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Karly Codr Jan 16
i found my proof that i am getting better
i applies for like 7 jobs
and i have an interview today
so that's fun
just an update not a poem ya know?

also how do i train myself to stop ending everything with "so that's fun" because i do it in writing and in real life so if someone has any tips feel free to message me :)
Beckie Davies Dec 2020
What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with you?
We believe in love only when we see proof
proving love is difficult for us
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
I should have told you to go to hell a long long time ago
When you first exaggerated how much we owed
Dance around subject because I dislike confrontation
Could've been straightforward and skipped speculation
Instead we are just covering up resentment with a mask
Of words we don't care enough to ask
There will never be a convenient time or place
Never get to express annoyance to your face
When fate gives the trauma you deserve
You'll need to eat the plate of pain served
But we left room faster than expected
You were trying
Flaws numerous and neglected
I would look for a way to change if I were you
If you're up to it
A lengthy list to review
I will squint and quiet the thoughts in my head
The best proof that some words should be said
About my mother
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
to cross the earth,
you'd need to travel
over 24,901 miles.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

the average person meets
less than 80,000 people
during their lifetime.

statistically speaking,
you will meet less than
0.001% of the people
walking this planet.

I've always had trouble
believing in the things
that we cannot prove.

from mythical creatures
to certain phenomena to
bible stories and religion,

faith is something that
I can't seem to find.

but statistically speaking,
we should have never met.

statistically, we should still be
two strangers living our lives
thousands of miles apart.

right now, I am looking
over at you and realizing
just how ******* lucky I am.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

yet somehow, we defied
those statistics and
we found each other.

maybe I won't ever
believe in religion
or phenomena or fate,

but I do believe that
sometimes miracles happen

and the most unexpected
feelings can become reality.

I believe that love
and happiness do exist,
and I believe that
all because of you.

this world is not
as bad as it may seem.

hope is not as dim
as it may appear.

sometimes, statistics
don't matter at all

and life gets better
even if you didn't
think that it could.

I believe that now,
and you are my proof.
Darina Forgacova Nov 2020
Flowers are direct proof of love in nature.
They are symbol of a beauty.
They smell variously. It's a mystic.
Why they grow?
Plant doesn't need flower for
releasing new life.
Why so they grow?
Maybe to make our nature colorful.
To make it into Eden.
Direct proof of love.

Nature wants flowers be beauty.
Flowers for lovers.
Flowers for tenderness.
Flowers for softness.
Leah Carr Nov 2020
Many won't believe it
Until they see proof
But often you can't see the proof
Until you believe it
Today's thought :)
Fraser Wiseman Nov 2020
What we did not see
From the dark fathom
Now a moment in time
Survived as proof
We can survive
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020

for preying on my naïveté
and the innocence
that I hadn't lost yet

and destroying my trust
when I idolized you
like a ******* god

and taking my heart
knowing **** well that
you planned to break it.

but also,
thank you

for showing me how to
spot those red flags

and teaching me
the lessons that I would
eventually need to learn
with or without you

and proving to me that
I deserve so much better.
Nik Bland Oct 2020
She lifted up a thousand eyes
Which followed her like spotlight
Like thirsting telescopes tracing shooting star
Longing to be filled with natural wonder
What spells befell such eyes
Each piece studied of an impeccable work
And each stare the knowing of a Creator
As each breath and move she made was testament
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
Beauty is my witness
To the better things to come
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