how could somebody
be so oblivious
being a bystander
for this really sucks

just listen to her
why can't you read?
maybe take a look at her
can't you see?

it's you that she's thinking of
don't you dare complain
you're luckier than us
and it's keeping us in pain

when my heart begins to throb
i can guess who it is from
it's you i'm, thinking of
because this happened once before
and i thought that it was love
it almost ruined us

if i slip for you
i promise
i won't become confused
i know i'm not the guy
you're thinking of
unfinished (not that it'll ever be finished). was gonna delete but someone thought it was good so here we are.
at what point
is it pointless?
am i just
picking at my scab?
all that loving does
is make me sad

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt

music you've heard
becomes just
white noise, it's absurd
it's pointless when
you already know the words

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt

we are just two stars
driving parallel,
strangers forever

now we're both just
another star
with a broken heart

please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now
please don't leave me now

please don't leave me now
everyone seems to doubt
she's light as steam
oh what a dream
she's rising away
from the water

i'm cold as ice
not used to light
this doesn't feel right
far from water

we all need
our place to be
go there with me
we need water
Alex 1d
She's the key to freeing me
from my straitjacket of depression.
She's the light to show the way
when I'm stumbling through darkness.
She's the wall that keeps me from
wandering into the abyss.
She's the friend that talks to me
when no one else will.
She's the companion that stays beside me
even though it's a difficult place to be.
She's mine.
I know I've written poems like this before, but I can never seem to say how much she means to me.
whatever happened
to poetry?
whatever happened
to you and me?
i was wandering,
unable to see
you brought
light to me


whatever happened
to poetry?
whatever happened to
taking it slowly?
all those times i bailed
you out, you owe me
i'll take my payment
by leaving you lonely
a conversation that didn't technically happen, but it happened
I can't tell my heart what to do,
it wouldn't listen to me,
it would rather do the opposite,
and it's me, who would look like a fool.

I can't tell my heart what to do,
since the first time I met you, I knew
we can't be just friends, me and you.
But my heart wasn't sad, wasn't blue.

And I said to my heart: You are cruel
and it laughed at me, laughed at you,
and I looked so helpless that night,
and you - you looked so beautiful.

I can't tell my heart what to do,
it knows best, it knows that I love you,
and it knows that I know that it knows.
And brain? Poor brain has no say at all.
heart shaped kisses
really miss my mistress.
drowning in a sea of loneliness i call my home
might be better than sitting on a plastic throne.
but if she's here too then that's perfect for me
because she's one of a kind- extraordinary.
i imagine she kisses like a rattlesnake
addicting and deadly but i don't think she's the type to compensate.
i'd never make her do such a thing
only mostly for the fear that she’d never act the same.
because when she hangs over my hips tighter than my belt
i get the most intense feelings i've ever felt.
i’m starting to think she’s engraved in my bones
and if she leaves i’ll have to go with her because i have to go wherever my collagen goes.
i imagine she cries the way stars fall from the sky
beautifully and mesmerizing when they speed down her chin and make you want to die die die.
she tends to bring the end to make the beginning more livid
god i love her
heart shaped kisses
i just really really really miss my mistress.
there's an ocean inside of me, put your ear against my chest and listen, it rages for you.
She is a disease
Once you captured her
You were caught up on her
Hard to be immune to
And with you every step of the way
Even if she was deadly
Who is she
Who lay next to me
Do I even know her
You'd think I could be sure
But nothing strikes me
Should I just let it be
But I must know
Is she love or foe
Who is she
Enjoy, hopefully :)
baskerville Apr 14
i want to
have a cliché
love story.

i want to
fall in love
with someone

who will
kiss me in
the rain,

just to break
up with me
the next day.

i want to
move on
to someone

who i couldnt
care for less ;
and then i


i think i
have fallen
in love.

but its not
and no one

that love
is love.
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