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Evil I did?
Maid I am
Adam mine
Denied is one man
I lived dogma
I am god?
I name no side in Eden
I'm mad?
A maid I am
Did I live?
This is a palindromic poem inspired by the "madam, I'm Adam" palindrome. The individual parts of the poem are in common circulation, all I've done is to weave them together into a narrative.
The mother of humanity
Cast aside without a thought.
For what do we owe this calamity?
Man’s wrath is a terrible blot.

I wonder what you were like.
I wonder were you kind?
I wonder did you mean to free the mind?
I wonder could you heal the blind?

Did you dream?
Did you yearn to be free?
Did you want to sail some distant sea?
Did you simply wish to flee?

Can you forgive your children?
Can you absolve our sin?
Can you forget without chagrin?
Can you soothe our burning skin?

Will I win your praise?
Will I make you proud?
Will I meet you in the cloud?
Will I hear your voice aloud?
Sasha Paulona Jan 31
No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Oh, oh, Amen, Amen, Amen
Ken Pepiton Jan 23
If I were an ant, what disadvantages are mine?
If I may love with all my being,
being an ant?
You would then be, I mean,
I would then be,
imperceptible in the grand balance of power.

If I were an ant, I think I could do no evil.
-- an old proverb that keeps itching to mean more after all...
Go there where you wanted to be,
Where your heart is,
Where you can find your happiness,
Where your soul matters,
Where you can feel free…

Go there where the sun can make you feel good
About your existence,
When the moon plays her sorrows with the finest grace,
Where the gifted are loved and not hated,
Where all promises won’t hurt.

Go there, where you deserve,
Go there, where you can handle all thing well,
Go there, where your soul matters!
For you to decide what all this means to you...
I may only wish you well...
Enjoy your lives! _ and have a beautiful afterlife
Anna Mink Jan 20
Become hungover
And there is a strange hunger.
Sin is calories.

Drink clementine juice.
It's filling a hole in me
Like a new partner.

I'm made to forget.
Winter sun blinding my eyes.
We say goodnight now.

~ A.M, F.H.
Written & Published 19th of January 2021.
Kenneth Gray Jan 16
The clouds exude tears as a sign of God's sorrow.
For the fate of mankind in the hands of the morrow.
For mankind's heart has grow callused;
With his eyes set on greed.
Forsaking God's goodness
For all his lustful needs.

All the while the earth moans and it groans.
As mankind's heart is compared with the hardness of stone.
Consumed and devoured by the lusts of the flesh.
An expulsion of THE LORD;
A refusal to mesh.

Disease and strife have set in -
A move oh so bold.
As mankind grows more distant,
Isolated and cold.
And the skies continue to weep as man struggles to fight.
Darkness envelops the lands -
Darkness blots out the light.

Will the battle be fought?
Will mankind ever win?
Will the skies clear up
As man conquers his sin?

May he lay down his sin -
Then turn face and run.
Then may THE LORD show him mercy
And unveil THE SUN!

May the harsh weather of sin
Finally be cleared.
So that mankind's unclear future
Have no need to be feared.
I guess you can find inspiration from the least expected places. It was snowing and I got to thinking about clouds and rain. Then a light bulb popped up in my head like they do in cartoons. That was my inspiration for the first couple lines. Just wrote in the rest as I sat there and though about things.
Miles away from my head
My mind wonders
Through the vacuum of space

If I try to drown my sorrows
Maybe they’ll learn how to swim
On par with my sins

Remind me,
Why the there’s beauty in this world
Remind me,
Of all the good times we used to have
When we’re so far away from the status quo

Be there through my time of need
Be my escape from this fantasy
Because I’m starting miss reality
More than ever before
Carl Miller Jan 11
I am bound eternally
Not by the ties of guilt and sin
But to his righteous name
Bright shining as the sun, within

Above the boiling roads
Where hatred brews and spits
I know my nature, loathing
Baal, and his blasphemous wits

This side of eternity
I will strive and fall, headfirst
Bloodied knees rise again
Christ, redeemer, quench my thirst

For life
Keep me far from this world.
Moises Garcia Jan 10
..Her eyes are innocent yet her heart is full of sin you cannot cure...
.. his eyes are full of lust but his heart means well and behind his thick blood made of pure...

~Moises G.
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