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Heera 14m
The scariest thing about you is that you might even sin
Yet i will still forgive and smile
Im scared to love them....
I was dead
A month had passed
I was alive as ever
I don't want to live in
This world of cruelty and suffering
I feel corroded
my soul corrupted once more
I was dead yet,
was i really ever alive
I was dead yet,
could i even die?
When will i say good bye?

Her smile said it all
In a while
I felt like a child
The train eating the way
The blackening tunnel
The pool of blues and whites
The jump into The Colosseum
The light of day shining brighter
than any star
The bad sins I made
The hearts I played
They came out with the rain
My brothers hat
Reckless it had said
My defining title

The girl with blonde hair flowing through the air
Her sister raging out
Her mother calling me out
My denial
My heart was too strained
To make the arrival
I come back to my bed
Just barely dead
Awakening in my head
Expecting the dead
I'm home yet,
so alone

They expect me to continue my life
My life was over once
I found the peace of the other world
That **** is what i'm living
Life of humanity after heaven
s 3d
i don't even know
what i want anymore,
writing poems in your notebook
on my apartment floor
i opened myself to you
like i've never done before
you roamed those empty hallways
before you slammed the front door

but now you beg me to let you back in
does your love ever end or begin?
i don't want to be hung up
on what could-have-been
but i'm exhausted from repenting
for all of these sins

and i'm running out of ways
to numb the pain
you're gone from my life
but i smell your scent in the rain
all i wanted was my freedom
but you're a ball and chain
all i wanted was pure love
but this one's driving me insane
Came into the house
sweating and in haste.
To find the lady dressed in thin lace,
blushing a peachy hue
and laughing at the sight of you.
Handsome and clever
yet silent as ever,
With the sip of sweet tea,
and cotton sheets falling over me.
Clementines and roses,
he still chooses
a life of too little.
For a girl made brittle,
blue does she bruise
by time and old news.
Brandy and lipstick is all quite sweet
tired of using the backstreet.
Church on a Sunday
can only do so much
for lovers who visit the buffet
of life’s temptation.
Summer’s deed can raise ****
and all damnation.
Commiting unknown errors and unknown sins
Reasoning that I could have handled situations better
Yesterday never seems to disappear.
Me, my dear
The complex melody of rain and thunder
of sin and danger
Rippling infallible chords to your soul
annihilating your self-control.

Evenoer. 2018
s Nov 7
the empty
contour of yesterday
turns on itself

i reach in ...
toward oblivion

blind bliss

in search of
a blank simulacrum

any way to sin

anyone to satisfy
my evil soul within
who do you call to make the shootin' stop?
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