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Xella Feb 5
The flip of a coin the confirmation needed
by me to believe in my choice.
50-50 and ill take that.
Live by that-
My psyche like yours confused as hell by the rules this
world produced through the build up of opinion shot out
into bruises by the vessel of- us.

So a flip of a coin is enough confirmation but
the words of a friend make no difference,
the opinion not taken the validation of likes and comments
to make you feel good in a second endorphins.

The flip of a coin enough. but the pain in the comment made. Worth,

These technical uprooted events. Enough!

Find a friend and listen-

Listen to what they say
Listen to the people in your life, not the virtual numbers.
MSunspoken Jan 9
Have you ever felt stricken-
By a false statement
Or cared to comment on destruction

Maybe a phrase
Or simple statement
Had ruined your day

One may think they know
But at heart
Nobody may ever-
Because a poet's words reach deeper than the heart
In fact
They carve into your soul

Perhaps someone can connect to an idea-
And make it their own,
But a band with just one beautiful trumpet-
Can never share the credit

Although unintentional
One “harmless” comment-
Might just lead to a string
Of awfully wicked assumptions
A poem can speak a million truths, the only difference is circumstance.
leonard zinovyev May 2019
How can you see anyone smile
in a phone call, anyway?


but they didn’t say
they did a Skype call,
just a simple phone call.

I am at a loss for emojis.

We are a toast.

May this end soon.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
To all of you,
I want to say;
Thank you for bringing,
Sunshine my way.
The comments you leave,
truly makes my day;
I no longer feel,
my words are in vain.
I do not write,
for compliments;
I write for all,
the ones' depressed.
And what I pen,
is from my heart;
I have no other,
place to start.
So thank you all,
for encouraging me;
Sometimes that's all,
I ever need.
Glenn Currier Mar 2019
Sometimes diplomas are deleterious to a degree
it seems the cap, gown, and certificate holder
buys a telescope and starts using it to see
loses the ability to write freely and bolder
becomes particularly adept at speaking in snark -
so much easier than personally and intimately connecting -
preferring critique to finding and being a creative spark
becoming expert not so much from practice as from correcting.

I knew a man who used to be my friend
until he acquired his PhD
then he began to depart and ascend
too high for him to see little ole me
I knew a few too who were doctors and buddies
whose degrees didn’t pedestal them
who didn’t let their higher studies
erase their humor, make their hearts go dim.
This was inspired by Chris Sorrenti’s limerick, “Comments” ( in which he bemoans a certain guy named Dupreʹ who had an English Literature degree and habitually made snarky comments on others’ poems on a poetry website but never posted a poem of his own
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
The number of my poems
Is in a tight race
with the number of my followers
Or vice versa
Almost every poem gifts me a follower
I am humbled

I take a look at your profile
You have 11 poems
And 111 followers
That's easy math!
You are a good listener
Plus your words are gold
Times your encouraging comments
Equals 111 followers
Quod Erat Demonstradum !

PS.I will be your 112th

PPS.Who are you,with all these facts, anybody can discover
If you don't want that,
Write a poem,write another!
If it wasn't for my followers, and the likes and the hearts and the reposts and the encouraging comments,many of my poems wouldn't have been written.My poems are my babies now, I am so grateful for them.This site is amazing, full of inspiring people, full of wonderful creations.Keep on writing, and reading  Like there's no tomorrow!
Rizna M Rameez Jul 2018
Mostly I'm unsure
Whether to speak
What I feel is advice
Is my opinion
Is encouragement

Because I am afraid
You might say
That I'm too young
And that I'm conceited

But I am trying.
To help
I try to say this every time I comment but well, I don't ever. But I mean this every time I comment, so why don't you guys just read this after every comment of mine?
Angie Jul 2018
Life was pushing & pulling,
Playing, cheering & crying.
It was skillfully fooling,
It kept tricking and lying...
But amidst all the darkness
We both managed to stand!
Of all the troubles regardless
You are holding my hand...
One of the numerous rhymes posted as comments to the photos, Twitter SBA.
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