Haleigh 14h
when you're born a girl.
But don't feel like one.
When you are forced to go swimming and expose your body.
The one that causes all the pain and dysphoria.
Oh how much it sucks having boys staring at your boobs.
When you want to be one of them.
danny 19h
I was only ever trying to find the me in the we.
"Home' is a strong word.
That is exactly why I chose it.
I kissed my true love
Beneath the gurning sun,
I caressed my true love,
Until the sun was gone.
I planted seeds in my true love’s garden,
Employed my eager spade all day long,
I dug and dug in my true love’s garden
Until the planting was done.
Each seed became a flower,
Each flower became a sigh,
Pressed into her languid bower
As the night drifted slowly by.
In the morning, refreshed by the new sun,
In my true love’s garden bright
My work was finally done,
And I left with a horticulturalist's delight.
Everything he was,
everything he did-
was a constant effort
to be true to the image
he had of himself.

He reminds me of struggle
to be someone else
while believing that he is
struggling to be himself.
False love is egocentric,
Comes with looks and goes with looks.
True love is based on spirituality and ethics,
It is trustworthy and noble,
Loves humanity.
False loves lack commitment,
Does not fulfill promises,
True love takes responsibility of commitments.
False love is infatuation, love at first sight,
True love develops overtime,
Overlooking each other's shortcomings.
False love is falling in love
with the concept of love not with a person.
True love leads to a healthy stable relationship,
Where their jobs, families and friends have a right over them,
It has maturity.
False love leads to anxiety,problems and too much expectations.
True love is where there is satisfaction and patience.
False love gives pain,
True love brings peace.
A man without arms
Can still keep his charm
If he knew the way of the walk
And the one that is blind
Can win his way through line
If he knew just how to talk

But as for you my friend
You must not pretend
To be something or someone you’re not
For what is true charm
But that which will come
When you make the most of what you’ve got
Amanda 7d
What is a a soul really composed of?
This question is driving me mad,
I think about it, and it is disheartening,
The answer I lean towards is disappointing and sad.

Humans are made from flesh and bone,
Muscle, hair, 10 pints of blood,
Energy to efficiently move each part
A brain holding thoughts in a flood.

I am becoming very doubtful,
As I am writing these words down,
Is a soul what creates emotions,
Tells mouth to smile or frown?

We deny any possibility,
That ends with loss, sorrow, or pain,
I reach up for higher meaning,
Find no knowledge to gain.

Most people's beliefs rest upon a cloud,
Bathed in a golden glow,
I cannot put my faith in something,
No person for certain can know.

I worry souls are nothing else,
But feelings stemming from our brains,
If that is true, when our bodies leave this world,
And our last breath drawn, what remains?
Tay and i had this amazing discussion about what souls really are and i came to the conclusion that they are concentrated energy. I couldn't accept the obvious answer which is that they are an extension of our conciousness. What do you think?
I will forever love you
Never stop loving you
Never stop dreaming about you
Even after all the sadness in life
You will be forever in my heart
Never sad again forever our
Love shall never be apart.
Some say, you must not put to ink
those crazy thoughts that we think
For one day we may lose the paper
And oh! what trumpet will sound!
For if it were found
How loud will be the laughter.

But I say, it’s far better to write
with the words well in sight
than leaving the mockers blind
Then keeping your thoughts in your head
where they cannot be read
and one day lose your mind.
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved
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