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Mark Wanless Oct 16
the time of his death was
   unknown of course

Garl walked the perimeter sticks
   wooden spear at the ready

Garl saw more than he thought
   therein the world of the cave walls

His dreams were to amazing
   images of other worlds so
   beautiful so strange

all were there dreams at night
   but the amens put them
   on the walls

an act of great courage due respect

in his dreams Garl saw himself
   on the wall at first with
   fear later with desire

the amans were also hunters

the hunt was a strong image to have

Garl was out with the hunters
   he saw the hunt he saw his
   image on the cave wall
   He went forward to the mammoth

He is now seen on a cave wall
   by thousand peoples

the time of his death
   is unknown of course
Cedric Chin Oct 2
The world he lives in is small.
Black waves lap at the shores of vapid sand
As clouds hold their place overhead.

The promises etched on his spine,
In the most faraway places —
He couldn't read them.

He runs his hands along the pale green barrier,
Feeling its imperfections sprint along
His fingertips.

The walls close in — and it's sad here.

He screams, he screams,
Each gasp a breath of tombstone air,
Each thrash an electric abstinence from thought.

What flavours describe the tendrils of his soul?
The red-stained weeds that grew over bare feet
Now trap him.

There is poetry to be found in a little life,
But the gravity of supposition weighed too heavy.
So he sits — counting the dark stars.

The walls close in — and it's sad here.
Part of my book, The Good Knight & His Sore Rose.

When you are Loved,
and so deeply cared for;

There is nowhere to run..
  Nowhere to hide

The only thing you can do
(under the warmth of that beautiful Hold)

     Is to slowly unwind..
     Until  you  Become.

It is already in you, Love..
buried behind the horrible Residual.

Within the soon to crumble Wall..

within the Corruptible,
that was so unfairly and horribly

Is the  absolutely Beautiful  in you
that has been  (and always will be)
.. preciously-Hidden, behind the wall

"It is Incorruptible..
It cannot undergo Decay"

You are in there, sweet-one
   buried underneath
every horrible part of it all.

      As the wall comes down..

      Love will find you.

   When allowed,
   it always, always does.

.. Always❤

David Hilburn Jul 12
Don't it so...
After the plan, a wholly made can...
For the salt of the seen, a caring woe...
A happening place made, with also and...

In the arms of dismay, is an hour said
Or is being a choice made, in lots to be, won?
With the worlds we invest, a care in lead...?

The stone of freedom
Today, is the silence of justice, broken for a time
To know a callous share, the irony of a question
Meant with a smile's cope, and harmony to become, trying

Whether amid seldom or comparing rarity to obligation
We have ours, an appetite of simplicity, keeping a noble prophecy
A redoubt to the ends of the ear, if not the bests of listening
All of due couth, and the promises to know youth, we mean...?

A world of sincerity with an eye for summation
And to a deed in love, with scope for a mightier future
Where one day, with sense beyond any other, condition
Well, is ours for a song, given the places and faces of needs, more
And vice versa, a little bird once said...
Abeer Apr 5
But I'm a creep
I'm a ******
What the hell am i doing here?
I don't belong here

"There's something wrong with the waters Mr Goethe
It feels like yesterday was spring
Now it's time, it's mere time
Till the frogs hop around
Gosh god does play dice with the world
Or else how have you found Ms Goethe and that jolly girl of yours
Oh ****** me, how is she?"

"She's fine, she's dust"

"It's almost like I didn't get to meet her when she was around
For the employee party
Tell me what is she wearing so heavy that she can't move once"

"Oh no barely dirt, i shot her dead and my child"

"Oh look the frogs are here near this meadow"

| Gold in your eyes
  black immorals leave you blind

| Immortal pain, forever will they cry
  as you try to decide of all the written
  messages on the wall, you want to reply

| You're like a worker of the night,
   living in the city heights, trying to get high
   Success gives you a fright; you couldn't see yourself
    well in all those bright lights

| Grinding at work, grinding with a girl afterwards
   on a wall. Your job is to answer customer's call,
  And you also had this pretty ******* call; and you
   two did some damage to the wall

| Trying to patch it up, like you tried with an ex
   you got drunk a little extra, in an empty bathtub
    shower, sending her drunk texts
  She thought you were just looking for ***,
  you threw your phone at the wall—it made a mess
  She obviously could smell your intentions with the
   alcohol under your breath

