How can I put two words together that contradicts each other?
How can I write things unknowingly for it to become a beautiful writing?
It’s like how can I hold a heart that’s not mine.
It’s like how I aim to shoot Cupid’s arrows into a heart that intentionally misses them. I thought I won but I did loose. They said the same way you get them is the same way you loose them, I look back to that phrase and confirm.
zero 9h
Days come and go like
people on a Ferris wheel.
Round and round,
up and down,
beating their heads side to
side like a tambourine
on a cruise ship;
sailing along
waiting for an iceberg
or something much cooler to hit it,
so they have something to talk about.
Far and wide; the great sea.
It seems so small and insecure compared
to everyone else's, and in the end we
all ripple and break in different ways.
No trickle of water holds the
same bubbles nor the same
shells but people say
blood is thicker than water
but even then...blood drains
leaving behind a coffee stain of memories
that you'd try to tell grandchildren before
your untimely death on the operating table.
"Don't forget that I drew the heart on the tree
in the park, the one with the X and O after it!"
They nod, uninterested, only after your funeral
they truly feel famished.
All the water in the world couldn't soothe their
burning, aching hearts;
'Grandma, come home...
I miss you.'
Sometimes a call is all they need to smile.
Don't forget the elderly, they need love the most.

Look! I can spell SISTER:

I’m on a roll!
Look! I can spell BROTHER:

OH, you are also-
Did it again
Aa Harvey 15h
Loves martyr

I am loves martyr.
Never managed to become a father.
Even when I am trying harder,
I fall to my knees.
I am sins plaything;
Always dreaming.
Never acting on my needs;
Cruising along on instinct.
Look where that has got me;
Right where it hurts.
Waited a lifetime and I am still waiting for her;
But she does not exist, so neither do I.
I never did raise a child.
Just endless advice.
I never talk, enough has been said.
I could not be like them, for they are so nice,
And they have family and they have friends,
Whilst I am destined to die alone.
This is why I do not get out of bed.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 15h
Love is the best…

The best thing we as a species do,
Is that we fall in love.
We can make all the pieces fit together,
But without love there is no complete jigsaw.

You can have all the money in the world,
But money can’t buy my love.
My heart is not for sale, but I will give it away,
The day I realise I have met my lady-love.

She will be my reason to get in to or out of bed.
She will make me complete.
She will cure me and leave me without breath.
She will be the only one I can see.
If it is true love, she will always be the only one I truly need,
To help me in my hour of need;
To help me build a family.
To help me reach my dreams.

Love is the best thing we as a species do,
So I will wait for you.
Temporary comes and goes,
But I want permanent; that is all that I know.

From now until the very end,
No more time left to pretend.
No fiction, only fact;
I want a love that lasts.

Fear of commitment?
Deal with it, or leave.
Eyes for another?
Goodbye lover.

‘til death do us part,
Or you will never get my heart.
This is just the start
And it could be the start of something beautiful,
If you are truly truthful.

If you want unfaithful,
Then choose another, sit at another table
And we will all be very grateful.
I will only be with one;
Anything less is not true love.
Two or more and all you will see is the door.
One chance,
No chance,
Never more.

Love is the best thing we as a species do,
So what do you need for me to prove that I love you?

Love is the best…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
It’s an eight second partnership
The bronc, an angry participant
And me, I’m just trying to keep my legs in the stirrups
My hands on the reins
My wits about me
In one piece
Welcome to my world
It’s a family affair
Me and my sons, Troy and Dusty
Traveling day and night just to fight
For a living, one unforgiving
But exciting as the day is long
And to keep that ranch in Utah going
200 head of cattle and worries about enough rain
Are in our thoughts as we live the literal ups and downs of rodeo
We’re in the saddle for good
For life
Living our destiny
As we should
As we want to
As we have
I hear
The I Eye
I-oh no?
It's U I- will not
Marry _U

I Sir
I-C something
In your heart
2- Be-U
Body odor
P-U icky
My heart
Only 4- U
What it
Every part
of me
2 -C
B Is the
heart the

I fear
Ever so

((I- Swear))
Call upon

If I

I solemnly
Such goodness
In my heart

But (I)

(I) try- not- to
Like stars
of me

I just (B)
I hear

To carry
((Grant me))
One wish
want me
In my sleep
to love me
I carry

The only
ones that
are gone__

Bellatante bell
Sounds so needful
Heart stillness

I -Wellness of the
Statue of Liberty
I- hear to trace
The morning
(I)- remember
(2 Grace)

love face
I got
whole world
voices hold

I beat U heart
I am not the
weak heart

Not any ordinary
heart stronger beats

Equal-parts = * # $
1/2 or I am whole
don't erase
Cherish me

The gentle
Voices come
loud sensory

Spiritual eyes
pray the rosary

I heart trees of I- Topiary
The balance I voice
My choice the best
We hear things are they really there or they don't exist. Everything has a reason to procreate and voices that we remember will always be there never to die like remembering your Moms home cooked meals I love you, Mom and Dad
uv 1d
Once upon a time,
There was the sound of a cry,
The Cry that made them smile with tears in their eye.

Once upon a time,
There was a movement like a smile,
The smile which bought their world twirling in a while.

Once upon a time,
There were long nights as days,
The days which were turned into their nights in ways.

And the story went on
Their adventure of life was born
Born around this joy that they lovingly adorn

Years went on and they kept on,
selfless, wise and never torn,
Their breath was each for to teach courage,
that would need to move on.

Then came a time , the sand glass turned,
the cry was heard again,
Again with those tears came that smile,
And Realisation struck as plain.
For all parents!..
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