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Nely Oct 4
I come to the idea of seeing you again, soon. I see you soon and come to the idea of when I'll see you again. And when again appears to bring me again to seeing you, I ask when's the next time I'll get to spend time with you. When's our next tomorrow. Our next next day. I don't get tired of kissing those same lips, again and again. Those same spots. Again and again. Then new spots. Again and again. That  same piece of skin under your chin. I want again, and again. & one more time, and again.
Oskar Erikson Sep 14
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opqrsabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy­ztuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabc(too scrambled to say) abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy(without swallowing)
za(your tongue)abcdefghijabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv(in a misguided)abcdefghijklmn
                                     to decipher what this meant to you anyway.
Norman Crane Aug 29
What if all that counts is a kiss,
hugs are fallacies and a good word
conspiracy to make us miss
the obvious: lips on lips?
Makayla Jane Aug 26
Cuddling, kissing
Watching a movie
Your hands tangled in my hair
Pull me closer deepening our kisses
Tightening your grip in my hair

Lay me back gently and tilt my head
Sliding your hand to my waist;
You pause and ask if it's okay -
Confess you don't want to go too far
I nod and say its fine,
Squeezing your hand on my waist
Leaning in for another kiss

Hands roam under my shirt
Slide softly down my pants
Fingers gently explore

My soft moans into your neck
You squeeze me tighter and pull me close
Whispering "Baby, shhh."
You pump your finger deep inside
Curling your knuckles and inserting more

Quickly undoing your belt
Rock hard throbbing ****
Slowly pushing inside

Claiming me

Legs high over your shoulders
Thrusting and pumping slow and deep
Panting moaning, groaning and kisses
I feel you pull and spew out all over my stomach and thighs

Sticky mess I was left to clean,
Now I reflect and quietly regret
Our first time on Monday didn't really work so we ended up trying again 2 more times Tuesday night before he left. So, this poem is about the 2nd time actually and even though he pulled out I'm still worried that I may get pregnant even though I am on birth control too but - I dunno- I just kinda regret everything.
Lora Aug 19
i can smell the cigarette on my finger
it reminds me of you
the way we smoked at that night
and talked about your dreams and future
we almost kissed under the stars
the sky and my feelings were so clear
i want to feel that again
what do you think about that?
what did you feel?
do you have feelings for me?
i wish i could read in your mind
because honey, i am here for you
Lora Aug 19
we are sitting on the riverside
we smoke cigarettes
the smell still reminds me of you
your smile brings back so many memories
your septum piercing is kinda oblique
i want to touch it while we kissing
that’s not much to ask
you probably taste like red wine and marlboro
i wish we would did this earlier
the background music has changed
some current joys playing on your phone
remember darling, we danced to that song
but if you don’t remember anything
i can tell you what we did
while we were drunk
Mitch Prax Aug 14
I love you sober
I love you high-
you have a kiss
that money can't buy.
I found Myself in Heaven,
one Night in September.
A Night full of Ecstasy,
it was for Me to Remember.
I was worshipping My Goddess
and Her sacred Shrine.
Kissing Her Strawberry Lips,
that were rolling with Mine.
I unwrapped Her Passion,
for I had a lot to Taste.
I began with Her Rose Buds
and then went down Her Waist.
I started riding My Angel,
slowly at First
and ended Our Love Session,
by Quenching Her Thirst.
Mitch Prax Jul 27
Your lips-
the doorway to that special place
I have made my home.
There's nowhere I feel safer than
beneath the roof of your tongue,
within the walls of your mouth.
We store our treasured memories
in the attic and
house the butterflies in the basement.
At last,
I am home.
Your nectar trickled down
It’s flavour was renown
The sweet tasting caramel
Slowly chipped at my will

It’s damped my mouth
And pretend I had drought
It spilled its honey substance
And did my longing, justice

It painted my tongue
And between my gums
Lastly it started to float
Down my aching throat

It crawled down my pipe
And made the tube ripe
But it’s objective was my heart
As it would slowly rip me apart

So before it could continue
I started to swallow it whole
Making sure your loving covet
Stayed at the bottom of my stomach
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