Maria 13h

I am your most willing victim
And You were my destined shotgun
Those bullets are your deathly goodbye
Splattered blood and overflowing tears
Was the sole witness of this crime
Of how i almost died and tried to survive
You caused this big empty hole in my chest
Unclosed to eternally bleed
Salty-scraped bitter wounds
With utter confusion and dismay
Still this heart — aches for your love

Everyone is leaving
My heart is breaking
the torture inside is heavy weighing
This life has gone to the point of torture
yet the tears remain silent

My face is a mask to hide what I feel
No one must know the pain that is real
The face who shows boredom and laughter
The face that everyone sees

Just shows the mirage that a tortured soul created
All who think I am a happy soul has not learned
To look past my perfect mask
The mask of happiness
Love and laughter

Here’s a true story:
I was walking home one day
You whistled over at me
But I didn’t look your way

“Hey Baby, turn those legs around”
Crossing the street, you looked me up and down
“C’mon, angel, let’s go get a drink”
But I returned a frown

I’m not your angel, baby
I won’t save your shallow soul
Didn’t hurt when I flew down from heaven
But it will when you rise from below

You can try to drag me down
But my wings burn to the touch
If you ask me what I think of you
I’ll reply “Not much.”

Don’t try to put me in my place
I’m soaring high above
Your ideas of my purpose
And I don’t need your love

I’m not your angel, baby
I won’t join your sultry soul
Didn’t hurt when I flew down from heaven
But it will if you crawl from below

I’m a strong, proud, woman
I was created to be free
I’m not yours for the taking, baby
See, I belong to me

Chan S 4d

Hurt People Hurt People
Yes This Is True
But When Will You Learn
From What Hurt You?

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Listen. Do you hear it yet?
The sound is golden
and so very true--
My heart has started beating again
all because of YOU. ❤️

A dear Friend found me again!

True love never dies
It keeps fossils breathing
Hid in this closset heart
Its ghosts the memories done
Distant this bygones be
By date and not feeling
Forever and gone
This thoughts still breathing
Though this heart lame
On crutches doth it still stand
Wounds still bleeding,
Scars become a tattoed memorial
To reminisce
And forever miss.

To my love lost in physical presence and not lost in my heart, To those who gave up on loving me, I still breathe for you.
Eiram N 5d

Trust is a keen knife
a double-edged blade
for those people who revel in its power
and simultaneously condemn its impermanence.

Because while you swore you love me,
it didn't stop the inevitable from happening.
We still


It fascinates me how two beings at one second
are willing to pour their hearts out
and deliver an ultimatum etched in blood
But in another second they would have chosen
to kill their relationship--their “us”--a million times over
than to start at it again from the beginning.

Friends to foes, kin to arch nemesis,  
do we cry because it's over,
or smile because it happened?

And the more I know you, the more I come to recognise the fact that
you have aimed this blade at my heart since Day One, and you would have had
the beautiful moments we shared and the worlds we traversed; mini colonies,
Built up and broken down
Built up and broken down
Over and over again.

               By Eiram N

Michael Jun 17

Once we were in love but I was afraid. everyone I had held dear moved on as I was left standing still hoping for their return. When you came to me I ran away but you gave chase made me love you and kept chasing until I stopped running. Eventually you turned your back on me and I gave chase but you'd hurt me too much and soon my legs gave way and another caught me but I still long for you the one who loved me the one who showed me what love was showed me true love. a love I'll never forget

MATH Jun 16

I can’t tell my story because to you it’s not as bad as it seems.
But to me It’ll never get better, I can’t follow these dreams
But if you took the time to truly know who I am
You would see the real me and you would truly understand
That these dreams I’m supposed to follow have always been bad.
Been feeling like a kid because I’m never happy just mad.
But it can’t be sad because I got my mom
She’s a single parent and she works hard and she stays strong
And I got my family and they all seem like they are great
But it’s all fake, you just made a mistake, you just wait
You thought since they are family they have to support me
They can’t even say they’re proud, there’s no pride for me
I can’t remember the last time my mom said she love me
Can’t remember when she said that she was even proud of me.
She never could really say it. I always thought I did something wrong
Been seeming ungrateful to her when I just wanted to get along
With her… With my sisters. The people that should love me and be there
About me? Do they even care? Should I show them the real me?
In this world it’s never fair, you just can never be free
But I’m fighting for my life and they just can’t. They can’t see.
I try to fight it, but fail so then I have to hide it…
The darkness inside takes over and gets jumpy and excited
An endless cycle I never know just what to do
It consume my body, it’s taken over my body
And then I’ve lost control, don’t know where to go
It’s taken over my soul, but I just have to go with the flow
Yeah, I was a troubled kid, my dad hurt me by leaving
Then I felt like I was to blame so I became a heathen
I took my pain out on others so they could feel how I feel
I finally let it all out and showed that this pain is really real
The feelings. The feelings I have inside
I just bottle up and try to hide
This pain that’s running through my veins. It’s driving me insane.
So tired of this game, But who is there to blame, because it’s not me!
No, It’s not me. Just wait and see. You are going to see. The true person I’m meant to be.
Just wait and see.

MATH Jun 16

I’m the one who loves you oh so much.
The one’s whose heart melts at your touch.
I’m the one who loves your love handles.
I’m the one who loves when you ramble.
I’m the one who loves all your flaws.
The one who wouldn’t judge you at all.
I love your laugh and your smile. I love your voice and love your style
But only if I could share, this love that’s truly there.
I don’t want fake so with my heart, don’t play.
I love you to the moon and back, I’m here to always stay
Because I’m the one...

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