I wrapped my coat
around your shoulders
and gave you a smack on the ass.
You liked that.
You laughed and we went walking
up Main Street, cars stopping
to stare at us (I mean you) as
if we (I mean you) were celebrities.
When we got back to the apartment
we cracked open a bottle of Cognac
and I smacked your ass again about
halfway through it.
You liked that one, too.
We laughed some more and you
told me a story about
when you were a girl, but
I wasn't listening on the count of
your perfect neckline, though
I nodded and laughed just the same.
Then came the rain and the thunder
turned you on - fast forward and
we were naked on the floor,
smoke pouring out of the ashtray
and I was happy. God damn,
was I happy.
We ended the night smoking weed
in the bathtub like we were celebrities
(I mean you).

Jacob 18h

I can tell you my crimes so let me shoulder your pains
You looked at me funny and said
"Do you know what you're saying?
Jacob this isn't a game
I can't be feeling the same
I told you not to fight for anything there's nothing for you to gain
And now things are harder between us
Because I don't feel anything for you
There was a wall for a reason
Please, stop trying to break through
You told me you love me, and it's been on my mind
I know you're lying every time you tell me you're fine
I met him before I met you
Trusted him before I met you
He's still on my mind even after I met you
But what can I do?
Because I think you're still not getting it
A few months earlier with you and maybe this would be different
Maybe you do really get me,
That's the thing that upsets me
I want him, I'm in your mind
I think it's best you forget me."
Maybe you're right, I think I'll never get it,
Love is making me blind
I picked up the phone and I slammed it down
I realized, who am I to go around ruining the happiness you found?
I went and told my friends, and they told me I'm dumb
I'll be drowning in alcohol until my heart goes numb
Until I can realize I'm fucking done
"You know my heart wants more"
I say that, thinking you wont break it again once more
You can tell me I'm wasting all my time
But I've been looking for all the signs
And I've been finding it in you

Ever read the lines from her eyes?
Leonila 20h

The Strings of Gold

the strings of gold
be the strings that bind
of a love that's true
of our heart's so bold

the strings of gold
that heal the scars
woven  with needles
washed with love's balm

the strings of gold
be the strings that bind
speak life to the heart
and such is his love

Unknown 1d

You are my dreams,
You are my nightmares.
You are my sunny days at the beach,
you are my lightning storms that make me screech.
I fear you, then I love you.

Oh God, what do I do?

Brianna 1d

Alright, I'll admit it, I was wrong and you were right.
We were sitting there pulling at the knots that were much too tight.
Alright, I'll admit it, you were right.
I was trying to find darkness when there was only light.

So, yeah, maybe I was wrong.
But we knew this would fall apart all along.
So, yeah, maybe I was wrong.
But you always knew I was never that strong.

Okay, you caught me in the lie.
I was sitting with him while you were at home begging to try.
Okay, you caught me in the lie.
I was telling him I loved him while you tried not to cry.

Yes, I know, Sorry won't cut it this time.
Because I'm over here trying to apologize in a rhyme.
Yes, I know, Sorry won't cut it this time..
This mountain was just too big for me to climb.

Alright, I'll admit it, maybe I was wrong and you were right...
So... yeah... maybe I was wrong...
And ... okay you caught me in the lie.
but yes, I know, Sorry wont cut it this time...

Could it be any more icy?
The temperature drops with every word you speak.
I want to shove corks in my ears
It's a slippery slope, your conversations.

I'm melting on the inside, like a snowman in summer, but there is no warmth here.

Attacked. Deflated.

I was high on life, you sober me so quickly.
Drunk on your lies, but no hangover, I see all to clearly in the morning.

Please shut your mouth.
Do you even know what kind words are?

Passive. Aggressive.

You grip my wrist tighter than any shirt sleeve, and the back of my head rings from your hand.

The hypothermia sets in quickly.
Three minutes in and I'm drowning.

You were supposed to guard my life.
I didn't think you would watch me drown, let alone push me under.

Although many times my eyes have drowned, now my ling's fill with salty water.
Who needs to breathe when all you give me is hot fucking air.

Eleni 1d

I hope she loves you like I did.
I hope she looks into and not through those hazel eyes like I did.
I hope she plays with your scruffy hair like I did.
I hope she serenades you to sleep like I did.

I hope you will forget because I haven't.
I hope you will see light in all futures because I haven't.
I hope you will be kind and forgiving because I haven't.
I hope you find joy in someone else because I haven't.

I hope I can see the exit, because I'm blind.
I hope someday the wandering stars will align.
I hope I will seek a tongue that is not maligned.
I hope I can open the door to a new life because I'm confined.

Venny 1d

The sweetest love is always the love that feels unattainable. The sweetest taste, with a bitter undertone. Euphorically stinging your tongue. A dark chocolate that settles like poison in your stomach, sickening your insides. A craving for a diseased confection that destroys the soul. You yearn for a stomachache, a heartache, a soul darkened in the purest way.

As for the moonlight,
I confess I barely noticed
there’s a light that’s in your eyes
and i cling to it to be safe.
I know the world keeps turning
only to remind us we are all obsolete
but in this moment, darling,
all i care about is one thing.

I long to tell you everything,
my words are dull and fumbling
so take my hand instead and teach me
to dance to our hearts beating.
I know I’m cliche, naive to say
I swear by God we were meant to find one another
So i shut my mouth, now show me how
To fall into feeling and not recover.

Haley 2d

Look at me
Gaze deep into my eyes
All I want to be is free
But you hold me captive with your lies
Don't you see I'm broken
Shattered and in pieces
With you im outspoken
My value decreases
When you look at me
I quietly break a little more
Why can't you see
This is a war
And im losing, oh so fast
To you and your lies
I just cant let go of the past
When you gaze upon me my heart dies
But its not my fault, is it?
This is just a game to you
Cant you just admit
This isn't a battle meant for two

You broke me
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