Declaring victory,
Over every part of my heart.
Holding portions of heaven,
in her cute little dimple.
She knew she will win over me
which was yes, simple
So, She took my heart

Teaching me,
the meaning of life,
The rays of her smile,
took me grounded.
The fiery feeling for her and,
intense and limitless memories, which hold me surrounded
Damn, she took my heart

Searching her,
In my imaginations.
Gives me feeling the best.
That feeling which is enough for the life to rest.
By Showing me the glare of reality.
Oh! again, She took my heart.
                        -Ajay Pandey

Mims 2d

We went on the road,
We yelled and ran,
Holding hands,
Our feet cold on rough, wet ground.

Stars bright,
Chilly night.

Darkness surrounds us,
Nothing but the low glow of the porch light,
but the good kind of cold the cold that reminds you you're alive

On the stone steps your sister smokes her life away,
With stolen ciggerettes.


This is fun right?
I turn to look at you,
But you're gone.

The safety of the porch,
Had called you,

I try to stand alone.
In a place where no cars go,

Darkness is less inviting,
I look to the stars for comfort,
But find none,
By myself.

I believe stars are less inviting alone. Or perhaps its just the darkness. Perhaps it just MY darkness, that's less beautiful, alone.

She always looked back knowing that her love was behind her.  
He was searching for ways to die for her.  
She knew that her games were killing him.  
He enjoyed the pain, for he was almost dead.  
Their blindness led them to a cliff.  
One final game She said and he's sure to be mine.
He jumped at the same time that She pushed him.  
She thought finally, my love is dead.
As he flew away, he decided to choose life instead.

to be continued...

ig: @voicesinthewild
Mims 3d

I'm going through withdrawal,
I'm not used to not having someone to love,
But changes happen,
Or i just fuck up.

Yes I find happiness in other ways,
But there's just something about touching your skin.

Feeling me, next to you.
Tends to be my favorite thing to do.

Your breath on my neck while we watch TV.
Is something I need,
I got hooked on a feeling,
Don't stop believing,
This is why I need you.

I've never held someone like I've held you,
(Does your mom know?)

This is just what I do.
We all know,
Love is a drug,
But what kinds have you tried?

First i had it diluted,
(That was when I was young)
I didn't really like you, it was just so fun,
To have someone say they like you too,
But you weren't the one.

Then this next one took some time to kick in,
I accidently took too much,
I got hooked quickly,
Convinced you were the one.
It hit me all too fast,
And always left me breathless and confused.
My chest always hurt around you.
It was nice, for a short time at least,
But I got hooked too fast.
(We were too young)
And I didn't understand,
All of my feelings.

So while the first one I tried, had the right 'body'
She didn't mean that much to me.

But the other one. Was just the opposite.
Towards the end it wasn't fun,
It, it stung.
It took me a long time to quit it.

But I did.

Eh, with some help.

This one was soooo fake,
It was like mint leaves to marijuana.

I wanted to get high off you,
So bad.

But you were soooo wrong.
I wanted it to work,
So I kissed you.
And that was stupid.

I don't regret it though, you were the last one, before I realized who I was.

The next one had some issues.
She didn't like star wars or harry potter.
That was an easy break up.

So who do i write about? Who can she be? Well my friend, we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm addicted and I just can't get enough.
I write most of my poems after we break up.
There's been a few but no more worth mentioning
Mims 3d

I can't stop feeling this privileged pain of existing
I wouldn't be alive without it

This anxiety that clings to me
Reminds me I'm breathing

I'm a child of the night
And with that beauty comes the fright

The pain and heartache felt in my universes afterhours

My mind towers over me
My stupid-smart brain making me think of non-reality

This feeling, this love, this ache,
Has always been a part of me

I claim I am no stranger to lost love or heartache
And everytime I think of this I feel my heart break

Oh how boring it must be for those who simply leave, or never felt the need

Summer is ending. Along with the world.

I told you this long ago,
You probably don't remember.  

But I,
Always remember.  

I retain information to a fault,
And I always find fault in the information I retain.

I've said it before,
I'll say it again, I,
Am no stranger to pain.
No stranger to 'less than friends'
Changes without compromise

I feel like I've wasted my entire life.

I feel stuck, I feel broken.
I haven't enjoyed each moment carefully,
And haven't found one moment of clarity in my teenage diary,

My thoughts aren't on the edge of extinction,
But our conversations might be.

I don't think we realized how much we fucked each other up until I tried to love again,
I tried to make new friends.

I'm defensive and bitter,
I've never been a quitter
So sit your ass down!
And lets talk about this.

Its late and I'm tired.
But I miss you
And hiatuses make me realize i do.
And maybe I don't mean anything to you,
Not anymore at least,
But the least I deserve is an explanation,
A conversation,
Make time, pull your reservation and give me your damned explanation!

I don't care if its an exageration.  

Maybe I care,


But I'm tired, and alone with my thoughts,
And I usually make a point not to do that.
But sleep escapes me and so does time
And I might not be 'living my best life'
But only I can be this insane way,

Have you ever met anyone else like me?
I pray you haven't,
My mind says I'm easy to replace.  

But lets ignore that and assume my psyche is lying to me.

It wouldn't be the first time that happened.

Written at 3:23 am. This one is long guys I know

Vintage candy shops,
In downtown vistas,
Time seeming to halt upon some avenues,
As the brick streets stretch under asphalt,
Streets where horse-drawn carriages once proudly roamed,
Now rendered cement driveways,
flattened by wheels treading,
And the bustle of the city,
As if the city that existed before,
Never mattered in the first place.

Goodbye earth
with her I will fly away
now there are stars and haze
but she is my pace
don't leave otherwise I might suffocate
the space has turned into and ocean
and I've never learned how to swim.

halsey 7d

He was the moon
She was the sun
Yet they both waited patiently
when they might see each other

Isabelle Aug 13

The morning shines
The sun is beaming
Everyday she blossoms
Like flowers in spring

Contagious smile
A lovely laughter
My heart will fly
At the sight of her

To open my eyes and see her
Oh I can stay like this forever
She is my morning coffee
That wakes every part of me

She is a beautiful dream
But I like mornings better
Because everytime I wake up
I know she's real

I just feel inspired today
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