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if i do not tend to my wounds they will become infected
inflamed, red, hot to the touch
rotting and dripping with pus

i know this, and still i let them fester
refusing to remove the soiled bandages because i know it will hurt
even though i am no stranger to pain

eventually the sickness will infect my blood
spread to the rest of my body and brain
maybe it will **** me
but i will not hold my breath

i have survived wounds like this before
i have the scars to prove it
i have no choice but to heal
and try again
Leifa May 25
Souls, once one in the sun,
Now reach for fallen stars.
Ludic, hopeless fingers—
G r a s p i n g
For a sole thread of truth.

Don’t fly too close, little firefly.
For it’s flame shall render
All your desires and dreams
To spurned puddles of wax.

D r i p p i n g

In these wrinkled hands
Formed for puppets
A silhouette on the sphere
As the Earth only knows,
The darkness it adheres.
Julia Celine Apr 28
Your indifferent hands make disarray
Of meticulously maneuvered letters
Tethered by the taste of sunlight
Cast upon the header

I know you don't love poetry
But my heart still longs to write you
Knitting rows of golden thread
That ties my soul to you

Though I know it never reaches you
I see the vacancy in your eyes
And I wonder how many fabrications
I've sewn together in my mind

I tell you that I love you
In way too many words
I wrap this thread around me
And pretend you ever understood
sophie Jan 21
my heart walks the fine, grey line
that hovers between platonic and romantic
feelings for her
or him
probably her

you are so so very incredible
and i continue to trip and fall as i attempt
to balance myself on the fine, grey line

i am so so very confused
as you are my everything
and i feel like nothing when i am not with you

what line is there?
Grace Jan 17
I used to be happy
Ignore the heavy things.
Tread and tread and pretend that nothing was below me.

But there are things that lurk.
Monsters and darkness.
While I sank, I sung out about how well I could swim.

And then she was sinking
And I learned how to swim
But I never taught her.

Just keep swimming
I tell her.
soon enough the mermaids will scare them away
I hope she believes me.
I hope she is strong enough to withstand the wretched currents.
I love you. I hope that is enough.
Please keep swimming because soon enough the mermaids WILL come.
Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
There’re so many flavours
Spicy, savouries and sours,
Sweet and creamy,
Or buttery with plenty of salt!
There’s bitterness,
Oh! and that taste you get with zest,
Some fresh, some dry,
And some just pure delights!
I may be no cook,
And some flavours do elude,
But it’s my own recipe
So there’s no need to feud,
You can mix and match
And toil at the stove
To make what comes out
Worthy for your soul
To each their own,
A kitchen; nay— a wondrous dream town!
Go around and about
And select your own flavours
To experiment and try out!
Flavours ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
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