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I put my hands in my pockets,
Whatever can be found inside

I found it!
It was a child in a small red house,  and then an apartment, and then in a lamp...

3, 2, 1,
I Am the Genie.
You wished for my health,
You wished for me to stay,
And the last wish
             You gave it to me!
But I am not your genie...
I belong to the child,
To the past, to the future... But most importantly,
To the wonderland.

Take your hands out of your pockets!
Nisha Fatima Jan 13
While my solitaire heart cards its burden,
Except an adequate emotion yet surrendered,
The naive call it ambitions that can cope all turns,
The materialistic lose it in blinks, abandoned.

Hope is the desire immensely perched into souls,
Time wandering and neglecting but keeping its pace,
It's another world for this frail and whole,
The nourishing instincts of nature's prophecy and race.

Though timid and balm to all my frenzied pain,
Still striving, it whispers peace and remorse,
But certainly keeps it secure and strain,
So much that it stays aided even with the corpse.
HOPE is a meld of beautifully depicted stanzas, about how dominated ambitions can be and how big of a change it serves to one's life. And how it stays aided throughout one's isolated journey and what people think of it differently. Its not just an urge to attain but also a source of brace for every soul alive.
Tommy Randell Jan 12
I wanted my words to hit home
I wanted my Poetry to be bigger
To cut meanings of life to the bone
And, you know, be some kind of trigger

I wanted my words to have a life
To set up house inside people's minds
To be loud and proud and erudite
To be tuned into at difficult times

So I bought a 40 inch monitor
To get my head into the groove
I typed them as colourful metaphor
In the wackiest fonts I could use

It didn't work I must confess
On the page they still didn't get noticed
So I knew I had to invest
If my words were going to get quoted

Then one night in the cinema all was revealed
And now my poems get a proper outing
I project them up on an 80 foot screen
And now my Poetry is SHOUTING!!!!
Anna Grace Dec 2018
The future is but turbid waters
No clear resolution there
Every hope and every ambition
A shallow, whispered, prayer
Empty hands raising up
A plea for a life fulfilled
Vacant eyes looking up
For the drop of manna spilt
The future is but turbid waters
Dreams dissolved in sand
Murmured hopes on dried lips
Eyes looking for the promised land
Emily Jul 2018
I’ve never been in movies
I’ve never shouted from on top of a roof
I’ve never had a dream come true
I’ve never had a wish come true

I’ve never been kissed
I’ve never been in love
I’ve never had a boyfriend
I’ve never had a girlfriend

I’ve never had to work a day in my life
I’ve never been rich
I’ve never been broke
I’ve never had an ambition

But I’m gonna get there
I’m gonna hold someone’s hand
I’m gonna scream from the roof tops
I’m gonna have a wish come true
I’m gonna fall in love
I’m gonna be someone

I’ve never had a life before
I’ve got one shot
I may as well
Try and be someone interesting
Ricardo Jul 2018
Yah and I bought it cuz I can
I bought it cuz I want it
Got like how many tags?
I told you over and over
I am not playing a game
Waking up day to day
I'll show everyone I'm not the same
Gaining everything my way
How many times till you understand
I am the man,
I'll say it again and again
I am the man
I am the man
Good luck finding another
Now you see me blowing up
Trying to stop me is your plan
Only to see for yourself
I'm not to be messed with
No, I don't want to be your friend
Keep whatever love is left
Yes just point me to my fans
Hahaha there I go again
Laughing to the bank
Cashing in another cheque
You still waiting on another one
Didn't I tell you before
I don't wanna hear it anymore.
Hoped in my new ride
Baby did you forgot?
I told you in time
I will get what is mine
Better off moving out my way
Or I'll just make one
Nothing will stop me
Today to tomorrow
Got the reach at my hands
I'll get it all
Now just move along, move along
I'm starting to yawn
Is it from being bored
Or maybe from the grind
Either way I'm good
And I know your behind.
girl gonzo May 2018
For the longest time I've kept my immediate family away from myself.
In retrospect my introversion and quietude as a child bordered on hostile. Most of the time i thought things but never said them. I now wonder if half my memories and excursions with people were all made up in my head while i sat there and said nothing. It's difficult opening up to people because no one ever asks and when they do it's never the right questions.
For a while i thought perhaps i had been autistic without even knowing but without proper diagnosis i am unable to say for sure and i highly doubt it now.
The thing is, while i very much enjoy words and nothing brings me pleasure like listening to my favorite people speak to each other while i pleasantly nod and wait for my turn in order to produce a monologue i had been preparing all the while with the proper pauses almost like i had gone back and done multiple revisions i find it difficult to banter. I am unable to jump from one topic to the next. I cannot for the life of me poetically jump from book commentary to the latest gossip as to why the barista at the local coffee shop wastes so much time talking about tattoos when all you want is your daily dose of caffeine. I must admit that this never really bothered me before. Yes, I comprehend that without dialogue it is not possible to keep relationships or even a simple job. I understand that without having anything interesting to say you will quickly lose friends and resort to whatever internet personas do all day. I've always been seen as the sensitive presence. Most of the time that I am zoning out people will agree that i'm just thinking about important things even though really i'm unable to stop myself from disassociating or even severe daydreaming at times. In fact, most of the time i am just there. However, when i'm alone without the impending life-or-death situations of being responsible for acknowledging the existence of other people there is a sense of liberation. I will go about my day hastily jumping from one task to the next. I am often bewildered by those that cannot bear being in their own company. They will seek any alternative rather than being alone and let me just say that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely and while i have felt both these with the same intensity i cannot say that which I am more perplexed by.
habiba May 2018
Whistling, wandering in the twilight
Closed, forbidden, straining for pure light,
Longing for flight

Dreams that haunt,
Making the present oblong,

Give me flight, give me reign, give me freedom,
but oh so grave,
Equal parts fear, equal parts need,
Strange this devouring new greed.
Alex Apr 2018
I walk with my head down, I've outgrown this town,
I know my way around but it's boring now,
I'm snoring now, ignoring clowns that surround me, how
Do I break out, find some glory now,
See the globe, rewrite my story, develop some clout,
Enveloped by doubt...can't seem to figure it out,
Developed my sound, need to deliver a shout, no fuss, gotta row,
This **** bridge fell in the moat,
Forget a paddle,
I'm still building a boat,
Don't doubt though, I'll break out now, might be slow but expect a ******* as I go,
Not gonna linger, stay sharp like iguana fingers,
Depressed and full of stress, my best is yet to come,
Inhibitions, lack of rest keep my ambitions undone,
My dreams have been oppressed, my soul remains repressed,
But instead of being stunted I'll stun, refuse to just regress
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