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c 59m
Relax, it’s just me again
That little voice inside your head
That turns letters into words into sounds
That reads read and read
And differentiates between the two
Without giving you a choice
In the matter

And of course,
You think you can turn me off.
Same old you.

You want to sleep but I
OVER and OVER about what you did wrong
(did you like my emphasis? i know you heard it.)

Oh, and don’t forget,
How I LOATHE every little thing you’ve done.

The times you thought no one was looking,
Or that they couldn’t hear your thoughts.
I did. I can.
You must hate me by now.
In fact, I’m sure you do.

You’ve been taking pills lately.
Little blue ones
That match the blue mood I gave you

Are you afraid of the beauty that is my pain?

I’ve given you words

And all you want to do is make me leave?

It’s okay. I know you by now.
Piece by bitter, broken piece,
You’ll be back.
After all, you’re reading this in my voice,
Aren’t you?
We’re one in the same.
You can’t fight yourself forever.
It’s a battle but I’m winning
It's funny
how small talks can mean
******* or
I genuinely, really, want to talk to you

and if I try to reach out to you again,
I would like you to leave a clue
I don't want to be blinded,
With feelings that aren't true.
to trent.
i once offered the world to you.
You avert your eyes
From anywhere I could be
You look away unless in trial
Of ways to try to change me
You point your blame, I only hope
This will grant you some reprieve
I'm sorry life has been unkind
I'm sorry good people leave
I'm sorry we've been dealt the cards
Laid on this wobbly table
I'm sorry life so often feels
Like walking on a cable

I can see this doesn't settle you
You want to walk away
Well darling, if it helps you
You can give me all your hate

Go on, travel the whole world
Let your eyes breathe in the scenes
Hurt again, then learn again
That the world can be so mean
Come to the conclusion at
The bottom of a beer
Smashed or pieced together,
I will still be here
You can break me in a million pieces
And shatter all the rest
You can promise me no more
But you can't make me any less

So my darling, let me stay by you
And wipe away your tears
I share your thoughts, I share your hopes
I know the endless fears
I can't promise you perfection
But if we make amends
I'll show you how broken things
Can still learn how to bend
Daniela 13h
Can a heart still love once it's broken?
Can you see him through the tears?
Is he still the one when he's gone?

You saw what you wanted. You felt every word he said in your heart, tattooed onto your soul.
You did everything in your power to please him. He was like a ***. Perfect in everyday.
As he walked out you pleaded.. you said "don't leave me".
Like a baby you cried hoping to get a kiss and hug in return.
You hoped for words of condolence.
But when you wiped the tears from your eyes he was no longer in the door frame.

You were left in the dark, and an ache took over, leaving you frozen, alone in all your sorrow.

Now tell me can the heart still love when it's been broken?
Of course it can.
Feedback is appreciated, please don't be shy. I'm not sure myself if this even blends well. I put this together with the feelongs of heartbreak.. let me know what you guys think!
my finger traced the cracks and brokenness,
found the gaps and incompleteness,
while you carefully took each jagged piece
and added a golden vein of grace
to mark the restoration,
creating a celebration
within a divine appreciation
of this, a broken reflection of my origin,
starting and ending with you
Kintsugi is a beautiful thing.  Especially when completed on a broken heart.
Karo 22h
I'm not breaking easily
but when I do
I fall into small
little pieces
and I must rebuild myself
V liv 1d
Your influence is incessant
"Take care of her for me"
Ringing in the ears of my loved ones
Weighing on their minds
Your Words
Your Wishes
Still streaming through the veins of my life
V liv 1d
All that's left is
Faster than you can say
"No worries"
Faster than you can say
"All good"
Faster than you can say
V liv 1d
One-sided as it breaks me
Leaves you indifferent
Nothing but a nominal fling
Nothing but a means to an end
A backup
A rebound
For you,
Friend turned
Less than
For me,
V liv 1d
Where did I go wrong
Where did you go wrong
What did we do wrong
Holding onto the idea
We could be fine
We could fix this
That word was the beginning to the end
The falsity I never wanted
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