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On my exploration, there are still secrets
that kept under my  sleeves; it would be a
twisted knife in my defenseless night.

Between the heaven and sea,
there are traces of him, keeping me
haunted and wandering at it.

Between the orbs and galaxies,
we're building towers,

we're praying and pleading for a myriad miracles,
I nestled gently on his lips,
it was all downhill.
finally when stars come out , we all go to sleep
when a heart opens up , they all just walk away..
Tricia Ong Jun 13
Have you ever wondered about the odds?
How our fates intertwine-
In this vast and troubled world?

Could it be destiny?
Perhaps it was written in the stars,
Ages or even eons ago,
That we were bound to meet,
That we would fall in love,
That you and I, would grow apart,
And you would eventually leave.

But I will never forget,
That midsummer’s night,
When the breeze smelled like your cologne,
And with every breath I took,
I was breathing you in,

The stars, how they shined so brightly,
And the fact, that I couldn’t stop myself from staring at your eyes,
Because they were more beautiful,
Then the rest of the universe combined.
i ask myself
questions my soul
refuses to answer
because it is soaked
in the silence of this night.

i refrain from anger
i build my castles
with strokes of moonlight
you only see it
in the luminescence of the night.

i lay lifeless on the ground
the sky above is a cutting board
i want to stick objects in there
with tools and utensils of memory.
i have forgotten my roots
because my wings dragged my
by the brink of death.

i wish not to be found
on such nights.
because i am not thinking
but breathing in unison.
i am believing my stories
and singing my own songs.
i am on leave.
and i desire to be.
a peaceful night.
Slime-God Jun 8
I gaze at the stars
and yet,  none of them matter
I look back to you~
Of all I've seen, and all I've done, nothing could have prepared me for you,
the world looks different since I met you, I long for the day I can read these to you
We look
upon the
the flowers,
“I was once
you, before
my eyes
were known
to your
the wind is
lifting the
gently as
of the sea,
the night
us and
are as
of the
we give,
and yet,
If time heals all wounds — I have petrified

turned to stone

can't decompose

As the night sky blooms
one by one
I watch the stars -

The earth is
jealous; I’m sinking in
I belong with
      the other hardened things

Dear Death, hand in
you've walked me too long —
now so heavy
rotting pain

I'll watch
on this sandy dune. The
night lights sparkle
only for me; bloom in their heavenly

And as the sky is set alight - and our own star rises -
may it shine a
broken body
                   if not from a warm

My hands
catch on the wind
adding to a new dune
over yonder.
I'll smile, and the earth welcomes me - Home.
My Dear Poet May 25
When she said “I love you”
the sun no longer shone
It exploded into fragments
across the beautiful blue sky
Jordan Ray May 25
I'm a star and I'm alone
Waiting for Neptune to dream;
Plan and write it in scheme
I started small but I have since grown,
Yet the night sky still seems baron
An old lonely sun, I stand misunderstood
I wish there was a way in which I could;
Draw your face as a constellation

Let your fathomless eyes;
With sanguine perception
Illuminate my cold and rusty heart,
Light up the dark and deserted skies
Forgive all this star has done,
And lay at my feet a chance to rechart
A little Petrarchan sonnet!
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