Why is it always the people who make you feel loved the most
Who, no matter how much love you give to them in return
Back up their bags and fade into the darkness
Becoming memories you long for
There are just far too many ghosts.
I've known you since I was sixteen.
I remember our walks home, laughing about everything and anything.
You were my best friend.

I'll confess I never thought we'd be more than friends.
You've made that clear..
Once in the past.
But then you go and surprise me, with an unexpected kiss.
Its clique to say, but you simply took my breath away.

Feeling nothing but winters cold glow in my heart, for months..
All it took was the feel of your lips against mine, and like the sun you melted me away...

I'm conflicted...

My minds gone half crazy trying to figure out why you did it.
Why'd you cross that invisible line.
I wonder if it's worth me holding on.
I'd to hate walk away from you as if this never existed...
But what am I to think after you've gone and changed things between you and me.
Latina1813 Feb 22
You agree
When you want to shout, curse, and swear
The Almighty....answer this weeping willow
Made of concrete air
Of unfeeling movement
You cower behinds browned bodies, montezuma minds, and your license
Power to go as you please, be as you please, please help me to see
The inner child trapped in mordant cornerstones, and sitting on your own weight
To grasp the folly by the throat and twist him into existance
Not so much absolution
In agreement with other fancies
Prayers unanswered
Dwelling on ginger hands and knees
In intercourse when his course has never enter into being....real
Or really close
His path to plunge thick into purple passionate trance
His path askew from my own
Though a followed trendy line
A drink
When it makes your journey into trees, and speed, and gluttony
A laugh
When scorned mouth spewed and sput into russet wounds already raped
A smoke
When it clogs your memory into patchwork and quilted thoughts unwoven
Youre unspoken!
You agree?
Write this about a friend who never spoke their mind and always agreed with everyone else. Its like we all never got to really know him.
Lightheart Feb 20
Lately I’ve been too
Salty, whiny, negative, annoying
Surely they’ve all noticed?
My messages have sounded
Disinterested, short, fake, mean
Surely they’re all upset?

Well maybe being upset at mean comments
isn’t selfish or salty
Maybe saying I’m hoping my package comes soon
isn’t complaining or annoying
Maybe feeling sad and saying so
isn’t whiny or bothering anyone
Maybe my messages sound the same as always
and no ones notices my distance

But maybe they have
and maybe my anxiety is right
And maybe that’s the real reason
I’ve been up all night
Probably nothing I’ve been doing is bothering anyone but nonetheless I always feel like I should apologise
How can you miss something you've never held on to long enough to be yours?
deprived of lips you've never touched
longing for a warmth you've never had before
restless anxiety
Why do we sabotage the unknown? out of fear to be loved and adored?
feeling childish over non-existent efforts to be happy
I miss her faded heart...
Move along..
I can no longer be His.
His potential Anything..His
I Am Moving On.
Carry along. Moving On.
I am not here for the taking.. Here for the asking.
I am No longer waiting anticipating.

I'm not sitting back casually talkin like that.
Friendly conversating as a matter of fact.
As if we going to be all that.
In fact His vibe began to fall flat.

Times I felt we could eventually move
past parts or our dislikes and can't do's.
Things I'd usually refuse.
When Up shows His disrespectful avenues.
Failure to acknlowledge simple manners,
Failed to allow lil ways Sorry's can be used to pamper.
He shows thoughts of irrational behavior.
Actions that proves he need a Savior,.

I tried to hesitate!
Give Him a chance to correct or compensate.
Before I shut down doors block entirely.
Remove contact, texts and delete history.
No I'll bow out gracefully.
I'll even say a goodbye, You don't have to reply.

No Worries I did enjoy any good moments.
Any good times and the best of you we spent.
I know now it may seem irrelevant.
Some may say wasted time spent.
No it was a lesson learned event.
He moved so fast he wanted to make me His ms.right cartell
All so fast..he didnt even know me well.
Gone.. Goin Gone...
Slow down Go fast Move Along!
By SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018 TM
We chat we spend time get are getting to know one another until then when, someone walks away..
Nicole Eden Feb 6
words strung together like a necklace draped around my neck
"it was like you were the first person i wanted to see in the morning"
words paired together like my favorite pair of socks
you say we pair together in the same way

my brain cannot make sense of the past five days
why are my emotions on full display
i do not know how to control my behaviors
all i know is i'm in need of my savior

someone rescue me from this chaos, from this confusion
i am so torn, so stricken with distraught

your words mesmerize me like the reflecting light of your necklace
"its as if the taste never leaves my open mouth"
"that kiss only coming about because leaping into your body was easier than crawling"
"and the need to breathe was so strong"
"with the mint smoke that rose into the sky surrounding and smothering"
"everything the eyes could swallow without fear of choking"
"because feeling complete was more important that simply living in distant agony."
                                            ---------- "Excuses"---------
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