Amanda 2d
You bring out my cruel side
The part that is stubborn and mean
Weak and far too difficult
Carelessly obscene

I am loud and critical
I never stop debating
These are your exact words
"Cold and calculating"

You trample me gleefully
With words you say
But I am taking a stand
This frozen winter day

You have given me a reason
What I have waited for so long
To shout "I'm not stupid and ugly,
It's time someone told you you're wrong!"

To my relief
And sincere surprise
I find those tired words
Are only selfish lies
An old one about my brother
A sad birthday,
a birthday gone wrong.
All I wanted was time with them,
which I got none of.
You're eating food I hate and I'm crying in my bed. None of you even came to ask why...
Ammar 6d
He don’t wanna love you like I did
He wanna fuck you
Get you a baby
And give you the American dream
Nyx 7d

Do you ever make a decision?
Something you regret
The moment you say it
As soon as those words pass through your lips
And they are free to all to hear

You Feel so stupid .

Full of Guilt
The person reacts
In a way you should have expected
But you were too naive to realize
Triggering everything they accomplished
Breaking it all down to shreds

You feel so stupid

You opened the flood gates
Everything that they locked up just broke
They are drowning
They can't see anything
All they feel is the water that surronds them

You feel so stupid

They don't care that you are at risk
All that is on their mind is that person
Revenge is all that they know
The water pressure is too strong
It silences your cries and screams
It drowns you out completely
There is nothing you can do

And you realize then and there
Just how stupid you are.
Nyx Mar 12

You were hungover and drunk one day
And were forced to go to school
I remember sitting beside you
During our Physical science class
I was gently drawing circles on your palm
Before the teacher decided to asked
What occurs when you fire a gun?
Would you care to explain?
You being quite out of it
Couldn't find the right words to say
Sitting up straight in your chair
A glazed look coating your eyes
You raised your hand up in the air
as you began to explain
You fire the gun like this
Throwing your body across the desk
And then it comes back and hits you like this
Hitting yourself in your chest
Holding back my laughter
You looked dead in my eyes
Giving me your classic grin
As you leaned against me again
And what is that action called?
she edged you on again
You were already half way gone
So I whispered it in your ear
you shouted out
Before she moved on with her class
You may of been my best friend
But hell you were a pain in the ass
julianna Mar 6
I believe I am stupid
When I lose things that were important to me
Because I remember
I couldn't have thought it was that important
Otherwise, I wouldn't have lost it
I tend to lose a lot of things
So was anything ever important to me?
I think what I am what I'm not.
suze suze Mar 1
When you realise you're holding onto a dead bird
Ha, But you still hold on.
Spooky Babe Mar 1
I don’t know when this all happened
I didn’t know I wasn’t truly being me
Apparently it’s been going on for awhile
Or maybe I always knew subconsciously

I don’t know why after all this time
I still get butterflies when I look at you
At first glance that sounds cute and charming
But it’s preventing me from doing what I want to do

I often compare myself to other girls
who would never possess a piteous trait
Constantly beating myself up inside
Knowing I’m the reason we can’t date

What I long for isn’t a relationship
It’s knowing that our souls are entwined
You know me like the back of your hand
And I know you like the back of mine
Things aren’t the same am I to blame?
it's as if my dandelions
had flown with the geese
what time of year was this
to burden me
to check

that one last teardrop could call you back
that it could find



in your face

let me rot
your face
your face

let me do it now
let me burn your brains
let me rip out your heart
come on boy

let me out
your face

before we combine
and burn your heart out

let me the freak out
your face


its its its

it rained one
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