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Lilly F Jun 2019
why do you get me so mad
I don't even care about you
I never even liked whatever it was we had
so why do you leave me so blue
when I see you've moved on?
is it jealousy? not of you, but of a relationship
of someone to love, the way people write about in all those songs
but this ****** like a thorn, leaving a rosy marked nip

I never had real feelings for you
and I don't want to be your girlfriend
so I'm confused right now, I'm not sure what's true
I'm drowning in the deep end
obsessing over things that I shouldn't care about
this isn't the song I like to sing
and I'm still not sure why I have a pout
because I'm over you, but for some reason, my heart still stings

© L.F.
not my highest quality poem, but it feels better to talk about real feelings.
Era Apr 2019
Sometimes I feel like
It's good to have this kind of life,
And feelings that don't cut like a knife;
It's better when you don't text me,
It's better when I just live for me.
But there are also times
When I remember those nights,
And those daydreaming flights;
When all I cared for was you,
When all I craved for was you.
and I never again felt the same.
دema Feb 2019
Losing my **** over you is an understatement,
that's something a person like you would do,
not me honey.
eva-mae Nov 2018
sweet darling,
i care not for your love,
if your love cares not for me.
sweet angel,
one never was so compliant
your eyes used to speak,
but they've always been silent
sweet darling
who suffered so deeply in guiding
sweet angel
I loved you,
though  your love was in hiding.
Jamie Jul 2018
Today would off been four year of marriage.
But today i decided to celebrate being single.
My husband was horrid, a person who used me.
He broke my heart, my soul and me as a person.
For three years, I was working thought it, a way to move on.
I was scared, unsure and didn't know what to do.
I miss him, I miss his laugh, I miss his smile, I miss him as my best friend.
My he left me alone and deserted, he lied, cheated and broke me.
Today I moved on. I chose to change my view and my life.

You are nobody, you mean nothing.
The person you are today, is someone I don't know.
I loved you. I gave you everything.
You broke me, you broke my heart.
Today you no longer control me.
I know its not a real poem but its the best I could do to express my joy of divorce. My husband broke me and I was lost.  Thank you for reading.
Lex Jan 2018
finding out the one you love
is different than what you thought
is kind of like finding out
"daddy's not a superhero"
you feel sad
and worst of all like it was all
a lie.
Amelia Crake Mar 2017
over you.

my brain has space,
what else can i do,
but think,
think about you.

like outer space.
a vacuum
******* up thoughts.

like when we stop
i think over
everything you said.
over think
my reply's.

how i could have
said it over
without thinking too hard.
properly unfinished.
like everything i do.
Hal Feb 2017
And when the sun was yanked out of my sky, I let the darkness consume me. For months i let it swallow me whole until all I felt was the emptiness and the loneliness of the abyss. And after all that time, I'm starting to see the light again. Piece by piece I have been rebuilding my sun and now that it is whole again, forgive me if I'm more careful with who I give my light to.
-I refuse to be left in the dark again
Hal Jan 2017
And after all the **** you put me through, I still cannot hate you for you had the courage to do what I could not and save me from ruining myself. So instead, I'll think of you with indifference, because you sure as hell don't deserve anymore of my time.
-I'm done wasting my time on you
Kayla Nov 2016
I stopped painting flowers for you today.
All the petals have fallen off.
You’re no longer part of my thoughts.
I’ve gotten you out of my head.
I loved you at one point,
But that time is over now.
I stopped painting flowers for you today.
Now there’s nothing left.

- kmh
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