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...but why does it only feel right when it hurts.
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
When a Heart in Love gets Broken,
it's pieces get scattered Around.
Tears keep falling Drop by Drop,
without a Word or Sound.
Diamonds are stones that Sparkle,
When U polish them all the More.
A Broken Heart becomes a bit Stronger,
When Love touches their Feet or Shore.
Black loves, the Sound of Silence.
White shines, when it is Night.
A Heart that's Broken has Memories.
But their Love, is never in Sight.
As Moonlight shines on their windowsill,
A Broken Heart is brought back to Life.
But then old Memories, begin to creep in
and Dreams, are stabbed by a Knife.
your eclipse Jun 12
when you grow up
five, four years from now
seven, six months older
no need to wonder; never suffer

splitting head; broken bones
one more crush, three more crunch
stolen fingers; freshly sliced flesh
three wounds to bleed, more cuts to heal
—don't forget to heal.
I wish I could spell out,
the Tears that are Falling. 
Whipped by a Breakup,
Your Name they keep Calling. 
The note that U left behind,
Broke My Heart in Two
and now My Life is living,
with Memories of U.
My Heart that lies shattered,
across the bedroom Floor. 
Has each piece waiting,
for your knock on My Door.
At times a Broken Smile, 
appears on My Face.
With a hope that one Day,
your Face it will Trace.
From GTA
To oakwood
To living together
Us three
To gorillas with bananas
To 2019 no more virgins

I am hurting
I am lost
I have lost
So much
How can I go on

From cons
To Brian jokes
To surprise birthday cakes
And surprise birthday trips

Where do I get
My sanity back
My heart to not hurt
Release the memories
Into the ocean

I can't contain them
They are tearing me apart,
Ripping out my heart
Would hurt less

You seem fine
I gave you your new life
Guess I couldn't be in it
I still can't believe it

Best friends forever
Sisters like no others
Stronger then lovers
Gone and alone
Like whatever

I still remember
First meeting you
Playing that game
Thinking you're cool
I still remember
Introducing you
Sharing the memes
Thinking this is everything

I still remember the concerts
I still remember prom
I still remember getting in trouble together
Dying are hair
Without a care

I still remember best friends forever
I guess you forgot
What that meant
Prioritize anyone but us
And just forgot about us

You can move on
But I can't go on
I still remember it all
Hits me like a train
Or wrecking ball
I'm down for the count
I can't be doing this
Let me let go of the sadness

Best friends forever
Means nothing
If you can't remember
To love your friends
And be with us
It's so obvious
You're gone

And I am not too far along
But where I go I do not know
Feels like I'm already in hell

*** I also remember

Ditching me for her
Replacing me with another
Forgetting me for him
Not being there when she died
Always telling me a lie
And I'd forgive you
To not lose you
But it hurt
More and more
It hurts
How id beg
Basically on my knees
How pathetic I became
Yet again
For your attention

I still remember it all
And I'm starting to fall
Completely apart

Pls let the pain stop
Let the memories go
It's hurting me
I don't want to forget the good
But the bad is too much from you
You broke our hearts
And you didn't even fall apart

Alex Jun 2

A kind face, though rehearsed by evil. The monster’s glaring, trapped. Haunting behind those fake blankets of snow white. Sour sweater weather masking the face of those lonely, those masked in snow, masked in ice. Trapped behind blankets of cold, where the torch may not wish to reach. Arctic pearls and bright strawberry cheeks, beautiful sunset evenings, all washed down with humours glasses of blackberry wine. Though that time has gone, pain lingers still. Sealed behind each reflective surface of the many polaroids she kept of her ‘‘monster.’’
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