If you haven’t existed I would have created you
Written you word after word
With blue eyes and red lips
Like the dream I had that day
When my heart started beating again
As the rain whispered you exist

If you haven’t existed I would have created you
Written you row after row
With curly hair and invisible wings
So we could fly together above the clouds
Embraced as now
Day after day waiting for the sunrise

If you haven’t existed I would have created you
Written you page after page
With smiling eyes and gentle soul
Painted you in the colors of the light
So I could find you when it’s dark
And you could kiss me when it’s hard

If you haven’t existed I would have created you
Written you poem after poem
Drawn you line after line
Until my mind went completely blank
For you have countless rainbows inside your soul
Without which the world would not exist

Copyright Afrodita Nestor

I steer clear from the things that remind me of you
But they always find me
Everywhere I go there's always a bit of you
You're everything I see
Evertime I sing, everything I write
Ends up being about you
Everytime I move, I want to move next to you
But you're nowhere near me

Everything I do it's always about you
Every chord I play, every song I make, every word I say

Every single thing I do
It's always
About you

For Jig

The night air
prompted me
to act upon
my true inhibitions
putting them to sleep
and oh the wonders
that the wishing

For 15yrs we had a love that was pure and true
A love so perfect I feel that I'm bound to you
Bound like the intertwining vines on a wisteria
Behind you, beside you, in front of you surrounding you forever
The time will come when you leave this place of chaos and hysteria
To free yourself from this cage of confusion
Not knowing what is real or what is a delusion
We may meet again in another time and place
Forever in my heart you have a special space
With all that is happening
I would still live this life a thousand times over again and again
So I could have you once more not only as my lover but also as my friend

break me down to tiny pieces
like you always do
saw my bones in half with your contention,
sharp like a blade
kiss me with your razor-edged tongue
choke me with your greedy hands
pull me under, let me sink like a stone
let me bleed out this love I have for you
then sew me back up with your broken promises
burn the rough edges to make me look brand new

I'm a 40-hour a-week'er,
365 days a mommy,
But nobody calls me 'wife',
Sleepy most days,
Donuts no glaze,
Navigating a new life.

Written in 2017

2 adults strong,
2 little girls silly,
My family adds up to 4,
Reading all day,
Pictures I take,
New adventures galore.

Wrote this in 2014. Only three years ago but feels much further.

You claim to want someone that
Betters you
But I know that isn't
Really true

You break my heart because you
See me
As incredibly important, but

I helped you when you
Were alone
Taught you things that would've
Stayed unknown
When I speak the whole room falls
Silent and listens
A star that more than shines
I glisten

Cunning, daring, brave, and true
Yet I am not enough for you?

You don't want companionship
You crave beauty and magnificence
That only goes skin-deep; if not
Then pure perfection is your love's cost

Don't leave me with this pristine sting
Of loving you without you loving me
I could give you everything
But you won't even look at me

Close your eyes and just love me
Or end my prolonged suffering

Some will claim that personality matters most. In my experience, they're lying.
Nylee 7d

Today ,
right now ,
is the beginning .
Tomorrow ,
is a beautiful illusion
which won't come true
till you start today .

DblNickel May 12

I've been cursed by a witch,
blessed by a pope,
traveled the seven seas,
cheated death thrice,
angel-saved twice,
and now reside in Tennessee.

I wrote this in 2004 when I was attending college in Johnson City TN, and it was the beginning of my life documented by verse.

Everything in this is true.
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