If one can't stand Donald Trump,
And one feels like a Social Reject,
One tends to feel
That most Americans are
Really in line with Trump
Even if they say
That they aren't.
I’m empty atoms floating in space
I’m trembling fingers after the rain
I’m all the actions a sane man can’t do
I’m nothing at all if I’m nothing to you

There’s thoughts in my head
And they’re sparkling and scared
‘Cause they never got invited

There’s holes in my skin
And some more further in
And I’m small and too excited

You’re beautiful paintings dissolving outside
I hope you’ve forgotten the last time you cried

The world is full of flowing veins
Of love stories on boats and in trains
There’s angel wings in the cage of that chest
I know you can’t hear but I wish you the best

You’re there in my head
And I’m laughing and scared
‘Cause you never got invited

There’s guitars with strings
And chocolatey things
And I’m small and too excited

You’re smouldering flowers that blush in my room
I know you don’t care but I’ll dream of you soon
still in love with her winks
Melania Trump
Is the worst dressed first lady
In the History of the United States.
Every new outfit she wears
Is a Statement of Contempt,
For the Poor,
The Oppressed
And the Underprivileged People
Of this Earth.
In my view,
It would be more dignified
If she got the hell out of the White House
And returned to Porn!
Tanya Louise Jul 10
thoughts in endless swirling
like a storm
and un-rhythmic beats of my chest
distract me
i should be listening
but my head is lost
far, far gone
deep, deep it's sunk
maybe its your stupid smile
or you uneven words
i should be listening
but the sparks are distracting
they'll surely be a second date
Natasha Jul 6
beautifully cherished between soundless glances
or love locked eyes
of after sheet trances.
for you once said to me,
“silence my dear,
is not the absence of sound
but the presence of something else.”
both capable of taking me to my greatest heavens,
or paving my quiet path to hell
this fact and uncertainty both
fills me with joy
and frightens me to my very core.
for it feels as if you’ve taken my words for nothing but fairy lore.
yet, I stay mute
I’ll sew my lips shut
stuck in this purgatorial
entrenched rut-
by the screaming silence.
Aa Harvey Jul 2
The stupidity of id.

I only dream of what I cannot have.
Wish for this, wish for that,
But if I give you my true opinion,
You will only give it back.

I stand alone amongst the crowd;
I have no way of standing out.
So if you do see me somehow,
Know that soon I will disappear and become invisible,
Like I feel now.

You cannot have my love, because you do not want a nerd.
You can never read my words, because they would not interest you.
You could have said the things I would like to have heard,
But now those lines are through.

Thank you for the inspiration;
I am sorry that I never mentioned,
The truth to you, but it would only ever have caused tension,
Where none ever needed to exist.
Wasted wishes, dreams of fruition,
I am just the stupidity of id.

But now I have regained my senses;
No longer fixated, no words must be wasted,
If I am to head into the future, patiently.
Waiting for the one for whom I have been waiting.

One day she will come and find me, I hope.
Somehow, someway, she will let me know.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kit Jul 1
I'll be the one from
your past in the photograph that you ripped in half
Don't you worry though
because you'll be popular with all the girls when you tell them about me, they'll fall at your feet with half hearted sympathy, but you'll still be empty
And that platonic embarce will only leave you in tangled sheets because you're codependent and demanding and it'll cost her

And the worst part is history will repeat itself and someone will get me back and then I'll know what it's like for someone to leave me like that

But it has been good to hear you're doing fine, stable and over me
Funny how tables turns
And much as I want to hate you I only end up hating myself
And all that's left of us is the reason you're good to someone else
Cait Jun 28
contrary to your initials, you didn't save me--no,
you were the beginning of a series
shitty men, no- boys who
broke away at me, you were
confident, to a fault
sweet until you realized
you never needed to be
you teased and called me your little jail bait
something you wanted so badly
until you had me
again and again until
new years eve, you didn't realize
i saw you.
hiding in a mess of green hair and pink lipstick
i saw you.
your girlfriend of years before i'd even met you
i saw you.
Blake Jun 23
If you wish to call it blindness,
Then yes I’m blind.

If you choose to call it submission,
Then I am whipped and kneeling.

If you’re convinced to call it pathetic,
Then cringe because I’m woeful.

If you desire to call it a sin,
Then send me to the pits of hell my god.

If you pick to call it silly,
Then I must still be a immature child.

If you preach to call it fucked up,
Then I am surely deranged and crazy.

If you need to call it chemicals,
Then I’m definitely severely imbalanced.

If you need to call it all of the above,
Maybe spice it up add a few more words

please go ahead.
But I will always call it

L   O   V   E
Try to rule the world.
Try to dominate
Over everyone else.
The bitch goddess of success.
Negate and neglect
The goddess of appreciation.
What is the point
Of your ambition,
And  hate?
This morning, I noticed these BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS in the For Africans Blog on Tumblr, and I realized that President Donald Trump, in his efforts to "gain control of the world" would not be able to appreciate the Beauty in these photos.
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