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Meena Menon Apr 29
Stuck indoors but I saw brass singing bowls, an inverted bell and a wooden striker.  
The sorrow reflects in drops like water in the sunlight,  
love written in tablets made of stone.  

We find the stone from quarries,
we find calm in that stone.  
And then we write in the tablets to share that calm.  

The elements burn:   water, earth, air, space and fire.  Magnetic fields switch,  
love in resistance.

The cormorant fishes with a metal ring around its neck.  
The fish that escaped the cormorant don’t swim in the shallows.  

“At dawn
fish that have escaped the cormorants
swim in shallows.”
Safe from the Cormorants by
Buson, Japanese haiku poet.
Man Mar 30
we love
but why do we?

how much easier it would be
only to satiate the needs
forgetting the foolish notions
of something more
the drug induced states
merely staring into your eyes
brings on
brings me
to the brink of sanity
because this tired duet
cries to die
but i can't bring myself to do it
knowing if i cut out your heart
they'll be no beat beneath my breast
you'll have come with one
but you'll be taking two
when you take your scalpel
to my chest
دema flutter Mar 23
I looked
at my heart
asking it,

how is it possible
that I can love again?

and my heart's
only response
was a beat,

turns out that
all along
I had been breaking
because I was still alive,
my body was fighting
for me,
even when it felt
like I was dying.
and I guess that's
when I learnt
that the same way
I was breaking all this time,
I was also healing,
Mariah Roy Mar 18
My ears love to drum, tisk, tisk, bang
And my lips love to hum sweet melody slang
Metal core and rock, my mind engulfs the </c0de>
Pen on marble desk, to perfect the wild tone

Freezing bleachers, cold eyed teachers, are no match for silicone bud
Blasting screaming hymn of men, a low decrepit thud
The lyrics match my mind and heart, thoughts pounding in my chest
With battered, bloodied, bruised soul I'll be miserable at best

Though music hurts, it hurts to heal, to hold my hand too tight
It pushes, pulls and drags me through the darkest days and nights
I shake and turn, tap my fingers to keep up with the noise
With shifty eyes, heart paralyzed, I think I'm paranoid
Nikkie Jan 30
It’s hard to put into words, the amazing feeling,
you’ve instilled deep inside my weary heart.
I look into your penetrating eyes, and
my passion collides with your emotion.
Is there something different about our union?
Does it feel like a dream come true to you?
This connection that came on all of a sudden,
shocked my heart into a new way of beating.

It took a long time for us to unite, it’s like I fell
for you in just one night.
I feel deep warmth inside of me, which makes
me happy and finally complete.
We saw each other every day, and never
once did I feel this connection.
With autumn approaching and the wind
turning cold, I feel you deeply rooted,
and embedded in my soul.
Maja Jan 21
He was a mountain.

She was the ocean.

Reaching for the stars,
Bound by his roots

Still and storm
Black and blue

She was the ocean
Beating against his rock

He was a mountain
And waves could not a mountain block

A bottomless fountain
Breaking with every motion

He was a mountain


She was an ocean
Timmy Shanti Jan 17
the beat
the everlasting
never-ending pulse
the heat
no music but house
city lights
teasing, fooling around
shaking through and through
i feel the presence of the sound
although i have no clue
pulsating within me
vibrating around
that's how i like my music
fast and furious
as a hound
tearing the silence apart
melodies go for a twist
owner of a lonely heart
never lost in the mist.
old af!
almost old as me
who cares as long as it's still relevant , right? :)
inspired by Joonas Hahmo - Tampere by Night
Eric Hesner Jan 17
Each dull wheeze
— half-glass-filling lungs, tarred —
records my moments
like reel-to-reel tape
And the heart is a quivering branch
If not a paperweight
Pinning will and testament to the

