Lucy 3d

I don't know what you see in "her"
You ask me to come over at 1 am
I go cause it feels familiar
But every time it ends
I say I'm never coming back again
Now it feels wrong
You say, "it's okay"
But I'm slowly becoming a ticking time bomb
And I really don't want to stay
Too many lies, and I cry
Cause with you I feel numb
I've never felt so dumb
In your arms
While there's alarms
Ringing in my head
Reminding me that I should leave instead
But I wait and wait till I'm kicked out
And theres something I hate about you without a doubt
So why do I keep doing this to myself
While you're out I'm avoiding everyone else
I don't understand anything anymore
I'm always left hurt mentally, emotionally, and physically sore
Maybe I'll know
When I finally have the courage to let you go

Rand 5d

You're mine
Therefore I'm fighting for you
If you let go
I won't keep my hand for you to hold
Just as I want you you might want someone else
You were mine
I love you as much as to let you go
And everything else just pales
Next to anything about you
So please let me know
are you like me or do you want her
I'd understand I won't imprison you
You aren't mine anymore
Please just tell me where to go from here and set me free
Make it known that for us there is no future
Set us both free
be mine again or let me be

Crimsyy 6d

I never liked the way
she smiled at you,
never liked the way she
hugged the corners
of every door,
never liked her clothes,
never liked her sitting so close.

I plastered a smile on my face
just for the night,
just for your night,
but that small curve
turned into a straight line.

Green's a cliché,
my eyes saw all
my pleasantness fading away.
Now won't she stay in her line?
Can't fuck with what's mine.

- Crimsyy

A/N: Thankyou so much for reading! Any feedback on this?

He told me flat out that he owns me.  Some later date I'll parse that happiness out, I guess.

(sonnet #MMMMMMDIV)

These faded blue skies like to denim, whence
I cull a refrence to "old glory," t'hail
That pick-up with the flag 'non waving, hale
Against whichever backdrop in defense
Of liberty, look placid in a sense;
My voice hoarse from oh, singing's tale,
Cuz Joey plays the drums and when in frail
'Scuse I said I'd sing while he did--what hence?
He said I could sing anytime as twere
For him, and being late worried oer him too,
Cuz he'd download some virus, I sang fer
Relief, oer dinner dishes 'til nigh through;
And lo, when done and listless, what in pure
Yes, mercy?! but he'd call.  I love him too.

17Jul17b it funny words seem to fail me lately?  HIS.  I never knew what I was talking about, but I sure love it.
Ally Mustin Jul 17

I wish I could call you guys people
Especially when you guys are jerks
Always yelling and screaming
Fighting and lying all the time
I wish you stop.

Sometimes you make me want to yell
And scream.
I say things I don't mean but
I want to say I love you
This crazy dysfunctional family
Is mine forever to keep

Although you guys make me
Want to curl up and die
The words you say wont mean
A thing.
So forever hold this peace
And stop being jerks.

Ree Jul 17

‪i think i silently vowed to never feel the pain of my entire world shattering again ‬

because i can't seem to conceive the thought of someone reaching into my chest and opening up my heart again

because like a thief he came into my home he stole everything i've ever known

because i don't have anything to share with anyone anymore

for fear that these walls i have worked so hard to put up
will be taken down in the blink of an eye

because he forgot to lock the door when he left

because he never said goodbye

sunprincess Jul 15

His sweet smile and honey lips
are orange blossom pure
Delicious and heavenly

His legs, arms, hands,
fingers and body and soft hair,
made of divine sugar

              Gives me a high, he's delectable
His toes are made of jelly beans
   Yum, Yum, Yum

And I keep him in my Candy Chest
He's super sweet, and all mine,
Mine, Mine, Mine

  Just the way I Love him
There's only enough for me,
He's mine, My candy man


August Jul 14

when it rains
i can feel my childhood
dripping on my honeylike skin
how my grandfather would
sit outside in his favorite
white chair, looking
at the clouds bloom into
the color gray, soft lighting
strikes every few seconds
to make the sky come alive
and then rain fell down instantly
washing the earth clean
how silly i was to be
afraid of nature, 21 years later
i found a new love for stormy days
heavy rainfall and the cold wind
brushing against me
sitting on my balcony
watching the rain dance in the air
in my favorite white chair

Ally Mustin Jul 14

Everyone always says to let your regrets go.
To let anger and sadness go.
To let all your feeling go,
But what they don't know
Is that you will never be truly able
to let go.

When they say feelings, do they mean happiness too.
I think that is easier to let it go than to keep it.
But it is always easier to keep sadness inside your box
In your head that seeps through
Leaving anger in your heart.

Then where does that leave you?
Trying to let go of your feelings?
No, No, NO!
That makes you feel embarrassed.
When you snap at someone.
But some how i have managed
To keep me sane and hold on to happiness.

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