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A caring mother we love to exploit.

Maria Mitea May 17
that plows intimacy by the use of words

that imagines by the use of words

that touches by the use of words

that cries by the use of words

that dies by the use of words

that hates by the use of words

that loves by the use of words

that kills by the use of words

that wakes  up by the use of words

that heals by the use of words

that you know by the use of words

that you want by the use of words

that paints, lives, teaches, grows, speaks,
works, hugs, cleans, protects, keeps, creates, listens, ...
by the use of words

that makes the world rise by the use of words
Big Virge Apr 30
These Days I Hear... Opinions...
From Lots of Adult CHILDREN... !?!

About How Their Lives...
Have A UNIQUE Definition... !!!

They BELIEVE In EQUALITY For... " ONE And ALL "... !!!
But Seem To Fall short When Their Name Is Called...

Their Talk Is FALSE And They Make NO APOLOGIES... !?!
I Must Have Something WRONG With ME... !!!
To Have The SIGHT To SEE That Their Definitions REEK... !!!
of NOTHING More Than... " Pretty Speak "...

From Government CHIEFS...
To Their Aides Who PREACH …
About PRESERVING Peace...
By USING Money To HELP The Hungry... !!!!!

Something Seems WRONG When Corporate THIEVES...
Create PROBLEMS With Their POLICIES... !!!!!!
And Leave The Poor With Nothing More...
Than STRESS and GRIEF And VIOLENT Streets... !!!!!

THAT To Me Is... HYPOCRISY... !!!

Just Like The Peeps Who DEFINE Their Breed...
As SPECIAL Because of Their Beliefs And TENDENCIES...

These Peeps' INDULGE In..... " FANTASIES "..... !!!!!
Like Making CLAIMS Where Sense ABSTAINS... !?!

So Here's A Verse of TRUTH...
That Should Confirm MY VIEW...

"Hey baby girl, how'd you view the world ?
Let me quiz you quick, are you a Muslim Chick ?"

"Yes I am Muslim, Asian parentage, but am not devoted."

"Not devoted, dunno what that is ?
but let me ask you this, is your parentage Arab ?"

"You could say that's my patent,
but i'm human before i'm anything else !"

"If that's your source, then that bodes well,
so you'd sleep with a brother, and make him your lover ?"

"Why not, if he's one of us !"

"SORRY, Exactly, one of who ?
If he's not Muslim, he can't be human too ?
Such words give clues, that what you said before,
i'll now ignore. See, to me, being human,
means dealing with people equally !
Not by creed, or by religion,
to me, it's these positions, in peoples' dispositions
that keep minds conditioned !"

It's Time To Set A Rhythm …
Where We OPEN Our Visions...
WITHOUT Fear of OPINION From Minions Definition... !!!!

DEFINE... " A Woman "... !?!
DEFINE.... " A Man ".... !?!

These Days I FIND Definitions LACK...
Anything Resembling A SOLID STANCE... !!!

Questions With Answers Now Leaving Us MARKERS...
About What's DEFINED … In MODERN Day Minds...

It's Clear That Some Find...
That When They're DEFINED...
And EXPOSED In The Light...

That They Are... MUCH DARKER...
Than... " Venom FILLED Parker  "... !!!

DARK Like The Knight of My Design... !!!

ACTUALLY... That's NOT Right... !!!
I'm... " The Dark Knight of a Different Type "... !!!!!

Whose Now Bringing A SMILE...
To My Face As I Write About DEFINITIONS …

Have You People... " Listened "... ?
Or If You Are Reading ABSORBED What Is Written... ?!?

My Wordplay DEFINED CAN'T FIT On One Line.... !!!!!

It's FILLED With Punchlines And CLEVER One Liners... !!!
It's A Style Kinda' New But I'm An OLD TIMER... !!!!!
And Poem Designer With Rhymes Like HOT FIRE... !!!!!

Defining... " INSPIRE "... !!!

I Hear These Critiques From People Who FEEL...
That They Get Who I Be Cos' of My Poetry...

"He doesn't like women !"
"His anger's pernicious !"
"He thinks we're all *******,
with all kinds of glitches !"

THAT Last Line... IS TRUE... !!!!!

But Here's Some Virge TRUTH...
I'd Leave Y'all In DITCHES NEEDING Nuff' Stitches... !!!

" Can I Get A Witness ? " …..

DEFINING The Slickness …
With Which I Drop Lyrics... ?!?

.... Here's MY Definition.... !!!

Big Virge Lyricism...

There's Something You're MISSING...
If You THINK I'm Prisoned And ANGER Conditioned... !!!

My Lyrics Paint Pictures...
Through THESE Written Scriptures...


Sometimes They Are... DARK...
Sometimes They Are... LIGHT...

