alexxa 2h
she is so beautiful.
just looking at her
makes my heart race.
her smile is the most beautiful
thing, besides her existence.
talking to her is a breath of fresh air.
she's everything i want.
she's everything i need.
she's everything i can't have.
she and i, we have a love that is
the places we live are not real homes.
we do not feel safe,
and so we hide our love.
closed doors,
far away places.
we hide where they cannot see.
they can't see her lips on mine,
or hear the words we exchange.
we hide from the ones we love.
our families,
we love them,
but if they knew the truth,
they would no longer
love us.
in their eyes,
two girls in love?
"it's just a phase."
they'll say.
they could never
understand us.
my darling,
you and i are forbidden.
why can't i kiss her when i want to?
Anthea 2d
I hope he cares for me
I wish we could be closer
Because I'm certain this bud could bloom in his soil

I want to plant myself in him
But it's not the right time
It is not the right place
All I could see is a face of uncertainty
A poker face that has me curious
So serious and mysterious
I long for your presence
The best thing I can do is imagine your appearance
Killing these feelings are harder than anticipated
I yearn for your voice
I have no choice but to accept
What I desire
Is forbidden and must be hidden
That I must tame this fire
That has me engulfed in flames
Leaving me to be anguish
That we are no longer speaking the same language
And for that I can endure no more
So I will lay lifeless on this floor
And dream of a love that doesn’t ignore
This poor fool
Blake 6d
My love go to your nearest sea,
Once there close your sweet eyes my love.

Then leave your porcelain bones and skin,
Let your elegant precious soul drift over the deep blue sea.

I’ll leave shore too my love,
And my lonely soul will float towards you.

We will meet in the great clouds of blue,
You will have one forbidden touch and I’ll have two sips of your gold.

We just can’t mix my love,
They will know when we get back home.

Just embrace me until the tides pull us away,
I promise we will meet on ground one day.
My Love x
Distance is worst than time. But both play devil games.
avaseia Jun 15
"have you been thinking of me? luna?"
                                                          ­                                     "have you?"
"you never left my mind."
                                                          ­                                     "i want to.
                                                             ­                                    see you."

                                                          ­                           "but you're halfway
                                                                ­                 across the universe,
                                                       ­                          yet my heart longs for
                                                             ­                      the light you bring."  

"i want to.
hold you."

"if only.
if only space would let me
stay with you for a little

                                                ­                                "i wear your light. and
                                                                ­             that's the same as having
                                                          ­                   you beside me."
a conversation between sol and luna; a love forbidden by time and space
lonewolf17 Jun 5
I want to talk about her lips
The way her curves accentuate her hips
Her walk is so demanding,
I love pursuing her when she’s walking.
The only thing more exotic than her smile
is that high waist skirt that I keep staring at for a while.
Her high pitched voice is my favorite sound
If it was my choice, I’d hear it all year round.
Dreams are the new playgrounds
Her body is a wonderland
And I just want to swing back and forth.
Before the the clock strikes 12,
I am under her spell.
First, you came in close.
Then, I froze.
and in that moment, I desired friction
but it wasn't in my jurisdiction.
so here I am, left with this depiction
poems allow me to release tension
so here’s my expression,
but also my inner intentions.
Oh sea,
how you shine with the moon
Dancing in rhythm but never touching
For the moon does not belong to you
He must chase sunlit skies and
Light dark corners
Yet he will return and you can dance
Again in the beauty of twinship.
I sit here inhaling slowly and exhaling even slower
It's been months since I last seen you, months since I last heard from you
But that's not supposed to bother me right?
And you know what? I hate that it does.
I hate missing you and I hate knowing I will probably never have that chance again.
I hate the way our memories send chills down my spine and I hate the way I feel.
You're forbidden to me, forever lost.
Forever reminiscing on how we were, on how you constantly made me feel.
You don't even know how you made me feel because I kept so much away, covering up all my feelings by using other people. Hiding away the truth from anyone knowing, even you.
See, you've only witnessed a fraction of how much I cared.
I fooled everyone right?
And now.. I sit here, my heart hammering in my chest trying to convince myself, 'push the feelings away please!' they can't matter anymore.
But in the end, to me at least, they do.
disconsolate May 22
your hand tangled in my hair,
you tilted my head up, bent down,
and pressed your lips to mine.
It felt wrong... really wrong.
I pressed my body to yours
My mouth opened, inviting you in with a sigh.
THIS IS WRONG my head screamed.
Something I should not have done.
Something I should not have let you do.

It was a long kiss.
Your tongue grazed mine
your hand cupped my face and your breaths calm and quiet
mine hot and staggered.
A few seconds of confusion; of desire.
5 years we loved each other,
5 years we couldn't be together.

I pulled away, breaking the spell.
I gasp, my eyes fluttering to stare at my shoes.
the air around us thick with shame and loneliness.
what have i done

I couldn't look you in the eyes.
You embraced me, and asked if i was alright.
I nodded numbly, and stumbled into my home as you walked away.

I entered my room expecting myself to cry.
I cheated. I am a cheater. I destroyed what was the only good thing that was happening to me.

I'm not single,
you're not letting go.
This can't go on.
Meera May 20
Behind the courage
We hide our fears
Below the laughter
Are hidden tears

Beneath the skin
we hide our souls
Behind the faces
we are acting roles

Inside every gentleman
there lies a beast
Behind the calmness
there is passion unleashed

Behind the robes
priests hide their desires
Beneath the smiles
We hide our fires

Behind the makeup
Women hide the man inside
Underneath the beard
Men hide what's feminine

Underneath our love
There is envy hidden
Beyond the showcase
There are things forbidden
All of us are hiding one thing or the other.
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