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Keegan Sep 26
Have you ever imagined kissing someone,
Bodies tangled so close that your edges blur,
And you forget where you end and they begin?
Chapped, bitten lips pressed together like puzzle pieces,
Completing each other for one moment,
Millennia compressed into the spaces between heartbeats.
Tandem pulses,
Breaths mingled,
Wrapped so tightly around each other that you leave bruises on souls.
Tasting the sweetness of each other's words of love.
Panting from breathtaking beauty and long kisses,
Giving everything and getting in return
Sarah Sep 23
it takes every ounce
of self restraint
to not kiss you
you licked the cherry off my skin
blushes risen from your soft lips
kissing me in the dark
you do that to me
making me crave for your touch
whispers of ***** things
sitting ontop of your warm thighs
i stare into your dark brown eyes
you pumped up with weeds
i starts to pull off your jeans.
Mitch Prax Sep 16
I guess I’ll go back
to being cold and alone.
At least I had the privilege of
tasting those lips a dozen times-
but, honestly, I lost count.  
All I have left is a hazy daydream,
one that I think about
more than I should.
But the truth is,
you made me feel whole
for a couple weeks and I
couldn’t be more grateful for
your warmth and affection.
Good exchange in my opinion.
Take care of yourself.
The best thing about kissing you
Is how close my face gets to yours
That way, everything else disappears
And I can only see you

Kissing you like this
Just gently on the lips
It is the only time
I am not missing you

When our lips touch
For just a split second
It is the highlight of my day,
My week, my month,
Until my lips get to touch yours again

If I am not touching you
I am missing you
There is no other state

I start missing you the second our gaze parts
Even if I can still hear your steps walking away

When we say goodbye
My stomach wants to leave with you
Just rip its way out of my body
And leave me rotting inside
And missing you.
Mitch Prax Sep 5
what would I do
in between kissing
and drinking with you?
I would be so lost
and alone
Nina Aug 31
He kissed me
I can't get it out of my head
The thought of his lips
On my lips
The warmth
The goosebumps
I wanted to kiss him more
But I can't
I'm not allowed to
So please unkiss me
Since I can't kiss you
Make me forget
Those lips
That made me fly
Your lips and cigarette both tastes and acts alike. Hence i never missed kissing you when you left me.
Your lips resting on mine
And mine on yours
A moment filled with sugar and bliss
A moment that may be repeated many times
Yet it still brings a smile to my face over and over again
And nonetheless it's a moment I will never forget
Tell me about those future tides
That move within the crinkles
At the corner of those green minefields,
Which stare with such intensity
That love has wrought
And pain has sharpened
In the lakes of corn that hold
Too many graves for you,
My sweet.
Your sorrow crashes down
While you look up at me
And marvel at
How many times you call my name
And how many times I answer.
I wonder if it is enough
To understand the sorrow without
Having felt it in my bones
Everyday-- a lack
That cannot be filled no matter
How softly (or rough) I kiss you
Or how badly I make it known
That you are mine.
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