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My face covered by a pink mask
In my openess you cannot bask
Flirting became an impossible task
What's the struggle you may ask?

You cannot see my charming smile
Our hands won't graze even if sterile
Apart from each other we stand a mile
Unmasked me you'll only see on my profile

I cannot punch your arm jokingly
I cannot hug you lovingly
I cannot pat you reassuringly
I cannot be near you willingly

We're like Romeo and Juliet
To each other we are a life threat
I cannot allow such Russian roulette
We cannot be together yet

Covid has destroyed lives, life as we used to know it and.... Love..... 💔
Andy Chunn Jun 22
Innocence to one who knows
Distracted, poised, and then composed
The proper place shall never be
Light, laugh, child-visions see.

The blossom young can never hear
The beauty, grace, or trembling fear
That beckons weak to taste the scent
Among the flowers, time is spent.

Spring is growth and time and trust
Mine is over, short, and must
Fall away as summer reigns
Flowers bloom in lovers’ lanes.

To tug the gentle petal young
Whose golden voice above all sung
Within the growth there is one rose,
Innocence to one who knows.
Well versed and wise beyond the years of his birth
His soul was old, yet his body fresh
As I rise with the sun and lie when it sets, my thoughts are consumed
Both challenged and inspired by the words we share
They are brief, still ever poignant
At times, there are none - but a glance
Still ever poignant
And the breath leaves me for a moment
xavier m Sep 6
Purity is something your body once knew
When you met me your lips were sealed
That night our skin touched purity was filled with sin
You made me feel as though my body was a temple only meant to be seen by you
Which was only the truth, you watched me every night as my head hit the pillow
Sleeping was the only way I could be away from you.
Do you guys like my poetry?
xavier m Sep 6
In one ear and out the other you whisper sweet nothings
I’ve always been told to listen to the truth but no one ever said why
The devil says if I fall in love with him I’d be a ***** sinner like him
Being a ***** sinner never seemed so pleasing until I met Lucifer himself
His eyes daring and lustful, my mother always told me I could find the good in others
I whisper back only to receive no reply
Feeling your grip tighten around my hips bringing me in
I feel my lips split. I can't catch my breath, where have my wings gone?
Once a god now a sinner your sweet words filled me with hope
Now I live with misery with your name tattooed on my heart
I was a god meant for your cage.
Hi..another one thank you
paschelco Aug 23
maybe it's the way your lip quivers ,
it quivers when you have more on your mind than you'd like to admit .
saying something true , bold , something you know you can't take back .
whether it be an "I love you" or "I'm scared"
you'll stare with intent with thoughts of none .
what if? when will? will we? I can't...
don't worry... me too .
I wish I could sooth your thoughts like yours presence does mine .
Something about you
it’s like fire unite with water
From crescent tears to shallow minds
a cosmic feeling that's one of a kind

I know I’ts wrong
I know it might take long
For you to accept
the forbidden roses I bloom inside your heart

With sharp edges I try to be soft
Be naive
Be dense
Yet at the end
it all doesn’t make sense

This feeling is wrong
im not suppose to feel like this
Not suppose to drown in your ocean
The oceans of enigmas
that hides in your cold enchanting air

Question marks all over my head
All hanging in one thread

It holds my heart in one loop
Of faith and hope
Of love and hate
And the questioning fate

Maybe i love you
yet the soil is grey

Its too late to bloom.
A Poem about a honest feeling for a person that's meant to be forbidden. Whereas the person is not on your ground anymore, not ready to bare with your fragile sensitive heart. Hence, you think its too late to accept this feeling. Because time says it so.
miki Aug 11
on a hot july night
i remember looking up to the sky
and getting lost in its stars
and how they would twinkle
almost like a quaint little village during christmas, or
a sea of fireflies in the forest.
but even the brightest star
held nothing over you
and the way your eyes would glow in the 6am sunlight
or how you could see every star inside your eyes.
their glow was enough to light up 1000 cities in their darkest hour.

it’s like you were the universe
and i was merely a speck
who got to experience your beauty,
and so i extended my hand to you
only to be met
with the emptiness that had taken its place.

i had been forbidden from your touch for more days than i could count.
but i still reach for you hand
that one day you will be there to meet my grasp.
and wether it be in the 6am sunlight, or the 10pm moonlight,
i only wish to love you as i did
once before
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