Her mind
Was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear
It held the extraordinary
The secrets
The lies
The untold truths
But it held the pain
And the hurt
And the suffering
And it kept everything hidden
Yet so exposed
Her mind
Was strong
But weak
Her thoughts hurt her
But hiding it took more strength
But life kept going
And so did she
Even though her life wasn’t
What she wanted it to be
Her mind
Kept her safe
But put her in danger
And with every thought
She was a step closer to death
But closer to being alive
And her thoughts
Sustained her
They made time obsolete
But still made life so fast
Her mind was her biggest weapon
And her weakest fear.
Shes a mirror
People only see
what the want to
Kuvar 2d
Where are you I asked
Beside you she replied
Why haven’t you burnt yet
Sitting next to fire
She gave a gaze and said
Fire doesn’t burn fire

melanie 5d
There's a chaos to her beauty
that falls like fire from the sky
and burns her unassuming victims.

It turns the unaware
into lovers of mayhem.

She is irresistible.
Sun at its peak, everything outside is so bright,
but her room is giving a horrific sight.
She stands in front of mirror wearing his favorite dress.
Her reflection looks back at her, asking
"who are you?"
She touches her lips, closes her eyes.
"You're a freak and I love it. Can you be mine?"
She opens her eyes wide,
as woke up from a nightmare,
or maybe it was only a haunted memory.
But something is breaking inside.
She picks up lipstick, paints her lips red.
Looks damaged but but beautiful outside.

"I love you so much. You're the best thing happened to me. Stay with me forever. You're my life."
She walks towards the side table.
A suicide note is waiting there to get read.
Burning it with her lighter, she smiles.

"Why are you so depressed all time? What is bothering you?
Why you get this anxiety? You got me baby. Its all fine."
She turns and makes her calendar marked 6th of July.
Putting all pain behind,
she lefts a sigh of relief as if the beast,
that stalks her is duped forever.

"Why are you so possessive? I hate it.
How can you have a lot of Internet friendships but no friends in real? You gotta change yourself."
She walks through the door.
A new life is ahead her.

"No you don't have to change yourself this way. Don't be childish."
She is going down through stairs.

"There is nothing normal with you. You always exaggerate things. Sometimes I hate even myself to be with you."

Suddenly she hears a phone ring coming out of her room.
Her stomach drops.

"Things are not working out baby I'm sorry..."

She is going back to her room.

"We must get separated."

Her hands trembling, her heart making a one last wish.

"Why did you cut your wrist? I hate you even more now"

Mommy's text was there that she might get late today.

"You're a freak. Get out of my life."

She smashes her phone into mirror.
She is done with being all fine.
She is not going outside now to show the world that she is strong.
Her screams filling the room.
"I love you please come back."
But only echoes are there laughing back at her.
And here she goes
writing again a suicide note.
Lately I wasn't feeling fine and I wrote this. Maybe there are some mistakes but this is what all I have to write
Arcassin B Jul 4
By Arcassin Burnham

The She-angel that could make me sing out
My feelings to submission breaking
Down the walls where my heart resides,
Painting pictures in my pineal allowing
Me to give in with no sure measure of
She-angel listens to my words and even now it still it amazes my soul,
Jumping for joy and not in fear of being
Left behind,
Her accent gives me chills in the most
beautiful axis,
The world was never ready for you my angel,
I will walk to the ends of the earth with nothing to live for with a pockets of hopes that faded away in the fire where my trust got extinguished,
But with you my angel everything revived itself, I Thank you for that.

All gone
When i was a very funny
But now im sad
when you were next to me
I felt just fine
When you were here
I was like in a fairy tale
But she is gone
Ooh no no no

She is Gone
She is gone
Ooh no no no
She is Gone
She is gone
Ooh no no no

All Gone
All gone
All Gone
All gone
Ooh no no no

Constantine Jul 3
We can lay here all day
sex every now and again
trips to get high too,
days fly by
is it Saturday? or Monday ?
i think we got together on a Thursday
i would let all my days fly by
as long as you were here
yellow soul Jul 2
He was so insecure, never got noticed,
He always stayed out of the picture,
But then one day he got really drunk
It was his only way to overcome
All his anxiety, and fear He went to this party
And saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen
He knew he didn’t have a living chance with her
But he just couldn’t stop thinking about this perfect girl
One night he got a message, it was from her
The most perfect girl ever,
They started talking and he knew he was in love with her
But everything they got close she would push him away
He was broken because he really loved her
That’s when he found out his mom was sick
He was so filled with life he couldn’t take it anymore
He found some pills and swallowed them
He waited,
But then he got thinking, he didn’t want to die,
He ran to his sister’s room asking for help,
He survived,
The perfect girl almost killed him
But he was so in love he fell right back into her arms
He really struggled to rib her walls down,
But when he finally got them down
He realized she was just as messed up as he was
She kept letting him close and then pushing him away
He got even more depressed,
He started drinking to forget about her
and his mom who got even sicker
she asked him if they could be just friends
and all he wanted was for her to be happy
so, he agreed
but he couldn’t stand the thought of her with another man
in the middle of his deepest depression, his mom passes away
she wanted to be there for him,
but she heard that he had found a new girl
so, she stayed away
until she came to a party drunk and insecure
she knew she didn’t have a chance
but then it all happened again
they discovered, depression gets easier when you are together.
yellow soul Jul 2
She was beautiful
She reminded me of the sun
I knew she always were near
Even though the clouds
had taken over the sky
she shined brighter than
a million stars combined
she always stayed positive
she told me this
“when it’s raining, don’t be upset
but take your rainboots on,
and dance till it stops,
when there is thunder,
don’t be scared, don’t hide
but instead find a safe spot
and admire the beautiful lightning
when it’s windy outside,
don’t be irritated,
find your dragon
and see it fly through the clouds”
she wasn’t afraid of being herself
she did what she wanted to do
she did wear the most colorful clothes
and she loved when people stopped
and looked at her like she was crazy
because she knew
what she was doing
and she knew
what they were missing out on
she wasn’t living her life,
she was alive.
Her favorite color was yellow.
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