Stars spill across the skies,
And my eyes are a magnet to their beauty,
Ever entranced by their snowy glow,
Wondering softly how far their shine goes

Moonlit trees of stars
Near a calm and still rivers
Flowers for ripples

Poem by Lyn-Purcell

Carl Sagan Wrote
"We are made of Starstuff"
I am convinced
The pieces that make up me
& the pieces that make up you
Must have exploded
From the supernovae
Of the same great star.
Because when ever i am with you
I feel like I am rejoined
To the piece of me
That I have been missing

Dovey 22h

I want to know I want to know
What is so beautiful about stars? They’re so cold and distant and far away
I want to know I want to know
What’s so beautiful about stars? They have nothing to say

I’m tired of wandering in the sky. I’m tired of walking by myself
The Earth is so far away from the heavens.
I’m tired of watching them from the sidelines of this barren hell

I’ve been playing in the stars on my own and I think they’ve made me cold
I think they’ve made me numb because I’m feeling so done
I’ve become so alien from the others and I’ve discovered
These heavens lack beauty!

The stars utterly lack mercy.

Maybe if I’d been better, maybe if I’d been good
Perhaps then they’d have loved me and I’d have understood
How to talk to them
How to be with them

I am confined to myself away from that planet
I know it’s all my own fault that I’ve been banished
Maybe it’d be better if I just vanished!

I'm as ugly as the stars.
Audora 1d

Love scattered across your forehead
like stars flickering over
the eastern sky.

he looks at the stars
and back at me
take me, i am yours
he says.

i look at him
and back at the stars

how i wish they
took me.

-- Eleanor

D A N E 1d

There’s a star,
I can see it clearly
even if it’s so far.
The sky might be cloudy
that first night,
cold and a little sad,
yet in my eyes
it still shined so bright.

There are stars,
Billion of them in fact.
Twinkling little lights,
the attention they attract.
If there’s a star that
belongs to each human,
I found mine in my life,
the one that caught my eye.

There’s a star
and I call him mine.
He’s my north star,
Always guiding me
whenever I’m lost
or when I’m out of sight.
Dependable and constant,
He’s indeed my lifeline.

liv 1d

you are my sun when it is daytime, and my stars when it is nighttime. even when some days and nights are cloudy, i know you're still underneath it all. your arms are rays of energy that fill me with warmth and brighten my days. i look in to your eyes and everything else just seems to fade away. who knew the sky could be so pretty, although it is gray.

Stars gather in a twinkly show
     moon ascending in the dark sky,
          drowsy souls falling asleep
               in the still of night passing by.

                  peaceful dreams

               in gentle flows of height, and depth,
         myriad auroras of colors dance
a soft melody, on whispered breath.

Lingering just a moment or two
      as the world of dreams take hold,
           putting tired souls at ease
               in a soothing light of mosaic gold.

                  in songs of night

            magical melodies fill the air,
      floating upon a gentle breeze
tranquil moments, and answered prayers.

Stars gather in a twinkly show,
     moon ascending in the dark sky,
          drowsy souls falling asleep,
               in the still of night passing by.

© 2017 Brianna Love/SA/DBMA

I was never special but you made me think I was when you picked me from all the stars.

I never knew you could make me feel over the moon until you hugged me tenderly.

I never imagined that my dreams would come true until you came to me.

But now you have shown me how replaceable I am.

And without you..
I think I've lost everything.

I think you've found your happiness with her..
Be happy.. I want you to be happy.
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