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i. How to justify running away
there was no solid ground to stand on
earth to sink into.
a remember-me-not
of dirt.

ii. How to describe anxiety
laying on the edges of paper
slicing arteries of the throat,
the jugular veins,
forcing a sort of not cry/moan/scream/whimper.

iii. How to talk about unrequited love
push open the wound
accidentally scarring the memory
into skin.
writing calligraphy from the bloodstream.

iv. How to know what's home
slinking back to cotton
to caress and cover and rebuild
weary soul.
let a candle be the lighthouse.

v. How to write about someone who will never write back
oh these relentless intakes of air
that rattling the rib cage,
why is love only fair
when its finished to the bottom of the page.
Dancing all alone
Not a care within this Earth
Although they'd say that I'm wrong
I see beauty in my worth
I don't need to be tied down
To stay flawlessly modest
Or to feel that I have value
I'm an art piece that's costless
I don't have to be a beast
Cause I'm single at the least
Why can't I just love myself
First I need some inner peace
Then I can go out and dance
Mingle in the crowd of chance
Possibly find love at sea
I don't need to though, you see
It's a thing I can desire
But romance can be just one
You should come first, at least prior
Don't be sad, go have some fun.
If no one else will...

Chocolate is on sale after VD.
Esmé Jan 31
My little muse,
you feel everything tremendously.
Nurture your soul,
overflowing compassionately.
Light of my life,
Giving love generously.
Go for the depths,
Seek out your curiosity.
Grow with grace,
Touch every heart accordingly.
Playful small being,
You shed light so joyously.
i talked to my mother about you
about how you broke my heart
and how i might have done worse on you
i told her lately you and me feel like a lost cause
and that even if i try you don't want to be found anymore
there nothing harder than loving someone who doesn't wanna be loved
mother said maybe its time to admit that
i have been holding onto something that doesn't wanna stay
that i only grew my nails
to have something to blame for the way my skin bleeds
Maddie Cribbs Jan 24
It's not about getting the prettiest girl,
it's about getting the right girl.

The kind, loving girl.
Tiger Striped Jan 20
be careful

near the fire

for i can see your heart

on your sleeve

and neither fire

nor gravity

nor time

will stop

to save you

and it is far too easy

to lose your balance

so if you are not convinced

by my words

then please believe

these burns

on my heart
Lilywhite Jan 20
Honey catches flies;
So gently coat all you sow,
Smile, diamond eyes
J B Moore Jan 17
This is a letter from my future self
To the past and present Me’s
When you’re stuck in the spaces in between,
May this letter set you free.

It’s hard to think of what to say
To my past and present self.
What are the things you need to hear
That would be of use or help.

Surely, whatever I end up choosing
Will be hard upon your ears.
I must address some insecurities
And attack your greatest fears.

Don’t be afraid to take the fast lane,
Though I know you like moving slow,
You see, sometimes, moving quickly
Is the fastest way in which to grow.

I know you like to test the waters
Before gradually wading in,
But life is short, so take the leap
Don’t be so afraid to swim.

Remember life is always worth living
For there are people who truly care.
And when you’re not in that place
Let those who still are know you’re there.

Regardless of your wealth or status
We are each and everyone the same;
Deserving of grace, respect, and kindness
Whether or not you know their name.

Life is an adventure full of memories,
Like scars— just stories waiting to be told.
Just because you open up to someone
Doesn’t mean you’re shouting it to the world.

So take a chance once in awhile,
Go over, talk to her, smile.
Don’t overthink, ask what if, or why.
You’ll never find out unless you try.

Laugh when life gets crazy,
Love her patiently,
Live life in the moment,
Sincerely, “Future Me”.

For some reason, today I got to thinking (as some are wont to do) about what I, in the future, would write to my past self (current present) if I could. You know, the usual stuff people think about. Anyway this is what I came up with.
Hala Jan 14
the key to living at ease is to know as less as you can possibly know
ignorance is bliss, do not go out of your way to find out what you aren’t meant to know
do not check your lover’s social media looking for certain comments
do not check if he is online as you wait for a text
ignorance is bliss
whatever you dig for, you usually misunderstand because its taken out of context
the more you know, the more you hurt
but only if i followed my own advice
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