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You said, I do much
I haven’t improved much
I switched gears by the clutch.
I’m smooth by the touch.
I change my mood by the rules as such
Could come off pretty rude.
I’m just a different type of dude.
People say I’m nice, “He’s Pretty Cool Actually”
We break apart now..soon again reattached to me.
I have no problem the season comes and goes.
Will this ride ever end!..I guess no one knows.
So, Back to work again..I’m off break now
My pockets won’t feel the hurt again.
Traveling the earth again on gravel and dirt again.
Requirement of the mask is on high alert again.
Covid-19 keeps steadily murda dem.
No one is famous until you throw the dirt on them.
“What’s his name died!” I still haven’t heard of him.
Where to begin? Truth over Lies as I cover my sins
Don’t judge me by the color of my skin.
The well runs dry soon it will be summer again
As we enter the Fall, Winter, and then Spring.
I care for All of You!
Everyone is their own King or Queen.
Watch over your prince or princess..Beautiful Offspring.
Because the ruthless will careless no matter who’s in between.
Keep faith and hope alive it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

By Aaron
9/26/21 in California
I haven’t posted in a while on here. I still write though
Only a signal from the brain makes you sick or heals you. They want you to believe otherwise, but meds just try to make the brain signal wellness to cells. Sickness is only there if you believe it is. If you believe in your own brain and body, you will never fall ill for long.
Covid can only make you sick if you think it will. Dare I say it makes people sick who have weak minds, closed minds, or to the innocent who are told over and over that they will get sick. The same goes with cancer and infections. If you keep watching television or Facebook you will surely be brainwashed further. Please don't project your beliefs into innocent people. Study
I used to think I'd be saving lives.
But the truth hits me hard and I realize,

Some sickness is impossible to cure,
And promises of wholeness just a lure.

I make every effort often in vain
To send you back home better than you came.

But to prolong life often means to suffer.
So I have another gift that I can offer.

I can be your escort to death;
Be a witness to your last breath.

I will guide you on your final journey.
Give you comfort and numb your hurting.

Don't be afraid, you won't be alone,
For I am watching over you as one of my own.

I stop my tears til I can release them later.
I'll walk you to the doorway. I am the gatekeeper.
Just a nurse processing work. Covid is a horrible way to die.
Zoe Mae 3d
Said it was a hoax
Laughed at masks, refused vaccines
No sympathy here
Between the vaxxers
And the anti-vaxxers;
Between the dearly educated,
And the poorly educated;
The lines are blurred,
But clearly visible.
Matthew 4d
Republicans go mask off
because they are anti mask
and all the homophobia, sexism, and racism
is spread because of
a viral video.
Get your Vaccine kids.
Robert Ronnow Sep 13
Quiet, dawn, Covid.
Biggest accomplishment yesterday: buying toilet paper.
Thanking the young cashier for doing her job.
Feeling a little sick, wearing my mask and gloves,
Spring oblivious to the virus, an idiot like Millay said.
At least we’re not beheading each other—yet.

Symptoms mild so far. Today rest,
no long walk, no knee bends.
I think I’ve watched every possible movie and tv show
and nothing’s left that doesn’t bore me.
I could learn the calculus, chemistry or physics
but will I and what for?

Most poetry is chopped up prose. That’s harsh
but true. But that’s because most days
are prose or yesterday’s news. Win or lose
sumthins gonna getcha. Drug cartel assassin, the blues.
If not now, when? Some other Wednesday. Why wait?
I wish I had some wisdom to translate.

It’s living and helping others to live
that counts, I guess. Cast a cold eye and guess,
walk the extra mile, report from the besieged city, be wise or a ****.
I hope to get the antibodies the easy way,
mild symptoms, no brush with death, don’t intubate.
An existential bessemer process, strange quark,

chances are I won’t be able to organize this day into an expressible state.
A daily exchange with nature’s enough
to alleviate my fear.
When I thanked the cashier
her smile was like the sun coming out from behind clouds
or the end of the pandemic, as if I had not wasted my life.
break down the student, break down the test
if everyone knows, then we only mean best
break down the teacher, break down the desk
which one is bigger? less class or class less?
break down the hallways, break down the school
which one is the dunce with his own stool?
break down the walls, break down the fool
you know you're done learning when you need a new tool
Leah Carr Sep 9
"Just breathe," they say
as my throat closes up
as I can feel nothing but the vacuum closing in around me
as everything becomes closer
and closer
and too close

"Deep breaths" they say
as my lungs fail me more and more
as each inhale becomes shallower than the last
as everything suffocates me
and strangles me
and tries to **** me

"You're lucky it's not serious" they say
as I gasp for air
as I struggle to stand
as i drift off to sleep
if I'll wake up in the morning
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