My throat is aching with the words I cannot fathom saying to you
My hands are shaking because I wanted to hold your hand so fucking badly
My eyes cannot see straight because all that I am seeing is you and your bright blue eyes
My heart is racing so fast and I cannot catch my breath because you are making me laugh too hard

And then I stop
And then I remember I am not the one
And then I remember there's a beauty at home waiting for you to text her goodnight
And then I think about how she went to sleep alone, and I got to have your attention to myself for once in seven years

My voice is shaky as I tell you about my family and hold back tears because things are getting just too damn personal
My skin feels hot as I sit there and wait for you to touch me back
My legs quiver a bit as I hike my dress up higher so you can see the black lace on my panties
My smile forms a smirk as I think about you actually taking the bait and grabbing my face tightly and kissing me

And then I stop
And then I remember "just friends" do not look at each other like that
And then I remember "just friends" do not touch each other that way after dark
And then I remember how you're going to break her heart the same way I broke yours seven years ago

I cheated on you and you cheated on her.

I’ve never seen a love so true.
Never thought I’d get to see it bloom.
But I can tell she really does love you.
Hopefully one day I’ll get to see my brother be a happy groom.

I seen your hearts intertwine like tangled vines on a summers day.
You see and love each others flaws like there not even there.
When you are together you don’t seem like such a cliche.
It’s obvious to everyone the love you both willingly share.

You both are the mist on a spring day quietly uninterrupted civilization.
The trees and the grass growing unnoticeable.
When in your presents there seems to be absolutely no frustration.
You seem to fit each other so adorably.

In the same room you act so sappy.
And knowing your in good hands makes me happy.

Who am I?

I am born anew
By killing my past
While still holding onto "who?"

I reinvent my actions
To prove I am more than consequences

With every dagger slash
I cut the ropes bounding me

I am born anew
With fire in my heart
The heat pumping through my veins

The inferno is for you, my Iilium
I will now release it, and let you feel its warmth too

Sorry I haven't written a poem in a while, things have been going on in my life and I've been looking to reinvent myself. This may not be the best poem in the world but I needed to give a status update. Hope you enjoy it.
Paige 6d

My life is a lot like the English language.
None of it makes fucking sense.

Blois 7d

You could have been mine, instead
you choose to be yours. Bless you,
in the name of an uncertain god.
In all your wisdom, you choose to be true
to the one person that matters: yourself.

m e l i s s a Nov 12

sworn i
saw the
L i g h t

long before
i knew: it was
all of my (L o v e)
r e f l e c t i n g
back from


Love me
like i

i have buried our tired Love for ever
kyle dionysus Nov 11

True love isn't real. But I'd like to find someone that would be capable of making me question that ordeal.

(Thoughts keeping me from sleep)

Even if I want to speak truth,
I don't think I can
I don't know if I know the truth
do you? really?

Maybe truth reside somewhere far
I know what I thought about,
what I perceived truth
can be true, may be not?

I'm never entirely sure,
what I have as truth is true
or what is the colour of raw truth.
maybe that I'm clueless is the truth?
Anomaly Nov 9

I said I love you
And believe me,
Those words were true.
Baby, I saw rainbows in your eyes.
But why is everything now so blue?

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