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Esther Sep 12
your touch

the sweetest glaze of heaven's gate

honey dripping from your lips

i swear, i could almost taste it
you weren't mine to lose
Ikimi Festus Aug 16
She pleaded, "Love me,"
Clasped in my arms, in the void of my desolation
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shadow, not the soul you see
In the depths of my heart, a love like no other blooms,
Yet, no hands have ever offered solace
But yours, Amaka, they've graced me
No others have brushed my soul
The gods and the princes swept away my kin
The ancient spirits and council stripped my autonomy
The divine forces and masses shattered my tranquility
The gods and my oppressors pilfered my joy.

Amaka, I beg you to listen to my tale, as I bared my truth to you
In bliss, my brother and I once thrived, a happiness profound
My sisters and I once reveled, a laughter shared
How I wish you glimpsed my parents, their faith profound, they rejoiced in the divine
Then, one fateful day, our people were swallowed by the land, the gods' decree
The great king sleeps eternal, lives sacrificed for fate's designs
One somber day, our clan fell, as the elders ordained
The great king sleeps eternal, his passage eased by the companions he brings
One mournful day, our tribe crumbled, a sacrifice to appease the multitude's desire
The great king sleeps eternal, a new reign awakens, adorned with offerings.

Buried alive were our brethren, at the gods' command, their lives entwined
And for chattel to journey alongside the great ruler, destinies yielded to abyssal Depths.

Amaka, daughter of the great king, whispered,
"Love me,"
Enveloped in my arms, in the absence of all
I implored her, "Let not your fragrance linger on my sheets, should you forsake me"
I'm a shade, not the figure you perceive
From the slave caste, I emerged
A love as boundless as the heavens blossoms within me,
No hands have journeyed through my existence, except yours, Amaka
None have touched my being as you do,
I vow to defy the deities, the new ruler, the princes, the council, and the multitude
So we might flourish, unshackled, in our affection's embrace.

Yet, if fate compels your departure,
Then entomb me under the earth, as the gods did my kin,
For you are all I possess, all I fight for, all I cherish in this world of woe.
maria Jun 26
And our intimacy gave way to intimate moments.
Breathy moans and flushed skin gave way to
the light brushing of fingers, the spiral of legs, and giggles as pillow talk.
I traveled the world and still never forgot about you,
always anxious to return to the places I could never venture.
I long for the groceries never bought, the flowers never replaced, the drinks never shared.
And who took it all away from me but myself.
It was a love sabotaged by situation and undeniable truths,
an intimacy whose essence was its demise.
Alio May 11
When I close my eyes I feel the air of one warm summer night
When you and I were closer than before
When the sea met the mountains with no desert in between
And we danced in the thick ocean breeze without care.
No one was there to see us blossom and flower
And it was beautiful that way
Because the bees hummed in harmony
And the sand hugged our bare feet
And the fire’s light licked your face
Casting the most magnificent moving shadows

And you and I were basking in our prison of solitude
Like the birds that tangoed overhead
But calming clouds above can be deceiving
And floating pillows turned to billows of rain
And thunder ripped us apart
It shook our houses and roared in our ears
And its lightning charred us
till our flesh seared to bone
Fire and brimstone and the end of the world.

And I never saw you again…
Instead of stones and hands,
We're throwing out hearts and hiding our emotions
Guilty in how we communicate
A message here
A chance visit there

Time lapping us on the track of our busy lives
Lapses when we don't act on our arrested desires
Or is that still such a sin only Satan so-call sells?

read rights that announce what it should feel as wrong
Without passages, psalms, proverbs, and palm wine,
Both sacrilegious and unlawful to speak against our wants,
As if there's a separation of holy institution and national regions

In truth,
Lawless, this thing called love is!
It breaks and shatters everything
Steals your thoughts
Vandalizes your ears with the whispering words
Written and etched on its drums.
And here we are
Imprisoned as it taunts us outside the bars.

It wants to be caught.
And I, with you.
Or is it that
It temps us to attempt to flee with it?


If we break free and escape,
Adoration is how far?

Ifeanyichuku N. Okoro II © 2023
When is a good time to break free?
crybaby Aug 2022
When you lay at night, I know you think of me. I know this because I think of you too
Or am I delusional?
Is the way you look at me fraud?
Do your eyes lie?
U know my truth, but yours is so hard to know
Your mask is frightening but natural and real-looking that I’m starting to believe I only thought it was in fact a mask
Is this a ball? Since we both know I wear a mask too
I explain mine to you though, why I wear it
but you stay silent and I stay confused
If you don’t truly love me, I should go
If it really is just a party, and this is not just a mask, I’ll remove mine  
If you don’t think of me at night or in the morning, if the way you look at me is fraud, if your eyes lie, then I’ll stop my front
But if you do, I’ll glue my mask on until we can finally reveal our faces and dance.
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