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I heard your music
Off-key and beat behind tune
I still tapped my feet
If people were melodies
My mind is often like a large space of odd thoughts scattered memories pure confusion.
I have soul of a poet
I see beautiful things in ordinary places
I appreciate every little thing I encounter with
I feel nostalgic when I see lonely deserted places
I crave for the long long empty beaches under the clearest skies
I embrace the choas I find the solace in the midst of blues
I have so many thoughts all at once I don't know how to express myself...
A year has passed no difference in the world.
Unending dreams under these neon lights.
Isolated boat in middle of the ocean,unseen horizons.
The sun that kiss
The sky that miss
The wind that blows
The way you do
The world we live
And all I love
The smile you do
My heart that beats
And flows on you
Indonesia, 9th December 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Leah Carr Sep 2021
A broken heart can beat
A broken heart can love
A broken heart cant heal
But I've realised
A broken heart's enough
Youre steady base,
Keeps my off beat rhythm
In tune.
Tonight I cry,
Because I' am a fool.
A fool for love, the kind I gave to you...

Every day you made me feel like the one who meant the world to you...but now I see why maybe...just maybe...I should run.

But the magnetic pull of my heart holds on so strong, I don't want to let go, the elastic band stretches apart near its peak and then retracts into a heartbeat that breaks like shattered glass.

I trusted in you, that you kept your word, but today you left me all day without a say and come back a drunken fool.

I fought you, 3 hours because my feelings were hurt and you never gave a **** and wouldn't understand, because i' am the mean one.

Where are the loyal people, where are the ones who just want a pact, to be loved and give love in return without needing to be asked.

I lay here, 3 AM alone in my bed, wanting to sleep but my foolish heart can only think of you.

You left again, because you couldn't take my pain, the truth I expelled from the midst of your spell but you still continued to hurt me and hurt me and hurt me because like I said, you wouldn't understand.

Why am I a fool?
Someone, help me understand my own feelings, because I don't think I can...
You tell me you love me, but then do it again.
You never make sense but expect me to think twice before speaking.

You are confused.
I'm sad and my heart is aching.
Meena Menon Apr 2021
Stuck indoors but I saw brass singing bowls, an inverted bell and a wooden striker.  
The sorrow reflects in drops like water in the sunlight,  
love written in tablets made of stone.  

We find the stone from quarries,
we find calm in that stone.  
And then we write in the tablets to share that calm.  

The elements burn:   water, earth, air, space and fire.  Magnetic fields switch,  
love in resistance.

The cormorant fishes with a metal ring around its neck.  
The fish that escaped the cormorant don’t swim in the shallows.  

“At dawn
fish that have escaped the cormorants
swim in shallows.”
Safe from the Cormorants by
Buson, Japanese haiku poet.
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