Many are mine,
in words only!
An attempt to write 6 words story
I love your eyes.
But I love my eyes more.
Cause I hate seeing mine cry over yours.

                            With love,
He gave me his heart when I dropped mine.

                     With love,
Ann 6d
dream of me as I dreamt of you
let my image float through your sight
I, the star commands it to be
you cannot escape my might
please do not think of me badly
do I not also deserve love?
you are bound to me
as I decree
the star, her lover, the night?
I'm older now

You told me you loved me tonight

I cried

I'm older now
I held him and kissed him goodnight

I'm older now
I went to a restaurant and my mother handed me a glass of wine

I'm older now
Kept quiet in the face of violence

I'm older now
Helped make breakfast

I'm older now
I'm the age they thought appropriate for me to love fiercely

The age they thought okay for you to want me

The age we always talked about like some distant memory

The one we used in all our arguments
All our reasons


I am here

And I don't know what to do with it.

Almost scared to want it


I loved all my presents
But they weren't what I really wanted
Despite asking for them

What I want
I am scared to want
What I wanted

Was you.
Just a fact, perhaps. No double meaning I guess,
Admitting distance
I have a world
I keep to myself
Galaxies unfurled
Fit on a single shelf

A shelf in my mind
That way it stays hidden
Upon entering you shall find
My little world overridden

Overridden with hurt,
within and without
I am an expert
On fear and shame and doubt

This is why, you see
My little world, so far away
Is shared with only me
I think we all have little worlds, little parts of ourselves, that we long to keep hidden.
Nibinlal May 13
I have seen the stars,
I have seen the moon.


In her eye I saw myself.
Diya May 12
Floating in the clouds of imagination,
With a paradise settling  in my  mind,
faraway from the land of reality
And in the skies of eternity!!
When reality is harsh,sometimes I escape to imagination...Though temporarily, it helps!!
Evie May 11
one day i will go to bed
and im not going to be terrified of having a different face in the morning
of everyone disintegrating or finding a better me while im sleeping
i will wake up
and understand
i got what i need
i always do
the universe provides.
Tony Cortez May 6
I have more then enough demons then I can count, more then enough problems to deal with and more then enough things that are unfixable
She is afraid that when I change my physical appearance that I'm just going to up and leave her
Even though its for both of us

She has these doubts and I don't blame her
This one has been through so much pain that even with my demons it's hard to comprehend how she feels

My feelings for her are absolute they will never falter and they will never change at the sight of someone else
I could go to a model runway and I still would choose you over them
You choosing me has made me feel invincible
Like I can conquer the world for you

The thing you need to know about me is I'm not my father, I'm not a player, and not like more then half the guys on this planet

So when I say I love you it means more then just that
Love is suppose to be just a chemical in our brain a human nature to breed and develop
Sad fact about today is that marriage divorce rates Is 50% for wed couples
I've seen couples that have lasted their whole lives and I'm never going to leave

Your mine nothing will change how I feel for you and even though our love is new
It feels ancient like a virus that was just lying dormant all these years
We might have known each other in another life I dont know

Point is you're going to have doubts and I'm going to have doubts but I already know we are different a team that was meant to be
A perfect pairing

You're my world, my sun, and the love of my life

I just need you trust me to love you, don't  doubt my intentions
I'll say it forever until my lungs bleed and my vocal chords mute
I love you
I'll be forever loyal to you
I just need you to believe in me
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