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Chiara 1d
My mom always tells me that it’s my fault we fight,
Why I’m not just happy and enjoy everyday life?
She says: There’s no reason for you to be sad,
You just **** the mood when you enter the room.

She doesn’t realize that I have every right to be down,
That I’m allowed to be me, even if she doesn't agree.
I don’t have to act different just to please her,
Why do I have to put on a fake smile, I thought lying was bad?

She doesn't know what I’m feeling, so why does she think she can judge me?
I am sad, she can’t change that,
So why won't she stop making me feel bad,
I can’t handle the stress with her at home now too.
I really love my family, but sometimes they just have no idea what their words do to me. I already have enough problems without them making me feel bad for feeling bad!
Soumia 1d
No eyes can see my tears,
no ears can hear me crying,
all I have is you but where have you gone?
I’m not afraid to say
Where I came from
For sure I’m not ashamed
By it either.
I came from
The family who **** me in.
Two couples
Are the one
Who adopted me, but her mom and dad
Are the one actually raised me.
I grow up with them
All my life
Until today
They are my family
Regardless everything had happened
In my life with them.
I will always love them.
I was raised by my grandma
with her
“Sit up straight”
homemade everything
crocheted blankets in every room
dancing in the kitchen to sinatra
hot cocoa and graham crackers
before bed
type of love.

I was raised by my father
with his
Military service for years
hard work and grit
consequences and punishments
and harsh words
but with an edge of gentleness and kindness
and his odd way of saying “I care for you”
type of love.

I was raised by my uncle
with his
funny jokes
many cars in his driveway
that he works on
“Go play with your cousin and
lemme drink my coffee”
type of love.

I was raised by my friends
and their
“I love you too, ya’ crazy”
inside jokes
“If you hurt her, I’ll hurt you”
emotional support
cry together when times are rough
type of love.

I was raised by my family
whom I was born with
and whom I chose to be my family
J F O 3d
Words stain like red wine on your couch
and you try so hard to erase it out
but remnants will remain
and even when you no longer see it,
it will always exist in your mind
and you will remember,
memories and feelings will rush back
and you wish you could remove that stain--
that scar that won't ever disappear
in your mind as easily as you removed
that red wine.
Be careful with what you say when you're angry or in pain. When things cool down and you say, "you didn't mean it", it becomes hard to believe it because everything was said and done and you can't take that back. Forgiveness can happen but remember that they won't forget it, you permanently scar someone.
Amelia 3d
Cradle me in your arms
And wipe my tears away.

Tell me that you’re here for me
That’s all you have to say.

Today has been a treacherous journey
But tomorrow is a new day.
It’ll be okay - MentalHealthAwarenessDay
He asked me if I can stand to his symphony
I said no
He asked if I could come with him
I simply said no
He said can you smile at me
I said no
He asked will you be with me
I simply said no
He said will you forgive me
I said yes
He spoke once again, he said now take my hand
I simply said no
He looked at me confused
I looked at him
Then I walked away
He said come back
I said I’ve let you go a long time ago
He watched me walk away
And every step I took farther away
The step behind me crumbled
And then with my last step he fell to the abyss that he made from every tear that he caused
It’s something I knew was mine
Something I desired
I knew from birth it was mines
I knew I had to grow into my kingdom
I knew the throne belonged to me
I knew that when men said no, I would laugh and say yes
I now know that this kingdom is mines
Afraid of the possibilities that I’ve seen but didn’t take
A simple step
A multitude that I uttered
The step I could have taken
The irresistible sweet savor of something that was missed
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