That plastic wine “glass”
turned out
to be
glass after all
My woman throws me punches
with the gentle touch
— all the virility —
of a little, lonely, old man
feeding bread
to ducks
Then goes to work on the meat of her hand
with the glass
Damages the nerves in her thumb
   tussle ensues
My arms are covered in blood
That two-penny copper smell

sister’s fella has anger issues
and wants a straightener
Tells me I need a job —
Is this not work?
If I had Molly’s blessing
I’d go to work on this *******
But she’s crying
And begs me not to
Begs him to calm down
I wanted to widow her
And my bleeding wife
They lied to me when they told me my home was safe.
That a little girl would feel safe from harm
Have a safe place
They said ummi is a better word than mommy
Said my ummi would never take a roofing shingle to my throat

That abi is better than daddy
And abi would never beat us with his martial arts training sticks
That surely ummi wouldn't do the same but harder and a million times more often
But at least when abi beat someone with a 2 by 4 inch wooden beam, it wasn't me
After all abi was so often absent so--
My 12 year old sister will be alright. Right?
Like when TV said mothers cupped faces rather than going on the attack

And mommas dont assault you for eating their favorite bagels
Heck that's just a snack!
That fathers dont bowl you into the NY City gutter
Grown men looking on, frozen in horror
But I'm the one shook
It seems No one knew what to do
Least of all a daughter
These men avoided addressing it altogether
Later adults would lie: it'll get better.
It didn't

So they snuck me food to feed my siblings
They bestowed me a coat after my father denied me
NJ winter be darned
IIII have a coat now!
So now snow can kiss my grits
Not that there's any in the apartment
abi said "I shop once every 2 weeks. Choose milk or yogurt. Choose jelly or syrup.
Choose. Choose."

What could I do? I had no choice but to hide the free lunch meat received...
So soon after abi said choose... sandwich supplies:
PB&J or tuna
How I thank Allah for hidden turkey ham, bologna, salami
Hide the lettuce, stash the Little Debbies
Each sibling gets one
Each lil Debbie reach 3 girls and a boy
Lil bro dont forget ur hidden chips
A secret stash
Abuse Secrets stashed

And when my stash was discovered
abi was as cool as a cucumber
Saved his hateful rage for when I was given popsicles
I Shoulda never given em to my sibs
Shoulda never licked em
Shoulda never had my face in the path of his palm
My body in the way of his kung fu hurl
Good thing the side of the donated couch breaks falls
Doesn't it?

Think of better times. Think of good things
Good thing ummi can kiss away tears as well as she can sear
The crescent of a belt buckle into my face
But she's absolved
It was my fault
See she was aiming for my **** cheeks
But my face cheeks got in the way Now I have a scary scab on display
"I fell," "I got hit with a door ****"...
I knew all the right lies to claim
Their innocence

Tap into earlier experiences
Innumerable incidents
With increasing incidence
Fathomless fountains of pain
Always drinking 'em before driving
Always careening and screeching
Down memory lane

But like my Grandma Brooklyn used to say:
Nay nay boomstray not today
Today I rip off the bandaid
Today I revel in revealing
The scabbed tears,
The scarred heart,
The shattered skin

Today I unveil a broken soul
And the little girl within
Who says ummi & abi
Something's wrong with them
Back then
I was too scared, couldn’t call 911
But now adult me is ready and strong
And little me is fed up after all the decades gone
Today little me splays my scars to the sun
Tonight little me howls my wounds to the moon
A dangerous family
A dangerous home
Isn’t that an oxymoron?

How is it that...
When I tried to stand my ground,
I got knocked to the ground,
And I lost ground,
Gotta get to hallowed ground
And if lil me tried to flee,
my flight got grounded
"That teenager stays grounded"
So now little me grabs fistfuls of earth.
Here's the ground. Hug the ground. Hog the ground.
Got to gain ground
To somehow un-ground my feelings from gravity
So my cries can climb to heaven

And as my howl reaches its crescendo, I behold on the night's horizon
A tall black woman
Her Crown is an Afro
aflutter with butterflies
She brings a brown unicorn on her left
And a peacock out in front
She invites me to her right.
She is my fortress
She is me
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