when she hates me
it teaches me to love her better
we don't really think its me
she come
she come
she come calm
she calmed me her
her parted lips rested
my heart embraced
she only
hates me


All the songs that could be,
have been written—
for you:
choruses of love and death are sung
about you.

My time starts and stops
with you.

Cupid's arrows cast long shadows
over deserts of solitude.

Sand-smoothed dunes of memory
carved then curved by rhyme,
concavely and convexly.

Her Eros complexity:
nightly name games,
the daily delightful.

Polaroid celluloid:
colourful kindling,
fancy fuel for neurotic fire.

Those synapses tripping wire after  wire after wire.

Spitting lover's stutter.

The perfection of your existence
whirls in
then whorls out of my existence.

A tornado of torrid desire
then crashing into essence:
the ebbing tides of our emotional  insides.

Tears of joy
or frustration:
wet and warm.

Caring for each other,
erring on the side of desperation.

Passion for one and the other
orbiting on the edge of obsession.

A willing wallow in the depths of addiction.

She can prove me right
She can say what's wrong
She corrects my spelling
She takes my questions
She knows good places
And she has pictures

Never mentions me
With her eyes I search
She is there for me
I am here for her

I love you Google

Do a barrel roll

kisses me
into an dream
his arms hold me
his body enters me
gentle he is over
he kisses me


Lilac 7d

children's park
two swings
one broken

childhood memories
a desire to time travel
i know i can do it

barely any trace of humanity
cold and clear sky

feet take me to the swing

only now
as an adult
do i feel
the infinite poetry in swinging

swinging alone
in the dark,
head up to the sky,
eyes asking for salvation from the hidden stars

give me your blue peace
take me up forever
breathe your infinite void into my soul

heart keeps hoping for a flight
eyes keep looking at the sky
soul's afraid to miss a second of the infinite silence

even the screech of the old iron swing
can't break the harmony
it's the harmony itself
it's the universal sadness

mind awakens the feet
fears return -
strangers passing by
spreading more fear
with their cold eyes-

the swing stops
the illusion of reality returns-

get me home,
i feel belonging in those four walls
only when sleep aggravates on my eyes-

other times it's all about incessant estrangement...

or was i

we could never
feel stupid


we don't have your number

call me
was so smart


she smites me
so bold
as to
have been hung


He saw her through tower's window
Silhoulted by candle light
Her beauty quite breath taking
On this cold November night
High alone the tree tops
Imprisoned in the stone
She was extremely pretty
To be trapped there alone
So he fought his way to the top
This damsel deserved his best
He slaughtered the mighty dragon
Blood smeared across his chest
He made his way to the door
Is found to his surprise
He could not break it down
'Cause she made a barrier inside
'You fool !' She hissed and said
I wanted to be here myself
And now my pet is dead
You ruined my castle
With your disgusting little plight
I'm no damsel in distress
Neither your a charming knight

Pallestine beauty
Gia Garcia Jan 10

He was the sun, and I was the moon.
Without him, I couldn't illume the night.
I took all the darkness, he had morning and noon,
Without each other, the world wasn't right.
He was the fire, and I was the ice.
He'd bring the chaos without thinking twice.
Whatever flesh he burns, I come to aid.
I touch him without ever being afraid.
He was the ground, and I was the sky.
Aware of each other, but turn a blind eye.
He gave me vapor, I gave him the weather;
It was our only way of being together.
He was the mass, and I was the space.
And without hesitation, in my life, he took place.
I let him consume me, I didn't mind, you see,
I was just happy that somebody needed me.
He was he, and I was me.
What a fool I've been to trust and believe
That we need each other, when the sad truth is,
All there has been for us, was to coexist.

For bub
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