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leaves me cold as bygone walls.

yet somehow,
it is less violent

than to be loved by a god, until he doesn't.
to be loved by a god, but it isn't.

to be loved by a god: a euphemism, at best

to be loved by a god
is the curse.
The possibility's in life
are endless places

                                             It's an never ending land
                                         were sometimes only you can
                                                       ­                   I always wonder if it
                                                              ­         could be possible if I found
                                                           ­           love and true peace

Where I am me, free to
see and say things everyday
without a care

                                                          ­            But is that possible to have
                                                            ­          a decent life without                                                                  ­   stabbed in the back

I feel that's what I want but
the demands I will have  to confront
is worse than trying to be blunt

                                                          ­   But if I can have that kind of life
                                                        I will strive and set somethings
                                                            asid­e, and not just for my pride

Although that could be it that's
not my true reality

                                                            Bu­t it could be my reality but only                          
                                  ­                            if I possibly can dream
There are so many thing I want to know and have in life but they can only come up if I want and try to get them. And it does take awhile but it can happen
Spadille May 8
Poems and tragedies
Coexist with each other
Like a blissful night and a sorrowful day
Moonwriter May 6
Things in life aren't the
brightness diamond imageable

                                                             Sometimes it's a smelly marker
                                                         moving from corner to corner, like
                                                                  my poem right here

My life has been full of light
and dark times were I needed
to see the light

                                                          But not everyone can help you
                                                            reignite the light with in your self

So like most I and others
would have to help ourselves
to find that lost spark

                                                          Cause not going to lie other can
                                                   help to find the one burning spark
                                                           that lives within most hearts

And it takes one moment in life
that can help you through a
dark storm

                                                       It's taking me awhile to find this out
                                                              but you should know that

Your passion can be reignite by
the hope in heart warm heart
One spark in life can change the hold board game. Or the people in your life
can change things, you need to find or look for them.
Clive Blake May 6
I love you as long as the day
And as the night is deep,
I love you when I first awake
And when last I fall asleep.

You’re as pure as a snowfall,
As invigorating as a sharp frost,
My heart and soul to you have
Been voluntarily lost.

You are as fair as a moonbeam
And as bright as the sunshine,
I’ll never take your love for granted,
For I feel blessed that you are mine ...
Miriam May 4
Fall in love with yourself again,
Look within,
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Learn to love yourself first then the rest will fall into place
Miriam May 3
It’s clear you don’t want to talk to me
So I guess that I’ll just have to be
The fool that you played
That keeps on giving you grace
The first verse from my poem about fake romances and getting played
Though my name might
Mean grief stricken,
I am proud to be named
After Malalai of Maiwand.

A heroine who fought
Side by side with men,
And won a victory that will always
Be remembered again and again.

When all hope was gone
To win the Anglo Afghan war,
You stood out with firm faith
And encouraged them in a roar,

“Young love! If you do not fall
  in the battle of Maiwand,
  By God, someone is saving you
  as a symbol of shame!”

Strengthened, heartened
By the words of a girl,
Who made a mark
On the history of the world.

When the flag bearer was killed,
You took off your veil,
And sang a song
As you tied it to the pole,

"With a drop of my sweetheart's blood
Shed in defense of the Motherland,
Will I put a beauty spot on my forehead,
Such as would put to shame the rose in the garden!"

Bravely you resisted
Annai Malalai!
As you breathed new life
From your beloved landai!

But your song
Was a last farewell,
For you yourself were struck,
To us, a death bell.

Though we won,
Your courage was never forgotten,
Your grave is for us a sacred shrine!
In the words of Ajmal Khattak:

"My Malalai is living, and they praise others' beauty.
Though they have eyes, they are blind."

Despite the many people
Who call you imaginary,
For me and every true Pashtun,
You are a miracle, a memory.

America had Molly Pitcher,
India had Lakshmibai,
France had Joan of Arc,
But we had you, Malalai.
I wrote this poem in the honor of the legendary heroine of Afghanistan, Malalai of Maiwand, an icon of feminism and patriotism.

The eight lines in the speech marks were actually sung by Malalai, while the other two lines in the speech marks were written by the Pashto poet Ajmal Khattak.
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