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دema Mar 21
I told you that you should always be
thankful, things are getting
better, the process
is just rather slow,

and I told you that the proof lies
in the fact that you still have some
sanity left today,
if things weren't getting better,
then what else
could you be holding onto?
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Sunsets are proof
that endings
can be beautiful, too.
Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
You ask me not to tell you
So I will show you.

Continually proving myself
It’s a test
I hope I pass it.

And every time I fail you
I hope that you don’t doubt the truth

I love you.
I am afraid that I am not enough.
Owen J Henahan Aug 2018
My feet are anchors, sinking as I collapse
into your arms; hearth-warmed fabric wraps –
your quiet affection – around us; communication lapses.

No words are needed, for the light fluttering of
our hearts join in subtle chorus, muttering
unutterable truths about love, and suffering.


Unutterable truths about love! – and, suffering,
our hearts join in subtle chorus, muttering
"no" – words are needed for the light fluttering of

your quiet affection; around us, communication lapses
into your arms: hearth-warmed fabric wraps.
My feet are anchors: sinking as I collapse.
is this not love? is this not suffering? are they not one, the same, indistinguishable, and everlasting?
clever Jun 2018
i'm so cold i can make your blood boil.
دema Jun 2018
I dont’t need a man to
love me to feel loved,

I just need a man to prove
to my brain that I can be loved by one.
Nick Stiltner Mar 2018
If I wrote of Love and her soft caress,
would the crowds gather to bear witness?
If I spoke of her words and
the spells they cast on me,
would they gather to witness its gripping affect?

Oh, if they could only feel her love through my verse,
the whole world would gather round,
pushing and shoving, clawing to near front,
for just one glimpse of proof,
An Angel’s holy love.
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2018
You can be the most powerful person on Earth,
A clown full of mirth,
Most knowledgeable,
A Pope,a priest,a guru or in any field able.
You can build bombs and bullet proof bunkers, houses , cars,
And  hide behind heavy bars,
Deep underground or under the seas
You cannot escape death despite
all your pleas.
What is ordained so it shall be dear,
On the day, date and time the Angel of Death will be there,have no fear.
Go in Peace!
You come with nothing,you depart with nothing,
In between you can amass everything.
Remember birth and death is ordained for you. Whatever you try to do you cannot escape.
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