HTR Stevens May 14
Gentle as the Spring-time breeze
Kissing the green leaves on trees,
Warm as the bright morning sun
Smiling aft the night is done,
Came my love, in a mysterious way –
Disposition between grave and gay.

Strange! Two people – worlds apart
Born to meet by Divine Art…
Who can tell what lies ahead?
The unknown makes me afraid…
Christina O May 12
Two bottles,
one for you and one for me.
The pain seems to magically end,
but one is only a disguise,
and the other leaves me dry.

Two bottles,
One become the problem,
and the other seemingly fixes the underlying cause.
But in no way do either cure the things we have.

Two bottles,
and it's hard to stay away.
We don't want to be this way,
but it's who we've become,
and who we have to deal with.
Like some roll of the dice we were dealt with these odds.

Why us?
I don't know.

But maybe we can fight this.
You can throw away your bottle,
and I'll keep taking mine.
Maybe together,
we'll finally win.
This is about two friends who deal with two different things to cope with what is going on in their lives. One drinks to numb the pain of the past and the other has Bipolar Disorder and is living with regrets of yesterday.. Though both are dealing in different ways, they both have mental health issues.
Ava Noelle May 11
Hi, friend.
Could you spare one moment,
One sliver,
Of this precious time on Earth that you have,
To listen to my woes?
Because throughout this life,
My death sentence is drawing near,
I can tell.
Why call it life if all we do is die?
Slowly, yes.
But imminently dying.
Sorry, friend.
Am I making you sad?
I’m sorry.
I have a knack for that.
Luckily you have a talent for brushing off sadness
Replacing it with laughs and love
However fake that love may be
It’ll sustain you for a while.
Maybe...maybe I should try it.
Bye, friend.
It was very nice to be close to your soul.
I’m being sincere.
You made my life brighter
No matter how sad I was,
You distracted me.
But that’s a pretty hard job.
I get it, everyone needs breaks.
So, goodbye.
Till next time, right?
Perhaps not.
I t w a s o n l y a m a t t e r o f t i m e
DarjeelingT May 10
So I may have to give you up.
I will give you up
Unless you tell me how you want to be with me.

If lovers need not be together to love each other then Together transformed into truth and luck
And I would give you up
Perhaps say, do not ever take him away.

My love, I want to say (Can I say) don't roam so far away from me
A moment without you is a year to drag aching shoulders with long fingernails
A sleepy guest unwelcomed after midnight, that is your goodbye.

Because, you are part of the forgotten voyages made of strawberry seas and orange trees
But I have to give you up like how trees give freely our breathing.

What was given, returns and arrives in your speak drifting, steps gliding, search farwinding, slow stroll, such is your gaze.
The way you have lingered is mine, how you looked at me is also mine.
Tears you gave me are diamonds that fell lost deep under the earth nobody else knows where to find.

Time for you to seek a love like mine, the seeking of an adventure.
An old fashioned romance historian love
Rivalling of an old century over the millenium.
Only you (in this moment) know my contribution to this world that which is only you.
Do you ever find yourself infatiouted with others? Not with their body, but with their minds and their story.

Do you ever wonder how they became their present selves? What shaped their being to it’s current state.

Do you ever find yourself sifting through their thoughts? A desperate attempt to learn more about their desires, hopes and dreams.

Do you ever take a step back, to truly understand the caverns left unexplored in their mind? What broke them? What made them?

In a world that has grown superficial, I’m left in a place of teetering exploration. Traveling through the words spoken and those left unsaid. For I wonder, if I learn to understand those around me, those I care about, maybe that depth will ground us into something meaningful. Something worth fighting for.
To have meaning, is to have purpose. That’s what I aim for. It’s what I desire.
Sam May 6
I thought we were going to be best friends
For a really, really long time.
I thought that you would never leave
Especially without a warning.
And now it seems that you don’t want me
You don’t feel the need for me
I feel like a part of me has been
Ripped apart.
Apart from my body.
My heart.
I don’t know what I did
But I’m sorry.
Please come back to me.
I can’t seem to stop crying.
Ava Noelle May 2
A spiritual connection, you said. So deep, it could not be broken. But somehow you managed to sever it. Why? What did I do? Was it because of my personality? Did I somehow repel you with my ability to forgive? It doesn't matter now, I suppose. To you.
Jelly Walker Apr 25
I’ve kissed too many lips
who tend to forget my name the next day
I’ve hugged bodies who once kept me warm and loved
that are gone as soon as I realize they never meant it.
I’ve spoken words to people who didn’t even deserve to know the secrets of my universe
I’ve shared beds with souls who were only there to acknowledge their own self worth, while mine deteriorated with every second
I’ve loved humans who didn’t even know what love was, causing me to wastefully pour out whatever was left in my heart...
destructing into the fragile bit of me now
— Now I’m left so afraid to get attached to people.
goodtea Apr 22
They never tell you
In the books
How weird it is to
Be the fucked up one
Of your friends
They make it sound dark and broody
But they never talk about the distance
And how no one can relate and all
Those awkward pauses and silences
That happen when you speak
Hey they never tell you in
Books and movies
That it fucking sucks
Being the fucked up friend
Bleeding hearts and tragic poetry
Have no space
In real life
Sometimes late at night you’ll reach
For your phone and realize you
Have no one to call
Cause when you’re the fucked up
Friend everyone else sleeps easy
And you’re left alone with all your
Demons and truths you can’t swallow
Hey it’s weird being the fucked up friend
hey it’s been years and I can’t get the taste of blood out of my mouth which ok but kinda annoying
Keller Apr 20
I've got pictures living in my phone
Of people I haven't checked on in years,
It's weird how long I've been alone.
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