I'm making advances
Can you even see?
I'm trying
But will you ever be with me?
I'm reaching out to you
Do you hear my call?

I can see you're trying too
Is this all in my head?
I’m sensing subtle hints
Do you know I want this too?
If this is what you want
What’s stopping you?

The timing might be off
And you might feel like this is wrong
But you feel what I feel
And I feel what you feel
There shouldn't be anything between
If this is really you and me

So please be mine
I won't ask for much
Just for love
Love in your heart
Love on your mind
Love in your soul
Love for me
There were pieces of you
that were not mine.
I tried to make you my picture,
tried to get rid of the part
where I could see reflection
of loves that could have almost stayed for life.
I wanted you for me
and that’s where I went wrong.
Afeli 1d
An impeccable volute jay,rested on his cottony labrum.
Gandering him letting out dissolving clouds of aspro.
Soothes my soul, as if the clouds of aspro are my commotion.
Aspro -white (Greek)
labrum -lip (latin)
You are the one I am lucky enough to call my best friend
To spend my years with
To fall over my stumbling feet
Into your arms
How much I adore you is beyond words
I would walk through hell over and over again just to get to you
Your hugs make me feel safe and at home
Our moments of being completely
Silly and random
With laughter to go around
Day after day
To be kids together
Work out
And many adventures
My vows to you
Will over time be met and went beyond and added to what I vow to you.
My one and only
Love is hidden in the poem
What a gorgeous sunflower you are
warm like a hot sunny day in the park
Little glowing light in the dark

Soft like freshly baked bread
I can't get enough of you
Your polaroid pictures are stuck in my head

I breathe you in as if it was my last breath
Your scent makes me lose the grip of reality
All I want to do now is to take you to my bed
So we can travel to

When in your presence there's no worry
You only make me feel so holy
I want to be closer to your divine
I'll do everything to make you happy
If you agree to be mine
Afeli 5d
He scrunches up his face;
A bravura of sheer irksomeness.
Fruitless tries of wild fathom.

His act halts his face facing mine;
dawning of endless gaze.
After a splendid array of irritability all that his partings exit is a set sound of,
And I smile at the utter cuteness of the act.
He never fails to make me smile be it in any way... Even such as this, even though he doesnt realize that that the sound of Tch he makes, makes me smile.
though strictly Fermi, and oh...(en Rico) plus sun
dre other parvenues, a rapture
     surges thru me,
     when audibly communicating, enunciating,
     and speaking English words

as if hi ken run
a marathon, or zip to the moon,
     (take as cheesy tong in cheek)
     from this pun
gent, who relishes reading for my eyes and ears
     asper myself, which purported nun

sense ink reese sees learn'n
     den earn an award,
especially wash'n black board
den breathing intelligent dust
     from eraser head could awk cord,

I utter Hieronymus Bosch, bing enamored,
and aye actually confess
     tubby a model United Nations chimp
pan zee, and/or other
     type of survey monkey hook can huff ford

Old Rotten Gotham horde
sliding down into the behavioral sink...
     exclaiming "oh me jack lord"
and getting rescued then getting less on,

     sans get'n taut how (muss elf George Eliot)
     tubby comb moored
     flossed, milled, and taut
     tubby trained for Operation Ready Date

     by a coop pull oof oot standing chap,
     named Adam West, who poured
salty epithets (reminding me, as they roared
that life iz brutal, short and nasty),

     part tickly ne'r the end
     wharf hew scored
and majority got de toured
until emotionally, physically,
     and spiritually enlightened
     By Rabindranath Tagore and Burt Ward.
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Afeli 6d
You, my sun.
I surrender,
I surrender;
To your warmth.
I own the world
On a silver platter,
It is mine to destroy-
It is mine to devour.
When I'm hungry,
I will slice with silver knives
And scoop with silver spoons.
I will swallow the world whole.
And dab the corners of my mouth
When I'm done.
And everyone will know it was me.
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