There was a boy,
Who was waiting
For love
He died
People blamed him
I blame the lover.

Its just pyramid sorta thing. Idk if i can call this a poem

Poor kid tho :'(

If silence was ever to be described,
It would be a safe zone in a war.
The calm before the storm,
Or merely the anesthetics fueled in
Before you can start to feel the pain again.

Her silence was just different,
It shrieked in a tearing pain,
Also the numbs the body throughout.
Without voice; it's louder than anything you'll hear.
But you should be worried more when she breaks the silence; and breakout.


She should be jealous of
the kid who lives in my heart
Lost in his own world

She should be

Tailoring tailors,
Tying treacherous threads,
To tops of cloths,
Timeless tools,
Tertiary Trigates,
Tumbling tellingly,
T'words the tornado,
Twisting upon the toiled soil,
Clawing its way to salvation,
Never quite making it there.

Behind the wall
Locked up in chains
Is the boy
She is searching for


I wish SHE saves him soon.

She is the taste of clean air at dusk
She is warm socks on cold feet
She’s a full set of new coloured pens
She’s a long assignment at last complete
She is the crunch of a crisp Granny Smith
She’s the first cut into fresh chocolate cake
She’s the sound of rain on your window
When you’re the last one still awake.
She’s a cold sip of beer after a busy shift
She is the first coffee of the day
She is a necklace finally untangled
She’s coming home when you’ve been far away
She’s arriving leisurely at a bus stop
Just as your bus arrives
She’s your favourite tune at your favourite club
She’s feel-good songs on long drives
She is the smell of freshly lain paint
She’s the final tick on your to-do list
She’s that twenty you thought you’d lost
She’s the childhood toy you’d forgotten you missed
She’s the first joint-popping stretch of the morning
She’s a key clicking into place
She’s the feeling of immense satisfaction
You get when you draw your eyebrows right on your face
She is new lipstick
She’s tea perfectly brewed
She is a toe-curling, fist-clenching orgasm
That is more than weeks overdue
She’s the butter in popcorn
She’s the salt in the sea
In winter she’s hot chocolate
And in Summer, the shade of a tree.

So why isn’t she
Enough for me?


she was the incandescent body of matter
that always seemed to
wander at places she could
not call home.

she was the jot of rapture
that embodied the broken and entangled
messes of the earth,
holding them together.

she was another form of self-destruction
that ignored the blaring sirens
and stretched her hands forward,
intercepting through my body
and seizing a grip
on my heart.

she was an iota of fear
but still reached her hands towards me anyway and grounded me like a lighthouse beam reaching
towards a boat and guiding it
back to shore.

she was a scintilla of whims,
a soft-spoken disaster.

the idea of this poem is not entirely mine by the way!!!!

the moon does not weep for the fallen stars

instead she glistens in memory of a time they too shined as bright as she

she does not allow their dullness to dim such glow

do not permit others to do this as to you

"Away with your cheesiness"

She shouted!

"I have only words, cheesy words"

I responded in the serenity of her mild

"And they follow my stupid heart but my heart goes with you everywhere you go"

She just smiled!

Maybe when this fall finally falls

Maybe when the days start to melt away like snowflakes

Maybe when the time disappears in dusky sunlight and smoke

I'd sit in the silky silence of a timeless mountain night

In the fading memory of a chilling drizzle

In the slow passage of dark

I'd drown in something other than the ocean of my own thoughts;

"In the solemn embrace of the wind as if it were you touching my senses

In the raindrops as if it were you falling down my cheeks, curling my hairs, making me shiver

In the touch of your seductive wine-like lips

In the contagious smile upon your lips

In the effervescent smile that puts star in your eyes and dazzle on your lips

In the persistent smile that brings out a hollow dimple on your cheekbone

In your blazing eyes shining my whole wide word

In your miraculous eyes falling all over me except my own eyes

In your cheeks which are brighter than the brightest star

In your overwhelming alluring looks

In your soul

I'd drown.

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