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rgz 1d
a poet who can't write
a dog that won't bite
a hill that can't climb
a clock with no time

an ist with no ism
undead but not risen
an endless schism
of self sedition and indecision

a two headed coin
a completely missed point
a light in the void
a limbless joint

Bo-Peep with no sheep
the shallowest deep
an unsailed sea
of dreamless sleep
while morrissey despairs in the background
be mine

in this world full of whom i love
that doesn't love me
CM Lee 3d
Remember when we were happy?
When we weren’t afraid of anything
When all we could lose was you and me
We weren’t scared and it was everything

My hair was short and yours was long
Now things have changed
We don’t know where we belong
We’re lost and seems like there’s no end

You hair’s now short and mine is long
Now, things are still the same
We still don’t know where we belong
We’re older and maybe a little insane

We might never meet again
We might never find our way home
But that will never ever mean
The moon never tried to chase the sun
bad habits
the normalization of disfiguring one’s self
a daily roadblock.
a bountiful collection of poor decisions
that i’ve lined up upon my wrist.
a bile curdling hatred of my fading wounds,
they are the only ones that stay.
bad habits
they are the only ones that stay
I know that I love you,
and this is how;
because to me,
your happiness
means more than mine.
CK Marrow Jan 9
it's approaching
it forever draws nearer
and it never stops
and it never will
more constant than the moon on a clear night
more familiar than the touch of a lifelong love
chilling to the bones
more you than not
you will never escape
nothing helps
*** never seemed more silent
maybe it's just you're too loud
you plea and beg for semblance
but it never comes
and it never will
**** is a place on earth
and it's right here in my head
noir Jan 9
I made another mask

I got too much blood on the last one

I promise to take better care of this one


To be honest

I’ve forgotten what I look like

Behind my collection

<Is that really such a bad thing?>

I don’t know

You tell me

<I can’t tell you what you are>

I am


i have no idea who i'm talking to but it feels like my conscience.
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