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Flo Aug 2023
Where to store all of my dreams?
So much desire
Yet lacking the means

Many ambitions
Yet so little time
Precarious conditions
Little chance to shine

In desire to create
Shackles bind my mind
What a truly cruel fate
The constraints of everyday life on the process of pursuing ones dreams, creativity and the urge to create.
Zara rain Jun 2023
If content is king,
clarity is queen.
Are you brave enough
to rule the world?
Passions in the corporate corridors
AE Apr 2022
Somewhere in the tremor of this monsoon rain
Your heart itched in remembrance
And denial took its hands away from your eyes
and so, you cried,
you cried a mountain of tears
Enough to fill the gardening pots
When you watered your roses
With salted despondency
And the flowers began to wilt
You realized to set these dreams free
But even then, they were too far within
Like the arteries in your chest
Keeping you alive
This life is our present challenge,
We should learn something new,
Until the last breath, we take,
Always keep moving, our muscles, and joints,
Or they will become as stiff as boards on a crate,
While keeping our mind active, tinkering with something,
Or a new project to create,
Not sitting every day in the same spot,
As if we are wearing a body cast
We are not living today, if our stories,
Are about, the past,
No active daily plans for the future, no way,
How long will the human mind, and body last,
Look for signs of boredom, that mold your life until you pass,
If you talk about the weather, more than one time a day,
If the only thing you’re worried about coming,
Is the mail every day, or if, remember,
Is the first word, of every sentence that you say.

                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/13/2022 AD
                                                                           4:20 pm
John McCafferty Jul 2021
We could wait but the sun may never come
so now is the time to focus your mind, sweet butterfly vibes will flow from inside.
Buzzed about by merriment, towards the frolics of future fun.

Chained together through strengths of friendship, inclined to speak with peace of mind, no bribes.
These smiles and grins fuel ambitions within that create the modes of self control.

We play, to learn and communicate as those bright days will pass soon so set your tone.
Yearn to motivate each one which comes, sustain the road to growth as its for them, to make sense of their future roles.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
-elixir- Apr 2021
Ambitions rise up,
as I near the cusp
of adulthood,
where I am often misunderstood.

My mind's in the clouds,
searching for better grounds,
while they stay in their reverie,
as they plan my identity in brevity.
your ambitions are the fuel to your mind
AE Mar 2021
Summer rain descends to the ground
Hope rests on each droplet
And you watch as it fades into your skin  
Slowing your anxious pulse
As you waltz with the idea of blooming
God is with us
And he's never left us
Your birth was proof to that covenant
A handsome boy born to beautiful parents whose prayers were answered
Grew up with adoration for art
And started drawing the super heroes in the comic books
Like you pictured yourself a superhero one day
You made friends and played football
Learned to play the guitar and wrote some songs
Gave the world all it needed to feel alive
And that was your golden smile
Your ambitions are still strong
You hold onto the childhood promises you made to yourself
To make the world a better place
The world is waiting for you to take the step
Just don't look back when you start
This was for my boy Emmanuel
Who has big dreams abd wants to make the world a better place
Nyatu Emmanuel
AE Nov 2020
She glides past vendors of fried food as her bare feet skid across the muddy gravel. The pain of the gliding thread left behind with her shoes. A toothy grin and a joyous laugh switch phases like a sound wave as her eyes follow the kite carrying all her dreams.
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