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Martin Boško Jul 12
"Hello, my love," her voice sang
"Tell me everything, how've you been?"
She smiles and room brightens up
I'm staring and staring, cannot stop
Her emerald eyes are full of glee
While she looks and looks and looks at me
We close the distance, full of bliss
Exchange a passionate prolonged kiss
We hug and hold the other tight
And whisper whispers through the night
"I can't believe that you are mine"
A small tear glistens in my eye
And so we stand there, in warm embrace
Whilst romantic music softly plays

A perfect ending to every night
A beautiful vision by my future sight
Oskar Erikson Feb 23
you placed the tip of your tongue
in the spaces between my teeth
like a criminal
steals their way to safety.

was it for fear that the words spoken earlier
would catch up
and lead you away to read your rights
while I watch.

tapping my incisors, molars
taking count of the refuge you thought
would be offered unconditionally.

the door would have been opened
but for the threat of force
battened down the hatches.
Luna Maria Feb 14
god I missed your lips
oh to stumble all upon the
Feeling of love again
your lips taste so sweet
With hearts in tandem
we stand: lip locked
bated breath, sweaty palms
tongues wrestling to wring a sodden truth.
A simple truth that is this: I love you!

~ Inori
There's something about kissing that feels like trying to extract a confession of "I love you" from your lover's tongue.
SomeOneElse Dec 2020
I had a dream of you last night
A hot wet lustful dream
Your naked body begged for me as mine was hard for you
Your eyes sparkled in the light
Your smile gave off a glow
I couldn't take my eyes off you
I wanted you so bad
I held you in my arms real tight
Never wanting to let go
Your chest pressed up against my chest
Our hearts beating as one
I kissed you gently on the lips
As i caressed your back
Our lip now locked in an embrace
As our wandering hands explore
I start to kiss you on your neck
Then slowly down your arm
I kiss each of your fingers
Then up your other arm
I kiss down to your perfect breast then **** on each sweet ******
I lay you gently on the bed while kissing down you belly
I can't resist your silky thighs
While kissing every inch
I kiss down your left leg
Before ******* on your toes
I kiss up your right leg
And then your inner thighs
You wrap both legs around me
As I worship your *****
I kiss and lick and **** your ****
As you moan lovingly
I lift your thighs to kiss your ***
I'm so intoxified
After I've made you *** for me
I insert my hard ****.
Our bodies locked in ebb and flow
Until I just explode
We hold each other tightly
As we kiss til we pass out
I wake up in a sticky mess
To find it was a dream
I had a dream of you last night
One that I wish was real
I often dream of you at night
You are my perfect dream
Latest ****** fantasy love poem
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
A haze of amber flecked with gold
the nightly spell of Rome takes hold
its citrine light gleams from our hair
and footsteps float as if on air

the ancient wiles of ancient lanes
dilate our eyes, infect our brains
the domes and columns coalesce
to wink us, nudge us, urge us, 'yes'

with impish looks, our hands entwine
our faces flushed with golden wine
coy laughter rolls in rustic streets
till in our sight, the river greets

upon the bridge, the Tiber calls
our glances dip and silence falls
with glimmered quill, the waters write
“The time is now to seize the night”

I squeeze her hand, she bites her lip
up to the ledge, I quickly skip
she joins me swiftly, turning pink
with gazes locked, we breathe in sync

with softest hands, I brush her face
and in a move that flows with grace
our parted lips now gently press
and soon enough our tongues caress

the city grins with hushed applause
and through our veins its passion roars
three thousand years of joys refresh
to burn again in mortal flesh
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
We huddle silently
Draped in a quilt of innocent friendship
The warmth of our arms mingling
As we sit side-by-side in the dark room
Our faces flicker with multi-colored splashes
Dolled out by my bulky old TV
Showing our private 'movie-night' movie
Bathing us in translucent excuses

She's glowing tonight
Even more so than usual
Her clothes are a little tighter
Her make-up more carefully attended
Her hair shimmering and smoother
Her cheeks a little pinker
I'm also radiating a wisp of that cologne she likes

Tension takes residence in my muscles
As we sit on bean bags resting against the end of my bed
My mind starts to lose track of the plot
Infested with tendrils of desire
Creeping through me
Testing the walls of my internal resistance.
Probing stonework fractured by her wink by the photocopier
And fissures carved by months of plausibly deniable flirting

But it's stupid to get involved with someone you work with.

Isn't it?

I promise myself I'm not going to do it
Papering the cracks with the word 'no'
Before my cravings burst through
I clench my jaw as my arm snakes around her
My hand touches her shoulder
And I taste the sin of her decadently-smooth flesh
She gulps, but snuggles closer
Our frames melding with astonishing liquid ease

I can feel every movement in her body
Surely she can feel mine too
Deniability has popped
Like an over-inflated balloon
And just as obviously
I turn my head towards her
She reacts instantly
And we stare at each other

The pupils of her brown eyes dilate wider than a chasm
Her irises dance with the room's fast-changing glow
She looks at my lips. I look at hers. There's a pause.
Then we connect.
Blending with the softness and sweetness of two clouds
Electrified with a bolt of lightning
And a clap of ill-advised atomic thunder
That rolls on until the Earth has shifted.
yann Dec 2020
in my head i touch your jaw tenderly,
let my hand discover you again and
then you kiss me, just to try, gentle.
is it so bad to think about,
kissing you.
maybe it's not the wild passion of romance
that burns within us but,
the soft devotion of a friendship so strong
it turns into another kind of love.
i welcome it, i'm not scared,
no part of love should be shameful,
especially when it's you.
queer friendships, you know
Phoenix Black Dec 2020
Rome's majesty hangs in the night air
in a haze of amber and gold
illuminating the domes and cypress trees
and clinging to our newly infatuated cheeks
like a million droplets of citrine mist
conjured from the knowing mischief
that imbues the age-old streets

Our formerly suppressed smiles break their bonds
and creep up our faces to sparkle from our eyes
as our fingers entwine
and the columns and porticos look on
winking at us, nudging us,
urging us to cavort with olives and wine
and revel in decadence with the ancients

We cross a bridge over the River Tiber
a dark shimmering ribbon
that subtly beckons us to gaze at its glory
and reminds us like a sly grandfather
that while the city is eternal
we are just mortals
and every second of magic is there to be grasped

Accepting its sage, I squeeze her hand
making her gasp and bite her lip.
I climb up and sit on the edge of the bridge
she joins me and brushes the hair from her face
revealing cheeks that flush pinker by the second.
We stare at each other in silence
against a backdrop of timeless radiance

Her chest rises and falls
but filled with the steel of Caesar's legions
I lean forward and cradle her soft, glowing face
and inhale her sweet, warm breath
before our lips brush and fizzle with delight
caressing softly as the static crackles
until we pant for air

We adjust, reconnect
and sink back into each other
in a swirl of saffron hued enchantment
merging with the city and time
as three millennia of history
alights in rapturous applause, to relive its ecstacies
through our perishable young flesh
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