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Maria Etre Feb 22
When I met you
the pronoun transformed to
I like the dark with the moon shining on its mouth
Joy in her eyes that spark a melody of love in my heart
The shape of her curves
Feel of her touch that whisks me thousands of miles from this world
I like serenading her for she's mine and I like that we belong and are each other's missing pieces
I like staring at my black queen for she's gold that adds glamour to my life
Darling listen to the voice of the heart
You are  mi amor
One of those things you say to the person you love
Life is a whirlwind of emotions
and you are my shelter from the storm
Hope you and your loved ones are happy  (:
Sunrise is so gold.
ย ย The path I take can be hold.
ย ย The future is mine.
Indonesia, 12th February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
mark soltero Feb 8
why canโ€™t i be the boy next door
i stay dreaming of living in his head
my ****** abode doesnโ€™t equate
to his well kept space
i want to spend at least one day in his bed
i just need a bite
seal his soul inside
keep and say itโ€™s my own
no one will miss the real him
disappeared in my deranged vanity
death isnโ€™t silent
but alone we arrived
and alone we will depart
perfect i will finally be
i want to be art
mark soltero Feb 7
ages itโ€™s felt like youโ€™re mine
you let me come inside
naked and true
there are no lies
iโ€™ve adopted all the ways to hate myself
selfish demise
itโ€™s gone when i look in your eyes
nothing feels lonely
get close with me
release bursting between
mark soltero Feb 5
let it wash us away
like the floods of the new age
**** all the mistakes
leave only perfection
all true honesties
that leave their residues of purity
right down the leg
of each other
your body cries
tears of merriment
mark soltero Feb 5
itโ€™s whatโ€™s done
that canโ€™t be said
stupidity you can see
itโ€™s just me
canโ€™t tell you all the things i see
cause i donโ€™t really know it all
i cry and lament of whats uncanny
sensibilities for unnecessary
points of grandeur
donโ€™t help me
all they do is keep me awake
A thousand wishes of mine
were left estranged,
A thousand wishes of mine
were never entertained.
Some by others,
Some by me,
They still remain unattained.
There were times I had in me a fire,
To fulfill any desire
but now I'm just torn
and at times remain forlorn.
The wish was made by the child in me
which the adult me could not fulfill.
Oh how I wish I could be
like the child, who dared to dream
And at least try
to erase the line
That limited these
Thousand wishes of mine.
little lion Feb 2
I can feel myselfย returning
back to that same spot:
yours, in everything but title.

yet I can't stop myself from hoping and dreaming and praying that
maybe this time
you'll be mine, too.
even though I know you never will be.
I was a fool to think I could ever talk myself out of loving you.
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