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Left To Rot May 9
After someone gives up on their life
there are always many to wonder "why?"
or say "I can't see a reason!"
when the answer was right in front of them
sometimes for years
and they just let it all slide.
The spring is coming and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I am at fault.
The cover of night has been comforting, safer.
I got used to the fact that I’m constantly frightful.

In my mind I was dreaming of happiness,
Searing light coming out of my soul.
Real life? I was sitting in silence.
Such a beautiful, heartless doll.

Oh, the process of waking was painful .
Don’t believe those who tell you it’s not.
You’re re-making yourself to be joyful.
When you’re done you will know your own worth.

The spring is here and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I feel the joy.
The birds are singing and it’s the best thing I’ve heard.
My light is within me and I’ve finally found my voice.
Jay M Apr 19
Once, long ago
A brilliant flash before
Saved forever in time
Faded in shades of greys
Like a photograph;
Black and white
One thing or another
Not shining in its entirety quite yet

Then, saturation of color and hue
Bring forth visions unseen
Slightly blurred at first,
Then in full detail
Sprawled out into glorious view

Though once, only raw and bare
Time brings it into exposure
Into the open air
Believe it or not
Some brought into the light of reality
As they are surely meant to be

- Jay M
April 19th, 2021
Just something new. Familiar.
My Dear Poet Apr 17
I’m collecting little broken pieces of me
piecing me together,
you see

a piece at a time
each fragment you’ll find
more of me

I’m collecting little broken pieces of me
I’m finding them in places
I used to be

beneath the books I’ve read
under the words I’ve said
in the things I’ve grown
behind things I’ve known

I’m collecting little broken pieces of me
placing them together,

and finally,
when I’m done
if I’m missing one
possibly two
know this
for this is true

I’m complete
as complete as can be
its in the missing pieces
I feel more like me
Ruchira Apr 17
They crushed her soul
Burned her body
What was remained ...
Was the cage ... Untouched ...
Beautiful Rhythms Of Love,
Vibrations of a touch,
Reaching deep in the dirt,
Are you a medium my dear?
My heart dead in waste,
You speak languages it hears,
Digging it out like diamonds bright,
In too deep I've lost this last rhyme.
Ha oh Muse, how I imagine your experience as if it exists, dont awaken my love if am not the one.
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