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Nicole 16h
I wanted to mean
A little something
To people who acted
As if I was nothing.
And in between the sparks
And the dull aches
I always find you
Pinpointing me to
Someone else
Making me
Wonder if I ever
Meant anything
To you.
You were purpose
At one time or another.
Now I am left
Wringing my hands in the air
Wondering if
These earth quake
Will stop
Burying me
My beautiful deception,
Everything familiar,
Yours who’s skin is comfort on my fingertips,
Yours who’s eyes, I fathom to lose myself in,
Who’s pain runs so detrimentally deep,
That I could never comfort,
That I could never lose myself,
For the fear of losing all that I am.
But nevertheless,
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook,
Your superglue stitches and peroxide mismanagement
Will cost you more than a doctor's visit.
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook
If you want to keep your limb.
I've found more competence on the "interweb."
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook.
An oxygen embolism and cellulitis will
Have you putting out more than the Urgent Care.
Please, stop asking for medical advice on Facebook!
The EMT student who is constantly preventing disaster
For people with minor injuries who think 50's era first aid advice
Is a suitable alternative.
A B Faniki Oct 3
Come close to me son
and have a seat beside
me I have something

important to tell you "Fred"
about living with a wife.
My dear son as a married

man you will find yourself
in some tight situation just
like I your father have

find myself in more tight
places than an old shepherd's
right arm, when this happen don't

forget this advise and words
"a happy wife means a happy life"
so strive for thy wife happiness.
© A B Faniki 10/3/2019  an advise to a son from his father the poem is writen in tera z form
Michael Adams Sep 25
Life is a Disco. Don’t sit in the corner. Put yourself in the middle and dance like crazy.

Love is a gamble. Never fold. If your choices are rational and your mind is clear, You aren’t playing.

Loss is a sledgehammer. Never swing it. It will only break more than it already has.
Sept.4.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

It’s been over 24 hours
Since I’ve been shredding tears down
I can’t help it but ask the wised owl
For advice

For the owl words made it
As if it was easy to be said
“Will I ever recover ?”
“How will I know I’m making progress?”
“Will ever I ever fall in love again?”
“Or yet gain full trust ?”
As I said these questions

“Soon that will be answered “
Said the wised owl
“You will know you’re making process”
“You will fall in love with the right one that has been sent to you and you only “
“Yet you’ll have gain full trust”
This I dedicate this to my old sister Abi the wised owl , for always being supportive <3
Michael Adams Sep 24
Advice is just an opinion with an agenda.

Take a chance on me.

This is my advice to you.
Do you live your life in a whirling daze?
Because all you feel is a confusing maze.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
Yet you can’t seem to acknowledge it.

Hiding the truth behind a curtain-clear,
Don’t cling to the fake things that you hold so dear.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
But in case you don’t, worry not
For we all have been here.
Don't cling to fake things that you know about.
Listen to your mother. She may not
Calm you. Some days, she may cause you to question
Your every move
But she loves you like the tender takes the oil
Listen to your mother and, whether it be to face
A loved one who craves provocation
Licking at your worries like wick to a fire
Remember that saying no in the past
Meant autonomy and truth, not exile and shame
You learned this from her
And you can practice again

Listen to your mother. Even those things she never says
But comes to mean.
In her crazed moments when those words crawl from her mouth
Spiders only with the intent to bite
Read between and sift through her pride,
her joys
What was too difficult to ever say?
The bane does not begin and end with you
She was young once
She recognizes the benefit of  judgment
And hopes one day you will too.
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