She wears a mask.
Her beauty is hidden away from us and we think that she's just adding extra fuss.

She's hiding.
Her mask could be hiding the scars that she doesn't want the world to see.

She believes society.
Her whole soul is written in societal phrases which degrade her in all of her beautiful spaces.

She's afraid of her identity.
Her mask is all we see, but her heart wants to secretly jump out at you and me.

A firefly gleaming through the dark,
Flying independently like a spark,
Seen by few,
Hastily it flew,
Scared and terrified,
Began to glide,
Chased by the beast,
For them became the feast,
Caught and ripped into pieces,
The light within ceases,
Because of their harshness,
Gets mixed with darkness.
She's a firefly.

Dedicated to girls who gets devoured by men.

It's like trying to run away from the moonlight
history without tragedy
sun without fire
it's inside me, I can feel it burning
and I never know if it will hurt or heal
but I keep running
trying to get to you
like a wolf at midnight
your love is what keeps me alive.

She told me: "You always get women. They forever chasing you. And I'll be dammed if I said you don't come across as a player, a 'Casanova', using your charms and words. But I know that is started with you looking for the 'one', the one girl you hoped existed. A girl you could be yourself with, a girl to fall Inlove with. But I can see that as time moved on, you began to give up on the 'one', thinking you wouldn't find her. But I know when you saw me. And when we spoke for the first time. You began to feel hope again...that I was the 'one' you have always been looking for."

with a door set forth
it lay open in his mind
with his hand he waited
it never opened to his eyes

fantasy rules in our heads
when inaction enforced tyranny
upon mortal hearts and souls
dying with every blink

we are just mortal yes?
why do we think actions will fail
when no one will remeber them
they fade as everything does

Live life to breath
And breath to live
My the devil take his hand
From out of my scarmbled brain

So I may choose
With a new foucus to fuel me
I will not be bogged down
By my missed opportunities

all because I am blind
to everything real in front of me
i was living in my head
never outside it

for it was safe...

This was written to communicate my message i really want to get out there... regrets are the worst things to die with

P.s i made all the postive advice lines start with a captial because i feel it is important to draw foucus there, it is not a typo

When I stroke her hair
she doesn't say a word,
she pretends she doesn't notice,
that she doesn't care.

I pretend I stroke them
kinda randomly,
not thinking of anything,
not feeling anything.

When I stop,
I know she craves for more,
but she won't tell me,

And when I stop
she bets I wish I didn't,
but she knows well
that I won't admit it.

And so she stood there waiting by the shore
Her feet settled into the warm white sand
The sun set her winsome beauty on fire
For hours, until it couldn’t anymore

Dismal sky, beset by clouds, turned blue
For they took no notice of her at all
Those greyed with benevolence did cry
Not every passing ones, just a few

Nothing weighed down her heart
Years of waiting, drawn-out as the horizon
Instilled hope that brimmed the sea
Eyes affixed, her hands held an apple tart

At night, the cold moon would not pry
When she looked out from her window,
Who she longs for so much nor
Did the stars cared to ask her why

A promise brought her this endless chore
Which she took on unwavering
For she lived countless eternities and
With love, she will live countless more

Weary feet drowned into the white sand,
She stands there waiting by the shore
To wake the sun up for another day
With His favorite tart in her hand

Everything is good
The sun is shinning
But the wind breaks the heat

I walk and shiver
I see the grass is greening
Except for one yellow blade

Looking out past
The people walk calmy, but quick
Right past a homeless mans feet

Giving him my shoes
I walked along looking back
To see him trade them for a hat

Barefoot now
I walked along an even surface
Even though it was graveled

Walking quick and light
With two young fresh legs
I splashed through a puddle

Bathing in the warmth
I let it soak into my skin
However quickly it became cold

Then I spotted her
My friend from across the field
Just a friend...

Its good... just good

She's beautiful
It surpasses skin deep
Because its deeper than that

By the way she carries herself
Just observe her walk
Just listen to her as she talks

Her words flow together so smoothly
The tone of her voice shows so much serenity
As she uses her extensive vocabulary In the right context
You'd have to be lying if you didn't Find It attractive

Nobody's perfect, Not even the Perfectionist herself
She screws up every now and then
She doesn't let that disrupt her Composure

Completely versatile, like she's her Own vixen
Creative in every way possible, She Expresses that with every chance she Gets
She's unforgettable

I mean how can you let yourself to forget her ?

Is it a good thing or bad thing that I write my poems in the same perspective every time ? or what ?

When she cries
it's like shooting stars fly
right across the sky
and a piece of me die
because I just wanted
to see her smile.

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