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If you ever feel defeat
Your relationship gives you cold feet
You lose sleep
Move on
Like the beat on the song
Dont be sorry or wrong
The choice is yours
Are you truely content
Or struggling to breath through a blocked up air vent
A poem about being content in relationships
True love doesn't have to be verbalise,

If its true, its visible through the window in the eye.
If the eye is the window into the soul, the pupil is quite literally an opening into the eye. Lower down your gaze if you want to conceal the truth to avoid them seeing through your soul.
Offen think did Helen
make It to where she
heading, then I smile
sure she did the way
Helen was not afraid
to speak her mind she
would have let know
by now if
And who ever was on
gate duty at Heaven's
door when Helen arrived
would have received a
right good ear bashing
from my true fighter
who fought her last
fight to the and earned
her right to be there
Helen was a true fighter she fought for live to the bitter end sadly her last fight but never went down In the ring just took a standing count the continued to fight on
I hold respect in my soul.
For women who are gifts and also many other things...
True care
They know what they want...
So I hardly disrespect a miracle.. a gift
through being shallow and *****...I never taunt
I never try and be the power of any relations with a lady
I wish to win her heart through my inner heart shining through
No one earns a gift of such a beauty
without staying honest, clear, and supportive. Never shady
Although I might show attraction and also interest in her...
I slowly understand and grow to know her

For if I am ideal for such a miracle. She shall stay near me
grow with me
Show her interest in the most beautiful of ways
As we slowly win each other's hearts

Their is never any doubt
As we look into each other's eyes
spending every moment we can, together

Enjoying the bond in which it starts.

The miracle comes as she notices more than my looks
and sees into my eyes and true patterns of communication

As I see into hers and feel a mutual energy
drawing us together
to enjoy each other's companionship
In dreams of yesterday
with thoughts of
tomorrow and of days
still to come, my mind so
mixed up and confused
grief such a terrible thing
to try and come to terms
When you've shared your
love with someone you
never ever want to be
apart from, the one you
truly love, the one made
for you In
True love Is when you hate being apart never wanting to be alone
Joie Yin Aug 24

An old man sat with patience
On the bench he waited for her
He smiled sweetly on her appearance
Hand in hand they walked together.

In the garden full of greens
The lovebirds chatted with laughter
As if they were in movie scenes
The way they looked at each other.

He ****** her hair gently
Her hair clip he'd bought years ago
Still intact she placed it neatly
That is the little pink flamingo.

Pleasant breeze they enjoyed
As they continued walking
Her fragile nature shivered
In her thin floral dress clothing.

He took off his outer layer shirt
Naturally putting it on her shoulders
She joked about wearing a skirt
He thought she was full of wonders.

He recalled her bravery
She reminisced his sacrifices
They've come far in life's journey
Counting their little happiness.

As I watched from a distance
I felt a pinch of sweet jealousy
Witnessing true love's existence
Yet wishing them to stay as lovely.
Joie Yin
i've been having good dreams of you every night
i hope you know i want to make them into reality

It's 9:17.
It's night
And I still go to bed crying
With you on my mind
and I still go to bed in agony
of the memories I refind
and I still go to bed writing poems filled with pain
because of a constant loss

This loss that remains is constant
and the thought of you stays and is stagnant
The suffering wallows me and the depression follows lead
It's been over a year and honestly I fear that maybe im insane to even shed a tear
and to think you dont even have a sense of the time, it's been a year
and when I speak, you barely ever even want to hear

you're wallowing in your own self-doubt and love stories
not thinking about the doubt that you leave in others
what love stories you are a part of and the perspective that they may lead, following you
I remember always rhyming love with true and love with you and quite differently than my heart may tell
true love doesn't come with you, you aren't true, you can't even find truth and meaning in the one constant that you
always fall back to
J Nov 5
And then,
you’ll know
you have loved,
and by “loved”
I mean truly
loved someone,
when you can’t
bring yourself
to hate them
no matter how
much they’ve
hurt you.
Loved. Have you ever?
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