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Deanna 2h
Little love in this heart
Thinking I liked someone that broke my heart
Think I'd heal and start again
But just break down again
The little love I have
From my wasted days in bed
Where I heal myself and heart too
Hopeing I'd find someone soon.
smokescreen lies
sleepless nights
broken hearts
i tore us apart

i know i'm a fool
and so are you;
remember my name
when our love is through
JoJo 2h
i don't expect you to mend my soul overnight
but i do ask that you
treat my heart with careful consideration
because i don't think i can handle
another tear.

all i ask is that
you proceed with caution
and mend my heart.
one day at a time.
I became the person I hated
Longing for the day you’ll notice my absence
Who am I to feel so entitled to your joy?
Maybe it’s because I only saw mine with yours
Questions I asked myself in the past.
Much love,
Miranda 5h
Don't listen to what someone says in the early morning hours when the moon is out.

The loneliest hearts are always up at 2 am.
Going to edit and work on this more!
Sweety 5h
Unfortunate are those who are scared of falling in love..
As they don’t realize..that
broken heart is also a bliss, when it comes from the person you love..from the person who mean the world to you
Cruel words
They sting  like  violent  storms of the sea
Crush  inwards towards the seashore.
Erase  a thousand  bad thoughts
Words spoken
Hearts broken
Over. and over again.
An  earthly father  
Doesn't know  how to forgive
But bruises  his own blood and souls. He tread.
There is only one who can deliver us from our pain.
Let us pour out  our hearts to our true Maker instead.
creeps in at night
whispering sweet nothings
asking me why I cry
asking me why I’m cold
asking where my heart went.
Welcoming him back
because he’s all I’ve had
my only consistency
I hold open the covers
inviting him in.
Joining me in bed
he shapes himself into my curves
taking my hand
taking my love
taking me somewhere else
rather than the void of my head.
His kiss softer than the nights air.
The moon light watching
the room fill back into silence.
KDFr 8h
No-one will ever know
hiding behind a wall of lies is a weeping brother trying to sew the torn peices of his broken soul back together.
No-one will ever know
he's withering inside but still still trying to grow,
stretching his limbs for help but does anybody notice him there? No.

No-one will ever know
that screaming from behind a veil of make-up is a girl's dying soul.
Wrapped in pretty clothes
she's trying to break free of the hurt she feels inside
but they don't know.
No-one will ever know she's been tormented by her imperfections and failures
and although she tries not to let it show, it does
but does anybody pay attention? No.

No-one really cares
and they all do a good job at pretending not to see or not to know.
Instead of stopping to help
they turn a blind eye on conviction
and they just go.
Elizabeth 11h
To my heart you once held the key,
Trusted you I wholly did,
But you left me in tears and only with my plea,
This tragedy should be hid.

Love is a simple little thing,
We made a game out of it,
Who will be the first to sing,
Their tragic split.

Shotgun aimed at hearts,
Mine was the one to be hit,
The bullet broke it in million parts,
Leaving me with just one bit.

I didn’t smell the gunpowder,
Nor did I notice the scent of fresh burning blood,
I just screamed louder,
Hoping to be heard in that mud.

My mind went blank,
Analyzing this wound,
To it I should thank,
For now to love I am bound.
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