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flynn 19h
theres no stars out
so i make them with the spots on my windows
theres a train and i realize im not alone
every day feels more real
‪I forgot what it feels like to be whole.‬
I'm too busy chasing the broken pieces of yesterday and what could have been.
I don't let myself get lost in the moment because I'm scared I'll lose “it”.
I do not even know what “it” is.
But today is here, and I will live.
Kelci 5d
I drift away again,
A wisp of smoke
From between pursed lips,
Coiling through cold fingers
No longer my own
Before disappearing
Into the quiet night
This is a short poem about dissociation.
Specs Nov 12
Always listen to your body,
But don’t always trust the mind.
your flesh and bones want happiness,
Your brain won’t be so kind.
Sierra Blasko Nov 10
If you see me out with makeup on
Pray for me.

If I am out with lips stained hues
Of poisoned berries and rotted fruit
And skin so like an airbrushed doll
You wonder if I am real at all
If the gleams of sparkles under my eyes
Catch the light and make you blind
If my wings take flight in the wind
And my lashes drip ink like a sin
Pray for me.

Because the color on my lips is there
So I don’t forget my voice.
And a porcelain face can smile as long
As its cracks are covered with paint.
And the glitter alit on my cheeks
Covers the bags of too little sleep
(when my soul is so tired I just want to cry
it’s nice to feel pretty with something that shines.)

So pray for me
Because today, I have put up my walls
My heart is down and I am small
My makeup is not a show for you
It’s a reminder to me that I’m visible too.
Specs Oct 30
I decided to hold on
For one more day.
But even still, weeks later,
My thoughts won’t go away.
I don’t even know what I’m clinging onto amymore

Also, definitely wrote this while dissociating, so I have no recollection of writing this. Weird
Claire M Oct 21
Uttering your blurry words
I cannot hear them drone
Instead the melodies of birds
Replace our conversation sown
And so we speak, alone.

Residing many miles apart
Lain in bed, you in your own
I lie with my wicked heart
Quiet, chilling to the bone
And so we lie, alone.

The world dissolves to static
A face made out of stone
Perhaps I am erratic
But you've become unknown
And so we are, alone.

Cast away all friend and foe
Make sure that they are shown
This beating heart belongs to woe
To it, you can't atone
And so I weep, alone.

Nothing can enroach this place
This kingdom and my throne
Everything shall be encased
In wryness I have grown
And so I am, alone.
moon Oct 20
i lifted my head and shifted my eyes to your face as you called my name when you sat down across from me.
i felt myself leave my body.
my vision became blurry and all i could see was your mouth moving.
i asked you if you could repeat that again.
"how are you doing?"
i answered with a long, extended "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum."
the words couldn't come to my mouth,
i couldn't form a two word sentence.
my eyes wandered the ceiling,
like i was looking for myself to come back.
then i answered and you began to talk.
i got closer to your face to read your lips but every word i ever knew left my memory and everything was white.
Emotion hits, and it's clear you aren't dead.
You never were, you were simply buried alive.
You've been dug up now.
You can feel now,
And you kinda wish you couldn't.
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