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Being in love round the clock soon enough changed to being in complete anxiousness all the time.
We've had our battles which we decided to fight.
Being most connected changed to 'I can hardly talk to you'.
We've seen everything which we never wished to.

Still here we are trying to stand like a rock solid bamboo tree, even though we just feel like some other pine tree.
All the way we have seen some really high ups and downs, we did not lose hope and still carried on.

That trust in each other has made us really strong, don't you worry baby we are not going to break down.
I'll try my level best to make us carry on, carry on, carry on....
Secretly I admire you, nought do I declare.
Your mind is like morning dew – sparkling bright and rare.
Beauty does but strike the eye: Wisdom wins the soul.
In your brain I can espy things worth more than gold.
our love was tragic.
a hard passion,
tossed aside.
The atmosphere you breathe is the void
Of my soul’s content.
And I am safe.
Underneath the aurora of our bodies breathing.
I think you’re something special.
It’s a feeling that I have. It’s one I can’t explain.
Starting from the heart and flowing to tips of my fingers.

I think I’ll never find someone like you.
Like the morning star in the sky, you steal away the light
from other stars that wink away the night.

I think you’re a curse.
Like a cage, trapping my spirit. Begging to be set free.
I struggle because I’m afraid of the enclosing walls.

I think I need a way out.
But before I find one, the cage looks comforting.
Like a blanket of security, proving you’ll never leave.

I think I don’t have a choice.
I feel pain and joy. Frustration and excitement.
Perhaps, a curse can be twisted into a dream.

If you try.

I think I’m in love with you.
You’re my cage, my light in the sky, my security.
It is a curse, of course.

But at least I can be cursed with you
When my first girlfriend broke up with me,
she was as cold as Ben & Jerry's. (Yes, the ice cream.)

The message her digital pigeon did carry?
"I've Ben with Jerry."
follow up poem:
"I Got a Frosty at Wendy's"

It melted all away
Nothing cold can stay
When there's so much
love locked in my ribcage
I only wish ***
grants mercy
to those who shall receive it

For my tsunami of emotions
will shake
the loneliest of islands
an earthquake of beats
will beat life into the lifeless
and love.. oh love
will melt the
frost off
i dreamt of you and i last night
in a time that hasn’t come quite yet
in the warmth and bright of June’s light
creating memories we could never forget

dont you wanna be my baby
don’t you wanna swim in the blonde of the summer
ice cool and your eyes blue, stunning
like a perfect visit to the rainy days, ******

carry me painlessly to the docks
and you’d ask me to strum my guitar a lot
the songs i’d use to put you to sleep
on the nights that we’d pray that we wouldn’t get caught

but it was summer anyway
the birds chirping took our breaths away
your curves so neat under the moon
my skin glistening like bubbles to champagne

the colour red contrasting to the season
you whispered always looks the best on you darling
tanned deep like all the girls you’ve ever loved
and drinking cold coffee, eyes sparkling

one day by the rivers edge, i know
those words will roll off your tongue
bring on our golden days ahead
alive, in love, and young
This is the title of my poetry book that I'm working on (hence why I haven't posted on here!). Will be providing little snippets here and there (:
it comes so easy to you
hiding in shells
you can fall and break
and come back together
as if you're not flesh and bone
a mountain made of shame
you say you're a question mark
all is see is a blank slate  
too afraid to be a question
we're all enigmas
waiting to be understood
by someone who can see
through the question marks
and through the rubble of dead promises

no one can see you
when you're in shells
Let our love part the seas
So that we may walk on water
And into an eternal heaven
Where only our two souls shall dwell.
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