i wiped it...
and i wipe it again
not because i am so dreary!

it just that...
i really loved the feeling
every time i dropped it out from my heart!

the thing is..
all of what you are
and all of what you're not!
is what I've been thinking of
are you gonna come out
once again?

        ­                                if
                        ­             you
     ­                                     i'm
                  ­                      sure
                                ­           there
    ­                                     but
            ­                  you
        ­                                knew..
                    ­                       i..
                                        i ah...
          ­                                    know
                  ­                                 you
                                                       ­   aren't
                                                 ­                the
                                                       ­    rea-
     ­                                     am
                   ­                 i
                                        ­    crying

  because if i do
cry,there is only one thing
  it may cause! it was the LOST...
......Tears in my Eyes....
which has been and always be
i am longing for
       ­                               !
                            ­          !



               ­               ieve
       ­                     is
                                   ­   Gift
              ­            God

i am currently running out of rhyme
doing this piece, i wish i have more
and i am so sorry for that
my dearest fellas,,,
but i want to internalized first my feelings
about all of emotions made by these
before i won't make it for the record...
that was to  'save the best for last!"

me to you
you to me
represents each one of us
Shofi Ahmed Mar 21

Can you hear me?
Are you open?
It’s only a cup of water
I can take, that’s all
that would fit on my hand.
The heaven up above us
is hearty, big enough to drip
a generous drop for free.
Drink it, it isn’t salty is sweet, sweet sea!

Heaven is on the wings of the clouds,
flying free for anyone to see.
Swear to God one is keeping an open eye
But is unseen in broad daylight!

Nothing did I hide,
though I said it time and again.
The time wouldn’t stop.
It never did screening is on.
As if it says, “How can you tell
You can’t see yourself?”

The sky is open down the horizon
Yet one can’t be seen
Because someone is not showing.

What is behind is me.
The same is true for you.

One can’t see one’s self
through the other
The discovery is made together!
The show is destined for a duo.
That one is her mirror
Through the very one
One matchless nature see
Who is she?

Hannah 3d

she wonders why
she goes for the type of guy
who is too far from her
too far out of her reach
she: actually loves the thrill

she thinks that
it's just bad luck that all the guys
she likes rarely reply
take way too long
she: loves the suspense

she waits patiently
for the day that some guy, anyone
will want her as much
as she wants them
she: scares them

she's passionate
she dives in deep
and she needs someone
a thrill-seeker just like her

She loves me.
She loves me not.
Does she really love me?
She loves me not.
Is this meant to be?
She loves me not.
Is this what we could be?
She loves me not.
Time isn't for free,
Wasted all my time just to be
Nothing to me.


She was sitting on the chair she likes to sit
she grabbed her knees and she hugged it tightly like they were humans
She was closing her eyes while she said to herself
' i want to go, please '

She felt someone patted her right shoulder from the back
She looked behind her to see who it was
I was standing beside the chair i like to sit
I pushed her head towards me and she held me closely like I am herself
I hugged her tightly like she was myself
and i whispered to her right ear,
'Hey you have me, it's okay. You have me.'

-It feels delighted to imagine yourself from the future is comforting yourself in the present-

Stay strong for dearself, they always gonna have you within themselves.

Who is she...

who is she my sweetheart..
whom i loved...
whom i adored...
who is she whom took my first sights...
who is she whom my heart shakes for her...

she is the angel whom i stayed a nights because of her..
and because of the love and the adoring which i hold for her...

who is she..
she is a brightness moon in the heart of the sky,around her a stars...
she is the sun which lights a lovers' hearts..
she is the lasting light in the heart,eyes only can see it...
who is she...
she is the one whom said,...
and still say...
love you...
adore you...
my soul my heart created only because of you...
she is the one whom said,...
my life is so dark without you...
no means to my life while you are not with me...
she is the one whom said...
loved you and still do...
adored you till the death...
that is whom i love...
did you know her now...
it's you ...
you only whom i love...
and will always do ..

love you ...

hazem al...

She makes me feel safe in the silence
She makes me feel it's okay to talk
Her brown eyes make me smile
And they way they wrinkle makes me laugh.
I think she's not perfect.

She makes me feel strong in myself again
She saw the real me and didn't flinch.
I love the way her accent sounds
And how sometimes she slips out of English.
I think she's not normal.

She makes me want to stay up all night
She makes me want to work hard
I love her calloused hands
And the scars she has on both arms.
I think she's damaged.

She makes me want to love her hard
But kiss her like she's made of glass
I love how she touches me
Like I am worth a hundred million dollars.
I think she's lonely.

But she's perfect in her imperfection
And beautiful in her difference
She's a masterpiece in her damages
And loved in her loneliness.

She's the first good thing that's happened
In a very long time for me
And I find myself hoping
That maybe, somehow, in all of the chances
We are meant to be.

Raindrop May 14

A queen who wears no silk nor gold
Her kingdom is her own treasure

A queen that allows herself
To bemire her majesty's hands

A queen who does sacrifices
For the felicity of her own kingdom

She's the queen of our kingdom,
The ruler of our hearts,
And the mother of our home

Happy Mother's Day to all the queens of our kingdomㅡespecially to my beloved mom. I love you!
77th May 14

as a car in the middle of the night
running away
miles and miles away
in an endless
empty road

I drive miles away
away from your mind
and you stay there
petting her neck


She is al I need
Intelligent and beautiful
Fierce, fighting the monsters in her head
Rare, like a black pearl in a oyster
A light in the everlasting storm in my head

Even if she can't believe she can offer what I 'deserve'
Vulnerable an broken as she us
All I NEED is her!

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