Guilty by choice
Guilty by rage, not by faith
Guilty to crave, to thrive, to smile
Cheer on for you are guilty of all these charges. Proclaim your hunger for your right of passage.
Sarah 8h
What is a sin?
A bare skin?
A lover and a room candle lit?
Forbidden touches and a gentle kiss
What is my sin?
And for you
I'd forsake my chastity
My virtue
For an embrace
My bare chest for your hands to trace
To kiss
Forbidden kisses
They made passion an obscenity
And love a taboo
They made me a sinner
And my beautiful sin
Is you ...
This is my first time writing something like this, so I'd love your honest opinions, like brutally honest, thank you :))
c 20h
After hearing no
All my life
I loved the way
I drew yes
From your lips
Johnson 22h
Solitude binds the hold within
For transgressions of the past
Sins of tomorrow quite prepared
Under the weight of its inevitable collapse

For so long laying alone
Waiting for what will never be
As times hand passes by
Never is it gracious to thee

For all of the riches I’d trade
For its tender console
The bleakness never leaves
Seems to place its grip around my throat

Yet as you reflect on the past
The memories seem so strange
What was once filled with hope
Now left with a bitter disdain

And as you look forward to future
Every day’s exactly the same
You hope for the best
While you try to stomach the bitter taste

Left behind I seem to be
Never was I really there
Collapsed under this weight
Another victim of its darkened stare
A seed, set into soil, seeded to be
a great oak tree.
sprouts in deepest of hells floors
towers unto heaven’s door.
Many try the climb and fail
Not many live to tell the tale
Many try the climb and find
At the top they are forgiven sin.
Many will gaze upon the tree
maybe you.
Maybe me.
Golden fruit and angels high
branches of life unto the sky.
Pleasure below, swapped for the soul
Ecstasy traded for a heavy toll

Angels look down from tree branch high
Demons beckon below
One way yes, one way no

I am climbing from bottom to top
Although at times I am stopped
even when I begin to fall
I catch myself and begin again

That climb from Worlds end

We both performed the same Deeds
Committed the same Crime
Thus our Sins were also same

I was caught Red-Handed
You managed to Escape
My Bad-Luck Your Good-Luck

Only I was Prosecuted
I was made Accused
At last, I was convicted

Now I am facing the Punishment
You are free to enjoy the Life
Also free to commit a new Crime

I know my act was illegal  
I know your act was also illegal
You also know, your act was illegal

Who is the Sinner?
We played along
You handed the cards
Set the rules
At stake were our hearts

Let the games begin
After one year
We watched the tables spin
Without any fear

They say good players don't play to win
But to grow and get better
But we both got stuck in sin
And instead of poems I write a scarlet letter
Written in the style of August 2017 when it all began. Inspired by Taylor Swift song Ready for It.

The definition of a scarlet letter is an identifying mark or brand placed on someone who has committed adultery. An example of a scarlet letter is the Puritan woman in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 book The Scarlet Letter who cheated on her husband and had to wear a red A.
Forgive me
For i have sinned
I told my daddy to wait
Im gonna make it
But when?
I cross my heart and i hope to die
This life i live
Its all a lie
Look at my face
A happy smile right? or
Look in my eyes
Dont be scared
This is wheremy demons lie
Foegive me
For i have i have sinned
I haven't been myself
I pray for help
I want you to trade me shoes
See if you could walk a mile
Without wanting to die

I try not to cry
Father *** this life i live
Im sorry i lied
I'm on my knees
Please forgive me
I ask for the thousandth time
Did you hear me?
n Jan 12
Embarrassed at her crude, superficial motivations she continues. This is a hidden therapy she’s toying with. She thinks she isn’t any good. She doesn’t know as many words as he does.
Comparison is her damnation.
Look at her, she’s plastered herself to the floor.
Immobile, she can’t even reach the glass ceiling threshold.
He slithers away, contented.
I explore the reasons I started writing poetry again. Realising, it was to impress a boy who is a poet himself it led me to this take on Adam & Eve and original sin.
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