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Stalwart Dull Jul 23
The way she smiles,
My heart was melting
Even if she needs to walk a thousand miles
She never stopped on dreaming.

You see her with courage
At her young age
But deep inside was a girl
Who's still getting ready at this stage

dependency was a craaaap!
But standing by herself will make her to the top
And so she did,
She's making a step up.
Alena Jun 29
She was my reason to life,
I was sinking in her every moment,
She was kind of a knife,
That can hurt you in any moment,
Her brown eyes and dark hair,
I fell in love but even didn't notice,
I was waiting for her under stair,
Just to her grandma didn't notice,
We were kissing at her sofa,
And I felt her soft hips and gentle lips,
With the taste of cherry coca,
And all I wanted is holding her tight,
Laying on her chest,
Hugging her waist,
And she was the best,
But I wasted her, I wasted.
Benzene Jun 26
She is like water running through the valley
drifting through the rocks
the rocks make unable to move
unable to grow
unable to flow
Takes away her ability to contribute,
Water is meant to flow to the Ocean,
Not to be contaminated,
By the pollution of your opinion.

She is like water
surrounded by things still finds ways
crashing every barrier comes in her way
She want to rehydrate the minds,
That have been compressed,
That have been dehydrated,
She want to refresh the dry ideology.
She'll nurture the barren land of old thoughts .
An Ocean looks so calm and beautiful but when you dive , you know how much depth it has and how much darkness it stores .
Inspired by someone's pain and experience .
you are peaceful like water
and become strong like its waves .
Janvi Shree Jun 13
When things get tough,

She cries a little.


Every single time, she contemplates it,

If it’s portraying her as weak,

Or is it okay to cry a bit?

What if it’s actually making her weaker?

What if her biggest fear is creeping it’s way out of the pit?


She holds herself, push back the tears,

But all her efforts aren’t worth,

All it takes is two words,

From someone, her presence who seeks,

And she lets two drops roll down her cheeks.


When things get tough,

She cries a little,


She buckles herself up,

In the end, only she gets a little tough.


Love ❤️
July Gray Jun 12
from wanted to worthless
she didn't ask for this
they wanted a princess
she wanted the crown

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
she was Pretty in pink

now she's broken and beaten
and tossed to the side
America's golden girl,
wasted with pride

sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose
so defines life
you don't get to choose

she painted her face
with colors of the sky
got called a disgrace
whenever she walked by

Flowers can change
as flowers grow
people can do it too
I didn't mean to leave you

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
can i be Pretty without pink?

the world is trying to beat you,
to throw you aside,
but you've made it so far
hold your head up with pride
happy pride month losers!
yes. i am still active. sometimes. not often.
this is from a song im writing! i took out a few of the choruses bc the ratio of chorus:verse needs to be fixed and i think it makes more sense as a poem this way? idk lmk what you think <3
Benzene Jun 12
She is like different shades of rainbow
Sometime dark , sometime light
She is half agony , half hope
pushing herself to think positive
constantly remembering her soul to be optimistic.

Spinning the wheels of mind
she want just some sunshine
during her those dark nights
when her demons her holding her tight .

She's Suppressing her negative vibes  
but no matter how hard she tries
Sometimes situation push her back in darkest time


She will not defeat in front of her destiny
she will change the reality
because she herself is the author of her book
the dark curtains will unhook
and she will write a beautiful story
full of her glories .
we all are authors of our beautiful book called life ,
so write it as beautiful as you can .
Her genre,
Her design,
Her character,
Her pages,
Well lettered.
Her story,
Like a book, mesmerising,
And too often judged by her cover.
Alena May 16
She doesn't want to lose anybody,
But in the end of the road,
She will lose herself, unfortunately.

She think about others more
Than about herself,
And that's what hurt me to the core.

Bet, every day she looks at mirror
And asks it "oh, no way, is it real me?
How can I be such bitter?"

And I'm so depressed and sad,
That I can't help you and can't fix that,
And I know that all of these thinks in your head,
Are killing you everyday, I bet.

I'm laying down on my bed,
Crying in my hands, 'cause,
I can't be you are in instead,
You make me proud and applause.

Because I've never seen the one,
Who can be the strong like you,
And, my little lady, you should know, that's enough -
Being yourself to get the love that you deserve.
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Made an ocean before a drop
Of water dried-up before it's mopped
A shoot before the backdrop
creative feeling before she gulped

Beauty before the beholder
or let say before he behold her
Grown before she could be older
Timid before, She is bolder

Loved, before realizing they are ****
Yet to get the love-in, but he has come
He's here, she will yet describe him as gun
Only shoots around, like he's as* god

Now, she wished what was dim was clear
Like courage coming before the fears
She hoped this affair could be fair
Like seeing the future before it appears

If only we can know Tomorrow's end from to Today's end
But Today's end is just a start
Well, will like to stay a start can just be the needed tip for the trip.
fariha Apr 21
calling me ****** was her love language,
that would never resonate through my ears again.
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