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Zell 4d
So she settled for something as simple as a hug.
For even if it could not be,
All she ever wanted was to get close to his heart.
And she knew that it was the nearest she could get.

It was the good nights and good mornings,
The good byes and hellos,
And the silent stares and smiles of what cannot be
That made things still seem so perfect.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
Jovanni 4d
You were never a distraction from my everyday life, you were an eye opening welcomed smile to my mornings and a pick me up in the afternoons.

Each time we embraced and you caught my scent, you held me a tiny bit closer without looks from wandering eyes around us.

A slight brush of our skin as we past each other sent lightning throughout my body, a feeling of warmth from my fingers to my toes.

Forbidden glances for a split second as our eyes catches each other's as we shared the same thought.

The soft brush of your lips onto mine in those stolen moments was what made me smile as I laid my head to rest at night.
Tori 5d
Our love was never meant to be touched by the sun
It was made for silent glances across rooms
And bouquets of acacia left on doorsteps in the dead of night
It was made for shadows and obscurity
For stolen kisses behind locked doors
And hands clasped tightly away from prying eyes

let it run fire red
red as the roofs of Paris
that conceal the carnal
on a star filled night

in the throes
of sweating conquest
ripe with release
coursing with hunger
for the tender flesh
of reckless youth

white hot
as a deflowered bride
burning with the ****
of an august first-night
impaled on the horn
of promise and desire

there will be no truth
in these minglings
only raw bleeding need
and the quenchless thirst
for bittersweet
forbidden nectar

when you hear the whispers
know that it was so
and so it will remain
in the electric *****
of the skin slaves
aflame under red roofs


rob kistner © 2018
This was inspired by a painting entitled "Red Roofs", by Marc Chagall.
It unfolded, not because of the content of the painting, but from the title.
I have been taking some pain meds, so my thoughts have been surreal.

in the dream level most like drowning
the id holds court

our darkest secrets play out
in the false light
of veiled memory

recollections of fantasies
intersect our nightmares
drawing us onto the plane of shadows

into the realm of the almost familiar
where everything lives
at the edge of clarity

unmade promises
teeter precariously
on the tips of rigor'd tongues

fevered visions
of encircling arms
closing upon a void

and hearts break
under weight
of unrequited love

it is here
I lost
that which I never found



rob kistner © 2012
(revision © 2018)
Contemplation on the genuine madness that ensues, from loving someone obsessively, but for whatever reason, never having that love returned.
Noelis Oct 1
i know we can’t
but i need you
i crave you.
i want you.
you’ve haunted my dreams
i can’t even sleep
i see you everywhere
you’re getting the best of me
why can’t you see it?
why can’t you feel it?
i know we can’t
but i also know you want this too
i can see it in you
feel it in your words
don’t be afraid
of exploring the world
a sin never killed anyone
and if this one does,
let it **** us both.
i got bored in class...
Esther Lee Sep 27
Friends With Benefits
Emotional Frustration
Sensual Addiction
Physical Attraction
Mental Confusion
Living a fantasy
Thinking reality
Messy feelings
****, Love
Had No idea what we would become.
Craig Wilson Sep 20
You invoke passion and tenderness.
A fire contained inside my heart,
With no one to heat.

I feel your soul, but your heart not.

It is withdrawn,
Access forbidden.
Hurt in a previous life,
Love denied.

The fire burns slow
Refuses to cool.
Time is the only healer
My words are not.

When you are ready,
I'll be here.
My soul warm
Ready to heal your fear.
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