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Rose K Nov 29
i guess my biggest fear is
giving the best parts of me
to someone who brings out the worst…
it’s stripping myself of pride and ego
while they bathe in their own illusions
it’s welcoming you to make a home of my heart
while you leave me banging on your front door
crying for comfort, dying for shelter
Eleanor K Nov 27
I know we shattered
because you moved away
and I didn't bother to call you

I know we shattered
because one day I came over
and you weren't the you that I knew

I know we shattered
because we drifted apart
and I don't know
what happened to you

I know we shattered
because I only texted
for me and not for you

I know that we shattered
because I f*cked up
and you are still a part
of my broken heart

and I am now surrounded
with shards of glass
and my hands

                         ­           r
                               i        p
                             p          i
                                 n  g

and staining the floor
The end of friendships, for me, seem just as painful as those of relationships.
Jewel Vanilli Nov 10
It is I to blame
For the broken friendships
Broken relationships
For the distant stares
And hesitant smiles
As we pass by
           each other
As if we are merely
--acquaintances, merely strangers
Who haven't
Shared secrets
           over a bottle of beer
Or cried in the corner
           sitting in the pavement
           over our insecurities
Or laughed on how silly we can be
           arguing over who will refill
           the tumbler of water
Or watched a horror movie
           but ended up laughing
           on how dumb the characters are
Or gushed over a book
           we both read
           as we dream of our own
           happily ever after
Or supported each other
           as we broke down
           over the families
           who never cared for us
           who we never really had
           until we meet each other
Or the guys who crushed our hearts
           as we made fun of their
           pictures with their new ones

The fault is solely mine.
It's never yours,

I'm the one one who severed the tie
'Cause I'm too ****** up that
I felt like
You don't need a broken soul;
You don't need
To burden yourselves
With someone
Who keep coming back
to the dark

Someone who lost the spark
in her eyes;
Who finds comfort
in emptiness;
Who clings to her demons
just to remember she's still alive;
Who prefers nothingness
to envelope her in eternal embrace;

Blame me
It's me, the fault is mine
Not knowing that we are broken souls in the first place
And we found each other for we complete each other

Blame me
It's solely me
Forgetting that we are all ****** up in the first place
But we are **** ups who understand and support each other

Blame me
It's not you
Not remembering that we all came from the dark
And we are there to pull each other back into the light

Blame me
It's not your fault
Not realizing that we all feel hollow and empty and nothing
But we are there to fill the gaps and spaces left in each other's

Now, I'm left
With the occasional '*** bless'
'Good lucks' and 'Wish you all the bests'
Every birthday;
With the fading photographs
as our very own frame collapse
Because of
With the jar where the remaining yesterdays of ours
Are stored and secured
And only ashes of once strong relationship laid still;
In that big card that no matter how hard
I tried to keep it safe with a cover
Placed it under my clothes inside my drawer
Still, it worn out
Like how you tried to keep me
But I'm just too attracted
to being broken
That we just 'worn out'

So blame it all on me

It'll be heart-wrenching
for you to forget me
But I'll understand
I'll be fine
At least, I know I'll try to be
After all,
it's my fault

I just wish
YOU all the best
And sometime in the future,
can we please
smile at each other
A genuine smile
will be more than enough
for me to remember
that I've once had
Sisters from another misters
It'll be more than enough
You all are more than enough.
To my friends, JKTS, I miss you all guys. I'm just sorry I'm like this but know that I'm really really really grateful that you've once been part of my life.
Marley Gold Nov 6
Feeling like a stenographer in a cult room
Pulling an all-nighter, maybe
What are we down for now?
Lungs are getting painful and keep blowing out smoke
Even with nothing taken
Just because of the cold

Flick Flick

The camera flash goes off
Lower, Hum, Delete, Raise, Flash, Repeat
What couldn’t they find in the picture?
What are they trying to see through the flash?
My hands are pruning from the cold

Flick Flick

Awkward ***** on a Thursday
Everyone eyes a couple
Grinding and kissing
She’s coughing in his face
He keeps pushing her off of him
I’m wondering if it’s actually all just me
Shivering and arching

Flick Flick

Conspiracy theories
“The only way to win tetris is not to play”
“My sister’s drunk as ****; she’s drunk as ****”
Was I right?
We all thought that was the same girl
We all felt sad about the assumptions
But me; it’s me
My hands are cold

Flick Flick

“How long are you going to let him hurt you?”
I would do it too
Led away by a pitched tent
Mistaken guessed identities trying to place him
Is it really who I think?
I’m in crystalized vision

Flick Flick

“I just have love in my heart and I want to give it to someone”
You’re what comes to me
The bright star outside of Orion’s belt
Lower moans

I would look good in a cigarette wouldn’t I?
I’m not gonna smoke a cigarette tonight
This is just my experience with addiction of all sorts.
joão lucas Nov 5
i found u in the white of my fears
it was the feeling of being floating at the heart of nightly skies,
where u, sparkling star, followed me,
not realizing that we'd be immortalized

as much as i could get away,
a dark hole took us a way to the other galaxy

a world alone,
where the rain fills the craters of your face
i flood myself into fright,
when the creek gave me back and asked me to hold you

the feeling has become an addiction,
a secret language
the awkwardness made building,
a concrete denial

without aim to define
i arrest u
i arrest me
at an endless moment
instagram: @sobexrz
Cyrene Nov 4
When four became one
we were the life of our party
the pack,
that no other wolves would dare compete

" forever ", we said.

one became brighter,
lighted up the unknowns
three became dimmer,
more alone.

" let's take a break or end this ", the light said.
the burnt bulbs trying to catch their breath,





They lost.

Those memories that lasted for 1825 days,
are now in someone else's hands.
Friendship break-ups are one of the hardest things to go through. I'm here to say that if you're going through the same phase as me, we can make it through. Forgive & forget.
Sonia Thomas Nov 1
Are we looking for endings?
Or just a means to an end?
We're so used to the idea of stories not ending unless they end happily
that we must push,
bolt the door,
and plaster smiles on our faces till we convince ourselves we're finally okay.

What about unanswered questions we both have?
I turn to the pages of my diary to ask why you left.
To ask why you didn't try to stop me from leaving.
To ask if you ever cared or if you feel the same sense of relief that I feel now that you're gone.

What would be the last frame of this movie anyway?
Are we smiling as we walk our own ways?
Is one of us left crying at the table we shared drinks and curses at?
Are we going to be dragged kicking, screaming to our ends by our own egos?

Or will this end softly in silence?
Will a last kiss be appropriate?
Will a last time running my hands over a real, unpixelated body be enough?

There are more open doors now than ever before.

But, yours is the only one I want to close.
Nicole Eden Oct 31
have you heard this song?
click play. it dances in me
over and over it's you
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