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Being a poet
is both a pain and a privilege.

All you do is
bleed your emotions
on a thousand pages
while people sing your praises
for ages.
Only a poet will understand.
Our eyes speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.

Our faces speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.

Our hands speak more than our mouths,
But none of us knows what's true and what's not.
They say the truth shall set you free.
Truth is a matter of perspective.
I know the picture you see.
I don’t agree.
I know you are misinformed
And the truth will release you from ignorance.
The truth will set you straight.
The truth will enlighten you.
But that truth is just my truth.
I know what my truth can do to you.
I know it will rumble your foundation.
Change your picture.
But I don’t share my truth.
I’m afraid.
I’m afraid it will hurt you.
I know you are not ready.
And I care about you.
So I lie.
And we are both prisoners.
Her love touches
My heart
Every day
I'm in love with you
Every day,
She's my dream come true
An Angel from above
And I love you,
She's always
There for me
Through good times
And sad times,
Your love for me
It's so
Peaceful and beautiful
Every Time you touch me
I fall in love with you
Because I truly love you..
True Love
din le lo May 20
I met a woman who I felt was more important than all the women I had met before her.

Letting go of my previous life was the only way I could ensure I had the longest time on earth with her.
Grey May 18
Only the ingenuity of true poets
could describe the indescribable.
Karijinbba May 17
The tide of time
does not **** love,
instead in its wholy good wisdom Mr. time anesthetizes true love, inwards bleeding it's gap misfortune.

Thus, wise lover investigate, aid protect win your sleeping beauty bride
changing Earth
lost and found.
"glued together baby."

yes three babies three grand kids our children lost
reborn our spiritual kids
my children are yours.
By; Karijinbba
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a split second of true love never dies even if
loves blossoms don't grow.
G** in it's infinite mercy love
offers blooms rebirth.
In every rose you give away
we continue glued together.
Lara May 17
Do you know me?
Do you actually know me?

Or are you just assuming how I am by my looks?

I don’t know what you think or how you see me

But you don’t seem to know me

I am me

And I never showed you who I am

You just assumed it

Like I’m a rumor

Everything somebody says about me is true.

That’s a lie.

I don’t know what people tell about me and I actually don’t think I’m anybody’s topic.

I am just me

And if you would ask me

I would show you who I am and how I am

Because I am me
I am just me
And I don’t allow everybody to see me
To see the real me

Because I am the real me
See me how I am or see me how you want to see me

Don’t judge
Ask if you want to know something about me
Don’t assume
Just ask it

Because I am just me and actually not here to judge people by their looks

I am here to find out who some people really are

Because everybody is just a me

And somebody may not know me
Do you know me?
Mae May 9
if you're not sure about me
then go, leave, and let me be
life in itself is already made up
of thousands of uncertainties,
I sure don't want your love
to be one of the many
You have the hands of an aristocrat
Your slender fingers are bejeweled
With fingernails as sharp as a cat's
Finely polished and buffed beauties
Your velvet skin seems to attract
All the men that ask for your hand
But you kick them under the mat
Because they don't ask for you heart.
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