SelinaSharday Feb 12
Adam  and Eve Come Together Again.
In His Image

My husband rest on legs of hope and liberation.
Perseverance and dreams are worn as a well pressed suit.
Like a brassiere Will and Endurance
strapped themselves about my chest.
In His Image!
Determination has stitched itself within my frame.
While truth as a necklace and faith as a hat. Decorates me.
Power and Strength grows within his bones.
Laced with Privacy as Cuffs of Patience cover his wrist.
The two of us were traveling on different roads with similar trials.
Roads that would one day meet up.
As I studied at a underpass searching a marketed village.
I had chosen to set up shop as tourist.
Endured abusive mishandlings as the towns people shopped.
Our shoes scared with marks from a weary journey.
With Patches hidden in hearts places.
We both born in the same month with a years difference,
Fifteen days between our birthdays.
The same seasonal love of Winter tied us.
Our taste buds linked by the similar cravings in food.
Compatible are the Holidays we adore.
In His Image!
The best of likened characteristics thought lost in others,
found in each other to be greater than.
Desires thought only in dreams, brought into our reality realm.
So much compatibility thought to be magically unbelievable.
Goals patterns us into blanketed fabrics, woven into fabulous designs.
Prayers laid before a higher Throne Room.
Searching, finding discovering one another.
Promises we hold fast to. Instilled with patience.
Substance of things hoped for, Evidence of things unseen.
As the distant Moon, we are Moons of privacy.
I the feminine to his masculine.
Only the glow revealed love sealed in gold.
We Live away from the Villages we have traveled.
Away seclusion, growing, waiting, planting, singing.
Trails coming we prepare for. Standing this time as One.
Together United together we come.
We take our places now in Heavenly Galaxies.
He my Adam I his Eve!
This new generation This Adam This Eve..
Baylee Kaye Feb 12
where red meets blue,
is where my eyes always,
find you.

together it’s a daze,
dancing around this torrid place,
everything askew.

our footsteps we retrace,
looking back on our beginning,
the bottle we unscrew.

our mark we’re imprinting,
on each other’s heart.
because when red meets blue,
it cannot be torn apart.
this is about Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara not going to lie.

written 11 Feb. 2018
When I can't find what I seek
When everything is bleak
When I'm strongly weak
I just remember
How your eyes twinkle
Like the stars in a midsummer night
Like the moon illuminating sun's light

Then you should understand
Moon is nothing without the sun
Stars won't shine without darkness
You're my sun, I'm your moon
If you're gone
I'm just a star at noon
But still nothing
How can I let you leave
If you're the reason why I live
Hope in my despondence
My reason for existence

Serendipity, fate, destiny
They can never answer me
Of all the false against the true
How to unlove you?

What?! You won't hear a thing I say?
Just throw everything away?
Even if I beg you to stay?
Even if--- even if I pray?

You never had faith in prayers
You've always been a nonbeliever

They never said devils can't
Before they were sent,
Down in the pits of lightless
With all the grievances
Drowning with ailing and wailings
The pleas and the pleases
Before it all
Before they fall
It is heaven
Their haven

Still, it won't be right
You can never be my light
Black can never be white
Soon, I'm out of your sight
Soon, you'll forget me
Just how you forgot Thee
But still why?
Why bother finding truth with this lie?
Angels should run, back to its roots
Away from devils, that's the truth

You ask me why bother?
Why not just cower?
'Cause right now,
I'm that devil about to lose
the only good thing in his life

But it will be for the best
Like east can never be with west
Like vertical horizon can never exist
That's how wrong this is
It's never meant to happen
Better if forgotten

You're an angel
But how can you be this cruel?
There's no serendipity, fate, or destiny
So you better not unlove me?

But it's always been wrong
I can't keep this for long
Unloving you will turn everything back to what it seems
Just think of this as a dream
You'll be waking up---

I don't want to wake up
I don't want this to stop
If this is a dream
Then let me fall in endless sleep
Forget you? Is that what you really want?
Say it one last time and I'll leave this instant
If to you, this is madness
Chaos in your peace
Then I'll leave
Just to bring back your bliss

As the sun say hi
It's time to say goodbye
'Cause dreams are forgotten
As the morn came
They'll be just memories
And should remain that way

Just tell me if you don't want me to stay
I'm tired of being pushed away

I'm tired of seeing your efforts go to your waste

I'm tired of having just heaven's taste

I'm tired of you holding on

I'm tired of being drawn

I'm tired of trying to move on

I'm tired of breaking dawn

I'm tired of letting go

Then don't, then don't

They're all memories

Memories we cherish

And should remain that way

Dreams are forgotten

This is your way of saying "The End"

There's no need to end if there's nothing to begin with

You call my everything nothing?

It will always be like this.

It will always be like this?

Wanting someone you can never have

Loving someone you should not love

Yet you will still try to be with them
That's the exquisite pain.
Jessica Feb 5
You are forbidden.
Like the fruit Eve was told not to eat
Like if I touch you, everything,
Everything we worked for,
It will be lost.

How do I say I love you?
When you have a “do not touch” sign
Tattoo across your chest,
If I even thought that too loudly,
You would turn and run.

We both love chaos.
Maybe, just maybe, I don’t love you,
Maybe I love the trouble.
But right now,
In this moment with you,
I’m in love with your…
Your laugh, its your laugh.
I love you Trouble Maker
And you can’t ever know.
Turns out I don't love you after all, it was the chaos I fell for, so I guess this poem has no reason to be a secret anymore :P
Zell Feb 4
They tell me to either write or say,
Whichever would best light the way.
But there are words that i can neither say nor write,
As if my brain, lips, and heart are in a constant fight.

I yearn to say such things i feel,
Then i realize i could not reveal.
My heart screams out your name,
But my lips could not do the same.
Do you remember
A much simpler time?
With no locked doors
Or unspeakable crime.

Not a whisper or jump
At the turn of a handle.
Not a murmur,
Nor mention of scandal.

All out in the open,
Nothing erased, nothing hidden.
Everything as it should be,
Nothing was forbidden.

Do you remember
Those lonely days?
Craving the love
We gave away.

Lost in our lives
But we found together,
A love too great
To be contained by forever.
Irene J Feb 1
Our love is forbidden,
but you only live once.

How can I walk away from you,
when in the end I still ended up in front of you,
loving you.
old poem on my draft.
Alivia Evans Feb 1
Sleep will not come to my eyes
The earth forbidden to my limbs
my name shall not pass your sweet lips
because of my sin

The breath that makes you mine
the ground that breaks beneath me
your heart that beats my name
speaks the silence we yearn to proclaim

The orcestra will not play
the bands will not march
the mums will never be in bloom
vanilla never sweet

The moon to never gleam
my lungs will gasp with shame
your eyes will not forgive me
because of my sin
forbidden love
How can something be forbidden
that our heart so deeply desires

Something so true and pure
should not make you sad

A feeling that no one can change
   no one can choose
      no one truly understands

Why does your head says "no"
when your heart wishes "yes'

Something like this
can't be forbidden.
Just listen.
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