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When you drive, you think you’re so cool
In a car with a fresh paint job
Tires almost glossy
But you drive too fast
Your car is so clean
Because it sits
In your garage
I don’t know what your road is like
But you always seem to have a flat tire
And when we race
You think you’re beside me
You think you’ve beaten me
You’ve just completed your first lap
I’m on my twenty-seventh
Going on twenty-eighth
You’re not fast
When I drive, it’s a usual feeling
In a car with some age
Tires changed frequently
And I drive fast
My car looks used
Because it is
By me
Rarely in the garage - even when I sleep
My road is smooth and well-maintained
And my flat tires are swiftly changed, if there’re any
When we race
I sometimes start dead last
And I always soar ahead of you
You think fifteen minutes is incredible?
I’m at seven-point-seven
Going on seven flat
You think you’re so fast
You’re not fast
i wrote this to a specific person but found that it works for plenty more
jus Feb 9
the universe has its own way
of making me
feel things.

it has this
warped perspective
and i know how much
it makes me feel
awful sometimes,
but maybe
it has its own

the people
that surround me,
remind me of the stars
in the night sky.
they twinkle, and
they look dreamy.
but they don't happen
to be aligned all the time.

the frustration
bites me heavily.
but somehow, like other
people do,
they all thank their
lucky stars,
even though they
don't have a reason
to do so.

it's funny how
the universe makes me
wonder if they
really care.
maybe it's all in
my head --
sometimes i lack
the love i need in my life.

i hope that
the universe, tonight
can align all the
because somehow i miss them
all too dearly.
Eloise Rose Feb 7
What is this tree
It is out in the open
But is it free
Is it hoping
To breathe
Astral Feb 6
The ocean is vast and wide
Seemingly unending,
Like the metaphors that it can be used for.

When I'm lost,
When I feel that everything is overwhelming me,
When inspiration has left and you're all I have,
When all that exists is the place between tears and land,
When I feel hopeless,
When my mind no longer wishes to be dry,
I can turn to my dear ocean.

Although far away I know you're there,
And I worry for you,
For your health.
I know it gets dangerous,

But stay strong ocean,
Us writers wouldn't know what to do without you
this is literal garbage, ig this is whats actually polluting the earth lol

2:11 am
Kellin Feb 6
Sometimes I think, sometimes I feel;
like waves that unapologetically crash upon a rocky shore line twisting and turning with the tide, pulled down by its undertow
And in that moment I am reaching breathing begging for air in a sea full of unknowness or perhaps there's simply just emptiness because nothing doesn't have to be something because I don't think my life will ever be navigable because I have sunk down into the Aphotic zone and all that lays before is murky water and though they say that once you've reached the bottom the only way to go from there is up but I have been casted out to sea attached to a ball and chain and I am weary from fighting against the currents of my life because all I see laid before for me is stagnate water
Hannah Jo Feb 5
When they say my name I hope you hear waterfalls; my face flooding your entire brain. When you hear my name I hope you think of glass breaking and you picture my hands, scratched and bleeding, putting it all back together again. When you say my name, I hope you hear laughter. I hope you see smiles. And despite all my countless flaws, I hope you think of me when you want someone to stay awhile. When they say my name I hope it reminds you of breaking and healing all in one breath. When you think of me I hope you feel warm. I hope I’m someone you never regret.
For someone who will always have my heart even though I had to move on.
Atomika Jan 27
Spectrum of possibilities come into my sense
The sky widens and something changed
As if some catalyst came and commenced
An opportunity to broaden one's range

I peek through the window as if a bewildered fool
A chance of redemption as I used such a tool
The passing-by of something spectacular couldn't be missed
As the sun's rays  dim and it together with the Earth, kissed.

I could have dreamt of much more
I could have walked further than the door
But fear crept in and I hesitate
Taking my time to let the colors gravitate

But dusk has already arrived and it's time for my slumber
I did what I can, I did what I could muster
The moon shines bright and I bid adieu
For I am Indigo that shone my love for you
I tried mixing it some metaphors with my common writing style. I think it went well, but I want to gather everyone's opinion in this one. I am back due to finishing DDLC Purist Mod, again, that game just kept me going with more poetry..
Georgia Jan 23
You should smile with your teeth.
I’d make you cups of tea half smiling with sleep
laugh sweetly when you spoke from fuzzy dreams
And measure the dimples in your freckled cheeks
When my eyes have betrayed me
I try to turn you inside out
But I haven’t found my reflection in your bloodstream
Though you are running through my veins like hot coffee.

You shouldn’t look at me
The buttons on your coat make me jittery and uncomfortable
Because I want to pull you by your hair
I want to meet your hazed stare and imagine me there
Living in the catchlight on the reflection of a hotel window
While you take off your clothes behind me
So I see your skin in the fogged up glass
shudder while your eyes burn into my back
and smoke rises from my spine.

You should love him a little more
He’s been on the phone since four and I hear his yorkshire accent from before
like an axe being jolted into the dip of my chest.
Bouqets of roses by your door and I’m the crippling thorns
I feel like shaking hands between my knees
the blood dripping from my sleeves
How cruel I have been
Although my heart is by my feet and ill at ease
You should smile with your teeth
Even if it isn't for me.
hi I'm back!

I found out that the word catchlight has been added to the dictionary and it means the reflection of light in a person's eye - I rly liked it so I thought I'd incorporate it here!

I hope you enjoyed this poem :) the girl I wrote this about will probably (hopefully) never even know how I feel but honestly I don't care anymore.  I hope he makes her happy.

it feels good to make a mess of a situation into words. I hope you could see the soft progression here from happy fantasy to painful reality. if my poem makes you feel something then it's a success<3
Created in a storm,
The red most vivid,
The colour of love
Representing the deepest of pain,
The rapids in your mind,
None as beautiful as those of the ocean,
Getting deeper and deeper
Beyond the basic grit of the past,
Pulling times of discontent from every fabric of the memory,
Until you snap! like a simple branch
Silver the only glimmer in the dark
Colliding with the paleness of your skin,
Stained now by not only blothes of that colour of love but also those of hurt, fear and never ending pain.
Robin Lemmen Jan 20
you told me this secret is ours and all I could reply, in heavy shades of blue, was - secrets are sad and lonely, so maybe it is best to forget and not dwell too long. we don't want to become etched in time for wrongful reasons.
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