Meantime They Feed BALANCE...
Because They DO CHALLENGE...
IMBalanCES Shown In How People ROAM......................

From Colour To MONEY MAN People Act FUNNY... !!!!!

DEFINE How You FEEL About Life On The REAL... !!!
Would It Be................................. .. FAR AWAY...... ?!?
From The Things That... I Say... ???

... If You Spoke The TRUTH... !?!

My Written Inscriptions Are Just Giving PROOF...
That I Deal In Descriptions of Life That When Written...

OVER Truth And................

....... " DEFINITION "........
It only takes a conversation sometimes, but, when you hear peoples' opinions, sometimes you really do have to wonder what has defined them ?
I found hope in every opportunity
I made light within the dark
I created love in fragile ruins
To make up for what was scarce

I wore rose tinted glasses
Red and pink looked just the same
I couldn't recognized the red flags
To me, it was only a darker shade

I tried to fix what wasn't broken
I tried to create without materials
That is how I loved and lost
If only I had been more careful

The cracks and scars within my heart
I only have myself to blame
I keep loving what only hurts me
And love and hurt turned into shame

Love became synonymous with pain
If it doesn't hurt, it is not love
But soon I resented it entirely
I had experienced more than enough

I thought that if I wanted to heal
I should just isolate myself
With time, some space and solitude
I would not need any outside help

Every human wants to be love
To me, it was only a privilege
It was a choice to ask, not a need or right
I interpreted such a rigid image

But love is not the cause
For ill feelings to come forth
True love is pure and positive
That gives it all its worth

I wanted to be loved yet deprived myself
I thought love was just conditional
If I didn't give what you couldn't take
Not loving me was understandable

I surrounded myself with those who loved me
Who loved only for what I could give
Not for who I am or what I wanted
It was the life I thought I wanted to live

Then I wondered why I kept losing people
And why it became harder to please
No matter how much I could give
I could not fulfill my own wants or needs

Now I surround myself with those
Who love not only my company
Who love me as I am and who I was
I now look at love a little differently


1. I stand here as nothing more but a head of misplaced gears.

2. sometimes i stumble and trip and fall and my feet get caught in trying to keep up with the world as it keeps spinning and i can't help but to keep spinning with it no matter how much i beg and plead and pray and hope for another chance to land on my feet, and i can’t stop spinning, i can’t stop spinning, i can’t stop spinning, i can’t stop, stop spinning
3. with each passing hour I find another reason to fear the dark. it’s midnight, and I can see the fluttering wings of doubt and regret that lurk outside my window every night. tick-tock. my father’s pounding footsteps and the creaking of stairs sing a symphony of disappointment. tick-tock. the beast in the closet claws at the door, with his raspy breath he screeches about taking my skin and wearing it as his own. tick-tock. the shadow underneath my bed caresses my head, it knows He doesn’t listen to my pleas anymore. tick-tock.

4. but you can’t stop it, it’s inevitable for the gears to rust. the ticking of the clock slows to nothing but a cold metallic silence. watch the decay, as the termites feast and revel in your maplewood walls. try to remember that dust to dust and we are nothing but atoms of carbon and iron. that’s clockwork.
after keaton st. James
Let us make sweet music
During out act
We'll carry on
Until the end...
For the peoples
Not an innuendo in any way whatsoever.
A Muslim hermit or monk.
- Also: a shrine marking the burial place of said Muslim hermit or monk.

How curious, to have your occupation and burial place share the same name. It provokes a sense of steadfast devotion to oneself and the One they serve. The painter’s grave, The Painter. You are your death, you are everything you touch. That is an idea to make amends with as the world loses its grip on the person; affirmation through reconciliation. Made by all that precedes you, all that succeeds you. There is no dread to be found on this note, realize that. your name will commemorate your life; your death will be given breath. A serendipitous thing. I would like to be a marabout to music, the world, all that can see me. To offer myself so that I may remember myself, and that they may be touched and inspired by me.


1. my body shudders at the thought of laying itself bare to another stranger

2. I hate when I’m asked where I come from. What do you want me to say? I come from the beaten and bruised, broken hearts and empty promises. From the midnight tv screen, hiding under the covers, watching as those maricones, culeros, puercos transform into beautiful woman before my eyes. I'm one of the puercos too, my father knows, my mother knows.

3. make the first incision along the sternum, large enough to allow your calloused hands passage into these crimson walls. carefully, reach inside and remove the faintly fluttering beast from its cage of bones. feel as the diseased flesh begins to heal under your touch. they say the heart can recognize when it has found its way back home.

4. it is your blood that runs through my veins, your whispering breath that flows through my lungs, my thoughts of you consume me.
after keaton st. james
Grey Dec 2019
Anonymous means
that anything can be said
without consequence.
For better or for worse.
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