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Before you
Back when
Bottomless trenches
Coerced with whatever was left
With lullabies as morose as
the winds that we believed
gave us the frozen whip and
brought us back to life.
With what voice has ensued
me to regret each decision that has led
me further away from you.
Still-struck by a twitch of sparks
that was created in the midst of my agony

Before you
Back when
Foundations collided with fools
A casual wreckage betwixt the hate
A self loathing beyond measure
Broken and
Bedridden unto forgiveness
Willing and waiting for failure
that has justified my roots
And condemned us to pointlessness
Unable to remember
Which shattered memories built the love
That has sadly
Sunk into the abyss

Before you
Back when
I can’t tell which was then
And which one follows
the intentional pursuit to happiness
That we juggled with our bodies
While love making had a purpose
And finding ourselves in souls we
deemed liable
Can never be forgotten
Yet I must choose
To remember something else

Before you
Back then
Hell is nothing more than a passing
A stop in which I got off
And never returned
Yet I can’t deny you of such an illness
What comes after is only pain
What will do I have to find you again
izzn 3d
Hands on mine, hands on yours
I try to grasp harder
No warmth felt
And I wonder
What actually I try to hold on to?
The desperation to have someone
or the truth I can't afford to prove

Letters by letters on our books' hard covers
I try to write something to make it believable,
to make it feels real
to make it a part of me
but the words stuck there
I could not continue further
The lines' are imbalance
So much unfinished cliffhanger

Eyes on mine, eyes on us
I try to smile but it's a crooked one
I try to laugh but it's unconvincing
The jokes fade away
like how I feel this past two days
I guess what I can say is that
unlike how it was,
now I'm in love,
but not that much.
Ronin 3d
if you knew how much i love you
would you still be doing this?
you keep me in the middle
though all i'm asking is your kiss.

if you knew how much i love you
would you finally take me back?
how i long for words of comfort
and kisses on my neck

you say you know how much i love you
so why did you do this to me?
i'm not asking you for much
just your love, and i'd be happy as can be

but you just keep me waiting
making me doubt everything i know
if you'd know how much i love you
you wouldn't make me feel so low.
Ronin 3d
are the everything
causing me to be

did it
it is all
your fault

forever damaged
full of hate
all for
Ronin 3d
how to fix

how to fix
your broken
my broken

how to fix
you let empty
words slip out
i was more
careful, keeping
quiet about

how to fix
with a
razor blade

Leave me like past eventide
and reoccur like morningtide
so that I can rest in the faith
of seeing you one more time.
Bhill 3d
Pieces that are broke
Pieces I can't renovate
Pieces are missing

Passion for spirit
Passion for being myself
Passion for sharing

Bring back what's now broke
Bring back the passion for life
Bring back simple love

Brian Hill - 2019 # 246
Do you have e broken pieces?
I found out that with you,
promises were never kept
& forever,
was never long
so, I had to accept
that our love would last for just a song.
I've been writing again. Not my best but I'm happy I'm writing for the sake of writing.
Much love, N.
Lexa 3d
I think my life took a vacation
Didn’t give me a letter
Just a feeling of something missing
I didn’t notice for a while
Kept moving along, not thinking
To look back to make sure
Somewhere I lost all the people
Who loved me for all this time
Maybe they went away too
I know I am a lot of work
Everyone needs a break
But its been a few months
I wonder if they left for good
I guess I couldn’t blame them
I don’t want to be me either
It’s exhausting trying to love
Someone so broken
I keep praying for everything to
Return and to have missed me
But they never do
I think maybe I will give my notice
I won’t be returning
We adorn our masks, of physical taste.
While our mental states, lay in waste.
We keep up face, and carry on.
So you do not see, how far we've gone.
We turn our eyes, on to you.
To stop you seeing, straight through.
We fear our minds, and what they do.
For time alone, is time to rue.
We are not all as we seem
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