Every family has at least
One visionary-
One missionary-
One womanizer-
One organizer -
One smartass-
One lazy ass-
One bookworm-
One pretty woman -
One Angel-
One rebel.

Every family has at least
One gold-digger-
One beggar-
One bitch-
One witch-
One Singer-
One dancer-
One adventurer -
One lecturer.

Every family has at least
One family man-
One handyman-
One smartass-
One lazy ass-
One soldier -
One hustler-
One good cook-
One smooth crook.

Every family has at least
One dangerous man-
One generous man-
One family head -
One weed head-
One smoker-
One joker-
One pastor-
One doctor
Or one writer!

The family that has none of these is not a human family.
Sunny 20h
We have families.
People that care for us
They love you and support you through tough times
Some people don’t have these kinds of families.
They’re…different. Dysfunctional, even.
They can hurt you and abuse you in so many different ways…
If you have one of these families.
There are ways to break free.
Even though it may not look like it.
You will find a way to get out.
And people are willing to help you.
Belle 1d
my grandmother is dead and it is my fault
turns out the eating disorder doesn't just kill only you.
lins 1d
little baby girl or boy
you already bring me so much joy
I can't wait for you to get here
I'm waiting patiently my dear
I'm anxious to see your smile
yet I still have to wait a while
I'm excited to see who you'll be
I hope you're a little like me
my sweet niece or nephew
what will you grow up to do?
I pray that you will be strong
and know that sometimes you will be wrong
understand I'll always be here for you
you can talk to me whenever you want to
I'll give you unconditional love
like the kind you receive from above
right now, you're just a little baby
from now on, I'll love you daily
your mom and dad
are bound to make you mad
just know I'll be here
a phone call away when I'm not near
you can call me Aunt Boo
if that's what you want to do
call me that and I'll do the same
I promise to give you a silly nickname
"oh, the places you'll go"
I'll see you soon mi sobrino
my future niece or nephew, I will see you in July
Hear here,
They're there,
Now now.
Let me help calm you down.
T R S 1d
Dermible detritus set with us
tarps and oil
Soil set with toil
Boiled in bags of tripe
Chips and chicks who titter
Gave me pick of the litter
Loyalty has soiled me
and sent me unto hither

I ask you for a question
Lessen layman make me walk
Make me milk my maiden
Make me cut my stalk

Showy showman dyin'
I felt a lot like cryin'
Cause cousins cause the answer
I call it family cancer
Dancing with my girly
Surely felt so good
But death is still a dealin'
And it's dealin' good.
A roof over my head,
A sheet to cover my bed.
Fridge full, spa pool.
No rent, a room for my parents.
A job, coming home to a dog.
Red bricks, logged walls.
Enjoying the rain drops fall.
Meeting my lover in the bath.
Not having to do any complex math.
Laugh in the rain, watching the children play.
Reminiscing the good old days.
Catching up with siblings, lovely Parisian springs.
Celebrating many first birthdays, music still makes me sway.
Surrounded by grandchildren, spreading words of wisdom.
A collection of adventures, to be shared with utmost pleasure.
Leaving this world, no words left unsaid.
Having loved all there is to be loved.
A middle-aged couple
Stares out their front window
Happily watching the workers
Busy on their front lawn, digging a hole.

They had lived in this neighborhood
For three years
With their three precious daughters,
The family dog, and only two trees.

The mother would often complain
Because the houses looked bare
The father was sad,
Said the air was stale.

But they know well that each day that brings a trial
Brings a blessing, too.
Today, the dog is barking
And there's plenty of work to do.

Still, they smile.
Because today they get a brand new tree.
Alex 1d
She spilled the wine, again
My aunt says walking into the living room to get a towel
She always spills her wine on her white pants
Always the white pants
You would think she would switch to white wine
But she likes her Malbec
I now see where I get it from
I’m clumsy too
Spilling glass after glass of water
They banned me to plastic at one point
But soon returned me to glass
Last week I broke a glass in the trunk of my car
It was my grandmothers
Blue and covered in butterflies
It hurt knowing I lost what could’ve been the only thing I had of hers
It could be
But it isn’t
I cherish the moments I get to spend with her
In the tiny apartment above the bay
Her house sold in 5 days
We couldn’t show her the house
It would break her heart
She loves the days she gets to see her dog
When he comes up from mass
I love her
But at least I have something of hers
Her love.
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