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.       let
                                  me in
        sacred spaces
                                                         i can

             let me be your offering
.Loving you
Is a sinking ship
And as I bail water out
You pour bucket after bucket
Right back in

.It won't be long now till we're treading water.
Bede Sep 26
I made grand promises
Of what I'd do
To those that use
And manipulate you
My beauty, my love, my soul.

I don't know anymore
Who you truly love
And if I'm actually
The center of your world.
Bird Sep 22
i did not let go.
i held on till there was nothing left to hold on to.
i held on even when the string tightened and cracked my bones.
i held on through rope-burn until i had no skin left.
“and was it worth it?
what did you get in return?”
nothing but a broken hand.
Bede Sep 22
I won't let my dreams,
Remaining dreams,
Be stamped out,
But I won't let them rule over me.

But my dreams keep me
Holding on
To the life that
Others find so dear.

Who do I have?
What do I have?
Am I truly alone?

When my friends dwindle
And I've got no one,
You're still there.

Even when everyone
Around me
Can betray me.

You're still there.

So am I ever truly alone?
No, never, you won't let me.
For this, I appreciate you most.
Even when all those I admired turned to rust, you're still there. Thank tou
You are a mystery. A riddle without an answer.
A tounge twister I can't wrap my sense around.
I would never find the answers in between your lines.

If you were a library I could never read everybook.
Not even if I could live forever.
Not even if your library would let me in.

And yet, on the cold ground I wait. My body caves in on itself, shrinking under the shadow casts by your walls.

Your fortress. Your empire. Your kingdom.

You are everything that I love and yet I am exiled.

Your name would hang above the doors in gold, glittering like the ice crystals freezing my shattered heart together.

But here I wait. And here I'd still wait.
Even after I'd gone blind, or forgotten how to read.
Because if your library ever let me in, there is no sweeter smell than old books.
Take a seat when you're tired,
Wipe thy face till your tears dry.
I just hate seeing you cry.
Listen to me as I sing a lullaby,
And to your concerns say goodbye.
Your weariness takes a toll on me
So do your best and to your sorrows, breakfree
Sleep now, my love, for our tomorrow
Be jovial and leave your sorrow.
Don't let my heartaches get into you
'Cause I'll be fine on a Sunday moon
And who knows, we might see a baboon.
But, in case we see a doe,
Please, don't say **.
Just a note.
Tanya Sep 10
I pick up our memories
like forgotten dusty books
my gentle touch is a remedy
for the thin paper that lonely hurts

dark library is where I choose to read
dark, with nothing on its shelves
except you and me

chapters of love
chapters of sadness
there is one of forgiveness
several of madness

words written but never spoken
love present, still unbroken  
memories inking my mind
I try to leave you behind

I’m still reading, holding your hand
I can’t pronounce it
or maybe i can.
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