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Tears speak more than words ever could
So when you think
“Why am I crying”
You are speaking
Through emotions that are unspoken
So maybe you should
Cry like black ink
Falling off a white feather
Standing out because the deformity of your eyes
Distracts locals
Because it's such a familiar feeling
And they envy it
Don't worry if you cry to much
The tears that sting your cheek
it helps you know your still alive
Until your not and your still crying
Then maybe those locals could say
“you cry to much”
- Tylar Carroll
Jaxey Sep 4
"I love you"
You say
As you lift up my chin
But you're eyes shine with metaphors
And your hand feels like sin
Stop lying to me
Creator Sun Aug 30
They said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
I never would have underestimated it had I thought
That the words you said would hurt so much.
So much that I cannot think.

Cannot feel.

You and your short biting tongue.
You with a cannon for a mouth.
You who chooses your words to hurt.
You who said, "You're worthless."

Worthless, ****, fat, deadmeat.
Why do you all hurt so much?
Why do you cause tears to run down my face?
Why do you feel worse than a punch in the face?
Why do you make me want to end
My miserable, sorry, uneventful life?
Why do you hurt so much?

Tell me, why do we learn language?
When it can be used against us?
I've personally never been attacked like that in my life, but I'd heard enough about verbal bullying. Many times, it can feel worse than being physically bullied. I hope that everyone can be patient and kind enough to choose better words to be said, better words to be written. I hope that all of us can be a Canadian stereotype, so that the world looks more warm and inviting.
Alexis Aug 29
i just don't think there is any metaphor,
i don't think i can censor or hide this

i don't want to die,
i just wish i never existed in the first place.
that's all .
دema Aug 23
i don’t trust you
to love me through
thick and thin,
when you’re
holding my hand
and when the
distances grow
to think of me
always and
not just when
you need a fan,
when you know
me by heart
but not understand,
to give me space
and not let me
push you away,
when i need your
presence and
your silence as well,
to help me through
my mistakes but
not ease the pain,
when you share
who you are with me
and i don’t get scared.
Bec Aug 22
Our love is like winter flies
Hopefully winter flies by
Because I feel your lies
They settle on my skin
Searing my flesh
Akin to being set
Jaxey Aug 17
She kissed him
With question marks?
While he kissed her
With "quotations"
And together they became
a run on sentence...
It never ends.
Hello Daisies Jul 30
I want to dance
Dance with wolves
Under the stars
Swirling around
Brim stones burning

I hear the howling
I fear the growling
The Sparks around
Crumble beneath the ground

Up here I dissapear
There's too many
I'm a lone wolf
Always dancing alone
I've emptied my own pond

It was never deep enough
Too shallow to share
Everyone became bare
Found an ocean
Swam into it
Paddled away happily

I want to dance with wolves
Around the warmth of the moon
Warming trust
Becoming stronger
My pain lingers
Only gaps in my fingers

This heart inside me
It's cold and empty
It's so common to say
Be that it may
Doesn't mean it hurts any less
Who must I impress
How much can I press
That I'm scared
I'm so alone
I just want to know
I want to be shown
Love and comfort
But I've lost

So much of me
It's too late
I lost any chance
Of dancing
With others

Help me
Please God
Someone save me
It hurts so much
I can not hide it with silly metaphors
Break the code
Break the show
I'm broken
I'm hurting
I'm unable to love
Unable to believe in up above

Please God let my soul rest
I cannot stress
How much
Everything ******* hurts

   My dreams are dark
I'm tired of "wolves"
Of pretending
I just want
The final ending

Steph Cheng Jul 7
i have never written a poem for you

long ago we mastered the art of
weaving words into charms across multiple universes
late when the stars wrote the first chapter of our story
so why, they asked
have I never written a poem for you?
they don’t know that
my tears are illiterate to all language but your name

your heartbeat next to my ear
a perfect soundtrack for the first biology lecture you gave me
as you pointed out the location of my veins
i already knew that my heart would keep pumping blood
to the moon and back for a lifetime
to commemorate

Lego blocks of moments built into memories
of times we spent at the Castle pretending to be in
our fairy tale
no, I didn’t even want to be a princess or a witch
in any other universe
i was right here
underneath a blanket of constellations on the Norfolk waters
your breath on the tip of my nose

until a frisbee named Reality hit

i was in the quick sands and you held onto me
but our hands slipped
help us.

a Sunday morning
the sun made a rare appearance, yet the walls in my room were painted
316 shades of blue, each screaming your name
as my best friend held me in her arms,
but all they heard was the echo of silence

so the heart stopped pumping and started dripping
onto the bathroom floor
as our Lego house crumbled onto me
but you got out safely
now I see you fly like a kite set free

so here’s my poem to you
verses your lips will never speak

but I’m wishing that in another universe,
i’d wake up to feel your warmth next to me
your blue eyes dreaming the wildest adventure in a galaxy far, far away
and this time, I would defend us
from the storming chaos
with that green lightsabre of mine
To the boy I have never written a poem for. The painful story lost in the cracks of time
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