When he stopped in the middle of the road and ran into the woods, returning with a daffodil for me and said, "It reminded me of you."

I think that was the exact moment it hit me.

He saw me as bright as the sun, while I saw my reflection as shades of midnight, and I knew I had met my other half.

And I keep that same daffodil dried on my shelf as a reminder to always be his sun, so our love will never burn out.
I see winters sun
Lazing on a conifer
Glistening like stars
Inspired from neighbours conifer in there garden :)
Stars and butterflies
Unicorns, glowing fairies
Love is magical
Poetic T 23h
It takes one star to guide me,
            but a million
     to momentarily lose myself within.

It takes one star to dream upon,
          but a million
     to lose it within mirages of self.

It takes one star to go out that,
        but a million
   still glow, but I miss that one the most.

"We each have a star we gaze upon,
               Let it always flicker for you,

moon 1d
I just want to be able to live.

To wake up to the sun,
shined in between my windows.

To feel the wind touching my,
easily scarred skin.

To stand in between,
all these tall trees.

To stare at the sunset,
and how the sky's blue fades.

To watch the stars come out,
along with the moon by their side.

And to thought of how lucky I am,
to exist and witness.

God's ethereal painting,
and remarkable piece of art.

I am so lucky to be a human.
I am so lucky to be drawn on His beautiful canvas.
For when I thought I was lucky to exist. [ Nature is the only reason why I found this world a beautiful place. ] Well, this is just a very cliché poem about how much of a nature lover I am.

i miss the days when you were sweet
and everything between us was soft and new;
we had the whole world at our feet.
now we're stuck in stalemate, no clue

what to do, where to be, who we are
i miss your gentle words and honeyed kisses
how you said my eyes were like stars
but you were the one granting all my wishes

and you were shooting, burning, fast and bright
perhaps we lost touch in this way:
you were only meant to be but a moment in the night
then the sun shines and it's time to face the day
You are at peace now that I know.
My head knows all the reasons but the grief still won't let me go.
My love for you knows no bounds even now, I look at the stars and I see you somehow.
Am i too afraid of when my heart starts to heal that your death will become all too real.
The grief when it gives me a reprieve, will it still be just as hard to breathe.
Without your love I feel nothing but this pain in my heart and soul.
Please can we just go back to the start when I still had all the pieces of my heart
Kit 2d
No longer do I fear the day someone who swore I was their universe can
no longer see the stars in my eyes
As long as they still choose to look
they will find them again
The stars were falling and we were falling too
and that night I asked if you will let me stay with you
Because I never feel more at home than when I'm in your arms
and my biggest weakness is you staring into my eyes
We are like two planets being pulled together
I can't run from you and I would never
It doesn't have to be so hard
Just let me be yours and promise you'll be mine
She was a traveling soul.
The galaxy resting above her nose.
I'd sit & stare.
Wondering where the stars would go next.
Both young & in love I let go.
Tracing together swirls of color.
The planets all together aligned.
Definitely in love with no where to fall.
It hurt when she'd look away.
I'd lie to myself everytime.
A traveling soul with crescent eyes.
Where will she go next.
Would she bother looking back.
I'd genuinely gaze to fail in love.
I could feel her forget.
Traveling one place to the next.
At one time I saw the universe whole.
Myself reaching for the telescope.
She's nowhere in sight
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