One piece after the other
I'll break myself apart
and fill your empty spaces
japheth 2h
mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang bumitaw ka
sa isang taong di sayo susuko.

mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang umalis ka
sa relasyong alam mong ikakasira mo.

mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang nawala ka
sa mundong ibinigay niya sayo.

andaming minsan
na pumapasok sa utak mo

mapapaisip ka na lang
na tama yung ginawa mo
kasi kailangan mong unahin
sarili mo.
here’s another piece i made in “tagalog”

rough translation:


you’ll think about
if it was right for you to let go
of the person who would never give up on you.

you’ll think about
if it was right for you to leave
a relationship you know will destroy you.

you’ll think about
if it was right for you to disappear
from the world that he gave you.

there’s a lot of “sometimes”
that comes into my mind

you’ll think about
that what you did was right
because you need to out yourselft first.
jas 3h
across the bar,...

i catch a glimpse of a girl with a scorned heart
her long dark hair
one side tucked behind her ear
and the other dangled in her face to hide her faults from the world
she stares at her drink,
twiddling with the straw on the tip of her finger
as her thoughts linger
she came to escape
this is a melody of a broken heart

a few shots later, the whole bottle down
blurry vision as she searches the crowd
warm tears fall down her face
as she reminisces a familiar place
that no longer exists
in the memory of her scorned heart

its almost 2 , time for close
but she realizes she has nowhere to go
these past few weeks this bar has been her one and only home
she's so alone ,
one more drink before she picks up the phone
and calls a cab back to reality

this is her melody of a broken heart
the scientist- Coldplay / piano tribute players
Tøast 6h
Well, I lost myself in your bedsheets
but I beat myself up when I ran away.
you know that I adore you,
but I've never loved myself.

So how could a daisy ever survive a hurricane?
this storm in my mind is too much,
an unstable anomaly.
sweeping away happiness and leaving a scar across the landscape.

Well, I'm too unstable to ever be any good for you,
so please just find someone that has a paradise in their mind,
leave me in this dust land I live in,
dry mouth and burning lungs,
but my heart will always fly with the birds.
Amanda 10h
I blame you for the nightmares I experience
The thoughts that fill my weary head
I blame you for the teardrops that fall
The monsters underneath my bed

There was a time I was happy
That was before you left me here
I'm alone, all you've given me
Memories of a wonderful year

It is clear, I can see that you've moved on
No longer need my hand to hold
But wonder if I cross your mind
When stars are out and your bed feels cold

You are the reason things didn't work out
The one who wanted time apart
Now I am the only one in pain
I blame you for this broken mess of a heart
Blame doesn't do any good
Why does it hurt to smile
And cry at the same time...
Why does the pain I feel inside never leaves me it stays just like the scars on my arms and the bruises on my heart as I put it through a battle of War why do I feel so hopeless and helpless I don't know which way to turn I pray for protection and I'm scared of rejection is anyone there I use to laugh but I am crying and I put on a mask and act like I am Okaye why am I filled with so much hurt and broken pieces would i ever know where love comes from is anybody out there very insecure and looking for something warm to hold on to but there's nobody out there why do I have to be alone why why just tell me please why
Eventually I did put a face
to  your loving cues your emails
It had been so long since your destiny had asked you my King
to marry her
that hunting jealous day that began much earlier under a 1975 degree celcious and did burn us to a crisp
Nothing would have given me more assurance more pleasure  such a gracious challenge to a  mysterious
proposition to dig my heart
for the final blow
one queen for his other
prior queen bee
and a winner I was
to obliterate her wedding band
how loving of you cupid of mine
always digging at my heart
for my heart of gold
then the cause and effect of karma blew our plans up
another King, Brad appeared
with roses and diamond ring
in hand he had no mask
just an hidden agenda
he took my children to his Mom
to make another queen
jealous and i took the bate
for just one hour
both my King and Brad
had chosen he same photo
E-mailed among several
to both
the picture was the same summer dress I wore with the king I loved
someone something from beyond
mirrored the scene in this life
to cause and effect
it showed my love
a simple approach to
a woman's heart
and me that the woman he married giving her a diamond ring taking her and son to his Mom was more to make
me jealous and fight
for his love
an invisible revolving door had opened both to win
both to lose
had bid the greatest game
of love
beware of Karma
to catch a true king FOCUS
don't take bates don't settle for new when the heart is taken  by a true love.
my king was found by his wife
and I returned Brads diamond
lesson played leasson learned
then came the clock ticking
grestest King Mr Time
takes my hand
paper INK and pen
to script a new
wish it is Winter he says
as a revolving door
How do you think a and how do we feel about the one we truly live a nail can't take another its the heart that will break and the loss is an unsurmountable abyss beware open your eyes FOCUS one single thought two hearts that beat as one cannot distract nor settle and never take a new liver if our heart loves another
Nyx 14h
You're name still echoes within my mind
The possible meaningless things that makes me question my life
I swore to forget you
To remove you

Yet you so easily walk back in
Its as if you see through me
Every wall and facade
You have the key to each lock
That stands in your way
Though the others struggle
Attempting to fill your place
You simply won't let them
Stopping them from filling that empty space
My hearts opened to you
Again once more
But the question is
Do I still love you the same as before?
Am I missing you
Or do I just miss the idea of you
The sweet gentleman touch
Is causing quite a fuss
I care for you though
I can say that with pure honestly
Though my love for you has changed
Faded into void of endless possibility
Somewhere within I still long for your touch
The Affection is intoxicating
Those sweet words are pure bliss
Though theses things leave me contemplating
Contemplating why you left me like this
Though my heart is still riddled
Screaming at me why
I know I shouldn't let you back in
I shouldn't let you waste anymore of my time
through the silence that speaks louder then any words could
I still care for you
But never again will I feel anything more
Because I refuse to be broken
Broken like I was once before
I didn't ask for any of this,
the day when you came into my life.
little by little, you filled up those empty space inside of me

and that's the reason why I love you;
out of seven million people living in this world,
your breathtaking soul was my favorite.
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