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Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Eager emotions depart from their destination
For they have travelled all resisting
From heart to the eyes with caution
Then, tuple! Comes the first sound faintly

Tear shreds all around my eyes
And make me more alive
For, a teddy smiles with no lives
Tuple! Comes the sound from tear-hive

Tears come down kissing my red cheeks
Making me realize I care
Worries for me and mine leak
When tuple! Come the sound from eye glare

Tears cling to the cliffs of my face
Thought clings,” I feel more intensively
And express more intensively in every case
For tuple! Comes the sound intensively.

Last tear finally falls on the ground
Teaching emotions to have fluidity
If you stop—you drown
Then, tuple! Comes the last sound with serenity.
Mark Wanless Mar 31
and the mind is true
miracle creator you
we product of time
Robyn Little Mar 28
Lulu Little had a mysterious start to life

No mother father or siblings to speak of

Three nameless kids with one father

Absent to each, hers to keep clean

But you see

Lulu was thrown out onto the streets

Barefoot, pregnant and nowhere to call home

Then she was picked up and put in a shed

Giving birth to three babies alone

Then strange people came and took her away

She slept most of the day away

Arguing with the neighbors and a few mouthfuls in between

Occasionally she still wonders about her babies

In the night her new mother whispers to her about them

Lulu may have grandchildren by now

She certainly acts like a grandma

Moaning about her woes

Sitting in her chair licking her wounds

Falling asleep for 22 hours straight

Oh before I forget just let me reiterate

Lulu does all these things and she does

all these things because Lulu is a cat
Unto Him I am glued
my King of Prussia.
oxytocin- dopamine dilated
his pupils inside his blue green
as I entered Him, eons ago,
and never came out
He left but returned to my abode
for me or his Tequila.
I wanted to fall down crying beg him to take me with him to his heaven
Saving me from the hellish existence
But pain was greater then tears to convince HIM.
Into his song YESTERDAY I merged 
and with one voice we often sing it
from that time on and on.
I became his song his moon and stars.
Although our fame sleeps
as beauty rested in a glass coffin;
with one leap across the gap
chaos that one butcher
with medical ignorant lies
opened up and three
 of us got evaporated.

With one song each in heart
we bridged that chasm.
In his art we thrive yet for long.

To Him to his heart of gold
I slowly walk to, his ancient bride.
Into our holy temple of forever,
straight to his heart and open arms
United in one single thought.
Our own Taj Majal
to reign we did plan to build.

Into mine eye pupils, grasping
all of his substance in
his light projecting all was received
My intergalactic time traveler.
Interchangeable we are.

In me he finds more than wisdom
he finds truth a true artist.
Our true love bittersweet.

Before Him I Joyfully crumble kneeling
As he embraces my swollen
teary eyes and merging me
Into to his heart and arms
I surrender grace, charm
and complete trust.
In confining solitude
In the darkest of mine nights
My brightest sunny days
it's him I hear, love and seek.
I understand, worship
and adore him forever more
He's my true love! Luna tell Him!
That I love him the most.
Mr. And Mrs Andrew
And Karijinbba.
All rights reserved
ScaryGary Mar 17
Later I am going to extract a tooth on camera to show mind over matter. I am a dentist, although it has taken two months of work to pull one tooth. It is an art. A rotten and infected art
This is true, I'm sure any haters know where to fb page...I think I can start to like fb and fall under it's spell
ScaryGary Mar 13
i felt so safe, sleeping by the bear cave
and the honey he brought me kept me warm
the morning dew glistened while he danced for me
while i ate the honey

funny bear
you make my heart melt

last winter seemed like it lasted forever
and the frost froze off my toes
he carried me in some spring water, and cloves
i kissed him on his big old nose

i felt so good, laying there and dying
the comfort he gave me was irreplaceable

then i heard the hounds

he buried me in some cedar and pine needles
i could hear him climbing the big oak tree

the baying of the hounds must have lasted a hundred years
and i was still alive
so was he

then you came
you took out a pellet rifle
you started shooting my friend
you started shooting my friend

the excitement of the hounds grew
the hair on their backs stood on end
so did mine
so did his

why did you shoot my friend with that air rifle?
why did you shoot my friend 23 times?

i was laying there listening when he fell
when the dogs jumped on him, at your command
i listened while your dogs tore my friend to shreds
my friend didn't even make a sound

he was a good bear
such a good bear

he didn't bother anyone, and would have given the hide off his back
but you killed my friend and took his hide off his back

you killed my friend
you killed my friend!

you let your dogs tear him apart


i can still see you dancing
funny bear

you saved me from freezing last winter
my toes even grew back!

thank you, my friend
your warmth and love has kept me alive
the things you taught me will help me forever

will you please dance with me?
i miss you
Angela Rose Mar 12
I am irrevocably in love with you.
This is not a poem.
This is a confession.
This is an outpouring of my heart stings.
I am so in love with you that I needed to get it out on the internet and let the world know.
You possess my whole heart.
Oh dear God, I am so ******* in love with you.
Angela Rose Feb 24
I fall in love ever so quickly
I always have
It happens in an instant, it cuts, it stings and it leaves me with marks
The loves either leave me with an itchy scab that bleeds and peels away after a short period of time
Or the loves leave me with a scar that remains and shows everyone I’ve been a victim of something tragic
But perhaps, maybe just this once, the love will leave me with a scar that’s a reminder that something beautiful and deep has happened to me
Perhaps this time the scar is not a throwback to tragedy, but instead an ode to a future of stoic and life lasting connection
Ken Pepiton Feb 20
Thank you, but I have vowed
to accept the fact that luck is as good
a chance to take as grace,
no exchange, no earning luck, never was.

Good luck is only good, bad luck is a mistake,
a grasping at things that did occur,
to change
at sudden, certain, central points,
miss the aim as teleos is said to be a mistake,
the act of aiming
definite purpose, ala Napoleon hill, aim to ****,
train the brain to fear no death, not mine,
not the other guys,
I am the weapon,
possessed of the spirit of the bayoneted and bulleted,
points used to ****, flood the ******
Flanders fields, at that time of year, first the blade,
then the ear, then fields sing thanks and bloom
***** scarlet poppies… later in the spring

Aim at nothing, the mind
of the machine
gunner reacts, point and spray, if you pray,
I say,
pray for the man who takes careful aim,
and squeezes, knowing sudden
budges not the aim aimed true and followed

Machine gunner, pray for me.
not my mind, another guy, mentioned in another 502 limbode layer
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