nobody Jul 13
lock me in a building
a room, if you will
padded fuck-me walls
to terrorize my mind
and, most importantly,
fix me
and i wonder
are psychotic girls a good fuck
7 - 12 18
Seanathon Jul 8
Carve the heart out from its walls
Drain the kindness from its veins
Change absolutely nothing at all
But remove the heart, and baby, it’ll die
Because the heart of that place was everything
Good and wholesome, below the sky
When the good people leave, you'll know, you'll know.

"Look, pain is there in the world, and there's catharsis through that. I feel like there's... a rapture, if we can get through it, if we can confront things." -Derek Cianfrance
Jolan Lade Jul 8
To you, someone special
My heart was rickettsial
But you arrived and my heart was absorbed
You kept me unadorned and took me as who I am
You knocked down my walls, set off my alarm and let in the cold
But your beauty kept me calm and your golden heart kept me warm
She has to be someone special
She Writes Jul 3
It’s hard to keep myself together
When the world keeps pulling me apart
sheltered myself from pain
Hid behind a guarded heart

I just want someone brave enough
To scale these walls
Someone to catch me
When I inevitably fall

I need someone
To look me in the eye
And knows when I say
“I’m fine” its a lie

Please care enough
To save me from myself
Care about my physical
And my mental health

The world is cruel
But I am still here
I just need someone
Before I disappear
Like slides across a projector,
Unwanted memories sweep into my mind.
I wish I could go back to before,
Sat cross-legged with my pigtails swinging, listening to the grown ups lessons.
That was all before self-hatred tugged at my heartstrings,
And unworldly voices hissed in my ear that I wasn’t enough,
That I never would be.

The flashbacks are blinding me, they distort the image,
Twisting the reality.
How can a friend do that in the first place?
He was supposed to be my rock, my shelter from the storms inside my head.
I had built myself up knowing that he would be there to keep me strong,
Placing brick by brick around my heart, I deigned to think I was unbreakable.

They said not to throw rocks at greenhouses,
What do we do when the rocks begin hurling themselves at our fragile walls?

I want to grasp at the shards,
Holding my broken pieces so hard my palms drip with blood,
And cut down those who hurt me.
To fight back despite the tears streaming down my face.
I want to use the shards to rip the skin from my bones,
Destroy to create; erase myself to rebuild myself?
I will become stronger, I will never be so vulnerable.

Most of all, I want to rise from the rubble standing tall,
And learn to never again lay my foundations in shakey grounds.
Maybe then, I will have finally understood what the grown ups had taught me all those years before.
Blake Jun 30
Once upon a time,
There was a sweet young man
Who built a house made out of straw.
It was very weak but home.

One day,
A very big bad wolf came and disguised itself as a gentle woman.
She knocked three times
Softly speaking
“Sweet gentleman please let me in”

He kindly refused,
To the wolf’s surprise,
This man already knew it’s tricks
Thanks to his mothers handiwork.

“Well” the wolf said “ if you do not let me in then I’ll huff and puff and blow these straw walls in”

So the wolf huffed and it puffed and it blew his house down leaving the gentleman to run.

Luckily he only suffered minor injuries such as kisses, lovebites and memories.
Which helped him learn from his mistakes,
So he built a new house out of sticks instead.

But when a different wolf came,
More cunning and sexier than the first,
it huffed and puffed his house of sticks down making him run yet again and further away from his village.

The man had enough,
He was left paranoid and terrified of getting hurt again.
So he used bricks to build a high tower on the outskirts of his home town.
Wolves came huffing and puffing but unable to blow his house down,
He built formidable walls but the consequence was that he was trapped inside alone.

And that’s where I..
Sadly comes in.

You see,
I’m a woman and this time no wolf in disguise,
More like a woman in disguise of a wolf.
I’m unable to get him to open the door.
Unable to get him to trust.
And I just keep huffing and puffing with no results.

So I’m left trying to climb through the chimney although I know he’s waiting with a boiling pot.
Blake Jun 30
Day by day i strived to conquer your ticker,
Originally with bygone kisses and sultry verses,
Which rewarded me with only a lift of a brow and a frown.

Later with heart-felt confessions and hot-blooded nuzzles,
The prize was a glare into the distance
And the remains of a deceased smile.

Ultimately none of my efforts accomplished anything,
After a while the yearning for your compassion and tenderness began to feel like fantasies.
Maybe worst like pointless daydreams.
Your soul and love seemed untouchable.

In discouragement sequel,
I quit all labour for what I desired most,
It was only then when I gave up that I saw a smirk lift upon your wicked lips,
revealing you were anticipating this exact moment.

That’s when I perceived the truth,
Your love is not soft or pure,
Nor does it need phrases or attention nor my touch...
It’s sacrificial.

I need to show you my love in blood and the pain I’m willing to feel for you.
This isn’t a simple relation this is a offering and a surrendering,
You believe your war-torn and that I cant survive your battlefield.

So please...let me prove myself.
Cut and slash my skin,
Make the wounds deep so that my love can run like victorious rivers.
Mark me and scar,
Because my love may fade but would never disappear no matter what I have to endure.

If that’s not enough you may fry my brain or put me in isolation,
Breath play or torment or usage of flames.

Whatever to prove my devotion.

I’d never abandon you on your front lines alone,
So open up and let me see your battles so that I can be a loving ally.
Kay Forest Jun 27
Can you feel me pushing?
Pushing against the wall you have built.
Annoyingly fighting every idea you have constructed
to justify the it.
Scratching and clawing at that wall to come down.

Can you feel me pushing?
Pushing against the version of you that you've created.
The you with the mass appeal.
The you that doesn't allow his heart to be seen.
Pushing and pulling the flesh from that version of you to watch it bleed.

Can you feel me pushing?
This state of mind
Is more than complicated
This date of mine
Is not but all created

These walls at my side
Means that i’m fated
This builded mind
Is more than complicated

And by my side
I don’t know how i’ll call these things
If there is fire
You know, my blood will be setting

But it’s alright
In all of my life, i’ve been stranded
In this state of mind
In which, my empire just stay jaded
Ana Sophia Jun 14
she taught me
with respect,
not fear.
she taught me with examples,
not yelling.
she taught me with kindness,
not fights.
And I love her for that.
You rather be hated than loved
so that's what you'll get.
Do you realize the tension
during our car drives?
Do you realize the umconfortable silence?
And the avoiding eye contact?
That doesn't happen with her,
you know?
We're not frightened to tell her stuff
to ask for love,
to trust her,
'cause she never gave us a reason
to doubt her.
You always do.
Without noticing
you're building up walls and walls
and now we're so far
I can't even hear your madness.
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