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Laiba Jul 5
Don't ever take my silence for granted
It's got more power then words could ever have.
Listen closely and you will hear
That I no longer trust a soul
Being let down doesn't always feel great.
My ptsd takes things more then I would as person. But once I loose trust its very hard to bring back.
Keep rising even thou you'd fallen
Below the ground where you face had felt the dust of earth.
You could change, becoming beautiful, letting go of the past.
Your dreams are possible bringing every single one of it into reality, walk where the sun lead until it dawn on you keeping your dreams at your reach and you become unstoppable.
I want to know,
If I let go of everything.
Who would be scarred?
I wont, but what if I did....
I choose detachment;
Excitement brings more distress,
It never brings peace.
Excitement is agitation and agitation leads to desperation which leads to bad outcomes.
Excitement is born from expectations and expectations assure disappointment.
Let me sleep until reality turns grey
Let me breathe until my lungs tear to shreds
Let me live alone in a house with a cat
Let me not be touched or tainted

But the world wants you to be touched
The world wants you to see reality in all its horrifying colors
The world wants you to breathe softly
And to live with the noises and smiles
Of the house you always dreamed of.
Let the sun shine as always
Let the moon reflect light from the sun
Let the sky be blue for a time
Let it pour like never before
Let friendship be built
Let it all be tested
Maria Mitea Feb 8
it's sad. but happy.
lonely. but not the only one,
a spark of calmness. but a blister of days.
light waiting for the ****** night.
the joy of. what also grows life. to be meaningless.
separation builds
the color fades
its not the same
a yawning pit
opens between us
i cannot reach across
i do not even try
i don't want to see
and i don't know why
but i let the distance grow
and all i feel is relief
those bonds
i don't have to care about
anymore soon,
and I'm counting the days
does that make me awful?
sometimes, distance is the only solution. sometimes, you have to give people up
Lo Jan 15
For the girl who stays
Up thinking too much,
Clear your tears and
Kick your worries to the curb.

For once
Exhale the heaviness you carry, the
Emptiness you try to fill with
Little things that don’t matter.
Instead, wear that bumble bee hat, with
No cares about who likes it or who
Gives a **.
Simply let go and live.
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