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The bad fruits of lockdown

The fruit of the spirit
Noura Jan 15
Took a stroll down a riverside,
shook the hands of a fish,
the sun got mad, “you can’t”
she said. So I stopped

Rode a bike near the water,
smiled at my reflection,
the sky got mad, “you can’t”
she said. So I stopped

Ran on the rocky road,
cut a flower on my way,
the moon got mad, “you can’t”
she said. So I stopped

Swam in the cold river,
touched the earth underneath,
the night got mad, “you can’t”
she said. So I stopped.
دema Dec 2019
i am the best
version of myself
when i am comfortable
surrounded by my loved ones
and knowing there are no time restrictions
Rizna M Rameez Aug 2018
If you had let me go
I would have flown
Steve Page May 2018
Keep to your own lines,
the interwoven, layered,
true-to-the-character lines.

Friend. Father.
Englander. Londoner. 
Hero. Hugger.
Reliable understudier.

Place your toes on the bottom line,
and take a look and take in a breath,
take inspiration drawn in from the borrowed,
from the passing,
from the whatever-passes-for-solomon.
And redefine yourself, for yourself,
once again.

But don't stray over those well-rehearsed lines.
Don't ever improvise.

You're safe if you keep to your lines.
Every Line a Lie.
Infinity May 2018
I’m *******, Caged Dead
Caged Sick
Caged Confused

I’m shackled to the words of the Old
That bind me
To a life I do not want
Blind me
In a fruitless rage

I see colors in dull hues when you remind me
Of all I cannot be
Because I am Me

I feel the panic
Static in my mind and brain
I go insane at your words
“Because you’re a girl”
I’d much rather you **** me
‘Cause those words constrict me
Suffocate me
Make me wish for death as I drown helplessly in your judgement

Oh Judge Jury and Executioner!
Have mercy
I do what you say
I am what you think you want
Please leave me alone
I am pleading
Down on my knees, hands clasped
Have mercy!

I do what you want, when you want, how you want
I limit my questioning so you don’t shout out those dreaded words
“Because you’re a girl”
They are the noose
Slowly wrapping itself around my neck
A coiling, winding, unwinding snake

Come on
Is this really what you want?
Panic and anarchy inside of me
As the tears flow down my eyes, into my throat to drown me

I watch as you fill up my lungs with concrete
And expect me not to bleed from the inside out

Well I am all out of blood
I am dead, I am done
I’ve been buried alive
Go find your next victim.
To anyone who feels shackled by rules of a society that has outlived its relevance.
Muskaan Mar 2018
Why are there people like this in the world?
They bring you down to the ground.
The way they bring you down hurts and it is hard to ever get up again.
Something restricting your strength.
Overpowering your body.
A strange feeling of guilt mixed with anger builds inside of you.
But the lack of strength limits you to take any action.
So you just lay there on the ground.
Until the pain eventually goes away...
Dj Jan 2018
Your only restricted by the walls you build up around yourself
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
Poetry gives our soul a voice
The courage to write without hesitation and proclaim without explanation
To the point that it is no longer poetry, but the words we have been choking on in fear of being criticized
Em MacKenzie Dec 2017
My love is more pure than a diamond,
even with a heart of dark, black coal.
Lately I've been expanding my mind and,
getting high on draining my soul.
I skip notes like a broken record,
and thus conversation is never relayed.
I make choices with how it will affect her,
we both know that's how the game is played.

But I know that I have the potential to destroy a life,
and that's why I decorate in caution tape.
Yes I know it reflects shining misery and strife,
but I've been strapped in so long; I can't escape.

I've got high hopes and low odds,
hearing only demons who act as gods.
I've got low morale but skin of steel,
even when I watch it bleed and peel.

My love is more pure than the deepest of seas,
even with affection that's coarse like sand.
Lately I've been biting and silencing my pleas,
and digging my nails straight into my hand.
I sink ships like a waiting ice field,
stopping it dead right in it's path,
and not even the greatest mirror shield,
could ever withstand my full wrath.

'Cause I know that I have the ability to stick around,
so I try to make sure that I am never really there.
My soul fears the day when it is chained and bound,
but the opportunities seem so very rare.

I've got high hopes and low odds,
rambling this nonsense with the nods.
I've got low morale but skin of steel,
it deflects the good and bad that I should feel.
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