i never view it the same.
it's just quiet.
i simply closed my eyes.
and wait to feel what he makes me feel.
forbidden lust.
an act of sin.
a betrayal of a old friend,
a good climax.
he penetrates,
then sends me ascending to hell.
without any stops.
but i can't get enough.
at my brain.
and i'm
During dinner, his hand restfully lays on my thigh, caressing me back & forth.
my body itches and warms up to his touch against my skin.
At the slightest touch of his hand toying with me,
i disintegrated.
my mind is fixated at his contact.
he plays with me underneath the family table.
as the evening progresses, they continue their conversation.
my r                                          his                                  r
             i                          &                                      i
                    n                                                 n
                               g                              g
weights down on our respectfully spoken matrimonial status.
leaving us with the wrath of guilt.

Each time, we swear
it'll be the last time.
but we're both liars of the conscious mind.
we come back to it, giving in
falling in deep
trapping ourselves more into the  further.
we are consumed by each other.

i want more then what is given....
this is the affair of a forbidden couple.....

to be continued.....
love has no absolute control. the heart wants what it wants, and the brain is a guilty partner in crime.....
the affair series
Kwamé 3d
When I'm with you
the world
Stops spinning and time
Ceases to exist
Little branches 
Covered with hazy bits
Earth wind fire and water join
Forces as we journey to nirvana
Aroma of skunk fills my nose
The smoke is thick and soothing
Our time together is forbidden
And that makes it so much sweeter
Vivek Raj May 13
You rewrite my history with your love,
My future is redefined with your lust,
You tied me up with your love,
And, I longed for your lust,
You gave life to my life with your love,
For I embraced a sweet death to be reborn with your lust,
You turn hell to heaven, my angel of love,
All while you slay me, my goddess of lust.
It's always been you!

If only you realized how much you mean to me,
Not a moment goes by when I don't stop to think about you,
Your peculiarity alone can do that,
And, that's always been you!

What makes you so special?
In layman terms,
You are my greatest strength
And, my greatest weakness.

The serenity in your halcyon heart,
The charisma of your captivating eyes,
The elegance in your illustrious smile,
The tenderness of your seductive lips,
The spark in your gentle touch,
The gracefulness of your alluring neck,
The radiance in your dazzling lustrous hair,
The lure of your hypnotizing heaving bosom,
The haven in your scintillating navel,
The holiness of your ravishing waist,
The sanctity of your fascinating hips,
The wickedness in your mesmerising curves,
For my hopes lie on,
The gateway to your heart,
That is now open,
Through the divine pathway in your sacred forest,
Filled with untold and concealed secrets,
And, mysteries unknown to man,
For I hope to touch, nurture and caress,
Every deep wall in you,
For you are the prayer to my appetite,
And, the incarnation of my desires,
It is now that I get the privilege of being a being,
To realize,
You complete me!

You are desire,
You are passion,
The inspiration for wanting more in life,
The personification of loving life itself.

The paragon of my eroticism,
And, not an end will there be,
For my loins crave,
To be destroyed,
By the sexual dynamite you are.

An eternal pleasure in sensual misery you are,
And, a heaven in my hell,
The zenith of all climaxes,
And, the paradigm for my resurrection.

The yearning for the man in me,
Annie, you are!
Oh my beloved,
I am heartily sorry for not being the man you needed
and I detest myself,
because I fear the loss of love and the pains of regretness,
but most of all, because I love you,
and I want so badly to be the right man for you.

It’s so erotic the way she crawls into me
and how my temperature rises right up under my skin.
She’s so forbidden, yet I can’t control my feelings.
Why does something so wrong bring on strong feelings?
It’s taking over my whole body.
What sort of thing has been awaken in me?

The floor’s shaking in the speed of an earthquake.
My mind is sinning, I don’t think I can refrain myself from it.
I got a craving building up in me
like a burning flame creeping through every vein in me.
I’m drunk by her scent, her very presence is intoxicating.
At this point, neither you nor anyone can stop this feeling.

The sound of loud music is not as loud as my heart beat.
My conscience is telling me to be discreet, but my heart is telling me to not retreat.
There’s something exciting yet dangerous about wanting her.
This is either good going bad or bad getting badder.

I know I shouldn’t behave this way,
I know carnal desires won’t make sinful thoughts go away.
I know a troubled conscience won’t let me be.
I don’t deserve you, but please, my love, forgive me!
Written on June 29, 2013
Composition number: 450
Gala Jul 17
Watching from afar,
knowing it cant happen.
Admiring the subtle beauty,
and the simple grace.

Bright eyes connect with mine,
and you give me that beautiful smile,
making my heart desire.

There is truly no hope in this.
Yet my heart ignores my head,
and hurts when it is mislead.
Kilie Steel Jul 16
It was the forbidden fruit
sticky sweet and dripping
down your greedy fingers
as you watched her
from the corner of your eye

Skin like glass
eyes like fire
a laugh that rings
a smile that touches the sky

She was magnanimous
an unwitting host to your innermost desires

You stole the fruit
and you knew the consequence
but in the end
what did it matter?

An eternity of suffering for your disobedience
or a lifetime of regret from pushing it away?

They said the fruit was poison
that it would steal your breath
and take your soul

But how was that any different from
what she did to you?
How was it any different than
meeting her eye?
aye-way Jul 12
how could i not take a bite into you?
with a presence like yours, so inviting.
i am in a garden filled with the sweetest fruit,
yet, why is it only you that i'm wanting?
your tainted juice drips down my finger tips,
the taste of guilt on my tongue still remains
and so does the sin that manifests within my soul,
and yet, i bite into you again.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
Mei Jul 11
There are moments
so beautiful
that before it begin
it has to end.
Like our love
a firework lit
it started to die,
as it started to live.
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