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"look at the stars!"
You said smiling beside me
And I just shook my head
As I starred into the pitch black darkness of the sky
Wondering why I couldn't see them too
Can you help me see the light in all of this darkness?
Someone who can see
The stars in his room
Anywhere he wanted
Or didn't
The stars follow him
Someone who's so exhausted
But the lights wont relent
And the world is bent
Every moment
Bursting with energy
New thoughts and ideas
Each one a star
That follows him
Because they wish to be free
Free from his gravity
From this dark aura
That surrounds his every word
Coats his every gaze
At night he cries
How badly he wants to set his creations free
How badly he wants them to see
The world unfiltered
He wishes everyone could see
These beautiful little lights
That feel all he does
For now, it will only be him
Him and his stars
Sometimes I feel like I belong with the stars. A constellation to be told about, but never truly known.
Compose with me here
Lyrics oozing honey
Enchanted sweetly words
All light and sunny, stars and moon;
Orchestrate with me here
Winds tinged harmony
Melody and tune, heard
All along the fields gold of noon;
Sing with me here
This love song we wrote
That we keep writing on
Come lows and highs the notes
Together - in duet.
dairy 20h
in the vast wasteland
we seek shelter
from the storm

from radioactive shells
we fled
danger, danger, here they come

we were alone
but not lonely
we were anxious yet filled with excitement

our heart beats faster
than the ticking of the geiger counter
as we approach our sanctuary

and there, away from the fallout
we found solace
under the neon stars

as we run away
we drank one last pint
of our carbonated liquor

and we stayed, waiting
as society collapse
as the world crumble

we were calm, we were happy
because we were lost
but we are home
Oscar 1d
the sun rises every morning,
blessing the earth with another day.
the moon shines at night,
watching over us as we lay at rest.

the stars give us our dreams,
despite being millions of miles away.
they shoot, we wish upon them
and they smile down at us.

heaven is above us,
but hell's fire is what fuels us.
we run on sleepless slumber and we
keep fighting with broken swords.

we breathe until we no longer can,
our lungs heaving with the hope that we will
survive another day because we're human
and we were crafted to survive.
all of my poems are sad, this one is kinda not sad

told my friends about how i write poetry on this site, they wanted to see but i fear they'll think i'm a bit weird.  what should i do?
bk 1d
I promise, my love
That when I go home
I will tell the stars about you.
They will tremble
When they hear
Of how bright you shine.
They will quake
When they are told
Of how beautiful you are.
They will be terrified
When they hear
Of how your love
Heats my heart on cold nights.
And most of all,
They will be jealous
When they hear
That I love you
More than the
Whole Galaxy.

Dazzling eyes with nowhere to land
The sparks once that shone, dissapearing into nowhere to be found
I asked him is it okay to live like that?
He replied ‘what should I do? the love I never asked tearing me apart’
I shut my self into silence and I wonder
why it’s hard to see you suffer than to see you fall in love with her
W 2d
Sometimes the darkness
Makes it hard for you to smile
And see the light in things
That's why I look to the moon and the stars
And see how they constantly shine
Through the darkness

The stars envied her heavenly body...
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