valentine Dec 2

an unbreakable bond
an invisible ribbon
wrapped around her head
as her face smothers her genitals
they connect deeper than i ever can
and while they wipe the pleasure from their mouths with their arms
they laugh in my face
“don’t be so jealous”
i guess i’m a pair of scissors
cause all i wanna do
is snip their ribbon right open

two of my best friends just started a sexual relationship with each other and they’re both girls and i’m a gay dude and uh i’m sort of upset bc they’re getting closer without me and yes the title is a double meaning
Andrew Durst Nov 29

If someone wanted you
in their life
they would
make the effort
to see that you are.

That old cliché term
"actions speak
louder than words"
holds true
and I am just here
to warn you
that not every

is a friend

and they
do not care
the way they
say they do.

Eight times
out of Ten
you probably
face your hardships
and even though
it is not always

you survive-

and it takes about
   twenty something years
to realize

                 most humans will never be good to you.

-Andrew Durst.

Take care of that.
Shalo Nov 18

I believe that there's a future
I believe in hope
I believe in ever after
I believe in love

Troubles will come
And hearts will be broken
Pressure wont stop
And words'll stay unspoken

Yet I believe in miracles
And friendships never broken
I believe in Jesus
And His Cross that bares forgiveness

I believe that we are all people, and that respect is mutual. I believe in stating opinions, and tolerating others.

I believe in this community of  words written but not spoken, and I believe you.

So, please, dont get offended because you dont believe what I do. This is my opinion, and I know you have yours. You can state it if you will, with respect and toleration, since we are all people sharing our home with individual freedom...and (I hope) love.
Leonila Nov 10

The Light of Your Soul

Blessed was the day that I met you. Blessed is God for bringing us together for such a time. Blessed is the light of your soul. You might call it serendipity that led two lost souls like us to meet. I'd like to think it was God. You never knew how much I loved to study you. It was never a thing about scrutiny or speculation on my end. My intentions were not to intrude in your privacy or invade your space. I just enjoyed being that one friend whom you could turn too. And I often longed for you to reach deeper and let your emotions flow. For it was in your brokenness and despair were you let your guard down. And like the sun's resplendence over the land, the light of your soul pierced the clouds of darkness surrounding us. Blessed is the light of your soul. It was those rare moments we shared that I relished the most. For in your vulnerability and in your pain, I could see healing flooding your soul. Relentless waters pouring over you and I, washing us and cleansing us. Such was the magnitude of healing that took place when you shared yourself with me. Strong enough to strengthen both of us. That is why I would get lost in your distant eyes. For in that moment when your eyes met mine, we crossed the boundaries of distance and time. You and I became one. It was there that love found it's depths of intimacy. And in that love, like the peculiar eclipse, you and I would collide. Blessed was the purity of love that found us. The light, the light of your soul captivated me every time. Like the Aurora, your wounded soul bled a brilliant light of colors magnified. Blessed is the light of your soul. And your eyes had a way of soothing the madness of raging storms within me. Your eyes had this maddening effect of awakening the love that lied dormant in me. Blessed was your presence that brought peace in that dark time. Blessed was your voice that served as therapy, calming my incessant fears. You might say the universe conspired for two lost souls to meet and find themselves for a season. I'd like to think it was God. Blessed is the light of your soul. Blessed is God for bringing us together for such a time. Blessed was the day that I met you.


Tink Nov 8

My friends and I - what irony!
When you see people come and go
then wonder when your turn will show.
Just sit and wait
like on a ticking bomb
with a delay.

My friends and I - such irony!
They play their rules and games
to see how long they'll get away.
The choise is yours
to say or stay!
Where lies your heart?
How much to take?
... until you break?
My friends and I - the irony!

Jack Jenkins Oct 30

I miss my friends that have left
Lost in a place that isn't right
My heart now has no guest
My heart wanders as a foreign stranger
All alone, never would have guessed
In the end I should have known
I am shaken in the excess
My needs know only deprivation

Oddly enough I decided to stylize this poem a bit. Rhymes mixed with antonyms on alternating lines.
Happy Ending Oct 17

I saw you today..
By accident..
Caught me off guard..
Wasen't expecting it..

You looked the same..
Head deep into your phone..
Unaware of what's going on around you..
Restored friendships...
With whom you hated...
All because I left you alone..
And all because you cant stand...
To be alone...

Cant say I'm surprised..
You were always high school..
All pom poms on game day..
All talk..
Loose lipped...
Knowing nothing of loyalty..
Starved for attention..
Mouth running constantly...
To whoever would listen..
Always kind of wide eyed..
And not really there...

Nothings changed...
Your still the same...
What can I say though..
I have no regrets...
Walking away...
From a fucked up friendship..
You did me so dirty...
Like we were in high school..
And if you hadn't noticed...
I graduated years ago..

The life you choose to live with you and your kids...
Just isn't okay with me anymore..
You hang out with 21 year olds...
Girl, your 30...
Your Regina George's mom..
Quit playin...
This shit isn't funny...

I hope you invest all your..
"Extra time" into your kids..
They need you...
I'll miss them..
Ill miss you..
I use to love you like a sis...
But I grew up...
I've outgrown your bullshit..
I've hung up my gown and tassel...
Its time for you to do the same..

Torias Sep 30

I can see in your eyes,
And feel in my heart.
Do you know why we are drifting?
I am not the only one to change in this.
I am too wild,
Yes, I am reckless
And hard to catch.
I know, but I see hesitation in your smile.
You hate this person,
And I cannot stand to stay if you will sit
Atop a pedestal.
Life keeps pulling us in our directions,
And you've fallen into the arms
Of someone
Who looks a lot like Jesus to you.
And if he is to become your whole world,
Then I cannot be a part of it.
And if he is to become your theology,
Then I have a different faith.
Maybe fate will tie itself into the knots it wants,
But it is hard to hear you from this distance,
From here, I can't make out what your face looks like anymore.

9/9/17~ It’s okay, you don’t have to understand. I just can’t believe how different our paths have became as we’ve grown further away from childhood...
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