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For so long
I was comfortable with storms,
thunder, lights, dark sky and heavy rains.
Now to me it's only normal
and you
still think it's unlucky
It would be more good if I name this poem 'perspective' but I am feeling too much confident about this perspective of any two persons that I named it as DEFINITION.
Star BG Apr 27
Definition of a poet  (1)
One who scrapes their knee and writes about it.

Definition of a poet (2)
A person who is an expert in playing
their heart stringed instrument.

Definition of a poet (3)
One who can recognize another poet and bows.

Definition of a Poet (4)
finds inspiration inside the breeze
and behind a memory.
This is dedicated to Dr. Paul Lim A master in the art of poetry that supplies insights. Number three is for you.
Winnie Apr 10
Love is
When you can be my muse
I can write you a poem
And I call it love
Miss Fit Mar 6
When I close my eyes I see a pool of words
I am buried in a swirl of phrases in worlds
But when I open them
I'm struck by silence unbeknown
I hold my breath
Then take a deep breath
I bite my tongue, yes I'd rather
Be silent before I stutter  

When I sleep I can see clear descriptions
When I wake my mind and mouth are in altercation
It's because my words have never meant much
My speech has never been recognized
I see myself clearer in adjectives
Than in mirrors.
I used to see myself better in people's eyes
And see a definition in their words
They described me as "useless"
And that I was unless
I could find a use for this thing called a mouth "Fool" they called me
And that I was unless
I could find a voice to speak those words
They labelled me "******"
And that I was unless
I could gather enough courage to move my lips
And speak those words I see
If only I could summon the strength to rearrange that sea
Of words I dream of
And make something meaningful Create something beautiful
And say something useful  

Miss Fit
Belief in oneself is one of the most important things in this world, to define oneself before hearing from anyone else...
Laura Trueman Feb 16
She's bespoke
A quieted name
A stinging thorn
Of a bee on a rose on a sword
A warrior of time
With a new definition of a word
Never used before
She is sharp
A new definition I created of beespoke/bespoke spelled either way really means who is important and or difficult to mention in conversation, someone’s name that is quieted in conversation, said under someone's breath
Matthew Jan 14
We look into the damp, dark recesses of our mind
to look for finite definition
for our actions and expressions.
We are looking for a straight line in a work comprised of curved loops.
How we don't acknowledge the curved loops' flexibility to

We can only see shapes through our narrow minds.
Not the abstract dimensionality.
The straightening of a curved loop is the destruction of true art.
Moving endlessly with infinite pertinence.
That no one
yet everyone
I don't really I understand what I'm saying, but there's this insinuation that makes this feel expressionate.
Theia Rhea Jan 13
Gadiaseite ~ gad-EEE-ah-site ~ NOUN
The great abyss of the empty page, a wishing well with churning waters so deep you can't see the bottom—only the shimmer of coins shine through, entwined with the efforts of past attempts—you can recover the wishes but only if you hold your breath and dive into the unknown waters.

Derived from the Latin word Gaida meaning waiting and the German word Seiten meaning pages.
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