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चलो खुद की तलाश करते हैं दुनिया के मसलों से दूर
कुछ पल,कुछ पल अपने साथ बिताते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
बिखर गए कुछ पन्ने ज़िन्दगी के इधर-उधर
समेट के आज सबको
एक खुशनुमा लम्हा लिखते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
माफ़ करना ऐ दिल तुझे सबसे ज्यादा दुखी
हमने ही किया है
खुशियां तो बांट दी ज़माने भर में और
दुनिया भर का ग़म तुझे दिया है
तुझपे किये इस ज़ुर्म की सज़ा अपने आप को देते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
थक चुके हैं ये कान सबकी बातें सुनते-सुनते
कभी किसी की फटकार तो किसी के ताने सुनते-सुनते
आज सबको चुप कर इन्हें सिर्फ़ अपनी बातें सुनाते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
खो दिया है खुद को दुनिया की भीड़ में कंही
आगे निकल गए सारे और हम खड़े रह गए वंही
ज़िन्दगी बीत गयी सबको खुश रखते-रखते
आज सबको भुला सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़
अपनी खुशियों के तराने बुनते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,।।
यह कविता है खुद को तलाशने के,,दुनिया की भीड़ में खुद को ढूंढने की,,अपने आप से मिलने की।
Amanda 5h
What a beautiful surprising life
Is so precious but it cuts you like a knife
A painful sunset shakes thoughts awake
Every evening from the fantasies we make
A bright new sunrise in the early haze
Midafternoon hot like a blaze
Commanding time
Providing light
She rules day
He rules night
The moon cloaked in shades of black
The sun robed in white and blue
Perfect balance to steady the universe
Allowing meaning to all we do
King and Queen of humble Earth
Governing vast sky
Without reciprocation
No complaining
No asking why
How come I am so ungrateful?
Why can't I realize I am blessed?
I should be thanking trees for the oxygen supplied
Instead cursing the air inflating my chest
I need to open my eyes all the way
Look a little harder around
Because on days with no sunshine to be found
Just under clouds that star is still there
Reliably shining away from man's stare
It is true that every second in this world is a gift
Remember next time you feel low and seek a lift
Cherish miracles hidden
Great and small
Gaze towards the heavens when bowed by a fall
Even if you can't see its glow or feel its gentle burn
The sun is there in our stormiest hours
Eventually it's presence will return
My mom and I wrote this together. It's nice to have someone who cares as much as she does, but sometimes it is a lot to take.  Family is a blessing.
Keerthi Kishor Nov 2019
Eventually, we all become somebody else.

Some become the fathers they wished
to have had in their childhood.

Others become the mothers
they despised growing up.

Some become the friends
they kept a rat race with.

And some others become
the man or woman
they want to marry.
But you’ll get tired of it sooner or later.
Yashita 1d
The longest tale I have
Or the air I breathe
While having anxiety
And the soul that
Understand the inner me
Is the one that of yours
My wheelchair when I
Fall and cannot walk,
Supporting since childhood
Tolerating the teenage
Nonsense and teaching
To grow into a human
Inbetween everything
You turned out
To be my BAE
A decade full of
Love, support
Annoyance, tolerance
Fight, hate and
You have become my
Next door family,
When I run out of
Hope, love and life
You hotspot me the
Energy to be me
Your friendship is my
Lifeboat in the ocean
And you are
My lifeguard on
The coast of life
The love I have
For you is more
Than the sleeping eight
I asked for opportunities,
They said i should search.

I searched in all available channels,
They said i should apply.

I applied for everything,
They said i should be qualified.

Then i told them, I am hungry!
They promised a viand.

I reminded them,
Wait, They gave me hope.

Everything that had remained,
Started overflowing.

For the stubbing,
Was all over my body.
It took years
It took years for me to love the color of my skin
To love the hair that grows out of my head
It took years to stop wanting to bleach my skin
To stop wanting to straighten my hair
It took years
To stop wanting to be anything but black
To stop wishing that I was never born.
But somehow, I still achieved it.  
Even in the face of people that are hell-bent on hating us every single day.

I should be doing homework but I can’t focus
It seems like all this work will be for nothing anyway
Like our deathbed is only a day away
I should be studying for finals but I can’t absorb any information
Instead, I am sitting by the door waiting for my dad to come downstairs
Just so I can tell him goodbye and pray that he comes home

I should be planning my future
But instead, I can only focus on the next few hours
Waiting and waiting and waiting
For my dad AND mom to walk through that **** front door.  

Hoping that my brother got home safe as well.  

All because of the color of my skin.
Kaitlin 2d
I'm sorry, Mom
The squirrel got the bowl of nuts.
I know you told me to watch.
To keep watch.
But how can it be the puppy
with the black tips
has turned all grey?
How can it be?
She smelled like milk,
now she smells like vet
and clean and dead.
And the brothers,
they were toothy and twelve
and now, somehow, they're men, Mom?
And me?  What about me?
How can it be these legs of mine
sprouted long ago,
and there are muscles now,
beneath the round?
So what I'm saying is,
I must have looked away
Missed a moment (or was it 16 years?)
And this is why
the squirrel has chewed
this tea-stained memory.

I'll say I looked away,
since even that feels nicer
than admitting it all happened,
that the squirrel stole and years stole more,
all while I was watching.
Reflecting on my earliest memories.
Family is so much more than the branches bending from a family tree
Blood may relate you but there’s more to a family like love and loyalty
They say blood is thicker than water this may be true
Though I’ve bared witness to blood clotting where water flowed straight through
As blood flows through your vanes it’s color is blue yet when you see it the color is red
I think Ile stick with the water that stays the same instead
I’ve learned in my life that family is what you make it Nd is usually opposite of what it’s supposed to be
Zainab 2d
I look around and notice that you’re not here,
It hurts so much because I really want you near,
What is it that you crave with others’ company? It’s not fair,
Your attention is all I need and it is hard to bear.
Can you relate to this?
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