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LeV3e Nov 6
If ignorance is bliss
And knowledge is power
I'll conquer the abyss
And defend my Tower

If Babel did spiral
And cursed all our people
I'll learn occult symbols
And cast out this evil

If Zeus blasted my crown
And reduced to rubble
I'll flow red from your brow
And rip through your muscle

If Prometheus ran
And flames danced in his eyes
I'll pluck two apples and
Hand you our sweet demise.
MetaVerse Oct 7
Another yellow leaf
    Another red
Descends like grief on grief
Another yellow leaf
Descends like disbelief
    Upon my head
Another yellow leaf
    Another red.
One hundred and five times going to make mistakes
And that's just the count of one day
Guess it's so hard for me to maintain
An appreciation of this above grace
Constantly going back to my old ways
No sense of care behind that repentive prayer
Why repaint that sin in another quote promise's shade
Promising this time to stay away from doing it again

It's high time I repented seriously in my next prayer
The uncertainties that divorce hope,
A nun's prayer of guilt
And the absolution of sins be-glorified by a Pope,
Rosary & water for sprinkle
A sermon shared at mass,
A wholesale of faith twinkle.

Kassan Jahmal Aug 19
—in all of my ways, I'm not ashamed to
call your name. But so shameful of me to only
say a prayer when things don't go my way. Echoing
the final phrase, "in Jesus name" hoping everything
magically becomes okay.

Seems when I'm in trouble, I only choose to pray
a spiritual prayer that day. And I'll go back to sinning
in about two days.

But let me rephrase, "God loves you, and cares for you"
whether I'm telling it to the crowd, or secretly trying to
remind myself. "Don't envy another," says an envious
colleague, after he congratulations them in an overexaggerating
tone. But when I'm home alone; it's either myself tearing myself
with tears, until my face is torn. Or punching the wall, then
after using the other hand to cope with a little ****.

Actually it's a lot—a lot of the times I'm lost in empty
picture screens, till a quick satisfaction is found. Then after
washing the sins off, while staring in the mirror, and not looking
so proud. As the realism comes to light, as the realist sees their
misdeeds way past the dark.

Like a pick-up truck, hauling heavy loads of these burdens.
But we like to pretend our backs don't snack while forcing
to look like an always good person. In third person, we don't
see all the places you're hurting. But it takes first person, for I
to realise I'm inwardly cursing of those new struggles soon
to worsen.

To oppose another, being the face I choose during the day;
opposing my loving father. And in it feeling ashamed, and so
afraid to call His name; only when things aren't looking too okay.

But here's a glass to all CC's, raise your voice if you know you've
been that type of way. Let me keep you in my prayers; perhaps
you'll learn to speak honestly by tomorrow, than with a mouth of contradicting yesterdays.

                                                 ...don't worry children,
                                your father still hears your prayer!
SiouxF Jul 26
I wonder if I suppress my positivity
And subdue my better nature,
For it is my penance,
My cross to bear,
My guilt exposed,
For sins laid bare
Shane Lee May 7
There is a belief that Angels are pure
And Demons are evil.
Why is there the belief Angels are pure?
Why is there the belief Demons are evil?

The gruesome, dreaded, and terrifying Angel of Death
Is just the kindest and most merciful of demons.
The hated, haunting, and sinful Demon Lord of Hell
Was once ethereal and a beloved Angel.

One does the job appointed to it - but this brings hatred, fear.
The other only being what it was created to be, but this is NOT in
     the best interest of humans.

What distinguishes the Angels from the Demons?
One is Pure and one is Sin?
Would that mean God creates purity within sin and sin
     within purity?
Or is that we? Is that human?

Do we interpret such beings as we humans would interpret a myth?
Or do we cling to such things as truth
     for fear that we are inadequate because we choose to be
          rather than because we were created that way?

There are times when the only company are Demons.
There are others where Angels are the reason we are alone.
They are not always doting.
They are not always viscous.
We are simply insignificant.
That being said, I just have so many questions on how we view religion itself and the beliefs within them. There was sooooooooo much I wanted to write but it was just sooooo long lol
Anyways … I hope this is enjoyable and is READ AS POETRY rather than an attack on religion or belief.
© Shane Lee
anastasia Apr 29
I was molded by his own hand
sculpted to perfection and eager to please
who else other than my husband
for without Adam, there is no Eve

at least, that was before he slithered into our perfect life
pounding our perfect garden into the ground with his slick feet
conniving and a brute,
he convinced me to take a bite
and share my fruit with man
for what is mine is his
my knowledge is his

I am his

together we ate
snacking and licking our fingers with glee
wiping the secretions of the fruit of mankind
against the tree we tore it from

until our Paradise's pastures declined
the wildflowers overtrodded with weeds
the singing waterfall vanished
only to be replaced by an evil, magmatic spout

and our tree,
our once bountiful, glorious, fruitful tree
decayed from the inside out

Adam's burning glare rotted my fruit and my seeds
until they and I dropped to the burning embers on the ground
like nicks off of a pebble that was thrown too hard
or like hairs from the back of a matted mother cat
that has spent far too many heatless winters hunting
for a different life,
for any life

with no more than a curse from Him,
I became the failed experiment of humanity
tossed into God's own graveyard
left to rot with my stolen seed
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