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Poem dedicated to you

Those looks
Always make me forgot Books...
Nothing so shine
When I call you mine...
Whenever I feel lazy
Your coming made me crazy...
Touching your soft hand
I feel like a magic wand...
Staring into your eyes
RAYEES Catching the stars along the skies...
I am your's
You are mine
Together we always shine
Never forgot you r mine..
You are mine
perhaps i'm some ****** girlfriend
but i just like to protect what's mine
i'm not possessive
i'm territorial
and he's mine
you better be careful around me
try to talk to my man in some flirty way
then i promise you you'll never want to talk to anyone again
i seem so sweet and innocent
but you've probably never met someone as crazy as me

I believe that
dreams can
come true
because mine
did when I met
you my love
I will always
love you
I ******* swear
Oh, Mi Rey, remember I keep my promises and swears
I love you
kiran goswami Nov 11
We both committed a crime,
I stole his heart
he stole mine.

now he is guilty
I'm arrested.
Lyrical Nov 8
Deep Breaths,
stressing changes nothing.

Deep Breaths,
-because you have no time to falter
-because they need your strength
-because you'll fail if you don't

No...Scratch all of that.

Deep Breaths,
-because you deserve peace
-because you've done your best
-because..well just because you can.

You won't be able to breathe forever so why waste a single moment of it?

Why waste time on problems you don't have the power to solve and situations you have no power to change.

This is your one and only life so don't you dare go spending a moment of it believing you're undeserving.

Don't do it for me,
or them,
or her,
or him,
but YOU.

Because in this time and in this moment you are what matters.

This life belongs to you so please treat it kindly.
Jeweleanna Nov 7
I didn't fall in love with you
I walked into love with you
  with my eyes wide open
       choosing to take
  every step along the way
I do believe in fate and destiny
        but i also believe
           we are fated
        to do the things
that we'd choose anyway
         and i choose you
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality
         i'd find you
   & i would choose you
To my beautiful sweet girlfriend. You're EVERYTHING to me. I love you so much mi amor. My sweet Delly.
Jeweleanna Nov 5
My beautiful, sweet, kind, handsome, Delly
I love you so much to the point where I can't explain
You make butterflies dance in my excited belly
I want you bit by bit
I don't want to lose you, so our name can forever be Jelly.

As you know, of course I don't know how to explain our love
& I can't find the words
maybe were like doves
or like love birds.

You say you trust me
To be honest it's really scary
When that was said I giggled with glee.
I know I'm broken, & to cover it up I'm a bit daring
but you know that's not me
but yet, here you are, holding my broken heart, with care
I might seem okay, I really do love you, so i gave you my key
to my beat up bruised heart.

You took me in your arms,
Even though your'e also sad,
You broke through my hearts bars.

I'm really glad
I let you into my heart so,
Baby, don't feel down or bad
because some day,there will be that one special part
Where, I can show you how much you mean to me

                         (To be continued....)
This is about my girl/boy Delly aka sadxboii. I love you soo much Mi Rey
acacia Nov 5
something here is going to have to go.
maybe it is the look in your eyes                          [you are wrong!]
or maybe it's the fact that you don't wanna let go       [i know you!]
tell me something i haven't heard before.     [don't be mean.]
everyone has the same opinion. you seem to just always want your way.                      [how could you? don't you remember all of the things we've been through? don't you see me standing in your way?]
                      yes, and as i can see, you're still in my **** way.
  [will you please?]
                                             your time is almost over.
     [that's alright.]
is it?
                                        [you should be ashamed.]
                     you don't have to tell anyone.
[no one wants to know, anyway!]
                                  when i die, cry to me at my grave. we'll see if i care then.
                    [you're always thinking about yourself.]
                                       you don't want to trust anyone else.
[don't you want to help me?]
       always thinkin' 'bout yourself.
                          [you don't love me!]
always thinkin' 'bout yourself.
more inspiration, the strokes.
O lady mine ...

We belongs ...

my heart ...
my soul ...
and every part ...
of my body ...
is belong for you ...
because you are ...
the only one ...
whom i need ...
and feel within ...
with a deep love ...
only for you ...
and never any one ...
to own me ...
as you did ...
my sweetheart ...
as i'm too also ...
for you ...
the heart ...
the soul ...
and every part ...
of you ...
is only belongs ...
for me ...

yes my angel ...
this love is only ...
belongs for us ...
me and you ...
love you ...

lady mine ...
With all my wounds  ...
with my heart ...
and it's beats ...
shout and shout ...
so strong ...
so high ...
saying from the heart's soul ...
I love you ...
O you ...
You are ...
the owner to my heart ...
and the soul ...
that i live within ...
always ...
I love you ...

hazem al ..
acacia Nov 4
the moonlight it breathes with a virtue,
it hangs sideways, it looms in the air. sometimes, maybe, masking the hum of the night.
could honey distill such fragrance from your hair?
no, no, i'm sorry!
how dare i try to dismiss you, dear?
you didn’t rise from the Jordan to hear this;
i wouldn't even get so close as to taste you, not even mention scolding you.
inspired by one of my favorites, h.d. read song by h.d. (worth)
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