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undiagnosed thought spreads
               - species -
                             from within my form
an eccentric  newcomer
a giddy little mammal
pelting the walls of its enclosure
unphased and joyful
a ceaseless battering
a pinball of mental energy
and disorientation

(against medical council)
                                  welcome !

induce derangement and heck
make me rife
i was boring
and ripe for defilement

new tainted me can take a chance
flinging experimental feces
a manner of preach
that'll able me
a cockpit in society
[plattering my output
without restraint
i bludgeon my imagined view
upon creation at large

a charge without caution
with a disappointing mild reaction
i failed even to be a minor polarizing irritation]
My Dear Poet May 21
Momma said
Daddy’s dead
I’ve buried him in the back

Get the cash
From the stash
Throw it in the sack

Grab the keys
Quickly please
And in the car you get

Take us far
Drive that car
We haven’t got there yet

Take a pill
Let’s just chill
It’ll  be alright

In the motel
We go to hell
Just for the night
MELuhNEE May 9
Although I love you,
You never loved me.
I hate this romance.

M. 5/8/21 @ 7:16 p.m.
when someone crushes on me.
Heather Apr 26
I can’t help but picture you in that bed
With wires and tubes
And I want nothing more than to stroke your hair
And kiss your face
But I am a phantom in your life
A dark secret, never to be uncovered
And I will sit in silent torture waiting for your consciousness
Powerless and fearful for the children  that were never mine.
Fearful for a life I was never going to be a part of.
alaska jade Apr 26
It's your forbidden touch that I want the most
it's your distant glare that touches close
Oh your smile, I'd love to boast
Secret love where no one knows
Warren C Apr 18
I long ago dreamed of you in the night
I know this timing is not right.
It is time for the truth to be free
Though I know I’ll never be on my knee

You were my first crush
But; our years were in such a rush.
I wanted to make you my morning light
Also holding you gentle, yet tight.

I just thought you should know
Now I know I should blow
You were the best
You are still way above most of the rest

So here is a kiss
That I never had a chance to miss
My mind is now at rest
Know that I believe you are forever the best.
The forbidden words,
Never to be spoken aloud
Tumbled out of my mouth
From the moment we met
And I let them.
you know who you are...
Although we just
My beautiful girl
I am feel like you
Have takeover
My heart mind and soul

Although we
Just meet
Sweet girl
I want to meet you
My delicate creature

Never had I been in love
Like this
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