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Amanda 4h
What are you running away from?
Some secret buried deep?
You doubt your talent and abilities,
Dreams you don't bother to keep.

Can't face answers to questions,
You resort to the place in your mind,
Where life is always happy and good,
A fantasy you repeat and rewind.

You were not born a deceiver,
Tragedy has made you that way,
After years suffering alone,
Learned to hide demons away.

Now they follow everywhere,
Eyes dizzy from keeping track,
Bullet holes in your beauty,
In your heart, on your back.

Waking up though we don't want to,
Walls mock what you have become,
Inside prison you chose to inhabit,
What are you running away from?
Too many people go through life running from something that isn't chasing them
sarah 7d
Behind these walls
I’m forever stuck
I have no home;
I’m out of luck.
Behind these walls
I'm all alone
I can't escape;
I'm on my own.
Shower me with gas,
  Starve me of food;
Derive me of love
Make me feel used
That's okay
For I have hope,
I am alive;
I will go home.
I'll see the drops of dew
I’ll find the snow,
Like a soft, white blanket
In the moonlight’s glow
Of a streetlight from afar
Lighting up the lane
I will be there
Out of this cage.
But behind these walls
Here I stand
Without any windows.
I  imagine what I can.
One day I will experience
A light winter rain;
Sunlight in the summer,
And no scratchy chains.
I know I’m dreaming;
But I do not fear it,
For nothing you do to me
Can ever kill my spirit.
a poem i wrote about concentration camps in 6th grade
AditiBoo Sep 12
To the brave who stood behind me
The reckless who fought by my side...
To the fools who made me happy
And the nasty ones who took me for a ride..
I thank you all, I thank you all

Time grows longer day after day
And the walls of life grow thicker around me
It keeps out past mistakes and dismay
It also makes it harder to keep in company

Your company I may not keep today
But you helped shape me, flaws and all
You shared a little of your own way
And helped me reinforce my own wall

Some walls I built to keep you out
Others to try and keep you in
Come rain, shine, flood or drought
Some battles I lose, others I win

Oh, and if my walls could speak..
They would tell you of the story of every crack and layer of paint
My walls, they stood strong when I was weak...
They sheltered me when my name bore a taint

My walls are an amalgamation of all of you
Surrounding me, standing tall and true
Our walls are a reflection of the company we keep
Trustworthy? The foundations will be just as deep

To the brave who stood behind me
The reckless who fought by my side...
To the fools who made me happy
And the nasty ones who took me for a ride..
I thank you all, I thank you all

We only learn when we accept we do not know
Just like we are truly happy when we stop trying to be
A house of cards may crumble from a single blow
But when it stands, we marvel at its grandiosity
Hold tight to hope's embrace,

I've heard this line before.

   This corridor I've walked along before,
I walk along once more.

Breathlessly tracing my fingertips along the walls as I stroll through the halls,
   Feel the infinitesimal imperfections,
akin to the ones in my mind.

Mind the gap.

Ahead here,
   is a dead end.

the point I cannot see past.

What is behind my wall?

~Robert van Lingen
Andrew Jun 21
My face blue
I race through
A misplaced zoo
Where disgrace grew
Into a mistake stew
Like the River Styx
Where people mix
Into a wall of bricks
That makes me sick

They steal my serenity
But when I look ahead of me
I see that I'll need them
To experience freedom
So I amass suitors
But I don't see them as sons or daughters
I see them as polluters
I see them as pirates and marauders

They see love as a doorway
To their own complacency
In order to see me more days
They take away my agency
Instead of aiding me
They start grading me
No longer elating me
They start deflating me

I shoot a missile
Of dismissal
Into the barricade
Of the bed I made
And keep sailing on
By flailing on
The floor
Begging for more

More people
More walls
Another sequel
Another fall
I have erected a maze
Where I've elected to graze
Deflecting their gaze
To enjoy wandering days

I experience happiness
Without their craftiness
But I begin to get lonely
My mouth starts foaming
I search to find ramparts
That can't part
Where landsharks
Eat the parked

Stuck searching
Perpetually perching
On the ledge
Of the wedge
Between myself and others
Looking for cover
I built protective walls
That became too tall
Nyx Aug 27
I feel a sadness within me
Tears forming within my eyes
Brimming with a glistening look
As my mind begins to pry

Concealed within the walls of my heart
The Barricade which guards my soul
Carved into each and every stone
The things that make me whole

Broken pieces which have fallen apart
Crumbling and breaking
Though cold and Black is the outer appearance
The Other side isn't worth forsaking

Inner side is painted with colour
Vibrant, Alluring so wonderful and clear
Through beautiful are the artworks laid  out
Its what's hidden within them that makes them so dear

Not everything of my heart is beautiful and clean
A great deal more of its dark and corrupt
Stirring with anger raging within my soul
Its what stands behind that which causes it to erupt

Within the volts of doors
And walls built to the skies
Its right at the center
The lonely girl cries

Locked beneath it all
Covered in chains
I keep her caged in there
She must b restrained

Otherwise my mind would run wild
Fueled purely by emotion
Running everything I've built
In a desperate plea of devotion

The outer world isn't something
I want her to see
As its not as beautiful
As the picture books make it out to be

So deep within me
She sits and she cries
Waiting for the day
Where she finally can die
MicMag Sep 1
United  |   |  Meanwhile
we boldly  |   |  we fortify        
 decry  |   |  our hearts
      the loud  |   |  not permitting  
orange man  |   |  entry                   
wailing for  |   |  to anyone         
a wall  |   |  at all          

MoonBunny Aug 23
The sound of silence,
Is more comfortable,
Than a coincidence with you,
Out of the blue,

I love you,
And I hate it,
For my love is visible so it shall hurt you,
Let alone my words,

Since the day our eyes met,
I decided to build walls between us,
Wide distance and right roads,
It is all about the bus,

Where will it takes us,
We don't know,
But there's no we,
For you are one and so am I.
bri Aug 21
Never trust anyone,
best advice I've ever been given.
But do I listen?
I know I can't trust a soul
but yet around I go,
letting people break down my walls
when they have no intention of helping me
build it back up
if it ever comes crashing down.

I can feel the bricks I let you pick
away from my shield
tumble down
around me now.
It takes my breath away,
with each stone that hits me
bruising my already battered heart.

Now, I am under rubble
stuck under my own broken walls
I built to protect myself
from men like you.

And here I know,
I have to start over.
Am I able to build my wall high enough
to keep out the next one who tries to steal my heart
& heal myself from all the wounds
I've caused myself from letting the wrong ones in?
plural -s
: a solitary wanderer
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