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Betty 6h
Time to open the lid on a shuttered world
let light fall on your face
a faint beam of hope
to grow and bleach our fears
until nothing but memory remains
hidden wallpaper
torn and faded roses beneath better times
we know they are there
and sometimes we will remember how the room used to be
but mostly we don’t
because we have moved on
Feeling a little more positive-still fearful that someone may shut the box
Daivik Feb 19
This past year was tough
For all of us
The foreign virus
Tried to defeat our trust

We were fighting an unknown fiend
It separated us,tried to make us weak
Destroyed our economies,thwarted our means
Of livelihood.We couldn't let it win

Warriors came in coats of white
Treating without care for there own lives
Just so humanity could survive.
Some were martyred.We cannot forget the sacrifice.

Trucks ensured we had food to eat
And all other amenities
But what of those who were away from home
Those poor,migrants and forlorn
Angel descended in human disguise
Good samaritans helped them reach their home
Helped them stay alive.

We lost some.
Some lost their jobs.
Virus tried to destroy human will.
It didn't know we were made of steel.

We persevered,we fought,we strived
Though we made mistakes, made some slights
We wore masks
We wore them with pride
In this wretched quarantine.
We were one in this fight

This pandemic
Stopped the schools
But through online classes
And teacher's will
We somehow made it through

A word of gratitude to sanitation workers
The unsung heroes of this lockdown
Working in these tough conditions
You all made us proud

And somehow by following the rules
With sheer discipline
We made it through,we made it through
This one hell of a pandemic

And now we are slowly limping back to life
The past year tested us all
We lost some
Lost some fights
I hope this year we'll win the war

It will take some time
To restart normal life
But if we persevere,fight enough
I know that this year will be bright
Dark clouds will give way to sunlight.
W: Waves crashed against 2020 pebbles
A: against the shoreline. Colliding with one another, the pebbles slowly chipped away at each other, breaking apart. And
Y: yet, seven constellations twinkled above them in the midnight sky. The constellations of the captivating cat, sophisticated sheep, benevolent bear, unfaltering unicorn, dynamic dragon, lively lion, and curious chick shone brightly through the dark expanse, as if signaling to the pebbles below,
V: "Venture out beyond the horizon, for there you will find the 2021th pebble and be able to turn the tides. Even if storms darken the sky, the sun will always shine again. The celestial bodies will always be here for you, shining bright in the cosmos but even brighter when midnight strikes."
my submission for WAYV's calendar giveaway :3
Touching image

Sitting  in the waiting room
Half covered faces
With eyes that say so much
Six feet in between places
Everyone together
Still alone on their own
Waiting get a swab.

Shell ✨🐚
Reality nowadays in the waiting rooms
Daivik Feb 19
The night is long
The night is scary
You are tired
You are weary

But do not stop
Your time's not come
Don't give up
You were born to run

Just when you think
The bird of hope
Has flown too faraway
A sound is heard
Of the hopeful bird
Trying to show you the way

In the pitch black sky
You see a glimmer of light
The darkest nights
Give way to days so bright

The dawn is near
The day's just begun
As night disappears
You were born to run

Born to run
Towards the sun
softcomponent Feb 16
There are little pieces of yourself on the kitchen counter.

You find it in your soul to blink and look away,

wiring it all in writing for posterity,

because ink can draw outlines, maybe a little piece of you

will float back.

part of you hopes not,

as if there were

one thing you promised

you'd never do.
Niamh Feb 15
Why has time suddenly stopped?
Or has it sped up?
I catch myself asking what day it is more and more.
The days seem to blend together recently.
So tell me,
Why has time suddenly stopped?

Ws it that my mind has locked?
Or shut down?
I find myself not knowing what I’m feeling.
The emotions seem to blend together recently.
So tell me,
Why has my mind suddenly locked?
Simon Piesse Feb 14
The doctors said you weren’t allowed
To see Mum in her final hours;
It wasn’t safe to will her on
Nor wet her lips with stolen snow
In case the virus you’d bring in
Might claim asylum on the ward.

Behind her mask Mum couldn’t tell
The story of her party trick:
Apple Pie with packet custard
Baked to death and turned to cinders,
Fed to Dad with stoic humour.    

No doubt it’s best you hadn’t seen
The carnage of the resus room
The febrile pumps of hand and nail
The gasps of good-intentioned strain
That reached a pitch at ten to three
And then from shrill went monkish silent.

On Barn Hill snow is falling thick
The Gaderbrook is filling up
The numb routine the porter starts
Now takes disfigured life away
And Northwick Park can breathe again.
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