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Irene J Mar 6
The world feel worthless,
when there's no one
to understand what
you are going through.
When you needed help,
but they never listen.

should I say that I'm not doing fine?
Or should I say goodbye?
Mental illness stigma ***** guys.
I hope you all doing well and can seek for help if you needed.
There's always someone for you out there to comfort you.
m Jan 31
seems it has been quite
quite longer than
eleven weeks
since we last spoke
i'm sure that on this early morning
you're only sleeping
but i'd like to share
some basic ideas
Perhaps you
can't forget it all
in fact

it might be the sad reality
that all you can do
is reflect on
a good old memory

the simple memories that you hold
and seem to also run through my head
even if i refuse, the inevitable rises
that i must accept those
precious hours
we had
and it seems that
i like to reference songs in
all of my reminiscence
through this incoherent series
of run-on sentences

to answer your questions
do you want answers?
at least now
after all this time
quite longer than
eleven weeks
since we last spoke?
or may i leave your questions
as mysteries of your poem?
the answers
can only be guessed

or logically
we do know
what happened this year
and it seems that
i took you
as far as you could go
hugs are nice
so embrace the hugs
selfishness is a construct

you can't be afraid
to care for yourself
and explore
your desires
i'm sorry i didn't stay
why would an affair
be needed
to visit you?
well, i sure hope
my lacking presence
doesn't wrack your brain anymore
I'm sorry.
I'm fine. How are you?
By the way, did you get detention?
Sorry for the late answer.
why did i stay up for 2 hours writing these bad poems

you should listen to olli:
listen to
and my life turned around
you'll disappear
all i could say was, "hello"
before you wake up
i try not to think about it
fading into a crowd
warm hands
the big picture
good morning, me
it's gonna be fine, i promise
attachment therapy
(warning they might be sad)
Haylin Jan 30
I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.

Don's you just love exams?
I don't.
I hate it.
nobody Jan 26
the door in my old room. the one with light blue sky and clouds painted over every inch of the walls. the two window sills in my room, with the dirt from when i’d go in and out of them. my ceiling from which i hung wind chimes. my bunk bed that had alllllll my stuffed animals on the top bunk. with a book called the anybodies (my favorite as a kid) to read on the top bunk with the fan on. anyway,
the door in my old room. i wasn’t allowed to close it, so i almost never did. but when i did, it was so I could write and draw on the white backside. my teenage poetry. pure, ****** poetry.
well i wonder if it’s all still there.
nostalgia is a slow, everlasting-like ******. a guaranteed good feeling. because i feel just enough sorrow that it’s the really good feeling pain because also, i’m happy as if i’m happy crying. if that makes sense
“i know it well” blood bank
momma, i miss you. i feel you. i only wish to ever be enough, and to be a good person.
even the best of us aren’t perfect hm?
my old door was cool. i miss some of those times. i feel like thinking about the lyric “hearts are broken every day.” has been messing with me lately. heartbreak (don’t judge me aight) reminds me that i am human. heartbreak makes me feel mortal in a way few things can. so what is the point of my life when i already know such heartbreak, it’s impacted me a lot, but it is simultaneously an every single day, multiple times per second occurrence. very common. very common **** my ****. that **** hurts in a good way you feel me?
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You did something
that you were
told to do.

So why
are you
awaiting praise
for doing something
you should have done
in the
first place?
Desire Dec 2018
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Those magical moments
to  treasure forever, nothing compares to the remembering of you
the summer that's past, you should have been with me
the best summer In
Summer gone, but we sould have seen it out together
Jamie Dec 2018
When others meet you,
All they see is kindness,
And they tell me,
You have yourself a keeper.

I don't understand what it is,
But I just,
Feel myself,
Not falling any deeper.

I have this self pressure,
That I should be saying,
I love you.
But it would only be a lie.

For now I will hold back,
As only time will tell...
I do feel like I should say it,
But I WILL not tell a lie.
Is there a specific amount of time when you are dating someone, for an 'I love you' should appear?
Bryce Dec 2018
It is the way the world looks
When the sun has hidden itself
And the sky is glowing in sad gradients of shadows
Teal, aqua, lilac nights
Making statements to space

I wanted to believe that rocks would take in stride their banishment from life

I wanted to believe they'd be okay with being stepped on
Ground up
Tumbled, tributaried, washed and molded
Into a beaten perfection that lasts momentary--

But they weren't.

They cried gems!
they made the best replica in silica they could

They were insulted and worn close to the breast at first, but shining too bright those greedy fools mistook them for

a legendary thing, sacred, not God.

I wanted to believe that these rocks were intrinsic, that they had something in them
That gold was worth more than its weight
And malleable

That there was god in those plagioclase tears, that they were not the embodiment of sin

I was not convinced
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Crying out your name In my sleep, wake up still to feel the blame, wasn't there when should have been
You never should have died alone without me there by your side, 20 years we had never been apart so much guilt I feel for leaving
Meant the absolute world to me all those days and night spent together I'll never forget them
Helen forgive me girl, never meant to leave you that way, I'm so sorry please forgive me
Trying to ask forgiveness for not being there when I should have been
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