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When I came into your life
I was broken
I knew you weren’t a normal Lama
When you ask me my name
I answer Nebo.
I cried knowing that I found authentic love.
We kissed gently
And slowly
You told me that your name
Was Yeshe Tsang.
I just wanted kiss you.
While we kissed
You got between me
And inside me
I could feel your love
And your flesh
In side me.  
I knew I was
In love
In nirvana
In ecstasy.
As I feel asleep to billy idol
And I close my eyes
I see tibetan mantras
Writen eligantly in gold
The. I see your
Gentle yet
Meditative face
As if you are meditating
And then jestering me to
Come to you
I come and kiss you
As if you were precious
Yet delecate.
Then the mantras
And you
I full into a restless sleep.
Fell in love with a clean shaven
Yet scruffy looking
Blonde man
Who went by the name
Charles Nigel
Though she was
Meant for a monk.
She was fascinated with the blonde mountaineer.
Even though he drank and cursed
They fell in love
With eachother
But when her bleeding stopped
Poppy told her parents
About the love affair
She was banished
She found a rundown house and brought her lover to.
As a home
As a love nest.
Everything was going well
Until he
Slapped her
Though they loved eachother
Poppy was abused and controlled
She thought
He lover become a monster
One night while
He drank
She couldn’t
The loneliness
She took some poisonous herbs
She died in sadness.
Poppy and her unborn child
Were reborn
Seeking justice.
There in 1932
A semi poor mountaineer
Charles Nigel
From Britain
Came to climb
The tallest.
But ended up falling in love with a beautiful local girl
A Sherpani
Who’s name meant Poppy
He callled her Poppy
Though Poppy was ment for another
For the first while
They had to keep love a secret
Until she told her parents
Who disowned her
He even though he was a drinking man
He always loved and loyal to
When he couldn’t find her
On night
He flew into a rage
When she came back
He slapped her
And they fought
He became more controlling
And abusive
Leaving the poor girl
As he went to drink.
One night he found his love
Poisoned her self
To death
While carrying their love child.
Only then that he felt remorse
And love again.
The yeti woke
Only to find a fair well letter
In stead of
His beloved flower
He read it
It said that her
Love was geshi
And that she will be living with him.
After crying heavily
The yeti went to the monastery
Where his flower now lived
Peeking in the window
He could see
Who was his flower
Becoming someone else’s.
He couldn’t bear to see
The two youngsters
Kiss, talk
And make love.
He disappeared
Far away from his “flower”
Who broke his heart.
The next day
He leaves a fair well note
Of his own
Wondering if she will read it.
The yeti hear a distant laugh
He recognized the laugh
The laugh of his flower
He went out to
A Poppy field
where they usually
To find his flower
Making love
Coupling witha young monk
The young man had no sadistic intentions in his face
They were in love
Sadden the yeti waited in his cave
For his flower.
When the young woman
Came back
The yeti gently asked her
What it meant
And she said she was trying
To make a family for her savage lover
She was asked if she had feelings for the young man
She kissed the yeti
And told him
That he was the only on in her heart.
There they embrace
And couple
The yeti
Thinking that he would have a
His flower talking about the young monks name
Geshi Thubten
And his plans for talking his flower
To the city of Kuqa. (Kutcha)
And that she would not go with the youngster.
Autopsy is the ancient Greek word for “I’ll see for myself.”

I remember our gentle yet shy love making
Seeing your sparkly eyes
Eye to eye
As we kissed and couple
In the moonlight
I can find the doom that was coming.

I remember the philosophical yet
Romantic discussions
We had
But the despair of death
Was well hidden behind your
Gentleness and intellect.
I did not know.  

Then you wanted to teach me
Martial arts even though
It’s was against your heart
I saw the sad yet stern look on your gently face
Your tears
As you tought me
I wanted to comfort you
Through coupling
And love.

Now that I see it for my self
That it wasn’t meant to last.
That I now see as I dissect our
Memories with a heavy heart.
Why do I go into the talklamakan desert
To trace the steps of my love
His gentle Buddha like face
Engraved in both
Mind and heart.
I travel with a broken heart.  

Why do I go into the talklamakan desert
To see the last places
That my love
Went to.
The memories
Of our coupling
Seared into my being
I travel with a broken heart

Why do I go into the talklamakan desert
To find the disembodied
Soul of my love
Memories of talking about the teachings
Bookmarked in the heart.
I travel with a broken heart.

Why do I go into the talklamakan
To be reunited with my love
Into a place of souls and demons
It’s night
I sleep next to
A watch tower
Hearing: “nga kayrangla gawpo nebo, I always will!”
Was this the last place he went
I travel with a broken heart.

I dream of the times in Lhasa
When you were still with me
Coupling in the eachothers arms.
Then I hear his voice
“Nga kayrangla gawpo yo nebo, I always will!”

I awake in the middle of the night
In the middle of the talklamakan
I finally see him
Still that monk I loved
But he was undead

I did not care
We embraced
And kissed
Our tounges danced
We both wanted to couple
But he was a zombie
And I was alive.

I hold him
As if he was so precious
I gently kiss him
And I walk into a town
Crying to my self.  

I traveled with a broken heart.
As they couple
The Yeti and his flower
Did not know
That some one
Was watching them
Particularly the yeti’s flower
But they were in too
Much bliss
The young woman
Noticed the young man
And quietly
Told her skilled lover
That they should
Go back.
To where it is safe
When they were safe
They continued their
Love making
This time the yeti
Had his way with her.
Loving her reassuringly
That he will protect
His flower.
The Young woman
Took her savage lover
To a lotus pond
To see the flowers
Even at the risk
Of meeting people.
At the pond
The yeti and his flower
Look at the lotus flowers
Eacj lotus was a different colour
While the young
Was fascinated with the lotuses
The yeti was fascinated with his own flower.
There they couple
And kissing
As if they just met
The passion
The pleasure
And the love.  
Excited the young woman
Had her way with her skilled lover.  
She equally skilled.
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