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I hate my nails
I can never grow them
To as long as I want them
And I peel off the fake ones
Leaving exposed thinned nails

What happened to the girl next door type?
I don’t wanna have to be revealing
To show you what I’m feeling

I like my eyes the way they look without some makeup on
I like the way my hair feels in the morning when I run
I like the clothes I wear to bed
They’re soft instead of all the things I wear to work

Can I have some privacy
Just cause I make art sometime
Doesn’t meet that you should see me now

Please don’t ask me to repeat
The things I told in your bed
Things we shared in the dark
because I was so far

I think your body’s perfect
And my perfection is different
To everyone’s and everyone else’s
Is all inside their head

I think that we could be so **** happy if we
Stop trying to pretend
that we care about designer brands
6 wks bb inspired
We never heard of each other
Till we found you in the field
We all talked for a while
And then disappeared

I never forgot you
And I wouldn't have let go
But sometimes souls grow old

And now it's gone
We said goodbye
Without a word
We said it with our eyes
One I wrote back in 98 about leaving friendships behind
tia Sep 28
"nothing can be done
especially not now
she is all that fills your mind
and it is time
that I leave you

what a silly family we were...
she has prolonged your existence
but I cannot smile
it is only a reminder
that your death is very possible"
looking back on these with him back, feels odd. i still feel all the emotions I felt when I wrote these.
Nobody Sep 24
Our two twisted hearts can’t stay apart,
we’re not like anyone we’ve ever known.
You called me your lantern in the dark,
my light made you feel less alone.

I love the rainy days you need warmth
you come closer so I can hold you.
My little defeated bird,
I swoop in to take care of you.

Those times remain special in my mind,
gentle words between me and you.
I keep you there in those places sometimes,
It’s where I've seen all of you.

You still made a friend for life my love
don’t be scared I will ever leave.
I’ll always make sure you’re okay,
and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Some bonds aren’t meant to be explained,
that’s why we can’t stay away.
Our souls must reach out to meet,
but we’re free to come and go as we please.
Chelsie Aug 25
Now, you've made friends,
an owl and a humming bird,
kept you company,
in the dark sea of night.

In broken branches, they perched,
Broken wings, they nursed.
Made a home,
put up a bright night light.

"It's better this way. Is it not?"
Humming bird tweets,
They also sang a song, followed by the owl,
and your breath of relief.

The owl thinks,
"How fun would it be to make new memories?"
the owl danced with glee,
Taking away pain, and replacing it with  sincerity.

In the dark sea of night, they sang and danced.
in the dark sea of night, they reached the sky.
In the dark sea of night, they painted stars.
in the bright sea of night, they said, "i love you guys. goodnight ♡."
JoV Aug 24
I wish to wake one bright and easy morning
Free of the pain
And the sadness that pulls me to the depths of the sea like an anchor
Chained to my feet as I try to kick
Thrashing against that which is inevitable.
But perhaps this pain would be lessened, if I looked to my feet and saw the anchor
Instead of your hands grasped around my ankles
Clawing at my flesh until crimson paints the waves
Perhaps the pain comes not from drowning
But from knowing
That the cause has been you all along.
Nobody Aug 7
At times you take me too literal
it really depends on the day.
You know you make all the rules
in any clever game we play.

At times I feel you don't want me to stay,
then you tend to surprise me
with an earnest confession
that makes my knees shake.

My heart still always races
when I hear your singing voice.
I get as excited as child
playing with a shiny new toy.

When I’m reading your open book
my smile never leaves my face.
I'm completely drunk off you,
there's no pushing me away.
Cox Jul 18
You can be a small flower in life.
You may struggle to bloom.
To settle your roots.
To have the perfect position for the sunshine.
What you really need to do is **** your garden.
Your field.
Then, and only then, open your petals as wide and beautiful that they can go.
And just bloom.
Sometimes all we need is to empty those holding us back, only then in order to rise.
To rise to the sun.
Written: 6/6/20, 2:47AM.
A friendly reminder that weeding is important for growth.
Billie Marie Jul 17
The point of pain
is to get you to notice
if your trigger warnings
to flee the scene.
And what’s that saying?
You want to see a victim
without help.
Who is the one snickering in the corner
pretending one didn’t eat all the cookies
leaving one’s neighbor to starve.
I see your passive headlights.
Super-flu-us of your own designs.
You only wish you could get to me
so you try to take my place instead.
How can one take another place
before finding one’s own?
Or supplant another’s home
without upending your own?
Foolish child hiding one’s own true heart
to be seen as a star
by putting on stuff that appears like stardust
blingy and bright but without any real light
of its own being created pure and supreme.
Somehow I see I’m already living the dream.
But you look and see
your projected screams onto me
and you can’t embrace what I bring
because what would that make
what you invested in saying?
Hold onto those words
to the bitterest ending
pretending the darker the chocolate
the better the berry.
It’s all finer still in the end
cuz no end is ever approaching
except the end you imagined for me
in your own dark hidden and ***** corners.
But what you don’t get
when you **** that trigger happy smile
is that the end is only real
from your own POV.
So you’ll be mulling
and overturning
with a smirk and clinked glasses
while I am always
and forever
only reposing in bliss
that you keep forever missing
Millie Jul 9
Funny how your warm embrace with emanation pierces cold
How painted words and reminiscence quickly became old
Your approval I once thrived upon, now makes me feel ill
This change was never tangible
Not one action- not one word
Though I fear it's irreversible
Our chapter preemptively told
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