Her eyes
Grey and deep
Look straight into you're heart

Her lips
Soft and red
Mimic the inside of a rose

Her voice
Gentle but strong
Can make you fall in love

But it's her inner beauty
That's what makes her truly magnificent

Nylee 1d

I listen to lies I tell myself
They're so true!

electra 2d

Your summer skin,
It's like home to me,
Of when we were younger,
And everything seemed impossible,
At least to me.
You used to hold me in your arms,
And I'd listen to your heart beat,
Until it was time to go.

With your summer skin,
Always came with the scent of your cologne,
The scent I'd want my sheets to smell,
To drug me to sleep.

Your summer skin,
Always came with trouble.
Doubts and infidelity,
And I could not help but to wonder,
If I was worthless,
And if there was someone better.

Your summer skin,
Was good while it lasted,
Because when summer was over,
So were we,
And I just couldn't look,
Because it was killing me,
To see your hand entwined,
With someone that was not me.

Your summer skin,
Was my heaven.
It's as if summer was yesterday,
But I cannot relive the past,
To revive the monster in you.
Perhaps you live in regret,
But we're not young anymore,
So cherish me in your memories,
And you'll forever live in mine,
And so will summer.

She was different from the rest
She was a furnace
Different from the plastic girls
I used to date
She was true to who she was
She melted the fake to the floor
If you could withstand her heat
She would sharpen you like a sword
So blacksmith I became and with her fire
She engulfed me in love into her flame

I never knew,

One queen can change the world.
Overwhelmed by the earths need
Clouds are grey and history repeats.
A change is seeked
As this beautiful queen steps foot on this earth
And plants a loving seed.

I never knew,

The grass gets greener on this side of earth,
Where the air is polluted
The waters in every lake and pound shower to shallow
And the mountains grow steep
But I guess that's love getting deeper.

I never knew,

A rainbow can form over the tallest mountain
Tops are frozen with snow
Some people wonder how in this drenched weather
Can 2 worlds come together.
Now what do we have ?
Peace & Happines
A world never showed.
Look up to the clouds
No doubt you'll see a change in the sky !
A breath of fresh air;
When 2 worlds collide.
                                                        ­    © MH

My dear Ayachi..

I am blessed to have a friend like you...
You are my soul
Who lifts me up mole by mole..
I am blessed to have a bestiee like you...
You are my benevolent best friend...
You belong to my heart....
I am blessed to have a angel like you..

A friend like you is hard to find...
Which touches the core of my heart from inside...
Our bond is very special...
It makes the world seen favourable..

You are always there for me
Whenever I am in trouble..
I too want your trouble to vanish like a bubble..
You help to heal my injured heart
Whenever I am sad.
Your friendship is the bestest gift I have ever got..

Even if we are far from each other now..
But our souls are still and will always be together...
I want you to be with me till my doomsday arrive..
I aspire for your ravishing life..

The bond between us is so strong
That even demise cannot breach to do wrong..
I'm glad that God blessed me,
With a good friend such as you....

I will always stay beside you
Whenever things go wrong..
Even if I am not with you in your happy times but you better understand  I will never let you be alone in your bad times..
Never turn away from me,
I can't bear to be apart.
All the pain and suffering,
Will be too much for my soft tender heart...

I wish you have a beautiful life
Cut the problem with the love 's knife..
You were my best friend..
You are my best friend and
you will always remain my best friend..
Keep the smile..
Leave the tension...
Feel the joy...
Forget the worries..
Hug the peace..
welcome the happiness..
It really hurts me
When you are in a problem..
Keep in mind I am your chingles and you are my mishri...
The doors are always open for you
You can seek my help anytime you want..
I will always be there for you at the odd hours too my bestiee
You are sweet, kind understanding mishri...
I eagerly wait for the 25 december 2025
The day we have woven to meet again..

Penned  with lots of love.. miss you my friend..waiting for you.. god bless you my friend.. May the bond between us be immortal.. May God speckle his blessings on you and make your life overflowing  with joy...happiness... have a beautiful path in the journey of your life... i wanna see you blooming like a flower.. god bless you my friend.. my bestiee.. My sweet mishri..

This poem is dedicated to my sweet best friend ...
Max Southwood Aug 12

In darkest forests where magic hides
In deepest oceans with stranger tides
In vast canyons where the eagle flies
Exists a love that never dies

Through dense fogs and cloudy skies
Burns a fire that shines so bright
And in that light I see your eyes
Where our love could never die

In these forests we'll reside
In the oceans we'll own the tide
On the backs of eagles we will fly
To these lands, where love never dies

In these lands we will reside
I will be yours and you'll be mine
I will love you till the end of all time
And our love will never die

A shift in focus, a change of pace.
Julie C Smith Aug 11

See her sitting there in the candle light
The golden shimmer makes her hair shine so bright
A blanket of linen, velvet and lace
Keeping her warm and the glow on her face

More like a mirage, a pale reflection
Of her inner thoughts and affections
Of a love more radiant than the candlelit room
And more lasting than the ageless old Moon

As she sits in her house on the hay covered floor
She wishes for a guitar and her man to play for
A song that's more beautiful than every diamond and pearl
A song from the heart of the last good girl

I wrote this just now in the candle light
The Writer Aug 10

you shake your head
and chuckle

as if the thought of
me without you
is an impossibility

i am a woman
an unshakable force

my thoughts are mapped
like constellations
throughout the stars

i am a woman
my iron will stands strong

my happiness
depends on no one
but myself

i am a woman
complete and whole

i am not a
broken machine
who needs fixing

you can laugh that laugh
and roll your eyes

but i do not want you
and certainly
i do not need you

because no matter what
i am a woman

God I loved his eyes. They held the whole ocean. When he was happy, they were a clear, radiant blue. They were usually slightly crinkled around the corners as he laughed or smiled, with no trace of a storm.

But when he was angry? Oh, that was a completely different matter. They were gray, murky, and blazing with rage. Those eyes could burn a whole in your heart.

When he was sad? They turned icy, cold, totally unlike him. There were a few clouds, but mostly just ice. This hurt me the most.

The day he left, they were an odd mix of the three. Those eyes swallowed me whole and I'm still trying to get out of them.

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