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You know it’s late
when the sun comes back up.
Light drifting through the
supposedly-black-out curtains.
You know it’s late
when there’s footsteps above you
from smaller feet, running around
“attempting” to be quiet.
You used to be those footsteps.
You know it’s late
when your eyes are burning
but they still can’t close.
You still can’t sleep.
You know it’s late
when you wake up after
never falling asleep the night before.
You know it’s late
when the tears won’t stop.
You know it’s late
when your mind won’t shut up.
When you have to be at church
in three hours,
but all you can think is
-it’s not true it’s not true it’s not true-
When you close your eyes but
-it’s not true it’s not true its not true-
When you tell your mom you just have a headache but
-it’s not true it’s not true its not true-
When you need to of been asleep six hours earlier but
-it’s not true it’s not true it’s not true-
And it’s seven AM at night and you’re
scratching out poetry
hiding in the dark of your basement like always
all cause
When it’s all you have
All you’ve ever hoped
All you’ve ever known
And it’s not true
It’s too late
Tell me you love me tell me you swear
That when I get wrinkles you’ll still care,
But tell me this only if you would
Because if you lie you’re gone for good.

Tell me I’m beautiful and I look like a star
Tell me you’ll think about me no matter where you are,
But tell me only if you mean it true
Because if you lie I’m done with you.

Tell me you love me and I’m the best
Tell me I’m better than all the rest,
But tell me only if you mean what you say
Because I can’t love you if you’d lie that way.

Tell me you’d miss me if I was gone
Tell me if I died you could never move on,
But tell me that only if you mean it every moment you live
Because a lie like that I could never forgive.

Tell me you’d climb to the highest mountain just for me
Tell me you’d swim to the bottom of the deepest sea,
If you truly love me then tell me all this is true
But if you say no then never again will I see you.

True love isn’t just a silly game
It’s only true if you feel the same,
And I’ll undo anything you’ve ever done
If you tell me I’m the one.
True love
Mar 1d
his affection
has an effect on me
that i cannot easily describe
a mix of happiness,
and fear.
maybe math is the foundation
maybe math is essence
maybe math tells us everything

or maybe not

maybe it's a trick
or a bad logical conclusion
based on faulty logic
or wrong assumptions
or poor observations
or just crappy minds
is math universal?

or universally wrong?
KW 2d
it happened at night
December 20th 1969, my first kill
two kids in their car
you'll have to wait till

April 30th, 1967
i wrote my letter
bates had to die
nothing will get better

now take it back to 1969
last day of July
San Francisco Chronicles first letter
I bet everyone wanted to cry

it's now the 70's
still haven't been caught
i did talk to two police officers
maybe they didn't think of the distraught

i like the attention
and all the fame
to bad you don't know me
i wonder who you'll blame

I've killed a lot of people
I'd say 37 about
you still don't know me
are you losing all doubt

today will be my last letter
1974 in the middle of April
i wonder who will play me in my movie
whoever it is will be shameful

my case is unsolvable
no one cam believe it
they can't find me
i could always go back if i could commit to it

i hope you enjoyed my story
keep my case on track
everybody keeps on wondering
i am and will be the Zodiac

the true joy
in being found
is the realization
someone was searching


rob kistner © 2018
Brief contemplation.
I'm broken
Now I'm woken
Everything was forspoken
And after you misspoke
I realized what you were
I realized your true intentions
She intervened and the whole relationship changed
I'm sorry I let her mess up my mind
I just wanted to help you

You saw the bad side of me while I brought out the best in you
I want to take you to a dimension where nothing comes in between us
We rarely spoke
But the time we spent together always made a huge impact on me
Cause each letter you say to me
Makes me either smile like an idiot
Break down like a crying infant
Mad like a monster
Blush as red as a tomato
Sad as the time moves on and destroys everything in its way
But most of all love as if it never existed between anyone
Only between us

You are in my blood
Each blood cell lives and dies for you
Each thought is only on you
I can't describe how im feeling
I  miss your messages
I miss your sarcasm
I miss your smile
I miss your hair
I miss your eyes
I miss your laughs
I miss your body
I miss your touch
I miss your snaps
I miss your stories
I miss your talks
I miss your loving messages
I miss your sad messages
I miss your mad messages
I miss your voice
I miss your smell
I miss your heartbeat
I miss your breath
I miss your love for dark chocolate
I miss your obsession for pizzas
I miss each nanometer of your skin
I miss everything about you
From the tiniest details to the most observable ones

Want to know how I feel when you left
Imagine a box
Lock yourself in it
And you have the key
But even though you can escape it
You stay inside
Guess why?
Cause the box represents you
Even though you left me
I live inside you
I have to move on
But moving on without you isn't what I planned
Moving on without you is the worst thing and I hope I never move on
I hope you come back
I'll fight the universe for you
Nothing will stand between us
Just your love is all I need
But I'm left here all alone
I'm sorry for everything I did.I just wanted to love you more...
Radi 3d
I tried. He tried.
We were oil and vinegar.
We weren’t meant to be together but
the gold words on the wedding ring said “ a true love is a promise forever”
Madison 3d
for some people, love is still pure and good
something you'd never think could
do you harm
the comforting arm
around one's shoulder
growing special as one grows older
i envy those who still are in love
those who still get butterflies
the stars in their eyes
the ones who bubble over and blush
as their blood rushes through their veins
those who have yet to feel the pain of true love

they say you don't know what true love is
until that person rips your heart out
leaving you to bleed out
all over the floor
and nothing in the world
could ever be more true.

first you think you'll never find love again
after your true love comes to an end
you're a goner, your mind wanders and you ponder
the thought of dying alone when you're old
you're sold that that is your destiny
then the anger rushes through you

you hate the person who was your everything
who is now your nothing
you wish hell upon them
as your stomach turns
you want their body to burn
the way your heart burned for their touch
you could never get enough, fuck
here you go again

you start to feel the sadness
feels like madness
wondering how long it will last, it
doesn't forever I promise
you just need to let the tears out
no matter what you're crying about
don't keep it inside
or after some time
you will feel like a bomb waiting to explode
even though
you don't want them to see
how bad you are suffering

for some people, love is still pure and good
but for me, it is ruined for good.
easiest thing to write about. thank god I don't feel this way anymore, but I did for a long time.
How many men fit inside
a commom four man tent?
I can't make this up, true dat my friends! :(
Wow, and then, he asked what a sleeping bag was!
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