jigyasa 4d

she wore her pain
around her neck
adorned as the most beautiful set of pearls
and i envied her

ode to our friendship
she unclasped her struggles
on my shaking hands

this string of majestic mourn
collected from mysterious depths of the ocean
how could i have been so foolish

for now i know why its called a choker

Toby 7d

We spent so many hours, and nights, pushing against each other.
Going back and forth to be with each other.
It wasn't until we stepped back and looked at the situation as a whole.
We can try to fix each tiny part.
It doesn't help if the foundation is cracked.
The love was there, and it always has been.
The compatibility was missing.
Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.
If I had a choice to do it again or not, I still would.
I found a great love in my life.
Just not the love of my life.
A great best friend who knows all my secrets and still loves me for me.
Not all relationships work but if not for 3 years of struggling, I would have never found my life mate, shield sister.
And now, I move forward and see where I'm guided.
I know I will never fight alone.

Toby Jul 11

It feels like it has been years when only it's moments passing by.
People tell me to live in the now.
But no one ever taught me how.
I guess it's too late now.
I'll go chase the cloud that is the distant future.
You can't see it but you know it's there.
Everything seems so desperate.
I don't know what to make of it.
The future clouds me, the past eludes me.
The now is slipping away like my relationship with those close to me.
I see them moving away from me.
They don't know it yet.
By the time they do it will be too late.
It will just be me in a dark room by myself.
Asking how I got there.

Remembering old friends
From old photographs
Memories we must never forget
For they changed us
And made us
Into who we are today

lux Jun 24

you said i was your dandelion once,
and i thought it was an insult.
people call them weeds.
they try so hard to get rid of them,
mow them down, pluck them up.
not you though.
no, instead you called them pretty, and sweet;
you said they reminded you of the brightest parts of the day.

we both believed in 'best friends' and the
concept of forever
that was then
and you always had a lot to say.

now i am disappearing with every breeze,
leaving you with nothing but the seeds.

Chan S Jun 21

Disconnected Souls
So many signs and so many roads
But there's still no place to go
In a world full of sad and empty souls
With pointless goals and nothing to show
I feel so lost, like a haunting ghost
Will I be missed once I'm gone?
Will they remember my name?
I guess I'll never know...

So many smiles and friendly waves
But no connection to they're, heys!
In a world full of sad and empty souls
With pointless goals and nothing to show
I feel so invisible, so lost, so alone
Will I be missed once I'm gone
Will they remember my name
I guess I'll never know.
In a room full of bodies,
no connection to one
The only hug I enjoy
is that of the sun
It brings me joy,
it warms my soul...
this lonely lonely empty soul.

Communication is the Key to Making the World go around.

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I thought you changed for the better
You were nice and sweet
Our days together were filled with laughter
I really did choose you over her
Since I just wanted someone to call a friend
For a while it felt like I was betraying one of my best friends
I gave you a chance
I hate how much you neglected my love
For I enjoyed our time together
Then you met a guy and he takes all of your time
We don't talk often but you texted me today
In a ferrous rage saying how could I betray her
I don't know what I did
She's telling me I spilled the beans
The thing is I never had the beans
She must of miscounted her beans and blamed me for some information that leaked

So you are just too childish for me
Apparently I can only have one friend and not two for you two have too much history
Now I pick her over you sorry but you are a nut job

I really gave u a chance to be my friend but u keep tripping over your own feet and you keep blaming me.
Corine Rose Jun 11

That day,
We became demagnetized.
When love should've been the answer,
Others took offense.
But they don't have to think of themselves as the Others.
Rather, we should think of each Other as companions.

We are here for each other.
We are different from one another.

And that's--


Why is that so difficult to comprehend?

Line in the sand
This is my side
Stay on yours
Don't get me wrong
I flirt with the idea of crossing this line
Every time I get the courage to cross this line
I run and hide
For I fear whats on the other side
I will stay on my side although I am dying inside

I always get fearful when I catch feelings for someone because I don't know if they feel the same way I do.

Don't bleed for someone
If you cant show them the cuts
If they won't show theirs

Some many people nowadays fear showing their true feelings for one another. Everyone wants something thats perfect but fear rejection.
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