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Danny 2d
Even if you were a piece of cake
Being passed round on a silver plate
As we all huddle up
Around the fire to get some warm
I wouldn't get you still

What a beautiful picturesque
A good dream of us in eden
But fast turning into a night terror
With nobody to wake me up
Making me sweat like a pig

Why am I such a bad shooter
**** so much even though for you I am a sucker
The stars are starting to file complaints
Always hitting them anytime I aim
You were not made for me
A love that is so far.
I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed

Maybe I just don’t have what it takes
Maybe it’s not meant to be
Maybe I don’t know what I really want
Maybe I should let the passion wash away

I keep trying to start over with you
You say I need independency
The decisions should be mine
You say, “Maybe you need love too”
And I realize I don’t think I could take it if you walk away
But there ain’t nothing to do
And I should let it go

I keep trying to start over with me
Maybe I should listen
Get some medicine
Make it pink, I’ll swallow it
But would I be me?
And would you still love me?
And will the sadness go away, or will I just be numb to it?

Lightning brings thunder
Lightning brings grey storms
Why can’t you love me like lightning?
Because I keep losing track of you
And I, I don’t want to listen
Because I keep losing touch with you
And you, you don’t want to listen

I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed
Life seems to be moving forward with ease
I no longer feel trapped in a relentless cycle
I can finally be who I want to be

Kinda in this new space
Unnecessary wasting of time is let go
No longer craving unwanted attention
Kinda over temporary feelings and people

Give me respect and loyalty
Or nothing at all
I don't care about nobody's feelings but my own
Rather be alone than lonely

Kinda in this new space
I let hate go
I no longer speak poorly of others
I take it as it comes

I no longer allow anyone bad in this kinda new space of mine
A new space not needed for old ways
Amyrah Oct 4
I still feel your lips,
Pressing against mine.
It's slight pressure, erases the bad
Gives me hope to go through this night
Beautiful kisses
Rainy Days Sep 26
Hug me one more time
Green eye boy
Your secret is mine
And my heart is yours
Just take me out
I don't care where
And stare at me with your eyes
And your sly smile
My green eye boy
Who thinks
He isn't worth a fight
For his love.
Erali Pisce Sep 25
He was cold,
and my blood was warm.
I was his first **** after a long winter.
He had my body pinned,
down in the snow bed,
and this was the end for me.
I would be his feast,
and no one else would ever have me.
Bryce Sep 24
This is poetry--
Unknown and discussed
In no particular matters
Until death
Doth part
the Poet from his art
And ought to be--

But the saddest lovers are the living--
Who weave dastard tragedies
In goldpence and fame
And in hope, break Foundations
on laureled mounts,
Calling desperate to empty crypts
Which once housed their Muses

Praise and please to you, Polyhymn
Us hominids speak so bold
In our kindness to you!

While this is computed
And tooled to the ringing of gold
And transitions--
Mere sparks
In the ember of forge

That these mint implements
Are the forgery of that art
Consumes Hephaestus in his doubts
Of a father's true fires
And the alchem of his own

Clio, remember thy crowning!
The doubts of this mournful sphere
And the pain of our pasts
Are yours to cast within the stele
And praise be, toward your simple carvings of man!

Doting and careful could I be,
Lashing my wrists with decay
Stash my words by the reeds
I could hold the world up to keep
Our own love of the earth
In the same way
she should be earned

There is a certainty of that
Loveless act, the plotting of land
To place corpses upon the earth
For circus and grandeur

This is ultimately
The fate of you poets,
Cast as stones amongst the stream
Blackened and cold

And you will not know but the soul of you in deed
And your words will fall Deaf
Upon these fears of the freed

When they devour themselves in the temples
And massacre the streets
Exhume worn roads
Which bridged their father's feats

And when it is done
And the words come to rest
In the ruins and the spires
All but symbols and jests

No more, no more!
For it is all in their speech
It is all in good kind
And all left to me.
Poetry is art and art is dead, and it cannot be resumed unless understood in its aesthetic. For rivival comes but once and only upon death can the world understand the will of the living.
thesa Sep 24
i never thought
that was possible

but here i am
still trying to catch the breath
i lost when my eyes met yours
Amena Sep 17
I am a poet they say
I write about the emotions and all the things I can’t say
I am a poet they say
When life gets hard I move my pen and free the pain away
I am a poet they say
A poet that writes about love and hate at the same day
I am a poet they say
And you are the curse that will never go anyway
I am a poet they say
I hate my love to you in every single way
I am a poet they say
I write things about you as if I’m writing about my enemy
I am a poet they say
I believe in you even though you’re the fakest fantasy
I wish you could just liberate me
Because in the end
I am just a poet
Yet to you
I am the lover who could not stay away
This kind of love is toxic
Get out of it while you still can
Broadsky Sep 13
your loving lips on my rosy cheek, your fingers running through my hair like water in a creek, your cool ability to smoothly speak.

that look that says “you’re mine,” you’re sending chills down my spine, as you wrap your arms around me like kitchen twine.

your heavy breath and rising chest, you’re building trests from east to west.

in your presence I bloom like a lotus, you’re making me notice there’s more than enough time to fall for a guy that makes you want to climb the tallest tree you can find.

I’m leaning on limbs,

looking through leaves,

while I’m swaying with the breeze,

and you’re there with me.
for you.
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