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august 3d
life is a beautiful mystery and wonder
full of dreams and miracles
a infinite sky above filled with possibilities
among peace

chaos exists here too
bad days will come but
they will go
just like a hurricane

it will pass
dark days will swallow
your heart in whole
but there is light somewhere

always to be found
it's okay to cry
it's okay to break
joy will pour in

your wounds like rain
if you can't find
hope around you
become it

it is within you
to keep going
to keep moving
to keep growing

despite the scars
you're still holding on
broken souls
become strong warriors

everything will be okay
i promise you
one day at a time
magnificent things are

blooming for you
You didn’t know me,
You didn’t know the scars buried under my skin,
You didn’t know the darkness trapped within.
You didn’t know the pain I hid all too well.
You didn’t know me.

And knowing that you didn’t know,
You still plunged deep into my soul,
Searching for a light I’d lost
/On the way to my own sweet hellhole.  

And slowly
Painfully slow,
You led me out of this cage
Helped me fight my demons,
Never letting go.

I love it when you smile and your lips tremble.
I love it when you fumble when you’re nervous.
I love it when you play with my hair.
I love it when you say my name like a prayer.

We’re gonna write our story
A tale as old as time
We’re gonna make new memories
One line at a time
And when we grow old and weary
We’ll look into each other’s eyes
As we watch our legacy
Pass on with a smile.

I love how my head fits perfectly on your chest.
I love how you kiss my forehead.
I love how your heart beats as fast as mine.
I love how you whisper in my ear, “you’re mine”.
carefully reaching for your hand
it's the first day I've seen you in person.

I've known you for long enough
that I'm surprised when you grab my hand back.

when I look into your eyes, I see fear, and trepidation, and sadness, but also hope and happiness and love.

I will do everything I can
to keep holding your hand.

you hold mine so gently
so carefully. so kindly.
Haley May 17
Mentioned you as the North Star.
It wasn’t enough,
Because you shone brighter than any star I've ever laid my eyes on.

Your beauty electrifies me every time you enter the same room as I.
Your eyes shining brightly into mine,
And the way you hold yourself,
I want that to be mine.

The way you stare at me,
Right as we lean in for a kiss.
The way you hold me,
Brings me right into bliss.

Now you know I love you,
And I was praying that you’d love me too.
And to finish the full circle,
I would like to ask you;

Will you be mine?
Wrote this for a project, wishing it was my reality.
i'll never say
"all rights reserved"
these poems aren't
really mine.

as soon as you
with my inky words,
they are
idk. i hope you're doing alright, lovely.

elizabeth May 7
do you ever ache for the feeling when you first meet someone and you just know that they are gonna mean something to you. you can feel in your chest that this person will be important to you. you don’t know for how long but you know that they will be. and then the first time you touch not sexually but when you accidentally graze elbows or you bend your knee so that it falls just barely on his. and you both feel the energy between you and you don’t need to say anything because it’s unspoken it’s unspoken it’s unspoken that you will be someone to that person and you spend hours thinking about those tiny touches and how electric they are. the sound of your name coming out of his mouth sounds like honey and black tea and at night when you lie awake in your bed your mind is flooded with thoughts about him and everything that you might be one day because suddenly the world feels so much bigger and brighter and you just cannot believe that someone this beautiful could exist

because all i can think about is that feeling. my mind replays the first time i spent the night with you. it was 3 am on the last day in november and when i asked you if i could sleepover and you looked at me and said “does it look like i’m gonna let you go?”. you pulled me closer and held me so tight and in that moment i felt myself falling in love with you i really did

but you did let me go and now whenever i hear my name it sounds bitter and harsh and the world feels dark because i know someone that beautiful exists but he doesn’t want to be with me. and that i won’t ever get to relive those first moments with you. you forgot me like i never meant anything to you. and i remember you like you’re still holding on
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
Life as a cat? That's where it's at.
The cat is so beloved, the humans offer a beach of crystals to use as a toilet each week.
We may be fancy, but don't fall for those ridiculous stories. we don't wear hats or speak.
As a cat, you get to sleep all day. Then, when you wake up, the humans are ready to play.
If they get annoying, just bat them with your paw and they'll usually go away.
If an intruder makes its presence known, scratch and *** on the walls to let them know "you're in my space. This is my home and mine alone."
Well, I think that's all I have to say. Remember, show your humans love, and you'll be treated like a god for the rest of your days.
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