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We could wait but the sun may never come
so now is the time to focus your mind, sweet butterfly vibes will flow from inside.
Buzzed about by merriment, towards the frolics of future fun.

Chained together through strengths of friendship, inclined to speak with peace of mind, no bribes.
These smiles and grins fuel ambitions within that create the modes of self control.

We play, to learn and communicate as those bright days will pass soon so set your tone.
Yearn to motivate each one which comes, sustain the road to growth as its for them, to make sense of their future roles.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
The path that leads to the unknown
With no assurance of light,
Where the darkness dominates,
Will never allow the logical sight to see
the dualities of light and dark

But one who knows the wiles of darning the Dual
Can embrace the darkness in the depth
Unveiling the Divine Dance that
Dissolves the distinction between light and dark

Only in Madness or Devotion
One can jump into a Dark Abyss
When the concern of success and failure dissolves, the madness of doing something that really matters arises.
-elixir- Apr 11
Ambitions rise up,
as I near the cusp
of adulthood,
where I am often misunderstood.

My mind's in the clouds,
searching for better grounds,
while they stay in their reverie,
as they plan my identity in brevity.
your ambitions are the fuel to your mind
Allesha Eman Mar 28
Summer rain descends to the ground
Hope rests on each droplet
And you watch as it fades into your skin  
Slowing your anxious pulse
As you waltz with the idea of blooming
God is with us
And he's never left us
Your birth was proof to that covenant
A handsome boy born to beautiful parents who prayers were answered
Grew up with adoration for art
And started drawing the super heroes in the comic books
Like you pictured yourself a superhero one day
You made friends and played football
Learned to play the guitar and wrote some songs
Gave the world all it needed to feel alive
And that was your golden smile
Your ambitions are still strong
You hold onto the childhood promises you made to yourself
To make the world a better place
The world is waiting for you to take the step
Just don't look back when you start
This was for my boy Emmanuel
Who has big dreams abd wants to make the world a better place
Nyatu Emmanuel
Allesha Eman Nov 2020
She glides past vendors of fried food as her bare feet skid across the muddy gravel. The pain of the gliding thread left behind with her shoes. A toothy grin and a joyous laugh switch phases like a sound wave as her eyes follow the kite carrying all her dreams.
Allesha Eman Aug 2020
You think about how time is running past you,
And you wonder if you could ever catch up to it,
But it stands there with a hand on your shoulder.

If only you knew, what you could do.
Don't let time feed your doubts
Allesha Eman Aug 2020
Kites fly
when the wind carrying your words
Touches them,
And with them they take the dreams
that align
the stars in your eyes.

Whenever you speak of the things,
you wish to do
Allesha Eman Jun 2020
I hope you keep the taste of your dreams on your tongue,
When you’re gathering the courage to run towards stormy waters,
And I hope that when you reach the shoreline,
Your unspoken words rest on your eyelids,
So that every time the water burns your eyes,
You find comfort in your heart’s lullabies,
Written for you to keep you warm,
when the thunder shatters your barriers.
I hope you remember all the words we exchanged,
Because I’ve written yours upon my sleeves,
Hoping that you would remember them too.
I hope that when you reach the other side,
You’ll find the colourful remnants of the setting sun,
They’ll wash the lightening away from your eyes,
So that you can see the outline of your shadow,
As you reunite with your past self,
The one that hasn’t forgotten how to dream.
Allesha Eman May 2020
From the blooming dandelions
That grow in the gardens of the kindred soul
Is a peculiar dream
That with every yellow petal becomes
A wishful fly away
Within its colourless softness
Searching for new soil
To bury itself
And grow

But it’s the insignificant things
That weigh down the petals  
Whenever they gather the willpower
To float towards a horizon
That divides the insecurities
And the biggest fears of the dreamer
So instead the petals become rain
That wash away the remnants
Of a scorching sun

And some time after
The water carries with it
The seed of the dandelion
And along a distant road
It grows once again
Waiting for another
To come set it free
So that it can carry those old ambitions
Back to one who’s still searching for courage
Along the horizon in their dreams
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