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Matter in conjunction with sound
A pattern it shall form
A world under sound surveillance
What vibrations are being conveyed
What melody are we dancing to
Like a Chladni plate
A pulse of sound
The plate the world
The sand the people
Programmed to dance to a distant drum
Hypnotised but unaware
By a cosmic sound thumping through the air
Controlled by the powers that be
Until one day a cosmic intervention
Shall put an end to the sequencing beat
And we shall awaken from our sleep
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 September 2019©
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My Type Sep 14
When our bodies have the same rhythm,
and our mind sings the same song
why do our hearts beat so differently?
Erian Sep 11
the voices change
but my love
beats the same
Quinn Adaire Aug 31

The beat
Of the drum inside


The rythym
Of this song
I will not lose


I cannot sing this song
Only my heart can sing it
And yours too
J J Aug 22
I contemplate
the inevitability of
                          Over the course of a
As Otis Redding plays.
                         I should really stop smoking...
My last cigarette and my last poem for a little while.
Anastasia Aug 14
The poor boy
Had his heart
Taken away from him
His mother
Didn't approve
His lover
Wasn't his
She taunted him
His mother
Would beat him
She called him
His not-his lover
Would cheat him
Of happiness
She called him
Til he fell onto his knees
And wept
And said
"I can't take this anymore"
Just a story, I suppose
Maia Jul 31
I haven’t quite
Wether these veins that web my heart
Are roots
Or fault lines,
But I’m starting to believe-
That maybe
They can exist
As both.
TheIdleOwl Jul 26
The jester walks the garden path,
Carrying the gullible in his boots,
The jester walks the garden path,
He makes them late as he commutes

He star jumps gleefully into the road,
The traffic comes he sees a chance,
He star jumps gleefully into the road,
For everyone to witness his deadly dance,

But they laugh and laugh and say he's them,
But he's not them for he is him,
He knows only a culture of owning,
A culture of convenience above knowing,
A world of gold and broken seams,
One where laughs distract from extremes,
He knows not empathy, or love or service,
Only a selfish desire to hold office

He knows not the energy he steals,
From those who pass it to him through laughs,
Those who have everything pulled from their heels,
While the jester stands and points at the giraffes.
Kasey Lee Jul 26
If you asked anyone what the most intimate thing people could do or share was
They'd say *** and their bodies
Believing that intimacy only comes along with an ******
And to many people,
That is the most intimate thing they've experienced
These people haven't found their one true love then

These people have never been through hell and back for the sake of love

These people don't know the hurt of watching the one they love be in pain

They've never wanted to remove that pain from them so badly that they would put it into them if it meant the one they loved wouldn't hurt any more

They've never carried that person in their heart forever wherever the go, even after parting ways


After many years,
And many intimate things
Through ups and downs and all around

We come together and hold each other tight
Kiss with a passion that's never been felt before
The most gentle touch

It made us feel loved
You look at me like I put the stars in the sky
Like I'm the most precious thing in the world
And I imagine you can see I look at you like that too

And even if the world doesnt know yet
And we can't get back together yet
And we haven't figured ourselves out completely yet,


We looked into each other's eyes and placed our hands on the other's heart
As they beat as one
And we smiled and let ourselves feel loved

And we loved

And we smiled

And that was the most intimate thing

A completely new kind of intimate

Just realizing we're soulmates
I honestly just cannot express how in love I am at this moment... whether or not that will last is a different story. It doesnt matter though, because love is what we do best
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