"You're mine , your ass is mine. You are all mine."
Not knowing no one ever told her that. And she loved the way his lips told her that she was all his.
We're connected we're vibing . But you're still mine and I'm still yours.
Stara 4d
I don't want to be
your break from the world, I want
to be your world
Evie 4d
sometimes i wish i left my nails long
because in moments like this
i really want to scratch and shape them
on my skin
until they get red
a pretty vibrant color
i will never stop being like this
Hush now little one, dont be scared.
It's time to be brave now
And put on the smile you've prepared
The smile on your face
Tells me something different than how you feel
Keep quiet and they'll never know the difference between what's fake and real
Irlomak 6d
All these things I'm trying to do will never be enough to show how important you are to me.
all these things I'm trying to do will never be enough for me to express all the things you make me feel
and lastly,
all these things I'm trying to do, you deserve more than any of this
I'm sorry.
Irlomak 6d
He used to be fine with the fact that he's not an expressive person
it's often hard for him to find the right words to say
he is fond of keeping things to himself
but right now,
the things he would do just to be able to let his sense of expression rise from the bottom of a dark abyss.

His mind is yearning for him to convey his bottled-up frustration of thoughts.

"He needs to tell her how much he loves her  
how much he appreciates her  
how much she means to him
how blessed he is to have her
how beautiful she makes his life
he needs to tell her all these things, but how."

She will never  know.
Irlomak 6d
Words aren't enough to tell you how much I am proud of you,
for your accomplishments, achievements and hard work
you made it this far and you're gonna go even further
don't stop, never
don't settle
just continue
you're going to make yourself even more proud in the future.

It's time to stop caring about what other people think
think of what your future self will think of you when she looks back,
you should only care about what you think, of yourself.
that's the only thing that matters.
what you think about yourself is solely the important thing you should be giving much attention to.
so, make yourself proud.
be confident.
be comfortable in your own skin.
own it.
I'm pretty sure
you don't exactly want to hear this
coming from me
but whether you believe it or not,
my heart goes out to you
and it will always care,
it just sucks at reaching out
"you, me & wine"
a tasty
reside here
and in
that hide
every time
I see
her there
in this
gym with
his gem
in my
head to
orbit the
sound of
be-bop in
quarter of
saxophonic bleed
a dancer with notes
Ana Sophia Jul 5
wish I could delete you
from my memory
and erase me from yours.
whish I could detach our past
and exclude this reality
in which we're apart
and not right for each other.

maybe if we met
another time and place
I wouldn't have screwed it up.
you would be free
and we could work it out.

I still persist thinking
that someday there will be an us.
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