Amanda 1h
Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4
What the fuck am I doing?
Hold 1, 2, 3, 4
Why do I stay?
Exhale 1, 2, 3, 4
Maybe I’m being overdramatic?
Nothing 1, 2, 3, 4
Dorian 3h
The moon was soon to be my lover:
"The great pusher and puller"
On a sad day in November,
I gave up my surrender.

As long as I was safe here,
their companion blue sphere,
they knew I wasn't going to fade.
Always thought that I would stay.

Soft pink ribbons fill my head
Light beams falling on the bed
But I could only see them
through a shaded lense.
I don't know when that began.

As the months grew longer
they watched me wander
from somewhere much farther away.
And now we're lonely.

Their love was fuller and faster,
retreating and waining.
Sunlight reflecting,
then raining and raining
I love you, I'm sorry
I hate you, don't leave me
My absence grew fonder
than staying and grieving

Then I was gone
I don't like myself when I'm away
I wonder where did we go wrong
Always thought that I would stay
Dorian 3h
He was a child of the dawn and the dusk
Wanting and waining with the tides he could trust
With soft gentle hands and an innocent touch
He's the child within and to nurture I must

A mother a sister a daughter in one
To succumb to addiction is to say that it's won
But to bury the deep and burdening shame
Her misguided attempt to sow the soul together again
Dorian 3h
History predicts the fall
in the quietest manner
Silently he builds the walls
His actions go without saying

It's too much pressure to love me
It's much too heavy to stay
I must go on without him
I'll have to find another way

Once a lovers strong embrace
Now a dark and lonely place
Who next will be my valentine?
Fill these empty arms
The problem with Angels
Is that - as they fall
Their wings,
In all towering beauty
Reach out, stretching;
Feathers and bone
To drag and pull
Away at those
Who dare to watch,
Souls ensnared:

“I couldn’t look away if I tried”
Jacey 14h
I don't remember the last time someone told me the truth before their lies had already damaged me irreparably.
Until the day when I meet you at the bus stop,
the same one I dropped you off at some weeks ago,
when I get to stand on my tiptoes to kiss your smoke-scarred lips,
as you have to slouch to envelope
every inch of yourself around me,
keeping me safe, keeping me warm,
I will close my eyes and play back
that night where I sat in
the passengers seat, staring out
my dust covered window
trying to hide the tears
streaming down my face,
because we promised each other
we’d stay strong,
no I miss you’s, no please hurry home.

Until the night when I get to make you your favorite dinner
- rosemary steak and garlic potatoes -
and we get to sit at our dining table,
laughing over wine and memories,
I’ll begin to forget the loneliness I felt when you left,
because I knew you’d come back.
We made a promise to ourselves,
and timing is not always the best,
but in our selflessness we find strength.
I know this is the best thing for us,
for our future, so that our life together
can finally begin,
but the days feel like months,
and the weeks, years,
and this time alone is killing me.
You made me feel alive,
please come back home.
I miss my husband.
Harley Hucof Jan 30
Moments create turbulence in my state of freedom
I have not yet learned to blend in around people

I get judged everywhere i turn
Chill son you are not the center of the universe

Paranoid some might say
But i know the debt i must pay

I have been promised a rebirth!
Keep it real, know your worth

I feel the Lack of connection as we convolve
Little by little my problems will be solved

The Ghost've been visiting me frequently
It's not you it's me, excuse my humility

The passenger fits in unseen
The path is clear

Words Of Harfouchism.
If the world is round

Why would there need to be an East and  a West?

Why would there need to be borders and lines?

Why would there be a need for a divide?


Is it a word created for


Is it a word created for


There would be no such thing as

Why are there notions like these

Why would there be a need for these

If things were different

Would now be different

Not better

Not worse

Just different
Apparently I'm still not over it
Tala 1d
You desire the Purity of lakes 
the Lightness of clouds 

She's the naked truth
the war soldiers give up on
she is the Heaviness of black clouds
the Rain inside

You recklessly dance on her hips
step after step
where ships once were wrecked

Mind your dancing steps
mind the landmines
some might Viciously explode
some into rainbows never Explained
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