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clever 1d
lately, it seems that all i want to do
is get high enough to fall for you.
i'm not even on drugs.
you're just so intoxicating on your own.
A very strange thought came to me today trying
to put griefing In perspective try to think
more positive firstly the love for Helen Is far too strong to move

Even though gone Helen Is too much apart of my life so In a way, my griefing keeps her alive secondly If Helen we're to visit me In form of a ghost would I bring In a priest to remove her spirit

No cause I wouldn't  I'd want Helen to keep visiting
I'd keep a light on for her
should she come calling so
although my poetry Is sad
to me I've found a place In that sadness to where I write my poems of her and our life together

But don't want anybody to be sorry for me only for Helen but just keep reading my poems of my wife then I know I haven't lost her all together I'm happy Helen's still with me  I keep her alive and keep myself alive for I can never stop thinking or writing about her

And everyone on this site has been truly amazing and so supportive of Helen and I cannot thank all of you enough just hope you never tire of my poems of Helen because I need to write I live my poems of Helen
A strange thought while passing the time of day
a new way to look at and
deal griefing
I'm climbing this mountain
even though it scares my skin,
and turn the breath that I exhale
into a cloud that spells a name.
A name I'm not allowed to hail
or it will keep on echoing.
Now the wind kept on whispering
to just leave the mess I'm in
because it knows that I'll fall again
and go back to the beginning,
and it'd be easier if I just let go
the painful grip of this solid rope.
I don't see a glimpse of hope.
Good thing I wore an extra coat
even if I look like a joke.
I won't think to walk away
but now the sky is turning grey,
the ground I'm on starting to fade,
the stars above start to awake,
the moon says it's now too late.
I know it's fate to fail to get on top
but still I'll fight, for faith will not.
Then, tonight the wind just stopped.
Now it's silence that whispers "stop".
It begs for me to let me drop.
I start to ask myself on why,
and what's waiting on that height.
If I reach the top tonight-
I would forget the name, I might.
Although unsure, it's worth the try.
So I then pull with all that I can.
This time I chose not just to stand.
This time I might just win this one.
I can feel excitement in my hand,
Everything is going just as planned.
With so much determination,
fortunately, the sun is on horizon.
To add, I chanted all my motivation,
every word that I know is inspiration.
"Rejection", "Redemption", "Salvation",
"my friends", "my hobby", "my family ",
I went on until I accidentally
said the word that was keeping me
from ending this entire journey.
Your name, your name so heavenly!

The ground I was on became icy flat,
the sky darkens and began to spat,
the wind angrily began to flap.
I tried to hold myself intact
but the rope I held began to snap.
I screamed but there was no sound.
I couldn't see below, the ground.
Is this my end, the final round?
Well at least I die being proud
that I fought despite all my doubt.

Then I wake up, body in pain.
Why am I here, is this the way
to where I'm wanted by my brain?
I don't see any road nor highway.
All that is here is this rope and this mountain.
could i forget if i can't remember?
Silas 2d
We are here, we are free
Yet we can't be, a bird in a tree
Free of worries, full of Glee
At the world beneath thee
For though we are free,
We still can't be what we want to be
My very first published poem
love was never so terrifying
til i met you

cause i never realized
how much i needed it

and now i cant let go
cingulomania: a strong desire to hold someone in your arms
Umi Feb 12
Within an unclouded darkness,
This is where I'd find rest, a somber, unending sky above me leads the way into the everlasting night, promising a forgotten dream,
For it is warming, even comforting; the bitter grasp of loneliness,
Laughing endlessly, throbbing in the dark, this figure of hatred now resented by life itself wriggled in the lost moonlight of the abyss,
Unfading scars, pure fury are what has driven me this far and beyond, for a hellfire is burning me up inside, yet, this hole in my chest, this numbing, all consuming pain won't let me go,
A petty figure, who has gotten rid of all emotions just so she could awaken in this emotionless void as who she is now,
One after another my companions fell to the chains of fate,
They were just hopeful dreamers who saught a future of bliss,
And so my heart in love, consumed by agony and hate, died.
If I only forgave you of all people, I could be myself again!
But until then, I will wander around this pure dark,
To seek revenge for my reflection,
The abyss is a calming exile.

~ Umi
Gammar Feb 9
Let me take your hand
Let me
Dance with you slowly
Lay my cheek
on your cheeck
Let my curls tangle with your silky hair playfully
Drop formality give you a heart tweak

Let me touch you the way they didn't touch you
Gently, slowly, with every drop of **** I have for you, and I'll tear up but don't peak
Let me merge my warmth with your sadness
Let me ease your tension let my eyes speak

Let me
Let me tell you silly stories
you don't have to breathe a word
hear my emotions leak
Let me take you away from these noisy crowds
Let me trace the map of your face with my index
Tease your lips, kiss your moles.
This night is a disastrous streak

Let yourself
Dance with me slowly
Lay your cheek on my cheek
untangle my curls, brushing them away from my face so you could see
let yourself fall deep

Let yourself Drown in my touch and soft kisses
as I laugh at your timid reflexes pick up the speed
Let yourself feel my warmth slip into you
Let your soul listen to my eyes when they speak
Let yourself laugh as I rant nervously
Let yourself slow me down,
brushing my shoulders that are oblique

Let yourself
Kiss my fingertips as they land on your lips
Let your hands surrender and, hold me back
closer than you've ever dreamt
Let go of the act that no one needs,
it’s bleak
Aytree Feb 8
I’ve been so busy these past few years struggling to hold my sealing up.
Trying prevent it all form fall apart.
But in the end it’s to much.
so you just let go and let it all….  fall.
It’ll break your heart
But then you’ll realize that it’s a whole new world out there.
you just been using power,
on something that only made you weaker
Sometimes at night as lie awake just can't sleep
with my darling on my mind
I can never rewind with my ******* my mind to memories that
continually flashing through my
As lay on my bed with a permanent space there beside me, I put out a hand and place It to where she once did
And try to pretend she's still here with me for I know I'll never stop missing my beautiful wife
Forever I will love her never let her go for she belong here with
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