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D-Class Cells.
Keeping us locked away.
Keeping you safe.
Keeping them safe.
Keeping those contained.
Just noises.
Screams of our friends.
Just protocol.
They are criminals.
The unreal ones are the criminals.
I’ve seen them.
Reason for your captivity.
Let me out.
No Comment.
I’m boxed in.
Cells, each divided by
A fear which makes them common place.
I want to go home.
You can’t.
This is required.
1) Become strong and empowered. Strengthen your empire.
2) Fall head over heels in love with your new queen.
3) Become arrogant, rude, and cocky.
4) Grow prideful and distant.
5) Lose her to him.
6) Find the wall.
7) Horse.
8) War.
I’m tired. I need to get out. This feeling drives me insane. It makes me tap. It makes me tap. It makes me...Useless. My worries follow me as I travel to the next exit from this reality. I could get out. See the world. Feel the grass. Smell the flowers. Stop and smell the flowers. Stop and smell the flowers.I miss the flowers. The gold I once bartered off of to the locals for a living. What keeps me going. What keeps me breathing. What keeps me on my feet.
The air is crisp. It smells of artificial pine and truckstop pretzels. It once smelt of maple and marigolds.
Suburbs. Cities. Countrysides. I miss it. I miss home. There are walls, but not organized. And there are no exits. No cells. I was a laborer turned prisoner when six walls became four.
Tap… Tap… Buzz…
Tap… Tap… Buzz…
These aren’t the familiar vibrations I know. These are the walls failing to keep me confined. I can get out. I can return home.
Thank you kind stranger for unrolling your car window.
Blindly Feeling Walls
This false positivity is too bright.
You are blind.
Feeling the right wall of
The maze as you continue
To lay your barricades,
Leaving roadblocks,
Leaving potholes,
Building walls;
Never allowing anyone
To get close.
This false positivity is
Which is stronger?
The mask you have placed,
Or the wall you’ve struck
When you blocked them out?
Nothing. Idea...Nothing.
No words. Too many words. Not enough words.
Never enough words.
Lacking. Empty. Blank.
Lacking. Empty. Dull?
Bland. Uninteresting.
No Creativity.
No Talent.
No Motivation.
Audra 7d
You’re on my mind
Although I am not surprised,
For today we exchanged words—
And your hair was down.

You were in my dreams—
What a feat when
My subconscious uses brick
For the walls that shelter
All thoughts and feelings.

For it is dangerous
When I say:
You are on my mind
And in my dreams.
from last week.
Sophia Nov 28
i never knew the definition
of heartbreak and stipulation
agreements of dedication
love in deep hibernation.

it hurts to feel nothing
a sense of dignity and loathing
a rotten egg coating
over a sense of boding.

shatter-free me
it's all i want to be.
he's just like a bee
unnaturally sweet like honey
with a hidden deadly sting.
Johnny walker Nov 28
There were times In the
last eleven month since
my darling past just felt like didn't won't live any more, but now although I have a long way still to
Suddenly I have a purpose
again through the power of pen and words to share Helen live with all of those who love to read of her, this makes me so happy and I survive In doing
On Dec 18th there Is an opportunity at a Church
In the town to where I live
or I'm not a Church goer myself
I have my own beliefs but will be lighting a candle for Helen as the respect of her life, It's not that I don't believe In *** for I do, but to me, he doesn't reside within the walls of the Church, but this is only my opinion, and everybody Is Intitled to their own and I respect that
*** to me Is everywhere an d just within the walls of a church this to me Is what's stops a lot of poeple believing the should It like an exclusive club, you want to pray you can do this where ever you may be *** Is everywhere he will hear
The wall, the wall, the wall
It has never stumbled, it will never fall,
The wall stands grand and makes you feel small,
The wall, the wall, the wall

They stand, they stand, they stand
Some stand on top of the wall,
Although they hold on by tooth and hand,
They stand, they stand, they stand,

Some fall, some fall, some fall
Some may fall off of the wall,
They crawl back, but cant get back on top,
And they realize they know nothing at all.
The wall, the wall, the wall
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