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Do you look both ways?
When you cross my mind?
Could you stop taking my breathe away?
If you'd be so kind.
Give me a map,
To stop me getting lost in your eyes,
The more I see them,
The more I fantasize.
About the way you smile,
And the way you speak,
The way you laugh,
You make me weak.
You make me crave you,
To taste you, is my desire,
We could be the sparks,
That starts a passionate fire.
So Señorita,
Tell me you feel the same,
The way you make me feel,
Is driving me insane.
I just want to hold you,
Caress your body, your hips,
I wanna kiss you,
Your body, and your lips.
Caitlin Oct 4
My desire was forbidden
The fruit on the tree
I was told that the fruit on that tree was too good to be eaten by someone like me
I reached up anyway and picked the forbidden fruit from that tree
I unapologetically bit into it to find out that it was so ******* sweet that I dropped to my knees and let the sensations to follow take over me
As its sweetness had casted a spell on my body people told me of its sin
I could never understand why what was so sweet to me could be considered bitter and rotten by those who claimed they only want what is best for me
Perhaps they are scared, and it has kept them from trying it
Perhaps I’ve known so much bitter that I had been dying to have it
And you know I truly love you
Reckless child, that's what I am.
Nonetheless,you know my heart is real
Unrequited love that's what it seems
Loving you was worth the risks
Find me in another life
One day, when the time is right.

Please forgive me for feeling this way
And for dreaming that we could run away.
Just let me love you in my own way,
And then I will slowly fade away.
Radiant and irresistible that's what you are,
In my heart, you'll remain every tick of the hour.
Let me love you as long as the sun rises in the east,
Longing for your love as long as it sets to the west.
On the other side of this life, I wish that we will never be apart.
This poem is for a man I truly love but can never be mine.
Jay Sep 23
Avoid the crystal spheres
Looking glasses of the ******
Treasured possessions of the evils that inhabit them
Give me your arm darling,
Let me pull you away
From it's alluring tongue
For its bobber is laughing
And the Devil cackles with it.
You are safe with me.
the imagery is badbadbadbadbad
a woman like her—
the kind of woman you dream
about on lonely nights,
your hand spread across the cold
side of the bed, missing someone
you never even had, a
woman, dreamlike, you made up,

a pretend fantasy.
you’d have your hands cut off if
you dared to think aloud; hung,
drawn and quartered; burnt on the
pyre for nothing short of treason
if you so much as opened
your mouth, thought too loud. so you

don’t think, don’t speak, don’t
look at her. especially
not like that. because no-one
can ever know how you feel.
not when she’s the queen. but the
secret you both harbour bobs
up and down, weathers the storm,

unsinkable, you
and her, and your child surviving
despite the odds deposited
in front of you by the count’s
lust and manipulation.
his desire for her does
not overpower her honesty,

her integrity,
steadfast. powerful anne. the
queen. and you survive, guilty
but alive, hurting and breathing
with all you have left to breathe.
you turn away, nothing left
to give but your loyalty

to your god, and
the fragile promise that your
son will be safest never
knowing the truth about you,
and you will be safest away
from anne, away from temptation
that could get the two of you

hanged. but your faith
holds out for you — god always
does — and the king dies. the king
dies, and she, crowned and ultimately
powerful, holds her hands out
to you and promises a
world of together. of a

queen, and her minister.
Whether stranded
On a forbidden Island
Or stuck on a spaceship
In the middle of space
I dont take this love for granted
Without you
I would slowly die
Thinking about you
You all are I need
On this Earth, or into space
I am lost in our love
Love that is true
Monisha Jul 24
One night one day, stolen moments,
an unfinished bottle of wine and some conversations still paused;
Eyes locked, lips docked, raspy breathing out and in,
tangled sheets,  heartbeat to heartbeat above all the din.

Surreal, magical, sensual and true,
Mind Body Soul, in some moments, so few;
Forbidden, thrilling and a tantalising high,
A  fantasy of a rendezvous, my oh my!

What were the chances of two strangers connecting,
Baiting, mating and clandestinely fating,
serendipity thou art a magical brew,
Oh! Now estranged one,  this is my ‘while waiting’ ditty to you...
Ashton Nance Jul 9
You stand across the room, moonlight glimmering off your ocean eyes
I wonder what your hand feels like, whispering across my face, or my thighs
A forbidden energy radiates between us, a desire that may never be fulfilled
A wall becomes taller with each passing moment, one that I am required to build

What would it feel like to kiss your lips?
To be enveloped by the scent of your floral perfume?
How intensely would my skin tingle from the touch of your fingertips?
Would I transform into a flower aching to bloom?

I have always craved what I know you could give me, if I had the chance to take it
My family insists that I like men, so all my life I’ve had to fake it
Expectations must be met, or else there comes a risk from which I may never recover
How long can I go on like this, being unable to openly love another?

In my fantasies, I know what it means to be content
Waking up next to you, with your body curled around mine
You are an angel, a gift that has been heaven sent
I’m brought out of my reverie, back to a world where I have no choice but to pretend I’m fine

I could walk up to you and strike up a conversation, but what good would that do?
I’d only strengthen my disillusionment that I could ever be allowed to love someone like you
For now I’ll remain in my world of dreams, ignoring the magnetic pull to walk your way
Maybe one day I’ll acquire the courage I so desperately need, but until then my happiness is kept at bay
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