There are Men who walk that are hard to please
and it is they that always end up
with nothing.

And there is I, Lyn Purcell, who shares her work,
her daily lyrics and in the end,
I always have HelloPoetry's
I didn't even notice until I logged into my laptop that I gained 51 followers!
I'm so happy! Thank you very much HelloPoetry!
Lyn x
With frosty weather lynching in the sky,
And navy blue waves, fleeting swiftly.
I make my way to the unfertile sand,
Hearing faint howls.
I look back to see
Shadows surrounding me,
Against my naked soul.

Hearing a thunder,
I step back,
Only to be embraced by a boorish cable.
Run, my psyche screamed.
With blood dripping from my skin,
And darkness forcing into my flesh,
I ran until I fainted
Only to welcome a new world filled with
-Khushi :)
abeille 5h
I've always wanted someone to take my breath away
Bu after struggling to obtain oxygen these past few days
I have realized how precious it is
Saving it and storing it up for the right words
But my oxygen could never be wasted on you
My ribs may creak and crumble
And my lungs stretch paper thin
But oxygen is a precious thing
And you are worth every single breath
That burns me from the inside out
I have been very sick with a respiratory illness and lately it has caused my ribs to ache and it's a pain that I've never experienced before. Doing simple things hurts and requires so much effort. Important people in my life have been very helpful and they make me want to laugh even though it hurts but they make the pain worth it.
Rebecca 22h
Faith can move all thing possible,
it's not impossible.
& God is always on your side,
even in your darkest time
He never left you behind.
I wrote this song for my church
There's a reason people think I'm mean
why I seem so hateful and different
I guess I used to be so nice to everyone
because I needed to hide behind a mask
a mask that made me seem happy
made me seem kind

Of course i'm still kind,
I know what it feels like to feel
left out
So I'm nice to the people I know need it
the people like me,
who need someone to tell them it's okay,
like a flower needs the sun

we all want that warmth,
that warmth that is the love of those around us

I know that my parents think I'm different
I'm not the same little girl they once knew
I'm not cheerful
I'm not optomistic
Something broke inside me
like a bone when you hit the ground

For some, the bone might heal correctly
And come back stronger,
making them a better person
those are the people we want to know about.
the damaged people who became normal

But what about the others?
The bones that didn't grow back?
The bones that became twisted
and cracked again
the ones weaker than before.
no one wants to hear about those people
because no one wants to be tied down
or responsible,
for that sob story in their doorway

I don't know where I fall yet.
I'm still in the process of healing
and I have been for nine years.
every time I get close, something bends the bone a little
and sends me down a hole of pain

So no.
I'm not that happy little girl.
I'm not innocent anymore.
and that mask i kept on so tight,
the mask I wore to make you feel better,
to make you feel happy.
because i wanted you to be happy
It made me feel good for just a second,
when you would smile and forget about what made you sad.

That was my job
to make you happy.
I needed your smile,
never thinking of when I should smile too.
the only smile I knew was the one I painted on the mask
Maybe somewhere along the line, I asked myself;

When will I be happy?
and maybe it was selfish,
maybe it was inconvenient
but I ask myself that question every day
because this mask is getting a little too tight
and I need something long lasting,
because your short smiles aren't enough anymore.
once it's gone I get the shakes,
like an addict.
I need something to remind me to be happy.
there's an app for everything these days,
I wish there was an app for happiness.

You're the only one who makes me happy.
Lets me take the mask off now and again,
but Then I have to put it back on,
and wear it home
and I sleep in it,
eat in it,
shower in it,
This mask is getting tighter,
and I hope you won't be mad
when it just breaks.
sorry it's so long, I was struck with inspiration just out of no where
Isaac 2d
We finally get to her room
To start the never ending cycle
I don’t waste any time
She knows why we’re here
I start kissing her and she kisses back
I pick her up and throw her to the bed
Take off my t-shirt before getting on top
Make out a little more before finally
I make a move to get what I came for
Like a lion finally catching the gazelle
I remove the rest of her clothing
And get to work
Her moans and the squeaking of the bed
Is the only thing drowning out my thoughts
She gets on top
I tell her to turn the other way
I don’t tell her I don’t want to see her face
As she rides I admire her body for a moment
Before being reminded she’s not you
Then I become solemn
And I look towards the window
“You like that?” she asks
“Oh yeah, just like that” I reply
I wonder what you’re doing right now
Are you asleep next to him?
Or are you wide awake
Wondering what I’m doing too

Afterwards I lay sideways
So I can face away from her
I don’t care
Just another empty conquest
I can’t seem to feel satisfied
There is no fire here
Just another cold night
I debate whether I should leave now
Or be nice and wait till the morning
I fall asleep before making a decision
And start the cycle all over again
With the next gazelle
Part 2 between the Fire and the Cycle
Isaac 2d
We hold hands as we walk towards my room
The world has gone to sleep
Time has stopped
It’s just you and me
As we get to my room
I turn around to look at you
There’s just enough light from the moon
That seeps through the window blinds
For me to see the features on your face
I chuckle
“You’re so beautiful” I whisper
You smile and lean in
Your kiss lights a fire in my chest
The fire is a warmth that I never want to lose
I grab you and move to the bed
Our bodies intertwine
I almost forget to breathe
I stop kissing you to catch my breath
“You okay?” you ask
I laugh
“Just forgot to breath”
We laugh
Nothing else matters
I gently remove your clothes
You removes mine
If this was a movie
The camera would cut away to the night
But this is real
I have you all to myself

Afterwords you snuggle into my arm
My arm will eventually fall asleep
But I don’t move it
I smile before finally falling asleep
I feel more at peace than I ever have before
Part 1 between the Fire and the Cycle
My bones proclaim the work
of a hand unseen.
I am formed and fitted with
the means to spread joy or ruin.
I am humbled by the presence
of those who came before,
for they are wise
in the ways of this life.
I am certain that
neither demons nor death
may separate me from my faith
in learning or loving.
I am, for the first time, seeing
my reflection in the shape
of this earth and beginning to love myself.
It is in the nature of all things
to be formful and good.
All that moves is miraculous.
All that does not is deathless.
Regardless, these roles are fulfilled.
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