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Sometimes we make wrong decisions
By being with someone else
Are life would be better
We all thought the
Grass is greener on the other side
Some of us
Don’t exactly get it
Until is to late.
Not everyone are the same
Be happy what you got.
This is your decision
Not I.
He asked me if I can stand to his symphony
I said no
He asked if I could come with him
I simply said no
He said can you smile at me
I said no
He asked will you be with me
I simply said no
He said will you forgive me
I said yes
He spoke once again, he said now take my hand
I simply said no
He looked at me confused
I looked at him
Then I walked away
He said come back
I said I’ve let you go a long time ago
He watched me walk away
And every step I took farther away
The step behind me crumbled
And then with my last step he fell to the abyss that he made from every tear that he caused
It’s something I knew was mine
Something I desired
I knew from birth it was mines
I knew I had to grow into my kingdom
I knew the throne belonged to me
I knew that when men said no, I would laugh and say yes
I now know that this kingdom is mines
kgl 4d
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rain pelts down harsher than the
words you spit
in violent vehemence
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my lightening strikes brighter than the
empty promises you made
(brighter, but just as fleeting)
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and my rage is vast, immeasurable
filling oceans with its ferocity
Darling, I'm a thunderstorm
and this too will pass, leaving
chaos in its wake.
If I was built to withstand struggle, why did I struggle before you? If I was built to love one person, why did it take so long for you to come along? Then, I thought and pondered until the answer finally came. I struggled, because God knew I would've broken you into multiple pieces by the sins I've committed just days of meeting you. I would've been crying, screaming and cursing you by the thoughts that I had of men before you. Those weren't men. Those were only challenges that took me down alongside temptation bringing me down with it. I let myself get away from God for too long. But when I came back and truly became his daughter, the sweet words, 'Excuse me, but you are beautiful is all I wanted to say' came months later. I didn't know you would be the one He sent, but here we are. The destiny he promised me is you. I want life with you to be the strongest and a blessed life ever. A man that prays for his wife is a man that is there forever. I love you.
Do you look both ways?
When you cross my mind?
Could you stop taking my breathe away?
If you'd be so kind.
Give me a map,
To stop me getting lost in your eyes,
The more I see them,
The more I fantasize.
About the way you smile,
And the way you speak,
The way you laugh,
You make me weak.
You make me crave you,
To taste you, is my desire,
We could be the sparks,
That starts a passionate fire.
So Señorita,
Tell me you feel the same,
The way you make me feel,
Is driving me insane.
I just want to hold you,
Caress your body, your hips,
I wanna kiss you,
Your body, and your lips.
I'm sick of being tired,
Tired of being sick.
I create this negative atmosphere,
The air is polluting and thick.

I can't help but see the negatives,
In everything I seem to contact,
Relationships, friendships,
Its like their only here under contract.

I feel like no one wants me,
To be around, even for a chat,
"Get the f*k away from me,
You ****, hairy, fat, tw

I know its all in my head,
But reality distorts in there,
I know people love me,
And people truly care.

But the wave of darkness,
Surrounds my skull,
I'm scared I'm loosing this battle,
The void might swollow me whole.

I try to be the light,
That makes people smile,
But I'm hidden behind this light,
I've been hiding for quite a while.

The face is a broken image,
But broken on the inside,
I don't want people to see this,
Thats why I hide.

Please, if you know me,
Just talk as if we're fine,
Ignore any insecurities,
They're not yours to deal with, they're mine.
Styles 6d
Ever since I felt you in my veins
I will never be the same
got me chasing your high
so I can outrun my pain
I devolved in our relationship
We weren’t very good to each other
No gifts without subtext

We deactivated each other’s progress
and explored an unhealthy mire

A No Mans Land Of buried munitions
Not a partnership
A credit to the both of us that we lead other lives now
And that our relation successfully dissolved
Nobody 7d
You stare me up and down,
send sweet smiles my way;
whisper in my ear,
how you think about me all day.

Grab me from behind,
tug on my hair too;
give me kisses on my neck,
take me home with you.

I need you to touch me,
now undress me nice and slow;
slide my ******* down,
get me ready to go.

Lie me down on your bed,
spread my legs open wide;
slide your fingers in first,
then bury your head between my thighs.
"I read your poem and you struck me as a *****, thirsty gal" - T R S
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