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Grey 18h
Walked in for an interview to find you standing there
No customers around, there's that gorgeous smile with the cute little laugh
I forgot about the interview, we sat and caught up during your lunch break.
That sparkle in your eye and the adorable little laugh
I remember my childhood crush on you,
I remember the time we snuck off from church service only to find ourselves having our first kisses in the gaming room
When we were young and the rebellious reckless mayhem
Your ***** blonde hair is black now,
A sleeve that tells a story
Yet still the same girl I had my first crush on
Childhood crushes, Scandalous Teenagers, Coworkers, endless possibilities.
Now here we are,
I start work tomorrow and we havent even hung up the phone yet
Shes definitely the one i never expected to find again but *******. This girl. I thought I was in love before but I really never knew what love was and probably still dont. Who knows. Well i do know that I am excited, and she is too
Penny Z 1d
Take back the memory.
You have it.
Yet how can I give something away I don't want to be without?
Sometimes loss is the best thing.
Why does it not feel that way now?

If you knew
the games of chess
I play with you.
You would wonder why
you win so easily
whilst it is I
who loses her king
each time.

What is it like to go from white
to black,
move along the squares, the moods,
whilst I'm here wishing to go back.
Take back my faulty move, return
to those halcyon days,
toasting under the sun.

The rain should have been a sign
for those days long gone.
That our day is past, our time is through,
for not much longer would I lose you
You **** on my beliefs, you deny the existence of my gods and yet
You question my prayers.
Suspect my allies, flirt with my enemies.
Holes where there should be butterflies
Yet, you pretend to understand.
Eavesdrop on my confessions, belittle my priests
Yet you listen to your saviour with deaf ears.
You read his words with coloured glasses.
Surely, you jest, no you chastise.
Surround yourself with comfortable lies.
Your biggest problem is who am i?
But sir/ ma'am/ person, your crown is bleeding
with tears, blood and leaves.
Po 1d
you do not use my scars and dents as a playground
instead they are a grave that you try to meet six feet under trying to  understand where they are coming Fr-
om the moment i uttered the words "hey" as you sat at the train station
ive never wanted somet̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ one more
maybe my mind wasnt quite there; but my heart was
you were an oasis in a desert

i thought you were an oasis,
but you were a mirage.
and a mirage is all you will ever be.
Corbyn 4d
At this point days, weeks and months have passed

I know longer ask myself how I feel
There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m in love with you

I love you
With my whole heart and with my whole being

I’m not scared or worried
I’m not gonna hold back

My love for you is real, vulnerable and infinite
Welcome to Platform 6'0, northbound track.
Please, make yourself comfortable,
take advantage of every amenity;
I hope that I can to make your time here perfect.
Your exit will wait for you.
I would offer you to stay, if you wanted,
but no one ever does.
This is, I am, after all, only a waypoint.
However, if I may ask,
when you are ready to leave,
won't you please let me know?
It's horrid to hunt for someone
who is no longer here.
Tormenting, really.
But! Here now,
let me help you with this baggage,
this load you bear.
I am here for you.
No, I don't expect any compensation;
I only hope that, when you leave,
you leave with a lighter heart
and eased mind.
That said,
what would you like of me in our time together?
Forgive me sir, but you couldn't have said? You couldn't have told me you had already passed me by?
yann 4d
almost fell asleep, a few moments ago,
thinking about asking if i could kiss them,
an everlasting question of desire and want and curiosity,
so could i please
know what it is like to kiss you,
i ask politely,
to the friends i hold close like lovers.

almost started dreaming, a little bit after that,
imagined you not even asking, but getting
and closer,
and taking the kiss from me,
and me giving it to you willingly,
because with you it's something else,
i want you to want me.
we wouldn't even have to be polite about it,
you, the lover
i hold close like a friend.
pompous title aside, it made me laugh
Grey 5d
I do not believe that anyone could love someone with mental illness.
Either we feel too much or not enough at all.
Either we're sleeping too much,
Eating too much or not at all
The nightmares or night terrors
The days you cant feel emotion, or when you feel it all
No I do not believe anyone could love someone with mental illness
Any attempt and you cant be discarded and forgotten like you never existed
Its all a lie.
The only truth is that everyone is selfish and will never truly love another
Failed attempts with people that "love" me
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