| So you screamed at the wall,
   "I hate you, I hate you all," as always to that wall
  But it wasn't the people you were referring to at all
   it was just at all your personalities, that you only know
  New friends started knocking on the bathroom door,
   people you never knew at all. They found you bouncing
   your anger on the wall, bawling your eyes out on the floor

| You used to have such good conversations with
   the walls; listening to you intentionally
  You filled them with your punches whenever you
   felt empty. Did so, so plenty and affectionately,
   as those walls could credit your pain, with great credibility

| Yours was an unmatched ability
   to tell a good story to an inanimate object so brilliantly
  Wilfully, cutting yourself so short equally,
   as time kissed you on your spine secretly, to pull you
   back in time- minutely, to reminisce on that girl Tiffany

| She was a blonde; only by her kind of dye
   she looked straight through you; only by
    that black eyeliner on her pretty eyes
   She made you seem a sweet tooth addict; only
    by the many times you tasted her cherry pie
   A cherished walk by; she was sort of bi- buying
    your heart both in and out.
   The number of times you told her, "I love you,"
    you'd probably lose count

| Now you just have that wall of where you
   first kissed
  Where you first embraced, and she accepted you
   with your random lisp
   Sharing your clothes of your blue collar salary,
    making sure it came back ironed so crisp
   Supersoaker eyes after— the only catch you had,
    after a long time you had fished

| In two deep, but all you have are these walls;
   they won't talk back to you. But they talk about
   your ex girl. ****, ****, **** these talking walls
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
The beauty of a *****
Is predefined by her face
Her smiles shows how touchy
the ******* is
A moment with her is like
the best day of my life.
A hug with her is like
A life time *** experience
Her peck makes me drain
and fulfilled
The memories afterwards is unexplainable
I asked for a visit to my house
She look sweet in her no bra,
soft black half short gown,
showing her shinning thigh
and high heel on her foot.
All i can see now is a nice cleavage,
and ****** under cloth.
Then I hug her in.
I didn’t wanna leave her,
Her perfume is sensual’
I make her sit on a couch
She looks at me wanting me to say something
I’m scared cos she’s bad to me
I asked for her favorite
She said white wine
We both took a toss
We looked at each other,
She asked, why.
I said what !
She smiled
I said why ?
She said nothing,
I moved closed to her,
but shy.
She sighed,
I took courage,
I touched her thigh,
But couldn’t move it
Cos I was shy
She looked at me
I mean my ****
She saw me hard.
She wowed,
I said what,
She said this,
I took her hand gently on my Jean
to feel it.
why I gently move mine on her thigh. She felt my **** getting bigger
While I was also making a move through her short gown.
She was breathing fast.
I got to her hips,
touch’ her pant.
Rub my hands around.
We couldn’t resist
I knee in front of her
Slightly moved my two hands to her thighs,
And move her **** short gown up
I slowly removed her pant
Got her eyes kissed,
While i unzip her dress-half way
Took her shoulder to rest on the couch
Then i pull her-legs wide open.
What a nice smell down here
at a snail's pace i eat em’all.
Drew the ******* nearer
Her Legs vibrates
Lick underneath,
with my tongue ready to **** harder.
Took my tongue to her ****. She scream for more
She draw me closer to untie my zip
Saw me ready to insert.
She got them to her hands
And do her thing
She took my ***** to her mouth and dangle it.
Make them wetter.
Licked every part of it wetly
she got the thing bigger
While I completely undressed her
I saw the ****** up
Another thing
that got my **** heavier
I-stood her up to **** the ****** out. She hold my head tightly
While she continuously feel it.
After a while,
i carried her to my waterbed
Both naked.
I Play a slow romantic music
Took her legs up.
While her ****** was slightly opened
I took my wet **** into her.
In and out slowly, until she ask me to **** her harder.
I bend her thigh over to her chest.
While i insert all my **** in her Pusey
She said Yes, yes
I made her call her mum name several times.
She sweat off.
I gave her the full option
I later slept on her,
While i gently romance my **** inside her *****
Touching the peak of her ****** wall.
She said yes thats it thats it.
I later stood up and took one leg up and one leg on the bed.
And gave her another tight style
She breathe for joy
She said she loves me
I sharply turn her over for a doggy
I widen her leg and struck the **** in.
She thirst for this for long
I ride her till her leg vibrates no more.
Her ringing tone is fantastic and
Her tone later got me ****** on her face
A 33 minutes hot *** got served
She thanked me
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