Reality takes courage. It's always fierce, wild, moody and unexpected. If you are strong enough to read reality,  I welcome you to this post.

Inside her mother's womb,  with delicate soul and everything new.
She was ready to arrive, ready to live her life.

She saw these two guards who never left her apart.
With big eyes, smooth hair she would look at her mother and thanked for the beauty she inherited.
With tall height, easy laugh she would look at her dad and thanked for the aura he showered.

She walked free on the streets, with her favourite clothes, strapless, backless and thanked for the freedom she possessed.
She layed on the seamless grass, with her favourite shorts, waxed legs and thanked for the furry land.

Time passed, she grew up.
Her brain, her deeds, her breast, her booty.

She started pouring out her own blood for which she was considered impure, untouchable seven days every month.

She started wearing long tops, to hide her junk cause though natural they gifted her everything unwanted.
First love, then force. Forced touch.

She started using filters.
The foundations, the concealars, the apps cause though she was beautiful, she couldn't trust her own blush, her own lash.

She curled her hair, forsaking her natural layer cause though she loved her mother's gift.
He actually never cared.

She named her inheritance,  her body, her heart all as his cause though she loved the little talks, warm cuddles, he loved inserting himself, hearing her moans and ignoring her inside kid.

She started thinking what's wrong, what's right.
She may run back to her guards but she couldn't cause though she craved for her past life everything was the same held tight by a pair of manly hands, holding her breast, holding her booty forcing deep touch but calling it love.

You'll never find her cause though she exists she doesn't speaks.
But you may help her cause though you don't know her, wildfire her message.

Be your girls man, become her Gentleman.

This piece of writing is completely raw and late night thing.
However, I must say it's true.

Your feedbacks are honoured and appreciated :)


“It was fun while it lasted” they said

“It was painful when it ended” was my reply.

I know right...

Sweet little laughter
From these half-meant jokes of us
Makes me fall truly

Haiku #12
Mel 7d

Loving you was like the ocean
I fell deeper every second
Engulfing waves crashing over me
Drowning me in the thought of you - of us
I looked up at the sky above me
Clouded by the fear that you’ll leave me
And after you made me face my fears, by leaving
The rain came down through my eyes
It poured for days, months
And it kept on raining
Oceans, the sky, the rain
They were all the same
They were all blue
And loving him was no different
Loving him was blue

Sam Sep 10

I tried to tell myself I wasn't sad today.

I've never really been good at lying though.

I watched the moments of silver haired lifers.
In a garden of forgotten
and overgrown things.

I could not help but notice the rust of it,
the splinters of it
how thirsty it all was.
Like an old coat of paint
on an old field plow

He would bring her a queen's many flowers
in a wheelbarrow sarcastically too small
stopping and going like Morse code words
always looking three steps away
from 5 O'Clock lemonade
and a porch swing pipe.

But not that stubborn barrow.

It moved with him, supporting that beauty.
A brave thing, a tested thing, a balanced thing.

Through the days they slowly wore
a rut through that garden.
An arching scar left by an underfed tire
All for the smiles of passersby
and the twinkle in an old mothers eyes.

I felt the words on the wind just then
"I hope to find love like theirs one day"
I whispered back
"I hope to find love like that wheelbarrow"
one day.

I just dreamed of someone as cute.

Crazy & loving to fall for my love,
Amazing it is for me to get her love,
Reading her truthful heart in love,
Exactly the lover I wanted to love.

Another dream it seems temporary,
Boastful we will not be ever here,
Ostensibly she loves me to be near,
Ultimate heartfelt emotions surface,
Targeting my efforts I will be for you.

Your divine heart inside is so cute,
Of forever separation I have fears,
Uncountable heartbreaks scare.....

My HP Poem #1659
©Atul Kaushal
Nxkip Sep 7

Her smile, her sound was
Her laugh, her act was
Everyone knows her as
They thought to.
But that's the one side that
She showed you.

Now----I'll (s)how you the-----TRUE.
The (a)nother side that you never ----know
No one,No thing can show.
Unless e.e. coming woul(d) can.

Her smile,her sound still
Her laugh, her act still
But when you know her deeper; you'd know
THE -------- TRUE.

Some Funny pp aren't always funny.

You said i crave difficult
You said you were "difficult"
If difficult is not wanting to die
If difficult is loving myself
If difficult is happiness
If difficult is feeling butterflies in my gut
If difficult is having a future
If difficult is a german shepherd
If difficult is shared cigarettes
If difficult is soft whispers
If difficult is a reason to wake up
If difficult is a busy small apartment
If difficult is holding each other
If difficult is hours upon hours of plans
If difficult is feeling complete for once
If difficult is laughing and smiling
If difficult is a loving embrace
If difficult is a rebellious fire
If difficult is puppy kisses and tight grips
If difficult is pancakes
If difficult is an angel, you
If difficult is the love of my life
If difficult is the stars in the sky
If difficult is love letters
If difficult is puppy kisses
If difficult is sleeping soundly
If difficult is a reassuring hand
If difficult is peace
If difficult is too many blankets on the bed
If difficult is an open heart
If difficult is being yours
If difficult is us?
You're Goddamn right I want difficult.
Ad astra per aspera.

might add more to this later i miss him
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