treble 23m
I left
I gave you up
I learned it hard
Had to be tough
But go untouched
To grow unloved
To blow too hard
I needed to understand
Why this is truth
Why you weren't there
And why I was too
Sometimes I wonder if you were it for me
That’s why I scream in dark places

That’s why I cry under covers
That’s why I lay here

Her eyes will no longer cry because of his absence.
Her tears are very precious to her.  

Luna 8h
Its friday night,
another fight.
cant help but miss you
Even though you scream, "fuck you".
Something about the way you talk
Or the way you walk
Has made me love you.
I've always liked the dark found solace in it
Found peace and took away the guilt
It made me who I am, gave me an unspeakable gift that I'm not allowed to share

It gave me a place to understand my own darkness and a way out
It lead me to him, when I'm in that place I let him out

He takes over, its easy being him, unfeeling worried about nothing and not being a nice guy I guess that's the common between us
I may represent the light but we both came from the dark

I'm going to let him take over for a while I think I need it today, my phone is burning from the heat my blood is producing from my heart beating 420 beats per second

My world nearly ended today and now its upside down

So I'm going to hang back and let him in to stop the pain for while because this heart that does not belong to me is pumping blood like a gasleak and waiting for the spark to blow

He can protect me from that I just have to sit in the corner put on my mask and let him take control

It's hard being me but I'm only one half of my true self, a half that seems to ruin everything

Sometimes I think it would be better to let this side of me go, burn it off the interior of my mind

But who knows I find solace in the dark
Where the light is just an illusion for the foolish
I need to cool off before my heart bursts from inner flames
gab 吉 22h
We decided to part ways
Let go
I kept running
to you
I think,
it's time for me
to set my self free;
to set myself away from
and all the memories
that we've been through.
gab 吉 22h

A word.

A feeling.

An emotion.

What makes the world go round.


I fucking love you.

And it hurts me, everytime that I feel like you're ignoring me.

It hurts me.

Knowing the fact, that you can't reciprocate my love for you.


I still want to,

Thank you,

For all the shits.

You've caused a lot of chaos in me.

Inside of me.

I'm broken.

Because, once again, I became fragile.

And that shit happens,

Everytime I fall.

And when fragile thing falls,

They get broken.

So am I.
I wrote a song about you
It turned out to be a sad song
Because you're not here
I couldn't be truly happy
Without you
Atleast not for a long time
Atleast not until you've found someone
That truly makes you happy
Because your happiness is
My happiness even if
I'm not the source of it.
Thank you for reading ♥♥♥.
Paper cuts on wrist linger:
     like trickles of pain,
     bearable to hold;
     with trickle of tears,
     little to be told.

Invisible abrasions:
    on skin so precious,
    patches of triumph;
    the battle rages on,
    wince at every sting.

Unnecessary bandages:
    don't elevate pain,
    hide struggles under;
    to embrace each scrape,
    takes more than courage.
Petroleum jelly helps:
    fingertips cover,
    dollops to ease itch;
    sometimes humans need,
    catalysis to heal.
hello. this is for those who are struggling. you are not alone, please seek someone, or something to help the healing process. healing takes time and, most of the time, not necessarily need to be done alone.

[i'm sorry for being inactive. i'll try my best to update frequently.]
Thank you for reading.
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