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Luna 14h
Gabing kay lungkot
Sinabayan pa ng kulob
Mga nagliliwanag na kidlat
Mga nagdidilim na tao sa loob

Kasabay ng ulan
Ang aking pagluha
Kasabay ng agos ng ulan sa aking bubungan
Ang paghagulgol sa aking unan
Somewhere inside,
a little girl
has been writing
this entire time.
She is running out of space,
but is too afraid to leave.
I opened my notebook to save her.
I can see her now.
between the lines
my pen is trying
pulling apart.
We are all born soft.
Floating into the hands of others.
Some don’t know how to hold on,
brush our hair back,
make a point to smile,
protect our tears in their palm.  
they poke at us.
Say no
and go
with a firm fist.
Their claws try to embrace us,
but they only scratch the surface.
With so many punctures,
our insides drain.
we become skin and bones,
too hard to reach.
Box me in! Cage me up! Throw away the key! I’m in a simulated world were the choice of my skin determines if I’m free. They said I couldn’t read, they kept knowledge away from me. I am not dead but on land my status says that I am “BLACK!” A name that was pasted down from generations now onto me. He who has the power has the ability to change our history, so “BLACK” I AM BORN TO BE! Wiped out where I come from! Christianity pushed down upon me. Took away my gods and told me who I should now pray to, but master this man doesn’t look anything like me.

Poems which rhyme are written with rhythm in the ears,
Poems which do not are written with kaleidoscope in the eyes.
Styles 3d
Like a compass, I am lost without you. Our attraction draws me to you like the my point of existence is drawn to our point of contact. Opposites attract and we are beyond that.
It is the default setting to hide explicit writings ,
But i don't think they had anything wrong in their writings.

It's written that if you add explicit words in your poems, it will be hidden
And apparently there are too many poems which are explicit word-ridden.

Can anyone please tell me what makes a poem explicit writing
A poem is a description of people's feelings and fighting.

I am really confused for I don't know if this poem will be hidden or not
But I think I am gonna give it a shot .

This setting has hidden so many writes  from me
And when I asked the poets why ,
there was no answer found to be .

Now it is my humble request if anyone will answer my question
This thing already has all of my attention .
I have not been able to read a lot wonderful poet's work because of this setting. The problem is that this setting is default and hence I didn't know that I was missing out on so much . When I asked the poets about this , sadly I didn't get any answers . Anyone who has information regarding this and who can help me on this matter is more than welcome to share their advice.
Did I tell you, what the poet told me?
He said my hair was longer than that of Rapunzel,
He said I was fairer,
Than Snow White
And even prettier than Cinderella.

Did I tell you, what my poet told me?
He said he would be the only Prince Charming,
That gets to wake me up from my beauty sleep.
He said he would raise dragons, from their ashes,
And make me the mother of dragons.

Oh! My poet says nice words.
He paints beautiful images
As he drinks his garri
He slays words in his house able to contain only himself,

Oh! My poet uses words to take me on trips,
The last time he opened his mouth,
I found myself in Dubai.
He goes by the pen name
"slayer of words"
Is that even literally possible?
Am I dating a poet?
Or a liar?
What's the difference?
I don't know
But my poet says beautiful words.

The scars
that do
are the
stitches that
right on
her sleeve.
Tiana 5d
and tho I new it was a lie
I put my arms around him and kissed him
those three empty words dismissed my doubt
my head hissed at my heart
that this stupidity existed
I chose to act blind and tell my self I missed this
but when I wake up to an empty bed I knew you weren’t consistent
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