Rachel 3d

Liking you is like having the sun shine, but quickly becoming night as that’s when I realize I can’t have you.
Although there is something in the dark that lures me in, I think that’s because I rather daydream than to have something end.

She's in between
what I want
what I hate
and what
I never

You are a forbidden fruit
One that I'm undeserving of
Maybe what attracts me the most
Is how you much effort I put
Into scaling your branches
Seeking what I can't have
Without you loosing a breath
I slip and fall
Reaching out for what I can't hold
Without you knowing
I find myself held by tangled vines
Craving what I can't get
Oblivious to the approaching cloud
Of reality and fate
Fueled by a fools hope
And fleeting kisses.
- ©M

Mysidian Bard Nov 14

If not to touch the earth
and know your sun kissed skin,
if not to chase your shadow
through every place you've been.

If not to stand on mountains,
howling from the peaks,
if not to lie in fields
as melodic whispers weep.

If not to dance in forests
where tangled roots take hold,
if not to bathe in oceans
while eternities unfold.

If not to touch the earth,
upon me you would shine
and for that fleeting moment
I could call you mine.

Dedicated to a very special friend of mine who comes on here often hoping that I have posted something, no matter how long I have been absent. I hope that this will brighten your day.

Eating luscious forbidden apples in your garden,
was a pleasure not to be spoken in front of others.
I agreed in a silent conspiracy with you, nevertheless,
it remains an ache, in the tender muscles of my heart,
which I love to nurse with relish,whenever I get a chance

Baby I know you’re infamous
But you can be my infamous love.
Baby you know I’m infamous
But I can be your infamous love.
As long as we stay in love
We can be infamous together.

Your feelings for me are an explosive scandal
They won't let you get away with it.
My feelings for you are an explosive scandal
They won't let me get away with it.
But as long as we can keep the feelings our own
We can be scandalous together and feel just fine.

AyJay Oct 29

there was a prince.
a prince with fairy blue hair.
he loved fairies with all his heart,
he believed they existed too.

he met a fairy,
a pretty one,
with pink hair and
pretty brown eyes.
their cheeks were rosy.

the prince thought, i think i found my love.

it wasn’t until,
he realized,
that the fairy he loved,
was a boy too.
it didn’t matter to him.

but when mother
and father found out.
they kicked the prince out.
the prince frowned,
sitting on the grass,
all alone in the cold night.

he had nowhere to go.
his family had disowned him,
for loving a a fairy.
he was confused.

why did mother and father
kick me out,
for loving a fairy boy?
was I not supposed to?

the prince wiped his eyes in frustration,
his vision was glossy.
he was sad and very cold.
he laid on the grass,
on his side,
in the woods.
with only a little bag of his belongings.
with no money or food.

“prince?” the prince looked up with teary eyes
and saw,
fairy boy.
he cried out and held him.
fairy boy was confused now.

why was the one he loved crying?

“prince? what is wrong
my love?” fairy boy said.

“i’ve got no home to go to.”
prince said.

“that’s wrong my prince.”
fairy boy said.
“for as i, have our,
home waiting for you.”

“take me home fairy.”
prince held his hand.

“anything for you,

In an unassuming glade three leagues east of the old cherry tree,
through a pocket of bramble-thorns and half-ripe blackberries,
The forbidden fruit grows on a knee-high bush.

You stumble upon it almost by accident.
A lone black horse watches by the wayside.
You’re hungry, you’re tired, and most of all, you’re ignorant,
so you sit to take a bite.

And your world suddenly changes.
Color leaks from the canvas of the earth, painting the world
with vibrant hues.
Green, red, cerulean and gold blossom from a monochromatic page.

And you know then why they forbid it. Not for the evil
or the darkness, but
for the language and the vivacity,
the awakening of colored perspective.

They fear you learn that to know God, one must be human.

don't be afraid to take a bite.
jrml Oct 10


Let's put everything behind for now
And let's focus on this one
For the future lies on this trust
And both of us must adjust.

Things might change a little bit
With time, it takes you and me to face it.
On the long run we need to choose
Who's to keep and who's to lose.

Until when are we going to be like this?
Hiding ones pain? , believing each others lie?
But this soul has fallen so deep already
Will you catch me? You know I will.

I need answers right now, and you don't
No rush, but make it fast.
Cause a fruit force to ripe must sacrifice a lot;
The sweetness of tongue might end up to none.

When will secrets expire?
You are the one I aspire.
But this conscience is killing me
We are tied up on the ones we have.

And now let's make choices on this vow.
Me or him, you or her, decision must be made.
For whatever reasons and results will be.
Remember that you'll always gonna have a part of me.

I love you though we are forbidden...

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