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lake Sep 3
once upon a time i had a dream
of going places i've never been
somehow it all went with the wind
not now not then, i'll never win
i'm still chasing this runaway train
hoping one day it'll erase the pain
the pain of failure, of knowing i've lost
but i'm not really sure if i know the cost
i forgot how it feels to be on cloud 9
i forgot how it feels to just free my mind
just give it time, that's what they all say
this is a game, that's what they all play
and all day all night we pray to God
and fight to keep all that we got
why is it so hard to get what we want
why do we fight to be number one

but we do it anyway, yeah we do it everyday
and we'll trade what we can trade, everything for better days
it's insane to run away, it's insane to hide my face
yeah we're all used to it, yeah we're not new to it
it's a struggle but it's life and it won't always be nice
but all we got are dreams and dream is what we'll do
it's ups and downs, it's wins and losses
and by the end, we'll be our own bosses
lake Aug 15
Waking up another day
Waiting for this month's pay
Hoping one day that I can say
All of this was worth the wait
Maybe then I'll be OK

This 9-5 is frying my mind
These Friday nights are my only lifeline
And down the pipeline are my pipe dreams
Back when life seemed just like a rainbow
Now the rain pours, where the pain goes
Now I just stay low, wait it all out
Wait out this drought, till I can shout

Money doesn't come for free
But **** I wish it came from trees
This ladder that I have to climb
It's all just a matter of time
Wondering when I'll finally strike gold
That'll be when I finally let go
دema Aug 12
my heart’s so fragile;
i’m afraid to give it away,

all that’s left of me is
a sarcastic personality,
and even that is
starting to fade.
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
once as a secret she confessed
she'd like to know whose birth would be her death

i like these kinds of thoughts too
back when i was in school
i was shocked by the phrase i passed by
'never shall those born to crawl, learn to fly'

and ever since i've tried to figure out
such and such
and why those born to fly
crawl so much
While I reached for the stars,
I neglected the flowers.
In my dream to conquer,
I left everything that was dear.

I finally understood.

By the waves,
That brushed against the shore.
By the sunshine,
That gave life to plants.

Hollow aspirations
Held no value to this cycle.
Ylzm Apr 2
Without father, without mother,
I grew up, running wild and free.
Mountains I conquered, cities I build;
In a strange land, I've now arrived.

Your light was brighter than the sun,
Your hushed whispers, overwhelmed the Sirens.
I'm tempted, I followed and I fell;
In a strange land, I'm now enslaved.
lake Mar 30
everybody wants to feel good
everybody says that they would
but sometimes life just doesn't play nice
and all they do is complain they don't get treated right
what happens when you run out of people to blame
what happens when you run out of hearts in this game
hate to be caught in a hall of mirrors
hate to be caught where your exterior is inferior
when you know your interior is superior
or to be more exact, you think that you're better than this
you think that you're worth it, you think you deserve it
but do you really if you don't work for it
not everyone understands what it is to feel like you can't
to feel like everything in the world is out of your hands
feeling like whatever you do won't amount to anything
when all you have to lose is everything
what's the goal? a wedding ring or a home?
or a six figure job? would that make you feel whole?
guess you'll never know. you'll never realize until you grow old.
I put my hands in my pockets,
Whatever can be found inside

I found it!
It was a child in a small red house,  and then an apartment, and then in a lamp...

3, 2, 1,
I Am the Genie.
You wished for my health,
You wished for me to stay,
And the last wish
             You gave it to me!
But I am not your genie...
I belong to the child,
To the past, to the future... But most importantly,
To the wonderland.

Take your hands out of your pockets!
Nisha Fatima Jan 13
While my solitaire heart cards its burden,
Except an adequate emotion yet surrendered,
The naive call it ambitions that can cope all turns,
The materialistic lose it in blinks, abandoned.

Hope is the desire immensely perched into souls,
Time wandering and neglecting but keeping its pace,
It's another world for this frail and whole,
The nourishing instincts of nature's prophecy and race.

Though timid and balm to all my frenzied pain,
Still striving, it whispers peace and remorse,
But certainly keeps it secure and strain,
So much that it stays aided even with the corpse.
HOPE is a meld of beautifully depicted stanzas, about how dominated ambitions can be and how big of a change it serves to one's life. And how it stays aided throughout one's isolated journey and what people think of it differently. Its not just an urge to attain but also a source of brace for every soul alive.
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