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cozyjune Jun 14
is it the radiation
why i have been set ablaze
how one feels so fortunate to be blinded
by the sun
for you to admire
from the first word that ever truly carried
any weight through your ear
summer boy
summer man
i want to hold your summer hands
and taste the winter in your skin
i’ll grow flowers from your skull
when you can no longer hold
all the blood and bone
oh to have eternity
bat her eyes at us
how fortunate can two beasts be
consecrating you to me
plucked with the gentlest touch
and may the black swan
never drink
from our waters
CIN May 3
All my life i have been devoted to a god of lust
There’s red flowing all around me
Images in my head of a body, beaten and ******
Burning me up like flames of agony
Like falling through your thorns
To get to the roses
Oh how i adore the scent of copper and pollen
As you overtake me again

I wake up the next day,
With bruises and swollen cuts
Admire my marks
Among my fading scars
This forbidden love
Eats me up, then spits me out
And leaves me starving
I relapsed again lol
Azure, it tried to be,
a pure blue, more than *****,
more than daily truths

Like a sky undecided
as if it was supposed to be vaulting
but its hem got caught

And the stumble was the same as always,
teeth clenched really tight
til the dark goes
Sshuookgya Apr 4
There I stood.
There I ached.
There I cried.
There I hoped.

Must be a dream
Or a nightmare
Just far from reality.

Reminiscing the days,
Just you and me.
Not a glance of her,
Nor echo of her voice.

You were happy,
I was happy,
Both of us were happy.

I told you my love
You did the same.

Told me of going back time
I asked if you're willing.
Making the sacrifice.

What we have now
It should be enough.
Yet the feels of seeking more
keeps creeping in.

Thoughts of regrets
Not making the mistake.
Longingness and misses
Wouldn't have to exist.

I love you
But you have her.
And though you love her,
You love me still

Indeed difficult,
Letting go the emotions.
Yet holding on,
Bigger and deeper wounds,
More than to bare.

I love you
Yet you have her.
Her with your angels
Beautiful, soon to come out.

I'll be happy
You'll be happy
We'll both still be happy.
Won't we?
It's been a long time. But here I am again, though with a heartache
Krizel Grace Mar 22
I never intended this to be about you
But you fit every poem and prose that I write
My allegory lies within my gestures, stares, and smiles
And I hope you wouldn't read between the lines,
'Cause that would be the end and I'll pay the price.

For I'd rather be an empty letter in your word
Than be a sinner in their eyes.

Eve Mar 14
Do you think it's fair

that i burnt my heart

with the image of you

knowing that we're cursed

to be . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Rama Krsna Feb 12
let’s elope
you and i
to the snow capped alps
where amidst a soft white blanket
we make love
in all one hundred and eight poses
making the tantric texts of yore proud

© 2022
My Dear Poet Feb 8
”Don’t look!”, mother said
“It’s not for your eyes to see”
So it sat there, that little red box
in-between curiosity and me
“Be a good boy and put it down
promise to never open the lid,
You never un-see, or undo
a memory, you wish you never did”

I traced the edge, gave it a shake
and placed upon it my ear
listening what may mysteriously make
that ruffle from what I could hear
So I sat a lot, wondering what
could possibly be inside
It’s only a peak, I’m much too weak
my conscience I cannot hide

It can’t hurt, no one will know
after all, it’s just a little look
I’ll open and close, see how it goes
no harm, just like a book
tempting as is, a ‘sorry’ can’t fix
I wish to have kept my word
when mother was gone
and I, with the box alone
peeped in and out flew a bird
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
I got this glittery, ruby-red, smudge-proof lipstick the other day
and I really have to say technology is what separates us from the apes.

Well, technology and hair.. and.. - ok, let’s not dwell on the ape thing.

Remember when lipstick smeared like news-print? Well, neither do I - it was one of those old-timey things you hear about somewhere like phone-booths, CDs and smart republicans.

What about the young teenage girls who aren’t supposed to wear lipstick - who put it on, in the morning, at their locker, at school only to discover - seconds before their mom picks them up - that it's practically non-removable?  Try hiding your lips from your mom.

I want breath-freshening, pizza flavored, ****-repelling, morning-after-pill lipstick - that glitters, irresistably, like cotton candy ***.

snort If men wore lipstick I’m sure we’d have all that by now.
If I can’t think of anything to write, I’ll just start writing something…
Sergio Gonzalez Nov 2021
I dream of you every night
I loathe the sun rise
For my time with you
Is gone when I open my eyes

You talk to me
As if I’m the only one in the world
The skies are gray
But my world is blue when I’m next to you

I want you  
Like the forbidden fruits
Our forbidden love
Will never make sense
To the fools who judge
What they never understood
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