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gums gums oh they go
where go where run
I don't know about everything either

and all step and all run
where I run and again
gums gums oh they go

day after day like water
both in paint and turning
I don't know about everything either

what do I know about what I do
what about me to be after all
gums gums oh they go

where are we all going where we are
where are we going step
I don't know about everything either

but listen to me listen
I exist and everything is ahead
gums gums oh they go
I don't know about everything either

It's funny
how small talks can mean
******* or
I genuinely, really, want to talk to you

and if I try to reach out to you again,
I would like you to leave a clue
I don't want to be blinded,
With feelings that aren't true.
to trent.
i once offered the world to you.
Fierce, fervent, eloquent.
Melting hearts with a single gaze.
Beautiful like moonlight, and a smile worth the sky.
Bright as the wildest dream, blissfully and captivating.
Strong  like a tree yet so delicate as a petal. She was unstoppable, she was happy.
He dreamt her, and she lived  As if there wasn't life the day after.
It was her, and she was his.
Daksh 12h
Why can't you see?
Why aren't you amazed?

It's true not false.
That earth is a small part of the universe
Doesn't it scares you?
Another billion galaxies?
Another trillion stars?
Another trillion clusters?

Where a star as small as the size of my eye ball can weigh like the sun?

Where time stops and we age differently?

But my girl
Love is something that separates us from the universe.

Look at the moon;
They shine for you
Sunshine 14h
he was a poet. she was his muse.
they danced like a wind song. carefully through the world.
a rushing storms of love. nothing in between.
except for the secrets. little lies about another.
his poetry turned sour. her anxiety-ridden soul.
they cried tears in the dark. they played slow songs.
he was her poet. she was his muse.
they stood lies and tears.
thinking of tomorrow and tomorrows sweet regret.
nevermind the love. nevermind the others.
he was a caring soul. she was a wild one.
they whispered carelessly. she held his hand.
without the pain. without the hurt.
he would have been better without her.
she would have been better with him.
she was a liar. he was perfection.
for he is a poet & she is a muse.
im sure you know who you are.
xoxo sorry ive been away so long

i remember when
i used to collect
pretty pieces of broken glass
sitting in the garden
you reminded me of that
while we were out today

i was caught between staring and looking away

because there you were
a broken shard of crystal glass
standing in a bouquet
the weather again the weather and
the weather is she again the weather and
again tornado it again tornado
and lightning suddenly and she lightning
and november it is september and again
all my dreams and inspirations
destroyed by my own word

where are the bones promised why
autumn is not autumn where are the promised
stars where is where is that wind
and what a lie around one she
and what ain't she alone
what a chopuha ha ha ha
so how to go and serve

let's yawn let's yawn
from terrible sadness from horror
from terrible sadness for joy
oh let's oh let's just yawn
yawn from all these events

from events from car explosions
from events from helicopter crashes
from events from darkness and noir around
from the events of the killings that make up
what is this circle building this circle

come on come on let's yawn together
come on let's go die together
come on come on together
together forever go the wheel to eternity
for joy never to leave us

documents around them
documents they are a poet to me
documents they are lira
documents they are guitar
they are a guitar they are a guitar
they are the violin they are the pianos

documents around them
the documents are sung to me again
documents on how to get away from them
documents never to leave
because always always always
existed were were were they

this is music and this is music
music sounded when
I was not here when I
did not look when I did not think
about sand about desert about cacti

this is music yes this is music now
plays and does not play and plays yes
she sounds all the same when i
was still a girl she sounds all
as always when I was

when was i when was i dust
when was i say so the stars
when I was words when I was
just a restaurant or tea
or just an ordinary sheet

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