourself, but this is the embarrassment that I've felt.  
But didn't we say we had such good luck?
Where's that all go? Why am I here so awfully stuck?
You were a star that I gazed upon but it looks like those days are gone.
The beautiful northern light.
I was in great awe just by your charm, beauty, touch and sight.
You made my life feel easy and my fears vanished like the starry nights we used to share, but now I have to beware.
I guess
The timing wasn't good, but you still told me you liked me which kept my hopes high like the ground we stood.
I finally felt like I was living my life, but something  just ended up not being right.
Dreams fade they say and slowly like the cigarettes we smoke we all die, but this turned out to be a rotten night time sky.
I never thought that we would come to this but here we are, you've left me with a nasty scar.

You were my midnight star I couldn't help, but gaze upon. I found myself lost in you. And then you left now I'm battered and bruised. Thanks for helping me edit my poem homie shoutout to my buddy Dawebb. He inspired me to write something tonight, so that means the absoulute world. This honestly is deep and very meaningful to me so I hope you all enjoy :)

i leave him daisy-eyed,
with foreskin tingling,
mouth wide open,
and brows ascending.

i leave him starry-eyed

take me on a journey there
and tell me what you see
I see trees of falling bark around
and shores of golden sea

I will take you on a journey here
through the hills of my Vermont
where the crystal waters
run so clear
and my ancestors still haunt

I see mountains tall and proud shimmering in a blue
I see fields of rolling shade
and some sleeping kangaroo

I see moths- the rarest kinds
and these birds of many feather
I see mountains verdant green
and this gorgeous summer weather

I fly with noisy lorikeet
and swim in coral reef
and walk 'twixt ancient eucalypt
to view the sandy beach

I land with Peregrine Falcon
and I soar with red tail hawk
I drift in summer breezes here
and with the animals
I talk

I walk through shady leafy glens
and I tread the reddened Earth
while I listen as the lybirds sing
to state my futile worth

I dream of sweet tomorrow's near
in the clouds of purest white
I hike in ferny glens here too
and fly a homemade kite

I stand beneath the winter here
in the clearest skies above
and I trace the stars my future now
in hopes I find true love

I stand in brilliant honey rays
in days of solstice long
I sing to love ~ oh far away
that he too hear my song

and hear I do,
a song from you
that skipped across the stars
your day-
my night,
we must take flight
beyond the Sun,
the moon and stars

out to the Milky Way
I'll come along with you
our maiden flight
in love and light
to find a love that's true

David Hewitt & Ma Cherie
© July 2017

Hi y'all! Decided to collaborate again- David started the first verse a bit ago- life getting in both our way- I finally finished it tho. This is about two poets two dreamers - different worlds different realities different galaxies even? Both looking for their souls counterpart Always nice to write with David so sweet thoughtful, talented, kind, etc etc lol. Hope you all find something to love about it.  And anyone I've let down on doing a collaboration please let me know and I will try! I get scattered sometimes lol love you all- Muah x - Ma Cherie and David

You darling one, who writes of love's beauty
and ideas and ideals,
you placed your heart on display
and left me stunned,
Your heart is way more beautiful
than all the Stars in the night,
Of all, the Moon and Sun


Sing me a lullaby
Let the lion lie down
Till the sun graces the sky
There's not a care to be found

Sing me a lullaby
As the day slowly fades
Darkness reclaims the sky
The star's dance and cascade

Sing me a lullaby
The sun surrenders
The moon claims the sky
Yesterday is only the remembers

Sing me a lullaby
As I drift off into slumber
Looking at the Diamond filled sky
Listening to the beat of the drummer

Sing me a lullaby
As you lie down beside me
Love so immense it fills the sky
To my locked heart, you are the key

©Pauline Russell

Solaces 5d

Some of the stars don't shine anymore..
This empty place has no echo..
The clouds are not here..
And the sky is not the blue I remember..
The luster is gone..
The word magic is dead..

You all have grown up..
But I haven't..
Not truly..

I can see those stars that don't shine for you..
And I can hear my voice echo in this empty place..
The clouds are gone for you but have returned for me..
And the sky is the creator of all that is blue..
I am the luster..
And magic is real..

None of this has faded for me one bit..
In fact if anything, it is becoming more and more magical as I get older..
Don't let others tell you otherwise..
There is a beyond..
There is an after..
And there is a forever..

Never ever let anyone tell you there is no magic......

Meeting your eyes with mine,
you take my cheek in your hand,
and whisper your love for me.

You hold me in your safe arms,
as we sit amongst the nights stars,
the sky dulling whilst looking at you.

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