While walking with my mother
after a visit to see my brother
we passed a charity volunteer
on a day bright, cold and clear

bellowed the woman to my mother's anxiety
"Is she selling something?", mother guessed
she refuses to have a hearing test.
a true tale from today
Feelings true
Really into you
Ideally just us too
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ©️®️
Mike D 2d
They say ignorance is bliss
But I prefer chocolate
February 21, 2018

All rights reserved.
A treasure is unlike a present
Because it is not simply handed to you
It is a rare and valuable reward
That you must spend time and energy to pursue

And once you've sought out and
Acquired your gems that sparkle and glow
You must take care and protect your treasure
In something hidden such as a trove

In this trove she'll sit and wait
To be gazed upon and loved
Just make sure to appreciate her
Or else she'll escape and fly away like a dove

See, a treasure trove is like a safe
And not like a cage or a drawer
You must take out your treasure sometimes for show
And admire her all the more
written february 21, 2018
Every night I wet my pillow with tears
As if gods listening to my prayers

Life seems to be fun with you
I can't imagine how that happiness, just flew
I hope you always knew
That my love was true

How easy for you to forget those days
Nothing is as heavy as this pain weighs
When you truely love someone and after sometime when they don't care about you anymore, The only things you are left with are tears and prayers
Savi 7d
a glorious full nights sleep,
awoken sweetly by a soft peep.
rolling over to see my love,
a true gift from God above.

how did I get so lucky?
some days, I feel like a junkie,
requiring true loves kiss.
without it, I’ll fall into the abyss.

his love for me brightens my world.
I would spend my life laying next to him, curled.
I’d be lost forever without my Sun,
for our hearts beat as one.

I’ll stay with him til the end of our days,
I’ll even follow him through the haze.
they say eternity is a long time,
but not long enough for me and mine.
He gently raised his hand, placing it ever so softly on her cheek,
And stopped for a moment—
He could foresee his future changing, felt in his bones his destiny altered,

And then he kissed her.
Brilly 7d
We loved

Long walks on rainy days
Late night adventures at Dennys
Conversations about things much bigger than the two of us

Our love

Banana Pancakes
Jack johnson
Eating heart shape brownies on valentines day
Laughing so hard I drool chocolate on your white t-shirt
With anyone else I'd be embarrassed
But we....
Laugh all the way from the cafeteria to Mrs. Cooks classroom and back
Of course I didnt forget
That day
The way
You made me laugh
Feel it in your toes
Throughout your entire body
Pure joy

Our love

Dreaming big
Making bucket lists
On that blue couch
Where we fell in love
"If you're a turtle I'm a turtle"
Inside jokes that no one understands
We were the best kind of cheesy

We loved

It would last forever
Like maybe it still could last forever?
Soulmate is cliche
But the way it feels when we're together...
Like I've been waiting
For you


Our love

My entire life
**I wasn't sure how to end it.. **
Alison Ilene Feb 16
Not everything requires words
Feel and B true
U will find U
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do anything.
-Brooke Allison Ilene Anselment©️®️
Angela Rose Feb 15
He said I was so beautiful
I said beautiful was an incredibly lazy, unappealing and shallow way to describe the soul that inhabits my body

That soul is full of yearning for tomorrow
She is constantly hunting for the next adventure and looking for it in places nobody else looks
Her mind is full of words and lyrics and melodies
Her heart is so overflowing with love and compassion and kindness for even the smallest of creatures
She can smile in a corner to herself thinking of jokes from weeks ago, and that smile still lights up a room
She sometimes laughs out loud at her own hilarity and everyone in the room is caught up in the contagion that is her giggle
Her whole demeanor rests on the sole fact that she wakes up and does better than she did yesterday

So sure, beauty is a sweet word
But beautiful sure is a lousy way to capture my soul's presence.
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