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What is home?
When you no longer feel life rushing through your bones.
What is love?
When even if it’s conditional it’s just not enough.
What is life?
When you’re constantly wanting to taste the clouds and have it stop.
Come to me, with battered heart and weary eyes
I'll open broken arms to you
Come to me, in prices broken
I’ll love you just like new

Come to me, as you are
And I’ll use what shards are left me
To make you whole again
Alex 14h
The night sky twinkles with a thousand tiny flecks of light
and your eyes always sparkle just as bright.
I hear the wind humming a sweet lullaby
and can't help but wonder why.
Why a person like me deserves a person like you
who shines like the sun whenever I'm blue.
Your  smile leaves my head dizzy
and your voice leaves me in a tizzy.
You're my one weakness. I can never say no
and I'll follow where ever you go.
Your moonlit lips make me weak
and with your heart, you always speak.
I love you with my entire soul
so my heavy heart must let you go
You only know you love them when you let them go
if you wanted me back

you’d say
tell me,
just tell me:
any time, any place.

there’s no need for that
i’d say
right here, right now
let’s save time:
just spit in my face.
aceladka 22h
Weird eye contact
High, I leap...
Naive, I fell.

I was quiet,
Of uneven confidence.
You, of goals
and fun on the side.


Broken, I was
Broken, were you
Mending, I am.
You mend better.

Less to give,
Much to take,
Eager to please.
Destined to lose.

We lead astray
and are genuine
and feel empty;
angry, even.
For loving.

I am held,
and delusions follow.
Stained sheets
and fights.

Us. We get it.
We are jerks,
before we are romantics.
End of discussion?
I know and don't know.
Nobody 1d
I’ll submit to your will,
make me swallow it all.
Spoil every inch of me,
slap me raw.
Fill me with your poison,
say you love me the most.
Don't throw me away,
hold me close.
Yank my hair back,
squeeze my throat.
Puncture me deep,
leave me soaked.
Hanna 1d
I'm drunk and I'm thinking of you.
All those good times and ends we left loose.
I find myself pulling on those threads,
only to unravel what is left,
and there's no answer.

I wonder if it ever could be different,
if I had listened and had been less insolent.
But that's much too easy,
you'd find a way to leave me,
I have everything I want. But my mind still visits times we had together. It's melancholy really. A beautiful time shared between us when we  had been so lost ourselves.  But yet we found some type of hope inside our wicked bodies.
Marisa 3d
I am a little peck in the distance,
easily swept away by the slightest gush of wind
and the most miniscule wave.
Crushed among the rocks I see a clock,
it’s counting counting down
until we are not wandering upon the face
of the earth anymore.

Where I go no one else goes.
Where you go I cannot go.
We’re a distance apart
and nonetheless we are in the same nutshell
on this earth-shattering ocean which roars
and roars and will not stop.
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