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remind me how to fly,
deep into the void sky,
without looking for the darkness.
Jamie Bell Oct 15
Tempting to think that
soliloquies of the morning
on the garden bench radio
drifting in and out of earshot
seagull on the patience wall
tilting heads in confusion
to understand such chaos
well-wishing together to say
stumbling along blind desire
into ignorance forming timely
manner please don’t shout
when you could speak softly
it’s not enough to want
but always better to kneel
to protect your loved ones
elevating the ghosts yesterday
whispering their magic ballads
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I like the sound of his voice when he says a warm hearted synonym
I like when my room smells like cloves and cinnamon
I open up my sternum and I show him what’s inside
He will take advantage of this fragile heart of mine
I ask my mama not to worry
I tell her I don’t feel as bad as I look
I’m giving a half assed apology
Worth is not defined by that holy book
Shes vindictive so she doesn’t understand
When I tell her it’s not about getting even
It’s about the loss of a good man
He knows how to make me cry
He knows how to take the sun out of my sky
This phone does not work it is phony
Tell them in person that I am feeling lonely
The next time I decide to open up this sternum of mine
I will be prepared to see nothing inside
You can have the rest of me
I guess this is how it’s meant to be
I carry the weight of my heart and my head
I think of how great it must feel to be dead
I think of him and fill with dread
I think of when we would listen to jpeg together in his bed
This rooms empty without the sound of the static on his face time
He may not have said much but his company was divine
I will never fill this hole
I feel so alone
It hurts to reminisce
Letting go is pure bliss
K Sep 23
I really really wanted it to be you, I wanted you to be the one that could love me the way I deserve because oh boy how much I liked you. I asked you if there was anything else we could do, but you couldn't think of anything... you couldn't say anything to make me stay because I knew I had to go. It was hard because you weren't doing anything wrong, but neither doing anything right. And it was ******* hard because the part of me that died for you was having trouble accepting the fact that you and I are not gonna happen. I cannot think of you without smiling and crying at the same time, at least for now.
You were what could've been but wasn't, you were the one I hoped one day we'd do roadtrips with your sister and her family, you were the one I hoped would send me flowers, and surprise me with a kiss, and take me to places, and share memories and moments. You were the one I thought I would take with my family on vacation. You were the ******* one I thought we could go swim and walk and talk and fall madly in love. I close my eyes and I see us holding each other so tight and so infinite... I want to remember us in the rooftop watching the sunset, but more than that, I want YOU to remember it. I have to let you go, but please... don't forget me.
ATILA Aug 28
This is the right time to tell her your heart is actually beating her name. All you should do is open your door and say, “Come in.” Lock your door and throw the key to the seventh sky.
Let me in.
Ken Pepiton Jul 31
Hey, 2020, praying person, what do you pray,
I saw you praying,
what were you saying,
how do you do
called prayer, is it easy, is it hard, is there a right way,
is there a wrong?
H'lafwearden, teach us to pray. Must you beg?

-- I would that ye should pray unceasingly.\
-- imagine that, as a kid,
-- six years into being.
-- Thy will.
-- Be done, at your service, my
command, learn, recite, learn, recite, learn re

after ever learning truth expands,
we can never catch ever resting
in peace.

Sunday school or Hebrew school or Madrassa
people of the book, look, look
a word
to the wise
is enough, you can we what you claim to be
and we shall see,
we shall.
Show yourselves lovers of wisdom and truth and
no lie,
the self evident truth will be your witness.

Define you, and truth shall form the you you wish.
2020 tech, do-overs, set to auto. Imagine better,
not good,
aim at completion,
just better, each time, live to the end,

sleep and rise, expecting to recall all you ever needed
to finish this one
before, facing dawn, once more.
After all. being old comes with perks, lessons learned, lonesome valleys walked, lessoning maxims learned and lost in spells that failed, but prayer,
once watched working and practiced for fifty years, 2020, as it turns out is what you get/
Bryn Kennell Jul 30
Monkey bars
Hold on
Do not let go

I climb high
To hold you close
But it takes all my strength
So I let go
Rozana Jun 20
You are nothing more than another verse sent by the universe to be added to my book of tragedies.
Catnip Lily Jun 22
The colours of emotions
Was it a deceit?
Alas! Could it be egoism?
Which was yours?
Black Yellow White
A separate sensations that cannot be mixed
Consumed by confusion, it engulfed me with a silent sadness.
Being deceived can caused the other party to suffer. Egoism would lessen pain for the victim, but with these two opposite traits, a relationship may fall beyond repair..
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