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Lydia Jul 8
when I think of regrets in this life
there are more than I could count on both hands and feet
regret is natural and normal and healthy
but some of it is not
the kind that creeps up on you day after day
when your brain isn’t fully involved in something or a conversation and so there is space to fill with memories, ideas, or a bunch of nonsense
or all of the bad things you’ve ever done in your whole entire life
I’m not sure if I’ve ever really told anyone or said them out loud even
the past ruminates in my conscious
waiting to bite me in the most random moments when I least expect it
several sentences in and I still can’t get it out
the words are there right behind my lips but I can’t get them out
I might die one day being the only one who knows
ScaryGary Mar 18
Don't worry, I wouldn't let you get that close. Like you have a choice. Try to touch me with anything and I will end you.
you loved me in your thoughts
and thought that you loved me
for all i was a mere thought
that could never become your reality
so you bled on these pages
tore through your cages
and wrote and wrote and wrote
rowing your sinking love boat
merrily down the stream
living a ****** nightmare
you oh so lovingly called a dream
and now you think you want me back
but all you want is the idea you've had
of a girl with broken wings
of an angel who sings
but i ain't no angel baby
i am the devil you don't want to see
who'll never ever fall for you
i am a lie that'll never be true
so ******* and your make ego
for you'll never be my story's hero
i am the main lead of my tale
a peak that you'll never be able to scale
to all the guys who thought they loved me
no, you never did
you simply liked the idea
you created in your stupid little head
of a soft girl who needed you to fix her
but that was never the case
i never led anyone of on
you did it to yourself
thinking you could tame the fire that burnt me alive
thinking you could give me a reason to survive
so fuvm for loving someone who never existed and trying to become better men
dorian green Dec 2021
if i play with your hair,
i just didn't know what
to do with my hands.
i'll write a poem and
try not to feel pathetic,
i'll keep hoping or
come to terms with
you not really caring
where this'll go.
storybook ending,
beat the odds,
or straight into a
brick wall. i don't know.
i'll kiss you goodnight
and wonder who
you dream about
when you close your eyes.
we all have ghosts
we want to love us.
naked skeletons in the closet
that our memories dress in skin.
seasons change,
flowers wilt,
lovers leave.
i feel so stupid
wishing that you wanted me.
ScaryGary Oct 2021
Half full, half empty...

we both see the glass, the liquid, the space?

you see half a picture, i see the WHOLE

BOOM! Just topped us both, and topped off my glass. At least yours is half full and not half empty. Convenience!

Get it yet Fido?
Killed another one of your friends, right before your blind eyes. Can you do anything but sit, and roll over?

I never looked at poetry as something you win, but it looks like i am in the lead. Do you really have a muse? She is an airhead. Sometimes i wonder if you even have a muse. Nice glass you fools live in
Raven Feels Sep 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, stupid dreams :L

standing in line
double sets of suns double sets of eyes
measuring distance should
be a cruel existence behind woods
hoping not at all one time before the fall
of one dreary night in September
a once in a once to remember
getting older
hanging crosses from other shoulders
problem on the days
all silent to the couldn't say
if the later flowers would stay
if the book's pages would decay
not in any in anyways

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