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gabi 2d
we look into each others eyes
me, into tree stumps with rings of age and reassurance
you, into pots of ink full of passion and
and then our lips come together
performing a clumsy waltz
moving back and forth
to the music of our breathing
our chests pressed together
throwing our intrrmingling heartbeats intho the melody
would be my favorite song
yall i want a girlfriend so bad
n 5d
But this is not ideal.
I don’t fancy him.
There’s no spark for me.
I admire him. I have love for him. But I don’t fancy him.
I find myself wanting to fancy him.
Due to selfish, superficial, unemotional motivations I give him a try.
He’s in ecstasy. Beyond pleased.
I’m in two minds. I’m kissing him.
But why?
Why am I kissing him?
I don’t fancy him.
This is so ****** up.
I tried mum. Honestly.
Giving a nice boy a chance for once backfired.
Broadsky Feb 3
"So tell me how you're so confident." You say with a glimmer of seduction in your half shut eyes, your head leaned back- I want you. I want to watch you melt in my hands. I'm slipping on snow on the patio but your glance keeps me steady, I want your hands on me already. You're 10 years older but I've caught your eye, I make you want to say "she'll have another" on your dime. We're standing outside, you'll never see me again therefore I'll sink my teeth in. You move a little closer, I'll hate when this is over. I bite your lip- you breathe deeply and put your hand on my hip. I feel the soft ****** of your 5 o'clock shadow, you're hardly callow. I force myself to pull away- this is casual I say- I turn on my toes, my hair sways, and I toss one last hedonistic gaze to the man responsible for my daze.
I kissed a stranger in a bar, he had light hair and light colored eyes, he was a man and I'll never be the same again.
She is in my breath of words so often
That just to speak is to feel kissed by her,
To have my discontented voice soften,
As the gentle kiss of a whisperer.

She so inhabits each letter I write,
That I dwell in them as they are spoken,
So each poem is her inhaled delight,
Said aloud is her kiss for the broken.

The poems from her spirit emanate,
My pen is the instrument of her heart,
Each word is a moment to osculate,
Breathing in her kiss as the words depart.

I send out poetry with emphasis
On the words she breathed deep into my lungs,
Planted on my lips with her passion’s kiss,
Words she inspires play between our tongues.
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The kerosine she
Left behind on my lips was
Something of a dream.
Lieke Jan 26
as the dense look in your eyes embraced me
your lips grip onto mine
clutching me tight
cloaking me from all pain.

i am a solid woman
but to you i am vulnerable
you contain the power to break me
melt me to pieces.

your dark eyebrows protect me
as the essence of you comes closer
you fix me with your glance
seasoning me with a smile.

lifting me up
                                            and away.
7 January, 2019
I can’t stop thinking of lips,
Glossy, pouty and luscious,
A tongue that twirls, darts and dips,
Sensing a sense so precious.

No feeling exceeds kissing,
More than any sense of touch,
If lips on mine went missing,
I’d miss nothing else so much.

Dreaming of red lips on mine,
With a tickling tongue atrill,
Feather soft tongue’s tip so fine,
I cannot hold my heart still.

Use a tongue to enter me,
Grab my face to *******,
Taste as sweet as sweet can be,
Kissing’s where my love comes from.
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Johnny walker Jan 22
When I very first fell In love with Helen I went from a jack to a king for
for when I wrapped my arms around her I felt on top of the
She made feel like a king I'm closing my eyes I'm seeing her hear with me feeling her soft and beautiful
body pressed against mine her perfume filling the air all around I'm kissing her she grabs
me so tight I feel her nails scratching my back wild and so passionate she
So beautiful to me Oh God I'm wiping tears that are streaming down my face as I write hard to accept I'll never love that way
She was the only women I ever had the only one I ever wanted can't yet accept but gone she
When first met Helen went from a Jack to a King for that's how she made me feel
CrueLLove Jan 21
My mouth
Sank in yours
And exchanged
Love words
Luna Maria Jan 18
that moment
laying on that couch
I wanted to kiss your lips so badly
dying to feel
your lips on my lips
my heart ached
and I desperately needed
it's about you this time.
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