katalyn 2d

Green eyes telling you lies.
Brown eyes painfully seeking the truth.

Green hides, loathing, despondent.
Green is actually blue, the darkest shade perhaps this is true.

Brown discloses, inflamed, aggrieved.
Brown cannot discern the truth, troubled mind resides.

Green wants dissolution

Everything I have ever done is because I am ashamed to tell you that I hate my existence. I am sorry
C 2d

Who do you call when you are having the having the most miserable day?
Who do you call when you just have something to say?
Who do you call when you're doing just okay?
Who do you call just to complain?
Who do you call when you think you're going insane?

Who always answers?

"I'm trying to find the perfect one," he says.

Well, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but you're blind.
You lost your sense of sight a long time ago.
You lost the ability to see the beautiful things of the world.
The true things.
The honest things.

The things that love your stupid jokes and the way you laugh at yourself for telling them.

The things that offer for you to lick the brownie batter even though it's her favorite.

The things that will watch those horribly childish shows you recommend because she knows it will make you happy.

Those things that listen to your complaints about being tired, even though she is exhausted herself, and helps you find a restaurant to get some dinner when you could easily ask Siri.

The thing that, unlike most genies, would let you wish for more wishes.

The thing that you're too blind to appreciate.

Who will you call now?

True story, folks.

I want to run away.

Lucky Oct 11

I am that thin line between bravery and stupidity.
I’ll let everyone else decide what suits them the most.


I don’t have many,
but if I could take some back,
I would never have gone to that party
and I would never have stopped writing back.

Late in the night these days,
when I think of what occurred back then,
how I said nothing about it,
I can’t help but cry.

The same reaction happens
when I remember how broken I felt inside
as I’d let myself get drunk and high.
Nearly every night for weeks.

The way I pushed you out,
the way I said goodbye,
the way I curled up in that room
and prayed to something that I’d die.

I didn’t like being sick.
I hated the emptiness.
The loneliness that consumed me.
I shouldn’t have reacted that way.

I just want to wake up tomorrow,
and forget these things.

Alec Sep 30

I'm sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you
I didn't mean to fuck it all up
I don't wanna lose you
But if that's what happens
Then I deserve it
You shouldn't be friends with someone
Who hurts you so badly
Without even knowing how or what they did
I don't deserve you
And I'm sorry
For hurting you
I didn't mean to
I didn't mean to upset you
I didn't know what to say
I didn't how I did what I did
And I was too idiotic to even realize
What I said could be interpreted in an entirely different way
And it didn't occur
And in my own fucked up and stupid self centered thoughts I didn't know what to say
I didn't know how to apologize
I didn't know what to apologize for
And that's fucked up.
I never want to be that person
And I don't want to lose you.
But immediately after I turned away and knew I would lose you.
Why would I apologize when you're mind is already made up
How can I change the unchangeable
And that's fucked up
And I'm fucked up
And I don't deserve you
And I'm sorry. For everything.
For what I said
And what I thought
And how I didn't respond
How I didn't apologize
How fucked up that was.
Please go.
Please leave me actually.
I don't deserve you.
No because I'm a fucked up human being.
And you deserve so much more than this
I'm fucked up
And I hurt you
I wounded you
And I never meant to.
And you shouldn't deal with someone like that
Thats someone you let go.


-The Village Idiot
  (Stupid Is)

You've heard it said;
Stupid is as Stupid does
But really now
Stupid is as Stupid
keeps doing

Ignorant ways
and idiot thoughts
Act the fool 'cause
that's all you are

I'd tell you to
get up and go
but you already
got up and went

Another fools errand
for which you have
so foolishly been sent

The village idiot
The county fool
What is the problem
Didn't we send you
to school?

We've heard it said;
Stupid is as Stupid does
But really now
Stupid is as Stupid
always has.


Meant to be humorous
with minimal animus.


A little bit bent
and a whole lot of strange
Started off half-backwards
ain't no way they gonna' change

Stupid is as stupid keeps doing
Practiced in the art
to just keep losing

Way worse than worthless
they just never quite know
Going off in all directions
never quite get exactly
which way they need to go

Schizey in thinking
Sketchy in every way
Maybe they'll get better
what else can you say.




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