Jack 1h
The untouachable stars twinkle and above the stream
They glisten as do a thousand diamonds
The stream gently flows as does silk through hands
Although cold, it refreshes and soothes all who embrace it

A cool breeze lifts you up into the sky
You see the treetops as reminders that there is more above
Each tree slowly waving goodbye through the wind
All the constellations greet you with a sparkle

The nocturnal animals come out and play in what is thought to be the dead of night
They sing and dance for the joy of life
The animals truly appreciate the wonders of night

At first there is silence
By listening closer you hear the insects
The insects despite demonization enjoy the night as well
Fireflies light up the area while cicadas play their song
You may also hear the howling winds
One would say they are haunting
If you truly listen you hear momentous stories
The stream speaks nonsense expecting you to interpret it into beauty

The night smells of what can only be described as relaxation
Some say it's cool like a frozen pond
Others will exclaim it is that of fresh dew condensing

Whatever it is to you is opinion
Every opinion of smell, sight, or hearing is correct nonetheless
The night is wondrous
Some choose to slumber come nocturne
You can find me in awe at the beauty of what is simply known as night
Run wild
I wander around
Out of place
Stumble by the truth
Still I
look at the stars
Its shine leads me
To find home
I’ll return to you
So you can wipe my eyes
Nothing else is real
Besides you
Not even the moon shine
Is brighter
Than your eyes,
when you smile
duang fu 16h
let loose, darling, they told me
so they sent me an angel
with blue flowers in his hair and
just a drop of devilish mischief

in the light of day we'd be
over the hills
where spring flourishes and dances
and flowers are akin to watercolour
splatters upon a green canvas;
or at the stream
watching the water run almost nervously
while fish slip through the waters
like the wind through my hair

in the dead of night we'd be
on the roof
discussing the constellations in the sky
how the stars intertwine --
and are they all friends with the moon?
he'd ask and I'll laugh at the question
because i didn't have the answer to it;
or in the attic by ourselves
where we shouldn't be, with our
lips interlocked, his hands on my jaw
and mine at the back of his head
pulling each other close at an ungodly hour
pretending nothing would go wrong
if they caught us in this unholy act

then the time came
when they said they'd take him
away from the hills, the stream,
the stars and from me -
and I wondered how I would do
without him, for would I be lonely
with the blue sunshine he'd leave behind
or would I be anything but that?

he was my sun in the day
and my moon in the night
and so i had an answer to his question:
he loved the stars dearly
and I knew the stars
would love him
so the moon would be friends
with the stars and all of the stars
would gladly be friends with the moon

the boy laughed at my answer
he kissed me on the cheek
and told me he'd be back
for the hills, the stream,
the stars, and for me

and so I had my blue sunshine to myself
for a long time after that
but I well knew that it wouldn't last
for as long as the moon
was still friends with the stars
paramore - rose-coloured boy
Walking through the forest
Looking at the pitch dark sky;
Even the stars didn’t shine
They were trying to hide,

All alone;
didn’t have anyone beside;
Just me and myself;
And the broken flash light

As the wind blew
I quickly kept my hands inside;
It was as cold as my soul
Even a smirk on my face wouldn’t lie,

The warmth of the fire ;
Was all I wanted to feel tonight
With my body aching
Just couldn’t continue the plight

Came in to the jungle
To come close to death
Had cut down the rope
When I was just out of breath

Mind plays games
Says me it wants to die
Body says another thing
There is still life inside

Lost ,
with no hopes
can I continue tonight?
Alas, I want the misery to end ;
the reason I came there
Was the same thing, right ?

The Japanese jungle
Gave me what I wanted
There was nothing new to expect
I was just lying on the ground dead
Looking at the sky
Just Perfect!
The Japanese jungle is famous for suicide,
Even though it’s a hard thing to kill oneself , many Japanese people have sacrificed themselves in the history of time,
There was no shame.
But now things have changed
People come here to kill themselves often have a change of heart
And try to escape the jungle
Only to realise that
The jungle has delivered all the wishes one asks for.
Isaac 1d
milky way a spot
in the span of the
resting in the hands of
our creator
to be nursed

web of stars spread
generously abroad
could creatures born
into this world
ever become bored?

from the heavens'
full perspective
this planet is oh-so small
though for us humans
who live on it
it is a mega ball

the architect
of everything
looks after heaven and earth
his gentle love so evident
how could I not thank him
for my birth?
Written 14 August 2018
And each day I was told it would get better. In worn shoes I would walk the long route to school, and dream of all the things I would do. Autumn leaves danced at my feet and the kids on sixteenth street shouted fall songs. I was a lonely kid with a journal and hopes for things my mother always told me I could achieve. I was told to do great things but I was told only the lucky ones make it far enough to see the stars lining up at their feet. I went home on cold nights and sat at my window in search of someone just as lonely as me and I found it in the sky shining down on me. The loneliest star once told me so, I could make it far and before I’d know, it would only get better from here.
A poem I wrote in 8th grade...
I smell summer on your person
Tan is your toffee colored skin
Chlorine the scent of your hair
Bright skies and warm nights
A promise for tomorrow
I hear summer in your smile
Soft loving and a bit of longing
Touch me gently and let me know
I am real and make me feel infinite
Water splashing in my face
You feel real to me and you feel right
I hear summer in your voice
The laughter in my eyes
Sparkles brighter than the stars
You, you have a way
Of making me feel
Like I could be summer to you too
Nikki 2d
In the darkness that covers me I can see a few little stars

The brightness that still burns amidst hopelessness, the shame, the self resentment

Little stars still burn to show me

That there is hope somewhere in the universe

Little stars still burn to show me

That I still have time to make this right

I may not have the ability to change your mind - but I can change mine
I pray for an eclipse to hide you, Sun.
For I can’t hide this look on my face.

I hope for trees to shades your rays, Sun.
To clear my head of your haze.

I search for water to quench my throat, Sun.
The words get stuck on my lips.

I count down the hours until you set, Sun.
A bittersweet release from your grip.

I wait with the Moon for your dawn, Sun.
The stars know my secrets too well.

I fear the whispers in the moonlight, Sun.
With morning birdsong, my heart swells.

I see your light on the horizon, Sun.
Facing me East, so dear.

I realise the strength of your power, Sun.
My feelings burn so clear.
From my coffin
I fade in and out.
Watching the streetlights dance
With the stars above
As my soul struggles to break free
From the confines of my tortured past.
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