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Evie G Sep 22
I don’t understand love,
It doesn’t come easy to me.
But perhaps I can give it
In a cosy cup of tea.

Or perhaps I can wear it
In hand-me down clothes.
Showing off the loose threads
Of the jumper that you chose.

Can you understand my love,
how hides in things?
In sweet deserts and brand new shirts
And hand built wooden swings.

And with all of this stuff,
We’ll build ourselves a home.
Communication corse and rough
I hope it is enough.
This is one for all the dads who can only show love through acts of service WOOO
Tatiana Sep 22
Are you using protection?
Yes, of course, he says
Pushes me back and enters
I'm so focused on the pain of newness
I don’t notice that he's lying
Every time we did this I'd always ask
He'd always assure me
And then he'd start without it
Put it on half way through
After he's been inside me
Disregarded my wants for his own
Put my health at risk for his pleasure
Never communicated with me what he did
When I communicated what I wanted
A complete betrayal of trust
I'm done with him
I'm done
I was in what felt like a really good relationship for 3ish months. I really put myself out there in a way I never felt ready for before and I don't regret it. But lying to my face when I'm at my most vulnerable and lying repeatedly is no good for me and I couldn't continue this romantic relationship. I've learned a lot. I appreciate a lot of what he's done for me but this is an area where I can't compromise on. I'm not on birth control. I made that clear and I made it clear that he had to use a ******. And I should also mention this is the first time I ever had *** so I was pretty naive to it all. And if you've known me awhile on here you'll know that I've experienced ****** abuse before. So during this whole relationship I was really upfront about all of that and how important it was to communicate what he was doing and for us to stop when I reached an uncomfortable point. That it would be a challenge but one I was willing to work through with him if he was willing to be patient with me. And he was and he listened and it seemed really good. But then he wasnt using a ****** all of the time, without my permission, when he knew better. It'll take me a bit to move on. But move on I will.
Tasting the cold rain
of her lullaby dreamscape
I floated through
her open streets
like open veins
where we carried out
our transfusion of love
such was
the umbilical cord of trust between us
such was
a long night's passions
not a drop wasted
she swallowed
the waters that were spilt in open corridors
rivers wide and winter white
ever fluid as they wound their way
into her dreamscape
spinning webs of reality from potential
and on nights
like this
I dream of who would have become if she loved me
but she dared not
and the cobwebs never spooled again
never cast their wide net
out into the hungry world
where babes go to die and ne'er do wells
eat breakfasts with smiles
I waited for her
and she never came
it was then I knew the brutal cruelty of the world
promises age
like foul eggs
wherein one thinks oneself soon to be fed
cracks open the vault of life
and goes mad
from the sight of the bitter truth
that all men die of heartache
long before their bodies give out
long before they never heard "I love you"
from tongues not forked
and lips not peppered
with the winter wonders
of myriad men
to whom love was also promised
and never made manifest
A sad poem to end a good day that somehow ended sadly :)

Life is funny sometimes, LOL.


MuseumofSoph Sep 16
Sometimes my eyes cloud with anxiety
Everything feels so imperfect
I try and connect with you but I’m in another world.

Sometimes you are lost in your thoughts
silent and observing
I told you I need attention, but you cannot always provide it.

Our insecurities manifest themselves
into our thoughts

Even on those distant days where I am sad and you are far away
I remind myself that my feelings are not always what they seem

I pick myself back up and learn to breathe on my own
So I can hold your hand again and you can let your thoughts be known.
Kevin Sep 16
We stand by those we trust,
All the while they transgress against us.
Friend or foe to behold?
For only they will surely know.

Trust someone in this day and age
Is nothing more than a noble cliché.

Slanderous words of dishonesty,
Destroying your character with their brutality.
The world believes them as they lie,
Who can one trust in this earthly enterprise?

Longing for the days of old
When men were men, as good as gold.

I long for days where a handshake meant
Your word a bond, and honor felt.
Agreements made without paper convention;
Handshakes were the business transaction.

Honor flowed throughout the lands,
Everyone gave a helping hand.
A favor wasn’t done for return,
As a friend indeed was someone earned.

Days of past will not return
As immoral acts are loved and learned.
Handshakes, a thing of the past,
Your word, a thing that no longer lasts.
What happened to loyalty, to integrity — the time when a handshake meant something?

In today's world, it seems all but forgotten. We live in a day and age of all about me with zero care on how the person you wronged fells.
In today’s America it’s:
1. Most have no honor.

2. A handshake with most means absolutely nothing.

3. Corruption stems from the top down with two sets of laws. One for them and one for the peasants — us.
riri Sep 14
am i incapable of falling in love?
they say those who have been extremely damaged are the least likely to fall in love
i mean it makes sense, all of us damaged ones have never been shown what love was
our version of love is being treated like a dog, constantly begging for love

when i found you it was a different type of feeling
part of me knew i'd end up with you though
we've had our bumps but i've learned plenty on this journey
about you and me
we've definitely had to build on each other but we've come a long way

oh how i wish it were you all along
i strongly believe it's the timing of it all
if it was you since the beginning i'm 99% sure falling in love wouldn't be so hard
but unfortunately i had to be damaged a million times before meeting you

they always say the hardest relationship is the one after the toxic one
for so long i've been used to abuse and emotional manipulation,
that now i find myself getting bored when i'm not on that crazy rollercoaster ride, begging for love

but i'm happy i've met you
i just wish it was earlier
if only.
if only man. if ******* only.
neth jones Sep 12
lovers forgo their faces
       defacing in the act
mammering their information to unreadable smudges
  they slur in kinetic fluctuation
experimenting material forms fray
     each    the others face is vented away
     betray being human
  no separated being
and then...

     to return in the tender moments following
             a bumbling landfall
then they are athletes
     enamoured and praising of the other
     flushed and radiating
having rushed the life from their breath
they heave in its return

Later     in a **** trip down to the night kitchen
they forgo they faces in a foxes forage
hers ; over-lit by the fridge light
          face thrown into a mask by extreme shaddows
his ; beyond this light in the dark
they are bodies
sneak children
the raider and the lookout

after many years make the familiar relation
her face disappears into a hand mirror
and his is pulled out
into a middle distance beyond the dresser
durred in thought and waiting for 'go'
to the restaurant tonite
or that career social that neither wishes to attend

                                        - fell shy of Eden
inspired after veiwing art by Alex Colville and Francis Bacon
Zywa Sep 8
It's two lives in one:

everything's double or half --

being remarried.
In response to the translation "During six years she's learned what it means to stay" (1994, Herman de Coninck) - Herman de Coninck, by the way, was married three times

Collection "Shortages"
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